Friday, September 19, 2014

Robert Duncan Confesses: “I am a perp.”

I just found this published email from Robert Duncan (the original posting can be found at the link below):

* * *

"R. Duncan" <duncan@higherorder. com> wrote:

Dear John A. and others whose full time jobs are accusing,

I have been trying to confess for a long time. I am a perp. I am paid by the US government to conduct psychological experiments on you. I am deceitful sometimes and I am wrong sometimes. I even accidentally tell you a truth now and then. But they dock my pay when that happens.

So, now that you have a full confession. Can we move on and have constructive conversations even knowing that I am trying to hurt you through intentional bad information and theories? Greed is what drives me. I get extra-CIA pay when I can lead you towards irrational and unfounded belief systems. Perhaps it is good mental exercise to be able to critically reason while knowing that a sophisticated perp like myself is guiding you away from God and truth intentionally?

Perhaps like with evolution theory, we should separate church and state. Use one as a personal guidance and an information drug to inspire you, and the other that has proven more useful in predicting the immediate future and to explain the physical world where brain chemistry and the mind intersect. Always be skeptical of information that you read. This should not be something new. However, personally attacking someone shows a lack of ability to understand the science and argue on that basis. We are back to the Christian inquisitions and will get nowhere. Just assume in every email that you are required to think for yourself and not be lazy wanting to rely on someone’s reputation. In fact, in a perfect intelligent meritocracy, where no names were attached to information exchanges, you would have to learn to do this.

Why does thinking and arguing in a professional exchange about this topic in a scientific and strategic manner, pain you so much? Why do you spend so much time talking about the useless and nonsensical aspects? Get over your classicism and take everyone as if they have something important to say. Filter, don’t respond negatively. I for one have nearly fully given up my defense research and public speaking because of the constant barrage of negativity. I found that I can help more people and other groups with other problems who are more grateful of my sacrifices. You aren’t winning allies or friends and you haven’t figured it out that negativity is highly infectious and the most obvious quality to instill into people and groups to isolate and disassemble them. If you haven’t figured out just the very basic psychological strategies being used against a group assembling by reading military and CIA methods, you haven’t progressed in this chess game at all. This is why I have lost hope.

* * *


Mind Control Victims Europe – Yahoo Groups”

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Response to Ken Wilbourne Jr.’s Empty Accusation

I received this comment from FFCHS’s Ken Wilbourne Jr. in response to this blog post:

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2014 18:39:31 +0000
Subject: [Miscellaneous Notes by Anthony Forwood] New comment on Facebook Harassment Teams.

Anthony Forwood or whoever you are, thank you for this post of yours, though I'd wish you never did this. It will only served to discredit you. I have NEVER been associated with OSI in any way, nor do I associate with their members. And, FFCHS does NOT have a racket of targeted individuals bantering around to cause intentional problems. I banned you years ago from a TI online social media support group due to your disinformation about active denial technology and methods that is used to harass and harm innocent citizens. It is my guess you are a government paid infiltrator/agent. The lies you have posted here are ridiculous and trustworthy for an example of what a true perpetrator is. I hope someone sues your eyeballs out. - Ken Wilbourne

Ken, you claim that I’m a government-paid infiltrator/agent… based on what evidence exactly? Because I point out damaging things about you and your cohorts and what you’re all doing to harass and discredit real TIs? I’ve tried to discuss these issues with you, Derrick Robinson, Robert Duncan, and others, with the same avoidance tactics used against me each time. As it is, this sort of accusation you make here is a typical perp tactic when it comes with absolutely nothing to back it up. They’re empty words, Ken... nothing more. Why don’t you be kind enough to point out exactly what grounds you base this accusation on? Otherwise, I really have no need to defend myself, and your post only serves to show others how you and your ‘ex’-government associates at FFCHS operate. However, if you can point out something SPECIFIC that I’ve posted on my blog or elsewhere that’s at fault, I’d be willing to change it to better reflect the truth. I tried to discuss some issues with you once before, but you chose instead to immediately kick me out of your facebook group, as you’ve admitted here. You avoided answering for yourself and for FFCHS about the things you continue to promote as true without ever providing any evidence beyond your say-so, and you decided instead to close out the person who questioned it and sought that evidence. That says a lot about you…

As it is, Ken, YOU specifically are involved in organized targeting against selected TIs on facebook, including Dee Dorsty, which I have evidence of posted below. Seeing that this targeting also involves Dee Hardin, another long-time FFCHS member, and Will Litigate (aka OSI Informers, aka Greg Gamache), who you claim to not be associated with, it just further proves that FFCHS and the OSI gang are working together, and that you’re a liar. Apparently, this is the usual MO for all of you, to gang up on someone and smear them… but never with any evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the person you attack. Compare that to what I provide on my blog regarding the questionable activities of FFCHS. My evidence comes from your organization’s own publications, from the quoted statements in the media of its board members, and from many first-hand experiences with you and your associates. Why don’t you answer to that? Calling me an infiltrator/agent without any evidence whatsoever is merely a weak tactical response to the strong evidence I’ve been compiling that only fools would ever fall for. As it appears more and more, you’re mixed up with the real infiltrator/agents, particularly Derrick Robinson, who’s even admitted to being in the NSA, which no one really ever gets out of once they sign up.

So Ken, instead of just generalizing with your accusations, tell me what you specifically find fault with and why and I’ll address it, and we can go from there. Don’t just try to label me without backing yourself up with something. That’s an extremely transparent perp tactic that anyone with ANY intelligence can see through. And don’t premeditate what you think my response will be in order to excuse yourself from doing so, either. That’s a cop out that your good friend the ‘Harvard grad’ Robert Duncan chose to take, which only resulted in drawing my attention to all of you at FFCHS once again and digging up more dirt.

If you feel that there’s a lawsuit here, please feel free to send me a subpoena. I would love to get you people into a court of law where you’ll be made to explain yourselves:

Anthony Forwood
#52-936 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC

Friday, September 5, 2014

Who is Timothy White?

Timothy White’s name first came to my attention a few months ago when I was researching Derrick Robinson’s alleged contact with Aaron Alexis (the Washington Navy Yard shooter) just before he went on his rampage last year. I had discovered that White was on the FFCHS board of directors, and that he had made some interesting statements that intimately tied him into the Aaron Alexis Affair, but that’s all I knew for certain about him at that time.

Nevertheless, while I had been looking for information on him, I came across a ‘Tim’ White who was involved in some issues with a woman named Barbara Hartwell. The whole thing appeared to be a tangled mess of back and forth accusations and counter-accusations and it was hard to determine what it was all about and who was being honest, if anybody, so I didn’t dig too far into it and didn’t find out if this was the same Timothy White.

But more recently, while looking further for information on White, I came across a totally unrelated post by someone named Leslie Oliver, dated Aug. 22, 2005, titled ‘A Personal Account / EM Scalar Weapons : AZ IMC’, in which this person stated (emphasis added):

'Men in black' (American shadow government) are after me here in Kathmandu, Nepal because I have posted this information a few times with more on Scalar weapons but I want everyone to know... who is responsible if anything "happens". Tim White, Ted Gunderson and Julianne McKinney have recently been emailing me. I have also left this information with well-known 9/11 attorney and activist, Phil Berg.


Also while here in Kathmandu, Tim White, a friend of ex-FBI man, Ted Gunderson has contacted me from an APFN from a post I made. A woman (I assume she is) by the name of Julianne McKinney contacted me from Tim's CC: list...apparently "ex-military" who is pretentious, arrogant.

This was enough to satisfy me that these are all the same Tim White, since I know from the description that this is definitely the same Julianne McKinney who I’ve written about elsewhere and who has always been closely affiliated with FFCHS, so this Tim White who was associating himself with Ted Gunderson is undoubtedly the same Tim White who’s now a part of FFCHS’s inner sanctum.

Knowing now that these are the same person, it becomes much more apparent as I look at all the posts that come up in a google search of this guy that he’s a hired disruption agent. Going back at least as far as 2001, there’s nothing but bad shit being said about him. He’s apparently gained himself quite a reputation for harassing people, and the information that others have dug up on him paint him – to put it mildly – as a transvestite snitch for the Denver FBI who peddles in hardcore pornography.

Apparently, White was targeting Barbara Hartwell and others back in 2001 for publishing damaging information about Ted Gunderson, information that paints Gunderson in a light that is actually more believable than that of the altruistic Patriot he wants everyone to think of him as – that he has spent his retirement years since 1979 containing public exposure of the people running the satanic mind-control/sex-slave/drug-running/arms-dealing network that involves people at the highest levels of wealth and power in the USA and abroad.

This is all very noteworthy, because it connects what I already believe is FFCHS’s real agenda with what Ted Gunderson has been accused of doing and for which White was apparently doing damage control – making sure that any mind-control victims who might know or remember anything that could expose their government perpetrators were identified and brought under control before they could do any real damage, as well as to use them in their own operations. The fact is (and this is not news to me), we’ve all been duped for years about certain major players in this wide-ranging government psyop, letting these people gain our trust with their supposed inside knowledge and their claims of being on our side and wanting to expose the mind-control, Satanism, pedophilia, etc., when really they’re working to keep it all going. As I’ll keep saying, the people at FFCHS are all government agents and their dupes and they’re there for this reason only, and no other.

I’d like to point out here that for all of Gunderson’s years of investigation, with all of the boxes of documents he claimed to have about this criminal network and the people involved, we have actually received next to nothing from him, even on his deathbed when he had a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make some major revelations. All that Gunderson has ever done in all that time was to place himself within investigations in order to manage and control the people who could expose this network and its activities, making sure that what little tidbits they revealed would never be enough to go anywhere. He has rerouted these people into taking part in lecture circuits and conferences that only serve to entertain the targeted community with an endless stream of the same old information again and again. This has been going on for the three decades that Gunderson was operating in this capacity, so he succeeded in his real duties as a government double agent. Cathy O’Brien’s story, which came out way back around 1988, has never really resulted in anything other than being a discussion piece for people to muse over. The same goes for Brice Taylor. The evidence suggests that Gunderson, using people like Tim White, pulled a psyop on people like Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb in order to disrupt their attempts to expose him.

Now Tim White is on the board of directors of FFCHS. His previous handler Ted Gunderson is dead, but Gunderson’s part in keeping this cover-up under wraps has undoubtedly been passed on to others. FFCHS has been in a very good position since his death to take that part over. And by all appearances, this is what they are doing.

To use Gunderson’s own words:

Anyone who is not discerning enough to recognize the tactics of the enemy and who does not realize what is happening behind the scenes is uninformed and a victim to his own ignorance.”