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They Would Be Gods - 38 - Who Were the Megalithic Builders?



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

38: Who Were the Megalithic Builders?

The ancient stone structures that we’ve discussed here, and many others that are equally mystifying, leave us somewhat uncertain not only about when they were constructed, but also by whom, how, and why.

It’s commonly believed that they were all built within our own historical time frame by known human cultures, but this is nothing more than an assumption based on the belief that humans are the only intelligent species to have evolved on Earth, and have only advanced from a primitive state within the last ten thousand years, but as we can see from the archeological record, this belief is equally questionable. If we’re to take our ancient texts and oral legends literally, we find that they almost universally state that flesh-and-blood gods once lived on Earth and endowed mankind with certain knowledge. These gods were technologically advanced to the point that by all appearances their technology was synonymous with magic. They could perform incredible feats that were beyond the capabilities and understanding of humans at that time. When we accept the true age of these ancient megaliths, and take literally what our oldest records tell us regarding our distant past, we can more easily see that the oldest of these massive stone structures – those that we see are built with gargantuan blocks of stone with such technological precision – were erected by the gods themselves, or perhaps by the race of demigod giants that lived until sometime after the biblical Flood. Only the least significant of these many structures were probably built by human hands alone, at least within our known historical time frame.

If these giants were up to forty feet tall, as has been reported by various sources, then they were obviously much more physically powerful than ordinary humans as well, and could have far more easily manipulated the large stone blocks that were used in these structures. Little is revealed about these giants in the ancient texts, but we do know from the Old Testament that they lived for some time after the Flood, and were more or less wiped out by the Israelites. In Deuteronomy 3:11 it tells us that Og, king of Bashan, was the last remaining giant. Moses led the Israelites against him and slew him and all his people before crossing into Jordan to take on the ‘children of the Anakim’, who were descended from the giants.

These giants quite possibly became subterranean creatures, and if this was the case, then they would have become very familiar with working in stone, and perhaps even learned the mysteries of Earth’s natural energies. They may have survived the Flood by retreating deep underground, and the Flood event may have actually been an attempt to flush them out of their underground caverns. These giants may have erected many of the less ornate megalithic structures that we find around the globe today as they ventured above-ground once the waters had receded. If they retreated underground, this might explain why we find so few signs of them in the fossil record.

Many of these megalithic structures may have been erected for the purpose of detecting or even regulating Earth changes, as I’ve already suggested. The fact that they are built of immense stones, often placed in a rather strange interlocking pattern that have been shown to withstand strong earthquakes, suggests the purposeful intent to make them resistant to extreme forces, as would be experienced during a planetary cataclysm, such as a pole shift. The features of many of these structures that relate to astronomical points of reference may have actually been intended to measure or watch for a change in the Earth’s orientation to the stars. The fact that a great deal of knowledge has been encoded into a structure like the Great Pyramid suggests strongly that this knowledge was being safeguarded against such cataclysms. The fact that these structures are predominantly found at major power points on the Earth’s surface suggests that the builders also knew of Earth’s energies, and somehow put them to use. It needs to be pointed out that at the time of major planetary upheavals, the Earth is going to release more of its energies than usual, and so this may have been taken advantage of by the ancient builders, either in an attempt to stabilize the planet, or for some other reason. Geomancy is a very ancient science that has left its mark with the many mysterious standing stones and stone circles still to be found throughout the European continent today, which seem to have been placed as indicators of known power spots. They must have served to employ the energies in some way, or there is no reason for the effort that went into erecting even the least significant of these monuments.

We might marvel at the physical effort that would be required for the early Egyptians to build the Great Pyramid, but it’s far easier to understand how such large and heavy stones were moved and perfectly placed when we put them in context to these forty-foot tall giants. These immense creatures could easily manipulate even the largest stones used in these structures.

We should also take note of the exaggerated size of the doors and entranceways of many of these structures, and of the greater height and expanse of their interior areas, which would better accommodate such giants than would those of our more ordinary human-sized structures.

It is interesting to note that the Freemason Society originated with the secret schools of ancient Egypt, which are connected to these ancient megalithic sites. This connects them to the giants. The Freemasons began as a guild of stone-masons, and if the giants were the original builders in stone, then there is undoubtedly a direct connection between the two groups. The Freemasons are believed to be in possession of ancient secret knowledge, and this may include knowledge about these beings.

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