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They Would Be Gods - 1 - Awakening to a Nightmare



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

1: Awakening to a Nightmare

When I first began to read about UFOs and to seriously consider the whole idea of an ongoing alien presence on our planet, I was soon overwhelmed by a startling new perspective that, the more I considered it in relation to the world at large, the more it began to make sense to me. I was driven to understand this strange UFO mystery out of my own curiosity and a desire to know the truth, and not merely for its entertainment value or to satisfy any personal preconceptions. There were also certain characteristics about the issue that began to sound eerily familiar the more I considered them, raising certain memories from my childhood that I had almost entirely forgotten, but which matched very closely some of the experiences of others who have made claims of strange occurrences happening to them in relation to the UFO enigma.

There was also the growing awareness that our governments were involved in certain activities that couldn’t help but come to my attention during my research into UFOs. Some of these activities included experimentation in mind-control technologies, which led to the question of why they would be interested in such things, and what they could possibly intend with them. A history of seemingly unrelated instances of people who were each involved in high-profile acts of terror, such as Charles Whitman, Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, David Berkowitz, Rev. Jim Jones, John Hinckley Jr., David Chapman, Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh, Ron Harris and Dylan Klebold, Ted Kaczynski, etc., all came to be suspected of having ties to government mind-control programs. Other government activities involved covering up or suppressing certain knowledge, mostly of a scientific nature, such as the work of Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich, to name but two of the more significant cases.

At first all of these activities seemed unrelated, but as I continued my research I kept intuitively feeling that the most plausible answer for them was that there was something much larger going on that connected them all together.

I knew early on that a lot of what I was reading on the subject of UFOs was potentially false and even purposely misleading, and so I’ve always been extremely cautious about accepting any particular understanding without carefully and continually applying logical reasoning to it and weighing it against the various other pieces of evidence and considering any alternative explanations that might come up. I have purposely remained consciously and actively skeptical of any information I’ve come across, no matter if it was from mainstream or ‘alternative’ sources, and I have had to keep an open mind regarding what was possible by suspending all of my current beliefs and never accepting anything as absolute, even if it was not directly related to this subject. I have also had to be careful of my emotional responses and not allow them to cloud my reasoning. I wanted to have as clear and realistic an understanding of this subject as I possibly could. I wasn’t merely trying to find support for some preconceived notion, as I’ve said, because I didn’t have one. I was interested in this subject for the sole purpose of knowing the truth.

My personal research into this subject has extended over more than fifteen years, and in that time, I’ve reconsidered the ever-accumulating evidence again and again, repeatedly weighing every little fact or possibility against every other. Through all of this careful consideration, even after eliminating everything of questionable nature from the equation (which includes the aliens themselves and every possible conception of who they might be), what remains still leaves me certain that an apparently very sinister hand is actively controlling issues and events that take place on all levels of the world stage, and has apparently been doing so throughout all of our recorded history. This invisible hand is now creeping deep into our private lives as well, and the potential is there for it to begin to creep right into our very heads to directly control our thoughts and actions. This may sound ludicrous, but bear with me, because as you’ll see, the technology to do this already exists, and it’s only a matter of knowing who controls it and for what purposes that will make all of what is really going on become so much clearer and understandable.
What makes me believe that there is such a thing as an alien presence that is controlling humanity is manifold: It’s because of the slow but steady encroachment of the increasingly invasive  monitoring and control over our lives and our increasing loss of our liberties and even our free will; it’s because of the lies and deception that have become the standard practice in both business and politics, from the very highest levels on down; it’s the cold and unnatural quality our lives are taking and the increasing impersonality of our relationships with each other as we’re coerced into living and working for nothing more than our TV shows and Starbuck’s coffee and the latest technological thrill; it’s the absolute certainty that we’re spiraling into a situation of such immense and absolute control, which guarantees that in the end there will be little in the way of human happiness at all, save for a very few; it’s the commonly accepted belief that there’s nothing more to live for and no greater activities to pursue than those which serve to fulfill the desires of governments and corporations, which are in turn being coerced into being involved in activities that ultimately help to fulfill a secret agenda of global proportions.

Above all, however, what makes me believe that the alien presence on this planet is real is that it all makes more sense than any other explanation as time goes on, and I’m finding it harder and harder to see the world the way I’m expected to and the way most other people still do. As I learned about certain evidence surrounding this deeply complex subject, I began to see the deceptions more clearly and the deeper purposes behind them. I began to see how the minds of the masses were being subjected to the manipulation of opinion and belief at a very deep level. I could see how the public was being kept distracted from anything that might lead anyone to recognize and question the deception, and how those who weren’t so easily distracted or deceived were otherwise kept at bay through ridicule, character assassination, the destruction of their careers, and sometimes even the destruction of their lives.

Over time, I began to see and to understand so much. The dark truth was being substantiated again and again, and more and more often as time went on. I had awakened to the nightmare.

The deception that hides all of this is so deeply embedded in our sense of what is real, while the actual truth has purposely been made to appear as an absurdity in order to cover it up. To be able to get an understanding of the reality of our situation and its implications requires absorbing a large amount of varied information and bringing it all together into one big picture, and this alien group relies on the fact that very few of us will ever be able to accomplish this.

This is something which most people are not prepared to spend their time doing, and even if they do take the time and come to the same conclusions as I have, so what? There appears to be little that can be done about the situation even if it is true, so most people would rather spend their time just trying to find some enjoyment in their otherwise meaningless lives and to just go with the flow. Rocking the boat can be more than unsettling. It can be personally damaging.

At first, I was extremely terrified by what I was becoming aware of. It wasn’t the idea of an alien presence so much as it was what they were doing and how it was affecting my personal life and the lives of every other human being on the planet. It made me feel as though I was trapped in a world of such evil and invisible control that was quickly leading us all towards a complete loss of every one of our individual freedoms. I wasn’t concerned so much by the fact that they could be watching me at every moment, or that they could very possibly read my private thoughts, or even that they might be able to plant thoughts and feelings in my head, or even to coerce me to act in ways that I normally wouldn’t. I wasn’t even as concerned that they were apparently abducting people and performing medical procedures on them with some unknown goal in mind.

What truly terrified me the most was the utterly cold and emotionless manner that people were beginning to act in our society. This alone was an indication of how far and deep this alien group had penetrated into the fabric of society, and how much of an effect they were already having on the masses in bringing about the sort of mentality that would be ideal for establishing absolute control. Turning us against each other through imagined fears or contrived threats diminishes any ability to organize together and fight back.
It came to a point where I couldn’t ever be sure of anything or anyone anymore, since the motives of every person I was expected to trust were becoming as unreliable as the words that came out of the mouths of the most cunning liars. I saw that everything we were being told by the voice of authority was a potential deception.

I became paranoid.

I became paranoid of governments and corporations. They were the most obvious to be paranoid of because they held the most power to control and influence society and they were both so deeply implanted within our regulated, consumerist lifestyles. I became paranoid of the people around me and I wondered often about the events that took place in my daily life, in the sense of both their short-term and long-term effects on both myself and those around me. I became paranoid of our police and politicians even more than I had been before. I even became paranoid of my own immediate family, and their possible motivations for treating me in the manner that they have since a time when I was very little and far too young to be responsible for myself or whatever it was I had done to be treated so differently than they treated each other.

I’m still paranoid to some degree, perhaps even more so than in the beginning, but it’s no longer a fear but rather a persistent awareness of something that I have to consider as being very real, whether or not I want to believe it. Once I became aware of this reality, I was no longer capable of ignoring it. I had no choice anymore. It was suddenly reflected in every aspect of society, and within so many of the experiences in my personal life as well.

From this I have learned to consider all actions and events under a new light and not to accept anything at face value, not to trust what I see and what I’m told, especially when it comes from those we’re expected to trust without question.

At the point that I’m at now, all of the logical conclusions regarding the information and evidence that I’ve considered so far not only supports the possibility of an alien presence existing on our planet, but also explains a number of things that are otherwise illogical or unexplainable.

The average intelligent person might still dismiss the idea that a secret agenda is behind the UFO enigma and that the government is somehow involved, even after reading more than just a few of the more informative books on the subject. However, a more persistent and long-term search for the truth will eventually, after careful accumulation of information, analysis of the evidence, and serious consideration of the possibilities and probabilities, give a deeper insight. Patterns begin to emerge from seemingly random information and events. These patterns lend greater support to the idea that things are not as they seem and that there is definitely something very sinister lurking in the deepest shadows of our society, a very intelligent but evil force whose intentions are clear: to control the human race, completely and absolutely, in order to use us as slaves for creating and maintaining a utopian world for themselves.

Some of the indications that visitors from other worlds may actually have visited our planet in the past and are still doing so include the many thousands of documented cases of UFO sightings over the centuries that have never been properly explained, and the apparently artificial structures that have been photographed on the surface of our moon and Mars, as well as certain anomalous activity that has been witnessed on our moon, on Mars, and in near-Earth space. Perhaps all the reported UFO sightings really are just swamp gas and wild imaginations as some government ‘experts’ have previously claimed. Perhaps what are visible on the surface of Mars and our moon are actually just simple tricks of light and shadows. However, it would be foolish to continue to accept such simplistic explanations in light of any evidence at all that would point to something more substantial.

There is, in fact, a wealth of evidence that indicates something much more substantial than just swamp gas or lights and shadows are indeed involved here, but bringing all of this evidence together has taken many years of hard effort by many people working in various different fields of study, who have each contributed small pieces to this very large and complex puzzle. At first, many of these pieces seemed to be totally unrelated to each other, but as they have accumulated, it’s become more and more evident that the ‘aliens from another world’ hypothesis is just about the only one available that could sensibly explain so many otherwise perplexing pieces of information. As we’ll see in the pages ahead, there is a great deal of evidence that supports such a conclusion, and which reveal some startling insights into our true past that have been kept hidden from us. We must realize, however, that the phrase ‘aliens from another world’ might mean something different than what we might assume. They are ‘alien’ and their ‘world’ is different than ours, but they do not necessarily come from outer space, although they might. The extraterrestrial explanation may just be subterfuge for something more down to earth.

Irrespective of where they might originate from, the evidence shows that this alien group is real, and that their agenda is quickly coming to its final fulfillment, in line with certain events that are about to unfold here on Earth.

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