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They Would Be Gods - 4 - Who Are the Aliens?



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

4: Who Are the Aliens?

I have already established that no matter who or what is behind this incredible conspiracy, for all intents and purposes, they remain alien to the rest of us, and so while remaining very general as to the meaning of the word ‘alien’, I will refer to them as the alien group. It must also be understood that as a group, their members will change over time, just as a corporation or a government or any other organization changes its members over time, while the same underlying purpose or agenda remains the same.

Who then are these aliens, exactly? This is a difficult question to give a clear answer to. Do we define them as extraterrestrials because they might have originated off-planet, even though they may have been here on our planet for as long as we have? If they have stationed their bases deep underground, do we define them as a subterranean species? If they’re of the same species as the rest of us, but from another world, do we define them as humans?

Whoever or whatever they are, whether of terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin, human or non-human, the fact is that they are nevertheless alien to the greater population of Earth. They don’t involve themselves in our human society as we do, but remain completely outside of it, involving themselves in our human affairs only indirectly through a system of control that they established long ago.

The alien presence, whether we might think of it as comprised of a single non-human race, many non-human races, a shadowy group of our own fellow humans, or a mixed human/non-human group, has, by all appearances, been active on this planet and involved in controlling the human species for a very long time, going back at least as far as our earliest recorded history (5,000 BC), but apparently much longer than that. This alien group was quite possibly involved with the prehistoric civilizations described as Atlantis and Lemuria, as well as others that may still exist today that we don’t know about. There is also evidence that they were involved in the creation of the human species, being the living gods of ancient myth and legend, and that they may still be involved in our evolutionary development in some way.

Whether they themselves originated here on Earth or whether they came from a distant planet is uncertain, and any final conclusions must ultimately be left up to readers to decide for themselves. This is of less concern than the main issue facing us. Although there is a considerable amount of evidence to show that there have been advanced civilizations on Earth that predate the beginning of our own earliest recorded history, there is also evidence that there have been similar civilizations on our moon and Mars, and perhaps still are, as we shall see. The evidence for intelligent life on our moon and Mars, in the form of what appear to be artificial structures on their surfaces, bear striking similarities to ancient structures here on Earth that date to at least as far back as the period of our first human civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia, but probably go back to much earlier times than that.

When we look at the evidence, presented here and elsewhere, we see that these aliens have obviously been around for a very long time, and have been controlling our advancement both as a civilization and as a species. They’ve done this from the very beginning by manipulating us at a deep psychological level, using our own natural human traits against us. Through their influences, we’ve developed a certain mindset and taken on certain beliefs that they use to limit our thoughts and actions and keep us in a position of submissive ignorance that is stagnating our natural creative potentials as human beings and keeping us from learning the greater truth.

They are always watching from the shadows where they must hide, directing events and situations so that the outcomes are always stacked in their favor and align with their agenda, or otherwise serve their purposes, no matter how these events and situations might unfold. They’ve continued to exist and operate in this secretive way over many millennia, controlling the human masses and directing certain events in the world to maintain their power and achieve their goals.

We need to keep a positive and open-minded attitude about this controversial subject even though we don’t know for sure what we might be dealing with here. It’s important to understand that this alien presence might not be such a threat after all, but we should at least consider the worst that we might be up against. For all we know, what appears to be an adversary may turn out to be our benefactor and guardian in the end. This whole scenario may be just another illusion, a test of the human spirit, a catalyst for the next stage in our evolution.

Whatever the case regarding who this alien group is and where they come from, there are a number of things that we can be fairly sure of. For instance, they appear to be highly advanced intellectually, scientifically, and technologically. They appear to have life spans that are much longer than those of ordinary humans. This may be natural to their species if they’re non-human, or they may have the technological capability to artificially prolong their lives. If this is the case, then individually, their range of knowledge would be immense due to the amount of time they have for learning, and their mental capacities may be far greater than those of ordinary humans. Where we can barely understand something due to its extreme complexity, such a thing may be quite simple to them. They may be aware of things that only a life span of thousands of years could teach. Many of them that were alive at the dawn of our own civilization may still be alive today, and may have witnessed all of the events in our history that we ourselves can only know about through the perspective of our history books. Therefore, they may know our real human history much better than we do, and they may know what is recorded inaccurately in our books of knowledge.

Being obsessed with control, as they seem to be, and realizing long ago that knowledge is a means to control, this group may have spent hundreds of thousands of years in developing their sciences and technologies. When human civilization first arose millennia ago, the technological and scientific advances of this alien group was already far beyond where we are even today. Along with space technology, these aliens have had the ability to perform genetic manipulation. There is evidence to indicate that they created the first proto-humans, such as Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man, and that these were experiments in genetic manipulation. This evidence derives in part from ancient Sumerian writings, preserved on clay tablets, which describe in some detail how and why the ancient gods created humans. There also exist a number of interesting Sumerian pictographs, one of which depicts a scene that is strikingly similar to a modern-day science lab, and which is a depiction of the creation of the first human. There are also references that correlate perfectly to these same events within the Book of Genesis, in which we’re given a similar but much shorter description of the creation of the first man and woman.

The gods of old were ultimately an alien species to humans, having created us from a mix of their DNA with that of an earthly primate species. It appears that this alien group has continued to take an interest in our genetics right up to the present, as is evidenced by the consistency in details among the numerous reports of alien abduction events that are associated with genetics and reproduction. We’ll see further on that there were also other races on Earth in ancient times, including a race of giants. There may still be other intelligent species living on our planet besides ourselves even now, or on our moon, or even on Mars. The evidence suggests that there is, on all three.

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