Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Targets Beware!!! - More on FFCHS

by Anthony Forwood

The people who run FFCHS continue to refuse to respond to a number of very serious questions that myself and others have tried to ask them about their organization regarding its conduct and motives, which I feel real targeted individuals have a right to know the answers to in order to assure that this organization isn't taking advantage of these people and putting their lives in greater danger. I find it extremely unsettling that it's headed by a member of the NSA (Derrick Robinson) who operates this organization so freely yet claims to be a target, that it supports and heavily promotes certain questionable people who are by all appearances imposters who seek to manipulate the beliefs of targeted individuals, that it seems to serve no purpose other than to identify, monitor, and possibly take control of both real targeted individuals and any mentally unbalanced individuals who are easily deceived, and that they show no signs of being accountable for themselves in these regards. I've detailed many of these concerns elsewhere on my blog so I won't repeat myself here. (If those particular blog pages don't load, please let me know, since I've found that they're often hacked.)

In looking through their website, I found the following statement:

"FFCHS is aware that there are those associated with other organizations who are seeking to discredit ours, including our leaders. It saddens us that our separate groups could not unite to end these atrocities instead of having to counter the "divide and conquer" tactics used by agents to disrupt our organization.

FFCHS prefers not to engage in libelous, non-productive personal attacks, but rather, we suggest that those individuals involved in such activity would seek to use their time in a more constructive manner; one that would be more beneficial to the targeted individual (TI) community."

This merely raises further questions. For instance, in my own experience, I don't know of any organizations whatsoever that are seeking to discredit them, although it's possible that they might exist. If they do, then they aren't very visible so it shouldn't be much of a problem for FFCHS, considering their high profile presence and the exceptional ability to hold that position. On the other hand, I've come across a large number of individuals who, like myself, are very concerned about this organization for the same reasons that I've listed above. None of these people that I've talked to or heard about have ever claimed to be affiliated with any organization, nor am I affiliated with any organization either. We're all just targeted individuals with serious concerns that deserve answers. If FFCHS is truly interested in uniting with anyone, as they indicate they are, that would first require communicating with these others to assure that they have the same goals in mind and can work together, which my experiences have shown they refuse to do. Instead, they show every indication of being a carefully crafted government operation that's using a number of tactics that originate from certain questionable government agencies in order to protect themselves from exposure while infiltrating and/or eliminating any opposition.

Also, the statement above suggests that they seek to "end these atrocities", and that seems to be a matter that they show no indication of doing. They need to explain how they are attempting to do this and what they have done in capacity to date, because they have nothing on their website that would show this, and it seems that what they are doing is tantamount to subverting such efforts. There is no 'divide and conquer' other than on their own part, where they are attempting to keep the targeted community divided and off balance by promoting (both on their website and through proxies) absurd and unproven claims regarding existing technologies while attacking anyone who begins to try to set matters straight and reveal the many falsehoods and deceptions that have been created to keep the targeted community ignorant of the deeper truths about what's really going on.

That FFCHS states that it prefers "not to engage in libelous and non-productive personal attacks" is suggestive that this is all that other people and organizations are doing, and it totally neglects the more serious and legitimate concerns that most of their detractors have. It also says nothing about their most loyal followers, who apparently seek to use their time for nothing better than to root out those individuals who criticize this questionable organization and its true motives.

FFCHS is only bringing negative attention to themselves by their own actions (or lack thereof) and in the way that they choose to deal with anyone who poses serious concerns about them. They even engage in targeting - this is a fact. They destroy the legitimacy of the targeted community through the conduct of their members, who do everything they can to raise the levels of absurdity regarding the technologies thought to be involved and the mental stability of targets in general. They're agenda appears to be to destroy any chances of real targeted individuals exposing this extensive targeting program.