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Failed Trump Assassin Michael Sandford Trained With Omar Mateen

UPDATE: The following story turned out to be a hoax, perpetrated by the people at An interview with the reporter was attempted by a woman named Stephanie Sledge, who runs her own online news show called The Government Rag. Stephanie reported her findings in this video, which appear to be the final word on the story. Nothing more has come out of about this, but they continue to publish other political propaganda extensively. 

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Originally posted: July 28, 2016

Information has come to light that suspected Assassin Michael Steven Sandford who recently attempted to assassinate Donald Trump at a recent Las Vegas rally, was trained by undercover FBI agents posing as Islamic terrorists, along side Omar Mateen and James Howell.

Recent information has come to light stemming from a recent Fox News Story and interview with James Wesley Howell, that links Omar Mateen, James Wesley Howell and Michael Sandford as members of a large U.S. terror organization that targets emotionally troubled young men and women to commit terrorist acts in the U.S.

Preceding the police shooting of Mateen in Orlando Florida and the arrest of Howell in Santa Monica prior to his participation in a planned attack on the Gay Pride Parade in Hollywood California, Get off the BS learned and reported that both Mateen and Howell had been recruited though an online social media course dubbed, “Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary” course.

Fox News recently reported that according to FBI Director James Comey, Mateen “was a follower of a controversial gang leader-turned-bank robber Marcus Dwayne Robertson, who has been identified by the FBI and Homeland Security as a recruiter for terrorists and for his repeated acts of inciting violence.”

Although Fox News did not report a connection between Mateen, Howell and Sanford, Howell’s statements to Santa Monica Police officer’s at the time of his arrest and a recent interview at the Los Angeles County Jail with Howell and Brenda Corpian, a reporter for Get off The Bs, have brought some very disturbing facts to light.

“We were all familiar with each other through an online fundamental Islamic knowledge seminary course – we were recruited through the course and trained together at a camp in Virginia – we were taught how to shoot and make bombs – everyone knew their part – something went wrong….”, said Howell at the time of his arrest in Santa Monica, CA.

Interview with Howell at LACJ

When interviewed at the LACJ (Los Angeles County Jail) by our staff attorney an investigative reporter, Brenda Corpian, Howell further elaborated on his original statements. Brenda was allowed to speak with Howell as a licensed attorney considering representing him.

Brenda: You originally mentioned three other people you went thought training with. However you only mentioned the names of two of the people you trained with. Do you now remember who the third person was?

Howell: “Your guy got that f@#$%d-up. I told the cops what I knew –I trained with four other people – not three. We were part of one group – there were at lest 8 groups that we seen – maybe more.”

Brenda: Do you know what kind of activities these other groups were being trained for?

Howell: “I don’t know. Probably the same s@#t we were learning – I mean, we sometimes trained together on some stuff.”

Brenda: What kind of training did you receive at the camp – what did you train with others to do?

Howell: “The usual stuff I guess – making pipe bombs, mixing chemical explosives – ya know, military s@*t.”

Brenda: James, could you be more specific – what do you mean by military (expletive)– were you ever in the military?

Howell: “No I never made that trip but I have seen a lot of deep s*%t. I think everyone had his or her own thing going on. They taught several of us how to shoot – others were taught how to blow s**t up. All of us had to take our turns in the gas room….”

Brenda: The gas room?

Howell: “Yeah, it was really f@#$%d up. We had to go in to this room with gas masks on and take them off after they shot the gas in – it was jacked up.”

It appears that Howell and others he was trained with went through an abbreviated version of what the Army dubs basic training. Additionally it appears that selective training was given to others for specific assignments.

Howell and Omar were trained to handle automatic weapons and explosives. Howell witnessed at least five other people being trained to shoot what Howell described as “long rifles” – most likely sniper rifles.

Howell Identifies Sandford – Suspect In Assassination of Donald Trump In Las Vegas NV.

“We all called Dan the chemist. He seemed to get off to making bombs and setting things on fire….I remember a time one his firecrackers came within inches of blowing some ball bearings through Michael’s legs….man that Brit was pissed,” said Howell.

Brenda: Brit? Who is Michael?

Howell: “The guy in Vegas. Weird mother f@$%%r – we called him the Brit because he was from England or some place like that…we went and partied one night with him….he has a nice Beamer.”

Brenda: I am not sure I understand what you mean by ‘the guy in Vegas?’ Beamer—do you mean BMW?

Howell: “The guy they arrested for trying to grab that cops gun to shoot Trump with — yeah a BMW – you know – beamer. I am in to lowered Honda’s and Acura’s. I have a sweet ride. If I ever get out of here maybe we can go for a …..”

Howell definitely made it clear while he was talking to Brenda that he knew Michael Sandford – recently arrested at a Trump rally for trying to disarm a Las Vegas metropolitan Police officer – a gun Sandford later claimed to the U.S. Secret Service he would have used to shoot Donald Trump.

Brenda reported that during the time she talked to Howell he seemed scared one moment and at other moments he was flirting with her. It was obvious to Brenda that Howell was very scared of what might happen to him while in custody but tried to add levity to the conversation to appear somewhat tough.

Brenda wrote in her story that, “I doubt very seriously that the recent reports that Howell is bi-sexual are accurate. The whole time I talked to him his eyes were glued to my breasts–he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was turned on by my chest.”

FBI / Homeland Security Partner With A Radial Islamic Terrorist

According to Howell, he first came in contact with Imam Abu Taubah, AKA Marcus Robertson, a former marine who is the leader of what Howell believed was an ISIS cell group training and operating in the U.S.

Howell, Mateeen and Sandford were allegedly recruited by Robertson through an online fundamental Islamic knowledge seminary course, which Robertson conducts.

“I had no idea that the CIA was involved until I arrived at the camp in Virginia with others to start our training….I have read about places like the camp…but it was not what I was expecting….I don’t think anyone else was expecting it either,” said Howell.

Howell was unsure of exactly how many people were at the camp with him and or what particular missions, if any, the other recruits were being trained for. “People came in and out. Omar, Dan and me were always together—we knew what we were suppose to do.”

It appears Howell and his fellow conspirators were told very clearly to “keep their mouths shut” about what they were going to do and to not ask others about their assignments – roles, if any.

Brenda’s interview came to an end when someone at the jail abruptly shut off the phones Howell and her were speaking through.

Although it is normal procedure for a client (Howell) and their attorney (Brenda) to talk in privacy in an interview room, the authorities despite Brenda’s license to practice law in California, would not allow Brenda to speak with Howell in an attorney/client interview room.

Additionally, the phone interview should not of been monitored, which is obvious it was because after Howell had already described two people and was half way through naming the last name of a third person, the phone system was shut down and Brenda was rudely escorted out of the building.

Senator, Former Clinton Aide and a High Ranking Federal Law Enforcement Agent Have Regularly Met With Robertson

Brenda: You have mentioned Dan, Omar and Michael – did you recognize anyone else that you may have known previously or seen on TV or read about?

Howell: “They often meet with Abu. They seemed especially interested in Michael. The Senator was often accompanied by a woman who I have seen on television hundreds of times, she doesn’twork for the government anymore but I think her husband does……yeah her name is Hu…”end of interview.

According to Brenda’s report, Howell claims that Robertson was seen several times meeting with a current US Senator, a high ranking member of Homeland Security and was releasing the name of a woman that we have a good idea of her identity from his description of her and what was heard of her name before the interview was abruptly ended.

Frankly, both Brenda and I are not completely convinced that Howell was completely honest with her during her interview with him. However, many things that Howell said are consistent with the recent Fox report concerning Robertson and a 365 USA News report concerning some very strange recruitment activities that are being done by the FBI according to FBI Director James Comey.

However, we are completely convinced that Howell definitely knows Sandford because at the time of her interview with Howell, he mentioned several pieces of information that included specific information concerning the vehicle Sandford drove to Las Vegas which had not yet been reported before Brenda’s interview with Howell.

Brenda was concerned that Howell may have embellished part of his story to impress her.

This Story Has Been Partially Revealed By Mainstream Media Sources on Numerous Occasions Since 2013

We are not the first news source to reveal the questionable activities of Robertson and the FBI. The Fox News article raised a good question as to why Robertson was released from prison early when in fact he was previously identified by the FBI and Homeland Security as a “Radical Islam” known to recruit other like-minded individuals.

Additionally, Fox News raised the question of why did Mateen who had been recruited by a fake terrorist group of under cover FBI agents, be let off their hook ten months after he was recruited.

A recent U.S. 365 News article includes an affidavit from a former undercover FBI agent that was verified accurate by James Comey, addresses the FBI’s activities of pretending to be radical terrorists who recruit people they believe have radical Islamic beliefs, arming them with guns and explosives, and later busting them prior to their carrying out the missions the undercover operatives assigned them.

Please also consider the first mentioning of the FBI’s suspected initial involvement and later ignoring of young terrorists living in the USA, who later committed an act of terror, was first revealed in April of 2013, shortly after the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon.

The most disturbing part of the former undercover FBI operatives and James Comey’s story is that there have never been any reported stories about the alleged arrests of anybody they have baited in to their traps.

Although, it is reasonable to assume any alleged arrests were most likely kept quiet due to the FBI not wanting future targets to be aware of their ongoing undercover sting operations.

If in fact Howell had been trained alongside Mateen and Sanford as he alleged, by under cover agents working for the FBI, why were at least five people involved in the Orlando shooting, the failed attempt of killing Gay Pride parade attendees and the attempt to assassinate Donald Trump, released from the undercover FBI’s terrorist trap?

Additionally, what are the missions of at least 100 other young radicals that Howell claims he seen training along side him at what he was told is a CIA training camp in Virginia?

The FBI’s story about using undercover agents to pose as radical Islamic terrorists to draw in and bust suspected terrorists sounds plausible on the surface, but unravels quickly when the FBI nor Homeland Security has offered any rational reason why they let Mateen and others who they have claimed their traps snared, out of their control.

On three separate occasions now, although reported by the news and authorities as unrelated, at least three individuals trained by under cover agents for the FBI have committed terrorist acts in the U.S.

Authors Notes:

Folks we are a small blog with an audience of about 48,000 regular visitors a day. Our group is comprised of college-educated individuals, two with licenses to practice law and one who can practice both medicine and law.

A former source of ours assisting us with an article we previously released about Ted Cruz, died under suspicious circumstances in Indiana, three days after releasing a story on his own blog, where he wrote that if his “story was correct” he would most likely “disappear or be found dead.”

Brenda Corpian was found beaten within an inch of her life and left to die in a dumpster 15 hours after her interview with Howell. She is currently heavily guarded by our private security in a hospital ICU with a poor prognosis for recovery.

We believe that she was beaten and disposed of in a trash dumpster (presumably dead by the hands of her assailants) because of her knowledge of the names Howell revealed to her during his interview.

None of us earn any money and or compensation whatsoever from our efforts to promote Donald J. Trump. Our website does not contain any paid advertising on it nor paid affiliate links to other sites with paid advertising.

We do not ask for and or accept donations.

Although we receive hundreds of tips daily with information that is often newsworthy, we rarely ever use any information that does not come from mainstream media sources or from sources that we cannot verify the reliability of the information from.

We will not publish the names Howell revealed to Brenda. The people who Howell identified, especially the woman, are tied to literally hundreds of questionable deaths and suspicious disappearances of people who had associations with them.

If you are a journalist whose identity can be verified as working for a mainstream media source, please contact us for additional information concerning this story.

However disturbing what we have published in this article may be, what we have omitted may be the biggest cover-up concerning government sponsored terror in this country. May God protect us all from the Obama administration.

Notice: for those trying to vet this story, please be advised the name Brenda Corpian and the name of others used to promote this website, our fictitious names.

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Signs of Life: Krystle Campbell is Krystle Muise

The following research was inspired by the earlier research done in this LiveLeaks video, which attempts to show that Krystle Campbell, who was allegedly killed in the Boston marathon bombing, is still alive. This earlier research was done soon after the event, and much of the evidence that's shown there has since been scrubbed from the internet, so I decided to see what I might be able to dig up on her today, over 3 years later, to see if there are still signs that she's alive.

The LiveLeaks video shows that Krystle Campbelll had worked for AEW Capital Management, LP, as well as at Deloitte, LLP, and that she had gone to Northeastern University. Here's a screenshot of the video showing a public records search listing for Krystle Campbell that lists her working there:

We know that this is the right person because it also lists her parents, Patricia and William Campbell. We also know that her middle name is Marie.

Note: AEW Capital Management is an international real estate investment company, which means that it manages properties for absent landlords, among other things. Krystle Campbell was allegedly the manager of a restaurant called Jasper White's Summer Shack in Boston, which could have been one of their assets. She had allegedly left there to work at another restaurant called Jimmy's Steer House in Arlington, which might be one of their assets as well. At this point, I can find no public records for these two businesses.

I decided to begin my research by looking for other LinkedIn accounts that might be associated with Krystle Campbell, and soon came across a listing for someone named Krystle Muise, who also lives in Boston and also works at AEW Capital Management, LP:

It looks like the same person with all the same criteria, but with a different last name. I still wasn't satisfied, so I ran the name through Google and found a facebook account for a Krystle Muise who also uses the name Krystle Campbell:

I also found one Whitepage listing for a Krystle Muise in the Boston/Gloucester area who also goes by the name Krystle Jean Campbell.

Krystle Jean Campbell is probably the Krystle J. Campbell listed here:

The Google search for Krystle Muise also came up with a link to this wedding announcement:

Here we have a direct link between Krystle Campbell and someone named Kevin Muise, which would explain the change of name to Krystle Muise. Gloucester is just north of Boston and comes up in many of the public records listings for Krystle Campbell. Note that the date of the wedding is just a few weeks after Krystle's alleged death... Perfect timing for faking her death and changing her name. There are no other online postings announcing this wedding.

Here's an obituary I came across for Kevin's father, who died on July 15, 2013. Note that it doesn't mention that Kevin and Krystle have a daughter, but it does tell us that Kevin has a sister named Lauren.

This later obituary from January 2015 tells us that Kevin and Krystle now have (or are expecting) a daughter named Lauren:

Here's their baby registry for an expected birth on July 24, 2015:

If Krystle already knew she was pregnant with a baby girl in January of 2015 when Kevin's father died, then this all makes sense. The child would be a year and a half old by now, which is about the age of the child in the photos on Krystle Muise's facebook page.

I also checked if there was a Krystle Muise who had graduated from Northeastern University, and found this confirmation:

On the other hand, Krystle Camp
bell's background information offers no leads that can be checked. 

While I was searching, I also spotted this:

Apparently, Kevin Muise is a Gloucester police officer. The link doesn't show the text we see in the listing header, but another search came up with a number of news articles about an incident in Gloucester where a police officer named Kevin Muise was the alleged victim of a head-on collision with a drunk driver, causing Muise serious injuries. I'll bet it did. He's somewhere in the photo on this next page, which was taken back in September, 2011. This is probably when he first entered the police force:

I also came across a few fundraising websites linked to Krystle Muise. Fundraising appears to be one of the defining activities of many of these crisis actor/victims. Here's Krystle listed on a results chart for a fundraising run that she took part in on May 17, 2015:

From all of this research, we can be pretty certain that all of the following names are tied to the same person, and are being used to bury her real identity from anyone who might go looking for her:

Kristie Camp
Krystle Campbell
Krystle M. Campbell
Krystle Marie Campbell
Krystle Muise
Krystle J. Campbell
Krystle Jean Campbell
Alicia Campbell
Alicia M. Campbell

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YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED! Another Shill Site Discovered

I signed up to this site just the other day. I was doing some research on the Columbine shooting and saw that it had many active forums, so I was hoping to discuss with people. I don't get a lot of chances to do that with serious researchers, and this place claimed to be a site where researchers are welcome. 

After I signed on I started reading posts and responding to a few. Nothing much... Just asking a few questions about details of the Columbine shooting and giving a bit of information where I could. 

I saw that they also had forums for other shootings, including Sandy Hook. So I went into the Sandy Hook forum and started reading posts there. The thread I was reading was titled "Sandy Hook - No Proof". It was the only one that appeared to be conspiracy-related. The person who started the thread was asking for proof that Sandy Hook was a real shooting, and pretty much everybody else was attacking him, and not being very nice at all. So I decided to respond to a few of them, not being nasty or anything, but just questioning their own posts and their motives for attacking this person. They had also said something about conspiracy theorists all being stupid, so I let it be known that I was a conspiracy theorist, and I said a few things like I typically do to defend my position. Again, I said nothing rude or out of hand. 

Then I got into a discussion in that same thread with one of the other members about something else. One of the mods (Jenn) had apparently had a hand in discovering some online posts by Adam Lanza a while back (the Smiggles posts), and these were supposed to conclusively prove (according to the discoverers) that Lanza was a real person. 

So I started asking some questions about them because I don't just take someone's word about something like that any more. I wanted to investigate further to assure myself that there wasn't any possibility that these posts weren't planted there on purpose by someone else, or created after the shooting, or whatever else. I was simply asking questions, but I seem to have gotten someone pissed off, because now I'm banned and can't even view the site.

What would be the reason to not only ban me, but also block me from the site altogether? That's overkill, unless they have something to hide from me. Being unable to view the site, I can't easily research the people that run it or see what they're really up to on there. 

My suspicions were already being raised when I was first reading posts on the site. The nasty attitudes of the most active members towards anything conspiracy related were one thing, but then I got a subtle warning from the person I was corresponding with in the form of an accusation that I was calling the mod a liar. I pointed out that I wasn't calling anyone anything and was just trying to assure myself that there was no way that these posts could have been planted or created on purpose. 

Throughout my discussion, I had been explaining what I knew about psychological operations, what I knew about how these staged events are orchestrated, how agents and informants are planted online to act in various capacities in these orchestrated events, the discovery of Homeland Security's HSEEP program and how these emergency drills are incorporated into the event as a cover, how crisis actors are used and the companies that contract them for these drills , etc. 

Basically, I let it be known to any government agents that might be on that site that I was very aware of how they operate. 

And now here I am, banned and blocked.

I believe that  is a government site, like so many others out there these days. I'll add it to the list of sites I've been banned from for no apparent reason other than I talked about government conspiracy theories.