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They Would Be Gods - 70 - The Secret Knowledge of Cataclysmic Cycles



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

70: The Secret Knowledge of Cataclysmic Cycles

Over the ages, many human civilizations have risen and fallen with the natural cycles of cosmic events. The Earth goes through periodic cycles of rejuvenation every so many thousands of years, when great upheavals occur, and much of the life on the planet is often wiped out so that the few survivors must start anew. Our planet has been through a number of these cycles since the arrival of the human species. The biblical Flood was one such event that was caused by these cycles, in which all civilization on our planet was destroyed and only a few survived. The catastrophe that killed off the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago was another. Many such planetary cataclysms have occurred in times past, and we can be sure that others will occur again in the future. They’ve been recorded in a number of ancient legends from various cultures, and even Plato tells us that they are known to regularly occur.

We can’t ever be certain how a global cataclysm might occur. It could be of extraterrestrial origin, such as with a large asteroid striking Earth, or a large comet passing close enough to cause planetary upheavals through its gravitational and electromagnetic effects, or it could be terrestrial in origin, such as through the manmade effects of global warming or a nuclear holocaust. All we can be sure of is that such an event will eventually occur again, and when it does, only a very few of us might survive, and those who do will be thrown into a harsh and unfamiliar reality. The only advantage survivors will have over our earliest ancestors will be their advanced intelligence and a certain amount of remembered knowledge that they can apply to surviving into the future and start rebuilding once more.

Having knowledge of these cycles of devastation and renewal, it would be wise to take steps to preserve as much of our current knowledge as we could, so as to avoid having to start all over again from square one. This seems to be the state of affairs that we’re dealing with today, and certain powerful parties who are aware of such cycles and their destructive ends are secretly preparing for themselves and their descendents to assure their own continuation, giving them a huge advantage over the rest of us.

The ancient mystery schools derived their knowledge from somewhere, and couldn’t have acquired it all on their own in a barely civilized world. Not only is it hard to fathom them developing this knowledge in prehistoric time, but it’s equally hard to reasonably accept that such advanced knowledge arose spontaneously among the different cultures that were so isolated from one another. It seems more plausible that this knowledge came from a singular source passed on from a much earlier time, from one or more past civilizations that were destroyed by the cosmic events that happen with the regularity of the precession of the equinox. The knowledge they possessed makes this very plain, and it’s only our misconceptions of our own past that confuses the issue. Plato tells us that the priests of Sais claimed to have historical records that go far back into prehistory, and this means they would have also preserved other knowledge as well.

The age of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, artificial structures discovered on the moon and Mars, descriptions of early cataclysmic events in the legends of numerous ancient cultures, the unexplainably advanced knowledge of the ancients, these things can all be taken as signs that these disastrous events have actually been experienced by prehistoric civilizations. The Bible and other ancient texts give warning that such events will happen again in the future, and these warnings have always been taken seriously by a large percentage of the world’s population. Many signs point to us being on the verge of another disastrous event, yet we go on living as though civilization will continue progressing far into the future, totally oblivious to what might befall us at any moment. Many of these people think that they will be saved, because this idea has been conditioned into their perceptions for a very long time.

Consider for a moment what it would mean to the power elite if they were to have learned early on in our history that the Earth goes through global cataclysms that can wipe out almost all life, and that this happens on a regular and predictable schedule. They would quickly realize that all of civilization has only a certain amount of time before it will fall, and when it does, all the advancements that have been made and all the knowledge that has been gained will be lost forever, forcing any survivors to have to start all over again. The only hope of avoiding this would be to take every conceivable measure to safeguard as much of that knowledge as possible. At the same time, every measure would be taken to assure the survival of a select few – those in power and a small number of others. As the predicted time of a civilization’s doom drew near, just as we are facing today (on perhaps more than just one front), the power elite who knew of these cataclysmic cycles would begin to put their attentions more and more towards making preparations, but they would want to do so in absolute secrecy, since any public knowledge of a coming disaster would cause unwanted panic and mayhem, and disrupt their plans. Cover situations would therefore be used to implement certain aspects of those preparations, in order not to arouse any suspicions. Greater and greater disregard for the planet would become evident as the final days drew nearer and as much as could be taken advantage of would be, in order to assure that their plans to escape the coming catastrophe didn’t fail.

When a civilization is completely destroyed by a planetary cataclysm, the survivors are left in a situation that’s very harsh and unfamiliar, and just staying alive will occupy most of their time. There will no longer be any of the usual luxuries of modern daily living that we’ve grown dependent on, and most of the knowledge a person has accumulated in their lifetime will become of little or no use to them. Nothing will be as it was before, and it will be a while before a new sense of order can be established.

That these planetary cataclysms occur again and again, in which all life is thrust into repeated near-extinction and once-great civilizations are continually smashed, has been fully known and understood by a few since our earliest times, and this knowledge is the foundation of the first secret schools. This knowledge has influenced such writings as the Book of Revelations, and the prophetic quatrains of Nostradamus, and others, which so many people have taken as truth and have come to expect to occur as they interpret them. But these writings are only the revelations of a hidden agenda, misrepresented as the work of superior intelligence and revealed only for the benefit of that hidden agenda. The purpose of giving these revelations is to establish a mindset in the public body that will make it very easy to implement the final stages of this hidden agenda.

We should ask ourselves what the intended effects were of the Church telling its followers that they could expect the world to become a violent and evil place, and that only the most loyal of them would be saved in the end and would live for eternity because of their faith. They didn’t need to be told this, but they were, and in the most fear-inspiring ways imaginable. The psychological effect of believing this has been incredible, and must surely have been foreseen. For one thing, it has encouraged strong faith and loyalty, particularly when and where there is a great deal of violence and evil going on. But it has also encouraged violence and evil in the name of that loyalty, and the ancient gods were directly responsible for much of this in those early times.

Any race of beings that were able to survive as an advanced civilization for millions of years, such as those of the Elohim, would be aware of the natural cycles of evolution and extinction that take place on life-bearing planets. Such a race may have observed our own Earth over many such cycles, and may have been telling us, through our ancient legends, of certain patterns that will inevitably occur.

Man is much like other animals, and our overly violent, sometimes insane, and often suicidal nature might often be a natural result of overpopulation. Studies of animal populations have shown that as over-crowding increases, these traits arise. Non-aggressive animals turn ferocious, females stop caring for their young, and infant mortality rates increase dramatically. Knowing this, it’s obvious that the human population can only increase for so long before the negative effects of over-crowding start to take effect. We can see that throughout history, violence, evil, and general antipathy towards our fellow man have always arisen where humans have resided close together, such as in cities and large towns, and this would be known to such a long surviving race as those of the Elohim, or others like them. It may be that they have encouraged us in many ways to overpopulate ourselves in large cities, and we can see that our earliest populated areas were not so coincidentally centered around the major temples and places of worship that were at one time the terrestrial home of these gods. We were encouraged from the start to live close together and to become dependent on the organized efforts of each other, each of us only skilled in certain areas so that on our own we couldn’t subsist so easily. This has been regarded as necessary for our advancement, but in the end it may be our downfall.

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