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They Would Be Gods - 57 - Preserved Knowledge, Lost Understandings



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

57: Preserved Knowledge, Lost Understandings

The sites of the ancient secret schools of our past have always been located at places where megalithic structures already stood, and these are all found to lie on major power points on the Earth’s natural geomagnetic grid.

These sites were likely rediscovered just before or during our very earliest recorded history, when we were coming out of the last ice age and just beginning to venture out over the lands where the run-off from melting snows and glaciers had since receded. These structures were the lasting remnants of an earlier advanced civilization, and the remembered knowledge that a powerful civilization once existed would have had a strong influence over those descendents who were just emerging from a long and arduous struggle for survival. To them, such gargantuan monuments would be testaments to the greatness of their recent ancestors, and would have substantiated the oral legends of their past that they had carefully preserved for so many generations.

Archeological digs at many of these ancient sites have revealed that different cultures at different periods in time have rebuilt on many of these and other sites, erecting their temples and buildings on top of the ruins of older structures, again and again. This suggests the importance of these sites that goes beyond the norm. There is something particular about these sites that has encouraged each new culture to choose to build there. Why was it important to build on these geomagnetic power points? Might that reason be found within the knowledge held by these secret schools? What was the connection between the secret schools and these sites?

Such ancient megalithic structures as the pyramids at Giza, the mountaintop city of Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the monuments of Easter Island, Mohenjo Daro, etc., are situated all over the planet, and have enough commonalities in their design and structure to suggest that they were all engineered by very similar means, and very likely by the same or related people. However these various structures might have been erected, it involved the manipulation of huge stone blocks that were perfectly hewn, carefully transported (often over great distances), and precisely placed using a means that we cannot easily duplicate even today.

Just to give the reader an idea of how massive some of these stones were and how hard it would have been to move them, we should consider the ancient city of Baalbek, which was constructed out of massive stone blocks, some of them being the largest stones ever found in any of these many ancient megaliths that dot the planet. At Baalbek, three stones weighing approximately one thousand tons apiece are situated side-by-side within the fifth level of a wall. These three stones are known as the ‘Trilithon’. How they were ever raised up and fitted into their precise positions is incomprehensible, since even our largest cranes are unable to achieve this feat today.

The rediscovery of such ancient sites by our early ancestors at the end of the last ice age might also have included the discovery of any ancient libraries that may have been kept at or near these locations during previous civilizations. These libraries, if they existed, would have contained a great deal of knowledge that would have been of an advanced nature to what its discoverers possessed, and although much of it would have been immediately useful, a great deal more of it would not have been, and would have been beyond comprehension after only a few generations of survivors to a cataclysm, so it was carefully protected and studied by those who came into its possession, slowly learning the meaning of the writings and extracting the secrets that were held within them.

An alternative possibility is that this prehistoric knowledge was not rediscovered at all, but had always been held and carefully preserved over thousands of years by one small group of people, having been passed down from generation to generation, remaining in the hands of the direct descendants of a very ancient people from a once-great but since lost civilization. In fact, this is what the ancient legends surrounding our prehistoric times reveal. This knowledge would have been known to be very valuable, and even if some of it was not clearly understood at the time that certain of its possessors had it, they nevertheless had the foresight to continue to preserve even what was not understood or made little sense, knowing that in time and through further study, all that it contained might be unveiled.

The Old Testament Bible tells of how the gods (Elohim) created Earth and every living thing on it, including the first humans. It also relates certain events that are described as miracles. When these miracles are considered objectively, however, they are very similar to what is possible with our modern technologies. Until we reached a certain point in our modern capabilities, we didn’t realize how certain events could be possible other than by the divine hand of a god, nor did we understand how ordinary flesh and blood beings could create another species through genetic manipulation, and so we thought that such creators and miracle-workers must be all-powerful gods. As we have become capable of such achievements ourselves, the ancient writings have become clearer and more easily accepted and objectively understood.

The legends of Hawaii, Tahiti, Peru, Easter Island, Polynesia, various native cultures in the Americas, and many other cultures as well, all have legends that speak of the arrival of red-haired and white-skinned people who claimed to have come from a once-great civilization that was destroyed by floods and earthquakes. They were said to have brought with them knowledge about many things, including the ancient technologies that had made them the great civilization that they once were.

Then there is the fact that many otherwise primitive cultures had knowledge of things that they were not very likely to have acquired through their own efforts and abilities. For example, as we saw previously, the Mayan civilization developed an exceptionally accurate calendar system that was better than any other culture has ever devised, and their knowledge of precessional cycles in astronomy was beyond their apparent abilities, and yet they had a working understanding of this knowledge. Sumer, the earliest known civilization in our history, sprang up suddenly and apparently with advanced knowledge already in their possession regarding such subjects as astronomy, commerce, agriculture, architecture, mathematics, and writing. Both the Mayan and the Sumerian civilizations rose quickly and then slowly degenerated into a more primitive state again. By all appearances, and according to the legends that have survived from these cultures, the rise of ancient Sumer and the more recent Mayan culture were both the result of advanced help that was provided to these otherwise primitive peoples from outside, and that these outsiders eventually departed again, leaving both the Sumerians and the Maya to fall back on their own limited abilities once again.

The Dogon tribe of Africa, an otherwise primitive culture that has until very recently had no exposure to the outside world, nonetheless possess certain advanced knowledge in both astronomy and quantum physics. They have retained this knowledge for generation after generation, even though they don’t fully comprehend its usefulness. These people also have legends that speak of fish-like beings who came to our planet long ago and bequeathed us with knowledge, and this is how the Dogon claim to have acquired the knowledge that they have. Should we believe such consistently repeated claims by so many different peoples from so many isolated cultures? Or should we, in our selfish pride in our own achievements, insist that these are mere myths, only coincidentally similar, and that we in our modern times are the only ones to have ever reached certain levels of understanding and achievement?

As I’ve already pointed out, the sites of the ancient stone megaliths that still stand today are located at key points around the globe, forming a geometrical grid that relates to Earth’s natural geomagnetic power points. It is very likely that these structures were technological devices that made use of the Earth’s energy in some way. It has been suggested both here and elsewhere that some of these technologies may have been used to control the weather and harness its forces to direct rainfall for better crop yields. Other applications of these little-known energies that have been suggested include psychotronics, antigravity, and even inter-dimensional travel. We don’t know for sure, but we shouldn’t write off anything simply because we don’t currently understand it.

The members of the secret schools of our ancient past obviously knew the value of knowledge, and that it was more valuable when fewer possessed it, and that was the reason for the existence of these schools, and for the secrecy surrounding them. Knowledge equated to power, and so it was kept close and not shared except in limited ways, and usually only for the purpose of acquiring more of it. For this reason, men like Christopher Columbus were instructed in what they needed to know to mount the expeditions that would expand the knowledge and power of those they served under.

These schools were attended and run by the greatest minds of our distant past – men whose intelligence and knowledge far surpassed ordinary men. These great men were steeped in esoteric knowledge and were among the highest adepts of these schools, spending much of their lives studying the various fields of knowledge contained in the amassed libraries of the schools. They would surely have known something of the true origins of the megaliths and the prehistoric civilization that erected them. Such knowledge of these origins has never been fully revealed, even among the members of these groups, and this suggests that to do so would lead to some undesirable outcome for those who continue to keep certain knowledge secret, or perhaps even for mankind as a whole. If we objectively consider the legends of the gods of old, which tell of their miraculous technologies and the destruction that they eventually wrought with them, perhaps we can better understand the apparent desire for such secrecy. But at the same time, we must wonder if these secrets are in the safest hands, or if they will one day be used in a manner that will bring us to our end, if they are not being used in such a manner already.

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