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They Would Be Gods - 81 - Conclusion


by Anthony Forwood (2011) 


I have provided a great deal for the reader to think about. Even still, one book couldn’t possibly contain all of the material that I would have liked to include to make my case, but I hope that what I’ve presented will be enough evidence for the reader to realize that there is a bigger picture that needs to be considered in order to properly understand the events going on in our world. Obviously, not all the things I’ve presented will be entirely accurate, and some might be completely wrong, but I feel that it’s necessary to consider the greater portion of information and ideas and to move a little beyond the limitations of conventional thinking when dealing with a subject such as this. I can only leave it up to the reader to continue to explore the various subjects I have discussed, and to make up their own mind’s about their relevance.

Irrespective of whether everything I’ve presented in these pages is valid, there are a number of key points that I think are important to consider:

1) That highly intelligent beings – whether human or otherwise – have lived on our planet for far longer than we commonly believe. We see this most clearly within the fossil record, and supported in the legends that remain from our older cultures, as well as by the physical signs of age and the obvious technological knowledge and abilities reflected in the many megalithic structures we are still finding scattered throughout the world. It has only been by forcing the facts to fit a certain perspective that we can say that what we currently believe about the prehistoric past is accurate.

2) That certain groups have always existed that have continually sought to increase their power is inarguable. That power is attained through the control of knowledge is simple enough to understand, and that certain of these groups have determinatively pursued the hidden mysteries of our past has become a matter of record. It’s known that the most determined of these groups have always been the most secretive in their endeavors, and this leaves us wondering what they might have discovered that they are keeping from the rest of us, and what their intention is.

3) Certain knowledge has been cleverly preserved in the design of many ancient stone structures, and this has led to the question of who built them, what their ultimate purpose was, and how they were constructed. Many have suspected that they are meant to be a message for future generations, and that the deeper message they reveal can be understood by starting with the more obvious knowledge contained within their design. This indeed seems to be the case. Where does this knowledge point? Very clearly, as we’ve seen, it points to the heavens.

If nothing else, it becomes evident in studying the material that I present here that there is much more to the history of civilization on Earth than we commonly realize, and if we accept the fact that much of what our science and history books tell us about ourselves and our past is largely inaccurate, we can begin to understand and explain the many mysteries and anomalies that otherwise persist and cannot be easily accommodated by our current scientific paradigm.

4) A turning point to all of these mysteries of our past seems to have occurred in 1947, when a series of events took place that have since raised suspicions about what is really going on at the deeper levels of power, and which, more importantly, have since spurred millions of ordinary people to begin to independently question the place of the human race in the larger scheme of things. 1947 was the year of the Roswell crash, which seems to have been the breaking point to all of this, starting within the upper echelons of power. Although the crash situation was tightly contained from public awareness for many years, leaving the majority of us to only able to learn about it through a slow trickle of leaks and rumors that was countered by purposeful disinformation tactics, for those operating within the highest levels of power, it would have immediately established beyond any doubt what the true situation is regarding our human history and origins. What the most ancient of our legends have all said about these things was truer than we had ever given them credit for. For it to have been publicly realized that our science and history books were so wrong about these things would have completely disrupted the power structures that are in place, and so those in power set out to assure that the truth remained hidden. The CIA was formed immediately after the Roswell crash, and the NSA was formed five years later, immediately after the White House was buzzed by UFOs two weeks in a row. Through these intelligence organs tighter control of information and the flow of knowledge was established, creating a clampdown on knowledge about the alien presence. These organizations applied all manner of methods in intelligence gathering, while at the same time pursuing further research and development of advanced (and suppressed) sciences through ultra-secret black projects. What the public record shows us is that these projects employ some very draconian methods and applications that reflect the mindset of those in power and what their deeper intentions are. It can be seen from this evidence that the attitude of those who initiate and manage these projects has always reflected their lack of regard for ordinary citizens, who they see as nothing more than a commodity to be taken advantage of.

5) The most important point I have tried to convey within these pages is that cataclysmic events of global proportions occur with cyclic regularity, and the signs around us show that such an event seems to be upon us in the very near future. The very design of the megalithic structures have left us with signs that ultimately point to these events, telling us that the cycles of the cosmos are extremely important to know and watch, and their alignments with key points in the changing cycle of star patterns tell us where to look.

6) Strangely, the people who built these structures seem to have just vanished, or to have not even existed at all. Who were they, and where did they go? Perhaps these structures were built just before or just after a global upheaval, but since the survivors of this civilization were few, they soon died out, and their history and knowledge died with them. On the other hand, they may have had forewarnings of these events, and were able to survive and continue, keeping with them the secrets of their past. This latter possibility leads to the conclusion that they had the foresight to preserve as much of their knowledge as they could against the catastrophe that finally befell their civilization. It’s obvious that this possibility hasn't gone unnoticed by certain secret groups, and that there are many other direct connections between the oldest of these groups and knowledge from the deeper past.

7) This leads to the next point I have tried to make, which is that these modern-day secret groups know that a major disaster is coming, and are seeking to secure themselves against it at the greater expense to everyone else. This has been going on since the turning point of 1947, which becomes ever more plausible when we look at the events that have played out since that time.

The knowledge of these cyclic events has been kept alive in the consciousness of our race throughout the millennia as a Second Coming or Armageddon, an expectation that has been deeply conditioned into the mindset of the greater majority of people living on the planet. In our modern world, the possible threat of such a major disaster increases with every inch of expansion taken in the name of progress, and this is only worsened with the added threat of a World War III scenario being triggered, and this is something that increases with each day. That such a scenario as we’ve been collectively imagining will sooner or later manifest has become a surety.

It is important for all of us to understand the full implications of what is going on within a larger framework than our history and sciences allow. In considering the situation deeply enough, it can be seen that our understanding of the past has been purposely blurred, and this leaves us wondering not so much about the who of the matter, but more so, what has been kept from us and why. Who is easy enough to determine, at least generally. These are the secretive groups that focus on power and control: governments, corporations, secret societies, and religions. Why they would wish to deceive us can begin to be understood when it is understood that knowledge is most powerful when it is carefully controlled. Those groups that have survived and operated in one form or another since our earliest times are all associated with advanced knowledge that was beyond their ability to have attained on their own. They must have acquired much of that knowledge from more advanced peoples who came before them, and these could only have been who we are told they were in our ancient legends: the gods of old who came to Earth from the heavens.

8) The final point that I hope to have conveyed within these pages is that, with all of this having been known by certain secret groups since our earliest recorded times, it’s not at all impossible that there might be a single ultimate group that is controlling events on our planet while pursuing a long-term agenda that is based on the timeline of these cataclysmic cycles. This very secret group operates from a higher level than any government cabal, secret society, or ultra-wealthy dynasty, although these are all organs of its power. We don’t know who this group might be, but because our ancient texts suggest that other types of intelligent beings exist in our universe, and that they have visited Earth before, and that they lay claim to the human race as their creation, and that they can have incredibly long life spans, we must take these matters into careful consideration. The cycle of cataclysms that our Earth goes through are known about by this secret group, just as they were by the gods of our past. Could they be one and the same? Or could this group instead be intending to present themselves as gods over the human race, imposing themselves as the true gods of our past?

We are already too close to the ‘final revealing’, in whatever way it might unfold, and to continue to search out and muse over the signs that are before us is pointless at this late time. It is now time for each of us to independently make a decision as to what we will accept is the greater truth: what we are told to believe, or what the physical evidence reveals. From there, we must open our eyes to whet this means in respect to our current situation and our future as a species if we are to accept the demands that will be made by those who seek to use this opportunity to dominate us so thoroughly.

I hope that what I have been able to present to you, the reader, is enough to raise your awareness to the bigger picture about our history, origins, and possible future than any words could justify. I also hope that you will understand that we have been grossly misled by those we are expected to trust, and that you will begin to take measures to prepare for the events that will soon be played out in the final act of this great deception. Any doubts you might have should be tested against the facts, and this will ultimately require your own efforts to look at the evidence more closely, and not to depend on any source of information that is not supported by physical evidence. The word of authority is no longer valid.

May benevolent gods be with you.

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