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They Would Be Gods - 71 - Planet X and the Coming New World Order



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

71: Planet X and the Coming New World Order

In considering the ancient legends of different cultures and what they describe as having happened in our prehistoric times, we might write them off as mere myths if there were no reason to believe that they might reflect actual events. However, the evidence we have so far discussed tends to support these legends as being more or less accurate depictions of the truth, and it’s only our current understandings that are distorted, whether purposeful or not. We’ve seen that there are many unanswered questions that our current scientific understandings can’t account for, and it’s only a matter of re-examining the past in the light of what we know today that will allow us to answer some of these unresolved questions.

Is there any further evidence to support the truth of these legends? In particular, is there anything to indicate what might have been the cause of planetary cataclysms that so suddenly destroyed the great civilizations of prehistory? We know that the Earth has gone through a number of ice ages and polar shifts, and that at times land masses have both risen and fallen drastically over a short period of time, but our scientists are still uncertain as to what caused any of this.

In The Return of Planet-X by Jaysen Q. Rand, a well reasoned and incredibly eye-opening understanding of so many anomalies and mysteries regarding our past is brought further to light, revealing the possible cause of these cataclysmic events, and shows that we may be about to face them again in the very near future.

As Rand and other authors point out, the legends and physical remains of so many different cultures of the past reveal the same thing – that cataclysmic events of global proportions have struck this planet in the past, and will undoubtedly occur again. These events can very reasonably be assumed to be the result of ‘Planet X’, a hitherto unknown planet in our solar system that is believed to orbit our Sun on a highly elliptical course and is figured to have an extremely long orbit of approximately thirty-six hundred Earth years as it slowly circles around our Sun.

The Mayan calendar, which marks the end of an age on December 21st, 2012, may synchronize with the timetable of Planet X. The Sumerian texts describe this planet and its orbital characteristics in some detail. They called this planet ‘Nibiru’, and claimed that it was the home planet of the ancient gods. In the New Testament, what appears to be a celestial object is referred to as ‘Wormwood’ in Revelations 8:10-11: And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

The Sumerian texts suggest to us that the planet Nibiru, the home of the ancient gods, is what caused the biblical Flood event, due to its intense gravitational and electromagnetic affects as it passed near to our planet. As we saw earlier, this or a similar Flood event was also recorded in the Sumerian Kings List as an event that occurred while the gods were reigning on Earth as kings. These texts also state that the gods left Earth to avoid this cataclysm, and returned again once it was over.

It should also be noted at this point that the incredibly long thirty-six hundred year orbit of Nibiru, where the ancient gods originated from, makes some sense, in light of the fact that the Sumerian Kings List shows that these gods lived and ruled here on Earth for equally incredibly long periods. If one orbit of Planet X around our sun equals one year in the life of these gods, then they might very well have the extreme longevity that the Sumerians claimed. Up until the point where the Kings List records a Flood event, these reigning periods of the gods were almost always multiples of thirty-six hundred Earth years, signifying that the beginning and ending of each reign were marked by Nibiru’s close passing.

According to Rand, this planet should have begun to have its initial effect on Earth at around September of 2009 as it approaches on its course, and is to continue its possible devastation after it circles around the Sun and passes the Earth again as it begins to head back towards the outer solar system in 2012. As of this writing, we have experienced an increasing number of major natural catastrophes, including earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, and adverse weather conditions, and 2012 is not very far away. Even if Rand is off on his calculations, and Planet X doesn’t cause very noticeable effects when it first passes by, it may still do so on its journey back to the outer reaches of the solar system. It may not even arrive as early as he suggests, and there is a strong possibility that the increasingly unusual weather patterns we’ve been experiencing of late are being artificially influenced by those who would desire such catastrophic events to occur in order to initiate the final stage of their secret agenda.

Due to otherwise unexplainable perturbations in the orbits of the outer planets of our solar system, such a celestial object has been suspected to exist for some time by a number of leading astronomers and mathematicians, including Joseph L. Brady, G. Forbes, T. Gugril, Dr. Charles Moses, W. Peck, Dr. William H. Pickering, and J. J. See.

In 1982, NASA announced that they had detected a mysterious object far out in our solar system, but little has been said about it since then. This object must have been very large for them to have even detected it from so far away, and it’s very probable that they have continued to keep track of it ever since they first spotted it. This would allow them to determine its speed and trajectory, which would allow them to calculate how near it might come to Earth and how much disruption it could be expected to cause on our planet depending on how close it comes.

There hasn’t been total silence about this matter, however. Various reports regarding such an object have been made over the years, including the following:

  • Astronomy magazine, December, 1981 – First revealed that astronomers were preparing to search the outer solar system for an elusive planet, which they thought may be two to five times the size of Earth, and which they presumed would have a plane of orbit around the Sun that is tilted in respect to those of the other planets in our solar system. What spurred them to look for such an object in the first place? Could they have been specifically looking for the planet Nibiru?
  • New York Times, June 9, 1982 (?)[1] – Announced the discovery of an unknown gravitational force that was causing perturbations in the orbits of the outermost planets Neptune and Uranus. The article stated that in 1982 (?) NASA officially recognized that a mysterious object was out there, and that they spotted it a year later using IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite).
  • New York Times, June 19, 1982 – Announced that NASA’s Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft may help them to understand more about a mysterious object that is believed to be roaming on the outer edges of our solar system and causing perturbations in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus.
  • Newsweek magazine, June 28, 1982 – Revealed that a ‘dark companion’, either a brown dwarf, a neutron star, or a tenth planet, is thought to be causing the perturbations of Uranus and Neptune in their orbits.
  • New York Times, Jan. 30, 1983 – Again stated that something with a strong gravitational force seemed to be tugging at Neptune and Uranus, and suggested that it is a tenth planet.
  • Washington Post, 1983 – Announced that a celestial object that may be a part of our solar system had been found in the direction of the constellation Orion. The article stated that it was not known if it was a planet, giant comet, or a proto-star, and speculated that it may be moving towards Earth.
  • US News & World Report, Sept. 10, 1984 – Stated that IRAS detected heat from a celestial object about fifty billion miles away, and suggested that this is what’s tugging at Uranus and Neptune.

After the Sept. 10, 1984 article, all further mention of this discovery ceased and an official wall of silence ensued, although several information leaks have since occurred (proving that the government can’t keep secrets). Dr. John Anderson, who worked with NASA’s Pioneer spacecraft project, made one such leak soon after. He confirmed to reporters that he believed a large celestial object was orbiting our Sun, and was probably traveling in an elongated ellipse, nearly at right angles to the other planet’s plane of orbit. Then, in the 1987 edition of New Science and Innovation Encyclopedia, a diagram was accidentally published that clearly showed both Pioneer 10 and 11 triangulating a fix on a tenth planet.

If this newly discovered object had not been any threat to us, we would surely have been told more about it since it was first discovered, but since we haven’t, we can only suspect what the people at NASA might know but aren’t telling us.

By continually tracking this mystery object over a period of time, scientists would have been able to calculate to a very accurate approximation its course and speed, and, if it is nearing Earth, the estimated time of its impending arrival. This means that they would know the exact amount of time we/they have to prepare for its effects, if any, when it passes. If this object did not appear to be a threat to us, then we would be told about it. However, we have not heard anything further, and so we can only conclude that if it is real, then we’re about to face a very grave situation on this planet that even our leaders and scientists may not be able to effectively deal with.

Understanding the truth about Planet X’s approach makes clear so many things that are otherwise not understandable, or are at least misunderstood. Given the facts I have related in these pages, it appears that the major governments and power elite of this world have obviously known for a while now what lies ahead for us, and have been keeping it secret from the public because there seems to be little that they can do for the greater population on the eve of this impending situation, other than to see that we don’t panic and create further problems. What they’ve apparently decided to do is to attempt to secure the safety and protection of a select few, and they seem to have been secretly preparing to for this eventuality for some years now. This has been going on since at least the time that Planet X was first detected in 1982, but perhaps began even earlier. The secret underground bases that are reported to exist in the US and elsewhere around the world are undoubtedly a part of their plan to save a select segment of the population, with the intent that they will ride out the intensely destructive force of Planet X’s near passage. The rest of us are apparently doomed to facing the worst of the coming upheavals on our own and without any official warning or assistance whatsoever.

We can see signs of this coming event even now. Extreme weather conditions are on the increase, and these are as likely to be the early electromagnetic effects of Planet X’s approach as they are the effects of man’s increasing pollution and other environmental destruction. That global warming from man’s destructive habits is being blamed for these increasingly violent weather conditions is merely a scapegoat being fed to the public to cover Planet X’s approach. This explains why those with the power to do something about global warming have just sat on their hands and done as little as possible, and have allowed the situation to get progressively worse.

It must be realized that preparations for the elite’s own survival requires an increase in the production of consumer goods to stockpile whatever is necessary for the survival of as many people as they plan to save for as long as they expect they might have to support them. This suggests that instead of easing current production and applying time and money to formulating cleaner methods to be used in industry, they may be attempting to rape the Earth of all its resources as fast as they can for their projected needs. They know that attempting to fix the supposed global warming problem would be a futile effort anyway if a global cataclysm is about to occur.

Of course, this isn’t to say that man’s destruction of the Earth through our careless activities isn’t real. We’re certainly destroying this planet with our increasingly reckless actions and consumer lifestyles. Those who are aware of what is coming understand that there’s no sense in worrying about such manmade destruction, and instead are attempting to take advantage of the time they have remaining by encouraging industrial activities in those areas that provide the resources that will be needed for the survival of a select few. They are therefore raping the planet and the ignorant masses at ever increasing rates in order to prepare for this event, and they’re not telling us the truth about what’s going to happen perhaps within only a few short years.

Knowledge of the cyclic return of Planet X, which has been recorded in ancient legends and supported by the archeological record, has been purposely covered up or otherwise heavily downplayed. This is testimony to our government’s knowledge of what is once again about to take place. By suppressing this knowledge from the public, and providing the false belief that global warming is causing the increasing effects we see from this approaching cosmic threat, they’ve been able to divert our attention from the truth, and in this way have removed any pressure on themselves to take greater responsibility in preparing for the safety and survival of more of us. Perhaps, in the final analysis, it’s only reasonable to only attempt to preserve the best of what they have to carry on into the aftermath, and to keep silent about the coming events out of a need to preserve the public peace, but their actions are no less suspicious.

Instead of increasing the population’s desire for the trivial products of consumerism and instilling a thirst for the finer things in life, which effectively increases their own resources and ability to prepare, they should instead be directing us in ways that we might prepare for our own individual survival. Instead of us putting our money and efforts to a coming period of extreme hardships that we might be able to better survive if we’re informed early enough, they mislead us and keep us ignorant of the truth so that most of us are not likely to survive at all. They have undoubtedly already made plans for what the world will be like after Planet X has done its damage and they begin to build civilization anew, and they’re now merely waiting for Planet X to pass and literally ‘clean the slate’ before they implement those plans. Even if Planet X and its ensuing devastation doesn’t materialize, there are other contingency plans that are ready to be implemented, assuring that most of the world’s population perishes. Whichever the case, this will be the final stage of their plans to bring in a totalitarian New World Order.

Plans and preparations for enacting martial law and taking over control of government by military forces have been underway since at least the 1960’s, when Operation Garden Plot and Operation Cable Splicer were carried out in the US. These government operations, which began the training of various civilian, police, and military groups in everything from crowd control to covert paramilitary tactics, are supported and made legal through a number of Presidential Executive Orders that have been passed since then. In reviewing these Executive Orders as they’ve come out over the years, it becomes very clear that they’ve been specifically designed for an eventuality of drastic proportions. But more than that, they spell out how the general population will be stripped of all of their rights and all of their property, how they will be relocated and assigned work duties, etc. Essentially, they outline how the US – and other countries – will be turned into a (perhaps global) totalitarian fascist dictatorship.

This may sound like a far-fetched conclusion, and perhaps it is, but other steps that are being taken by those in power must be considered as well.

We already see an extreme increase in the aggression and intimidative tactics used by the police and military against innocent people. We also see less effort made by the police in serving and protecting the civilian population against crime, and an increase in covertly gathering intelligence on them instead. Both individually and as a group, the police and military forces have come to reflect fascist ideals more and more as the years go by. The size and power of police forces has increased steadily and dramatically at the same time, and although they credit themselves with being so effectual in eliminating crime, the evidence clearly shows that this is anything but the truth. The ‘War on Drugs’, for instance, has had no positive effect whatsoever on illicit drug use or their availability, as we can all see, and by all appearances has been nothing more than a covert takeover of the illicit drug market, starting with the major cartels and ending with very well organized street gangs who now handle the distribution of these drugs on our streets. Police have also been given the ability to create and manage gangs of informants who can legally conduct criminal activities for the police. This is ongoing, and has dangerous implications.

The secret above-ground internment camps that reportedly sit empty and waiting for occupation in the middle of nowhere throughout the US and perhaps in other countries, suddenly make sense. During the first phases of Planet X’s approach, when its destructive effects become extreme enough that social order is greatly disrupted, there will be increasing chaos among the population and the disorder will only incur ever-rising crime rates, suffering, and demands for assistance and answers. To alleviate some of this during the final moments of preparation, police and military will round up those who might pose a threat to these secret preparations and these people will be placed in these internment camps. The main priority at the current time seems to be to keep the masses unaware of the government’s prior knowledge and of their preparations for their own safety at the expense of the public body. The longer that they can keep people in ignorance while they prepare for themselves, the more time and resources they can secure for their own survival needs.

In considering the construction of underground bases for the survival of at least some of our population, it needs to be realized that the effects of Planet X may cause such devastation that large regions of our planet will be completely changed, and what are now oceans could become landmasses, and our current landmasses could be covered by oceans. This means that those underground bases that are being constructed might very possibly end up being covered over by hundreds of feet of ocean water, trapping their inhabitants. Even the fact that these bases are reportedly connected by a series of tunnels that traverse the continent may not be an effective means of escape in such a situation. When extreme tectonic shifting occurs, as it surely could, these tunnels may become utterly useless, and the underground bases may become underwater tombs. This would be a fitting end for such selfish deceivers.

These underground bases will have been built in areas where the bedrock is very thick and unlikely to easily fracture or buckle under intense geological activity, far away from fault lines. The desert areas of California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico are ideal locations for building such bases, and a number of them are known to exist there. A large underground base is heavily rumored to exist beneath Dulce, New Mexico, where humans and extraterrestrial aliens are said to be working together in conducting certain genetic research of a very disturbing nature. From these stories, this base seems to be connected to the waves of cattle mutilations that have occurred all across North America since the 1960s, and which have continued to mystify investigators as to what the purpose of these mutilations really are. The rumors about what goes on at the Dulce base are so outrageously unbelievable that they might just have a lot more truth to them than most people would ever believe.

The increasing numbers of sightings of UFOs over the years should not be ignored in respect to all of this, either. The major governments of the world certainly have secret technologies that are quite far ahead of what we might conceive of as even existing, and these technologies are undoubtedly being secretly researched and developed for the purpose of using them to survive the coming cataclysms and in establishing a new civilization that will be more to their liking.

There are certainly going to be those within the power elite who are not entirely convinced that underground bases will be enough to protect them from the events that will take place, and the alternative of leaving our planet altogether during the period of these destructive events is a very possible scenario as well. What we see in our skies from time to time may be visitors from somewhere other than Earth, but they may also be the secret developments of our own governments who are pursuing whatever means possible to escape the coming disaster by temporarily or even permanently moving off-planet. Therefore, we must seriously consider that at least some of these UFOs that are seen more and more often are in fact the development of secret terrestrial technologies that will be used by certain of the elite to escape the events that are soon to take place.

That these UFOs incorporate highly unusual advanced technologies is obvious, and although what exactly these technologies are capable of is uncertain, from what has been witnessed in our skies over the years, we can see that they are becoming more and more sophisticated. Where only relatively small saucer-shaped craft were once observed, we now hear reports of gigantic triangular craft that are up to a mile or more in length and width, and could conceivably house and transport a very large number of people and needed supplies to an off-planet location for as long as might be necessary. These sighted craft, both large and small, are apparently able to defeat gravity, and probably electromagnetic forces as well, which means that they would not be much affected by the proximity of Planet X as it comes into the vicinity of Earth.

All of the government secrecy and cover-up surrounding the UFO enigma is important to consider in relation to the coming cataclysms. The confusion about where these UFOs might be coming from, and the wide-scale belief that they’re of extraterrestrial origin, as well as the extreme ridicule that this idea often encourages from otherwise intelligent people, may be a purposeful ploy to misdirect public attention from the truth. That the US government has purposely misled the public regarding the reality of these objects is inarguable and has been well documented. The idea that UFOs and their operators are alien to Earth has been played up in the media, whether intentionally or not, and this has had a direct effect on the growing acceptance of the fact that an alien invasion might be very possible, and could have even already occurred at some point in the recent past without the public knowing. Believing that an alien invasion could occur would serve to distract the public from the deeper truth about the increase in UFO sightings as the elite make their final preparations for the last stage of their agenda. They may be using these craft to transport as many supplies off-planet as possible, and will continue this right up until the last possible moment, when they will gather those who have been the most loyal and submissive followers and whisk them away to various remote sanctuaries where they will live very comfortably while the remainder of the human race perishes.

Those who believe that an alien invasion could occur in the near future will tend to believe it more strongly when further UFO events begin to take place, as they are now. On the other hand, those who don’t believe that an alien invasion is likely to occur anytime soon will tend to believe that sightings of UFOs are nothing more than secret military projects or misidentifications of known objects. This effectively hides the reality of their secret earthly development and the real intentions behind that development. With one part of the population thinking in terms of an alien invasion, and the other part refusing to consider that anything at all is behind these sightings and that these craft don’t really exist, the alien group that has masterminded all of this is free to continue in making its secret preparations for what is intended to take place in the near future, whether through natural causes or not so natural causes, whatever is necessary.

The evidence of greater and greater degrees of crime and violence, the continued unconscionable destruction of the environment, the mad drive to increase economic spending on more and more mindless consumer products and services, the increasing natural disasters and the ineffective response to them, the increasing government spending on secret ‘black projects’ that the public rarely ever hears about or sees the results of, the creeping militaristic  attitudes of our governments, the planning of a global government system, etc., all support the case for the Planet X/alien invasion scenario that I’m outlining here. Our governments have undoubtedly known what’s in store for us since at least the 1980’s, when they would have been able to determine through their observations and calculations whether we would be faced with major calamities, and the specific time frame they would occur in. The world has changed much for the worse in the last thirty years since Planet X was first officially discovered, more so than most people seem to realize or are willing to admit. Considering the apparent lack of effort being made to solve world problems and their steady increase, in spite of the greater ability to do so, it can only be concluded that these problems are no longer of any real importance to those in power. Instead, the power elite are now only concerned with preparing for their own survival and letting the rest of us – even compelling us by various means – to give them reason to act as though we aren’t worth saving, considering our increasingly mindless activities. The increasing chaos and decadence that’s spreading through society serves to divert public attention away from the secret preparations being made, while at the same time excusing those in power from any sense of guilt or remorse for abandoning us.

At the beginning of this writing it was mentioned that the Planet X scenario helps to explain so many anomalous mysteries, and what mysteries these are should be pointed out, at least to make the point clear. For instance, there is a great deal of evidence to show that advanced prehistoric civilizations existed prior to our own earliest known civilizations of Sumer, Akkadia, Assyria, and Babylon. As we’ve seen, mysterious evidence of theses ancient civilizations lays scattered all across the globe, but remains mostly uninvestigated and the greatest monuments are instead kept secure from curiosity-seekers and independent investigators who might otherwise learn something from them that might expose the greater truth of our past. Also, other archeological finds that would reveal a far longer history of humans on this planet have been purposely hidden and suppressed by the very authorities that we trust in. Even within the Bible, there is evidence of our true past that has been misinterpreted in order to hide the fact that our origins and history are much different than we commonly understand. All of this knowledge has been covered up by certain false beliefs that science has been founded on.

The high degree of knowledge and interest in astronomy that the ancients held, revealed in structures such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, and Machu Picchu, is testimony to the ancient peoples’ awareness of Planet X and its devastating cyclic effects on our planet. This ancient knowledge of astronomy has been played down by the authorities, and these structures have been explained away as little more than agricultural calendars used for the purposes of knowing when to plant and sow crops. This, of course, is utterly short-sighted, as anyone with any intelligence can plainly see when they don’t immediately accept the reasoning of authority as absolute truth. As we’ve already seen, there is very good reason why authority would lie. There is no reason to build such large and solidly standing structures that obviously required skills that even modern-day technologies are unable to achieve, simply to know when the best time for planting or harvesting crops might be. Modern day farmers need no such things, so why would our ancient ancestors?

Also, the extremely stable construction of these ancient megaliths need to be taken into account. Built out of gigantic stone blocks in a manner that has withstood the ravages of both geophysical disturbances and the wearing of time, these structures are a lasting testament to the ancient’s knowledge of cyclic cataclysms that regularly occur.

Such knowledge of Planet X and its previous destructive effects on our planet has even been preserved in ancient legends and texts from disparate cultures and civilizations that existed during our earliest times. When the knowledge held by these different cultures are taken as a whole, it cannot so easily be claimed that these legends, originating from completely separate and isolated cultures, are just elaborate fantasies stemming from primitive minds. The odds are too great for that to be the case. These legends seem more likely to have originated from a singular source. There are just too many correlations between them to for it to be otherwise.

The Miracle at Fatima, witnessed by thousands of people over the period of time that it occurred, may have been a warning of these coming cataclysms. The failure to reveal the message to the public at the appointed time, and the murder of a Pope who was about to reveal it, suggest the purposeful suppression of this message by a hidden hand.

The evidence that the entire scenario that is being disclosed here is real is abundant enough to leave little doubt in the minds of those who consider enough of it logically and carefully. The idea that our governments would keep us in ignorance while using their position and the resources that belong to all of us to save themselves is very hard to swallow. Nonetheless, it’s important to consider this, at least as a possibility. At the same time, it’s also important to consider such secret plans and preparations in the event that Planet X does not cause extensive planetary calamities, and instead results in little or no disruption to our lives at all. What would those in power do, if after all of their careful preparations, Planet X failed to cause anywhere near the amount of devastation that might otherwise occur? They have spent trillions of dollars already and have put a great deal of time and effort into their secret preparations, and if Planet X fails to cause the damage that they predict, all of this would be wasted. Of course, they understand this possibility and obviously have a contingency plan of some sort to fall back on. In such an event, a number of possible situations might be purposely created that will cause equivalent worldwide chaos and death, so that humankind is almost completely wiped out and those few who survive are at the complete mercy of those in control.

The power elite have known about Planet X since at least 1982, but it’s more likely that they have known about it since the very beginning of our earliest history. By all appearances, knowledge of Planet X and its recurring devastating effects on our planet has been one of the most guarded secrets that was held by the early mystery schools, and which has since been preserved and closely guarded by certain of the later emerging esoteric groups.

To understand why this knowledge would be purposely kept secret, it first needs to be realized that our true history as a human race goes back much further than we commonly understand, and that advanced civilizations have existed on Earth before us, and have undoubtedly experienced the devastating effects of planetary cycles, and a few have been able to survive through the event, helped by their foreknowledge of what was to occur. This explains the apparent obsession with astronomy in ancient times. Any developed civilization that had experienced a global cataclysm and knew that it would eventually happen again would want to take measures for their descendants to be better prepared the next time it did. Having lost virtually all of the advancements of their once great civilization, the knowledge of Planet X would be vitally important to the ruling parties, and although later generations of would eventually forget this knowledge or relegate it to myth, the ruling elite would not. As this older civilization was redeveloped and power structures were rebuilt, those who held that knowledge would want to safeguard it, knowing that there would be a repeat of such destructive events in the future, and this knowledge might offer them some hope of preserving their greatness. This makes it advantageous for them to keep the knowledge of Planet X a secret, particularly from others who might seek power for themselves. With such advance warning and proper preparations, a small surviving group can be better prepared to quickly retake control of the surviving masses immediately after the event with little or no contest, and to be in a position to demand complete subservience.

Think of what this means to those in power who currently seek to install a single world dictatorship. They know that their plans won’t be easily achieved without a great deal of force, but the devastating effects of Planet X, or the fear and paranoia surrounding an alien invasion, should either of them occur, would offer the perfect opportunity to implement their plans in the aftermath of such events. If they allow our current civilization to crumble while at the same time preserving for themselves much of the knowledge and technologies that we currently possess, the elite will be in such a position of superiority to anyone else who might survive that they would be able to take global control with virtually no resistance at all. At least as long as the terror and devastation is severe enough.

Since so much has been put into secret preparations for this coming event, those in power don’t want to be mistaken in the expected severity of Planet X’s effects as it passes Earth. If there isn’t enough devastation globally, the current power structures will continue, a lot of secret preparations will have been for naught, and immediate and total world control will not be so easily achieved. In order to assure that the coming devastation will be extreme enough, they have developed weather modification technologies such as HAARP, which has the potential to create extreme weather conditions over large areas, and may have already been used to create or otherwise influence many of the recent hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and other natural catastrophes that have been increasing in both regularity and strength over the past few decades. Similar technologies with equal capabilities to HAARP exist around the globe, and have very likely been set up using satellites as well. HAARP and other super technologies have the potential to drastically and even permanently affect the electromagnetic field that surrounds our planet. For instance, the HAARP technology that already exists is said to be capable of frying every single electrical device worldwide in a single blow by generating an electromagnetic pulse that’s strong enough to resonate around the entire planet. Any electronic component that hasn’t been specially protected will be permanently destroyed, possibly even vaporized, from such a sudden and extreme overload of power. This includes the electric power grids as well. These, and everything else that requires electricity to operate would suddenly be rendered inoperable. We would suddenly be left without any of the modern conveniences that we’ve come to depend on so much. Business and commerce would come to a complete standstill without the ability to access information that is now (not coincidentally) stored mostly in electronic format. Communications systems would be nonfunctioning, leaving many people isolated and out of reach of the rest of the world. Radio and television would be useless for receiving important news and announcements. Transportation would be reduced to horse, bicycle, or foot for most people, since virtually all modern motor vehicles now depend on electronics to run.

But an electromagnetic pulse of that magnitude would still not be enough to knock us all back to a stone-age existence, and we would be able to recover from it relatively quickly, although it would be costly and require a great deal of work. Therefore, further means will need to be used to facilitate other large-scale and seemingly natural disasters. Among the suppressed technologies that Nikola Tesla produced, was a small device that could cause earthquakes, even in places where they didn’t normally occur. Such technology is in the hands of the power elite, and could be implemented to whatever degree is necessary. Artificial earthquakes are therefore not out of the question.

Of course, without being sure what effects Planet X will have on our Earth, it would be hard to determine just how far to go with artificially induced disasters. If they go too far, there won’t be anyone or anything left to rule over but themselves. Therefore, it’s imperative that the elite have a good indication of what to expect when Planet X passes, and this is quite possible to determine if they’ve been able to acquire enough data on its mass, speed, and trajectory.

It should to be realized that if Planet X has a thirty-six hundred year orbit, then it has already made several passes since our earliest recorded history. If we calculate back from the forecasted date of 2012 for its next passing, we find that it would have passed our Earth at about 1588 BC and 5188 BC. Since we know that there were no Earth-shattering global cataclysms around these times and civilization continued on as before, then the same thing may happen again and we will not be affected too adversely. However, like all planets, each passing can be nearer or farther to other planets depending on their combined cyclic patterns, so Planet X may only come near enough to Earth to cause intense destruction once every so often. But as I stated earlier, the power elite, or this alien group that they ultimately work for, seem to be prepared with one or more contingency plans in case Planet X fails to wreck devastation here on Earth. By one means or another, they are determined to usher in a New World Order in a manner that will leave us at their utter mercy.

[1] Some of the dates Rand gives seem to be in error.

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