Monday, January 9, 2017

For F**k's Sake! A False Flag in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

The alleged shooter in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport incident is Esteban Santiago, a 26 year old security guard from Anchorage, Alaska. According to the FBI, in November he had attempted to turn himself in, claiming that the CIA was putting voices in his head telling him to watch ISIS videos. The FBI responded by confiscating a gun he had in his possession of and sending him to a mental hospital for an evaluation. He was released 4 days later and was able to get his gun back from the FBI. He wasn't put on a watch list, and was able to fly to Ft. Lauderdale on Jan. 6 with the gun in his carry-on baggage.

Santiago had nine years of service in the National Guard, including a 10 month tour of Iraq, where he was awarded a combat action badge. His family said that they noticed a change in him when he came back.

The shooting occurred at 12:56 pm, Jan. 6, 2017. This screenshot was taken at 1:44 pm that same day. The articles with a red line beside them were published 5 hours before the screenshot was taken, at approx. 8:44 am, 3 hours before the event:

This woman was interviewed as two different people:

And in this series of obviously staged images, we see the same people posing for the cameras in various scenes of simulated fear at different locations. Also note the bearded man in the red and green outfit who shows up in two separate locations, and the cameraman filming them running through the airport:

Here are the same people running past the two cameramen while the bearded man in red and green watches:

And here's another scene where the bearded man shows up again:

Evidence of an actual shooting is minimal. We only have two cell phone videos and a security video from the scene of the crime that show anything, and they show very little. I was able to get copies of these videos and go through them to look for anything out of the ordinary.

Here's the best image I can get of the crime scene, taken from one of the videos. It shows one of the people who was allegedly shot:

Is that blood, or is it a red cloth?

In the following short video, we see a man who was allegedly shot in the arm. He's apparently holding his arm up in the air to slow the bleeding while he waits for medics to arrive. The police are keeping everyone away from him, and they don't offer any assistance, for some reason:

What I noticed when I looked at this video frame by frame was that the man had something in his hand:

Is that a blood bag he's squeezing?

Stay tuned for more....