Monday, June 22, 2015

Why Targeting Programs Are Never Exposed

Since I started investigating Myron May and the FSU shooting last December, I've been banned from ALL of the groups that are run by FFCHS or anyone who supports them, including peacepink, whose moderator (John Allman, who I've since confirmed is a registered pedophile) has banned me more than once now with no reason ever given, all of which indicates how closed these people are to being fair and honest when looking at the facts and answering for themselves, or even to just hearing all points of view. But it appears that some of them have something to hide. What about the rest that are in their groups? If they’re actually TIs and they fear that other people will react negatively to their claims, then it’s their own fault for not having thought them out well enough to be able to answer those questions. Hiding from them won't help them at all.

You'd think that anyone who's so certain that their claims about being targeted are 100% accurate would be willing to be approached by someone like me, since my questions can only give greater credibility to legitimate claims. Even if their claims are only partly wrong, that could be discovered by asking questions and analyzing their claims, and they would be a little better off for it by having a little more clarity about what's going on in their situation, if nothing else. It certainly wouldn't hurt HONEST people.

But if their claims aren't legitimate and they're purposely deceiving, then they'd have good reason to completely avoid any questions regarding their claims. Those people who hide from me or block me out don't want to face questions. They obviously have something to hide about what they're really up to, and that deserves to be pointed out.

I don't understand how any TI can expect to get these targeting programs exposed and stopped if people aren't willing to face questions that would reveal the truth or falsehood of what they believe to be at the bottom of their own experiences. What do they expect will come of being closed to questions that would reveal whether they're right or wrong about any part of it? They only put themselves into a tight corner and effectively become responsible for their own situation by choosing ignorance over insight. There's no more room for excusing their stupidity after all the warnings that have already been given.

These claims of targeting are never going to be taken seriously if the more far-fetched claims are going to be continually highlighted by certain excessively-vocal parties. Their equally excessive emotional appeals that lack any sense of logic and which are short on tangible evidence cannot be expected to do the trick. People need to stick to WHAT CAN BE PROVEN, and they must be willing to have others question and analyze their observed experiences, and not push the more unbelievable and unprovable claims in the hopes that these will convince anyone of anything other than that we're ALL crazy.

For instance, waving an EMF reader around a person and getting a signal is NOT evidence of targeting. Many other factors need to be taken into consideration to assure there are no other possible explanations, and any government scientists who WILL be hired as expert witnesses to refute these claims in a court of law (if it ever gets to that point) will certainly have no trouble blowing huge holes in their claims, given the fact that someone like ME can do it so easily. Who will believe a TI on the witness stand when they can't even explain the technology they believe is being used to target them? What happens when the expert witnesses for these TIs have to admit that they can only assume that these TIs are being targeted by such technologies? It will all be thrown out for lack of compelling evidence.

We need to forget about trying to expose what we have no physical evidence of beyond a bunch of assumptions. We need to focus instead on those government programs that we KNOW are in existence and are directly tied to targeting.... fusion centers, government watch lists, increasingly excessive surveillance laws, etc. These are what the government relies on to be able to target people even before they start directing any electronic weapons at anyone. Without the ability to constantly monitor their targets through their surveillance systems, they haven't got nearly as much chance to target anyone with their weapons. The powers that are behind all this want us to chase the impossible and waste our efforts in the process, and they have many of their agents out there encouraging people to do just that. And it's working splendidly...

Using the technology as the foundation for appeals for justice in this regard is entirely the wrong way to go, and it only hurts our cause! The perpetrators know this very well and are using it to their advantage! Trying to stop the use of this weaponry by demanding it be outlawed is futile at this early point. Whatever technology exists will just go further underground and proliferate unregulated among even more sinister groups than what you currently have in government. We must first prove that a targeting network exists, based on government documentation (easy enough) and explain LOGICALLY how such a system can operate so freely and out of sight. I've already clearly explained the ‘how’ in my article The Network, which I wrote several years ago. It details the very same methods that are used throughout government and particularly by the military/intelligence agencies to assure secrets don't get out, so there's no denying that they work very effectively. Add in documented evidence of fusion centers and the many other private groups that are now working very closely with police, FBI, etc., such as Infraguard, Neighborhood Watch groups, etc., plus the growing watch lists that various agencies keep and the newer draconian surveillance laws that are justified by these growing watch lists, and you have all you need to go to court to fight these Orwellian programs and close them down.

But people like Derrick Robinson at FFCHS and Robert Duncan and all these others who block me out of their groups only want to highlight the far less believable and totally unproveable claims regarding the technologies while totally ignoring these other provable things I just listed. What an obvious failure that will always be!

This is why I put so much attention on FFCHS and those who support them... because they stand so prominently as 'TI advocates' but still pretend not to see the obvious result of what will happen when their key witness defendents to this targeting (whoever they might choose) get to describing their experiences to an officiating body and explaining where they got their information and why they think it's accurate. Using someone like Myron May or Aaron Alexis as examples - people who claimed that their thoughts were being read and then went out and did what they did because of it - doesn't do the rest of us any good at all, so people with claims like theirs need to be put on the back burner and tone down their more unbelievable claims, whether they're true or not. That FFCHS continually highlights these sorts of claims at every chance should be enough to see what that organization is really all about and what they will do to destroy the chances of ever exposing these programs if/when they ever go in front of an authoritative body to represent the rest of us.

They do not represent me, because I'm not insane enough to let them.

Because FFCHS and certain other organizations (ICAACT, etc.) only support people who claim to be targeted with these technologies, they do not represent those of us who are victims of the more widespread (and far more proveable) problem of organized stalking. People who believe they're targeted with electronic technologies are obviously only a subset of the larger TI population, and probably only a very small subset, in spite of being more recognizable for all their vocalizations. Those people who are encouraged to voice their far-fetched claims as often as possible just drown out and even turn off legitimate TIs who don't suffer from electronic harassment but are targeted nonetheless. These latter people end up not wanting to be associated with the TI community at all, and because they remain silent as a result they go mostly unrecognized while the excessively vocal 'tinfoil-hat crowd' continue making the entire situation look like a bunch of BS to outsiders.

At the very least, mixing this REAL conspiracy of targeting with innumerable wild THEORIES about any of it just makes it easy for the counterintelligence teams (think trolls, shills, fake TIs with wild stories, con artists selling their BS science, fake advocates, etc.) who are out there tasked with creating confusion and encouraging false assumptions to lead people away from the truth so that the programs can keep running.

People need to look more closely at the various people who I highlight on my blog and what I point out about them. They are just examples of the many questionable personas who make the TI community their area of operations, selling their BS, taking names, encouraging poor judgments, making wild claims, and ultimately leading people astray and creating general confusion.
The main focus should be on outlawing draconian surveillance laws that tag people as 'terrorists', the fusion centers that handle the data-collection and monitoring of these 'terrorists', and the watch lists that supply them with the 'terrorists' to monitor. It's very easy to convincingly show how they all fit together and how they can be (and are) easily abused... Much easier than trying to prove that someone's experiences are caused by technologies that can't be properly identified or even explained how they can do what they're claimed to do.