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Evidence of Remote Neural Monitoring, or Carefully Planned Disinformation?

by Anthony Forwood

The Case of John St. Clair Akwei

John St. Clair Akwei claims to have worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) of the US government, and filed a lawsuit against them in 1992 (Washington DC, Civil Action 92-0449) for being targeted with what he referred to as ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’ (RNM) technologies. Many people have referred to this case as proof that these technologies exist, but on closer examination it can be seen that there’s very little to actually substantiate his claims. In fact, there is good reason to suspect that this case was a deliberate disinformation ploy to create the illusion that the NSA has more capabilities than it really does. This is a standard tactic used to throw off foreign and domestic adversaries and protect classified secrets. This sort of disinformation ploy is designed to create a prop that can then be used to lead people’s beliefs about the capabilities of these technologies so that they have a false understanding of the methods used in their targeting and the real methods are overlooked.

Akwei’s lawsuit application has been posted on the Internet in its entirety, and in reviewing it, I discovered that he provided very little information about the technology that would indicate how it operates, nor is there any more than a few sentences regarding the effects he claims to have suffered by these technologies at the hands of the NSA. Apparently, Akwei had no evidence at all to support his claims, or he would have clearly stated this fact in his lawsuit application. In fact, his case was dismissed by Judge Stanley Sporkin on the grounds that it was frivolous. By reading his application, it is indeed obvious that he had no case. I came across one online post by someone who said they had contacted Akwei to find out the results of the case, and Akwei hadn’t been interested in discussing it and didn’t want to be bothered about it.

Nonetheless, because Akwei went so far as to file a lawsuit, many people have come to automatically assume that this somehow gives his claims credibility, and I see his case being cited by one person after another as supporting evidence for their own claims, which makes me suspicious. It appears that his case is being used as part of an ongoing disinformation campaign to influence the targeted public in what it believes about these mind-control technologies and the methods that are used to cause the effects that they are experiencing.

Akwei states that he was in two-way communication with NSA agents who used these technologies to harass him, but he provides very few other details about his targeting beyond this and the majority of his application is filled with background information about the NSA and some details about their purported technological capabilities. Most of this information was already widely available at the time he filed his lawsuit. The only information that might have been relatively new at the time was a few of the more extraordinary claims he made about the technology.

For instance, Akwei describes technological capabilities that I have already shown (see to be unrealistic. For instance, he states (emphasis added):

Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen.

He goes on to state that it is all done non-invasively and “with no physical contact with the subject.” This implies that no special requirements are needed, such as implants or preliminary EEG sessions for learning a target’s unique brainwave signature patterns. However, I have already shown in my previous article how scientifically unrealistic this is.

Like virtually every other person making such extraordinary claims about these technologies (Tim Rifat, Jesus Mendoza, Robert Duncan, Alex Jones, etc.), Akwei fails to describe whatever method might be used that would circumvent all of the problems that have been detailed in my previous article regarding remote mind-reading technologies. He also fails to provide any sources for his information other than a list of references to a number of books and documents that he states he only discovered in 1991 after having notified the authorities and getting no responsive action. This list seems to be the extent of his evidence, and much of the referenced material is familiar to this author and none of it bears evidence that would support Akwei’s more extraordinary claims.

In his lawsuit application, Akwei makes the following claim (emphasis added):

NSA computer-generated brain mapping can monitor all the electrical activity in the brain continuously. The NSA records aid decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of persons) for national security purposes.

He also states:

Each person's brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies. Sending audio information to a person's brain at the frequency of another person's auditory cortex would result in that audio information not being perceived.”

Irrespective of finding some way of overcoming all of the problems described in my previous article regarding these technologies, reading all the activity of the brain, even if it could somehow be done, would require some very powerful computers with incredibly immense storage and memory capacities for each person being targeted. Even a MEG machine can’t read the activity of individual neurons and approximately 50,000 active neurons are needed for the brain to generate a signal that is strong enough to be detectable by it, so the claim that all brain activity can be monitored would require some exceptional science that lies outside of our current understanding of physics. This comment of Akwei's reflects his ignorance of the physical limitations of such a scheme.

But let’s consider this claim a little further, just to properly understand how unrealistic it is.

There are approximately one hundred billion neurons in the human brain, which means that just to capture one millisecond (1/1000 of a second, the approximate time it takes for a neuron to fire) of brain activity for one person, with only one byte of computer memory allocated to each neuron, it would require about 100 gigabytes of storage space per millisecond. One second of monitoring would require 100 terabytes (1 terabyte = 1,000 gigabytes). One hour (3,600 seconds) of monitoring one person would require 360,000 terabytes (360 petabytes, or 360 quadrillion bytes). Multiply this by the number of people that Akwei claims are supposedly being monitored (hundreds of thousands), and it becomes even more unrealistic. Of course, a single byte per neuron is far short of what would actually be required, since it would also be necessary to store and analyze information about each neuron, such as what it does, what its state is, what other neurons it connects to (there are approximately one thousand dendrites on each neuron that connect to other neurons), its firing rate, etc. Each additional piece of information about each neuron would multiply the storage requirements for each neuron by at least a factor of two, but probably much more. On top of all this, there’s the necessity of mapping all the meaningful neural firing patterns that are decoded from a person’s brain activity, which would require even further computer resources, both for doing the analysis and for storing the patterns and information about their meaning. Even though far less than the full set of 100 billion neurons would ever be of interest in mapping or monitoring for any particular type of pattern, the storage and analysis of a person’s brain activity would still require extraordinary memory and storage capabilities.

To put this into better perspective, in August 2011, IBM was reported to have built the largest storage array ever, with a capacity of 120 petabytes (120 million gigabytes). This would be about enough to store the complete neural information for one human brain for about twenty minutes at most.

So we see that for Akwei’s claims to be true, there has to be a database for each individual target that contains complete data on that person’s recognized patterns, as well as storage capacities for every millisecond of brain activity to be used for real-time monitoring while also analyzing the person’s brain activity. This might easily require days, weeks, or even months worth of recorded data during the preliminary pattern learning phase. Not that this is completely impossible, but it needs to be kept in perspective what Akwei is claiming, and what is realistic.

Akwei makes one more statement in his application that’s of particular interest here. He says (emphasis added):

Signals Intelligence implemented and kept this technology secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs of the U.S. government. The NSA monitors available information about this technology and withholds scientific research from the public. There are also international intelligence agency agreements to keep this technology secret.”

This is an important point to take note of, because it supports the fact that the Robert Malech patent is also often cited as proof that these mind-reading technologies exist, yet the fact that this patent is in the public records goes directly against NSA procedures for keeping technological secrets. Why would it be there in the publicly available patent records if it were a classified technology that the government wanted to keep secret? It wouldn't.

The Robert G. Malech Patent

Because many people have been referring to this particular patent as proof that remote mind-reading technologies exist, I decided to search it out at the US Patent Office website, and retrieved a copy of the original application (US patent #3951134). The patent application was made in 1974 and was granted in 1976. The patent application describes the technology as an:

Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject's brain waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified.”

As has already been explained in my previous article, there are a number of problems with this method of remotely reading brainwaves that makes it unrealistic as a real application. However, because it received a patent grant, many people assume that the technology must work.

The use of the word ‘remote’ can be deceiving when used in relation to such technologies, and might mean nothing more than the distance of mere inches, as with SQUIDs in a MEG machine. The Malech patent gives no indication of the distances that the described technology would be expected to work at, but it does state the following (emphasis added):

If the amplitudes of the two signals transmitted to the subject are maintained at identical levels, the resultant interference waveform, absent influences of external radiation, may be expected to assume zero intensity when maximum interference occurs[.]”

This raises the problems that I outlined in my previous article – that any extraneous electromagnetic interference arising between the source and the target will disrupt the signals, and this interference is virtually impossible to eliminate in an open environment. The greater the distance between source and target, the more interference there will be to contend with. This applies to both the transmitted signal and the returned signal, doubling the problem of sending and receiving a reliable signal. But more than that, the above quote also reveals the patent author only assumes that the technology will work as expected, rather than having actually been tested.

Further, in describing the method of operation, the patent application states (emphasis added):

[T]he interference waveform is modulated by the brain waves. It is believed that this is due to the fact that brain waves produce electric charges each of which has a component of electromagnetic radiation associated with it.”

These last two quoted statements clearly indicate that, at least at the time that the application was filed (1974), there was no certainty that this technology would work as described or even that specific brainwave patterns could be determined, which suggests that a prototype of the technology was never actually built and tested to see if it would do what the patent author claims. According to the patent application process in the USA, such requirements are not necessary as long as the technology or invention is conceptually sound and based on known scientific principles.

One more thing needs to be understood that has to do with the patent process. According to an explanation of the patent examination process available on the US Patent Office website (emphasis added):

As a rule the examiner will give to a claim its "broadest reasonable interpretation consistent with the specification. […] [T]he words of the claim must be given their plain (ordinary and customary) meaning unless applicant has provided a clear definition in the specification.”

Given this fact, a closer scrutiny of the Malech patent application will reveal that certain distinctions in its wording – most specifically in the choice of using the words ‘can’, ‘will’, and ‘may’ when and where they have been – suggest that the application author clearly understood that certain key aspects of this technology’s operation were only being assumed to work, rather than being certain to. I will spare the reader from going over these details of the application here, however, and will instead leave it to those who are interested in verifying this for themselves to read the original patent application available at the US Patent Office and carefully note how it is worded to reflect certain assumptions were being made about its capabilities.

One final note about this patent. It was obviously of no interest to the military or intelligence organs of the US government, otherwise it would have been immediately classified and kept out of the patent records. The fact that it received a patent grant relatively quickly and is in the patent records implies that the military/intelligence organs had already researched this technology and found it to be unworkable. That being the case, the Malech patent may have been purposely planted in the public records as a prop for later disinformation campaigns to mislead and confuse the targeted public about the sort of mind-control technologies that are being used on them, while other, more realistic methods of mind-control are applied without any awareness of the target. Even if the Malech patent wasn’t purposely planted, it has nonetheless become a misleading piece of information that has since been frequently used as proof that this remote mind-reading technology exists and can even do everything that John St. Clair Akwei claims.

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Columbine in Retrospect - Part II

The Undertones of Mind-Control

By Anthony Forwood
© Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

In going over a large amount of material that has come out regarding the Columbine massacre, I feel that more needs to be said about it. I’ve noticed that many of the inaccuracies that were heavily promoted by the media at the time seem to have never been properly cleared up. One of these inaccuracies has to do with whether Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were being bullied at school. I didn’t deal with this issue to any great length in the first part of this article, except to state what most people have been led to believe and continue to believe: that bullying was a motivating factor in these murders. Apparently, this misperception was influenced by the media and the authorities, perhaps only to promote the problem of schoolyard bullying, or perhaps as part of a plan to hide the deeper causes of this tragic event and the perpetrators that created two monsters.

The investigators intimidated a large number of witnesses into changing their statements in order to conceal very suspicious evidence. The investigator’s reports were withheld from the public AND the victim’s families for many months, thereby disallowing anyone a chance to look at the inconsistencies for themselves or to do anything about them, while at the same time the authorities allowed the media to continue to promote false information that only helped to distort the public’s mind regarding the full story behind this event. The larger proportion of the evidence and investigative material that accumulated was withheld until 2006, when it was finally released to the public – long after public perceptions had already been set and any chance of exposing the truth had passed.

But now that the evidence surrounding this case has been released, and many witnesses have come forth in the meantime (despite the intimidation and threats from authorities) and told their own versions of what they saw, it can be seen that something much deeper was afoot regarding this case. Nonetheless, the effect of all this effort by the authorities – helped largely by their media accomplices – to cover up certain facts and portray this case to the public as they did has had a huge damaging effect on us all. As long as it’s years in the past and no longer newsworthy, people will not bother to reconsider the horrific details of this sick tragedy.

But I ask you to do so anyway, for the sake of this world you live in and the future of your children. People need to wake up and understand what you are being led into by blindly accepting what your lying authorities are involved in.

In the Columbine case, as in many other tragic and shocking events that have dumbfounded the public over the years, it can be seen that the aspect of mind-control is a very prominent one, and the evidence to show direct and incontrovertible complicity by covert government factions is extensive enough that it cannot be denied any longer. These events – Columbine, Waco, OKC bombing, 9/11, various assassinations (JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, John Lennon), serial killers such as David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, cult groups such as Charles Manson and his Family, Jim Jones and Jonestown, Marshall Applewhite and Heaven’s Gate, etc., etc. – ALL have their roots in clandestine mind-control operations that ALL stem from the military/intelligence organs of the US government. They ALL have the mark of carefully engineered and orchestrated covert operations that follow the same modus operandi. In each case, the ‘clean up’ after the event has really been a ‘cover-up’. Immediately destroying ALL vital evidence is now standard practice, since nobody can stop them from doing so. We are supposed to think that since the ‘culprits’ killed themselves or confessed early on to acting alone, that the case is cut-and-dried and no evidence is necessary.

If you think these ‘culprits’ and the crimes they committed were evil, I dare you to take the time to look deeper at the far greater evil of those working within our governments who regularly orchestrate these tragic events. The known ‘culprits’ are nothing more than useful puppets who have been caught up in the machinations of a secret underworld of satanic evil that pervades the highest levels of power.

Since there is FAR too much material to cover in dealing with all of these sorts of cases at once, let’s focus just on the Columbine event, as one case that’s important to study for its implications at a level that’s very close to home.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were not being bullied any more than they may have been bullying others. In other words, although certainly bullying existed at the school, it was NOT a factor that led to this shooting. So why was this claimed? Why were we led to believe that this was a big part of the reason for their murderous act? More importantly, what was the real reason?

Harris and Klebold had been planning their act of mayhem for at least a year, and the direction of their anger and hatred was towards the world in general, not just those people around their school that they didn’t like. What was written in their journals and on their website proves this. So, what generated such hatred?

They were motivated by the Waco massacre and the Oklahoma City bombing, which both occurred on April 19, while the Columbine massacre occurred one day later, on April 20. April 20 is Hitler’s birthday, and like the tragic event of 9/11, the date holds symbolic meaning – not the least of which in this case by those Nazi sympathizers working within the military/intelligence community of the United States. These four tragic events might all be connected by the symbolism surrounding their dates, which have a certain psychological effect on a terrorized public. Harris and Klebold weren’t necessarily Neo-Nazis, but from their writings, it can be seen that they definitely picked this particular date for its symbolism. April 19/20 are significant dates to Satanists and are associated with the god Baal.

Their goal, according to a video that was made by Klebold, was to inflict the most deaths in US history. They intended to take out the entire school building and everyone in it with a series of homemade bombs, but in the end most of their bombs failed and they only managed to kill 13 people and wound 23 by using their guns. It seems that the fascist orchestraters of 9/11 were able to fulfill this larger goal only two years later. It makes you wonder if this intent to kill so many people was put into these boy’s heads by the same people who were responsible for that later tragedy.

In their notes, it can be seen that Harris and Klebold hoped to do more than just a school shooting or to blow the school up. In the words of Harris, they wanted to do something that would be so devastating that it would grab the world’s attention like never before. They failed to meet their intended goal, but perhaps it was another group that were directed by the same parties that achieved it two years later.

If Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were puppets acting out one small part in a far-reaching plot to destroy society and install a New World government, as I believe they were, then perhaps their failure to achieve their goal was expected, and the fact that they apparently didn’t know how to properly build or arm a homemade bomb has helped to throw off any suspicions beyond the belief that these two kids were working alone. After all, if they were being assisted behind the scenes by people within the military/intelligence community, as the evidence shows, you would think that things would have been more professionally executed. Or would they?

In looking at this story after so many years have gone by and other evidence directly and indirectly related to the circumstances surrounding it has come to light – particularly with respect to the world of the military/intelligence community and mind-control – it is far easier now to see the connections.

Let’s look at some of the facts surrounding these two boys.

Klebold was depressed and suicidal and loathed himself, while Harris was full of hate and anger and loathed the world (he was later described by psychologists as psychopathic). Two possible reactions to a deeper issue that motivated them to do what they did. Either way, this deeper issue was one that undoubtedly involved unseen torment that at the time didn’t seem to have any other source than the excuse that was given that they were bullied at school. However, it’s come to light that their family lives were apparently quite normal, and even their school lives were no different than most kid’s school lives are. They weren’t underprivileged, so it wasn’t due to facing a bleak and empty future, either. There was something else going on in the background that was motivating these kids.

The claim that Harris was psychopathic is very questionable, and relies on a psychological assessment of him that was conducted after the fact with limited data and by psychologists who were specially chosen for the task by the authorities. There has been a lot of imaginary portrayals made by these ‘professionals’ regarding how Harris must have thought and acted during his rampage, and yet how could these purported ‘professionals’ know what really occurred, or what was really going through these kid’s heads at the time? All these psychologists and psychiatrists were doing by saying this was conditioning the public’s mind to divert any consideration of deeper issues. Deeper issues that essentially originated from this same authoritative body.

Was Harris’ hatred distorted and exaggerated as well? A lot has been made of it, that he was racist, had a superiority complex, etc. From the opening line of his journal, he makes it clear that he wasn’t focused on any particular group or person: “I hate the fucking world!”. He goes on to say he hates other things, simple and even silly things: country music, people who think wrestling is real, people who say the same word over and over, stupid people, Star Wars fans. Nothing very different than what normal 17 year old kids will write when they’re bored or frustrated, as kids tend to be.

In recently watching videotapes of these two kids, I was moved by how likable they came across, and I could fully understand how many of their fellow students had been shocked when they discovered who the killers were. They weren’t bad kids. Mixed up, frustrated, even mind-controlled, but not bad in the sense that they’ve been heavily portrayed. If I were their age, I would probably have wanted to be friends with them.

Like every other covertly orchestrated tragedy with hints of involvement by military/intelligence groups, all of the misguided ‘facts’ that came out so early on and stuck in the public’s mind about these kids have remained there to cover up and distract us from a much deeper and more sinister issue. The ‘facts’ were carefully crafted by the authorities in charge of the case, and promoted heavily by their media accomplices for as long as this story was in the news. The authorities helped this cover-up early on by bumbling many key aspects of the investigation, not to mention the poor efforts during the commission of the crime to stop it early on. The authorities themselves were nothing less than accomplices in this crime.

The continual delay in releasing the official report on the investigation for month after month while allowing the media to continue to perpetrate false information without the authorities even correcting it reveals that this false information was meant to be widely accepted, thereby burying the deeper truths that would have exposed a major cover-up of a much larger crime.

Even before the Columbine massacre happened, the police hadn’t bothered to properly investigate a report that Harris had threatened another kid and made claims that he was making pipe bombs. The police held back on serving a search warrant that would likely have uncovered Harris’ plans and preparations for what he and Klebold were going to do. Harris was even on probation at this time. Why was no search conducted??? Interestingly, the affidavit for the search warrant was conveniently ‘lost’ after the massacre, leading to the inability to prove that it existed.

There is also the question of how these two kids could have kept their plans so secret for over a year and not mention anything to anybody about it. They were not the loners that the media depicted them as, and apparently had many friends, both at school and outside of it. So how come none of these people were able to clue in to what was being planned, or if they did, why didn’t they report it?

A number of other strange facts and inconsistencies to the story have never been properly answered: the number of bombs that were supposedly found planted throughout the school defies the ability of these two young kids to have put in place without ever being seen; other shooters, some in paramilitary uniforms, were seen by a large number of witnesses both before and during the onslaught; the local hospital received a warning on a government telephone line hours prior to the shooting, warning them to be prepared because there was going to be a shooting; ballistics evidence that revealed six of the thirteen dead were killed by the SWAT teams; the suspicious presence at the school (witnessed by many) of agents from the FBI, CIA, NSA, and even NATO within minutes of the onslaught; Klebold’s father was captured on video at the school that morning dressed in FBI garb along with a ‘Hostage Rescue Team’ that was secretly escorted away from the school and left the scene in a van; three men in military fatigues were seen by reporters being handcuffed and led away from the scene; etc.

Something else of a questionable nature: Dwayne Fuselier was the FBI’s top man in the Columbine investigation, and he happened to have a son who had gone to Columbine two years earlier. His son had made a school film that depicted killers clad in trenchcoats who blow up the school. A close friend and possible accomplice of Harris and Klebold had also been involved in making the film. Coincidence??? This film theme comes up again in a much more remarkable way, and directly related to Klebold, as you’ll see further on.

Another suspicious fact: Harris and Klebold ended their lives at 12:08. The SWAT teams were at the school by noon (just before the boys committed suicide), and yet a call was made by the SWAT teams for additional ammunition at 12:20. What??? Did they forget to load up before arriving? There was no heavy shoot-out involving the authorities. Altogether, throughout the entire incident and accounting for every single officer on the site, only about 100 rounds were fired by them. Surely the SWAT teams alone had more than 100 rounds with them when they first arrived!

But the most unexplainable and unacceptable fact of all was that the SWAT teams held back for well over THREE HOURS after Harris and Klebold had committed suicide before they decided to venture inside the school. Were they just a bunch of incompetent cowards, or were they purposely allowing the extended suffering of the wounded victims inside? These highly trained men with all their abilities and sophisticated equipment, who are expected to put their lives on the line in the name of protecting the lives of others (many innocent children, in this case), sat back and did NOTHING. For those three long hours of waiting, nothing happened, no sound, no movement. At that time, they shouldn’t have known about the bombs that were supposedly planted around the school, unless there was some sort of complicity involved, so that wasn’t a reasonable excuse for sitting back while children lay dead or dying. To show how willing the authorities were to let the death and mayhem happen, one of the victims, Mark Taylor, who was shot seven times out in the middle of the school field early on, was left there on his own and bleeding to death for over an hour before the authorities bothered to rescue him.

There WERE more than two shooters. That’s what many witnesses claimed, although many were coerced or intimidated into changing their statements.

Weeding through these inconsistencies and attempting to sort out the truth from the falsehoods is something that is left for those who don’t understand the diversionary tactics that these little tidbits represent. I won’t be bothered to waste my time doing that. I already know that there are people with a great deal of power who orchestrate these sorts of events for ulterior purposes, while the rest of us look for simple answers that we can feel comfortable enough with to accept. These are signature diversions, false reactionary clues that are standard practice by the fascist powers that be.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were growing up at a time when the internet was becoming the new information media, where role playing games (RPGs) and anarchistic information were predominantly available, but they certainly weren’t the only kids to be found reading up on how to make pipe bombs and cause mayhem, or seeking thrills in ‘shoot-em-up’ games. It needs to be noted that this shooting came at a time when tensions were rising about a number of issues that this event wrapped up into one: gun control, school bullying, the availability of dangerous information on the internet, violence in video/computer games, hate crimes, and the influence of music on youth. If it was orchestrated by the powers that be, it certainly had political motives. It played on society’s fears from multiple angles, and this would make it easy for them to take away more rights and freedoms and increase domestic spying measures. It worked tremendously, considering all the panic and hysteria that erupted (with the help of media accomplices), and this fear has been taken full advantage of by the powers that be, who feed it regularly with these sorts of manufactured terrorist events.

Counter these media-promoted excuses with what Harris wrote in his journal: “I know I could get shot by a cop after only killing a single person, but hey guess the fuck WHAT! I chose to kill that one person so get over it! Its MY fault! not my parents, not my brothers, not my friends, not my favorite bands, not computer games, not the media. IT is MINE!” Is it just a coincidence that he listed some of those very excuses that would later be used to account for the influence of such a tragedy, or did he somehow already know how his act was going to be used by the powers that be? Did his alleged programmers/handlers in the military/intelligence community actually tell him how his acts were going to help them?

In considering the possibility that Harris was being mind-controlled, I wonder if his journal was a purposeful ploy to be used as the basis for the ensuing cover-up. It seems as though the entries might have been scripted, since each one covers a different aspect of what we are to understand was going through his mind during the year leading up to the shooting. There is no repetition of thoughts, and virtually everything that was later blamed as an influencing factor is mentioned. The main focus throughout is both an unexplained rage and the preparations for the shooting.

An interesting fact is that Harris and Klebold were arrested about a year earlier for breaking into a van and stealing some electronics. There was talk that Klebold was sexually assaulted by the arresting officer. Whatever the case, after their arrest, Klebold began showing anger towards the police in his notes, perhaps for this reason. At the same time, they both started keeping their journals and detailing their collection of weapons. Part of Harris’ court order was to undergo psychological counseling. This lasted until a few months prior to the Columbine event. What is so interesting about all of this is that their arrest may have put them into the hands of the real orchestraters of this event. That Harris’ counseling ended a few months before this event occurred may have been a purposeful move to remove authorities from the background – authorities that may have actually conditioned or even ‘programmed’ Harris to take the actions he did. Their website, which they kept going at the same time as their journals, may have been used to keep their handlers aware of how far along they were in preparing for their crime (they posted tallies on their weapons count). The journals were also started immediately after their court sentencing, and the idea to do this may have been planted in their heads by their handlers as a way of creating evidence that would make the boys seem like they had acted on their own, meant to be found after the event, as they were.

Now for some interesting background information on these kids.

Eric Harris’ father had recently retired from the Air Force as a life-long career officer, where he had been involved in covert intelligence programs for over 20 years (covert intelligence operations ALWAYS involve a certain level of mind-control, even being applied to the agents themselves in order to secure secrets). Prior to moving to Littleton, Colorado, the Harris family was living at Plattsburgh Air Force Base, in New York State. This facility is said to have a vast underground complex with 18 levels, and some very advanced mind-control projects go on here. Some of these projects at this base are related to the activities that have gone on at the infamous Montauk facility on nearby Long Island. Eric Harris was essentially one of the mind-controlled ‘Montauk Boys’ that are regularly pumped out of these facilities, created by the most advanced mind-control programming and technologies that exist. It was reported by a previous friend of Eric’s in Plattsburgh that Harris stated that he was glad to be moving away because of the experiments that were being done on him. Children are commonly used as mind-control guinea pigs because they’re so much easier to ‘break’ and mold than adults are, and Eric Harris lived in Plattsburgh for many years as a child before he and his family settled in Littleton. Another hint of his knowledge of mind-control is found in his journal, where he wrote at some length about how society is being turned into mindless robots. He certainly felt that he was more aware of these facts than most people.

Although there is a fair amount of interesting background information on Eric Harris, very little information seems to be available on Dylan Klebold (which is somewhat strange), so a large piece of the puzzle is still missing. In particular is the question of when and where he might have received mind-control programming, if any. Surely he didn’t just willingly follow along with Harris without equivalent mental preparation. The very fact that so little has been made available about him may indicate that there is something that would give us some significant answers to this question if it were brought to light. Harris’ mind-control connections probably couldn’t be helped, but perhaps Klebold’s could.

Klebold wrote in his journal, "Fact: People are so unaware... well, Ignorance is bliss I guess... that would explain my depression." He was aware of certain things about the world that others were oblivious to. This sounds like what a person being targeted by gang-stalking, mind-control, or any other related secret government activities would tend to say. He goes on to complain that he doesn’t fit in, and that he thinks everyone is conspiring against him. Sound familiar? He wrote about having feelings for certain girls, but would then go on to list his faults as reasons why these girls would never love him back. He wanted affection and he felt that nobody ever noticed him. His loneliness was building to rage. According to a note he wrote in Harris’ school yearbook the prior year (1998), he said, “My wrath for January’s incident will be godlike.” This seems to be a allusion to his arrest incident with Harris after breaking into a van. Something happened during that arrest that enraged Klebold tremendously. People don’t get enraged at the cops for getting caught at something they were guilty of. The police had done something to Klebold to get him so mad. They were into making films, and in one of these, Klebold is acting out a part where he is angrily telling someone that they will never touch kids again after he’s done with him. Was this related to the January incident? There is also a video from this time period of Klebold sitting in the school cafeteria and someone is teasing him that he just got ‘jacked in the ass’.

A strange opening to Klebold’s journal: “AH yes, this is me writing... just writing, nobody technically did anything, just i felt like throwing out my thoughts.” What is strange is the allusion to somebody ‘technically doing something’, as though perhaps someone could turn on one of his compartmentalized alternate personalities to get him to express certain thoughts. He goes on to say, “I wonder how/when i got so fucked up... my mind, existence, problem - when Dylan Benet Klebold got covered up by this entity containing Dylan's body.” This hints of mind-control. He also adds further on, “i lack the true human nature that Dylan owned, & they [other people] lack the overdeveloped mind/imagination/knowledge [that he felt he had] tool” He speaks of himself here in the second person, as someone who has had their natural human character removed and replaced by a new mind with greater powers of observation and extended knowledge in certain matters. This reflects something that occurs in certain mind-control programs, where victims are given heightened mental/physical abilities, or at least are convinced that they have been. Both Harris and Klebold believed that they were mentally superior to most people. The Montauk Project was directly related to enhancing human capabilities.

Another interesting comment Klebold wrote the day before the shooting: “It's interesting, when i'm in my human form, knowing i'm going to die.” What did he mean by ‘when I’m in my human form’? This may be another indication that mind-control was used on him, perhaps to alter his perception of death.

How does a kid who is mind-controlled and knows it but can’t speak about it directly (because of certain safeguards put into the programming) cry for help? How does a kid who knows what they are programmed to do in the very near future try to warn other people or get help with what they are facing, even if it’s at a subconscious level? In the case of Dylan Klebold, this very issue may have been on his mind when, just a few weeks before the shooting, he turned in an essay to his English teacher that outlined the very sequence of events that he and Harris were going to enact, written in all its gory detail. As any target of gang-stalking or mind-control should know very well, openly speaking out about these things that are happening to them just turns people away in disbelief. His essay was so shocking that his teacher wanted to talk to him before grading it. She reported it to his parents and guidance councilor as well, but it wasn’t enough to do anything about the message that Klebold was sending. Klebold was the softer of the two boys, having filled his journal with pictures of love hearts, where Harris filled his with combat soldiers carrying and shooting guns. Klebold would have been the one to show signs of weakness in his programming. Interestingly, according to the authorities, Klebold wiped his computer hard-drive just before the rampage, but Harris didn’t. What evidence did Klebold remove, and why?

There are possible ties to satanic cults here as well. Rumors have circulated that the people that Harris and Klebold were involved with both in and outside of school – who called themselves the Trenchcoat Mafia – were a cultish group that had homosexual undertones, and were apparently infiltrated by at least one intelligence agent. As I explain in my book, Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control: The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks, closet homosexuality is very likely being used within some gang-stalking groups to keep members in line through the threat of blackmail. Of course, it goes deeper than this, and the homosexual aspect is a ritual of initiation into the darker activities that lead into mind-control programs, and satanic activities are known to be engaged in throughout the military/intelligence community where mind-control projects are involved. If the Trenchcoat Mafia was infiltrated by the CIA or some other clandestine government group, then it’s very likely that these rumors of homosexuality and/or satanic involvement are accurate, and go a long way to explain the situation that led to the Columbine massacre, and the apparent unspoken knowledge that many other kids had regarding the plans of Harris and Klebold.

Let’s not forget another highly publicized and equally strange event with satanic undertones that occurred two and a half years previously in the same general area – the murder of JonBonet Ramsey and her father’s ties to child pornography through his company, Access Graphics. And let’s not ignore the very satanic depictions ornamenting the new Denver International Airport, which is known now to have a vast ‘secret’ underground facility on site, and is built in the shape of a giant swastika. The connections to satanism in the greater Denver area are HUGE.

When then Vice-President Al Gore and a number of other high-ranking government officials attended a memorial for the victims of the Columbine shooting a few days after the fatal event, they were wearing black trenchcoats, of all things. This wasn’t just a slap in the face of the victim’s families, it was a signal to anyone who knew anything to keep their mouths shut, given the power that these officials have to eliminate anyone that needs to be eliminated.

In a videotape that Harris and Klebold made a few weeks before their crime (about the same time that Klebold wrote his essay), the two boys continually stated that they were working alone. Why would they say that? Were they told to, to divert attention from the possibility of accomplices? They also mentioned that other shootings that were going on around the country (Springfield, Oregon, Jonesboro, Arkansas, West Paducah, Kentucky, and Pearl, Mississippi) were copies of their own yet-to-occur crime. How could they say they were being copied unless there was some prior knowledge of these boy’s plans? It seems to me that what they were saying was that these other shootings were orchestrated by the same parties that orchestrated theirs, but that theirs was the main project of these parties.

Something about mind-control victims of the sort we’re discussing here is their love/hate relationship with their controllers, where they’ve been programmed to have a very strong attachment to the very person who is hurting them mentally and physically. Without a safeguard in place, these victims could easily blow up in their controller’s face and kill them instead of the intended victims. This causes extremes in feelings where the natural instinct is to kill their tormentors, but these natural feelings are redirected through the programming so that they are to be redirected into whatever operation they are assigned.

In regards to who would have been responsible for mind-controlling these two boys and orchestrating them to act as they did, these two kids were probably well aware of the eventual totalitarian police state that they were helping to usher in, and this is reflected in their anger as it’s expressed in their writings. They were angry at their controllers, and by extension, every person in the world who was stupid enough to have allowed society to get to the point it has. They were going to do the next best thing to killing those they really wanted to but couldn’t – their controllers. And their suicides were the only possible release from their torment, so they glorified in planning it for over a year! They knew what they were going to do, they knew they couldn’t do anything to stop the programming that had been put into them, and so they looked at their final act as an end worth reaching. They couldn’t divert from the program, so they relished it because after it was over they could lay to rest for eternity.

Littleton is the home of certain lucrative corporations with heavy ties to the military/intelligence community. One of these corporations is Lockheed-Martin, who at the time was employing over 10,000 local residents in building unmanned rockets, satellite systems, and telecommunications technologies. They are also very heavily involved in covert military projects. Lockheed-Martin owns a company called Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado, which was being run by John Ramsey, the father of JonBenet Ramsey, at the time of his daughter’s murder.

In the months leading up to the shooting, Harris and Klebold began skipping out and falling asleep in class. Why were they missing sleep? Their journals weren’t being written in during this period either.

Many students who saw Harris or Klebold in the days, hours, and minutes before the shootings started said that they both looked and acted totally normal. No signs that anything was wrong.

Some of Klebold’s friends noticed a change in him over time, particularly in the last few weeks and days.

Harris told classmates about having recurring dreams of shooting and killing students and teachers and then blowing up the school. Certain mind-control technologies involve manipulating dream sequences and inserting programming during sleep. It's also possible that buried programming was surfacing in his dreams. 

Someone witnessed Harris in the local jail the night before the shootings. What was he doing there? Was he picked up so that he could be triggered?

After the shootings, many students were afraid because there were still other accomplices at the school. Very little information is available on the group called the Trenchcoat Mafia, but certain of their members may have been the accomplices.

Some students claim to have seen bodies in the hallway and three on the stairs, which were not included in the final body count. The initial body count was 25 and went down to 15. Who were these people?

One student said that membership in the Trenchcoat Mafia involved “strange sexual things”.

Most of the school faculty seem to have been mysteriously absent from the scene at the time of the shootings.

Harris and Klebold had a set of keys to the school.

Harris mentions the word ‘Delta’ in his writings, and might have been an allusion to Delta teams, which are mind-controlled assassination teams. It may also have been in reference to the Delta-T antennas used in Montauk-type mind-control technologies.

Rachel Scott, who was one of the students killed in the shootings, ominously wrote in her diary weeks earlier, "I'm dying, I consider it homicide. The world you have created for me has led to my death. They see these words as divine prophecy, proof that God has a plan for Rachel...” Was she also involved in certain mind-control programs?

Columbine school faculty were known to favor the school’s athletes, and would always look the other way when these athletes picked on, humiliated, or assaulted other students. Students and parents who reported such abuse to the faculty were treated as though they were the problem, rather than the abusive athletes. Harris and Klebold received a large part of that abuse, but were part of a larger group of ‘outcasts’.

A Chronology of the Truth

I went through a great deal of material on the Columbine shootings, and noted a number of interesting pieces of information that witnesses reported or which have otherwise come to light regarding this incident. Much of this information has been ignored by the official investigators. 

1) The Harris family lived on the Plattsburgh Air Force Base in New York State for at least four years, where Eric’s father Wayne Harris, who had been in the military all his life, was involved in clandestine military/intelligence projects. Plattsburgh AFB is known to be used for mind-control programs, some of which are linked to Montauk on nearby Long Island.

2) Plattsburgh AFB ‘officially’ closed in 1994, but certain secret operations there continued.

3) Eric Harris complained to a friend in Plattsburgh about being used in government experiments while living there.

4) Harris’ family moved from Plattsburgh Air Force Base to Littleton, Colorado in 1996. The majority of residents in Littleton are employed by Lockheed-Martin, the largest defense contractor in the world and a front company for military/intelligence black projects.

5) At some point after this, Harris and Klebold became friends. Later on, they started hanging around with a group from school called the Trenchcoat Mafia. This group has ties to Neo-Nazism, Goth subculture, and satanism.

6) In the 1990s, Columbine High School added a class called ‘Death Education’ to its curriculum. Even though this class had led at least one student to commit suicide, it remained on the curriculum.

7) Two years before the shooting, a previous student was involved in making a film at school about trenchcoat-clad killers who blow up the school. This student was none other than the son of Wayne Fuselier, who was the lead FBI investigator on the Columbine case and a prior member of an elite squad known as the Crisis Management Unit.

8) The Trenchcoat Mafia was formed by a man named Joe Stair two years before the shootings.

9) Dylan Klebold started his journal on March 31, 1997. By November, he was writing about going on a killing spree.

10) The year before the shootings, Harris and Klebold made their own film about a similar school rampage.

11) On January 30, 1998, Harris and Klebold were arrested for breaking into a van. Part of Harris’ conditions were to see a psychologist, who prescribed Luvox. Although they both pled guilty and finished the conditions of their sentence early, Klebold expressed rage in his journal over this incident. There were later indications that Klebold had been sodomized by the arresting officer.

12) Eric Harris started his journal on April 10, 1998. He wrote in it every few weeks until July 29, 1998, and then didn’t write again until November 23, 1998. At this point, he began writing in it about every week, until December 29, 1998. There were no entries again until April 3, 1999. The last entry was on this date.

13) A report was made to the police that Harris had posted threats against the life of another teenager, as well as information on how to make pipe bombs. The police failed to process a search warrant of Harris’ home, which would have turned up evidence of his and Klebold’s plans.

14) Only a few weeks before the shootings, Klebold turnsed in an essay that told the story of a school shooting that is very descriptive and violent. Parents and guidance counselors were notified but nothing further was done.

15) On April 15, 1999, four days before the Columbine shootings, another shooting took place at a library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

16) Two days before the shooting, on April 17, 1999, two camouflage-clad students with explosives were arrested at the nearby Ponoma High School in Littleton.

17) Two days before the shooting, strange electromagnetic phenomena was recorded in the greater Denver area. Recordings also show that the HAARP facility in Alaska had an intense spike only an hour or so before the shootings began. Weather in the area changed dramatically the night before the shootings.

18) For some reason, Harris was being held in the local jail the night before the shootings.

19) A suspicious looking teenager (not Harris or Klebold) was seen outside the school the night before the shootings.

20) At approximately 7:55 am, a passerby observeed five teenagers standing around a truck parked near the school. At least three of them were wearing black trenchcoats.

21) Harris and Klebold showed up at 8:30 am to go bowling with their morning class. Nothing seemsed out of the ordinary.

22) Hours before the shooting started, government officials were seen observing the school.

23) Somehow, over 60 pipe bombs in incendiary devices were carried into the school and planted in various locations without anyone noticing or later discovering them. Some of them were said to be booby-trapped.

24) An hour before the shootings started, the local hospital received a call on a government line and was warned that there was going to be a shooting.

25) About forty minutes before the shootings started, a pipe bomb exploded at another location about a mile from the school. At around the same time, about a block from the school, a construction worker saw four teenagers in a BMW (Harris’ car) meet up with two teenagers in a tan sedan and drive off.

26) Four people – Harris, Klebold, and two others – were seen carrying duffle bags into the cafeteria.

27) A number of witnesses saw a third gunman with Harris and Klebold when the shooting first started. This third gunman was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. He ordered Harris and Klebold to “Go! Go!” just before they started shooting. One witness identified this third gunman as Chris Morris, a friend of Harris and Klebold and a member of the Trenchcoat Mafia. A forth gunman was identified by a number of witnesses as Robert Perry, another member of the Trenchcoat Mafia. Another member who was identified by witnesses inside the school was Joe Stair.

28) As the shootings were just starting, three teenagers dressed in combat fatigues were stopped near the school. They were identified as Matthew Christianson, Matt Akard, and Jim Branetti, friends of Harris and Klebold and associated with the Trenchcoat Mafia. They were let go.

29) Two unidentified officers observed two other officers carrying a pipe bomb into the school.

30) Within minutes of the shootings, police and officials from a number of government agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, BATF, and NATO were on the scene. 615 officers from 27 agencies were reported to be on the scene.

31) Many witnesses on the scene observed a number of other gunmen besides Harris and Klebold. These other gunmen were wearing masks, while Harris and Klebold were not. One of these gunmen was observed being handcuffed and led away by police, four hours after the shootings.

32) Teams of psychiatrists and grief councelors were already prepared and on the scene almost immediately after the shootings started.

33) Students fleeing the area of the school were not stopped and checked by police. Any of them could have been accomplices. 

34) At 11:53 am, a police report was called in about a live bomb on the corner of Wadsworth and Chatfield streets.

35) At noon, a sharpshooter on the roof of a house next to the school had a clear shot on Klebold, but was ordered to hold fire.

36) At 12:08 am, Harris and Klebold were dead, apparently by suicide. However, Klebold, who was right-handed, died from a bullet to his left temple.

37) For some reason, SWAT teams waited for over three hours after Harris and Klebold were dead before entering the school. Fuselier, the head FBI investigator, spent all afternoon consoling students still inside the school.

38) While the shooting was going on, there was talk and rumors that incidents at other schools might take place.

39) At 1:04 pm, a local news reporter talked on the phone to a student (James) who was hiding alone in a classroom. The student stated that he could hear a lot of screaming and threats, but no gunshots. At 1:09 they talked again and he reported hearing gunshots and people running up and down the hall. A few minutes before 1:25, he reported that he just saw the gunmen, and described them as dressed in black trenchcoats and black masks.

40) A group of firefighters and a school janitor were both threatened with being shot by officers if they attempted to rescue students from the school.

41) Klebold’s father was observed being led away from the school and then sitting in an FBI van.

42) At 1:42 pm, three young men were arrested at gunpoint in nearby Clement Park. They were wearing black jackets, camouflage pants, and hats. They were known to be friends of Harris and Klebold. They were handcuffed and questioned. They revealed foreknowledge of the shooting. They were students of Ponoma High School, and were known to have been planning an attack on that school.

43) An unknown associate of Harris and Klebold who was observed at the scene of the shootings was videotaped exiting a white van at Harris’ house later the same day, accompanied by Harris’ father.

44) At 1:55 pm, three teenagers who were acting strange and nervous entered a nearby 7-11. One of them was wearing a trenchcoat.

45) At 2:47 pm, students were still escaping out of the school. They were frisked for possible weapons as they were taken to safety.

46) At 3:18 pm, a reporter stated that someone in a black shirt and blue jeans had just been arrested and was being led away from the school.

47) At 3:48 pm, Chris Morris, a member of the Trenchcoat Mafia, was taken away in handcuffs in a black sedan. He was dressed in black clothing.

48) At about this same time, there were reports of more shots being fired inside the school.

49) At approximately 4:00 pm, a SWAT team found a military grade explosive with a mercury switch inside the school. Knowledge of this was kept contained.

50) A fireman reported having been shown a photograph in which Harris could be seen laying dead, and his pants are missing.

51) The next evening, on April 21, a resident in nearby Aurora reported that a loud party was going on at the house next door in celebration of both the Columbine shooting and Hitler’s birthday.

52) Many students who saw more than two gunmen refused to go back to school because they believed that other shooters were fellow students attending their school.

53) At a memorial service conducted in Littleton on April 24, 1999, Vice President Al Gore and a number of other government officials attended, all wearing the symbolic black trenchcoats. There was a heavy armed military presence as well.

54) The parents of Eric Harris demanded criminal immunity before they would agree to talk to investigators.

55) A week after the Columbine shootings, Ponoma High School was evacuated after receiving a phony bomb threat.

56) All but one of the witnesses (Chris Wisher) were successfully coerced by investigators into changing their statements to say that Harris and Klebold were the sole perpetrators.

57) Some of the victim’s families were threatened in phone calls and intimidated by youths in trenchcoats outside their home. One injured student received death threats while in the hospital.

58) Investigators clamped down on all information regarding the case for months, while at the same time allowing the media to continue to promote false facts.

59) On April 22, 1999, two students at Manchester High School were charged with planning an attack on their school. A 14 year-old student at R. E. Lee High School was arrested for planning a similar attack. Two students of Douglas County High School were arrested for making a bomb threat against their school.

60) On April 23, 1999, threats were made to Bellaire High School in Bellaire, Michigan, and were attributed to the Trenchcoat Mafia.

61) On April 25, 1999, five teenagers in Wimberly, Texas were arrested for planning an attack on their school.

62) On May 8, 1999, four students from Adams High School, thirty miles from Columbine, were arrested for planning an attack on their school.

63) On May 14, 1999, a student at a Denver high school threatened to blow up the school.

64) On May 20, 1999, there was a school shooting in Conyers, Georgia.

65) On July 10, 1999, possible key witness Cory Hager was killed in a car crash.

66) Video footage from inside the school’s cafeteria was released by investigators after the summer, but appeared to have been altered to hide the identity of one of the gunmen.

67) On October 22, 1999, a mother of witness to more than two shooters committed suicide in a gun shop.

68) On February 15, 2000, two teenagers (friends of Dylan Klebold) were shot and killed at a local Subway shop. There were no signs of a robbery and the surveillance tapes were missing.

69) A year after the shootings, investigators still hadn’t released their final report, and were being very guarded with information. The case was still ongoing at this point. Why? 

70) On May 4, 2000, key witness Greg Barnes committed suicide.

71) On September 14, 2007, Joe Stair, founding member of the Trenchcoat Mafia, was the victim of a bizarre hanging.

I believe that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were mind-controlled, having trauma-induced multiple personalities, one of which was a suicide alter, called an Omega. Omegas take over when the mind-control programming starts to break down, and is put in to assure that nothing about the programming is ever exposed. It’s very possible that Harris’ programming was coming undone, or he and Klebold were on their prescribed mission, which terminated with the Omega programming.