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They Would Be Gods - 62 - Ancient Geomancy and Rare Elements



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

62: Ancient Geomancy and Rare Elements

Geomancy is a science that involves the detection and utilization of natural Earth energies. Although water dowsing is the most commonly known form of this science, it extends beyond the capability of just locating water sources, and can be used to detect virtually anything within a given geological area, such as oil and mineral deposits, people, or virtually anything else. In ancient times, it was used to locate natural power points on the Earth’s surface where ley lines converged. These points were considered sacred sites, and as we have seen, in ancient times large standing stones and stone circles were erected at these places both to mark their location and to enhance the conduction and concentration of these energies. These locations have been used as places of worship throughout human history, and have always been chosen as sites for the construction of temples, churches, and cathedrals.

In China, we see a form of geomancy used in the art of feng shui, where the placement and orientation of a house or other man-made structure is decided only after careful study of the natural geography of the chosen area. Like all energies, the energies of the Earth have both positive and negative attributes, and so the harmony of a structure depended on choosing a location and alignment that offered the flow of positive energies. The Chinese called this energy ‘chi’, but is also known as ‘vril’ and ‘prana’. The subtle energy that Reichenbach, Reich, and others have discovered in the past was undoubtedly this same energy.

These natural energies were found to run in meandering lines across the land, their paths affected by natural geological formations and obstacles. These energies were found to be especially strong at rock outcroppings, flowing springs, and at the base of certain trees such as evergreens and old oaks.

The energies that early geomancers traced along ley lines with their dowsing rods or pendulums were known to have certain properties that were beneficial to both mind and body, and have been claimed to enhance psychic abilities, amplifying the power of visions and dreams, as well as offering greater curative powers. The places where large standing stones were erected to concentrate these energies were found to be places where vegetation grew exceptionally well. It has been noted time and time again that these sites affect one’s mood quite strongly, and people who are naturally very sensitive can easily pick up on this factor, making these people natural geomancers.

Points where Earth energies are very strong are often seen to give off a strange shimmering glow that rises from the ground. The blue corona discharge that is sometimes seen over the Andes mountains is one example of this. This same glowing energy can sometimes also be seen near ground level in shaded forests.

Advanced forms of geomancy will allow a person to locate specific people and objects. These advanced forms often incorporate the use of a map and a pendulum, using the pendulum to pinpoint on the map, through lines of triangulation, the location of the desired target. A great deal of research into this form of geomancy has been conducted by Itzhak Bentov, and his research is covered in his book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum.

Certain scientists in the nineteenth century were discovering that the Earth could be tapped and its energies used to provide electrical power. Nathan B. Stubblefield was one of these scientists, and created a number of inventions that utilized this natural Earth energy to allow for long-distance telephonic communications through the ground without the need for any sort of external power source or connecting wires. His designs were very simple and gave loud and clear vocal signals. Specifically located metallic plates buried in the ground were able to act as relay amplifiers that enhanced the signal strength of his telephonic system.

It has been noted by researchers that this Earth energy is dissimilar to ordinary electricity. It does not fan out through the ground like ordinary electricity, but rather threads its way in a more random pattern from point to point, as we see with ley lines. Also, where ordinary electricity dissipates over distance, this Earth energy has been found to actually grow in strength along its course. It also shows a marked increase in strength over time.

With the use of rheostatic tuners and capacitors, this energy was able to be fine-tuned for a variety of beneficial applications, including improved crop yields, better health, and greater mental and emotional states.

By driving a bare iron rod into the ground and touching it with a wetted hand, energy hotspots can be located where the rod gives off a noticeably mild electrical sensation. A good location will reportedly provide a constant current for weeks at a time. The key to using this Earth energy lies in finding the right hotspot. Sometimes, wet soil reverses the strength of this energy.

What are known as ‘earth batteries’ have been designed by Stubblefield and others, which can continuously produce electrical energy. A number of these connected in series are able to provide even greater amounts of power. Often, they require up to a week or more to charge before any noticeable power can be drawn from them, but the level of electrical power achieved can be of commercial volumes, able to continuously power heavy-duty appliances for a very long time.

It is believed by some – including Baron von Reichenbach, Nikola Tesla, and Wilhelm Reich – that this Earth energy is absorbed from the Sun, and is therefore being constantly replenished and will never run out.

There is a possible relationship between Earth energies and certain very rare elements that have reportedly been discovered from time to time throughout history. These rare substances, some of which are also mentioned in another chapter of this book, are said to actually radiate a bright light – in some cases as bright as or brighter than the sun. Whatever the power is within these substances that makes them radiate so brightly, it’s likely to be something that occurs through the Earth’s natural processes. These substances are perhaps absorbers of photons that have penetrated deep within the Earth, and have become trapped by the strong electromagnetic and gravitational forces that occur near the Earth’s core where these substances are formed. When they are brought to the surface, the photons are no longer trapped by such forces, and might slowly dissipate in a manner that is similar to how radioactive substances dissipate their energies.

Dr. Henry Thomas Moray, an American inventor in the early twentieth century, travelled to Sweden in 1911 and, while there, happened to discover a strange silvery-white mineral, both in crystalline and powder form, which he began to experiment with. He found that this mineral had strange electrical properties, amplifying the signals on a crystal radio set to the point of destroying headsets with an extremely strong current. Through his continued experiments, Moray came to believe that the Earth’s natural electrical properties were somehow the result of such minerals. He theorized that such minerals modified more fundamental energies within the Earth, and electrical charge was one of the effects of this. With his small supply of this Swedish mineral, Moray was able to develop a number of experiments that allowed household appliances to run on the electrical energy produced by it, and his numerous demonstrations in front of qualified engineers left them no less than awe-struck. Unlike ordinary electrical sources, however, his device allowed appliances such as incandescent lights to run cold, producing no heat. Many other strange characteristics were noted as well. In time, Moray was able to produce up to fifty kilowatts of continuous power from one of his later devices that incorporated the mysterious Swedish mineral in its design. A patent application for such a device was made in 1931 (#550611).

Something peculiar about the nature of Moray’s experiments with the strange substance was that the electrical current it produced required that there was a ground connection to the devices that ran on its power. The deeper the grounding rod was sunk into the Earth, the higher the power output would be. He came to believe that the power was released by the bombardment of a certain type of cosmic ray, creating some sort of photonuclear process in the mineral. Whatever this cosmic energy was that elicited the electrical current from this white mineral, it would have to be able to easily penetrate through solid objects, meaning that it would have an extremely low vibrational frequency. Moray’s devices always required preliminary ‘tuning’ before they would start to work, and this may have been necessary to adjust their mechanisms to the very delicate frequency of the energy involved.

Since earlier scientists such as Reichenbach and Reich have determined certain characteristics of the subtle Earth energies they were experimenting with – in particular that they seem to require saturation of a conducting medium before the energy builds up enough to be tapped – it makes sense that the strange mineral that Dr. Moray was experimenting with might be a natural converter of these subtle energies into more usable electrical energy, and the ground connection seems to have been necessary to continuously draw the subtle energies from the Earth, while the bombardment by certain cosmic rays (such as gamma rays) initiated its transformation into electrical current. This same process might be what is occurring, but to a much lesser degree, with other crystalline substances such as common quartz, which allow old-fashioned crystal radio sets to operate without any energy supply whatsoever. Crystals are known for their ability to amplify energy, and different types of crystal will amplify energy to different frequencies. The white mineral that Dr. Moray used was undoubtedly a very good energy amplifier.

Another remarkable discovery that Dr. Moray made with the strange Swedish mineral was that with it he was able to tune a radio receiver so that he could listen in on surrounding areas of the neighborhood. It was possible to sweep an entire area with a single turn of the dial. Again, the ground connection was significant, but in this case, it seems to have been the conduit for the signals as well as for the power source. In 1950, this device was further developed in a top secret government research project, never to see the light of day again. Dr. Moray also invented devices based on this white mineral that produced therapeutic rays, and devices that greatly increased gold yields in mine tailings.

In seeking to synthesize the strange white mineral that he possessed, Dr. Moray found it to consist primarily of ultra-pure germanium. Others have hypothesized that it was a rare variety of spodumene, a mineral found in Sweden that forms into giant white or pink crystals.

A similar mineral with similar energy producing properties was discovered by a man named Arthur L. Adams in Wales in 1950. This mineral, named Adamsite, produced high voltages of electricity when a wire was touched to it. When it was placed in water, the output power increased, and when it was removed, the water itself produced electrical power for some time. The British government seized this material and all of Adams’ research work, so that we don’t have the opportunity to learn more about this incredible substance.

When the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid was first entered after having been sealed up for millennia, a strange white powder was found in and around what was thought to be the king’s sarcophagus. It has been suggested by some that this white powder was the same substance that both Dr. Moray and Mr. Adams had separately discovered. If this is true, then the true purpose of the Great Pyramid becomes more apparent. The innermost crystalline granite and limestone blocks bearing the greater weight of this structure would give off a piezoelectric charge under this constant pressure, the energy being drawn from the Earth continuously and amplified by the properties inherent in the white powder. The design of the Grand Gallery might be explained as a tuning mechanism, operating similarly to Moray’s devices, which required special tuning to elicit their power.

Another chemical substance with purportedly unusual properties is a known as ‘Lapis Lingua’, a green corrosive product of copper. It is otherwise an uninteresting occurrence in nature, but for the fact that it is said to stimulate psychic transmission and reception by placing it over the endocrine glands. This information comes from Edgar Cayce, so it is up to the reader and their individual level of appreciation for this man’s abilities to determine for themselves whether to believe it. Cayce also suggests that it was used to transfer thoughts and energies into objects, and that its power is enhanced when this substance is encased in crystal.

The power of magnetism has mystified us since earliest times. Lodestones were the first natural magnets to be put to useful purposes, being a certain type of naturally occurring mineral rock that possesses magnetic properties.

Magnetism was a topic of interest to Hippocrates, and the Greek physician Galen was aware of its ability to aid in certain medical treatments. Avicenna, an Arabian physician and philosopher, and Ali Abbas, a Persian physician, both used magnets in treating patients at around 1000 AD. Paracelsus used magnets in medical treatments during the sixteenth century.

The Earth itself is a giant magnet, encased in a magnetic field that helps to protect us from cosmic radiation and solar flares, drawing harmful cosmic energies to Earth’s poles where it is absorbed, passing through the Earth and expelled from the opposite pole. The Aurora Borealis is believed to be an effect of this.

All life forms on this planet are affected by the Earth’s magnetic field. In fact, every organism has its own magnetic field as well, and is a sort of magnet in its own right, as is every cell in our bodies, and every particle that makes up matter. All of these things have their own magnetic fields which constitute a part of their overall make-up, and all of these smaller magnetic fields are affected by the greater field surrounding the Earth. The Earth’s magnetic field oscillates at about 7.0 to 7.5 Hz, which humans are naturally entrained to, meaning that our biological systems fall into natural resonance with it, and are similarly affected by alterations to it.

The Chinese discovered thousands of years ago that the human body is affected by the positive and negative forces of a subtle energy that they refer to as chi, which is divided into the yin and yang forces. The practice of acupuncture is based on their understanding of this energy and its natural interactions with the human body.

Our hands are similar to the poles of a magnet, with one being an attractor of energy while the other an emitter. The tradition of wearing a wedding ring as a bond of one’s love and devotion to another originates with the belief that each finger absorbs or emits subtle energies, and such a ring helps to withhold certain energies of attraction that would otherwise disrupt the sanctity of the union between two people. The hands are certainly significant in psychic healing techniques, being the major points of energy transfer between the healer and patient.

Experiments have shown that when the north pole of a bar magnet (between 50 and 100 gauss) is placed against the center of the forehead for no more than ten minutes a day, psychic functioning improves, and memory retention and recall is enhanced.

Experimental research on subtle energies suggests that a magnetic vector lies between subtle energy and electric energy, and that this vector is required for subtle energy to manifest physical effects. The other side of this is to suggest that this vector is required for mental intention to affect subtle energy.

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