Friday, February 15, 2013

Gang-Stalkers in the Family - My 'Brother' Garry Forwood

By Anthony Forwood

My initial gang-stalking perps included my immediate family members (brothers, sisters, and mother).

Before I fully realized this and was almost at the point of permanently separating myself from them anyway, (due to years of psychological abuse) in 2005, my oldest brother Garry Forwood offered to give me his old laptop computer because I was starting to do a lot of writing. I thought this was just one of his rare gestures of kindness towards me that didn’t have strings attached (usually they did), but within weeks of getting it I realized that it was only given to me in order to spy on me.

Garry Forwood - Satanist

When he told me he was going to give it to me, he said that he needed a few weeks to remove all of his personal files and reinstall the basic software. This should have only required a few hours at the most, but at the time, I didn't question it, even though I did think it was an unusually extensive amount of time.

Soon after I received the computer, I started noticing weird activity on it more and more. Most significant was the fact that the hard-drive light would flicker every few seconds, no matter if the machine was being used or not. I went through all of the settings in order to try to figure out why it was always showing this hard-drive activity. I shut everything down that I could find that might be causing this (there was really nothing that I could find that could have been causing it). The only thing I didn't shut down at that point was the remote-access features. At the time, I wasn't thinking that it was being accessed that way. I just thought it was something to do with the Windows software settings.

Then, one night I woke up at 4:00 am to find the hard-drive light flickering madly. It kept going for a long time, and I was unable to log on because of it. I had to cut the power to stop it.

That was the point that I first suspected that someone might be remotely accessing it. Because of the strange way my brother had responded to my earlier claims when I told him that I suspected I was under surveillance for some reason, my suspicions of him grew. He had actually said that he thought I was brain-damaged for suspecting this. Why would my own brother tell me that he thought I was brain-damaged rather than to listen to what I had to say about my suspicions? My room was being illegally entered, and people in my building were acting strangely – the typical gang-stalking tactics that most targeted individuals (TIs) experience early on. I didn't know I was being gang-stalked at this time. I hadn't even heard of the term yet.

Anyway, after waking up to find the hard-drive spinning madly, I shut down all remote-access functions on the laptop and put thick tape over the remote sensor on the back of the computer. After a few days, the computer stopped acting weird. The hard-drive light would still flicker every few seconds for quite a few days afterwards, but eventually it stopped altogether, for the first time since I took possession of the machine. It seemed to me that there was some sort of spyware program installed that may have been sending everything I did on it out through the remote port automatically, and after the port had been shut down it continued to try for a while until finally timing out and giving up. I've never turned remote-accessing back on or connected it to the internet since then, but I'll bet that if I did the activity would start again.

I can assume now that my brother needed those two weeks to install some sort of spyware. He's shown himself to be the sort of character that would sell out his own brother for the sake of his own sense of comfort, as I've found out.

The more I think about him, the more I realize how likely he's been deeply indoctrinated into the fascist world of the mind-controllers. It’s really a pity that I have to think this, because he’s family and I used to really like him and look up to him. But I had deluded myself, basing my view of him on trust and faith and automatic respect rather than taking into consideration certain facts, which follow:

* He belongs to a church (First United in Burnaby, BC) and is heavily involved with it (on the board of directors), yet he doesn't really have an ounce of religion in his bones. He's a phony Christian. He had told me before that he only got involved in the church because his wife was.

* He worked for about 35 years for the same telecommunications company - a definite front for intelligence organs to recruit domestic spies (particularly after 9/11). This was a government-owned company (BC Tel) when he started there, but was bought out by an American telecommunications company (AT&T?) in the early 1990s, when domestic spying first started becoming rampant (the name of the company was changed to Telus, which is a rather revealing name). When my brother first got a job at this company, he had made an off-hand comment to me about having to wear 'golden handcuffs', meaning that he was tied to his job for life, but the money was excellent. (Note - When you work for the intelligence agencies, even just as an asset, you’re permanently owned by them due to secrecy oaths.)

* At a certain point when he was with this company, he and many others there got 'sick' from what they were told were toxins coming from materials used in building the new offices that they occupied. I've since discovered that this is what is sometimes reported when people are exposed to mind-control programming (such as when hypnotic chemicals are used, or from the adverse after-effects of electronic mind-control technologies). (Google “sick buildings mind control” for more information on this.)

* He only ever talked to me about what he does on his job one time, and he was very vague about it and quickly changed the subject. What he told me was in relation to a project he was involved in, which had to do with designing some sort of computer software system called ‘Navigator’ (not the Netscape software) that was to be used by telecommunications companies across Canada. Other than that, I had no idea what his job involved.

* He became progressively more arrogant and secretive towards me over the years.

* He owns a very powerful computer system that he doesn't seem to really have any need for. I’ve since discovered that his job is directly related to computer engineering, so he’d definitely know how to set up and use spyware.

* His wife, Gloria Forwood, is a strange case. No known background, no living relatives, very quiet and unassuming. She worked as a guidance councilor at a high school or college. She brought my brother into the church scene soon after they got married. My brother married her after only having known her for a few months (according to what he told me around the time they got married). In all the years that they’ve been married, she’s never said more than hello to me.

* He accepts all mainstream news as the truth without question, and refuses to believe that there could be any extensive corruption in government.

* He claims that all science and technology is being used by governments and major corporations for strictly positive ends (positive for whom?). He also told me at one point that he believes that electronic implants are a good idea and wouldn’t ever be abused.

* He refuses to back any of his opinions or beliefs, and this is probably because he knows he can't because what he claims is wrong. At the same time, he harshly criticizes my own beliefs and opinions, and refuses to consider any evidence that I’ve offered in the past to support them.

* He has expressed the belief more than once that humans are inherently bad, and that the world would immediately be reduced to anarchy if the government didn't impose the ever-increasing level of control over the rest of us that it does.

* He seems to have a fairly small and closed circle of friends, almost exclusively derived from the workplace and church.

Ultimately, my oldest brother Garry fits the description of someone who would be an ideal candidate as a mind-controlled (or heavily conditioned) intelligence operative. I now suspect very strongly that he is one, or is working for an intelligence agency under contract as an asset. I am able to provide even more background information on him that would help to support this suspicion further, but I'll save it for when he might choose to defend his name, if he ever has the courage.

As it is, I can no longer trust anything that this person has ever said or done, or will ever say or do, beyond the above. He is certainly corrupted in his beliefs. He has apparently sold his soul to evil powers, and this may have occurred so far back that everything negative that has taken place between my family and me has been largely influenced by his hand. He was the number one son in my mother’s eye, and her always trying to convince me that she loved us all equally while always giving him by far the most love and attention certainly spoke otherwise.

My immediate family has become the worst group of people I have ever known for treating me so badly. They have all created so many issues with me for such petty reasons that I don’t know where I would ever start in trying to correct them in their thoughts about me, although I’ve tried countless times. They don’t really know anything about me, and have never taken any interest in knowing. They only assume the things they think they know about me, and they’ve obviously been manipulated further (By each other? By the police?) to despise me and ostracize me, particularly since our mother died in 2002. They seem to have taken extra steps to turn others against me as well, including my nieces and nephews. I would wish only that I was given the opportunity by each one of them to hear their claims against me and to be able to fairly engage them in a discussion of these things, and to have them answer for themselves about their thoughts and beliefs regarding me, individually. But, unfortunately, as liars and cowards will do, they carefully avoid this and continue to sustain their lies and false beliefs by pretending such superiority over me that they feel they don’t have to be so honorable and fair. They use excuses, rather than reason. They have failed to be honorable as family members, and pretend that I’ve treated them so unjustly in the past that they’re excused from having to do so. The truth is, I have done nothing to any one of them to deserve the sort of abusive treatment they’ve continually subjected me to throughout my life. The point here isn’t to complain (as they would surely accuse me of doing), but to point out their gang-stalking attitude.

As long as they wish to maintain such an attitude towards me, then it’s only fair that I speak my thoughts about them out in the open, no matter how negative those thoughts might be. It’s far more just than to speak about me behind my back, so that I can’t defend myself against their lies and distortions.

If any of the Forwood family or any of their friends feel the urge to respond to this (I doubt any of you will, because you’re cowards), you had better be prepared to back anything you say with credible evidence to prove your claims about me, and you had better be ready to prove that I’m wrong about you if you plan to deny any of what I’ve said. But I know you hide from me now, like the evil, soulless cowards that you all are.

As it is, I now have physical evidence that my brother Garry Forwood was indeed spying on me through the computer he so generously ‘donated’ to me, which I have every intention of hanging him with for attempting to invade my privacy and sell me out to his satanic comrades. To be specific, I was able to locate a spyware chip that he had installed on the computer he gave me, which is now being held in a secure place, ready to be produced and used as evidence against him in court, if need be. Because this piece of evidence confirms all of my prior suspicions, I am now going public about Garry Forwood, with the full intention of destroying any association he has with the neo-fascists in government who are subverting all of our rights and freedoms in an attempt to gain complete power over us.

The New World Order is certainly here, but the spoken truth is my freedom.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why Implants Aren't Used

by Anthony Forwood

Again and again, I come across the claim that implants are responsible for what people are experiencing as far as remotely reading their brainwaves This will clear the matter up, and these people should begin to look elsewhere for the cause of their experiences. This is a recent post to me on facebook, and my response:

Karen Oliemans 

Excellent reading Anthony You are, however, completely out of date with your research. Nano tech inside victims using satellites as the in between station to secret service control rooms has overtaken all the tech that you have researched. is the site to look at all the different nano tech technologies that are also being used by rogue syndicates infiltrating big corporations, already since 2006/7 from witness accounts. Dutch TI Sandesh de Rijk is such a victim. Two weeks ago I went to a TI day in Brussels and met with Magnus Olsson who started raising awareness about this evil tech. There is now tech that can cut through your teeth and cause big holes in teeth and arteries. Every human brain has an unique brain energy pattern that can be identified by computer software in a control room (this happens without the use of any equipment on the victim) which is then analysed and further used for experimentation and also for criminal purposes, i.e. to actually control that persons energy fields including thought processes as every emotion has a specific frequency and therefore can be manipulated outside of that person by that special computer and then fed back into the victim. You must go to that website Anthony and read up about this totally horific tech. It is mind boggeling and heartbreaking. These nano tech particles are actual mini computers that can be utilised for mind control of the victim, that is what it boils down to. I cannot help you with other info except that website and also the websites that Flickk Anhuii gets some of his info from. We are together on this Anthony, and we also depend on each other too and only have each other as we are all victims. Stay strong


Scientific facts based on the laws of physics do not go out of date. Let me explain something. This is simple physics I'm going to describe, and can be verified by any radio technician.

It would be impossible to remotely pick up signals coming from any nano-sized implant beyond a few inches at best. Such an implant would essentially be a radio transmitter, and would have to follow the same scientific principles that any other radio transmitter does. A radio transmitter can only produce a given amount of amplitude, based on the amount of power it can handle, and this power level is largely determined by the size of the capacitor that stores and builds up the energy for the transmitter's signal. A capacitor has to be larger the more power it must store to gain the amplitude it needs to send the signal the desired distance. Amplitude equates to the distance that a radio wave can propagate. All EM waves lose amplitude with distance. An implant, whether nano-sized or larger, is therefore severely restricted in the amount of power it can use, due to its small size. This means that the amplitude of its signal will be extremely low, and so the distance that the signal will propagate is going to be equally extremely short. We're talking about inches at best. You could have a million nano-devices in you, working in tandem, and still, the combined signals will not add together to increase the amplitude. All you'll get is a very weak field effect of the same amplitude.

Brainwaves are also extremely weak, and can't be read by any device even inches distant from the head and without special shielding to block both natural EM and EM coming from unnatural sources that are constantly propagating throughout the environment. Take a look at what's required for a MEG machine to work. A MEG is the most sensitive device known to be able to read brainwave patterns (more powerful than a PET or fMRI scanner). This is all detailed at the link below, including pictures of the shielding used, to give you an idea of the problems involved.

When you say that "Every human brain ... can be identified by computer software in a control room (this happens without the use of any equipment on the victim)", you are completely mistaken and need to check your facts. My research will help you with that. As I said, scientific facts do not go out of date. My research is based on scientific facts.

If you want us all to be together on this, then please don't expect me to start at square one again, as I've had to do so many times already because people just refuse to look at the research that I've already done for them. I'm trying to make it simple for others to understand where they're wrong, and I've continually provided links to my research, without ever receiving one response that even attempts to disprove it. I just get a continual stream of similar responses to yours by a never-ending string of new people who are misinformed (no disrespect intended). It's very tiring to deal with after a while (I often wonder if it's purposeful).

I don't know offhand what you've seen of my research, but I suggest you look at this:

If you really want to work together (which is what I'd like as well), then see if you can find among any of your reference material anything that actually describes in this same sort of detail how what you claim is possible, based on known physics. This is what I've been asking for from people who make similar claims as yours for over a year now. Nobody has yet been able to. This includes Magnus, of all people. If that information can be provided, I'll look at it and take it into consideration. What I won't do any more, however, is continually waste my time looking at links that end up not detailing these things. That sort of response only increases my doubts about the sensibilities of other TIs, and makes me suspicious of the sources that put out this false information. Don't you think it's only fair to for others to be able to provide the sort of detail that I do in proving claims? Appeals to the emotions won't make falsehoods into facts. Stick with looking at the science behind the claims. Keep the emotional rhetoric out of it. It doesn't excuse faulty claims.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to explain this. I hope it helps clear some things up.