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They Would Be Gods - 61 - Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

61: Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal does not age, corrode, erode, decay, or change in any way over time. Pure quartz crystal is one of the hardest substances on Earth, only slightly softer than diamond. Some types of quartz have piezoelectric properties, making them very useful in electronics and other applications. For instance, they have a positive and negative polarity, and if you apply pressure to a crystal, it will generate electricity. If you apply an electric charge to this type of quartz, it actually changes its shape without affecting its mass or density.

Piezoelectric quartz is environmentally stable, being highly resistant to changes in the environment, particularly of a chemical nature. It is resistant physically, chemically, and temperately.

Piezoelectric quartz is anisotropic in nature, which means that all of its properties, other than mass, are different in every direction. In the case of its electrical properties, its precise orientation is defined by its X-Y axis, which means that it can carry an electric current, but only in six particular directions relative to this X-Y axis. In any other direction, it acts as an insulator.

Quartz crystal also has an optical axis, which means that light travels more quickly in one direction through it than another. When you shine polarized light at such a crystal, not only does it pass along the optical axis quicker than in other directions, but the crystal actually rotates that light as it moves along the axis.

Piezoelectric quartz can function as an excellent oscillator or resonator. If a thin slice of crystal is cut parallel to its electronic axis and subjected to an alternating current, the crystal can be made to vibrate. The dimensions of the cut crystal are such that it will vibrate most strongly at the AC frequency that most closely corresponds to its own natural frequency. At this frequency, the mechanical motion of the crystal will reinforce the AC voltage. This means that such a crystal has the ability to hold electrical energy under control and to oscillate at a constant and precise frequency. This makes this type of quartz invaluable to modern electronics, offering the high precision in timing required in many of our technologies.

A piece of quartz crystal is capable of storing information, just as with a silicon crystal chip used in computers. It is believed by some that the ability to store and retrieve information from a piece of piezoelectric quartz crystal is possible through the use of the human body and mind, and that such crystal has the ability to affect our state of consciousness. This effect can bring our own subconscious or unconscious thoughts into full conscious awareness, boosting vague intuitions and recovering forgotten knowledge from the distant past.

Quartz crystals are also believed to have healing properties. This idea is based on the fact that both the human body and natural quartz are constantly emitting and receiving electromagnetic signals from the environment. When we come into contact with piezoelectric quartz, the energy we produce is transmitted to the quartz. The crystal then begins to oscillate and amplify the signal, re-broadcasting it back into the atmosphere, where it is picked up again by the human body. The energy effectively becomes stronger and clearer. Such an effect, however, will only occur when the crystal is first activated by a source of electrical energy – in this case, the human body and mind. The most effective way to energize a crystal is to touch or hold it, causing the crystal to react by vibrating at a frequency that’s harmonic to the body and brain. Our body and subconscious mind can pick up information from the crystal, although we’re not consciously aware of much of the information received.

The hypothalamus seems to be the area of the brain that is involved here. The hypothalamus plays an important part in regulating the functioning of the electro-chemical processes of the body. It is influenced by the slightest electrical impulse, and is capable of receiving the energies emitted by such a crystal. This interaction with quartz can help to balance the neuro-endocrine system and promote health. The natural amplifying qualities of quartz crystal also help to boost communication between the cells of the body.

David Hatcher Childress reports that piezoelectric quartz crystals placed in series will bend when put under high voltage, and when this occurs they are said to actually lose weight to the point of becoming weightless. This means that they can effectively overcome gravitational force, and this could explain both the manner in which the great megalithic stones were moved and placed so accurately, as well as the means by which some UFOs operate.

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