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They Would Be Gods - 10 - The Nazi Factor



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

10: The Nazi Factor

Although most of the details of Byrd’s expeditions have remained classified as top secret to this day, the little that is known about them lends much support to the possibility that Hitler and some of his top men may have actually escaped the allied forces on the night before Germany surrendered, heading for Antarctica in two U-boats (U-530 and U-977) crammed with documents, supplies, and secret technology. These two U-boats had left Germany the night before Germany’s defeat and then virtually disappeared, until three months later when they surrendered off the coast of Argentina, having only a skeleton crew on board. Where had these two U-boats been for the past three months, and why was there only a skeleton crew on board?

Hitler’s plan was that the Nazis would build a new nation and erect the Fourth Reich, a continuation of his master plan to create a race of genetically superior humans who would live in a utopian society. It’s believed that in anticipation of the possibility that they might lose the war, the Nazis began to establish a secret stronghold in Antarctica early on, with its own army of soldiers, teams of scientists and technicians, and a large population of slaves to use as a labor force. The Nazis certainly had the capability to build such a stronghold in relatively short order, given the number of underground facilities that were found to have been constructed in utter secrecy throughout Germany either before or during the war. All of this is further supported by the fact that the Nazis had already surveyed and laid claim to a large portion of the Antarctic continent before the war in 1938. Could it be that Hitler had discovered a temperate and ice-free area at the South Pole, or perhaps even an entrance into the Earth?

It should be pointed out that during the war, Hitler had sent an expedition to the North Pole, supposedly to search for the mythical land of Scandinavian legend, Ultima Thule, which he and his inner circle believed to actually exist somewhere in the northern climes, populated by a superior race of Aryan-blooded peoples. Hitler and his closest followers were quite serious about their occult pursuits, and were not at all ignorant of the fact that the ancient mystery schools held deep occult secrets. The Nazi Party had actually formed out of the Thule Society, of which Hitler and a number of his closest men were members as far back as World War I, when Hitler was a soldier in the German Army. His interest in this occultic organization intensified in 1919 when he met Dietrich Eckart, a man within its inner circle who molded Hitler and made him into the persona that we’ve come to recognize as the maniacal dictator of World War II Germany. The land of Thule was a central aspect of the Nazi ideology, and they may have learned that such a land actually exists, and incorporated this knowledge into their beliefs. Could Thule lie within the interior of the Earth, and could knowledge of this have been one of the most guarded secrets that the ancient mystery schools possessed? We may never find out the truth of this, but a fair amount of evidence seems to support the possibility.

Hitler and his most dedicated followers were deeply involved in practicing magic and exploring the occult, hoping to learn about and use any power that it might give them. In fact, under the direction of Heinrich Himmler, an arm of the SS called the Ahnenerbe (Ancestral Heritage Society) was set up for this reason, and employed forty-six experts, nineteen of which had PhDs. It was Himmler who actually had the deepest fascination with the idea of Thule, and was the most enthusiastic member of the Nazi Party regarding racial theories and the need to eliminate certain types of people.

Soon after seizing power in Germany, the Nazis began the systematic persecution of all occult groups, occult books were confiscated and destroyed, and all occult practices were banned. This wasn’t so much out of a desire to remove false belief systems from German society as it was to become the sole possessors of such occult knowledge. The Nazis are known to have undertaken a number of other pursuits towards this aim besides their expedition to the North Pole in search of Thule. Nazi expeditions were also sent to the Canary Islands to look for evidence of Atlantis, and to Tibet to establish contact with two groups of magi living under the Himalayas, known as the Order of Agarthi and the Order of Shamballah. Although the Order of Shamballah wasn’t willing to help the Nazis, the Order of Agarthi apparently was, and sent a party of adepts to Germany, where they were known as ‘The Society of Green Men’. These Tibetan magi were used in an attempt to aid the Nazis in the war through psychic means.

Hitler was greatly influenced early on by the writings of Karl Haushofer, who was the founder of another occult group called the Vril Society. This group sought to make contact with a race of subterranean beings who were supposed to hold ancient secrets regarding the land of Thule. Vril was a power that supposedly gave psychic abilities to this subterranean race.

The Nazis also made expeditions to the Giza plateau in Egypt, and elsewhere, searching after whatever occult knowledge they might find. The Nazis were also said to have come into possession of the famous Spear of Destiny – the spear that was used by the Roman centurion Gaius Cassius Longinus to pierce the body of Jesus while he hung on the cross, and which was believed to have certain powers. The legend goes that whoever possesses the spear and can solve its secrets has the destiny of the world in their hands. Although Hitler may have lost the war, the occult forces that he engaged in his evil pursuits may have helped the Nazi regime to a great extent nonetheless, and may have gone far beyond what we realize. Although the Nazis lost the war and have since faded from our conscience, they may still exist through their methods and ideologies, which have been passed on and incorporated into those of the American government, as we shall see.

Their scientific pursuits led the Nazis to developing some leading-edge technologies that seem to have far surpassed what any other nation was able to achieve at that time. Apart from the fuefighters that were encountered by allied pilots flying over Germany during the war, there is evidence to show that the Germans were building a number of piloted flying discs as well. This is evidenced by documentation that has since surfaced regarding the work of a man named Victor Schauberger, who had designed several models of these craft that operated on an electromagnetic power system and were able to be remotely controlled. The fuefighters were one of these designs.

If the fuefighters are an indication of an early stage in a progressive development of an advanced technology, as they seem to be, the later productions may have performed as well as UFOs are generally reported to do in witness accounts. When the Allies entered Germany at the war’s end, they divided the spoils between them, but no mention was ever made of these discs being found, nor of any documentation or plans for them. There are four possibilities regarding these Nazi flying discs: 1) they were just a false rumor, 2) they were all destroyed by the Nazis at the last moment, 3) they were all spurred away to Antarctica or elsewhere by the Nazis, or 4) one or more of the allied forces acquired them and has kept all knowledge of them secret right up to this day. Of the three allied forces, the Americans were the most likely recipients of any related technology. Of course, this technology may have gone to one of the other allied forces instead, or shared between them, since after the war there was an increase in reports of UFO sightings in America, Great Britain, and the former USSR. However, other countries were seeing them in their skies as well, so they could have originated from anywhere. Perhaps even Antarctica.

Interestingly, there has always been a greater number of UFO sightings in South America than anywhere else in the world, and they can be seen quite regularly in their skies. It’s known that a large number of Nazis (reportedly including the notorious Joseph Mengele) took up residence in South America before, during, and after the war, mostly in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil, and they have since established a large Nazi sub-culture there that thrives to this day. Argentina, occupying the majority of the southern horn of the South American continent, is very close to Antarctica – closer by far than any other landmass on Earth.

This gives some merit to the story that Hitler, or at least a number of his top men, were able to escape the Allies with their secret technologies and headed to more southerly regions at the end of the war. The connection between all of this and Hitler’s search for mystical lands and esoteric knowledge leads to the possibility that there was something in Antarctica of great interest to the Nazis that they had discovered and wanted to protect and take advantage of for themselves. It’s very likely that they had at least established a stronghold and continued developing their secret technologies there, if nothing else. But they may have also found something totally unexpected in these forgotten reaches of Earth, as Erasmus Darwin had hinted about: temperate and habitable lands, a lost civilization, a route into a hollow Earth, or perhaps all three.

There is one more aspect of all this that needs to be given attention to. If we look at the chronology of certain seemingly isolated events that were taking place in the years immediately after the war, they don’t seem to be so isolated any more. First, we have the Allies taking their spoils of war, which appears to have included certain secret technologies that involved antigravity and flying discs, and/or certain evidence of the whereabouts of such technologies. Next, we have the Americans secretly siphoning top Nazi scientists into their country through Operation Paperclip. Next, we have the surrender of two U-boats off the coast of Argentina three months after the war. Next, we have the first Byrd expedition to the South Pole, under the pretext of surveying the ice-covered continent, his strange statements afterwards, and his being silenced. Next, we have a sudden increase in UFO reports, beginning with the Kevin Arnold incident. Next, we have the Roswell incident immediately afterwards, with all the secrecy and cover-up that’s surrounded it even to this day. And finally, immediately after this we have the secret creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, which got an immediate injection of hard-core Nazis that had come over from Germany through Project Paperclip.

This is the point where these seemingly isolated events come full circle, and we can begin to see a meaningful chain of events and form a logical understanding of what might have been going on. Except for the increasing number of UFO sightings, all of these events were completely unknown to the public at the time. Whatever prizes might have been plundered from the Nazis, they were quickly contained deep within the shadows of government. So was any information they might have had on escaping Nazis, and their possible destination. When the two U-boats surrendered off the coast of Argentina, the Americans who interrogated its crew may have learned about the Antarctic base and decided to send Byrd to investigate. While these events were going on, development of the Nazi technologies were continued, either by the Americans, the Nazis in Antarctica, or both. At the same time, Nazi scientists were being siphoned into the US and put to work for the government, some of them undoubtedly helping with the Nazi technologies in the American’s possession. These Paperclip Nazis were probably able to offer the Americans further information about the escaped Nazis and the Antarctic base. When, within only a few years after the war, flying discs began to be seen with increasing frequency in American skies, it becomes clear that the Nazi technologies had become fully developed, by one party or the other. The first hard evidence that the escaped Nazis had such technologies may have been the Roswell disc, or this may have been the crash of an American development of Nazi technologies, or it may have actually been of extraterrestrial origin. This incident seems to have led to the US government creating the CIA and putting the most knowledgeable people available on Nazi matters – the Paperclip Nazis – within their ranks.

Although the Roswell incident has always centered around the assumption that the retrieved craft and occupants were extraterrestrial in origin, this assumption may have been purposely promoted as disinformation to hide a somewhat different situation that had just been discovered not long before. There is a possibility that the Roswell craft didn’t come from outer space, but from Antarctica, and had been captured from the Nazis, either in Germany or in Antarctica. It’s much more plausible that the increase in UFO sightings are signs of secret terrestrial developments than they are a sudden extraterrestrial presence. There is even documentary evidence that has since arisen to show that they may have been produced from the designs of Schauberger, and the Americans secretly followed the paper trail to these craft immediately after the war, when they first learned the full extent of Hitler’s efforts. It may very well be that Byrd brought back a captured craft from his first expedition to the Antarctic, and it had been on an experimental test flight when it crashed near Roswell in July of 1947.

It should be noted that there have been reports of other retrievals of crashed UFOs prior to and around the same time as the Roswell incident. As early as 1939, the Germans reportedly retrieved a crashed disc, and others are said to have been retrieved, including one in Spitzbergen, Sweden; one in Aztec, New Mexico; one in Magdalena, New Mexico; and one in Laredo, Texas. Still others have been reported to have been retrieved since these as well. Perhaps the Germans didn’t develop UFO technology on their own, but whatever the case, it seems that they already had this technology by the end of World War II.

But there’s more to the events that have unfolded that need to be taken into consideration. On July 19th, 1952, the White House was buzzed by seven UFOs, and again exactly one week later. This event is confirmed by both newspaper reports from the time and from government documentation. Only a few months after these events, a new US intelligence organ was secretly created that took precedence over the CIA: the National Security Agency. Then, on the night of February 20th, 1954, UFOs reportedly landed at Muroc-Edwards Air Force Base in California, where the UFO operators are said to have met with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower to begin negotiating a treaty (known as the Grenada Treaty). A second meeting is said to have occurred soon after at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Whether these meetings actually took place is still uncertain, but the chronology of these events is interesting, to say the least.

Perhaps the first Byrd expedition really did go to the North Pole, and it had something to do with what the Nazis had been searching for. No matter which pole Admiral Byrd actually explored in 1946, and whether he was chasing after Nazis or was really just on a regular survey mission, he may have discovered a previously unknown land that could be reached by entering through a miles-wide opening into the Earth that led into its interior.

The often bizarre research and experimentation that the Nazi scientists were engaged in during the war may have included both flying saucer technology and genetic manipulation. By the end of the war they may have reached a point where they had developed UFO craft like those that were suddenly being seen worldwide soon after the war. Their genetic research may have reached a point where they were able to create a sentient creature that is clearly not human, such as the ‘gray alien’ commonly associated with the UFO enigma, as well as perhaps other variations of sentient creatures that are sometimes seen in connection with these craft.

What has been discussed in this section lends support to the possibility that what we’re dealing with in regards to this alien presence may be of a terrestrial nature – whether human or otherwise – but there is other evidence to suggest that this is not the case, and it may be that a non-earthly race came here long ago and seeded this planet before eventually disappearing out of sight. They may have even created other intelligent creatures that are not entirely human, as we shall see further on.

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