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They Would Be Gods - 69 - Natural Psychism



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

69: Natural Psychism

Certain knowledge that has been largely kept from public awareness is that psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, levitation, and even materialization and dematerialization are quite real phenomena that can be developed into something very powerful. This has been accomplished through persistent scientific ridicule and the resulting lack of empirical research. These are natural traits in the human species that have atrophied over time through disuse, and our greater knowledge and awareness of them has been repressed through the intentional influencing of our beliefs regarding such phenomena. All throughout our history as well, those people who have had strong psychic abilities have been routinely routed out and exterminated by those in power, and this has had its effect of thinning the genetic pool of those gifted individuals who might help to strengthen these abilities among the population as a whole.

The human brain has evolved in four progressive stages, with the earliest stage comprising the inner core of the brain and attached directly to the brainstem. This part of the brain is known as the R-complex or reptilian brain. This part of the brain gives us our basic survival traits, such as to fight or flee in danger situations. This core is surrounded by the second stage of the brain’s development, which is commonly referred to as the old mammalian brain, comprised mainly of the limbic system, which is the seat of our emotions and gives us the ability to feel and causes us to act on those feelings. Surrounding this is the neo-cortex, the third stage of the brain’s development, which has evolved to allow us to think and to analyze. The fourth stage is comprised of the pre-frontal lobes, which grow out of the front part of the neo-cortex, and provide us with the ability to plan and predict. Beneath this pre-frontal area, or attached to it, is the pineal gland, which might be a fifth stage in the brain’s evolution. This gland is a little pea-sized outgrowth and has been associated with psychic ability in humans. It is located between the eyes, slightly behind and above them, and is often referred to as the third eye. The pineal gland naturally produces the drug dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is a very powerful hallucinogen that is also derived from certain plants and is used by shamen for divination purposes.

When any organ of the body is not used for a long enough time, it begins to wither and becomes inoperative, and can eventually physically disappear altogether, at that point existing only within the genetic blueprint of our DNA. Such might be the case with the pineal gland, which may have atrophied over time from disuse, and threatens to disappear altogether in future generations of our species if it’s not exercised.

The alien group requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses, because this would give us the ability to see beyond the veil of ignorance that’s been set in place around us. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them.

This doubting attitude towards the occult sciences in general has been purposely created in an attempt to preserve the legitimacy of both scientific and religious dogmas, but the purpose goes even deeper than this. Science and religion represent the major belief systems that have been erected to guide us in understanding the world we live in. Religion held its control over the human masses until the cracks in its fa├žade became too obvious to our human intelligence to continue to accept. Science developed as a response to the failure of religion to provide the answers to our natural desire to know about ourselves and our world. In developing a new belief system that would allow the alien group to continue to hold power over the human species, it has been necessary – as it was with religion – to keep us unaware of key information that would reveal the truth regarding our origins and our natural inherent psychic potential. For this reason, certain scientific theories that have arisen over time have been given special attention and heavily promoted, and only the evidence that will further support these distorted understandings has been given attention while anything that would invalidate these false beliefs has been suppressed.

Very little empirical research has ever been done on psychic phenomena beyond the simplest types of experiments that can be conducted in an unnatural laboratory setting, and the subject has been almost completely ignored and the existence of psychic phenomena even denied by the scientific establishment. The main barrier standing in the way of such research is fear: fear of damage to one’s career with the very real possibility of being refused future project funding and even public and professional ridicule. For these reasons more than anything else. few have ever attempted to undertake extensive research into this field in a professional capacity.

The refusal of future funding to those who would attempt to research this field indicates that those who fund scientific research have a strong desire to keep the scientific community away from psychic research. What could the reason be? Why would they not want anyone to explore this field scientifically? It can’t be excused on the grounds that the rewards don’t seem to merit the effort, since many other research projects with no likelihood of rewards have been undertaken many times in the past and continue to be undertaken even now, merely to satisfy our natural human inquisitiveness. One such example is SETI, which is a program that was originally funded by the government to scan the electromagnetic wave spectrum for years, looking for any signs of intelligent life in space. This project has little likelihood of success, yet it has received substantial funding over the years to keep it going.

Perhaps the refusal to provide funding for psychic research is because the parties who would provide that funding don’t believe there is anything to psychism, but this seems ridiculous, since there are many respected organizations with the money and the interest in such matters who we should expect would jump at the opportunity to pioneer this field of science. But nobody steps up to take the initiative. Why?

The refusal to fund psychic research may be that certain parties who control the funding have a reason to not want these phenomena to be researched and developed. This would indicate that there is definitely something to it, or there would be no need to be concerned about it one way or the other.

Another possibility might be that research in this area has already been or is currently being conducted in secret, and is showing great success. This makes a lot of sense, due to the potential power that this would give anyone who could learn the science behind these phenomena and harness its power, and so the possibility that it might be secretly researched needs to be given some consideration.

Contrary to what most people realize, psychic research has been conducted in secret by various governments (particularly in the US and USSR), and with incredible successes. That it is still going on is very likely as well, considering the levels of success that has been reported.

A secret research project was set up at the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the early 1970s and the research continued successfully for over two decades (1972-1995), first at SRI and then at Fort Meade, Maryland. During this time, the project was able to formulate a scientific method for psychically sensing information about a distant target, and this method has come to be called ‘remote-viewing’. This technique was refined and perfected into a reliable methodology using scientific protocols that anyone can be easily trained to use. The ability to remotely view distant locations in this way has enabled the US military and intelligence organs to be able to psychically spy on their enemies, or anyone else for that matter, with fairly accurate results.
Basically, remote viewing entails mentally focusing on a target and making quick sketches and notes of anything perceived through the psychic channel. In this way, a trained remote viewer can have an accuracy rate of up to 75 percent or greater, which is significant in itself, but on its own is not up to the standards required for basing military decisions on. To get around this limitation, teams of remote viewers are used to target the same location, and the correlations of their results allows for a greatly increased level of accuracy in data collection.

This research was taken up by the United States Army (Project STARGATE) and because of its success and the immense usefulness of it in the intelligence field, the CIA became involved and further research went ‘black’, meaning that it became one of the many top-secret projects that are conducted in extreme secrecy and without any government oversight, all at great expense to American tax-payers.

Black projects conducted by the CIA in the past – revealed through declassified documents that have been released under the Freedom of Information Act – have been known to range into some truly bizarre areas of experimentation. There is a documented history of this agency grossly abusing its power in these sorts of secret activities and using the unwary public as guinea pigs in mind-control experiments, as well as for creating and testing new biological weapons such as the AIDS virus. They have employed the use of state-of-the-art technologies that are not at all known about by the general public, but which allow them to take over a person’s mind completely if they wish to, or to plant thoughts and ideas subliminally, and even to read a person’s thoughts, which means that our last bastion of personal privacy is able to be violated without our even knowing it. That a government that purports to be the protector of our right to privacy should secretly pursue such draconian technologies tells us something about their true intents.

Remote viewing eventually became public knowledge and many of those people who were involved in the early research as trained remote viewers went on to sell their skills to corporations, police departments, and the general public. Police departments in particular have taken an interest in remote viewing and many of them have begun to train their officers as remote viewers in order to aid them in their investigative work. Although this may not seem like such a bad thing to most people, anyone who understands the increasing criminal powers that police themselves are being given to perform investigations and collect intelligence information, and the extent of the capabilities that remote viewing offers, will realize that this combination actually poses grave implications to the protection of our fundamental right to privacy, since it impinges on this right in a way that cannot be protected and will continually be taken further advantage of.

Remote viewing capabilities have become so advanced that not only are physical objects and locations able to be sensed, but a person’s thoughts can be read and even manipulated almost as easily. Putting this capability into the hands of an intelligence-gathering unit is bound to lead to increasing abuses that, even if they were ever found out, would never be able to be proved. The desire of police and intelligence agents to creep further and further into our private lives guarantees that remote viewing is already being used in such a manner. Aside from official police and intelligence units, this capability has been absorbed and extended by more sinister groups that are part of a shadow government or secret society, and there is no telling to what nefarious ends it is being used for or will be used for.

Although much of the research into remote viewing is still classified, there are now a number of informative books and other documents available to the public on this particular subject, many of which are written by key individuals who helped to pioneer the field, such as Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ, Joseph McMoneagle, David Morehouse, and Ingo Swann. There are also many Internet web sites that provide information on this subject that can easily be found by using a search engine. This material not only explains what remote viewing is, how it works, and how it can be applied, but also provides information on how to train yourself in its use and how to protect yourself against it being used against you.

Although the basic procedures for doing remote viewing are now in the public domain, this information stems mostly from the initial work done at SRI, and does not include the deeper research efforts that were undertaken by the military and intelligence branches of the US government. Much of this research was involved in enhancing remote viewing capabilities by using electronic technologies. At the most basic level, these technologies include the use of EEG machines to help the remote viewer reach and maintain the proper brainwave state needed, as well as using a Ganzfeld setting (such as sensory deprivation chambers) to isolate the remote viewer from external sensory distractions. Both of these methods help to open up the psychic channel, or, more accurately, to quiet the normal sensory input channels so that psychic information is not lost in the noise of that input. The technologies that have been developed and used extend to innumerable other devices and techniques that have been designed to aid remote viewers in their efforts. Many of these technologies may sound like science fiction, but they are not. It is possible, for instance, to use electronic devices to stimulate the brain to reach the mental state most conducive to psychic receptivity, speeding up the normal process.

Collectively, these technologies fall into the field of psychotronics, combining mental or psychic energy with machine technology, making use of the subtle energies variously referred to as chi, prana, vril, od, orgone, etc. Although these energies are not formally recognized by mainstream science, they‘ve been known about by the Chinese since at least 5,000 BC, and this knowledge probably goes back much further than that, surviving as part of a greater body of knowledge that must have once incorporated astrology as well.

Psychic energies were inextricably tied to the people of the ancient past, and they are inextricably tied to our future as well, and in ways that we barely realize.

We have seen that there exist certain types of energy that can be consciously influenced, and there are natural substances with special properties that allow them to store, amplify, and transmit that energy. These substances are also said to enhance psychic abilities, and knowledge of these things provided the foundation for a very ancient technology, the last traces of which are to be found in the stone circles and pyramidal structures that still dot our planet. Hints of how this technology worked and how it could be used are offered in many ancient texts, and we should reconsider those recorded events of the past that are usually seen today as being too extraordinary for their time to be taken at face value, and therefore must have been symbolic of something else. We must give greater credit to these more unbelievable aspects of our ancient ancestors, and trust that what they describe as real events were just that, and not at all exaggerated or confused by the imaginations of primitive mentalities. The ancients, in our earliest recorded times, knew these subtle energies very well, as well as the influences that certain naturally occurring substances had on them. They were able to apply this knowledge in a manner that we can barely recognize today, since our science doesn’t yet acknowledge that consciousness is of any significance to the understanding of physical reality, and they certainly don’t see it as an energetic force that can influence matter to any degree.

Those special substances such as the crystals and powders that have been discussed in previous chapters and which are claimed to stimulate our psychic faculties, can be found in their natural state within the Earth, and make up part of the total elemental composition of our planet, as well as that of the sun, moon, and every other celestial body in the universe, to one degree or another. Every celestial body acts as a special attractor for those energies that resonate at the same frequencies as their composite elements. Cosmic energies are continually being emitted and absorbed by celestial bodies, and certain frequencies of energy will resonate strongly with a particular celestial body due to the composition of that body being in harmony with those energy frequencies. This resonation acts as an attracting force that siphons those particular frequencies into itself and amplifies them. Cosmic energy of all possible frequencies are being emitted by both our local sun and the galactic sun at the center of the Milky Way, and lines of force are established between these emitters and every celestial body that’s struck by their radiating energies, in a frequency that is compatible with the composite elements of the attracting body. Similar but weaker lines of force are also at play between the innumerable celestial bodies floating through space in their spiraling paths, and all of these lines continually stretch and shrink and their forces strengthen and weaken as these celestial bodies move along their separate paths. Each celestial body resonates at specific frequencies that reflect their composition, and these different frequencies can facilitate different effects and influences on other bodies.

This understanding of these cosmic forces was the basis of the ancient science of astrology, and the same principles were employed in the ancient crystal technology as well, and is being applied again today in modern psychotronic technologies that involve the same subtle energies and the same elemental substances. When certain planetary alignments occur, certain lines of force are strengthened, as are their effects. We can see this reflected in the manner that astrological charts are drawn up by plotting the positions of the sun, moon, and planets and calculating the resulting influences. We can also see this knowledge reflected in the astronomical alignments, the geometrical design, and the particular substances used in the construction of many ancient structures.

The manner in which energy is radiated from an object depends on the structural geometry of that object, so that lines of force occur along specific axes that relate to its structure. For instance, the geometric shape of a crystal radiates energy along the lines of its points where its faces meet. In considering this in relation to celestial bodies such as the Earth, certain points of latitude and longitude will be major energy spots, and these relate to the major lines of force. These major energy spots are where the ancients erected many of their largest megaliths. Because the Earth is not uniform in its composition, unlike a perfect crystal, these lines of force in the Earth are not found at perfect symmetrical distances from each other, but are more randomly spaced.

Ancient texts foretell the coming end of this age and the beginning of a new age, and has been recorded by the Maya as the precise date when our planet and solar system will be in perfect alignment with the galactic center: the morning of December 21st, 2012.  At that moment, we will be passing through the strongest forces of energy that are being constantly emitted from this galactic center along the plane of its horizon, and the Earth, acting as an attractor, will be bombarded with unprecedented amounts of cosmic radiation. Some of these rays will be of the same frequencies that cause those substances we discussed to open up our psychic faculties. What happens at this point is unknown, but it may very well be an event that will take us to a higher state of consciousness – either temporarily or permanently. At that moment we will be able to perceive beyond just our physical senses and see things as they really are, without ignorance or deception casting shadows over our eyes. When we do, we’ll know what is in the hearts and minds of others, and those who hide behind a mask of lies will be exposed.

Could this be the reason that psychic phenomena have been scientifically repressed for so long? Have those who control the scientific establishment kept this area of investigation out of bounds for a reason? Consider what might be known if we were capable of utilizing these faculties to their fullest. Recognition and development of these faculties would remove the ability for a few to have power and control over others, since they would not be able to lie or deceive. We would be free of the bondage that currently holds us in slavery, and able to see clearly through the lies and distortions that have been used to restrain us and limit us in realizing our full potential as conscious beings.

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