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They Would Be Gods - 34 - The Rockefellers, Genetics, and Social Conditioning



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

34: The Rockefellers, Genetics, and Social Conditioning

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."  – David Rockefeller: Statement to the United Nations Business Council, September 1994

The Rockefeller dynasty, more than any other group, has been consistently involved in human genetics and behavior modification research throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. The Rockefellers built their fortune by shrewdly diversifying into oil, banking, and railroads by the turn of the twentieth century. The Rockefeller Foundation was created in 1909 as a tax-exempt philanthropic organization, and through it the Rockefellers have always promoted themselves as being devoted to humanitarian pursuits, while taking full advantage of the tax exempt status of the foundation. However, their underlying motivations have been nothing less than inhumanely sinister. Although the Rockefeller Foundation initially began as a charitable organization that was focused primarily on funding Baptist churches and missions, as time progressed, its interests led to funding research into medicine, agriculture, and education, showing less interest in funding spiritual pursuits and greater interest in funding research and education in the mechanistic sciences. Early in the twentieth century, the Rockefeller Foundation became primarily interested in advancing the field of medicine, most particularly that area that would become known as genetics. However, this wasn’t just an altruistic move for the sake of the advancement of medical science, but was also designed to put the Rockefeller family in a position to direct the advancement of this field in order to pursue their personal goals further. At the same time that they were pouring money into their interests, they were using their power and influence in political circles to set policies and cut deals that gave their various enterprises greater power and control. A great deal of their funding was directed at research into eugenics (genetics), the behavioral sciences, and population control. The Rockefellers were particularly interested in the philosophy of social Darwinism and ‘survival of the fittest’, and sought to advance those sciences that would allow the means to determine who was ‘fit’ and who was not. Their ultimate aim has been to depopulate the Earth of the vast majority of the human species, and to eliminate those humans who had traits that were deemed ‘undesirable’.

In an early effort towards this aim, the Rockefellers, along with the Carnegie family, financed the Eugenics Record Office in the US, which was active from 1910 to 1944, amassing information on specific human traits, as well as on ‘pedigree’ families and their specific traits. The Rockefellers were also major financers and promoters of mass sterilization programs in the US and abroad that targeted non-white races, the poor, and those who were otherwise ‘genetically deficient’. By 1934, as evidenced in a Rockefeller progress report, the idea of breeding a superior race through genetics was being seriously considered.

This was all going on even before World War II and Hitler’s own ideas about racial purity and the desire to create a superior race. Although the Rockefellers have continued to publicly present themselves as purely humanitarian in their pursuits, they certainly are not. They have a racist philosophy that undoubtedly had a huge effect on Hitler and his Nazi scientists and which helped to spur the atrocities that occurred in Nazi Germany during the war.

The Rockefellers had financed the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany before the war, including the research of both Joseph Mengele and Ernst Rudin. These men were later to become two of Hitler’s top men after having been indoctrinated in the racist science and philosophy promoted by the Rockefellers. Without Rockefeller money going towards German eugenics research before the war, the travesties of the Holocaust may not have been nearly as extensive as they were.
The racist ideology behind Hitler’s own eugenics programs and his desire to create a master race was directly in line with the philosophy and pursuits of such ultra-wealthy families as the Rockefellers. Hitler just happened to pursue this ideology with a macabre determination that his American counterparts couldn’t have gotten away with, but Hitler’s underlying goal was exactly the same as these ultra-wealthy members of society. If the Rockefellers and certain other American families were not direct collaborators with the Nazis in their genocidal activities, they were at the very least influencers and sympathizers.

In 1943, the Rockefellers helped finance the Allen Memorial Institute at McGill University in Canada, where the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron performed macabre mind-control experiments on his human victims.

After the war, with the world in shock from the atrocities of the Nazi programs, eugenics was declared a crime against humanity and the term ‘eugenics’ was avoided completely while research continued under the new field of ‘social biology’. From this developed the science of genetics, which is virtually the same thing as eugenics. During this same period, Nazi eugenics scientists were being brought over to the US through Operation Paperclip to work on government projects.

Other wealthy families that supported eugenics research in the early twentieth century included the Carnegie, Morgan, Westinghouse, Ford, Du Pont, Mellon, Kellogg, Harriman, and Bush families, to name a few. The common denominator in these interests was the desire to excuse themselves for their position of wealth and power as the natural result of superior genetics. They, like virtually all the ultra-wealthy families on this planet, see themselves as the fittest of the species, due to their wealth and power. However, to believe this, virtually all of them living today would have to overlook the fact that they were born into that wealth and power. Otherwise, what superior genetic traits might they see themselves as having an abundance of that the majority of the human species lack? Greed? Cold-bloodedness? Obsessiveness? Materialism? (According to evolutionary theory, the competition for supremacy dictates who is superior, but this would only reflect on those who were in direct competition, and not the remainder of the species, whose genetics might still be superior. Given the fact that the greater population of humans never has the opportunity to directly compete with what goes on behind the closed doors of government offices and corporate boardrooms where these people operate, the greater population can’t really be judged as inferior)

The Rockefellers saw that the masses could be conditioned and controlled through both education and media persuasion, and so they set out to use these information outlets for their own purposes. They also saw that newly developing technologies might be applied to enhance such mass control, and funded projects that might facilitate such ends. For instance, during the 1930s, the Rockefeller Foundation, in collaboration with the US Navy, was funding research to learn what musical frequencies were best suited for inducing psychopathology, emotional distress, and mass hysteria. At the same time, this foundation was involved in funding the development of radio and television broadcasting networks, with the intent to use such mediums for behavior modification and social conditioning. They were responsible for the establishment of the standardized 440 Hz tuning frequency used in music and broadcasting, which research showed was disharmonic to physical and mental health, and was knowingly chosen over frequencies that are much more harmonic and beneficial, such as 444 Hz. How this can be possible is understood when it’s realized that all material substances, including the atoms and molecules that make up the cellular structures of living organisms, consist of nothing more than electromagnetic energy that fluctuates at specific frequencies. When these are impinged by frequencies that are discordant with their natural rhythms, they begin to break down. Research was also done on the effect of different sounds or sound effects on audiences, with the intention to elicit various emotional responses. The culmination of this research work can be experienced any time you turn on your TV set or watch a movie – the background sound effects that are used are carefully crafted to engender particular emotional states, most effectively when you are totally immersed in the ‘program’. The mass hysteria of audiences at Beatles and Elvis Presley concerts in the 1960s may have been experiments related to this research. All of this Rockefeller interest started when radio and television were still developing technologies, and mass communications systems were being designed with the conscious intention of using them as mechanisms for social control. The US military held control of the broadcasting media from the beginning, which the Rockefellers financed and played a part in developing. The term ‘programming’ had a different meaning for those who chose the content of these media than it did for the viewing and listening audiences. For the audiences, programming referred to the daily schedule of broadcast presentations, but for those who controlled these media, it referred to the conditioning and indoctrination of the audience to certain attitudes and ideas presented in the form of news and entertainment.

The 1938 radio broadcast of H. G. WellsWar of the Worlds and the resulting public panic appears to have been an experiment in psychological warfare. The presentation was carefully designed to stimulate the results that ensued.

The behavioral sciences were a major interest to the Rockefellers because they wanted to establish the means to persuade and influence the masses into accepting certain ideologies, beliefs, and mindsets that would further their long-range goals. They had learned early on that, through ‘herd mentality’, it only required a small percentage of a population to accept something in order to sway the remainder. They also learned early on that a person or a population could be turned completely around in their beliefs by incrementally changing their perspective or understanding on things, until they believed whatever was desired by those who were manipulating them. These insights were used very effectively by Hitler during his rise to power to coerce the German people into submitting to his increasingly fascist ideologies.

More recently, the Rockefellers were involved in establishing the legal right to patent genes in the USA. As of 2007, there are over fifteen thousand patented genes on record at the US Patent Office. The implications of where this will ultimately lead isn’t hard to see. Genetic ‘enhancements’ will become available only to those who can afford them, creating a greater division between the rich and the not-so-rich that may very well culminate in a distinct branching within the human species.

The Rockefellers, along with the Du Ponts, the Monsanto Corporation (creators of genetically modified foods), and others, have recently established a heavily reinforced, disaster-proof seed vault in the Arctic (ominously known as the ‘Doomsday Vault’) that storehouses virtually every variety of seed on the planet. The establishment of this seed vault is particularly interesting, because it’s what we might expect if it were known by such a group as we are discussing that a major planetary cataclysm could be very eminent. As well as creating this seed vault, the Rockefellers and others are heavily involved in creating and promoting genetically modified foods, including the ‘terminator’ variety that do not produce viable seeds, forcing farmers to have to repurchase seeds every year. These terminator crops are becoming more and more prevalent, and threaten to wipe out natural seed varieties – except for those that are being warehoused in the Doomsday Vault.

In light of all this, it’s obvious that the ultra-elite wish to claim the right of genetic superiority over the rest of the masses. However, their claim is based purely on mechanistic science that they themselves have played a large part in directing the understanding of, and they control the means by which such genetic superiority might be gauged. If nothing else, they have usurped the power of natural selection and are seeking to replace it with unnatural genetic manipulation. What they’re doing with food crops, they’re capable of doing to the human species. Sterilization of ‘undesirables’ has the same effect as replacing terminator seeds with natural varieties. Over time, the original genetic variety within the species is reduced until there’s only a small amount of variation left, and we move closer and closer to relying on cloned copies. Of course, with the ability to selectively add, modify, or remove individual traits, and having a library of known genes and gene combinations to draw from, the Rockefellers and others of their kind foresee the ability to avoid this loss of genetic variety.
The Rockefellers, and in particular Laurence Rockefeller, have also privately funded certain UFO researchers, undoubtedly with the intention of controlling certain avenues of investigation and certain lines of thinking. At least some of those researchers that he finances are strongly suspected of being disinformation agents, such as Dr. John Mack, who is an authority on the alien abduction enigma. This is not to say that these abductions are not real, but it’s very questionable whether they are actually extraterrestrial perpetrators, as the victims are so heavily led to believe. The fact that the Rockefellers are so heavily involved in the very same thing that these ‘alien’ abductors seem to be – human genetics – raises certain questions about the Rockefeller’s interest in the UFO enigma. Recently, Laurence Rockefeller made an appeal to the White House to disclose to the public whatever they know about UFOs. Although this was done with the appearance of a true desire for the truth to be publicly known, undoubtedly there are deeper intentions.

Financial contributions from such organizations as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Institution, the Ford Foundation, etc., are vital to scientific research (not just genetics), and such organizations are also important in broadcasting news of recent discoveries. Such foundations, being major national and international funding agencies, have set themselves up to become necessary to any major research that might take place at all. By providing large amounts of research dollars, they put themselves in a position to dictate the direction that science will take and how it will be applied. These foundations are designed and promoted to appear as altruistic charity houses, but more importantly, they facilitate as tax-avoidance mechanisms for these ultra-wealthy family dynasties. These foundations were set up with the long-range plans to become and remain controlling parties in many important areas of development in science and technology, which would include directing education in these areas, as well as controlling the careers of those who become so educated. These foundations and the families behind them have very similar or identical agendas and work closely together in their pursuits, often taking different approaches but always leading to the same ends. Their representatives come together as members of private groups such as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger Group, etc., where they plan and decide on the methods they will use to achieve their goals. From these groups, once the decisions are made and the plans are drawn up at this level of power and control, they pass their orders down to the next lower level of the hierarchy – secret societies, corporate boardrooms, government administration agencies, educational boards, etc. – where they preside over those at the next lower level who will carry out their plans.

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