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They Would Be Gods - 2 - Disinformation



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

2: Disinformation

When I first started to seriously look into the subject of UFOs during the early 1990’s, I had no idea that there was any disinformation campaign being played upon the public. At that time, I had never even heard of the word ‘disinformation’ before. But I quickly learned what it was and how it was applied, and that it was supposedly being used by the US and other governments to cover up the truth about UFOs (among other things) through obfuscation, and I began to see possible signs of it in both the UFO literature and the media in general. I became suspicious of every bit of information I came across on the subject of UFOs in particular, being cautious of the reliability of who or where it came from, why it might have been put out as false information, and how verifiable such information was or wasn’t.

I noticed that the subject of disinformation was most often talked about by certain writers who were often deeply involved with the UFO community, where their names were all quite familiar. Some of these writers claimed to have once been involved with the military or intelligence organs of the US government, or had been associated with one or more parties who were involved with them, and that they had either been working on top secret government projects or had otherwise seen something that they weren’t supposed to. All of these people provided information that indicated that a secret government cover-up was going on that involved UFOs and their alien occupants, and that all sorts of weird and sinister activity was involved, taking place in secret underground bases and even aboard UFOs. But the problem with the information from most of these people was that none of it has ever been verifiable, and very little more has ever come of it. What they’ve said has only ever added unverifiable detail that tends to divert serious investigators into worthless avenues in the pursuit of facts. It has also added a certain amount of ridicule to the entire subject, effectively causing otherwise intelligent people to avoid any serious consideration of it at all.

The fact that this particular group of writers was making the most outrageous and unbelievable claims among all the literature I was reviewing made me naturally suspicious of them. These people seemed to be a little bit off-the-wall at times, and there was a certain amount of continuous in-fighting going on between some of them, with claims being made between them that one or the other of them was really a government agent spreading disinformation. It was all so suspiciously confusing and even immature. I couldn’t believe that these people actually thought the public would take them seriously. But of course, that was the point. It was subterfuge. It tended to disrupt any serious investigation of the UFO phenomena, and discredited some serious investigators who were probably getting too close to the truth.

In the early 1950s, attempts were apparently already being made to disrupt the efforts of UFO researchers and start disinformation campaigns to mislead them. One possible case centered around a man name Karl Hunrath, who befriended another man named Wilbur Wilkinson and led him into an investigation that resulted in both men’s disappearance. Hunrath was very active in ufology circles and had been in contact with a number of the prominent UFO researchers of the time, including Frank Skully, George Van Tassel, Gerald Heard, Gene Dorsey, and George Hunt Williamson. He was said to be a friendly man but rather odd, and after having been with these other researchers he would spread false information about them, and began to create dissension in the ufology circles in California. When he claimed to know where a UFO had landed in the mountains and persuaded Wilkinson to go with him to investigate, they took a small plane and headed out to Big Bear Mountain in California, never to return. Author and researcher George Hunt Williamson suggests in Other Tongues, Other Flesh that Karl Hunrath was under some sort of mental control, which by his description sounds much like the Men in Black that began to be reported in association with UFO sightings years later[1]. He tells us that Hunrath had been introduced to the subject of UFOs by a man who had contacted him out of the blue and invited Hunrath to visit him in Ohio. Hunrath claimed that the man had telepathic abilities and would answer his questions before they were even spoken. He showed genius intelligence one moment, but the next seemed totally stupid. This again sounds very similar to the odd behavior of the mysterious Men in Black. These MIBs later began cropping up at the homes of witnesses to UFO incidents and using threats and intimidation coated with an aura of bizarreness that hinted at an otherworldly nature. The strange discordance of mental functioning that is commonly reported regarding these mysterious men suggests that some sort of mind-control technology might have been in play, and this isn’t at all out of line with the state of the art at that time. This is an area of research that has hardly been explored, and although it deserves investigation, it is beyond the scope of this book.

Paul Bennewitz is another case in point regarding disinformation campaigns. He was a scientist and an investigator of the UFO mystery, and when he claimed to be intercepting low-frequency electromagnetic signals from purported UFO operators flying around Kirtland Air Force Base in the USA, he was fed a large amount of disinformation by intelligence agents and led on a false trail that became more and more outrageous, and eventually ended in his loss of sanity. He was purposely used by the US government to discredit ufologists in general through his desire to learn the truth.

This is precisely how disinformation is supposed to work. The idea is to mislead those who seek the truth so that they’re led down false avenues and waste a lot of time in doing so, and to confuse the issue in such a way that it becomes almost impossible for anyone to separate fact from fiction. This seems to have been the whole purpose behind what certain people were claiming. They were the most obvious candidates for being disinformation agents, or, like Paul Bennewitz, unwitting purveyors of false information. Not only were they confusing the issue and hampering any possibility for serious investigation, but they seemed to be purposely attempting to destroy the public image of the whole UFO community by making the entire lot of them appear to be nutcases who believed the far-fetched stories that these writers put out.

Their stories might be slightly different depending on who told them, but the bottom line was always the same. Certain parties within the US government were in secret collaboration with extraterrestrial beings and their joint intentions were not at all in the public’s best interests. Beyond that, the different storylines varied somewhat.

One popular version was that we were being used by an alien race for breeding purposes (or worse) and the government knew about it but was keeping quiet, perhaps even being in complete collusion with the aliens. Another popular version was that there were two groups of aliens, one malevolent and one benevolent, and that the benevolent aliens were here to save us from the malevolent aliens. Each version seemed to play on the previous one, adding further sensational claims while keeping some of the more bizarre aspects of the previous claims alive.

They all sounded like stories suited for a Hollywood science fiction movie, and I could understand the negative effect it would have on anyone who might take up an interest in UFOs and start reading some of the material being put out on the subject. They might easily get caught up in the more fantastic stories and drawn away from the work of other more serious writers, or they could easily be turned off the subject altogether with the belief that there was nothing real about UFOs and the alien creatures who reportedly operated them, and that all these people were nutcases or profiteers.

Getting at the truth – if that was even possible – required a more determined effort than most people would be willing to make. Only by reading much more extensively on the subject and becoming familiar with the documented historical background on UFOs and official UFO investigations, and then giving it all long and careful consideration, can a person properly understand that there is more to the UFO situation than just a bunch of nut-cases telling wild and far-fetched stories.
What can be determined for certain, despite these various disinformation campaigns, is that the US government has definitely been interested in the subject of UFOs while pretending hard not to be, at least since the time of the Roswell crash incident in 1947. This is revealed in a large number of declassified government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, and the connections between witness statements obtained by various researchers over the years. These documents and witness statements expose:

·         That the US government has been lying to the public and covering up the existence of UFOs and their operators.
·         That a serious interest in this subject took place at the highest levels of power immediately after the Roswell crash, and has continued ever since.
·         That official government UFO investigations (Sign, Grudge, Blue Book, etc.) and official reports (Condon) have been purposely slanted, with the sole purpose of convincing the public that there is no truth behind the existence of UFOs.
·         That the purported events surrounding the Roswell crash really took place, more or less as described by the hundreds of first-hand witnesses who were directly involved in some way.
·         That there are thousands of UFO sighting reports that have been made over the years by very reliable witnesses in the military and airline services, often involving multiple witnesses, which detail many of the more interesting and unexplainable incidents to have ever taken place.
·         That a large number of UFO sightings take place at or near military and nuclear installations.
·         That with the vast proliferation of video recorders amongst the public, innumerable pieces of photographic evidence have begun to amass that document the reality of such sightings.
·         That people are being implanted with what appear to be highly advanced electronic devices, and that these seem to be related to memories of alien abduction scenarios.

In spite of these revelations, this whole subject is polluted with potential disinformation that is meant to lead the unwary to false conclusions. Only a persistent pursuit of the documented evidence, with careful consideration of the possible motives of those who are in any way involved in the subject and the activities surrounding it, will reveal that in spite of all the falsehoods, there is still a great deal of truth buried amongst all the information surrounding the subject of UFOs.

The wide range of speculative beliefs regarding extraterrestrials and UFOs almost all suggest the same basic assumption: that we are of lesser intelligence than the extraterrestrials and that if we don’t change our destructive ways or take certain action, then there will be negative consequences to pay. It doesn’t matter whether the ETs are benevolent, malevolent, or neutral. Whether the stories come from those who claim to have had alien encounters, or those who report their personal knowledge that our government is involved with ETs and are up to no good, the underlying message is the same. But what’s said isn’t as important as the intended reaction. We’re expected to believe that something very sinister is afoot (which there certainly is, no matter which way you look at it), and there’s nothing that we can possibly do about it. It’s a psychological fear tactic that opens us up to suggestibility, and makes us dependent on authority to tell us what to do. This allows those who are controlling and directing this situation to implant whatever story they might wish to use to cover their actions, and to lead us in whatever way they choose.

The stories of abductions, underground alien facilities on our planet, genetic manipulation, harvesting both humans and animals for experiments, telepathic powers, electronic implants, strange technologies, mysterious crop circles, memory blocks and cover memories, etc., all seem to be designed to satisfy the imaginations of those who subconsciously sense that something isn’t right with our world, and these stories offer various explanations that sometimes contradict the others, leaving a person unsure of anything at all.

Of course, this is the ultimate purpose of these stories.

In one sense, we’re being used as guinea pigs for an experiment in psychological control through our beliefs. The truth of what’s going on is being disguised by diverting our attention with stories that are close to the truth but embellished with so many false leads that are meant to draw our attention from the more important facts of the situation. Usually these important facts are neglected completely.

Most of the stories that we’re presented with on this subject are more or less unverifiable. The only verifiable evidence we have for any of these stories that offer much in the way of authenticity are the many documented sightings of UFOs made mostly by professional pilots and military personnel. There are also some documented sightings made by large numbers of witnesses or by individual witnesses that are supported by video evidence, and these can also be qualified as authentic. For instance, the ‘Phoenix Lights’ incidents that occurred over Phoenix, Arizona in the mid-1990’s, and which were visually recorded by a number of people from various different locations can be deemed to be a real UFO event, but for the majority of cases where we have an anonymous witness who can’t be reached for further investigation by an independent party, we might easily begin to have doubts as to the accuracy of their claims. I’m not at all saying that any of these people are mistaken, but only that the current situation makes verification of their claims virtually impossible.

We must remember that all of these documented UFO sightings do not prove extraterrestrial visitation, however. They only prove that there are mysterious objects being seen in our skies that appear to be intelligently controlled. These objects do not necessarily have to be from another planet. Nor do they necessarily suggest that a higher intelligence is amongst us. This is just something that most people have automatically assumed because of the prevalence of such an assumption. This has undoubtedly been purposeful conditioning.

The history of these stories shows a progressive development of supposed facts that has built up into several major possibilities about what is going on, but woven into all of them is one underlying theme of peril for the human species and the planet if we do not believe and trust our ultimate superiors. Fear is a major thread in every one of these possibilities, and this seems to be the main motivating force being used to coerce us into believing whichever possibility most appeals to our sense of reality.

There is certainly something going on, which is most apparent from the secretive nature that the governments involved show in their reactions to the verifiable evidence. For instance, their public attitude shows an almost total lack of concern or even belief, while outside of the public eye they are revealed to have a serious interest in the subject. One can only wonder why.

The stories that come from alien abductees seem to be designed to appeal to a number of categories of people, from the scientifically minded to the spiritually minded to the lunatic fringe. This would serve the purpose of influencing as many people as possible and infecting the beliefs and attitudes of each in the ‘language’ that they’re most familiar with. Disinformation relies on utilizing a person’s beliefs to create further beliefs that are false. We must ask ourselves why those who control this situation would undertake such a broad-based and long-range disinformation campaign. To understand this, we need to first understand who they are.

[1] At the time that he wrote his book, Men in Black were unheard of.

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