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Media Malfeasance - Debra Dupré Censored for Honesty in Watterson Case

Most TIs know of Debra Dupré, the human rights advocate who writes articles for BeforeItsNews and who has organized various conferences on human rights issues in the past.

I had contacted Debra back in August of 2014 after I heard about the Kathleen Watterson court case and investigated it and found that there were serious problems with the testimony (that Watterson and her legal expert Levi McCann were blatantly lying), as well as the fact that Derrick Robinson of FFCHS was prematurely announcing that the case had been won before it was even over. Debra was very interested in what I had to show her, and took it all very seriously. She was concerned, however, and told me that she had to be careful. I only suspected at the time what she meant. She told me that she was going to be interviewing Watterson and McCann in the near future, and so I was expecting to see something come out by her, but nothing ever materialized. In fact, to this day, a google search of her name comes up with nothing new since the time I spoke to her. I gave up looking, thinking that she had ignored my information and was just another government shill burying the truth.

Only recently, thanks to someone who goes by the name LaBrat on peacepink, I discovered that Debra had encountered some problems while attempting to post an article about the Watterson case on facebook and twitter after I had talked to her. LaBrat provided me with a link to an article from BeforeItsNews that described what happened. The original article has since disappeared, but is reprinted here in full:
BIN Reporter Targeted After Secret Cell-Tower Weapon Article. Dupré Caught In Facebook Cyber War Shots | Alternative  
By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
Friday, August 1, 2014 14:38

Reporter Deborah Dupré’s article published Friday morning on Before It’s News
that exposed a top-secret U.S. nationwide weapon system employing cell towers
to microwave innocent targeted individuals, not only sparked joy in victims
wanting exposure of their well-hidden, in-community silent torture. The article
also sparked heavy censorship.
“It’s targeted,” Before It’s News CEO Chris Kitze told Dupré in a private
message on Unseen, after he viewed screen shots she’d taken (below).
Both Facebook and Twitter blocked Dupré from sharing the article via share
Secretly Microwave-Assaulted Targeted Individuals Article Too Big A Secret
Firstly, upon publishing her article, Secretly Microwave-Assaulted Targeted
Individuals on Before It’s News, Dupré noticed that Facebook and Twitter share
buttons on her article page were missing. Upon inquiring about this with trusted
Before It’s News colleagues, she learned that those buttons were only missing
from her page with the article, only on her computer and that of her most loyal
reader, one who shares her stories more than anyone else. Other readers could
still see and use those share buttons.
“Weird, ” the CEO of BIN, Chris Kitze said after seeing a screen shot of the
page with her next article, that still had the missing buttons.
He later had more to reveal.
Secondly, to overcome the missing Facebook share button, Dupré manually
placed the link on a a few Targeted Individuals’ group pages and wrote a
comment. Facebook, however, blocked her comment and replies to friends in
response to their immediate positive messages about her article. When those
replies failed, she tried to leave one message to all the friends replying to the
article – thanking all of them, since she could not do so individually. After
leaving that comment below the article on Facebook, a message appeared,
“Unable to post comment. Try again,” as seen in the screen shot below.
Trying again and again made no difference.
Thirdly, as Facebook friends sent messages thanking Dupré for what they called
an “important” article, her Facebook page froze. No other tabs that she had
opened were froezen, only her Facebook page. She could still hear Facebook
message signals and see some of the new comments. Thinking maybe she
needed to simply log out of Facebook and log back in, she was prevented from
that, too. She logged out, but when she attempted to log in, the following
message appeared:
 “We’ve noticed a troubling and increasing trend of censorship of important news
stories by Facebook,” BIN’s Chris Kitze told Dupré later Friday afternoon.
“We’re concerned because in a representative government, citizens need open
and free access to these stories to make informed decisions.”
So what is it about the article that might have caused such severe censorship?
Be the judge.
Veteran Journalist Vic Livingston reports daily about how he’s harassed and
neutralized on the net. Livingston is an independent journalist who formerly
held news reporting and editing positions with major major newspapers and TV
stations, including The Philadelphia Bulletin, the St. Petersburg (FL) Times and
WTXF-TV, the Fox network affiliate station in Philadelphia.
What’s Livingston been investigating and exposing? Cell-tower microwave
weapon system.
Ultimately, after being blocked (neutralized) for hours, maybe days – as the
last time this happened some months ago — Dupré will likely finally resolve the
blocking issues. For now, the article is republished below, in full. She will
advise readers with updates.
As for Facebook’s censorship, Kitze said, “We hope that Facebook reconsiders
these damaging policies.”
Secret Cell Tower Electromagnetic Assault Weapon Victim Wins Landmark Court Case
After a landmark court case, when a California Targeted Individual victim of a
secret cell tower radio frequency directed energy weapon, won her case in
Joshua Tree Superior Court against her perpetrator (Watterson vs Aro), she has
been inundated with other targets pleading for help. The win has stirred the
strong emotions and hope of hundreds of innocent targeted individuals, all
claiming they are being attacked by secret microwave weapons used for mind
control and to torture them.
Kathleen Watterson, a Targeted Individual (TI) and Levi McCann, the expert
witness in her case, both in California, are now conducting triage, as hundreds
of desperate innocent victims contact Watterson for help.
“We have had over a thousand emails and are ferreting out the most WINNABLE
cases. This is only the beginning,” Watterson wrote to Deborah Dupré in an email
Thursday. “We’re going through all of them, working to see which ones have the
best chance for winning in court.
Watterson and McCann happened to meet at their nearby Walmart in southern
California. The rest became history. As it turned out, McCann is amazingly
qualified with legal expertise and electronics. It was everything Watterson
needed to win her case in court.
McCann demonstrated at Joshua Tree, California Court House on July 9, that
standard satellite dishes within a 5-mile radius of Watterson’s home all pointed
toward the equator where most satellites orbit the earth. That is, all but one,
the defendant’s satellite dishes – that were pointed at Watterson’s house.
McCann revealed that other neighborhood satellite dishes were geared toward
receiving signals for TV, the Internet, etc. – except for Watterson’s satellite
dishes that, according to meter readings from an RF spectrum analyzer and a
tri-field meter, were transmitting microwave signals at her house.
The evidence presented, plus expert knowledge and responses by McCann were
overwhelmingly convincing. The judge believed his testimony.  There remains
one more court appearance in September.
Watterson received a conditional restraining order for electromagnetic frequency
harassment with penalties of up to 2 years in prison and up to $5000 in fines
for violation of the court order.
The U.S. government has never publicly acknowledged existence of this domestic
offensive weapon grid, that “hides in plain sight” on cell towers in every
neighborhood and along every highway in America, veteran journalist Vic
Livingston has said.
“Not a single member of the Washington DC press corps has asked the White
House about the nationwide system of extrajudicial punishment that ranges from
community-based “gangstalking” to financial sabotage and covert
electromagnetic weapon assault, impairment, torture and subjugation/”behavior
(mind) control”.Norah O’Donell was the last reporter to ask a high government
official about electromagnetic weaponry, according to Livingston.  She put the
question to then-defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld at a Pentagon briefing.
“His answer appeared to confirm reports that such weaponry has been deployed
and used in warfare (at that time, in Iraq). No reporter that I know of has
followed up,” Livingston told Dupré. “I firmly believe that the White House
cannot deny the existence of a nationwide program of extrajudicial punishment
and electromagnetic weapon torture.”
Words by John Lennon, one of the most famous TIs, come to mind: “Our society
is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs
for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing
that. That’s what’s insane about it.”
This story is ongoing. Stay tuned for updates.
So that's the original article that Debra wrote on August 1st, 2014, with BeforeItsNews' explanations of what occurred preceding it. But the original article isn't what was really causing the problem, since there was a link within it that led to an update Debra made on August 31st, which I've reprinted further down here.
The following is copied from my discussion with LaBrat on peacepink regarding that article and the events described within it. It explains the situation well, so I will just copy it here:

Comment by LaBrat on January 29, 2015 at 10:20am
here's where all of deborah dupre's comments are voted off her own article for being too negative": 
I see that the original article (prior to the update) was published before I talked to Debra and pointed out the faults with Watterson's testimony that proved she was lying, and the fact that she hadn't won the case, as was being reported by FFCHS. The update to the article (and all the problems she had because of it) came after I talked to her and pointed these things out.

I can understand her not wanting to point out in her update that Watterson was lying, and only reporting the fact that the case hadn't actually been won as claimed. She told me she had to be careful, and what has since taken place is what I expected she might have been concerned about.

IMO, Debra has been used as a media tool for some time now while she's tried to just do her job and maintain her integrity. Her honesty resulted in an attempt by others to cover up the fact that the Watterson case was a complete fraud being used in the TI community to garner publicity for FFCHS, Watterson and McCann. Unless of course, this is a more elaborate cover-up to hide her own part in this after I gave her the information I did, in order to keep it suppressed as much as possible...
We might ask what ever became of Watterson and McCann? They aren't taking cases like they claimed they were. They disappeared from the scene completely when the case was lost. Not even a peep from them after the final court hearing. It was a failed psyop on the TI community, AFAICS.

As can be seen from what happened with Debra, there's a concerted effort being made to block certain information and only allow 'approved' stories to circulate, at least through established media outlets like BeforeItsNews. This effort is obviously being directed by people who have the ability to manipulate facebook and twitter accounts. It also indicates that this particular story was important to them - that it was crucial that it be portrayed as a win for TIs. The question is, why? Obviously, such a portrayal was intended to lead TIs to Watterson and McCann, who were going to 'help' them with their own cases. How better for the orchestrators of these targeting programs to maintain control over any possible exposure?

But I see that BeforeItsNews is spinning the story to keep people thinking that cell towers had anything to do with Watterson's case, which they didn't (except to prove that Watterson and McCann were lying in court). BeforeItsNews republished the highly inaccurate blocked article WITHOUT the update, in order to make it appear as though the case had been won. Debra's update is only linked to within the article itself, so many people still won't see it.

The whole thing appears to have been twisted by BeforeItsNews to make it appear that Debra was blocked for publishing the story as a 'win', when she was actually blocked for later trying to warn that it wasn't a win at all. Here's the update she posted that was blocked:
Update: Beware Of Court Case ‘Win.’ Secretly Microwave-Assaulted Targeted Individuals
By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
Friday, August 1, 2014 7:14
(Before It's News)
UPDATE: Sun Aug. 31 6:00 a.m. EST
The Targeted Individual “win” discussed in this article is actually only a win in terms of success in avoiding dismissal of the case.
The way those involved in this case publicized it indicated to some people they are possibly involved in manipulating false hope generated by this case.
The author extends sincere apologies to all TIs if this article has been the source of fostering such false hope.
The court will hear defendant’s evidence on September 4 before deciding whether or not to grant a restraining order. No such decision has yet been made. A restraining order might be granted, but this will not benefit TI’s, according to legal expert “Bob S.”
“Winning a restraining order in court can’t be of any benefit in stopping electronic harassment produced by criminals in federal agencies,” Bob S. sais in an email to Dupré Saturday. “If they put electronic transmitters in open sight and permit a TI to get a restraining order against a local perp, they can then remove the visible transmitters and continue the attacks from sources that can’t be located.”
Cointelpro tactics on steroids is what TIs are enduring.
“This and other cases like it, which may follow, will benefit the federal criminals by covering up their responsibility and making it appear that electronic attacks are a local problem created by local bad guys for which local solutions are available,” Bob S says.
This is an ongoing story. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately, even Debra and Bob S. completely overlook the fact that Watterson and McCann lied in court to make it appear that they had a case, and that as long as we have people like them purposely lying like that, TIs will get nowhere.
But it gets more interesting when you read the comments to that article LaBrat linked to. One commenter pointed out:
Now, Facebook, yesterday Facebook experienced global issues, everyone was having the same exact issues as you, hence, it wasn’t targeted censorship.
I know other people who are on FB who had all of the same issues..
And another commenter pointed out:
Deborah, it took me a good 20-minutes to hunt this problem down for you, but I finally did. I initially had the same problem you complained of (that you had no FACEBOOK link within your article). I had the same issue. Then, I realized that I am logged into BIN with an email account that does NOT have a Facebook account linked to it.
I logged out of this account, logged in under an account that I KNOW has a functioning FB account, and voila, there’s the buttons under the opening caption again.
It’s your BIN login, silly, not FB and no, they aren’t out to get you. It is, as usual, OPERATOR ERROR. Tell your ‘computer geeks’ to test this, and they will see that THIS is the mysterious paranoia glitch they are hunting.

But the main thing to note is that the update was what never got out, or got ignored when attention was redirected to Debra's 'problem'.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Lies by FFCHS re Aaron Alexis Shooting

I was reading an FFCHS newsletter from December 2014 [1], and I came across this:

    "Judge denies motion to dismiss Aaron Alexis
    shooting victim relative's lawsuit based upon
    the email exchanges between Aaron Alexis, the
    Washington Navy Yard Shooter and myself." 

This lawsuit was news to me, so I looked into it further, and discovered that some of the victim’s relatives are suing the government and two of its contractors for wrongful death in the Washington Navy Yard shooting, based on the fact that the security measures that were in place at the time of the shooting were so loose. [2] The only mention I could find anywhere that the alleged email exchanges between Alexis and FFCHS had anything to do with this lawsuit was from FFCHS (above) and an online ‘news’ outlet called PRWeb. [3] A look at the PRWeb website shows that for a fee it will disseminate anything you submit as a news release (without regard to its accuracy). There is no mention of this lawsuit having to do with FFCHS anywhere but from FFCHS’s own ‘news’ releases. But don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Just google “Aaron Alexis” + “lawsuit” + “FFCHS”.

So Derrick Robinson is blatantly lying about FFCHS’s connection to Aaron Alexis once again, and apparently only to promote itself in the TI community, as usual.

One article I came across regarding the Washington Navy Yard shooting [4], in which the author claims to have talked to Derrick Robinson and was shown the emails from Aaron Alexis, stated:

 “…it was only after the massacre that federal authorities showed any interest in Alexis’ email exchanges.”
This is worded to suggest that FFCHS attempted to contact authorities to inform them about the email exchanges before the shooting. However, this goes in direct contradiction to FFCHS’s earlier claims that they didn’t even pay attention to Alexis’ emails until after the shooting, as many will remember. So it appears that Derrick Robinson is still very busy spreading lies about their contact with Aaron Alexis.

Another one of the links I came across while looking for information on this lawsuit happened to be the website of The Cochran Firm, which is the law firm that’s representing the victim’s relatives. I found this statement near the top of their page [5]:

"The team of experienced attorneys with The Cochran Firm, D.C., is examining
potential claims that may arise from the mass shooting. If the shooting could
have been stopped but was not prevented due to negligence or recklessness, the responsible party needs to be held accountable. Holding a careless individual or corporation liable for the harmful results of their actions or inaction is a
powerful to prompt change and may help prevent such a tragedy in the future."

Serious questions had been immediately raised by myself and many others when it was first learned that the board of directors at FFCHS allowed Aaron Alexis’ pleas for help to go unnoticed until after the shooting, at which point Derrick Robinson used the incident to promote his fraudulent and inept organization. There are even deeper questions about FFCHS’s possible influence on Alexis to think and act as he did, just as there now is with regard to their involvement with Myron May.

It seems to me that at this point FFCHS is in a position where they need to make themselves appear innocent and absolved of any responsibility for Aaron Alexis’ thoughts and actions that led to his death, at least among the TI community that they have continually lied to and worked to immobilize for ten years while pretending to do the opposite. This ‘news release’ by Derrick Robinson (both above and at PRWeb) appears to be nothing more than purposeful obfuscation, calculated to make people think that they’ve already been in contact with the Chocran law firm, so no one else will bother to do so.
* * *


[1] “FFCHS: The Year in Review”


[2] “Navy Yard wrongful death lawsuit re-filed in Florida court” - Washington Post

http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/navy-yard-wrongful-death-lawsuit-re-filed-in-florida-court/2014/04/16/8edb9ece-c5a0-11e3-9f37-7ce307c56815_story.html[3] "Florida Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss filed by the US Navy and three other defendants after receiving Alexis email correspondence with FFCHS" - PRWeb

[4] “New Evidence Surfaces in Navy Yard Shooting" - American Free Press


[5] “Washington Navy Yard Shooting Lawsuit” - The Cochran Firm


Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Truth about Faraday Cages

by Anthony Forwood

Many TIs believe that a Faraday cage will reduce or eliminate electromagnetic signals, and is therefore able to stop V2K and other forms of electronic mind-control. But consider the following events that trace the development of early psychic research under MKULTRA, and what happened to the results…

In 1947, a medical student named Andrija Puharich developed a theory in which he proposed that neurons radiate and receive waves of energy and act as a certain type of radio receiver/transmitter for the transference of thoughts from one person to another. His theory was well received by leading scientists, including Dr. Jose Delgado.

In 1948, after receiving a medical discharge from the US Army (I’m not certain when he enlisted), Puharich went to visit a friend named Zlatko Balokovic and his wife Joyce. While there, he was introduced to the idea that there are beings with superhuman abilities who can live outside of space and time as we know it, and can enter our physical world whenever they choose to, appearing as living people (the Balokovics were probably Theosophists or Rosicrucians, who incorporate this idea into their doctrines). This idea led Puharich to begin taking a serious interest in psychic phenomena. The Balokovics, who were quite wealthy, provided Puharich with a place to live at their guesthouse, where he was able to begin his research into nerve-conduction. The Balokovics also began to stir up interest in Puharich’s work among their rich and influential friends, leading to the creation of a small fund for his research. He used these funds to build his own electronic equipment, which included a Faraday cage.

By 1949, Puharich had started a small group called the Round Table Foundation of Electrobiology, which, although originally focused on researching neurophysiology, soon became involved in exploring psychic phenomena, particularly channeling. Puharich’s most prominent psychic mediums during this period were Eileen Garrett and Peter Hurkos. Two other psychics that he also used in his research were Bobby Horne (who was almost led to suicide by the experience), and Phyllis Schlemmer (who continued to channel ‘entities’ for the next twenty years and gained worldwide recognition). Puharich’s Round Table group also attracted some very wealthy backers, including former US vice-president Henry A. Wallace (a Theosophist and 33rd degree Mason, and the person responsible for the Illuminati symbolism on the US one dollar bill), Ruth Forbes Young (of the Forbes dynasty) and her husband, Arthur M. Young (inventor of the Bell helicopter), Alice Bouverie (heiress to the Astor dynasty), and Sir John Whitmore (multimillionaire and former race car driver). Eileen Garrett also introduced Puharich to the famous electronics inventor, John Hayes Hammond, Jr., who thereafter became a close personal friend and mentor. By this time, Puharich also had many other connections to wealthy and influential people as well.

It should be noted here that Puharich was a trained hypnotist, and was known to hypnotize his subjects at the start of each session in order to improve their psychic abilities. This is significant, because if you read some of the older texts on mesmerism from the 18th and 19th centuries, you’ll find that many strange phenomena were occurring with hypnotized subjects when a certain hypnotic state (somnambulism) was induced, and one of the most common phenomena to occur was telepathic ability. More specifically, the hypnotized subject was able to pick up the thoughts of the hypnotist, and very often those of others who were present as well. It was also commonly found that with each hypnotic session, this telepathic ability would improve, and many hypnotists were even reporting that after a few sessions they were able to put a subject into trance from a remote location. These phenomena rarely occur any more only because the methods most hypnotists are trained in are not the same, and only fully trained students of hypnosis might ever learn how to induce the proper state. The methods have essentially become secrets of the trade.

During this same period that he was doing his psychic research (1949), Puharich was also developing electronic hearing-aid devices for the deaf. These devices (one of them involving an electronic tooth implant) allowed a person to hear radio-transmitted audio signals intercranially (i.e. V2K). He eventually received a patent for one of his devices (US Patent #2,995,633).

The Round Table Foundation, it turns out, was also secretly receiving funds from the Pentagon at this time. It only came to light many years later that during this time, Puharich had been in the employ of the CIA and working directly under Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the man who would later head MKULTRA when it officially started in 1953.

On March 27, 1951, Puharich began meeting with Eileen Garrett and John Hammond Jr. to conduct experiments in telepathy. These experiments continued for three months, and involved the use of a Faraday cage built by Hammond. The experiments were designed to test the hypothesis that telepathy is based on the transmission of electromagnetic waves between humans. Puharich believed that he should be able to block telepathy with appropriate shielding. Instead, he discovered that placing a person in the cage increased their psychic ability significantly.

During this same year, Puharich received a grant for almost $100,000 – either from an undisclosed wealthy friend or (more likely) from the US military – to build a solid sheet metal Faraday cage for use in his psychic experiments. He used the cage to continue testing the telepathic abilities of Eileen Garrett, and the experiments were so successful that they attracted the interest of the US Department of the Army. An American, Colonel Jack Stanley, and a French General, J.C. Sauzey visited the Round Table to express the interest of their respective governments. As a result of this visit, Puharich was invited to present his new data on telepathy at a meeting sponsored by the office of the Chief, Psychological Warfare, US Army at the Pentagon, Washington DC, on November 24, 1952. The paper was titled, An Evaluation of the Possible Uses of ESP in Psychological Warfare.

Puharich was recalled into military service soon after this, on February 26, 1953 (MKULTRA officially started on April 13), being sworn in as a captain in the Medical Corps at the Army Chemical Center, Edgewood, Maryland. This was the headquarters for research into chemical, radiological and bacteriological warfare. He was working directly under Sidney Gottlieb, living with his family at the army base.

In April of 1955, Puharich ended his service at the Army Chemical Center in Edgewood, Maryland, and returned to Glen Cove, Maine. His Round Table Foundation, which had ceased operating during his absence, was slowly brought back to life with financial backing from an unnamed friend.

By 1960, with a $300,000 investment from three unnamed New York businessmen, Puharich started a company called the Intelectron Corporation, which was involved in developing electronic devices to stimulate hearing in the deaf. He was given research contracts by various arms of the US government, including the CIA, FBI, Air Force, and NASA. The Air Force had been interested in the electrical stimulation of hearing (ESH), while NASA was more interested in the psychic research he had previously conducted using a Faraday cage and what was called ‘bio-information-transfer’. Due to Congressional pressure over the issue of dabbling in the paranormal, however, NASA was eventually forced to cancel its contracts. Puharich was then approached by people from Bell Labs, a major contractor for secret government projects. Supposedly, nothing came of this and the contract was cancelled.

In 1962, Puharich published his book Beyond Telepathy, in which he described his research into psychic phenomena and offered his theories on the subject. There is little to no mention of his use of a Faraday cage in the book. It’s very probable that by this time, information about that aspect of his research had been classified.

In August of 1972, Puharich brought the psychic Uri Geller from Israel to the USA. He took him to Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to have his psychic abilities tested by a small group of interested scientists, which included Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ, and Edgar Mitchell. It’s very likely that when Puharich visited SRI, he passed on his research findings with regard to the use of a Faraday cage and hypnosis – if the SRI scientists didn’t already have this information.

A government-funded pilot project to investigate the merits of clairvoyance as a means of accurate intelligence gathering was started in October of 1972 at SRI. Edgar Mitchell oversaw the preliminary program and reported directly to George Bush Sr., with Puthoff and Targ working directly under him. This project was the precursor to Project SCANATE, a classified government program that would continue under various names for over two decades (GRILL FLAME, CENTER LANE, SUNSTREAK, and STAR GATE). A structured methodology for clairvoyance was eventually developed that became known as ‘remote viewing’.

Although it has never been explicitly stated in any of the information that has since come out about these programs, they appear to have incorporated the use of a Faraday cage, as well as EEG machines to monitor brainwave patterns. Hypnosis was very likely a key element as well. I have only ever been able to find one or two indirect references to the use of a Faraday cage in any books or articles that have been published about these programs, which further suggests that it had become classified information.

The results of the tests with Geller had proven to be very successful and had led to the start of these RV programs, but these tests were only reported in the National Enquirer, which only served to tarnish the credibility of these tests. Soon after this report, Time magazine, with the backing of the Department of Defense, began a campaign to discredit Geller and the scientists at SRI. This led to a public battle that, although it made Geller famous in the USA, Puharich only found himself being vilified within the scientific community. This appears to have been intended to suppress the information that Puharich had gained from his research, which had probably become classified. If Puharich had been working for the government in a civilian capacity (which was probably the case), and hadn’t signed any secrecy agreements concerning his early research with a Faraday cage, then the government would have had these later concerns about him revealing them. Discrediting him among the scientific community was therefore important at this point.

By 1974, Puharich published his book, Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, which seems to have been an act of self-discrediting, perhaps as part of an agreement he made with the government. In the book, he described the strange psychic phenomena that surrounded Uri Geller, particularly during Puharich’s involvement with him. Apart from the many descriptions of objects allegedly materializing, dematerializing, and teleporting to other locations whenever Geller was around, Puharich also claimed that he and Geller had been in communication with disembodied beings from the future, who identified themselves as the same entities his Round Table group had been channeling years earlier. According to Puharich, the entities claimed that he had been chosen for a special mission to reveal to the world through Geller that these entities were here to save mankind from imminent destruction and were about to land en masse in spaceships. In spite of the book being an instant bestseller due to the fame that Geller had already achieved in the USA, the more unbelievable events described within it and the inclusion of information about channeled entities and their strange communications only served to discredit both Geller and himself. Including this information would have assured that his research would never be taken seriously, and so it appears to have been a decision that was forced on him by more powerful parties.

This same year, Puharich set up another research facility at his home in Ossining called ‘Lab Nine’, and started working with a psychic named Phyllis Schlemmer, who soon began channeling an entity that claimed to be part of a group of entities that were being channeled during Puharich’s Round Table days. These channeling sessions continued into the next year, when there was a falling out among the group. Schlemmer continued to channel these entities for the next twenty years, eventually publishing a book based on the communications titled, The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space.

Puharich’s second-in-command at Lab Nine was James J. Hurtak, who later collaborated with Carla Rueckert, a paranormal researcher who is best known for her 1984 publication of The Ra Material, which is channeled information from a group of entities that were also suspiciously similar to the group of entities channeled during Puharich’s Round Table days.

Lab Nine disciples included multi-millionaire businessmen (many of them hiding behind pseudonyms, including members of Canada's richest family, the Bronfmans), European nobility, scientists from SRI, and at least one unnamed political figure of prominence who was a personal friend of Gerald Ford. Author Lyall Watson was also involved, as was the influential counter-culture guru Ira Einhorn, as well as Gene Roddenberry, creator of the television sci-fi hit ‘Star Trek’.

In May of 1975, Puharich traveled to England, where he met with several psychic children who could bend metal objects. He received permission from their parents to study their paranormal abilities further. Soon after this, he met with more children in Mexico City who had these same abilities. By July, he had set up an ‘experimental school’ for testing these children’s psychic abilities at his home in Ossining, NY. There were initially nine children plus his own fourteen-year-old son, Andy, who were informally known as the ‘Space Kids’ or ‘Gellerings’, and according to Puharich’s son, they were put through extensive hypnosis sessions as part of the program to train their psychic abilities. Puharich’s Faraday cage was undoubtedly being used as well. No information has ever come out about the results of these experiments.

In March of 1977, Puharich and Dr. Robert Beck built a magnetic wave generator in the laboratory in Ossining and begin charting the effects of different ELF waves on humans (undoubtedly using these children). This would have involved the use of Puharich’s Faraday cage. The dangerous implications of their findings led them to prepare a scientific document which they hand carried to the political leaders of the western world: Carter, Trudeau, and Thatcher. Nothing resulted from this, which suggests that these governments were already heavily involved with research in this area and had no intention of stopping it.

In August of 1978, Puharich’s Lab Nine research center was permanently closed after someone burned it to the ground. When this happened, Puharich fled to Mexico for two years, claiming that the CIA was targeting him. Lab Nine had continued to be involved up until this time in experimenting with children who showed psychic potential, and it’s very possible that these experiments were related to those that are rumored to have taken place at Camp Hero (Montauk), Long Island, starting at about this same time. Little is known about what actually went on at Lab Nine, but reports by visitors state that many of the children being used in experiments there appeared to be very traumatized. It is possible that the CIA feared revelations about these experiments due to a scandal involving Puharich’s associate Ira Einhorn, who at the time was being investigated for the murder of his former girlfriend Holly Maddux (for which he was subsequently convicted). At the time of her disappearance, Maddux apparently possessed papers relating to the Puharich’s research with these children. It is also quite possible that what Puharich knew about psychic phenomena and/or the US government’s secret remote-viewing programs posed a threat to them, and they were making sure that this information didn’t get out. Up to this time, Puharich had been trying to alert the governments of the western world to the dangers of ELF waves. Now he was on the run from them.

By 1980, when he returned to the USA, Puharich was invited to live at the estate of Richard Joshua Reynolds (of the Reynolds dynasty), where he was able to conduct further research studying the effects of electromagnetic fields on brain waves. This would have undoubtedly involved a Faraday cage to regulate electromagnetic transmissions.

At this point, Puharich faded into obscurity, living out the rest of his life on the charity of friends and dabbling in his favorite subjects, but never receiving any official credit for the research he had done that would lead to the development of technologies that enhanced psychic abilities. Like Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich before him, Puharich’s work had been suppressed.


What the above reveals is that although a Faraday cage is capable of blocking electromagnetic transmissions above the ELF frequencies, psychic transmissions are enhanced, and this is probably due to the clearer signal that results. This is supported by the fact that psychic transmissions have been found to be much stronger when a sensory deprivation chamber is employed, which cuts out the noise coming from the five normal senses, allowing the weaker psychic transmissions to get through without being drowned out. Similarly, hypnosis allows a person to silence the mind of all extraneous thoughts and focus on specific sensory impressions to the exclusion of all others.

If the results of Puharich’s research were incorporated into the development of psychotronic technologies, and if these technologies are now being used to target people, then it would only make sense that those who wield them would want to lead their targets into believing that a Faraday cage will protect them when in reality it will do the exact opposite. And who has the ability more than anybody to flood the TI community with claims that a Faraday cage will help them?