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They Would Be Gods - 46 - Ancient Psychotronics



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

46: Ancient Psychotronics

The abilities of the ancient high-priests of the secret schools were not reliant on machine technology as we understand it today, but certain properties of nature were nevertheless able to be taken advantage of, and it was the knowledge held by the secret schools that taught them how to do this. Much speculation as to why the Great Pyramid at Giza was constructed has left us with a number of possibilities, the least of them being that it was simply a burial chamber for a pharaoh, which is what most Egyptologists still believe today, irrespective of the fact that no remains of bodies or other signs that would suggest it was a tomb were found within this structure when it was first unsealed. Other speculative guesses are that the Great Pyramid is a time capsule for secret knowledge, and that this knowledge will be revealed when the proper time comes. Still others believe that it is some sort of power accumulator that was used for magnifying certain natural energies. This latter explanation has also been credited to Stonehenge in Salisbury, England, as well as other lesser stone structures found throughout Britain and the European continent. All of these structures are dated to at least as far back as 3,000 BC, but are probably a great deal older. Whatever the case, these structures were obviously very important to the ancient secret schools.

It should be noted also that every cathedral built by the stonemasons during the Middle Ages were built on older pagan sites of worship, and this is believed by some to be due to the fact that these sites were major points of energy where ley lines intersected each other as they crisscrossed the surface of the planet (the Chinese have known about ley lines for thousands of years, and referred to them as ‘dragon lines’, or ‘lung meis’). This energy is apparently usable as a sort of psychic generator or influencer, and the ancient mystery schools were obviously aware of this. Recent investigations have shown that there is a definite energy source permeating the sites of these structures, but what it is, is still not clearly understood. The most interesting fact for us to consider here is that these prehistoric sites were important enough that when the Roman Catholic Church started to take root throughout the civilized world, they chose to build their major churches and cathedrals on these ancient sites of worship. The early church leaders obviously knew a thing or two about the power of these sites, and this knowledge had to have come from the ancient secret schools that preceded the formation of the Church. The stonemasons who built the great churches and cathedrals are believed to have originated from the Egyptian schools, where they were taught the secrets of their craft. This indicates a direct tie between the early secret schools and the later Roman Catholic Church. These stonemasons were formed into a guild that later evolved into the secret society we know of today as the Freemasons. We will discuss further aspects of this Church/Mason connection later, as it has direct relevance to the discussion here.

Besides these sites of natural occult power, there were certain natural objects used in ancient magic, such as crystals, which have unique properties that have made them very useful in modern science. As an example, the old crystal diode radio sets of the early twentieth century were based on one of these properties, which allowed different radio frequencies to be ‘tuned in’ using a simple quartz crystal. Apparently, quartz crystals can also glow with phosphorous dispersed throughout them, so that they absorb light in the daytime and emit it at night, and this may have provided the ancients with an artificial source of light. The ancient priests and magi obviously knew more about these properties of crystal than we commonly do today, since they were so essential to them in many magic rites.

It’s interesting to note that gold, silver and gems have all continued to be of immense value to the ruling elite throughout history, and it might be speculated that there’s more value to these things than merely being attractive to the eye, or symbols of wealth. They all have certain properties that affect energy, and have been sought after and horded by the elite since the earliest times. What made these metals and crystals so desirable? They weren’t really all that rare, although most people think so today because the Earth has been stripped of much of its deposits of them, and are now usually only found in very remote locations or deep beneath the earth. This is why their monetary value is so high. At one time, they could be found more easily, and it’s just that the desire to possess them has caused man to have to search farther, wider, and deeper as they have been taken from the earth.

The question we are left with, is why were they so infatuated with these precious metals and gems, and why were these sites for their temples and cathedrals so important to the high-priests and ruling elite? The suggestion that these sites and these materials both possessed certain attributes necessary to the power of the early ruling elite appears more and more to be the case as we learn more about these things.

Earth energies were obviously known about since the earliest times, and were incorporated into the purpose of the early temples, which were where the rituals and incantations took place. The energies of the Earth are believed to have amplified the energies of the priestly work, making them more powerful. Gold, being a very good conductor, was used to channel these energies, and crystals and gems were used to focus these energies and direct them in the manner desired. The golden scepter topped with a large crystal has become a symbol of the magician or sorcerer, and was often depicted with kings and other royalty. We even see it carried today by the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as by the Queen of England. These aren’t simply meaningless props that are only used to signify status or position, but have actual functionality of some sort. They are similar to the wand of the magician, which is a derivative form of the scepter. The scepter was used for equally mystical purposes. It conducted and directed energy. Moses was famous for his staff, which he could turn into a snake or serpent and perform other miracles with, and the caduceus is depicted as a staff with two entwined snakes, and has been a symbol of medicine since ancient times. These were psychotronic devices that operated through certain energies that we know little about today. I will discuss these energies more fully in the later parts of this book.

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