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CHRONOLOGY III -1961 to 1980

History of the Psychopathic Elite’s 
Development of Techno-Slavery

1961 Allen Frey, a biophysicist working for the Defense Intelligence Agency, reports using pulsed microwaves to cause intracerebral sounds.

1961 Michael Murphy and Richard Price establish a residential community in California's Big Sur area that will become the Esalen Institute. It will help to mid-wife much of what will come to be known as the ‘human-potential movement’, delving into all manner of psychological experimentation. Esalen will become a popular New Age center, where many of the people who will be significant to the 1960s counterculture will pass through.

1961 (August 8) Henry (Andrija) Puharich and Joseph Lawrence receive a patent (US Patent #2,995,633) described as a means for converting audible signals to electrical signals and conveying them to viable nerves of the facial system. These two men will be favorably named within the channeled communications published by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty in 1984 as the Ra Material or The Law of One, which will become one of the more popular doctrines within the New Age movement.

1961 – In a lecture to the California Medical School in San Francisco, sponsored by the US State Department, Aldous Huxley states:

There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.

(See online book, Terrorism and the Illuminati, by David Livingstone)

1961 (September) Andrija Puharich moves to Ossining, New York.

1961 (September 19) – The Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction. This is the first abduction case to be reported in the US. It will be publicized in the book, The Interrupted Journey, in 1966. The incident begins when the Hills are driving in an isolated part of the country at about 10:30 pm when Betty sees a bright light in the sky moving erratically and getting larger. After both of them look more closely at the object through binoculars and see that it isn’t a normal craft, they get in the car and drive on. As they drive, they watch the object as it seems to follow them, coming in and out of view in the mountainous area. It suddenly swoops down and forces them to stop the car in the middle of the highway. As it hovers silently less than 100 feet above the ground, Barney gets out of the car. He witnesses a number of humanoid figures looking out of a large window in the craft, and then one of them communicates to him and tells him to stay where he is and watch. According to Barney’s later recollections, the creatures are wearing glossy black uniforms and caps. Fearing that they are going to be captured, Barney jumps back in the car and they speed off. Soon after, they begin to hear a rhythmic beeping or buzzing sound. The car vibrates and a tingling sensation passes through them. Betty touches the metal on the passenger door expecting to feel an electric shock, but only feels the vibration. At this point in time they experience the onset of an altered state of consciousness that leaves their minds dulled. A second series of beeping or buzzing sounds eventually returns the couple to full consciousness. In the meantime, they have traveled 35 miles down the highway. They recall that they had made an unexpected turn and then encountered a roadblock and an orb in the sky during this period of altered consciousness.

The Hills arrive home at dawn, and both are feeling strange. They try to reconstruct the chronology of events from the night before, but from the point that they heard the buzzing sounds their memories are vague and fragmentary. Barney vaguely recalls having said “Oh no, not again!” when he first saw the craft in the sky.

Two days later, on September 21, Betty contacts Pease Air Force Base to report their UFO encounter, but withholds some of the details. On September 22, Major Paul W. Henderson telephones back for a more detailed interview. Henderson will conclude that this was a misidentified sighting and forward his report to Project Bluebook. Days later, Betty will find a book on UFOs at the library, written by retired Marine Corps Major Donald E. Keyhoe, who is also the head of NICAP, a civilian UFO research group. She writes to him a few days later and relates all of the details of the incident, stating that she and Barney are considering using hypnosis to help them recall the event better. At about this same time, Betty begins to have a series of very vivid dreams for five nights straight before they suddenly stop. On October 21, Walter N. Webb, an astronomer and NICAP member, is sent to meet with the Hills, and conducts a six-hour interview. Barney tells him that he has developed a mental block about certain parts of the event that he feels he doesn’t want to remember.

After this interview, Betty begins to write down the details of her dreams. In one of them, she and Barney encounter a roadblock and then men surround their car. She loses consciousness but struggles to regain it. She realizes that she is being forced by two small men to walk in a forest at night, and she sees Barney walking behind her, although he seemed to be in a trance or sleepwalking. The men wore matching uniforms, with military-style caps. They appeared nearly human but had a grayish pallor and bluish lips. In the dreams, they are led up a ramp into a disc-shaped metallic craft, and then they are separated and taken to separate rooms. Betty and the men with her are then joined by another man, who she describes as having a calm and pleasant demeanor, but with a less than perfect command of the English language. She undergoes an examination, and hair, fingernail, and skin flake samples are taken. Next, she has a long needle inserted into her navel, which causes pain. A wave of the examiner’s hand dispels the pain. After the examination, she is handed a book with rows of strange symbols on it that she is told she can keep. She asks where these people are from, and is shown a large star map on the wall. Finally, in the dream, the Hill’s are escorted from the craft, but a disagreement starts about letting Betty have the book, and it’s decided that it be taken back since she should forget the entire incident. The book is taken back and the Hills are returned to their car.

On November 25, 1962, the Hills will again be interviewed at length by NICAP members. This time the interviewers are C.D. Jackson and Robert E. Hohman. The two interviewers point out that, although the drive should have only taken about four hours, the Hills did not arrive at home until seven hours after their departure. A period of missing time is realized, and so hypnosis is suggested to retrieve the memories of whatever events took place. Barney is apprehensive, but agrees. Barney is seeing a psychiatrist, and asks him about hypnosis. He is referred to a Dr. Benjamin Simon of Boston. They will undergo their first hypnosis session on January 4, 1964, and the sessions will continue until June 6, 1964. Each of the Hills will undergo separate sessions and have amnesia reinstated, so as not to allow them to influence each other’s memories. Barney will recall memories similar to those of Betty’s dreams, in which he is also given a medical examination. Betty will also recall events similar to her dreams, but with notable differences. The capture and release, onboard technology, appearance of their captors, and general sequence of events were all different to her dream memories. However, both of the Hill’s hypnotic recalls will be quite similar. It should be noted that the similarities of hypnotic recall could reflect a scripted hypnotic memory given to both, while the dreams reflect a more accurate truth. Betty will also be given a post-hypnotic suggestion to draw the star map that she had seen, which she does. In the end, Dr. Simon will conclude that Barney’s recollections were influenced by Betty’s remembered dream experiences, but the Hills will both continue to believe that they had been abducted by the occupants of a UFO. They will not seek publicity outside of talking to friends and interested parties, but due to the extraordinary nature of their story, it will be picked up by a newspaper reporter and come to the attention of John G. Fuller, who will write the book, The Interrupted Journey, depicting the Hill’s experiences. The book will show a drawing of the star map that Betty drew, and a picture of an alien with wraparound eyes that Barney drew. This will be the first published depiction of an alien with wraparound eyes.

In 1968, a woman by the name of Marjorie Fish will create a three-dimensional representation of Betty Hill’s star map drawing in an attempt to discover what star system it might represent. She will use the 1969 Gliese Star Catalogue as a reference, and after studying thousands of possible points of perspective, will find that the map matches most closely to the Zeta Reticuli star formation.

(See files, The Pied Pipers of the CIA, by Philip Coppens; Betty and Barney Hill Abduction, at wikipedia)

1961 (November 22) - A declassified CIA document from this date:

22 November 1961
SUBJECT: Project MKULTRA, Subproject No.94

The purpose of this subproject is to provide a continuation of activities in selected species of animals. Miniaturized stimulating electrode implants in specific brain center areas will be utilized.

Initial biological work on techniques and brain locations essential to providing conditioning and control of animals has been completed. The feasibility of remote control of activities in several species of animals has been demonstrated. The present investigations are directed toward improvement of techniques and will provide a precise mapping of the useful brain centres in selected species. The ultimate objective of this research is to provide an understanding of the mechanisms involved in the directional control of animals and to provide a system suitable for (deleted word) application.

The word that has been deleted is undoubtedly ‘human’.

1961 – At about this time, Carl Franzoni goes into business selling breast pumps and penis enlargers out of Hollywood.

1961 – Planning for the ARPANET communications network begins.

1962 Andrija Puharich publishes Beyond Telepathy, in which he describes his research into psychic phenomena and offers his theories on the subject.

1962 Timothy Leary publishes a paper entitled How to Change Behavior. It is based on LSD experiments he conducted a year earlier at the Concord Correctional Facility in Concord, Massachusetts, which was funded by the Uris Brothers Foundation in New York City, under the auspices of Harvard University. In the paper, he explains what a powerful tool LSD is for changing ways of thinking and living.

(See online book, Operation Mind Control, by Walter Bowart)

1962 - LSD appears on American streets for the first time.

(See online file, Acid Daze – The Brotherhood of Eternal Love)

1962 Beginning this year, the Rand Corporation of Santa Monica, California begins a four-year experiment in LSD, peyote, and marijuana. According to a 1962 Rand Abstract, W.H. McGlothlin conducts a preparatory study on The Long-Lasting Effects of LSD on Certain Attitudes in Normals: An Experimental Proposal. The following year, McGlothlin will conduct a year-long experiment on thirty human guinea pigs, called Short-Term Effects of LSD on Anxiety, Attitudes and Performance. The study will conclude that LSD improves emotional attitudes and resolves anxiety problems.

(See book, The Aquarian Conspiracy, by Marilyn Ferguson)

1962 Helen Schucman and William Thetford co-author a paper entitled The Personality Theory of John Gittinger, which is published by the Human Ecology Fund, a CIA front.

1963 (August)Ken Kesey moves from his residence at Stanford University to La Honda, California, where he begins throwing parties he calls ‘Acid Tests’, which involve music (such as his favorite band, The Warlocks, later known as the Grateful Dead), black lights, fluorescent paint, strobes, and other ‘psychedelic’ effects, plus, of course, LSD.

(See online file, Ken Kesey, at wikipedia.com)

1962 (September) Helen Schucman co-authors a paper with David R. Saunders, which relates to Gittinger's Personality Assessment System (PAS). Saunders is involved in secret personality profiling investigations for MKULTRA. At this time, they also write a paper with William Thetford on Gittinger’s PAS. One of Schucman’s colleagues at Columbia University is a man named Herbert Spiegel, who is a recognized expert in hypnotism and brainwashing. Spiegel is teaching courses in hypnosis and is involved with the famous case of ‘Sybil’, an MPD victim. Because ‘Sybil’ is easily hypnotizable, he uses her for demonstration purposes in his classes.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1962 – Influenced largely by Aldous Huxley, the Esalen Institute is founded in Big Sur, California by Michael Murphy and Dick Price. It is an alternative educational center devoted to the exploration of what Aldous Huxley calls the “human potential”, the world of unrealized human capacities that lies beyond the imagination. Apart from its beautiful surroundings, Esalen will soon become known for its blend of East/West philosophies, its experiential/didactic workshops, and the steady influx of philosophers, psychologists, artists, and religious thinkers

1962 The first laser hologram of 3-D objects. These holograms produce images with clarity and realistic depth but require laser light to view the holographic image. Hologram technologies might explain many alleged UFO sightings.

1962 – At about this time, Vito Paulekas takes up residence at the famous Log Cabin in Laurel Canyon, while still maintaining his studio. This expansive residence will soon become a hang out and crash pad for members of his dance troupe, which consists mostly of promiscuous young girls. Anyone else needing a place to crash for the night will be welcome at the Log Cabin as well. Over the years, many future musical icons will pass through on their way to the top, stopping in to party, play music, and indulge in free sex with Vito’s young female dancers.

By this time, Vito’s dance troupe, consisting of about 35 people, is going to various Hollywood nightclubs a few nights a week to show off their unique dance styles while donning Szou’s equally unique fashion designs. These new dance styles and fashions will soon become symbolic of the newly arising psychedelic ‘hippie’ look, as much as will the new rock ‘n’ roll bands that the troupe will begin luring audiences to. The female dancers will inevitably be a big part of the attraction to these clubs early on – particularly in drawing Hollywood’s elite – and they will also help to popularize a number of fledgling rock bands that will go on to become world famous, including the Byrds, the Doors, Buffalo Springfield, etc. Many of the members of these early bands who will become big names come from military families. At this early point, however, they’re only dancing to local black R&B bands in clubs off Sunset Strip, since there are no clubs on Sunset Boulevard at this time and no white bands in Los Angeles.

1962 – 90% of homes in the USA have television sets.

1963 – A 350 page manual is prepared by the CIA on the subject of RHIC-EDOM (Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control – Electronic Dissolution of Memory) technology, in which it asserts that this technology has been mastered. RHIC-EDOM can remotely induce a hypnotic state in a person, deliver suggestions, and erase all memories and awareness of both the programming and the actions to be performed. Through electromagnetic bombardment, the human brain can be overloaded so that it stops operating for as long as the bombardment continues. During that time, awareness is lost, memory is distorted, and time-orientation is destroyed.

1963 – After ten years of silence, Albert K. Bender publishes his story, Flying Saucers and the Three Men, which describes his visit by three ‘Men in Black’ (MIBs).

1963 – Rock ‘n roll music is introduced to the world when the Beatles debut on TV in Great Britain.

1963 (November 22) John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald is named as the killer. Oswald will immediately claim that he is a patsy, but before he can say any more he will be killed by Jack Ruby. Evidence will later show that he couldn’t have shot the fatal bullet that killed Kennedy, and a major cover-up operation will allow the real perpetrators to forever remain a mystery. Before being killed by Ruby, Oswald will be visited by Dr. Louis Jolyin West, a leading MKULTRA mind-control doctor.

The main piece of evidence that could have led to the truth about who was behind this assassination plot – the Zapruder film – will be suppressed by the FBI. When it is finally released years later, it will be discovered to have been tampered with by changing the frame sequences so that the fatal shot will appear to have come from the opposite direction than it actually did. When they are put in their proper sequence, the film will show that the fatal shot came from the grassy knoll, where three hobos had been seen hanging around. These hobos will be picked up for questioning, and a photograph of them will reveal – years too late – that one of them is Howard Hunt, a CIA operative.

George Bush Sr. is in Dallas on this day, but he will later ‘forget’ this fact. In the month following the assassination, several FBI memoranda pertaining to Kennedy’s death are transmitted to a “Mr. George H. W. Bush, President of the Zapata Off-Shore Drilling Company, Houston, Texas” and to a “George Bush of the CIA”. Bush will claim not to be that George Bush.

One of the people that District Attorney Jim Garrison will subpoena for questioning during his investigation into the assassination will be ex-OSS officer Fred Crisman, who was involved in the Maury Island UFO incident in 1947.

In the three years following the assassination, 18 material witnesses will perish. In the time leading up to 1979, when the last of the Kennedy investigations will end, over 100 witnesses will have died. Interestingly, most of these deaths will coincide with one of the four main investigations.

1963 – At about this time, Carl Franzoni meets Vito Paulekas through an artist/body painter named Mary Mancini who works out of Vito’s studio. When Carl sees what Vito has going on he decides to give up his business selling breast pumps to join Vito’s dance troupe. He begins hanging around with Vito and his dance troupe and just watches for the first three to six months before actually taking part as a dancer.

1963 – At about this time, Robert DeGrimston (real name Robert Moore) and his soon-to-be wife Mary DeGrimston (real name Mary Ann MacLean), have been receiving advanced training at the Church of Scientology in London, England. While they are in the process of applying a form of hypnotherapy used in Scientology to ‘cure’ psychoses that have purportedly been incurred in past lives, Mary Ann begins channeling an entity that begins giving Robert instructions in ancient mysteries. In 1996 they will decide to leave Scientology and create their own therapy group called Compulsions Analysis, which will soon after be renamed to The Process Church of the Final Judgment. They will use the underlying methods applied in Scientology to create a cult that centers on apocalyptic beliefs and uses sex and fear as control mechanisms. During its existence they will seek ties with various counterculture icons, including Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, and Abbie Hoffman. Mary Ann will prove to be the real force behind this cult, with Robert acting as a mere figurehead. She is very authoritarian and has a deep interest in Nazi ideologies. Their anarchistic philosophies will be adopted by future serial killer Charles Manson, who will become one of their earliest acolytes and set up his own cult.

Within the larger organization of the Process Church, and at the cutting edge of the movement, smaller ‘families’ of Satanists called ‘Chingons’ will develop. To join a Chingon family, the Processan must enter a long period of satanic worship that reportedly includes blood rituals and sacrifice. Chingons formally convene twice each month (under a new moon and a full moon) under the supervision of a ‘Grand Chingon’ to summon the ancient pagan god who sponsors their particular family. The pagan god speaks to the group through one of the gathered cult members, who serve as a medium at the black mass. 

Robert DeGrimston is a former cavalry officer and the grandson of a British Vicar. MacLean, a one-time prostitute who was connected to the Profumo scandal, reportedly believes that she is the reincarnation of Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1963 Albert Hoffman at Sandoz Labs receives a letter from a scholar at Harvard requesting 25 kilograms of psilocybin for research purposes. Before the sales department at Sandoz is willing to act on this order for "the extraordinarily large quantity of psychedelic compounds," they ask the scholar to provide them with the necessary import license from US health authorities. He fails to provide it. Later Hofmann will comment on "the unrealistic manner with which the scholar handled this transaction [which] left the impression of a person unconcerned with the regulations of society." The scholar's name is Timothy Leary.

(See online book, Operation Mind Control, by Walter Bowart)

1963 The Brotherhood of Eternal Love is founded by Dr. Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert at Harvard University. This cult is very drug-oriented and will become involved in producing and supplying a variety of illicit drugs to America’s youth in the years ahead. Leary had been conducting a research project at the university to study psilocybin, which had been approved by Dr. Henry A. Murray, the same man who had recently conducted psychological mind-control experiments on Ted Kaczynski.

After being fired from his post at Harvard this same year as a result of experimenting with LSD, Leary moves onto the estate of a man named William Mellon Hitchcock (the grandson of the founder of Gulf Oil) in Millbrook, New York, where he will continue his drug experiments for several years before he (and his cult) moves to Laguna Beach, California, and begins spreading his message among American youth to “tune in, turn on, and drop out”. The Mellon family has extensive ties to the US intelligence community, as well as to Richard Helms, who will be Director of the CIA from 1966 to 1973.

By 1969, the Brotherhood will have become the largest supplier of hashish and LSD in the USA. One of Leary’s Brotherhood members will be Ronald Hadley Stark (who will join in that year, bringing along enough liquid LSD to produce up to 10 million doses), later identified as a CIA operative who had access to unlimited public funds and numerous high-level contacts in business and government throughout the world. Stark will be instrumental in funding and setting up the Brotherhood’s international drug smuggling/manufacturing enterprises. He will also be closely associated with the founders of The Process Church, Robert and Mary Ann DeGrimston.

1964 (January) – Sixteen-year-old Jim Morrison arrives in Los Angeles to start film school at UCLA.

1964 (January 15) – After visiting the Whisky à Go Go discotheque in Paris the year before, Elmer Valentine sells his shares in P.J.’s and opens the soon to be world-famous Whisky-A-Go-Go nightclub on Sunset Strip. He puts a girl DJ in a suspended glass cage who plays records between live acts, and hires ‘go-go dancers’ to act as eye-candy, dressed in what will become the trademark white boots and short fringed skirts. Johnny Rivers, who Elmer had noticed was drawing a following at other clubs, is offered a contract, making him the headlining act at the Whisky for the first year.

The novelty of rock 'n' roll on the Strip, plus the added novelty of Elmer’s go-go dancers, will soon attract both national media attention and Hollywood celebrities. The Whisky will quickly become the place to go for Hollywood swingers. Within months of the Whisky's debut, Life magazine will do a write up on it, Jack Paar will broadcast an episode of his weekly program from there, and Steve McQueen and Jayne Mansfield will install themselves as regulars. Future Manson Family member, Charles ‘Tex’ Watson, will also become a regular for a while. The Whisky will quickly become the most famous nightclub on Sunset Strip.

Elmer’s silent partners are Phil Tanzini, Shelly Davis, and attorney Theodore Flier. His secretary/booking agent is Gail Sloatman, Frank Zappa’s future wife. Gail comes from a long line of career Naval officers, including her father, who spent his life working on classified nuclear weapons research for the US Navy. Gail herself had once worked as a secretary for the Office of Naval Research and Development. As a child, she had attended the same Naval kindergarten as Jim Morrison, who also comes from a military family. Jim’s fledgling band the Doors will soon get a regular booking at the Whisky.

1964 – Almost overnight, new nightclubs begin opening up on Sunset Strip and a number of old ones that had died out begin to re-emerge. These clubs will give the first public appearances of fledgling bands like Love, the Doors, the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, the Turtles, the Mothers, and the Lovin’ Spoonful. But the main attraction early on will be Vito’s dance troupe of promiscuous young girls, rather than the new bands that are being featured.

Vito Paulekas’ dancers are a fixture on the Sunset Strip scene from the very moment that the new clubs open their doors to the public, and they are, by all accounts, treated like royalty by the club owners. As John Hartmann, proprietor of the Kaleidoscope Club, will later acknowledge, he “would let Vito and his dancers into the Kaleidoscope free every week because they attracted people. They were really hippies, and so we had to have them. They got in free pretty much everywhere they went. They blessed your joint. They validated you.”

Vito and their group of about thirty-five dancers are the first hippies in Hollywood, and apparently the first hippies anywhere. Calling themselves Freaks, they lived a semi-communal life and engaged in sex orgies and free-form dancing whenever they can. They will become more and more popular at the clubs as each club owner vies for their attendance.

1964 (February) The Beatles perform to American audiences for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show.

1964 Vito Paulekas offers his studio as rehearsal space for David Crosby’s fledgling rock band the Byrds. Soon after, the band is playing at Ciro’s on Sunset Strip, with Vito’s dance troupe (mostly promiscuous young girls) tagging along. Soon many of Hollywood’s finest are regularly attending as well.

1964 (May) – At about this time, Frank Zappa and Carl Franzoni first meet at Ben Frank's, a popular coffee shop and musician/freak hangout on Sunset Strip. At the time, Frank is playing in a local band called the Soul Giants.

1964 (June) Michael Aquino graduates from Santa Barbara High School in California.

1964 – An increase in reports of alien beings associated with UFOs. Also, numerous reports begin to be made of MIBs who attempt to scare and threaten UFO witnesses into silence. A number of UFO researchers (mostly those later to be discovered to have ties to the CIA) are promoting the idea that these MIBs are aliens posing as humans.

1964 MKULTRA purportedly closes down, but MKSEARCH takes over many of the more sensitive surviving projects. Studies are expanded to include telepathy, memory, and the effects of different electromagnetic frequencies on human subjects.

1964 – CIA Director Richard Helms states in a memo to the Warren Commission:

Cybernetics [or computer theory] can be used in the moulding of a child's character, the inculcation of knowledge and techniques, the amassing of experience, the establishment of social behaviour patterns all functions which can be summarised as control of the growth processes of the individual.

The wording of this memo suggests that this had already been successfully achieved, and that children were used in the experiments.

(See Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith)

1964 – By this year, the use of occult themes and rituals has become an accepted part of psychological warfare planning. The Special Operations Research Office (SORO) at the American University prepares a paper at the request of the US Army on Witchcraft, Sorcery, Magic and Other Psychological Phenomena and Their Implications on Military and Paramilitary Operations in the Congo. The paper is authored by James R. Price and Paul Jureidini.

1964 Augustus Owsley Stanley III begins manufacturing LSD.

1964 In the summer of this year, beat novelist Ken Kesey (author of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest) launches a yearlong cross-country trip in a Day-Glo painted school bus filled with friends called the ‘Merry Pranksters’. They will tour the country, distributing thousands of free doses of LSD along the way (and often without forewarning the receiving parties), building up local distribution connections, and establishing the pretext for a high volume of publicity on behalf of the still minuscule hippie ‘counterculture’. On a stop in New York, Kesey will be introduced to Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, who will introduce him to Timothy Leary. By 1967, the Kesey cult will have handed out enough LSD that a sizable drug population will have emerged, centered in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.

(See online file, Acid Daze – The Brotherhood of Eternal Love)

1964 (August) US warships under the command of US Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison allegedly come under attack while patrolling Vietnam’s Tonkin Gulf. This false flag event, subsequently dubbed the Tonkin Gulf Incident, will result in the immediate passing by US Congress of the obviously pre-drafted Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which will, in turn, quickly lead to the Vietnam War.

This same year, Admiral Morrison’s son Jim arrives in Los Angeles to attend UCLA’s film school. Jim, having no previous musical talent or experience, will soon drop out and become one of the biggest rock icons to emerge out of California’s Laurel Canyon area over the next few years.

Jim Morrison, growing up in a military family, has a few things in common with many other rock icons who will emerge out of Laurel Canyon in the next few years. As a child, he attended Naval kindergarten with Adelaide (Gail) Sloatman, the wife of Laurel Canyon resident Frank Zappa. Zappa’s father is a chemical warfare specialist who worked at both Edgewood Arsenal and Edwards AFB, where Zappa had spent his youth. His wife Gail comes from a long line of career Naval officers, and her father spent his life working on classified nuclear weapons research for the US Navy (she will tell an interviewer that she had “heard voices all [her] life”). Jim Morrison also attended the same Alexandria, Virginia high school as two other future Laurel Canyon luminaries – John Phillips and Cass Elliott of the Mamas and the Papas. Phillips is the son of a US Marine Corp Captain and spent his youth in a series of elite military prep schools in the Washington, DC area, culminating in an appointment to the prestigious US Naval Academy at Annapolis. David Crosby was another military brat who will emerge out of Laurel Canyon in the years ahead, his father having been a World War II military intelligence officer and whose family tree is deeply rooted in American politics all the way back to the founding fathers. Other people with military backgrounds becoming famous rock icons in the next few years include Gram Parsons, Joni Mitchell, Stephen Stills, Jimi Hendrix, etc. Jim Morrison will essentially arrive on the scene in Laurel Canyon as a fully developed rock star, complete with a backing band, stage persona, and an impressive collection of songs – enough, in fact, to fill the first few albums – and all of this in spite of the fact that Morrison had no previous interest in music. Morrison’s music will have a peculiarly mystical and hypnotic quality to it, and he will name his band, the Doors, after Aldous Huxley’s book, The Doors of Perception, which details the psychedelic experience of mescaline. Jim’s music will reflect his very close familiarity with the mind-expanding qualities of hallucinogenic drugs.

Hidden deep within Laurel Canyon is a top-secret military compound called Lookout Mountain Laboratory, which will not be publicly known about for decades to come. Built in 1941 as an air defense facility, it occupies two-and-a-half secluded acres of land surrounded by an electric fence. By 1947, the facility featured a fully operational and self-contained movie studio. With 100,000 square feet of floor space, it includes sound stages, screening rooms, film processing labs, editing facilities, an animation department, and climate-controlled film vaults. It also has underground parking, a helicopter pad and a bomb shelter. Over its lifetime, the studio produced classified motion pictures for the military. Officially, the facility was run by the US Air Force and did nothing more than process footage of atomic and nuclear bomb tests. However, it was clearly equipped to do far more than just process film. There are indications that Lookout Mountain Laboratory had an advanced research and development department that was on the cutting edge of new film technologies. Such technological advances as 3-D effects were apparently first developed at the Laurel Canyon site. Hollywood luminaries like John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Howard Hawks, Ronald Reagan, Bing Crosby, Walt Disney, and Marilyn Monroe were given clearance to work at the facility on undisclosed projects. The facility is still in operation when Laurel Canyon becomes the originating point for a great deal of musical talent that will seem to spring up out of nowhere in the next few years.

(See online book, Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, by David McGowan)

1964 (August 27) – Fifteen-year-old Edmund Kemper, who grew up with an abusive mother, kills both of his grandparents with .22 caliber rounds to the back of their heads. He will be convicted on December 6 of this same year, being found insane and sent by the California Youth Authority to Atascadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, where he will remain for five years. While there, he will develop a friendship with the chief psychologist and become his assistant. He will later state that it was at Atascadero that he first started having fantasies that led him to killing. He will be released in 1969, at which point he will engage in a series of gruesome murders in the Santa Cruz, California area.

Kemper’s father, Edmund Emil Kemper Jr., is a Special Forces operative whose specialty, according to his son, is suicide missions. He also spent two years working on the US atomic bomb testing program.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1964 (November) – At about this time, the legendary Ciro’s nightclub on Sunset Strip begins undergoing extensive renovations. Ciro’s was first opened in 1940 by Billy Wilkerson, an associate of mobster Bugsy Siegel. The upscale club had flourished for the first twenty years of its existence, with a clientele that regularly included Hollywood royalty and organized crime figures. Now it was about to become a rock ‘n’ roll venue where many future rock icons will be discovered. Interestingly, many of these future rock icons come from military families.

1965 (February) – At about this time, Augustus Owsley Stanley III, while working as the sound engineer for the Grateful Dead, begins producing and freely dispensing large quantities of LSD in California, causing a significant rise in the amount of LSD on the streets. Over the next two years, he will produce and distribute over one million doses. Stanley had previously been in the US Air Force (1956 – ?), where he specialized in electronics and radar. After his discharge, he worked for a short time at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he probably acquired his chemistry skills.

1965 (March) – The US military starts sending soldiers into Vietnam to fight their new war. The military draft is in full force, and 25,000 soldiers will be sent over within the first month. By the end of the year, US troop strength will surge to 200,000. Many American youth will seek ways to avoid being drafted.

1965 (March 26) Ciro’s nightclub reopens just in time to host the very first club appearance of the Byrds (David Crosby’s band), with Vito Paulekas’ dancers there to lure in the audience. All the Hollywood stars are there. Terry Melcher, a young Columbia Records executive,  will soon sign the Byrds to a record deal. Melcher will later be hounded by Charles Manson for a record deal.

1965 (April) – At about this time, Elmer Valentine opens a second soon-to-be-wildly-popular nightclub on Sunset Strip, called The Trip. He will also open the Roxy in the following year.

1965 (May) – The Byrds release their first recorded song, Mr. Tambourine Man. It goes to #1 on the charts.

1965 (May 17) Jose Delgado demonstrates his ‘stimoceiver’. With the press of a button on a remote control device, he stops a charging bull in its tracks by sending a radio signal to activate an electronic implant in the bull’s brain.

1965 (September) - Michael Hollingshead leaves Timothy Leary’s communal group in Millbrook, New York and flies back to his native London with 5,000 doses of LSD (purportedly acquired from a Czech lab in Prague), intending to enlighten his English brethren. He establishes the World Psychedelic Center on Kings Road, which attracts a number of big names, including Roman Polanski, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Donovan, and the Rolling Stones. London has become a major psychedelic center by this time, and LSD is in demand.

1965 – The Findhorn Foundation is established in Scotland, at a location adjacent to the Kingloss Royal Air Force Base. Eileen Caddy, who for some years has been hearing a voice that claims to be God, becomes their primary channeler. She is surrounded at Findhorn by people who have ties to British Intelligence. People visiting Findhorn will notice a vibrant field of energy that blankets the immediate area.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1965 Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters, having returned from their psychedelic bus trip across the USA, return to the San Francisco Bay Area and begin throwing more ‘Acid Test’ parties.

1965 –The Department of Defense (DOD) discovers that the American embassy in Moscow is being purposely irradiated by the Russians with massive levels of microwaves.

1965 – The Pentagon starts Project PANDORA, which will focus its research on the behavioral and biological effects of low-level microwaves. Dr. Ross Adey will be involved in this project.

1965 – After a series of vivid dreams in which she communicates with a character that claims to be Jesus, Helen Schucman confides this to her employer, William Thetford. Soon after, she begins hearing the voice in her head while awake, and over the next seven years this voice will dictate to her what will be published as A Course In Miracles (published in 1975), which she will write down in shorthand while in a fully conscious state. This book will gain a cultic following over the years. Like Eileen Caddy at Findhorn, she describes the voice she hears as being just at the audible/sub-audible threshold. In spite of her own doubts about the origins of the voice, she is encouraged to believe it by Thetford, who helps with compiling and writing the material that will become A Course in Miracles. Although unknown at this time, Thetford is working for the CIA under its MKULTRA program.

1965 – By about this time, the NSA’s ECHELON global surveillance system is able to monitor every HF (High Frequency) radio message, obtain its bearings, and locate the position of its transmitting point.

(See file, Inside Echelon, by Duncan Campbell)

1965 Rev. Jim Jones establishes the first People's Temple Church in Ukiah, California. He sets up Happy Havens Rest Home, which is guarded by dogs and surrounded by electric fences and guard towers. He draws in many people to the camp, including elderly, prisoners, people from psychiatric institutions, and 150 foster children, many of them transferred to the care of Happy Havens by court order. He is soon consorting with wealthy and politically connected people. Church members, mostly poor, are forced to sign over their meager personal funds and property. A number of people who attempt to leave the church are found mysteriously murdered, and others will report extreme sexual abuses and other illegal activities, but the police just look the other way.

1965 (September) – At about this time, John and Michelle Phillips, who have been living in near destitution in New York City, move to Los Angeles after they learn about the success of the Byrds. They already know two of the band members, and meet Hollywood nightclub owner Elmer Valentine soon after they arrive. Within a month they have a record contract and are quickly catapulted into fame as well.

1965 (September) Andrija Puharich’s Intelectron Corporation loses its main investors, but will somehow continue to stay afloat.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1965 (November 9) – At 5.28 p.m. an electrical blackout occurs all across the Northeastern part of the United States, in the greatest electric power failure in history. Press reports will state that UFOs had been seen some twenty miles from the area just before the power failure occurred. It is eventually determined that a key switch at the Sir Adam Beck plant in Queenston, Ontario was the trigger point. However, it will never be conclusively shown why it had failed, since it will work perfectly after the power failure without needing any repairs.

Almost a year prior to the blackout, psychic Jean Dixon had been asked by Andrija Puharich to make a prediction concerning UFOs and the NASA space program, and a few days later she had contacted him back, saying that she had something to report. A meeting was set up on October 2, 1964 where two NASA officials were present. She gave the following statement:

I see a satellite in the sky that flies from west to east, and as it comes over New York it suddenly reverses direction. As it does so all the power in Eastern United States goes out. There is no power at all. All the lights go out. Radio and TV programs go off the air. The satellite is a round ball with straight horns coming out of it.

When asked when this would happen, she could not say for sure, except that it was close. She went on to repeat the statement on national television and radio shows at least three times prior to the event (the last time forecasting that it would occur sometime in November), which would have had a huge influence on the public’s belief regarding the cause of the blackout when it finally happened. Reports of UFO sightings predictably increased after the event.

1966 (February) - The Mamas and the Papas release their first single, California Dreamin’, which becomes an instant hit. Its message will help to turn California into a Mecca for American youth. By May they will release their first album, If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears, which will reach #1 in the country with two top 5 singles.

1966 (March) – A major nationwide UFO wave begins as a large number of sightings are made across the USA.

(See online book, Disneyland of the Gods, by John A. Keel)

1966 (April) - G. Gordon Liddy raids the Millbrook estate where Timothy Leary is living.

1966 (April 30) Anton LaVey and underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger co-found the Church of Satan in San Francisco. From its inception, LaVey's group will include an inordinate number of police, military and intelligence personnel. One of these will be Michael Aquino of the US Army, who will soon become a leading member, second only to LaVey himself. Such Hollywood celebrities as Sammy Davis Jr. and Jayne Mansfield will also become members. Kenneth Anger will also have personal associations with such people as Tennessee Williams, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, and Marianne Faithfull.

For the past few years, LaVey has been holding what he terms ‘midnight magic seminars’ at his home on Friday evenings, lecturing on a wide variety of traditional occult and supernatural subjects that he had familiarized himself with over the years. These Friday night meetings had attracted a core of loyal followers who make up his early church members. These seminars will continue as part of the church’s usual weekly activities, with the practice of ceremonial magic rituals added to the roster as well. Most of LaVey’s rituals and doctrines will consist of a hodgepodge of borrowed material from past occultists, along with his own added inventions. LaVey is also putting out a small newsletter for subscribing members, called From the Devil’s Notebook, which will be renamed The Cloven Hoof in 1969.

Because of LaVey’s Hollywood gimmickry and use of carnival-style showmanship to attract attention, he will attract a large number of neurotics, sexual degenerates, and thrill-seekers.

Future Manson Family killer Bobby Beausoleil will be involved with the Church of Satan and even live with Anger for a short period prior to meeting Manson and will play the part of Lucifer in his movie, Invocation of My Demon Brother. Susan Atkins, another future Manson Family killer, will also become involved with the Church of Satan prior to meeting Manson, playing the part of a vampire in a satanic stage production LaVey puts together.

Early on, LaVey will be mostly dependent on free publicity and ads in local newspapers, but he will get major promotional help in the first year with an article in Life magazine (February, 1967). He will be given further free publicity over the years by the San Francisco Chronicle, Cosmopolitan, Look, McCalls, and the Phil Donahue and Johnny Carson shows. LaVey’s publication of The Satanic Bible in 1969 will give his church a great deal more publicity and allow him to draw in memberships from across the country.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1966 (May 28)Sirhan Sirhan attends his first meeting of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) at the society’s Akhnaton Lodge in Pasadena, and is the subject of an experiment in sensory perception, sitting blindfolded while attempting to identify objects by touch.

1966 – The Solar Lodge, an offshoot of the Ordo Templi Orientis is founded in Los Angeles, California by a couple named Richard and Georgina Brayton. Second in command in the group is a man named Robert Duerrstein, who operates several OTO bookstores in Los Angeles. Charles Manson will allegedly visit the Lodge on occasion. They will eventually set up a communal retreat out in the Mojave Desert, 38 miles north of Blythe.

1966 Cleve Backster, America’s top polygraph expert, performs an experiment by hooking a plant up to a lie detector and measuring its response to various types of stimuli. He discovers that a plant will respond to a person’s intentions toward it, such as pampering or abuse. L. Ron Hubbard had already conducted similar experiments six years earlier using an E-meter and received similar results.

1966 L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, purchases a small flotilla of ships, with a 342-foot ship he renames the Apollo becoming his international base of operations over the next decade. He mans his fleet with a smartly uniformed crew of several hundred carefully selected Scientologists, who will become known as the ‘Sea Org’. The Apollo is equipped with a state-of-the-art telex communications system that allows Hubbard to stay in touch with every Scientology branch around the world. Within the Sea Org, he recruits a special group of buxom young teenage girls, comprised mostly of children who have grown up in Scientology, who will act as his personal messengers and attend to Hubbard’s needs day and night. They will be given excessive powers over other members in order to carry out their duties. Over time, they will come to know the inner secrets of the organization better than anyone other than Hubbard himself.

Hubbard begins occupying his time hunting for treasure in the Mediterranean, believing that he had left caches of hidden gold in various places during past lives. He also has serious intentions of finding a country he can infiltrate and take over in order to use it as a base to eventually take over the entire world with his new ‘religion’. Using knowledge he had gained in Navy Intelligence and from what he had learned from reading about Nazi spymasters, Hubbard and his followers begin to engage in their own intelligence operations, infiltrating various governments and organizations that they hope to gain control over. Hubbard increases security measures to keep outsiders knowing about Sea Org activities, and begins keeping detailed files on all sorts of people and groups, compiling information that he could use in whatever way might be necessary to protect himself and his organization from ‘enemies of Scientology’ or to further his goals. He also begins keeping files on every member of his organization, which includes very detailed personal information culled from their processing sessions. Over the next decade, Hubbard will cause himself to be barred from entering various countries and wanted on criminal charges in France. He will go into hiding while stepping up efforts to counter the increasingly bad image that Scientology will receive. These efforts will focus primarily on destroying opponents of Scientology by both legal and criminal means.

(See online book, L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?, by Corydon Bent)

1966 – The alien abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill is published in book form as The Interrupted Journey. This is the first published report of an alien abduction in the USA.

1966 (June)Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention release their first album, Freak Out!. The album liner notes dedicate the opening track, Hungry Freaks Daddy to Carl “Capt. Fuck” Franzoni. Frank’s manager is a man named Herb Cohen, a former US Marine who had recently arrived in Los Angeles from New York and who had allegedly been involved in illegal arms deals in the past.

1966 (June) – Robert and Mary DeGrimston decide to leave Scientology to create their own therapy group called Compulsions Analysis, which will soon after be renamed to The Process Church of the Final Judgment.

1966 (August 1) Charles Whitman, a former Marine, begins the day by stabbing both his mother and his wife to death, then drives around passing bad cheques and buying guns and ammo, which he packs into a footlocker with food and supplies before donning khaki overalls and driving to the University of Texas in Austin where he was previously enrolled. Sitting at the top of the campus’ bell tower after barricading himself in, he proceeds to randomly pick people off using a sniper rifle, killing 17 and wounding 32 before he is finally shot and killed by police.

Whitman grew up in an authoritarian home where his father was both physically and emotionally abusive. He was extremely intelligent. Due to his father’s enthusiasm for guns, he became proficient with them at an early age. After graduating from high school in 1959, Whitman enlisted in the Marines and served an 18 month tour of duty at Guantanamo Bay. After his stint, he entered college on a military scholarship. By 1961, he was showing signs of what was to come. He had mentioned to a friend how easy it would be to hold off an army from atop the university’s bell tower. After finishing college in 1963, he returned to duty and eventually got into trouble, causing him to serve some time in military prison and being demoted from colonel to private. At this point he began keeping a journal. He was honorably discharged at the end of 1964, and enrolled at the University of Texas. He began to abuse amphetamine and started getting severe headaches. The night before the rampage, he wrote out a suicide note that states in part, “lately (I cannot recall when it started) I have been a victim of many unusual and irrational thoughts.” A comment in a university doctor’s medical file that Whitman previously had been seeing will state, “This massive, muscular youth seemed to be oozing with hostility [...] that something seemed to be happening to him and that he didn't seem to be himself.” Whitman also told the doctor that he had been having thoughts of going up into the tower and shooting people.

Although an autopsy of Whitman’s body will reveal a brain tumor, the doctor performing the autopsy will conclude that it was in remission and played no part in his actions. However, the Connelly Commission will decide that this evaluation is wrong and that the tumor was dormant but suddenly became active, using the excuse that the tumor ‘may have’ been pressing against the amygdala regions of his brain, causing a fight/flight response. The commission will also recommend that the university and state aid the wounded and those affected by the events. This includes assistance with ‘mental issues’ and ‘rehabilitation’. Whitman will be buried with full military honors. The shooting will help lead to the formation of SWAT teams across the USA.

(See online file, Charles Whitman, at www.wikipedia.com)

1966 (September)Vito Paulekas and his dance troupe are the featured at a Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention concert at LA's Shrine Auditorium.

1966 (September 19) Timothy Leary delivers a speech at the opening of a press conference in New York City. In it, he uses the phrase “tune in, turn on, and drop out” for the first time, and urges people to embrace cultural changes through the use of psychedelics and by detaching themselves from the existing conventions and hierarchies in society.

(See online file, Acid Daze – The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, by )

1966 (September 20) – The San Francisco Oracle, an underground newspaper run out of the Haight-Ashbury district, publishes its first issue. The Oracle will run for less than two years, eventually reaching as many as half a million readers in the San Francisco area during its height. Writers for the Oracle will include Allen Ginsberg, Alan Watts, and William Burroughs as well as interviews with Timothy Leary, etc. The publication will promote the virtues of drug use and present New Age ideas about spirituality and the occult.

1966 (October 6)LSD, a non-addictive substance, becomes illegal in the USA. Almost simultaneously, heroin, a highly addictive substance, begins to find its way onto American streets, coming from the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia (an area largely under CIA control). This forced change in the developing drug culture will cause many people to become long-term heroin addicts.

(See online book, Operation Mind Control, by Walter Bowart)

1966 (October)Buffalo Springfield, featuring Stephen Stills and Neil Young, release their first album, Buffalo Springfield.

1966 (October) The Brotherhood of Eternal Love becomes a legal corporation in the State of California. The brotherhood is also granted tax-exempt status on the basis that it claims to be a religious organization.

1966 (October 30) – The first murder attributed to the Zodiac killer. The victim is Cheri Jo Bates, a college student in Riverside, California, who is murdered outside her school's library. A month after the attack, a letter will be sent to a local newspaper allegedly written by the killer. In the months ahead, further letters will be sent to the media, the police, and the victim's father, all with the same chilling message: “Bates had to die. There will be more.

1966 (November 29) Harold Puthoff from NSA and Ingo Swann from the UN both enroll in Scientology, supposedly unknown to each other. Within five years they will both be at the highest levels of Scientology and working together under secret contract with CIA to develop remote viewing for military intelligence.

1966 (December 23) Vito Paulekas’ three-year-old son Godot dies under suspicious circumstances. The parents are unconcerned enough to continue with their plans to go out on the town for the evening.

1967 – The CIA initiates Operation Chaos, to find a link between antiwar groups and foreign interests. Soon, the program will have indexed 300,000 names, built up 13,000 subject files, and intercepted large numbers of letters to and from American citizens. At the same time, the NSA begins targeting the telephone calls and telegrams of thousands of Americans involved in peaceful protest activities against the Vietnam War.

(See online book, The Shadow Factory, by James Bamford)

1967 (January)The Doors, featuring Jim Morrison, release their first album, The Doors.

1967 (January 14) – The Human Be-In in California takes place, attended by 20,000 people. 5,000 doses of a new drug called STP are distributed for free to attendees. The doses are 5-10 times stronger than recommended.

1967 (January 25) – Alleged alien abduction of Betty Andreasson Luca. She is at home with her family when the lights in the house temporarily blink off. She sees a pulsing red light beam shining in through the kitchen window and everything is silent. Her father looks out the window and sees five strange beings moving towards the house. The beings appear to pass right through the door and enter the house. This is as much as Betty will consciously remember, and the rest of the experience is only recalled through hypnotic regression. The beings are described as the classic ‘greys’, with small bodies, large heads, and large almond-shaped eyes. Betty and her daughter Becky both see that the others are in a ‘suspended state’ at this time. The beings appear to be peaceful, and Betty feels protected. They say they are seeking knowledge “tried by fire”. She is apparently transported to the craft and undergoes examinations, and recalls floating up into the craft, rather than using a ladder or stairway that was there. None of the other family members were taken aboard. Apparently, Betty is the only one who sees the craft, and she gives a fairly detailed description of it during later hypnotic regression sessions. It should be noted however, that clear, detailed imagery might reflect a hypnotic suggestion given at the time of the abduction (or even during the regression session) to fill in these details, thus making the imagery seem much more real to her than it might have actually been. Betty finds that the inside of the craft is much larger than it appears from outside, and even describes riding in an elevator on board the ship. She describes changing into a white gown and then being taken to a room where she was submerged in a liquid while sitting in a chair. This could very well be a sensory-deprivation chamber, which is known to be used during mind-control programming. She later claims to have had an amnesia block placed on her in order not to remember the experience. She also claims that one of the beings locked secrets in her mind, which would be released at the right time. None of her family seems to have been able to remember the experience afterwards, either. Betty is eventually returned to her home, where her family is still in suspended animation, being guarded by one of the beings. They are put to bed and the beings leave.

Three days after this event, Betty’s eleven-year-old daughter Becky will complain to her of having dreams of strange beings in the house.

Betty Andreasson will eventually begin to recover her memories of her experiences using hypnotic regression, and these will be published the book The Andreasson Affair (by Raymond Fowler). She will go on to do many radio and television interviews, book signings, and lectures, bringing the subject of alien abduction into the minds of the public at large. She feels that it is her duty to do this, since people “need to know”. She has accepted her experiences as having religious undertones, herself being a devout Christian. At the time of this encounter, she has very little knowledge about UFOs.

(See online file, B J's Interview with Abductee Betty Andreasson Luca)

1967 (February)Life magazine runs an article (The Ping is The Thing, pg. 31) in which Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan are introduced to the mass public. Soon after this, the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle will give LaVey further free publicity and dub him ‘The Black Pope’. He will also get free publicity through numerous other articles in popular magazines such as Look, McCall's, Newsweek, and Time, as well as various men's magazines, and he will appear on several television talk shows, including The Tonight Show and Donahue.

1967 – By this time, Vito Paulekas’ dance troupe is splitting the rent for the Log Cabin in Laurel Canyon with staff from the semi-occult hippie publication The Oracle. There are about three dozen people living and partying there. The Oracle is a San Francisco-based publication with intelligence ties that specialize in pitching psychedelic occultism to impressionable youth.

1967 - Robert and Mary Ann DeGrimston and other members of their Process Church descend upon San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district, taking lease of a property located at 407 Cole Street. They are situated close to Anton LeVey’s Church of Satan, as well as the local Chapter of the OTO. Recruiters for the Process Church sign on such members as ‘Brother Ely’, a member of the Gypsy Jokers biker gang. One of the High Priests of the cult at this point is a former Israeli Mossad agent with strong links to the international intelligence community. Dressed in black, German shepherds at the leash, and speaking about worshipping Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan, they will become a common sight in California.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1967 (March 21) – Future cult leader and mass murderer Charles Manson is released from Terminal Island federal prison. Prior to his last conviction, he had been running a prostitution ring. From April to July, he will take up residence in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district at 636 Cole Street, two blocks from the headquarters of the Process Church. Manson soon becomes involved with the Process Church, (allegedly) reaching the fourth level of initiation before breaking off and establishing his own offshoot. David Berkowitz, the future ‘Son of Sam’ serial killer, will also become involved with the Process Church or one of its offshoots.

At around this same time, future Manson Family members Susan Atkins and Bobby Beausoleil are involved with Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan, joining Manson’s group sometime afterwards.

During this time, Manson is required to report regularly to his parole officer, Dr. Roger Smith, who by January 1968 will be heading the Amphetamine Research Project based at the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic. This clinic is a NIMH project designed to observe and supervise the first large-scale drug addiction of white teenagers, thousands of whom are the clinic's clients. It is set up by Dr. Gregory Bateson. Roger Smith is officially commissioned to scientifically investigate the effects that various kinds of drugs have on addicts that are being served by the clinic. The clinic’s director, Dr. David E. Smith (no relation), has collaborated in another NIMH project to study the behavior of children in communes, and is an expert on the creation of violent anti-social personalities in hippie or cult commune environments. The infamous MKULTRA mind-control doctor, Louis Jolyin West, is also living in Haight-Ashbury at this time. One of the staff volunteers for Roger Smith’s drug treatment program who helped to get it a $25,000 grant is Inez Folger, the mother of future Manson victim Abigail Folger.

In the following year, a staff member from the free clinic named Al Rose will go and stay at Manson’s commune at the Spahn Ranch for a few weeks in order to study them, after which he and Dr. David Smith will write a professional paper on the group that will appear in the Journal of Psychedelic Drugs in September, 1970. The paper will explain in clear, objective terms how Manson operated and the techniques he used (involving sex) to break down his followers in order to control them.

 (See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1967 Ted Kaczynski earns a Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Michigan and then joins the Berkeley Department of Mathematics as an instructor.

1967 (May 13) – The release of the single, San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) by The Mamas and the Papas. John Phillips reportedly wrote the song in only a few minutes. It is an instant chart-topper, and will be one of the few successful musical accomplishments from the band, which will break up the following year. The song, which tells the listeners, “If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”, will play a large part in drawing thousands of young people to San Francisco, California, during the late 1960s.

1967 (June) – Underground LSD chemist Owsley Stanley hands out 5,000 free hits of a new drug called STP at San Francisco’s Summer Solstice Festival in Golden Gate Park, resulting in a large number of bad trips. Owsley will soon employ the local chapter of the Hell’s Angels to help distribute his drugs. Methamphetamine begins appearing on the streets at this time as well, and violent crime rises as a result.

1967 (June 16-18) – The Monterey Pop Festival, the first major pop-rock music event in history, draws between 20,000 and 90,000 people over three days. The festival is put together in just seven weeks by musician John Phillips and record producer Lou Adler, and performers will include the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Who, Ottis Redding, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Eric Burdon and the Animals, The Byrds, Janis Joplin, Buffalo Springfield (with David Crosby), and the Mamas and the Papas, among others. The festival will propel many of the featured bands into stardom overnight. It will be the subject of an acclaimed documentary movie entitled Monterey Pop, consisting of footage taken throughout the three days of performances. The screening of the film in theaters nationwide will help raise the festival to mythic status, rapidly swelling the ranks of would-be festival-goers looking for the next festival, and inspiring new entrepreneurs to stage more such festivals around the country.

1967 (August) – Future serial killer John Wayne Gacy commits his first known sexual assault upon a teenage boy. The youth is the 15-year-old son of a fellow Jaycee. Gacy lures the youth to his house upon the promise of showing him pornographic films. Gacy then plies the youth with alcohol and persuades him to perform oral sex on him. Several more youths will be sexually abused over the following months, including one whom Gacy will encourage to sleep with his wife before blackmailing the youth into performing oral sex upon him. He will be charged and convicted of sodomy in the next year.

At this time, Gacy is deeply involved in a seedier side of Jaycee life that exists in Waterloo, Iowa, one that involves wife swapping, prostitution, pornography and drugs. He also sets up a ‘club’ in his basement, where he allows his employees to drink alcohol and play pool. Although he employs teenagers of both sexes, he socializes only with the male employees. Many of them are given alcohol before Gacy makes sexual advances towards them, which he just dismisses as a joke if the teenager rebuffs his advances.

When he was seven years old, Gacy had been molested by a family friend on a number of occasions. He also suffered physical and psychological abuse by his father throughout his youth.

(See online file, John Wayne Gacy, at wikipedia)

1967 (September) Timothy Leary and his Brotherhood of Eternal Love move from their commune in Millbrook, New York, and set up shop in Laguna Beach, California. The Brotherhood files as a legal corporation and receives tax-exempt status as a religious organization. For the next two years, they will flourish in the drug trafficking business, smuggling large amounts of marijuana, hashish, and LSD into the USA and distributing them among America’s youth.

1967 (November 11) – The powerful hallucinogenic drug STP, at the time an experimental drug and only available to a handful of CIA distributors, is introduced onto the streets in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district, causing outbreaks of toxic psychosis.

1967 – Future Manson Family member Bobby Beausoleil is living with Kenneth Anger at the ‘Russian Embassy’ in San Francisco. During this time, Anger introduces Beausoleil to Black Magic. Anger also invites Beausoleil to play the part of the Devil in his movie, Lucifer Rising (released in 1969 as Invocation of My Demon Brother).

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1967 – According to Alexander Saunders, who was personally mentored by Aleister Crowley as a child and has since appointed himself as ‘King of the Witches’, during the filming of Eye of the Devil, he initiates the film's star, future Manson victim Sharon Tate, into witchcraft.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1967 – According to the CIA’s internal assessment, there are literally hundreds of college professors on more than 100 American college campuses under secret contract to the CIA.

1967 – The Phoenix Program (not to be confused with the Phoenix Project) is initiated by the CIA, with the aim of ‘neutralizing’ – through assassination, kidnapping, and torture – the civilian infrastructure that supports the Viet Cong insurgency in South Vietnam. It will be a terrifying ‘final solution’ that will violate the Geneva Conventions. Targets for assassination will include VC tax collectors, supply officers, political cadre, local military officials, and suspected sympathizers. Faulty intelligence will often lead to the murder of innocent civilians. In 1971, William Colby, head of CIA in Vietnam at the time, will later testify that the number killed was 20,857. South Vietnamese government figures will claim 40,994 dead. CIA officer Ted Shackley will manage 600 military and 40-50 CIA liaison officers who are working with South Vietnamese officers in 44 provinces. Ted Shackley and Robert Komer will play key roles in recruiting Phoenix Program personnel, who will be mostly Navy SEALs and Green Berets. Colby, Komer, and Shackley report to DCI Richard Helms and the White House.

The program is steeped in mind control operations, including the use of prisoners-of-war as unwilling participants in terminal experiments.

The horrors unleashed by the Phoenix Program will turn many US soldiers into psychopathic killers, who will then be returned to American soil. The Phoenix Program will also be involved in smuggling Golden Triangle heroin back to the USA by concealing it inside the bodies of dead soldiers being returned to American soil. This heroin will create an epidemic of young American addicts.

1967 Vern Grimsley, a member of the Urantia Foundation, establishes the offshoot Family of God Foundation in California.

1967 – First reported animal mutilation (‘Snippy’ the horse) related to UFOs. These mutilations, all of which involve the removal of various body parts using precision instruments as well as the complete drainage of blood, will begin to occur more and more frequently over the following decades, and will come to be associated with UFO sightings, due to the fact that they will increase during the same periods that UFO waves occur. Later reports will mention the witnessing of black, unmarked military helicopters associated with these events, raising the possibility that the mutilations have something to do with either biological weapons research or genetics research. Some investigators will suggest that Satanists are involved.

1968 (January) – At about this time, Kenneth Anger leaves the Church of Satan.

1968 (March) Process Church members arrive in Los Angeles early in the year and set up shop on South Cochrane Street. They will remain in public view until a few days after Robert Kennedy’s assassination in June, at which point they will suddenly drop out of sight.

(See book, The Shadow Over Santa Susana, by Adam Gorightly)

1968 (March) Sirhan Sirhan, future assassin/patsy of Robert Kennedy, attends a meeting of the Theosophical Society’s Adyar Lodge in Pasadena, California.

1968 (March) – Seymour Hersh documents the following regarding the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, carried out as part of the Phoenix Program:

Charlie Company met no resistance; there were no Viet Cong soldiers at My Lai. Calley then ordered the slaughter of the civilians. People were rounded up into ditches and machine-gunned. They lay five feet deep in the ditches; any survivors trying to escape were immediately shot. When Calley spotted a baby crawling away from a ditch, he grabbed her, threw her back into the ditch, and opened fire. Some of the dead were mutilated by having "C Company" carved into their chests; some were disemboweled. One GI would later say, "You didn't have to look for people to kill, they were just there. I CUT THEIR THROATS, CUT OFF THEIR HANDS, CUT OUT THEIR TONGUES, SCALPED THEM. I DID IT. A LOT OF PEOPLE WERE DOING IT AND I JUST FOLLOWED. I JUST LOST ALL SENSE OF DIRECTION.”

(See online file, Black Ops, Blue Blood, and My Lai – Satan’s Fake Apocalypse)

1968 (April 4) - Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated, allegedly by James Earl Ray.

1968 (May)Frank Zappa, who had been living with a girl named Pamela Zarubica (aka Suzie Creamcheese) at another Laurel Canyon home, visits Carl Franzoni at the Log Cabin and realizes that the place is perfect for his needs, so he takes over the lease. Carl and the rest of Vito Paulekas’ dance troupe, who have been staying there, are allowed to stay on. Charles Manson and several of his Family will reportedly hang out there for a while as well, joining in on the rampant sex and partying. Zappa will stay at the Log Cabin until December, when he moves out again.

1968 – The satanic movie Rosemary’s Baby, directed by Roman Polanski, is released in US theatres.

1968 (June) – Authorities in San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Los Gatos, California, begin recording the discovery of mutilated canines, skinned and drained of blood without any apparent motive. It is suspected that they are being used in satanic ritual sacrifices by local cults.

1968 (June 5) – Senator Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated. The apparent assassin is Sirhan Sirhan, but evidence will reveal that he wasn’t the actual killer. Sirhan will confess to doing it, but only because people are telling him that he did. He will have no memory of the actual event and will eventually claim that he was mind-controlled. Sirhan had apparently been ‘treated’ by CIA hypnotist William Jennings Bryan prior to the assassination. Bryan is a programmer from the US Air Force and was Chief of Medical Survival Training, which was a covert brainwashing section. It will be reported that Sirhan is in a trance-like state both during and after the shooting. The ballistics evidence and autopsy report will be suppressed, making it impossible to prove whether or not Sirhan was the actual killer. Sirhan was standing in front of Kennedy when Kennedy was shot, but he was shot from behind. One witness will give testimony that she heard 12 to 14 shots, but the FBI will change her testimony to state that she heard only 8 shots – the maximum number that Sirhan’s gun could hold. Four other witnesses will also report hearing more than 8 shots. Audio evidence will also show that at least 13 shots were fired. The sound of two different guns will also be distinguished, one firing more rapidly than the other.

Sirhan had disappeared for three months the year before, and when he returned he had a sudden fascination with the occult. More recently, he had been working at a racing stable in Santa Ana, California, where, according to a co-worker named Thomas Bremer, he was programmed by two CIA mind-control specialists. Bremer’s brother Arthur, another mind-control victim, happens to be the man who will shoot Governor George Wallace in 1972. A large quantity of Rosicrucian and other occult literature will be found in Sirhan’s room when it’s searched. Sirhan is alleged to have been acquainted with a member of the Process Church (a Scientology offshoot), and to have attended drug orgies at the home of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate, who may also have been linked to the Process Church. Robert Kennedy had dined with Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate the night before his assassination. Only one year later, the same home that he dined at will be the target of Charles Manson’s band of murderers. Manson will also be found to have links to the Process Church, as will future serial killer David Berkowitz.

Years after the assassination, while under hypnosis, Sirhan will recall that he had run into a woman in a polka-dot dress who he had been smitten by and felt compelled to follow to the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles where RFK was, at which point she pinched him and then spun him around to face Kennedy as he entered. Sirhan states that he thought he was at a shooting range at this point and only saw the circles of targets in front of him, and that’s when he began shooting. He also recalled seeing someone else with a gun at the time of the shooting. Sirhan will also recall being at a shooting range before the assassination, accompanied by an unknown man. While in prison, he will be visited by MKULTRA mind-control programmer, Dr. Louis Jolyin West. The name of another future serial killer, Albert DeSalvo, will be found repetitively scrawled throughout Sirhan’s diary. DeSalvo will also be ‘treated’ by William Jennings Bryan after his arrest.

The wording of this memo suggests that this had already been successfully achieved, and that children were used in the experiments.

(See Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith)

1968 (June 14) Michael Aquino, having just graduated with a BA in Political Science from the University of California Santa Barbara, joins the US Army and begins training as a psychological warfare specialist. He will become part of the 82nd Airborne Division as a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1968 (June 19)Michael Aquino meets Anton LaVey for the first time at a premiere of Rosemary’s Baby, where LaVey is taking advantage of the venue to promote himself and his church to movie patrons. According to Aquino, he is curious enough to drive by LaVey’s residence/church later that night to take a look, but then forgets all about LaVey and his church for about a year.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1968 (August) – With 20,000 American soldiers already killed in action and 110,000 wounded, the war in Vietnam is raging on with no end in sight. Across the country, anti-war protests and demonstrations turn into riots as the police and National Guardsmen routinely attack the crowds with tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons. In preparation for the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August, Mayor Daley orders 12,000 police to work overtime, and hundreds of undercover agents are deployed on ‘special assignments’. 6,000 National Guardsmen are also prepared, as well as an equal number of regular army troops with tanks and bazookas. Approximately 10,000 protesters show up for the Festival of Life on August 25, the day before the convention. As the crowd gathers, the police move in and begin arresting people. As would be expected, mayhem and riots break out and the street fighting continues for five days. On the last night of the convention, TV cameras are rolling when the National Guard, suited up in full battle dress with gas masks, clubs, and M-1 rifles, lob the first tear gas canisters into the crowd before moving in with their clubs swinging. By the time it’s all over, over a thousand people have been injured and one youth is dead. According to Army intelligence documents that will later be leaked, nearly one out of six demonstrators at the Chicago convention was an undercover operative.

 (See online book, Acid Dreams, by Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain)

1968 – Future serial killer Ted Bundy receives a scholarship to attend Stanford University in California. He will purportedly attend Stanford for sessions in intensive Chinese studies, although there will nothing to show he has any interest in Chinese studies. This same year, he will travel to Florida to attend the Republican National Convention as a supporter of presidential candidate Nelson Rockefeller. At about this same time, he will work as a driver and bodyguard for Art Fletcher, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor in the state of Washington.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1968 At about this time, Charles Manson begins promoting his music to Dennis Wilson, Terry Melcher, and other music-industry professionals. He uses his growing harem of promiscuous young girls to buy his way into their personal lives. He will spend a few weeks staying at the Log Cabin in Laurel Canyon at the end of the year. He will also go calling at Vito Paulekas’ art studio on Laurel Avenue.

1968 – At around this time, the Children of God religious cult, founded by David Berg, is operating in California. Within the next ten years it will establish communities in 60 countries. This cult will become involved in mind-control and pedophilia.

Over the years, pamphlets will promote pedophilia and sex between children, as well as a photograph of a Children of God nurse engaged in oral sex with a young boy. Children of God girls will be used to lure men into having affairs with them, in order to recruit new members; this was known within the Children of God movement as ‘flirty fishing’. Joyanne Treadwell Berg, the granddaughter of the cult's founder, will allege that she was made to have sex with important government officials and had “met presidents from around the world”.

1968 Zbigniew Brzezinski publishes his book, The Technotronic Age, in which he posits an information society whose basis of competition is replaced by ‘amusement focus’ based on “spectator spectacles (mass sports and TV) providing an opiate for increasingly purposeless masses... New forms of social control may be needed to limit the indiscriminate exercise by the individual of their new powers. The possibility of extensive chemical mind control... will call for a social definition of the common criteria of restraint as well as utilization.” He also states that it will soon be possible to continuously control citizens and maintain up-to-date files on them that will be instantaneously retrievable by authorities and will contain their most personal details about health and personal behavior. He predicts that power will be in the hands of those who control information.

(See online file, Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith)

1968 Northrop Grumman, a black project contractor for the US military, conducts research on the creation of “electrical forces to condition the air flowing around an aircraft at supersonic speeds”, and submits a paper on this subject to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). This research sounds very much like it stems from the work of T. Townsend Brown. The paper will later go missing from the records of the AIAA.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1968 Laura Knight-Jadczyk joins Don Elkins. In later years she will found a cultic group called the Cassiopaeans. They will be involved in using a Ouija board to channel information from a group of entities that claim to be from the Cassiopaean star cluster. Don Elkins will be one of the founders of another group involved in channeling similar entities (the Ra Material).

1968 – In the fall of this year, police discover decapitated animals in the remote Santa Cruz wilderness, and one witness recounts ritual executions observed in a grove on Route 17 south of Santa Cruz. Informants tell police that there were approximately forty people present at this ritual sacrifice, where a human heart was said to have been eaten. One man tells about fire dances and blood-drinking rituals at Boulder Creek, near Santa Cruz, and states that glue-sniffing was part of the ceremony. Another informant reports to police that he had seen a group of hippies dancing wildly around a parked car, on the hood of which were five skinned dogs. Corroboration comes from the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, which turned up a number of skinned dogs in the area, all drained of blood. The ritual sacrifices will be credited to the Four P Movement, an offshoot of the Process Church.

(See book, The Shadow Over Santa Susana, by Adam Gorightly)

1968 – Late in the year, the leaders of the Process Church leave San Francisco for New York City, where a Process Church is established on Cornelia Street in Greenwich Village. In addition to the church, numerous members start living in a building on East 12th Street, while the DeGrimstons live in Brooklyn. As in California, they recruit among the artists, poets and hordes of counterculture youth who frequent the Village. A cult spokesman will later tell United Press International that more than 200 Americans were fully converted to the ‘faith’. Process contingents will subsequently materialize in New Orleans, Dallas, Toronto, Chicago and Cambridge, Massachusetts, among other locations. After this, they begin to branch out to small towns adjacent to colleges and military bases – recruiting young adults who are away from home and in search of meaning. The growth in membership will be explosive.

After the DeGrimstons leave for New York, the remaining members in California go through a lot of political infighting. Possibly due to Sirhan Sirhan’s association with their group, the Process Church goes underground and secret chapters or spin-offs are established in northern and southern California. One of these will purportedly be the ‘Four P Movement’ or ‘Four Pi’, which will be involved in blood-drinking and human and animal sacrifice.

(See online book, The Ultimate Evil, by Maury Terry)

1968 (December 3) – Future serial killer John Wayne Gacy is convicted of raping a teenage boy and sentenced to ten years in prison. During his stay in an Iowa penitentiary, he is recruited into a satanic cult by a fellow inmate. He will be released shortly after completing his initiation into the cult – even though he will have served only eighteen months of his sentence, getting paroled in June, 1970. According to some reports, Gacy received electroshock and aversion therapy while incarcerated, allegedly to 'cure' him of his homosexuality.

A psychiatric evaluation prior to his conviction concludes that he has antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), is unlikely to benefit from any medical treatment, and his behavior pattern is likely to bring him into repeated conflict with society.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1968 (December)Vito Paulekas and his wife flee the USA. Carl Franzoni, meanwhile, becomes embroiled in some unspecified legal troubles of his own and goes into hiding as well, resurfacing in Canada. At around this same time, Frank Zappa moves from the Log Cabin to yet another location in Laurel Canyon, a high-security home on Woodrow Wilson Drive. Eric Burden moves into the Log Cabin, and the place continues to be used as a commune.

1968 (December) – Members of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love travel to San Francisco to secure a permanent source of supply for LSD. This LSD will become famously known as 'Orange Sunshine'.

1968 (December 20) The Zodiac killer rocks the San Francisco area when a young man and woman who are parked at a local lover's lane are murdered. 17-year-old David Faraday is shot once in the head with a .22 while he sits in the car and 16-year-old Betty Lou Jensen is shot in the back five times outside of the vehicle. A detective working the case notes that Faraday had recently learned of a major drug deal that was about to go down, and had been talking openly about who was involved.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1969 Lincoln Lawrence (a pseudonym) publishes a book, We Were Controlled, in which he claims that Lee Harvey Oswald was a hypno-programmed assassin and had a malfunctioning implant in his brain. He describes RHIC-EDOM technology:

Under RHIC, a 'sleeper' can be used years later with no realisation that the 'sleeper' is even being controlled! He can be made to perform acts that he will have no memories of having ever carried out...nothing he says will implicate the group or government which possessed and controlled him. […] There is already in use a small EDOM generator-transmitter which can be concealed on the body of a person. Contact with the person - a casual handshake or even just a touch - transmits a tiny electronic charge plus an ultrasonic signal tone which for a short while will disturb the time orientation of the person affected.

1969 – With William Thetford’s help, Helen Schucman begins scribing her channeled material in written form, later to be used as the text for A Course in Miracles Workbook.

1969 – At about this time, the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit (BSU) begins taking shape, but won’t really take off until 1972, when the FBI Academy opens in Quantico, Virginia. It will initially have no operational functions and will be solely involved in teaching the principles of profiling. Over the next 25 to 30 years, despite initial resistance, the FBI will manage to spread the use of the BSU’s profiling techniques in other professions, thoroughly co-opting the fields of law enforcement, academia, mental health, and the forensic sciences. In doing so, they will successfully mold public opinion and firmly ingrain in the mind of the average American the concept of the ‘serial killer’. They will later do the same with the concept of the ‘terrorist’.

Curiously, Robert Ressler, who will become the most well known profiler in the unit, had lived on the same street and was in Boy Scouts with future serial killer John Wayne Gace when they were boys. Ressler will later assist in investigating the Gace case.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1969 Edmund Kemper is released from jail after serving five years as a juvenile for killing his grandparents. He takes up residence at his mother’s home in Santa Cruz, California, and begins hanging out at a bar called the ‘Jury Room’, which is also a hangout for local cops, sheriffs, and prosecuting attorneys. By May 1972, Kemper will begin killing female hitchhikers and having sex with the bodies before cutting them up and disposing of the parts.

1969 - The California Board of Medical Examiners finds MKULTRA’s Dr. William Joseph Bryan guilty of unprofessional conduct for sexually molesting four women patients who submitted under hypnosis. Bryan had demonstrated a proclivity and fantasy for sexual perversion. Shortly after his sudden death in 1977 in Las Vegas, two Beverly Hills prostitutes will come forward and claim to have known him intimately, saying that they had been ‘servicing’ him on an average of twice a week for four years, and were usually present at the same time. According to the prostitutes, Bryan would repeatedly confide that he is not only a CIA agent but involved in ‘top secret projects’. They will say that he bragged about his role of deprogramming Albert Di Salvo in the Boston Strangler case for F. Lee Bailey, and boasted that he had hypnotized Sirhan Sirhan, Robert F. Kennedy's alleged assassin.

1969 (March) – The Brotherhood of Eternal Love produces its first batch of ‘Orange Sunshine’ LSD in a laboratory outside of San Francisco. Just under one million hits are produced. They will become the largest suppliers of hashish and LSD in the USA, producing many millions more doses of LSD over the next four years.

1969 (March)Michael Aquino, now holding the rank of Lieutenant, returns to San Francisco on leave from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He sees an ad in a local newspaper for one of Anton LaVey’s evening lectures and decides to attend with his fiancé and a few friends. He is apparently impressed.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1969 (April)Michael Aquino returns to Fort Bragg, where he undergoes specialized training as a Psychological Operations officer. Soon after returning, he sends in his membership application to the Church of Satan. On April 30, he invites two fellow Army Lieutenants to take part in a Black Mass. He will soon after decide that he wants to pursue the satanic priesthood in the Church of Satan while continuing his military career. He is corresponding regularly with LaVey throughout this time, cultivating a deep rapport with him.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1969 (June) Michael Aquino leaves for a one-year tour of duty in Vietnam (taking part in the infamous Phoenix Program). Even during this period, he will be helping LaVey to build his church by writing essays for its newsletter and offering LaVey his insight and ideas on church-related matters. Not long after his return from Vietnam, Aquino will be ordained into the priesthood of the church.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1969 (June) Carlos Allende walks into APRO headquarters and ‘confesses’ that his story about the Philadelphia Experiment was all a hoax. Actually, he only confesses that the parts of his letters that describe the bizarre aftereffects of the experiment are false.

1969 (July 4) – The Zodiac Killer strikes a second time in Los Angeles when a couple is gunned down in their car, this time with a 9mm semi-automatic. The woman, 22-year-old Darlene Ferrin, dies on the way to the hospital, while 19-year-old Michael Mageau will survive his wounds. Ferrin, who appears to have been the primary target of the attack, may have known the previous Zodiac victims. She had reportedly told her friends that she had witnessed a murder by a man who had subsequently been following her. In the weeks before her death, she had been receiving mysterious packages from a man living in Mexico who she had, for unexplained reasons, married in 1966 using an assumed name and then later divorced. On the night of the shooting, Mageau had left his home in such a hurry that the lights and TV were left on and the front door was left open. He will tell investigators that he and Ferrin were followed immediately upon leaving Ferrin's house. After changing his story several times, Mageau will go into hiding. Within hours of the shooting, police will receive a call from a man claiming credit for Ferrin's murder. The call is placed from a payphone near the Sheriff 's station.

By the end of July, the first of what will prove to be a long series of letters will arrive at three different area newspaper offices, with a demand that the letters be published on August 1 (the occult holiday known as Lammas), otherwise there would be other attacks. The series of letters are laced with ciphers that suggest that the writer has a background in naval intelligence, bringing the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) onto the case. On August 4, 1969, the killer will supply his moniker in a letter that begins: “This is the Zodiac speaking.” The Zodiac will include information in the letters that proves he was present during the murders and will indicate that his identity is hidden inside the ciphers.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1969 (July) – Acting on a phone tip, police raid the OTO’s Solar Lodge compound near Blythe, California and find a six-year-old boy locked outdoors in a 6’ x 6’ wooden crate in the sweltering desert heat. The young boy had allegedly been chained to a steel plate for 56 days in temperatures reaching as high as 117° F. According to an FBI report, the box also contained a can “partially filled with human waste and swarming with flies … The stench was nauseating.” Before being put in the box, the child had been burned with matches and beaten with bamboo poles by cult members. The leader of the cult, Georgina Brayton, had reportedly told cult members that “when it was convenient, she was going to give [the boy] LSD and set fire to the structure in which he was chained and give him just enough chain to get out of reach of the fire.” Killing the child had also been discussed. Eleven adult members of the sect are charged with felony child abuse, the majority of them young white men in their early twenties. All will be brought to trial and convicted.

1969 (August 4) – The Zodiac Killer supplies his moniker in a letter to the newspapers that begins: "This is the Zodiac speaking."

1969 (August 9-10) – A year after the satanic movie Rosemary’s Baby is released, director Roman Polanski’s beautiful young bride, the eight-months-pregnant Hollywood actress Sharon Tate, is brutally murdered along with four other people at her Cielo Drive home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. The words ‘Pig’ and ‘Helter Skelter’ are scrawled in blood on the walls.

The next night, in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles, wealthy supermarket president Leno La Bianca and his wife Rosemary are stabbed to death inside their home at 3301 Waverly Drive. Again, the word ‘Pig’ is scrawled in blood on the walls.

The killers are members of the Manson Family, a cult led by Charles Manson. Record producer Terry Melcher (Doris Day’s son) owns the property on Cielo Drive and had been living there until Polanski and Tate took over the lease in February. Melcher knew Manson personally and had been getting pestered by him for a recording contract. Sharon’s father Paul Tate happens to be a Colonel in US Army Intelligence. Two of Manson’s followers, Susan Atkins and Bobby Beausoleil, are connected to Anton LaVey/Kenneth Anger’s Church of Satan. Both had played roles in several of Anger’s b–grade movie productions, and Beausoleil had been Anger’s live-in lover for a while. LaVey is himself allegedly connected to Roman Polanski, claiming to have acted as technical consultant as well as starring in a cameo role as the devil in Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby. Another prominent Manson follower is Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme, the daughter of an aerospace engineer who had been stationed at Randolph Air Force Base during WWII. Manson will later state that the victims in the murders he ordered had been involved in child pornography and deserved to die.

Three days before the grisly murders, a drug dealer named Billy Doyle had been publicly whipped and sodomized at the Polanski/Tate home while a number of people watched. According to actor Dennis Hopper, “They had fallen into sadism and masochism and bestiality — and they recorded it all on videotape, too. The LA police told me this. I know that three days before they were killed twenty-five people were invited to that house for a mass whipping of a dealer from Sunset Strip who'd given them bad dope.” There will also be rumors that Polanski and Tate were deeply involved in Satanism. Hopper will also state in interviews that sadistic movies were filmed at the house that featured some of Hollywood's biggest names. Sammy Davis Jr., who was introduced to the Church of Satan by Manson victim Jay Sebring, will state, regarding the victims who were killed at Tate's Cielo Drive residence: “Everyone there had at one time or another been into satanism.

Roman Polanski will hire psychic Peter Hurkos in an attempt to find out who killed his wife. He will also put up a $25,000 reward. Col. Paul Tate will allegedly conduct his own undercover investigation in an attempt to discover his daughter’s killers. The LAPD will drag their feet and not follow up on leads, even failing to connect the two murder sites.

Manson’s parole officer, Dr. Roger Smith, who was involved in a mind-control project at the Haight-Ashbury medical clinic at the time that Manson was reporting to him, will state in an interview with Life magazine that “there are a lot of Charlies running around, believe me.” Smith knew that Manson was breaching his parole conditions almost from the moment he was released from prison, but did nothing about it.

(See online file, Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith)

1969 (August) Ronald Hadley Stark approaches Timothy Leary’s Brotherhood of Eternal Love in Laguna Beach, California, with an offer to bankroll their drug trafficking activities. He is carrying with him 10 million doses of liquid LSD. He impresses them with his knowledge of drug smuggling and money laundering, as well as his connections in the world of covert politics. He also makes known his intention of facilitating the overthrow of both Western capitalism and Eastern Communism by inducing altered states of consciousness in millions of people. With Stark’s help, the Brotherhood will quickly become the largest supplier of illicit drugs in the USA. It will be discovered in later years that Stark is a long-time CIA operative with connections to the Tavistock Institute in Great Britain, where he was also responsible for supplying the majority of illicit drugs.

There are indications that Stark is also intimately tied to Charles Manson as his drug supplier at this time, since Manson has access to Stark’s ‘Orange Sunshine’ LSD before it becomes available on the streets. Manson is also allegedly selling cocaine when it is still rarely seen outside of celebrity circles.

There are also indications that Stark is a personal friend of Robert DeGrimston, leader of the Process Church.

1969 (August) – The Woodstock rock festival takes place.

1969 (September 27) – The fourth Zodiac murder occurs when Bryan Hartnell and Cecilia Shepard are stabbed multiple times in a San Francisco-area park. Despite the fact that it took nearly an hour for an ambulance to respond to the call as the pair lay bleeding, Hartnell survived the attack. The assailant is described as wearing a strange hood with an attached apron that prominently displayed the trademark symbol of the Zodiac. The attacker reportedly had a gun, but chose instead to use a knife, breaking from the previous pattern and likely contributing to the survival of the male victim. The killer left a message on Hartnell's car door, which included the dates of the two earlier attacks. Prints from a military-issue boot distributed primarily to U.S. naval bases on the west coast are found at the scene. The professed killer again calls police from a payphone near the local police station. He reportedly leaves a clear palm print on the phone, but a ‘nervous’ technician reportedly destroys it.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1969 (October) Andrija Puharich gives a report on his ESH research before an annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology (AAOO) in Chicago, Illinois. He had been warned that he would face severe opposition. However, he had no idea how virulent that opposition would be. As a prelude, three days before the meeting his office in New York was robbed of all the clinical records on his patients. He will eventually trace the theft to the AAOO. After he presents his paper and shows a movie film of his work, the opposition gets up and argues for the next two hours that Andrija's claims to be able to help people with hearing loss are not acceptable. He is also told that since he is “not a member of the club” of the AAOO, his evidence would not be acceptable in any case. He responds by offering them to use his equipment to test his claims for themselves, but they refuse.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1969 (October 11) – The Zodiac killer strikes again when a taxi driver is shot once in the head with a 9mm handgun. The weapon used is a different 9mm than had been used previously by the Zodiac. The latest victim had picked up his fare on Mason Street and had then driven him to an address in the Presidio Heights area of the city, where he was promptly shot. Some local kids witness the murder and immediately call the police with a description of the assailant. For unexplained reasons, however, the police dispatcher broadcast a description of a black perpetrator, allowing the real shooter to evade a massive police response. Two days later, a new letter from the Zodiac will claim credit for the killing and threaten a future attack on a school bus.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1969 (October 12) Charles Manson is arrested on charges unrelated to the Tate/LaBianca murders, but is eventually discovered to be tied to them and is held in custody. Ultimately, 12 murders will be linked to Manson and his Family, although Manson will claim 35.

In his book Helter Skelter, prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi will state that two Process Church members from Cambridge, Massachusetts, had visited him to dissuade him from believing that Manson was connected to the Process Church. Soon after, Manson will be visited by the same two members, after which he will suddenly stop talking about the Process Church. When author Ed Saunders publishes his book on the Manson murders, called The Family, in which he strongly suggests that Manson had ties to the Process Church, he will also be contacted by members of the Process Church, who will threaten legal action if he doesn’t remove all direct references to the Process Church from his book. He complies.

(See online book, The Ultimate Evil, by Maury Terry)

1969 (October 29) – The military’s ARPANET goes online as a secure electronic communications network. This will eventually develop into the modern Internet. The first ARPANET link is between the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Stanford Research Institute (SRI). By the end of the year it will add the University of Utah and the University of California, Santa Barbara.

1969 (December 6) – A Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway in California ends the free-loving hippie era on a bad note when one of the Hell’s Angels members who are acting as security stabs a man to death in front of the entire audience and with cameras rolling.

1969 (December 17) Project Bluebook is closed. The Air Force will state in a memorandum that “the continuation of Project Blue Book cannot be justified either on the ground of national security or in the interest of science”, and will conclude that the project does not merit future expenditures of resources.

1969 - Lookout Mountain Laboratory, which has operated as a secret government facility in the heart of Laurel Canyon since 1941, closes. Residents of Laurel Canyon will not become aware of its existence until the 1990s.

1970 (January) Anton LaVey publishes The Satanic Bible. He had been approached the year before by Peter Mayer, a publisher for Avon Books, who, following the success of Rosemary’s Baby, had seen an opportunity and offered LaVey a book deal. The book is a hodge-podge of mostly plagiarized material that is more of a marketing gimmick than a serious work. It includes rituals and spells involving human sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, etc., that will allegedly bring personal power, and the author encourages the disregard for laws and morals in the pursuit of one’s desires, and states that revenge against one’s enemies should be a top priority. The book is supposed to provide the core principles of Satanism, and act as the foundation for his church’s philosophy and dogma. The book will quickly elevate LaVey and his Church of Satan to national status, allowing him to promote his church and Satanism in general to a much larger audience than he ever could otherwise, and draw in many more subscription memberships and open chapters across the country. The book will go through many printings, being seen on bookstore shelves for years to come. Memberships outside of San Francisco will be conducted primarily by correspondence, but new chapters will also be started in various other cities as members rise up the ranks and split off.

Apart from drawing in more members, what the publication of this book will do, whether deliberately or not, is provide individuals who are perhaps more dedicated, more serious, and even more charismatic than LaVey himself, with a philosophical basis for their actions – in many cases, providing them with the ritual tools, jargon, and psychological conditioning necessary to perpetrate horrendous crimes that will scare the living daylights out of the rest of the population.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1970 (February) – While stationed in Vietnam, Michael Aquino takes the exam to become a Warlock in the Church of Satan, and is accepted.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1970 (February 17) Jeffrey R. MacDonald, a Green Beret from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, allegedly murders his pregnant wife and three children (one unborn). MacDonald will claim that the murders were committed by a group of hippies. A year after his retirement in 1979, Ted Gunderson, FBI Special Agent in Charge, will reinvestigate the case and determine that MacDonald had been wrongfully convicted, claiming that the murders were actually the work of Satanists. Gunderson will use this case to justify himself as an expert on Satanism and Satanic cults. This ‘expertise’ will then be used in the years following to involve himself in a series of cases of alleged Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) that the victims will reveal involves both the US military and high-ranking political figures in an international pedophile ring.

1970 (April) – At about this time, the documentary film Satanis: The Devil’s Mass is released in San Francisco theatres, in which the Church of Satan and its sexually-oriented activities are promoted. Newsweek magazine publishes a review of the movie in its April issue. Several other local papers follow suit.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1970 (May 4) – After the invasion of Cambodia by US forces, anti-war protestors in the USA are fired on by the National Guard at Kent State University, killing four people. This is nothing less than a blatant terrorist act inflicted on the US citizenry by its own government in order to scare them into conformity and stifle dissent.

1970 (June)Michael Aquino returns to San Francisco from Vietnam. On the 21st he is ordained into the priesthood of the Church of Satan, becoming a member of its inner core (the Council of Nine/Order of the trapezoid).

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1970 – Future Urantia Foundation trustee, NSA-trained Neal Waldrop enters the US Navy and attends Officer Candidate School.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1970 Rand Corporation publishes a report entitled, A Direct Mechanism for the Direct Influence of Microwave Radiation on Neuroelectric Function, by R.J. MacGregor. The author notes that "power densities of close to 1000,000mw/cm2 can produce auditory hallucinations in a field that would be averaged as low intensity and non-thermal."

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1970 – The release of Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by authors Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder reveals the Russian’s advances in psychic research. This book will help to prompt the US government to take a serious interest in researching psychic phenomena for intelligence gathering purposes.

1970 – At this time, psychic Ingo Swann is involved with the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR), doing experiments in what will later be called ‘remote viewing’. The CIA is secretly monitoring the results of these experiments, which, compared with similar information coming from the USSR, convinces them that psychic phenomena are worth exploring for intelligence gathering purposes. Ingo Swann will later be brought into the US government’s own secret research programs.

1970 – In spite of him stating at his parole hearing that he is not ready to be released and will kill again, Henry Lee Lucas is released after having served 10 years of a 20 – 40 year sentence for murdering his mother and violating the corpse. Lucas’ mother had been both physically and sexually abusive to Henry throughout his childhood, which had turned him into a sadistic psychopath and sexual deviant by the time he reached his teens. During his incarceration for her murder, he spent four and a half years on a mental ward, receiving intensive drug and electroshock treatments. He will later describe having constantly heard voices in his head during this time. He will later describe that period of incarceration as a “nightmare that would not end.”

Within a year of his release, he will be back in prison again for the attempted abduction of a young girl. He will serve four years before getting another early release in August of 1975, at which point he will become involved in a satanic cult called the Hand of Death. Accompanied by a man named Ottis Toole, he will begin committing an untold number of lurid child abductions and murders until his final capture in 1983. He will later claim that many of these were contractual murders that had been ordered by the cult.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1970 (September) – Psychological warfare expert Colston Westbrook returns to the USA from Vietnam where he was part of the CIA’s Phoenix Program (Chaos Program). Westbrook begins work under the cover of the UC Berkeley Black Studies Department at Vacaville Prison. He will soon become involved in programming Donald DeFreeze, an informant for the LAPD’s Criminal Conspiracy Section who will become the leader of the MKULTRA-created Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) that will be involved in kidnapping Patricia Hearst.

1970 (September 14) – The first of the ‘Death Angel’ attacks occurs in Berkley, California when 21-year-old Danny Crawford is picked up hitchhiking by two black men who hold him down and slash him with a meat cleaver before dropping him off. The next attack will be on October 25, involving the mutilation/murder of an unknown white male. Two more attacks will occur on October 27 involving gunshots. Two more attacks with a gun will occur on November 10. The attacks will carry into the next year, the next one occurring on June 18, 1971. By July, the attackers will more often than not be reported as two black men wielding a machete-type weapon. The attacks will continue throughout 1971 and will never be solved.

1970 (October 4)Janis Joplin is found dead of an apparent drug overdose at the Landmark Hotel in Los Angeles. Indications are that she had taken or been given a ‘hot shot’, many times stronger than standard street heroin. Like Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, she is only 27 years old when she dies. Joplin’s father was a petroleum engineer for Texaco.

1970 (October 19) – The occupants of a home in Santa Cruz – a prominent doctor, his wife, secretary, and two children - are tied up, shot, and then thrown in  the pool before the house is set on fire. A group of people appear to be involved. A few days later, however, John Lindley Frazier, is arrested and charged with being the sole perpetrator of the crimes. He will be convicted for all five murders by late November. Frazier, who is known to have a strong interest in the occult, had suddenly left his wife and started living as an ‘Aquarian Age’ hermit, moving into a tiny shack in the woods three months earlier. Soon after these murders, women start going missing from around the Santa Cruz area.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1970 (November 19) – While Andrija Puharich is attending a conference in Rye, New York that is being convened for the purpose of exploring the energy involved in certain psychic phenomena, one of the scientists present reports on a young man in Israel who could apparently do amazing psychokinetic feats, such as splitting solid gold rings in two, and moving clock hands. This is the first time that Puharich hears about the psychic, Uri Geller.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1970 – At this point in time, an average of six serial killers are reported each year in the USA.

1971 – The Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) is secretly created at Vacaville State Penitentiary by Colston Westbrook. Westbrook is a former CIA advisor to the South Korean Government, was trained in psychological warfare, and had participated in the CIA's infamous Phoenix Program in Vietnam, training terrorist cadres and death squads. Westbrook is assisted at Vacaville by his case officer, William Herman, who is a CIA operative, counter-insurgency expert and arms dealer, and will become involved in the Iran/Contra Affair in the years ahead. Donald DeFreeze, a Vacaville inmate, is groomed by Westbrook to be the leader of the SLA. DeFreeze had worked for the Los Angeles Police Department's Public Disorder Intelligence unit between 1967 and 1969 as an informant. Other SLA members will be Angela Atwood and Emily Harris, who had both received intelligence training at the College of Foreign Affairs at the University of Indiana prior to joining the Intelligence Division of the Indiana State Police.

1971 Michael Aquino returns from a two-year stint in Vietnam, and is soon after ordained as a priest in the Church of Satan. He starts his own grotto at his home, bringing in a number of fellow military personnel as members. He will remain very actively involved in the Church of Satan and help to build up its membership and try to keep it interesting until he leaves in 1975 to start his own more seriously occult Temple of Set. By the end of the year, he is the only person besides Anton LaVey and his wife to be “entrusted with the knowledge, prerogatives, and power” of the Church of Satan.

1971 – As part of the Rockefeller’s depopulation program, they fund Planned Parenthood to establish the first large-scale abortion mill in New York City. The center is designed to perform more than 10,000 abortions a year. It is a model for future sites that will be set up around the country. By the next year, 700,000 innocent babies will be killed in the USA by abortion.

1971 – Future serial killer Ted Bundy begins working at the Seattle Crisis Clinic as a paid work/study student. He will remain there through May 1972. His work partner at the clinic will be none other than Ann Rule, a policewoman cum ‘true-crime’ reporter whose brother had been recently killed, allegedly by his own hand, at Stanford University, where Bundy had recently attended.

Ted will leave the crisis center to intern at Harborview County Hospital as a psychiatric counselor, his salary being funded by a federal grant. He will also work that same year as a key organizer of Washington Governor Dan Evans' reelection campaign. His job will be, specifically, to spy and gather intelligence on the governor's opponent. Governor Evans will later personally write Ted a glowing letter of recommendation to a Utah law school. He will next work for a variety of city, state and county law enforcement entities. In April 1973, he will become a special assistant to Washington's Republican Party Chairman, Ross Davis, whom he will frequently dine with and whose children he will occasionally babysit.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1971 – Future serial killer David Berkowitz enlists in the US Army. He will be stationed in Korea, where he will become a proficient marksman. Soon after he joins, he enters a special program reportedly for ‘profiled’ candidates of an unspecified character. He is also reportedly taking hallucinogenic drugs for recreational purposes at one point during his stint. After his discharge in 1974, he will begin to show paranoid delusions, believing that various people and dogs are possessed by demons.

1971 – Well-known author and researcher Otto Binder writes an article for Saga magazine's Special UFO Report titled Liquidation of the UFO Investigators, Binder had researched the deaths of “no less than 137 flying saucer researchers, writers, scientists, and witnesses” who had died in the previous ten years, “many under the most mysterious circumstances.”

1971 (November 30) Andrija Puharich is in Israel studying the psychic abilities of Uri Geller. After placing him under hypnosis (and very possibly leading him with suggestive questions or comments, or perhaps even unspoken thoughts sent telepathically), Geller starts channeling an entity that identifies itself as ‘Spectra’ and claims to be a conscious computer aboard a spaceship stationed far out in space. Spectra also claims to be the source of Geller’s psychic abilities, and, at least according to Puharich, causes some very strange telekinetic phenomena to occur that go way beyond Geller’s already amazing spoon-bending abilities. When asked, the entities agree that they are the same ‘Nine Principles and Forces’ that Puharich and his Round Table Foundation had been in contact with in the early 1950s, and that they are behind the UFO sightings that started in 1947. They also explain that Geller has been programmed for a special mission to Earth and that “he is the only one for the next fifty years to come”. They also claim that a global war is imminent, and this is why they are revealing themselves. They tell Puharich that he is to take care of Geller, who is to be a Messiah. They are against Puharich using Geller in his psychic research, but Puharich insists, and so they reluctantly agree.

Puharich will bring Geller to the USA in 1972 to visit Stanford Research Institute and have his psychic abilities tested by a small group of interested scientists that include Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ, and Edgar Mitchell. These three men will soon start classified remote-viewing programs for the US government that will continue for twenty-three years, with funding provided by various different military/intelligence agencies of the US government.

(See book, Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, by Andrija Puharich)

1971 Ted Kaczynski quits his job as a professor of mathematics and moves to Montana to live off the land.

1971 From 1971 to 1978, William Thetford and David Saunders head CIA mind control Project MKULTRA Subproject 130: Personality Theory at Columbia University. Thetford is also currently working with Helen Schucman, who is in the process of channeling the text for what will become A Course in Miracles, which will become a New Age best-seller.

(See file, Was the ‘New Age Movement’ a CIA Mind Control Creation?, by Steve Ash & Philip Coppens)

1971 – FBI agent Ted Gunderson is called before the United States Senate and reprimanded for his roll in the murder set up of five Black Panther members after Gunderson sends love letters claiming to be from one Panther to the other’s wife, which caused one member to kill the other and several members to be framed for murder. Bobbi Seals will be acquitted for these charges and the members involved will be paid several million dollars in damages. Gunderson, an expert in counter-intelligence tactics, was using these skills to disrupt the Black Panthers, who were targets of the government’s illegal COINTELPRO program.

1972 (January 2)John Wayne Gacy picks up a 16-year-old male from Chicago's Greyhound bus terminal. He takes him on a sightseeing tour of Chicago, then drives him to his home with the promise that he can spend the night and be driven back to the station in time to catch his bus. Gacy will later claim that he awoke the following morning to find McCoy standing in his bedroom doorway with a kitchen knife in his hand. Gacy leapt from his bed and wrestled him to the floor, then stabbed him repeatedly in the chest with the knife. Gacy then went to his kitchen and saw an opened carton of eggs and a slab of unsliced bacon on the kitchen table, which had been set for two. The boy had walked into Gacy's room to wake him while absentmindedly carrying the kitchen knife in his hand. Gacy buried the body in his crawl space and later covered the youth's grave with a layer of concrete.

1972 (March 10) – During an encounter with police, Robert Naeslund is put to sleep, and wakes up hours later experiencing what he describes as a ‘radio signal’ in his head. He has been electronically implanted. Later x-rays will show that there is a device in his nasal cavity. Naeslund will have the implant tested by electronic technicians employed by Hewlett-Packard, and will undergo surgery to have it removed.

1972 – The Santa Cruz area of California becomes a mecca for hippies, drug traffickers, and satanists. It also becomes the location of a large number of seemingly random murder/mutilations. Up until this time, 95 percent of murders that have occurred in the USA have been primarily situational – inspired by tense domestic incidents or the result of some kind of altercation among acquaintances. But the murders during the 1970s in Santa Cruz will defy this pattern.

Many of the area's killings will be credited to two alleged serial killers, Edmund Kemper and Herb Mullin, who are apparently operating at the same time in the same city, though acting independently of each other. Kemper's bloody odyssey will reportedly include eight victims brutally butchered between May 1972 and April 1973, most of them coeds whose corpses are cannibalized and sexually violated. Mullin will be credited with dispatching thirteen victims in just four months, from October 13, 1972 through February 13, 1973. Mullin will admit to having a strong interest in the occult, choosing significant satanic dates for his murders.

No fewer than six serial killers/mass murderers – Charles Manson, Stanley Baker, Edmund Kemper, Herbert Mullin, John Lindley Frazier, and the Zodiac – are spawned from the Santa Cruz/San Francisco metropolitan area in a span of just over four years, at a time when ‘serial killers’ are still a rare enough phenomenon that they haven't yet acquired the label.

During this same period, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is being developed commercially for mass consumption at the University of Santa Cruz by Dr. Bateson, Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1972 The US Army publishes a study entitled Controlled Offensive Behavior: USSR, which concerns itself with targeting individuals with mind-altering techniques and “the total submission of one’s will to some outside force.” The study involves the use of pulsed microwaves.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1972 Arthur M. Young founds the highly influential Institute for the Study of Consciousness at Berkeley. This organization will provide a forum for some of the most daring thinkers of the day. Young had been involved with Andrija Puharich’s Round Table Foundation in the early 1950s, during which time Puharich was exploring psychic channeling.

1972 – The Heaven’s Gate cult is established by Marshall Applewhite and his wife Bonnie Nettles. The two founders had met in a psychiatric hospital, where Applewhite was a patient and Nettles a nurse.

1972 – The Montauk Project (Project Phoenix) allegedly starts at Camp Hero, Long island. This project is involved in mind-control, with a focus on developing psychic abilities in children.

1972 Project Mannequin allegedly starts in Great Britain. This project is involved in mind-control and genetic engineering, with a focus on developing psychic abilities in children and using them as ‘sleeper agents’ later in life.

(See online file, Agent Buried Alive, by James Casbolt)

1972 (May 7) – The first of a series of brutal murders occurs in the Santa Cruz, California area that will be attributed to Edmund Kemper. These murders will involve two female hitchhikers who are picked up and taken to an isolated rural area where they are stabbed, shot, or smothered to death. Kemper then takes the bodies back to his mother’s home to have sex with them before cutting them up and dumping the parts in ravines or burying them in fields. As he dissects them, he takes Polaroid photographs. He will commit more murders over the next year before turning himself in to police. At the same time that Kemper is murdering people in the Santa Cruz area, so is serial killer Herb Mullin, and both had been preceded three years earlier by serial murderer John Linley Frazier.

1972 (August) Andrija Puharich brings Uri Geller to the USA.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1972 (September 14) – The second in a series of murders occurs in the Santa Cruz area that will be attributed to Edmund Kemper. The victim is a fifteen-year-old female hitchhiker who Kemper takes to an isolated spot and kills before having sex with the body. He then puts the body in the trunk of his car and drives to a bar for a few drinks before continuing to his mother’s home. He takes the body into the house and places it on his bed, where he begins to dissect it. The body parts are later disposed of in various locations.

1972 (October) – A pilot project to investigate the merits of clairvoyance as a means of accurate intelligence acquisition is started at Stanford Research Institute with government funding. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is overseeing the preliminary program and reporting directly to George Bush Sr. Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ are working directly under Mitchell. This is the precursor to Project SCANATE, a classified government program that will continue under various names (GRILL FLAME, CENTER LANE, SUNSTREAK, and STAR GATE) for over two decades. A structured methodology for clairvoyance will be developed that is termed ‘remote viewing’.

These programs will incorporate the use of a Faraday cage to enhance psychic receptivity, and EEG machines to monitor brainwave patterns. Hypnosis is very likely a key element as well, since it has been repeatedly shown to heighten telepathic ability in a hypnotized subject.

Andrija Puharich brings Uri Geller to SRI for psychic testing during this preliminary stage of the remote-viewing program. The results prove very successful, and will be reported in the National Enquirer. Soon after this, Time magazine, with the backing of the Department of Defense, will begin to discredit Geller and the scientists at SRI. This will lead to a public battle that will make Geller famous in the USA, while Puharich will find himself being vilified within the scientific community.

Many of the people who will be involved in getting the remote-viewing programs at SRI started (including Uri Geller, Andrija Puharich, Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ, and Jack Sarfatti) have previously had strange experiences that included communications with alleged UFO occupants, and/or had been involved in secret government ‘aptitude enhancement’ programs as children.

1972 MKSEARCH closes down.

1972 – With William Thetford’s help, Helen Schucman channels the material for the A Course in Miracles Manual.

1972 (October 13) – The first gruesome murder that will be attributed to Herb Mullin takes place in Santa Cruz, California. By February 13, 1973, twelve more murders will take place that will be attributed to him.

Mullin grew up in a military family, his father having been a highly decorated Navy captain. Before the killings, Mullin had spent a considerable amount of time in and out of various mental institutions over the past four years, including one in Maui two years earlier that was run by the US Army. He later told a friend that he received electroshock treatments while there. According to author/investigator Ed Saunders, a mind control project was in operation on the Hawaiian Islands at the time and was specifically aimed at creating ‘serial killers’. Another programmed killer, Mark David Chapman, will spend time in Hawaii in 1977, and there will be evidence that he was also involved in a mind-control program there as well.

Mullin would frequently complain about hearing voices in his head. He regularly told those around him that he was receiving messages, including commands to kill, that were delivered in his father's voice. He would later state: “I feel that I was under my father's control, like a robot.” He will be diagnosed with MPD. Mullin was also known to tell people that his father, a Freemason, was a mass murderer responsible for countless unsolved killings up and down the California coast. His father had reportedly committed himself to a mental hospital at the end of World War II.

Just prior to his arrest, Mullin will enlist in the US Marines, and the recruiter will waive his criminal record.

After his arrest, Mullin will robotically chant “silence” to every question posed to him. He will later claim that, once incarcerated, he began receiving telepathic messages instructing him to kill himself, but was able to resist acting on those orders. Herb will claim to have only vague memories of the year and a half he spent in California during his killing spree. During this largely blacked-out period, he engaged in backward writing, a hypnotically conditioned skill that is indicative of mind-control programming. He was known to consume large quantities of hallucinogenic drugs, and he had an interest in the occult.

There will be discrepancies in the evidence used to convict Mullin, suggesting that he didn’t commit all of the murders attributed to him. A gag order will be imposed on court proceedings, and a presumption of guilt will already be set before the trial even gets under way, by leaving the jury without a ‘not guilty’ option. Mullin’s lawyers will do nothing to defend him and will instead help to convict him unfairly. He will state in the end that he was the victim of a huge conspiracy.

1973 (January 7) Edmund Kemper strikes a third time in his ongoing murder spree in Santa Cruz, California. As with the last time, he targets a young female hitchhiker and takes her to an isolated area to kill her, then takes the corpse to his mother’s home and has sex with it before cutting it up into pieces. He buries the head in the backyard and disposes of the remainders by throwing them over a cliff.

1973 (February 5) Edmund Kemper strikes a fourth time in his ongoing murder spree in Santa Cruz, California. This time he picks up two separate hitchhiking females and shoots them both in the car while driving. When he is at an isolated area, he transfers the bodies to the trunk of his car and beheads them before taking one body inside his mother’s home to have sex with it. He later disposes of the body parts in various places.

1973 (March) The Institute of Neotic Science is founded in Palo Alto, California by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. It is “dedicated to research and education in the processes of human consciousness to help achieve a new understanding and expanded awareness among all people.” This organization will be heavily involved in psychic testing, partly funding tests conducted with Uri Geller at SRI.

1973 (April 21) – On Good Friday, Edmund Kemper strikes a last time when he bludgeons his mother to death, beheading her and having sex with the corpse before using her head as a dartboard. He will then call and invite his mother's friend over, and upon her arrival, will quickly deal with her in a similar manner. After this, he will leave California for Colorado, where he will call friends at the Santa Cruz police department and begin confessing to a string of murders. After convincing them that he’s not a crank caller and telling them where to find him, he sits and waits for them to come and arrest him.

Although he will be in possession of Polaroid pictures that depict the murders and will be able to provide many details of the crimes, thus proving his involvement, there will be indications that others were involved as well. He will give one of the most detailed, articulate, and chilling confessions of sadism, murder, mutilation, cannibalism, and necrophilia in the annals of crime. The murders are laced with satanic symbolism, and he will testify that the killings arose from fantasies that began to build in his head during his confinement at Atascadero as a youth. Ed had told California Youth Authority officials of “evil forces within him which tried to control his behavior”. Kemper will state, “I believe […] that there are two people inside me.” He will also describe having experienced a dissociative state while going about his grisly work: “It's almost like a blacking out. You know what you're doing but you don't notice anything else around.” Ed will be judged sane and guilty of eight counts of first-degree murder. He will be sentenced to life in prison and sent to Vacaville, then later transferred to Folsom.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1973 (May 29) – After a number of very successful preliminary tests, Project SCANATE is started at SRI in order to study psychic phenomena for intelligence-gathering purposes.

1973 In the spring of this year, Uri Geller appears on the Jack Paar TV talk show. Paar unexpectedly asks whether Geller can bend several large steel nails, held by Paar. Geller places his hands over Paar's, concentrates, and then asks Paar to open his hands and inspect the nails. All of them are bent. Edgar Mitchell, co-appearing on the show, will later state how “when he opened his hand his face turned ashen. The tip of one of the nails was bent about twenty degrees, whereas all had been perfectly straight just moments before. An awkward silence fell over the set.

Geller will make other TV appearances, and each time he does, there will be numerous reports from parents calling up the TV stations and claiming that their children were spontaneously bending spoons as well. Geller is apparently triggering spontaneous telekinetic ability among the television viewers. This will become known as the ‘Geller Effect’.

1973 – Tipped off about forthcoming investigations into the CIA’s mind-control programs, Richard Helms destroys a large number of documents relating to MKULTRA prior to leaving his position as Director of the CIA.

1973 Ted Gunderson becomes head of FBI in Memphis, Tennessee.

1973 (September) The head of the Phoenix Program, William Colby, is appointed as the new Director of the CIA.

1973 (October 21) – The first meeting of the Trilateral Commission, a political organization formed by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Its purpose is to guide fellow internationalists in using their private influence to make certain their governments remain on the proper public course – the merging of governments into a single world government.

1973 (November) – At about this time, Patricia Hearst’s boyfriend, Steven Weed, is on site at the People's Temple at Ukiah, California and observed talking to cult leader Jim Jones.

1973 (November 23) An epidemic of metal bending breaks out in England. Uri Geller, a guest on "Talk In", a popular television show, stares fixedly at a fork, rubs it, and it bends! Excited viewers jam the BBC switchboard with fantastic tales: when Geller looked out from the video screen, he inadvertently caused the cutlery in their homes to warp. This strange epidemic of spontaneous telekinesis will spread with extensive coverage in the national newspapers. Reporters will interview women, girls and small boys who profess to have the same metal-disturbing power. Geller himself demonstrates to the press that he can flatten wedding rings, bend keys, and break bracelets - while the objects are held by their owners. The metal-bending epidemic will travel with Uri when he appears on television in Europe, reaching a crescendo in Sweden.

(See file, Mediums, Mystics, and the Occult – Uri Geller, by )

1973 – At about this time, the ECHELON global surveillance system goes online. It incorporates high speed computers that run advanced search engines to automatically sift through the global communications traffic for specified keywords.

(See file, Inside Echelon, by Duncan Campbell)

1973 Uri Geller stops working with Andrija Puharich and returns to Israel.

1973 (December 6)The body of the first victim attributed to Ted Bundy is found. The heart, lungs and liver are missing.

1974 George Bush Sr. is appointed as Director of the CIA.

1974 (February 1) – The disappearance of a woman who is apparently abducted from her home. One of her roommates will later room with one of Ted Bundy’s cousins who Ted is very close to. The only remains of the woman that will ever be found is her skull.

1974 (February 4) - The MKULTRA-created SLA kidnap Patricia Hearst, the daughter of Randolph Hearst, the ultra-wealthy owner of Hearst newspapers. She is kept locked in a closet and sexually abused while brainwashing techniques are used to bring her over to their side (via the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’). She joins the group in committing a number of bank robberies. When the police close in on the group’s safe house, a shoot-out takes place and the safe house is burned to the ground, killing six SLA members, including Donald DeFreeze, the group’s leader. Patricia Hearst will get away and remain on the run for the next year before being caught. In spite of having been brainwashed, she will be found guilty for her part in SLA activities and sentenced to seven years in prison. President Carter will commute her sentence and she will be pardoned after serving two years. DeFreeze’s body will be delivered to his parents in a closed casket. They will open the casket and find a headless and handless corpse inside.

Four of MKULTRA’s leading experts in mind-control – Margaret Singer, Robert J. Lifton, Martin Orne, and Louis Jolyin West – will testify as expert witnesses at Patty Hearst’s trial. West had been the head of the infamous UCLA ‘Violence Project’ at Vacaville, which DeFreeze had been recruited into.

1974 (March 12) – Another girl disappears, allegedly at the hands of Ted Bundy, but it will not be reported for a week. She will be described as having “dabbled in occultism”, and having an obsession with death, magic, and alchemy. More disappearances will follow, with clues leading them to look for a ‘Ted’. A few skulls will turn up. A task force will eventually be set up, and one of the first names to be passed to them will be Ted Bundy’s, provided by his purported friend Ann Rule, who, interestingly enough, has a number of links to some of the victims. Four others will report Bundy as well, including his fiancé. Some members of the Seattle police force will become convinced that there is cult involvement in the murders. A hefty file on occult activities in the area will be assembled, cryptically referred to as ‘File 1004’. By early fall, Bundy will move to Utah to attend law school at the University of Utah, where he will also work as a campus security guard while he continues his murder spree. .

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1974 (April 18) – 13-year-old Todd Bequette is abducted at the Old Market in Omaha, Nebraska, by a man named Terry Holman and forced to help abduct other children. He will eventually be found by a private detective. Holman will never be charged.

(See online file, Child Trafficking and Mind Control in the Heartland - My Cost of Child Advocacy, by David Shurter)

1974 – First successful unclassified voice-to-skull’ experiment conducted by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp and Mark Grove at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. It should e noted that Andrija Puharich had already successfully developed similar technology in 1949 and received a patent grant for it in 1961.

1974 J. F. Shapitz, working at the Department of Defense, files a proposal that states:

In this investigation it will be shown that the spoken word of the hypnotist may be conveyed by modulated electro-magnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain - i.e., without employing any technical devices for receiving or transcoding the messages and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously.

This is an extension of the work done by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp and Mark Grove at Walter Reed Institute of Research the same year. Besides this proposal, no records of this research have ever been declassified, suggesting that it was successful and went into the application stage. The wording of the proposal suggests that this technology incorporated subliminal audio via ‘voice-to-skull’ technology, since it states that the messages are directed to the subconscious (i.e. subliminal) and don’t necessitate a receiving device (such as an implant) to transcode them.

1974 – Future serial killer David Berkowitz leaves the US Army. Soon after, he begins to show paranoid delusions, believing that various people and dogs are possessed by demons.

1974 An Army Medical and Information Agency document, entitled Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation, discusses, among other things, the induction of voices inside the brain by use of signal modulation at very low power densities.

1974 Andrija Puharich publishes his book, Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, in which he describes the strange psychic phenomena that surrounded Uri Geller, particularly during Puharich’s involvement with him. Apart from the many descriptions of objects allegedly materializing, dematerializing, and teleporting to other locations whenever Geller was around, Puharich also claims that he and Geller had been in communication with disembodied beings from the future, who identified themselves as the same entities his Round Table group had been channeling years earlier. According to Puharich, they claimed that he had been chosen for a special mission to reveal to the world through Geller that these entities were here to save mankind from imminent destruction and were about to land en masse in spaceships. Although the book will be an instant bestseller due to the fame that Geller has already achieved in the USA, the more unbelievable events described in the book and the inclusion of information about channeled entities and their strange communications will only serve to discredit both Geller and himself. Doing this would assure that Puharich’s research would never be taken seriously, and it appears that he may have been forced to exaggerate certain events in order to discredit any of his research that hadn’t been conducted under government contract and therefore couldn’t be classified.

This same year, Puharich sets up ‘Lab Nine’ at his home in Ossining and starts working with another psychic named Phyllis Schlemmer. John Whitmore, the professional racecar driver and international tycoon, will also be closely involved. Schlemmer will soon begin channeling an entity that claims to be part of ‘The Nine’ from Puharich’s Round Table days in the 1950s. These channeling sessions will continue into the next year, when the three will have a falling out. Schlemmer will continue to channel these entities for the next twenty years, eventually publishing a book based on the communications titled, The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space. In her book, she will claim that these entities are known about by our world governments but our governments refuse to disclose their existence and are covering it up.

Puharich’s second-in-command at Lab Nine is James J. Hurtak, who will later collaborate with Carla Rueckert, a paranormal researcher who will be best known for her 1984 publication of The Ra Material, which is channeled information from an alleged group of entities that have suspicious similarities to Puharich’s original ‘Council of Nine’.

Lab Nine disciples include multi-millionaire businessmen (many hiding behind pseudonyms and including members of Canada's richest family, the Bronfmans), European nobility, scientists from Stanford Research Institute and at least one prominent political figure who is a personal friend of President Gerald Ford. Author Lyall Watson is also involved, as is the influential counter-culture guru Ira Einhorn, as well as Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the television hit ‘Star Trek’.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1974 – With the increasing need to control his followers, L. Ron Hubbard incorporates the Rehabilitation Project Force within his Church of Scientology. It is a slave labor prison system onboard his ship, the Apollo. Members who break the rules receive extremely harsh punishments and have to live under extremely harsh and degrading conditions. It is seen within the organization as ‘the last chance at redemption’. Those members who have thoughts of leaving Scientology are placed in this ‘project’. Those who have been successfully broken by the ordeal will have nothing but thanks for having been put through it, becoming all the more loyal to Hubbard and his organization.

(See online book, L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?, by Corydon Bent)

1974 – Robert and Mary Ann DeGrimston, joint leaders of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, get divorced, and the original organization changes its name to the Foundation Church of the Millennium. Many of its chapters across the country split off to form into autonomous groups.

1974 – The Citizens Freedom Foundation (CFF) is founded. It will officially change its name to the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) in 1986. Louis Jolyin West will become the director of CAN, which will be funded by the CIA to study the psychobiology of dissociation.

1974 A paper by SRI psychic researchers Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ appears in Nature magazine, titled Information Transfer Under Conditions of Sensory Shielding.

1974 – Author Philip K. Dick begins experiencing disembodied voices that claim to come from a spaceship.

1974 (October 2)Ted Bundy’s next victim disappears, this time in Utah where Bundy has recently moved to attend law school at the University of Utah. Another girl – the daughter of the police chief of Midvale, Utah – will vanish on October 18, the nude body will later be found strangled and bludgeoned. It will be almost entirely drained of blood, and the autopsy will show that the woman had not been killed immediately, but had been alive for up to a week after her disappearance. A third disappearance will occur on October 31, who will also be discovered to have been alive for about a week prior to her death. By early November, Bundy will allegedly attempt to abduct a girl from a shopping mall in Murray, Utah, and failing that, will go to Bountiful and (allegedly) abduct a girl there. There will be discrepancies in witness descriptions, and the distance between the locations and the time needed to travel didn’t add up, but this will be overlooked by investigators. By January, Bundy will strike in Colorado.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1974 (October 12) – Student Arliss Perry is brutally murdered and left on display in the Stanford Memorial Church on the Stanford University campus, nestled in the shadows of the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Perry is left lying on her back, with her head toward the altar and her legs spread wide. She is nude from the waist down and an altar candle has been inserted in her vagina. Another altar candle is wedged between her exposed breasts. Her jeans have been neatly arranged in an inverted V-shape and placed across her splayed legs, forming the Masonic symbol of compass and square. It will be suspected that Perry’s killer is a man named Bill Metzner, who is believed to have ties to the Four Pi Movement (an offshoot of the Process Church), Charles Manson, and Manson’s victim Abigail Folger, as well as to David Berkowitz, and will eventually be convicted of the Cotton Club murder of aspiring film producer Roy Radin.

1975 (January 4) – The Rockefeller Commission is set up to examine the malfeasance of the US intelligence agencies and make recommendations about how they can be reorganized and reformed. In reality, the Rockefeller Commission proposals will reflect the transition from the structures of the Cold War towards growing totalitarian tendencies.

(See online book, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin)

1975 (January 12)Ted Bundy abducts a woman in Colorado. Her body will be found, but the next two victims to follow in March and April won’t. After that the disappearances attributed to Bundy will stop. He will eventually be arrested towards the end of the year when a police officer stops Bundy’s car and then calls for back-up for no explainable reason. A pair of handcuffs that are found in his trunk will be used as an excuse to tie him to one of the disappearances. Although they will have no real evidence against him, the Utah police will still charge him for an attempted abduction from a shopping mall in Murray, Utah in 1974. Bundy will be railroaded in court for a crime he apparently didn’t even do, being found guilty as charged on March 1, 1976.

Interestingly enough, although Bundy’s visiting privileges will be severely restricted while he awaits sentencing, Ann Rule will have no problem at all being granted a special visit with him, even though she isn’t a relative, isn’t on the list of approved visitors, and shows up on a day that isn’t a regular visiting day.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1975 – By the beginning of this year, members of the Church of Scientology will have infiltrated the IRS, the US Coast Guard, and the DEA. 30,000 pages of documents have been stolen from the IRS relating to Scientology and its founder. Burglaries of the Department of Justice offices resulted in the copying of tens of thousands of other government files. A government sentencing memorandum on Mary Sue Hubbard will state:

The crime committed by these defendants is of a breadth and scope previously unheard of. No building, office, desk or file was safe from their snooping and prying. No individual or organization was free from their despicable conspiratorial minds. The tools of their trade were miniature transmitters, lock picks, secret codes, forged credentials, and any other device they found necessary to carry out their conspiratorial schemes.

(See book, Bare-Faced Messiah, by Russell Miller)

1975 – The Travis Walton alien abduction.

1975 Betty Andreasson Luca responds to a local newspaper article by UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek, in which reader’s personal UFO experiences are being solicited. Her response will contain little data to mark it as significant, causing it to be filed away and forgotten about until 1977. A local investigator, Jules Vailencourt, will eventually be informed of her case and contact her to see if she would be willing to investigate it further. She agrees, and begins undergoing hypnotic regression sessions, with a man named Dr. Edlestien conducting the hypnosis. This is the point when the full details of her experiences will start to surface. She will often be placed under subliminal hypnosis by Dr. Edlestien, which causes her to have spontaneous flashbacks throughout the weeks between these sessions. The hypnotist has to plead with her to allow this to continue, claiming that others are having these experiences as well. Some years after these first hypnosis sessions, another hypnotist by the name of Fred Max will continue exploring her experiences.

1975 Ted Gunderson becomes head of FBI in Dallas, Texas.

1975 (April) – At about this time, future serial killer David Berkowitz becomes involved in a satanic cult in New York. Initially, according to Berkowitz, the group is involved in harmless activities, such as séances and fortune telling. Gradually, however, the group introduces him to drug use, sadistic pornography, and violent crime. They begin by killing dogs, mostly German Shepherds. Over a dozen mutilated dog corpses will be discovered in Yonkers, especially near Untermeyer Park, which Berkowitz will later claim is a frequent meeting place for the cult.

1975 (April) – Government agent and future Urantia Foundation trustee, Neal Waldrop, is admitted to the Urantia Brotherhood as a member.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1975 (May) Andrija Puharich travels to England, where he meets several children who can bend spoons, pocketknife blades, keys, etc. He gets permission from their parents to study their paranormal powers further. Soon after, he meets more children with these same abilities in Mexico City. By July, he will have an “experimental school” set up for testing these psychic children at his home in Ossining, NY. There are initially nine children plus his fourteen-year-old son, Andy. They will be informally known as the ‘space kids’, and will undergo extensive hypnosis sessions that involve teaching them that they are from other planets and came to Earth with a life mission.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1975 (May) – Lt. Col. Michael Aquino leaves the Church of Satan and founds the Temple of Set. Before Aquino leaves, however, he will send out a bulletin to Church of Satan members announcing the founding of his own church, claiming that it had been sanctioned by no less than Satan himself. This will be a death-knell for the Church of Satan, leading to its quick disintegration. Many or most of its upper ranks will likely shift directly into similar positions within the new Temple of Set, including LaVey’s daughter, Zeena. LaVey will be forever hateful of Aquino after this, while Aquino will claim that he continues to regard LaVey very highly, but his devotion to Satan is more important. The Temple of Set will develop into a relatively small group of several hundred members (including many military personnel) with an inner circle called the Council of Nine.

During this same year, Aquino also co-authors a psychological warfare manual for the US Army titled From Psyop to MindWar: the Psychology of Victory.

(See online book, The Church of Satan, by Michael Aquino)

1975 (July) – According to the Napa Valley Sentinel in an article by Harry V. Martin and David Caul titled, Mind Control (August-November 1991), at a NATO conference in July, 1975:

A U.S. Navy psychologist, who claims that the Office of Naval Intelligence had taken convicted murderers from military prisons, used behavior modification techniques on them, and then relocated them in American embassies throughout the world […] The Navy psychologist was Lt. Commander Thomas Narut of the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Naples, Italy. The information was divulged at an Oslo NATO conference of 120 psychologists from the eleven nation alliance […] The Navy provided all the funding necessary, according To Narut.

Dr. Narut, in a question and answer session with reporters from many nations, revealed how the Navy was secretly programming large numbers of assassins. He said that the men he had worked with for the Navy were being prepared for commando-type operations, as well as covert operations in U.S. embassies worldwide. He described the men who went through his program as ‘hit men and assassins’ who could kill on command.

Careful screening of the subjects was accomplished by Navy psychologists through the military records […] and many were convicted murderers serving military prison sentences.

Thomas Narut, the Navy psychologist who made the disclosure, states that he is revealing what is obviously highly classified information only because he assumes that it’s about to surface anyway (i.e. the Rockefeller, Pike, and Church Committees). As it will turn out, Narut will have seriously overestimated the interest of the various committees in practicing full disclosure. After making his unauthorized disclosure, he promptly disappears from public view, briefly reappearing sometime later to make a feeble attempt at retracting his statements.

1975 (July) – Serial killer John Wayne Gacy is operating a construction business in Chicago (with financing provided by an unknown benefactor). In July, one of his young employees disappears. His body will end up under the concrete floor of Gacy’s garage. Two more employees will also disappear this same. Throughout the next several years, Gacy will kill dozens of young males and bury them on his property and under his house. The missing boys will be routinely considered runaways by the police and little will be done.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1975 (August) Henry Lee Lucas is released early from prison after serving a four year sentence for the attempted abduction of a child. By the next year, he will be teamed up with another serial killer named Ottis Toole, with whom he will spend the next seven years committing murders and abducting children as they roam around the country, eventually being caught in 1983.

After his arrest in 1983, Lucas will claim to have been initiated into a satanic cult that Toole had introduces him to, called the Hand of Death. According to Lucas, this cult is part of a larger network that spans the country and involves very wealthy and influential people at the top, including high-ranking politicians (this will parallel what serial killer David Berkowitz will claim, and will appear to be the case with many other serial killers as well). After being released from prison and joining the cult, he spends some time in the Florida Everglades, formally training at a mobile paramilitary camp in assassination, kidnapping, and arson. He and Toole will serve the cult as contract killers and child abductors.

Ottis Toole’s grandmother, who had raised him as a youth, had been involved in Satanism all her life, which is probably how he became involved in the cult network. According to Lucas, the cult operates out of Texas and from a ranch in northern Mexico, and trafficks in children and drugs, among other things. He will claim that what appears to be the random work of a serial killer is in fact a planned series of crimes often committed for specific purposes, including the assassination of foreign dignitaries. Contract hits were purposely mixed in with random murders in order to conceal the purpose of the crimes.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1975 (September 5) Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme, who became the head of the Manson Family after Charles Manson was arrested in October 1969, is arrested and imprisoned for an attempted assassination of US President Gerald Ford. Another associate of the Manson Family, Sarah Jane Moore, will also be arrested and imprisoned for a second failed assassination attempt on President Ford. If either woman had been successful, Nelson Rockefeller would have taken the presidency.

1975 (October 22) – While Ted Bundy is serving a sentence for an abduction in Utah, a warrant is issued for his arrest by the state of Colorado for the murder of one of his earlier victims, even though the State's case against Bundy is virtually nonexistent. An alleged eyewitness will take the stand and identify the Pitkin County Undersheriff as the man she had seen, rather than Bundy. A second witness – a prison informant – will be dropped for unknown reasons, leaving only very weak evidence to connect Bundy to the murder. During a break in the preliminary proceedings, he will purportedly escape, after being conveniently left unguarded, by jumping out an open window and strolling down the street. He will soon be recaptured. He will escape again, stealing a car and eventually ending up in a wooded area of the Eglin Air Force Base, a restricted military facility, where he will be picked up. He will have in his car an array of credit and identification cards, as well as several photos of girls and young women. During an interrogation, Bundy will (again) state that other people were involved. He will be charged with a multiple murder that takes place in Tallahassee during his escape, and a plea deal will be offered, but Bundy will refuse. The evidence against him will be extremely weak and possibly even fabricated, but he will nonetheless be convicted on all counts.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1975 – US Congressional hearings into Project MKULTRA are initiated by the Church Committee. Investigative efforts are hampered by the fact that CIA Director Richard Helms had illegally ordered all MKULTRA files to be destroyed in 1973, leaving the Church Committee with no other choice but to rely on the sworn testimony of direct participants and on the relatively small number of documents that survived Helms’ destruction order. The hearings will reveal that over 30 universities and institutions were involved in an “extensive testing and experimentation” program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens “at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.” All told, the program consisted of 149 projects at 80 universities and other institutions involving drug testing and a variety other studies on unwitting human subjects, including numerous studies using electromagnetic technologies.

1975 Helen Schucman publishes A Course in Miracles as a three-volume set, based on her channelings. It will become a New Age bible for millions of people.

1976 (February) – President Gerald Ford passes Executive Order 11905, which authorized the CIA “to conduct foreign counterintelligence activities... in the United States.” The power of the FBI to combat various ‘subversive’ activities is to be reaffirmed. Political assassination is banned, but no limitations or regulations are to be placed on covert operations. This will put more power into the hands of the CIA than ever before, making the newly appointed CIA Director, George Bush, the de facto intelligence czar. Further to this, all federal employees would now be made to sign a statement pledging that they will not divulge classified information, and that they can expect draconian punishment if they ever do so.

(See online book, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin)

1976 – First non-classified Remote Neural Monitoring device patented by Robert G. Malech (US patent #3951134, “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves”).

At the time of it’s writing, this patent was only a conceptual idea and a prototype was never actually built and tested. It can be shown that the technology described within it wouldn’t be capable of what it claims, and would never have made it into the patent records if it was, since the military immediately classify any new patent application that has any possible weapons application, which this one obviously would. Nonetheless, in the future this patent will come to be referred to or described in innumerable online documents and articles on mind-control technologies, influencing many people’s beliefs that this particular technology could possibly work.

1976 – The Soviets begin transmitting an extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic signal that disrupts communications around the world. It is at a frequency that also has the potential to disrupt brainwaves.

1976 (July 29) – The first ‘Son of Sam’ killings allegedly by David Berkowitz in New York City. Six people will be killed and seven others wounded before he is caught a year later, on August 10, 1977. During the killing spree, a number of cryptic and taunting notes from the Son of Sam will be sent to reporters and investigators, claiming that he is taking orders from a neighbor’s dog. The case will be closed without any further investigation immediately after Berkowitz’s arrest, even though there will be definite signs that others are involved. He will be sentenced without going to trial. Queens' District Attorney John Santucci will reopen the case in 1979 after concluding that Berkowitz did not act alone.

Berkowitz was an adopted child, and both families were Jewish. After his adopted mother died, his father remarried and moved to Florida in 1971, leaving David to live alone in New York. He spent time in the US Army between 1971 and 1974, stationed in Korea, and was a proficient marksman. When Berkowitz joined the army, he had entered a special program reportedly for ‘profiled’ candidates of an unspecified character, and was also taking hallucinogenic drugs for recreational purposes at one point during his stint. It was after his release from the military that he began to show paranoid delusions, believing that various people and dogs were possessed by demons. At the time of the murders, he is working as a postal worker. Berkowitz may have been under mind-control and knew the source of his programming. In the first handwritten missive he sent to the New York police, he wrote, “I am the ‘Son of Sam’. I am a little ‘brat’,” the possible implication being that he was an army brat. He also wrote, “I am on a different wave length than everybody else — programmed to kill.

After Berkowitz’s arrest, police will find numerous telephone numbers scrawled on the walls of his apartment, including the unlisted private home numbers of prominent doctors living on Long Island, the number for a large Scientology training center in Florida, and the number for the Montauk Golf and Racquet Club, an exclusive country club on Long Island that lies adjacent to the purportedly closed Camp Hero military base that has been tenuously linked by researchers to mind-control operations.

In 1997, Berkowitz will reveal to author/investigator Maury Terry that there were other people involved in the killings apart from himself, that he only killed three of the victims and wounded a forth, and the rest of the shootings were done by other members of the cult. Although he will refuse to discuss anything that relates to the cult, it will be determined that the Son of Sam group were part of a larger satanic network that extended across the country, with the local chapter having members from the Yonkers police department. Berkowitz will claim that their group performed animal sacrifices and made child pornography. Many of the victims they targeted had been involved in college prostitution rings that may have tied in to the satanic network. At the time of the murders, dead and mutilated dogs, mostly German Shepherds, have been turning up in the area. Berkowitz will name his neighbors, brothers John and Michael Carr, and their father Sam Carr, as members of this satanic group. John Carr is alleged to have been involved in Satanism since high school, and was in the Air Force for many years until being discharged only a few months before the first Son of Sam murders. John Carr had been a staff sergeant stationed at Minot AFB in North Dakota, and the headquarters of the satanic group he was associated with at the time was located in nearby Bismarck. Michael Carr was apparently a Scientology executive and was involved with one of its offshoots – most likely the Process Church, which had moved its headquarters from California to New York around the time that the Son of Sam murders started. John Carr will be found shot dead in a girlfriend's North Dakota apartment in 1978. Michael Carr will be killed in a car crash in New York City less than two years later.

According to Michael A. Hoffman in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Son of Sam investigator Maury Terry was John Wheat Carr's best friend in high school, but never revealed this relationship. He later will later explain that he had forgotten that they had been friends.

(See online book, The Ultimate Evil, by Maury Terry)

1976 (August 20) – The Allagash alien abduction incident involves four men (Jack and Jim Weiner, Charlie Foltz, and Chuck Rak) who are out camping near Allagash, Maine. They spot a strange light in the sky while fishing out on a lake at night. When one of them signals it with a flashlight, a beam of light shoots out from the craft and it comes towards them. They are enveloped in the light, and in the next moment they find themselves back on shore, staring at the craft as it hovers nearby before suddenly disappearing into the night sky. The men are exhausted and go to bed for the night, not discussing the incident. Days later, they all start to have similar nightmares of strange beings with long necks and large heads. Years later, in 1988, Jim Weiner meets ufologist Raymond Fowler at a UFO conference and agrees to undergo regressive hypnosis. All four men take part, and they recall being abducted and undergoing physical examinations. Their descriptions of the aliens are consistent.

1976 (October) – Over the next year, 85 German shepherds and Dobermans will be found skinned and drained of blood in New York City. It is suspected that they were used in satanic ritual sacrifices.

1977 (February 14) Frederick Cowan, a neo-fascist from New Rochelle, New York, who was suspended from work after quarreling with his Jewish boss, turns up at the plant with a small arsenal and proceeds to kill five people and wound two others before turning a gun on himself. According to serial killer David Berkowitz, Cowan had been involved with the Four Pi movement, a satanic cult that Berkowitz had also been involved with.

(See online book, The Ultimate Evil, by Maury Terry)

1977 (March) Andrija Puharich and Dr. Robert Beck build a magnetic wave generator in the laboratory in Ossining and begin charting the effects of different ELF waves on humans. The dangerous implications of their findings will lead them to prepare a scientific document and send it (hand carry it) to the political leaders of the western world: Carter, Trudeau, and Thatcher. Nothing will result.

At this point or earlier, Puharich has learned that ELF waves can be used to enhance a person’s potential for telepathic communication. He is also aware that people’s brainwaves will fall into electromagnetic resonance when in close proximity.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1977 (April) Dr. William Joseph Bryan is found dead in Las Vegas on the eve of the House Select Committee on Assassinations starting an investigation into the assassination of Senator and Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan. Bryan had been involved in Sirhan’s programming.

1977 (July 8) – 134 FBI agents, armed with search warrants and sledgehammers, simultaneously break into the offices of the Church of Scientology in Washington and Los Angeles and cart away 48,149 documents. These documents will reveal an astonishing espionage system that spanned the USA and penetrated some of the highest offices.

(See book, Bare-Faced Messiah, by Russell Miller)

1977 (September) After numerous articles in Hearst's S.F. Examiner and New West Magazine exposing the People’s Temple, Jim Jones begins an exodus of temple members to an isolated commune in Guyana.

1977 (October 17) – The first murder attributed to the Hillside Stranglers takes place in the Los Angeles area. By February 17, 1978, twelve more victims will die. The murderers will eventually be identified as Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono.

The victim is a black prostitute and drug dealer named Yolanda Washington, whose nude body is found along Forest Lawn Drive. She had been strangled with intense force after having sexual contact with at least two men. Not long before her death, she and a group of fellow prostitutes had sold Buono a ‘trick list’.

Bianchi was adopted into the Bianchi home, where he was abused repeatedly. He was taken frequently to doctors and administered unspecified tests at the urging of his mother. As a child, Bianchi frequently lapsed into trance-like states, during which time his eyes would roll back in his head. He later recalled enduring such punishments as having his hand held over a stove flame. He had gaps in his memory, and would sometimes find himself walking down a street with no memory of how he got there or what he had been doing immediately prior. Later, as an adult, he joined a biker gang called ‘Satan’s Own’. At the age of twenty-six, Bianchi arrived in Hollywood and moved in with his cousin, Angelo Buono. He had access to a steady supply of drugs, which he both sold and used. During this time in California, he claimed to be getting outpatient treatments for cancer, and he regularly visited a hospital to receive those treatments. He generally preferred to go alone to these appointments. Bianchi, of course, never actually had cancer. But there is no question that he was making regular visits to a medical facility, and he was receiving some sort of treatment.

Buono has a penchant for underage girls, even marrying two, and is allegedly involved in running prostitution rings, specializing in child prostitution. The home of Bianchi and Buono has a steady stream of mostly underage girls passing through, some even living there for varying periods of time. Some were kept against their will and received regular beatings, rapes, and threats of death and dismemberment. Angelo supplied the services of these young girls to the city's business and political elite, including a city councilman, a police chief, and a chief aide to a member of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1977 (October 31) – The second Hillside Strangler victim – another prostitute – is found. There are signs that more than one person was involved.

1977Roman Polanski is arrested for drugging and raping a thirteen-year-old girl, and flees to Europe to avoid sentencing.

1977 – Serial killer and satanic cult member John Wayne Gacy is made a Precinct Captain in Chicago where he lives. He will be responsible for helping to fix Chicago elections so that only ‘special’ members of the Democratic Party are elected.

1977 Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ publish their book, Mind Reach, in which they describe some of the successful early remote viewing experiments at SRI.

1977 Project Dreamscan allegedly begins at Montauk AFB on Long Island.

1977 Ted Gunderson becomes head of FBI in Los Angeles, California.

1977 On the Senate floor, Senator Ted Kennedy states:

The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an 'extensive testing and experimentation' program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.

1978 – At around this time, the US Army begins funding an operational remote-viewing program at Fort Meade, Maryland. Six volunteers from Army Intelligence are trained in remote viewing at SRI.

1978 (February 9) – the last murder attributed to Ted Bundy occurs.

1978 (February 17) – The last murder attributed to the Hillside Stranglers takes place.

1978 (February) – Future serial killer Richard Ramirez, who will become known as the Night Stalker, arrives in San Francisco and has a meeting with satanist Anton LaVey, as well as attending a Church of Satan ritual. From here, he moves on to Los Angeles, where he will eventually begin his killing spree in the years ahead. When he is finally caught, he will be visited in jail by LaVey’s daughter Zeena.

1978 (May 6) – Serial killer John Wayne Gacy is photographed with First Lady Rosalynn Carter, being congratulated as a Ward boss for the Chicago Democratic Party for a “job well done”. The photograph shows him wearing an ‘S’ pin, indicating to the Secret Service that he carries a special government clearance. At this time, he has a number of corpses buried under the crawlspace of his house.

(See online file, John Wayne Gacy, at wikipedia)

1978 (May) – Serial killer Ken Bianchi leaves Los Angeles and heads to Bellingham, Washington, where he soon after joins the Whatcom County Sheriff 's Reserves.

1978 (June)John Wayne Gacy is charged with battery. A twenty-seven-year-old man had been picked up and then knocked out with a rag placed over his mouth. He awoke in a park with burns on his face and a bleeding rectum. The man had been picked up from the city's gay district, where Gacy is very well known and widely believed to be a cop. The victim gave police the license number of Gacy's car, and Gacy was soon after taken into custody. Several court dates will be allowed to pass with no action taken on the charges.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1978 (June) Jeffrey Dahmer kills his first victim, 19-year-old Steven Hicks, after picking him up hitchhiking and taking him home to drink and have sex. Afterwards, when Hicks tries to leave, Dahmer bludgeons him to death and stores the body in the crawlspace under his father’s house. Three days later, when it begins to smell, he decides to cut the body up into pieces and put them in garbage bags before burying them in the woods behind the house.

At the end of this year, Dahmer will enlist in the Army and be stationed in Germany. He will be discharged two years later due to alcoholism.

Nine years will pass before he kills again. The murders will involve rape, dismemberment, necrophilia, and cannibalism.

Although Dahmer had grown up in a healthy family environment, by the age of six, after having surgery for a double hernia, he had become different. According to his father, “he grew more inward, sitting quietly for long periods, hardly stirring, his face oddly motionless.” This change would remain for the rest of his life.

1978 (August) Andrija Puharich’s ‘Lab Nine’ research center is forced to permanently close when someone burns it to the ground. Puharich flees to Mexico, claiming that the CIA is targeting him. Lab Nine has been involved up until this time in experimenting with children who show psychic potential. It’s very likely that these experiments are related to those that are allegedly taking place at Camp Hero (Montauk), Long Island. Little is known about what actually went on at Lab Nine, but reports by visitors state that many of the children being used in experiments there appeared to be very traumatized. It is possible that the CIA feared revelations about these children through a scandal involving Puharich’s associate Ira Einhorn, who at this time is being investigated for the murder of his former girlfriend Holly Maddux (for which he will be subsequently convicted). At the time of her disappearance, Maddux allegedly possessed papers relating to Puharich’s research with these children. It is also possible that Puharich was running because of what he knew about psychic phenomena and/or the US government’s secret remote-viewing programs and this posed a threat to them, since up to this time, Puharich had been trying to alert the governments of the western world to the dangers of ELF waves.

(See online file, Behind the Mask: Aliens or Cosmic Jokers?, by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince)

1978 – According to Walter Bowart (author of Operation Mind Control), there are only 25 diagnosed cases of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) at this point in time. By the year 2000, there will be hundreds of thousands of diagnosed cases. This initial low number apparently doesn’t include cases of MPD prior to it being formally recognized as a medical condition, since the medical literature from the 18th and 19th centuries is filled with many such cases.

1978 – A woman by the name of Jenny O’Connor is introduced to the famous Esalen Institute in California by Sir John Whitmore, who was previously involved with Andrija Puharich’s Round Table Foundation. O’Connor will begin channeling ‘The Nine’, continuing the communications that first started at Puharich’s Round Table Foundation. The Nine will literally take over the administration of Esalen between 1979 and about 1982, which includes deciding who is hired or fired. Many of the people who attend O’Connor’s seminars will later become prominent in political circles both in America and the USSR. Another participant at these seminars will be David M. Myers, who will go on to channel the Nine as well and publish at least one book about them, called Two Thirds. He will also work closely with Richard Hoagland in promoting the ‘Face on Mars’ controversy in the years ahead.

(See online file, Behind the Mask: Aliens or Cosmic Jokers?, by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince)

1978 – The Unabomber (allegedly Ted Kaczynski) begins his mail-bombing campaign, planting or mailing numerous home-made bombs to selected targets, eventually killing 3 people and injuring 23 others. The campaign will continue until Kaczynski is arrested in 1996.

Kaczynski had been a child prodigy, and had been accepted into Harvard University in 1958 at the age of 16. While there, he was a subject of mind-control experiments conducted by Dr. Henry Murray. Later, he became an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley at age 25, but resigned two years later. In 1971, he moved to a remote cabin in Montana that had no electricity or running water, and lived as a semi-recluse while learning survival skills, hoping to become self-sufficient. He decided to start his alleged bombing campaign after seeing the wilderness around his cabin home being destroyed by development. He had long believed that violent collapse was the only way to bring down the techno-industrial system. He will later write:

In a general way, I think what has to be done is […] try to increase tensions in society to the point where things start to break down. To create a situation where people get uncomfortable enough that they’re going to rebel. So the question is how do you increase those tensions?

That Kaczynski was angry about the mind-control experiments conducted on him at Harvard is suggested when he states in a letter to the New York Times that one of his targets was attacked because “its business is in the development of techniques for manipulating people's attitudes.

1978 (November 18) – The Jonestown massacre occurs in Guyana, South America, under the direction of the psychopathic cult leader and CIA operative, Rev. Jim Jones, leader of the People’s Temple Church. Congressman Leo Ryan, who was actively investigating CIA-bred cults, is assassinated by cult members after he arrives at Jonestown to investigate reports of abuse made by former members. At about the same time that Ryan is murdered, the mass deaths of most of the population of Jonestown takes place. Ryan’s killers are described by surviving witnesses as ‘zombies’, walking mechanically, without emotion, and “looking through you, not at you” as they fired their guns.

The initial body count given by the US Army is 400, while claiming that another 700 people had fled into the jungle to escape their deaths. When none of these survivors materialize, the excuse is made that they miscounted due to the fact that some of the dead had been hidden under the bodies of others. A week after the massacre, the final official body count will be 916 dead and 16 survivors, but no explanation will be given as to where almost 200 others are.

The cause of the deaths will be reported as cyanide poisoning by drinking tainted Kool-Aid, but the evidence will show that this is false. Most of the bodies are found to have needle injection marks located at the back of the left shoulder blade, while others had been strangled or shot, indicating a different scenario to the official one. Jim Jones (or a possible look-alike, which he was known to employ) is found shot in the head, and although it will be reported as a suicide, the gun that was used is found 200 feet away from the body.

A massive amount of drugs commonly used in MKULTRA mind-control programs are found at the site. This includes 11,000 doses of Thorazine, 20,000 doses of Demerol, stockpiles of sodium pentathol, chloral hydrate, thallium, and more. It will later be confirmed by Joseph Holsinger, one of Congressman Ryan’s aides, that the CIA was responsible for the formation of religious cults in the USA, stating that MKULTRA had shifted its programs from public institutions to private cult groups like the People’s Temple since 1963, and that a CIA rear-support base had been in collusion with Jim Jones to perform medical and mind control experiments. It will also be discovered by investigators that Jonestown was the pet project of Dr. Lawrence Laird Layton of the University of California at Berkeley, a former chemist for the Manhattan Project and head of the Army’s chemical warfare research division in the early 1950s. Layton had conceived, staffed, and financed the Jonestown project, and his own son is the man who had shoots and kills Congressman Ryan. Another CIA agent within the inner ranks at Jonestown is Richard Dwyer.

Reports by a number of survivors reveal how harsh living conditions were at Jonestown. Infractions of the rules or disloyalty had resulted in increasingly harsh punishments, including public humiliation, forced drugging, physical torture, sensory isolation in an underground box, and public sexual rape. The inhabitants of this tightly run concentration camp setting had also been subjected to medical and psychiatric experimentation. Beatings and verbal abuse were commonplace. Only the special guards were treated humanely and fed decently, while everyone else survived mostly on rice, bread, and rancid meat. Prior to their fatal end, those living at Jonestown would be regularly put through ‘suicide drills’.

A number of the Jonestown survivors will end up being murdered after returning to the USA, quite possibly to silence them. The mass ‘suicide’ appears to have been ordered at the last minute by somebody other than Jim Jones, since he had been murdered as well, just when Congressman Ryan was about to expose the situation at Jonestown. He was becoming a serious threat to the CIA’s secret involvement in this and many other mind-control cults that had been cropping up in recent years. The CIA apparently had a number of their agents within Jones’ elite ranks (who all survived), and ordered them to pull the plug and eliminate everyone, including Ryan, so that no information could leak out about what had really been going on and who had been involved.

Immediately after the massacre, World Vision, a CIA front organization, will develop a scheme to repopulate the Jonestown site with CIA-linked mercenaries from Laos.

(See online file, CIA Cults and the Global Brainwashing Experiment: The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre, by John Judge)

1978 – At about this time, a man named John Todd begins speaking out about his alleged involvement with the top levels of the Illuminati. He claims to have been a member of their Grand Druid Council. He names the Rothschild family as the ultimate head of this Luciferian secret society, with the Rockefellers acting as its American head. Todd reveals that the Illuminati seek to bring in the Anti-Christ, and are constantly on the lookout for an ideal candidate to play this crucial part in the unfolding of their plans for world conquest. It is certain that this candidate, whoever it might be, will have undergone the most extensive mind-control programming possible.

1978 – At about this time, the Texas House Select Committee on Child Pornography discloses that investigators probing leads to organized crime in Houston, Dallas, and other major cities found that slave auctions for sixteen- and seventeen-year-old boys are routinely held in Mexico. Some of the boys are featured in brutal snuff or ‘slasher’ movies.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

1978 – The first computer bulletin board system (BBS) is developed, allowing users to dial into a computer using a modem to share files and leave messages.

1978 (December 11)A young man disappears. He was last seen outside of the pharmacy where he is employed, talking to John Wayne Gacy about a job with his construction company.

A search of Gacy’s house will be conducted two days later, yielding a number of interesting items: a high school ring that had belonged to one of the missing boys; an Illinois drivers license issued to another boy; marijuana and rolling papers; a vast supply of pharmaceuticals; a switchblade knife; a pair of handcuffs; police badges; a hypodermic syringe; numerous items of clothing that were obviously too small for Gacy; books on homosexuality and pedophilia; a photo lab receipt later traced to the missing boy; an empty brown bottle that had contained chloroform; a bloodstained rug; and a homemade stock.

One room in the home will be completely filled with clown pictures. The crawlspace underneath the house, where Gacy’s employees had been asked to dig trenches, will be covered with a layer of lime – useful for hastening the decomposition of bodies. Police will decide not to arrest Gacy at the time of the search, despite the seemingly incriminating evidence they will find in his home, and despite the fact that at this point they will have received complaints from at least five assault victims, three in Chicago, all alleging druggings and torture administered by Gacy, and despite the fact that Gacy still has charges pending against him from an incident earlier in the year.

Gacy is put under police surveillance. In the meantime, further investigations will reveal his connection to other disappearances. As the days go by Gacy begins showing signs of stress, even confessing to the murders to his lawyers.

By December 21, Gacy will be arrested for possession of marijuana, prompting a second search of his home. This time, 26 bodies buried in his basement will be discovered, the stench of which permeates the house. Three more bodies will be found elsewhere on the property. During the search, Gacy will be taken to the hospital due to chest pains, after which he will immediately confess to the murders, stating almost immediately that others were involved. When asked where the missing boy is (from December 11), he will reply, “I don't know. I didn't transport him.” When asked who did, he will refuse to say. No further mention will be made regarding accomplices at this point and the issue won’t be pursued any thereafter. Gacy will later specifically name two of his employees as being the individuals he had referred to as being involved in several of the murders. Other surviving victims will also recall a second person being present with Gacy.

Three additional bodies, which will be found in the nearby Des Plaines River between June and December 1978, will also be confirmed to have been victims of Gacy.

By April 23, 1979, Gacy will be charged with 33 counts of murder. Seven will never be identified.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1979 (January 12) – Two Western Washington University coeds are found bound and strangled. Bellingham resident Ken Bianchi is arrested shortly after the discovery of the bodies, and he promptly confesses. Before long, he is being examined by a stream of psychiatrists/psychologists, some of whom have longstanding connections to the CIA. These include Dr. Ron Markman of Los Angeles (who had been involved in both the Manson and the SLA/Patty Hearst cases), Dr. Donald Lunde (who also plays a pivotal role in the Frazier, Kemper and Mullin cases), and Dr. Martin Orne (MKULTRA psychologist and board member of the infamous False Memory Syndrome Foundation). 

1979 – William Moore and Charles Berlitz release their book, The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility, detailing the events that allegedly took place in 1943 involving the USS Eldridge. The book is an instant bestseller.

1979 – Publication of The Andreasson Affair, by Raymond E. Fowler. This is the first of three books he will write about the alleged alien abduction experiences of Betty Andreasson Luca.

1979 – Ufologist Bruce Maccabee begins his secret involvement with the CIA.

1979 – FBI Special Agent in Charge Ted Gunderson takes an ‘early retirement’ after 29 years of service and opens a private detective agency, Ted L. Gunderson and Associates, in Santa Monica, California. Gunderson had headed the FBI field offices in Memphis, Dallas, and Los Angeles and was an expert in counter-intelligence. During his career, Gunderson had been a vociferous defender of the FBI, acting as their media spokesperson during the Watergate scandal and publicly supporting the COINTELPRO tactics used in the 50s and 60s, claiming that such extreme measures were necessary.

After leaving the FBI, Gunderson will go on to open his own private investigations into a number of controversial cases that will become the basis for the satanic scare of the 1980s when an international pedophile ring with ties to the White House starts being exposed.

Gunderson will work tirelessly over the years in helping to raise a satanic scare among the public, which will effectively lead to psychiatrists and childcare workers who report their client’s claims of satanic ritual abuse being accused of planting false memories. For all of Gunderson’s years of ‘investigation’, nothing positive will result from it and there will only be doubt and confusion remaining over the whole issue of the extent of Satanism and pedophilia in the USA.

(See online file, Ted Gunderson: Death of a Public Paranoid)

1979 - CompuServe becomes the first computer network to offer email service to personal computer users.

1980 – According to MKULTRA mind-control victim Cathy O’Brien, during this year she is programmed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino of the US Army, a self-confessed neo-Nazi and devout Satanist. He will use barbaric trauma techniques on both Cathy and her daughter Kelly that involve NASA technology. Aquino is the founder of the Temple of Set, and holds top-secret clearance in the DIA's Psychological Warfare Division. He is also deputy director of reserve training at the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco. In the years ahead, he will be charged (but never tried or convicted) for the ritual sexual abuse of children at the Presidio Army Base day care center, leading to his involuntary discharge from the Army. He will also be identified by victims in a number of similar cases at other military bases across the USA.

Cathy O’Brien is a ‘presidential model’ Monarch sex slave, meaning that she is specially programmed to cater to the sexual perversions of the highest-ranking politicians in the USA. During her time as a sex slave (which started as a child), she claims to have serviced a number of well-known politicians, including Bill and Hilary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Governors Lamar Alexander and Richard Thornburgh, Bill Bennett, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Robert Byrd (who is her handler) and Arlen Spector. O'Brien will eventually give testimony before the US Senate regarding the events she was forced to go through and she will name her perpetrators. Not one of these men will challenge her or accuse her of slander.

(See online book, Trans-Formation of America, by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips)

1980 – William Moore and Charles Berlitz coauthor and publish The Roswell Incident, which is the first book to come out about this alleged crash, bringing it to the public’s attention and raising wider interest in the subject of UFOs and alien visitation. Stanton Friedman had been involved in the research for the book, although this is never mentioned.

After the book’s publication, Moore is approached by a high level intelligence official who claims that he and others know the truth about UFOs and want to get the information out, so they are willing to help Moore with his work. Moore is told that he will work primarily through a liaison, who will turn out to be a man named Richard Doty. In return, Moore is to provide his government connection with information on the UFO community and certain people within it. Moore decides to accept the offer.

(See online file, William Moore: UFO opportunist or agent of disinformation, by Don Schmitt)

1980 Emma ‘Christy’ Christensen, the daughter of William S. Sadler, receives an apparently audible ‘message’ from ‘unseen friends’, who are believed to be the same supernal beings who provided the original Urantia material. Christensen had been involved in transcribing most of the original Urantia texts.

1980 Andrija Puharich is invited to live at the estate of Richard Joshua Reynolds (of the Reynolds dynasty), where he is able to conduct research studying the effects of electromagnetic fields on brain waves. Puharich had been living in Mexico up to this time, fearing the CIA was after him.

1980 Ted Gunderson becomes a defense investigator for Dr. Jeffrey R. MacDonald, a Green Beret who had been convicted of the gruesome 1970 murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters. He will succeed in getting his conviction overturned, putting the blame for the murders on a satanic cult.

1980 (October) Paul Bennewitz, a scientist and amateur UFO investigator, becomes the target of a UFO hoax initiated by government agents. It begins when he and another UFO investigator, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, hear the story of a young woman named Judy Doraty, who claims that she and her son had been abducted by aliens and taken to an underground base where they were examined and implanted with alien devices. She claims that while at the base, she saw large vats with human body parts floating in them. CAT scans paid for by Bennewitz reportedly confirmed the existence of the implants in the woman and her son. Bennewitz comes to believe that “at least 300,000 or more in the USA and at least 2,000,000 if not more worldwide” have been implanted with cerebral control devices by the aliens, although his means of detecting these implants is questionable: “You can recognize them because of their eyes... [a] peculiar look in the eyes and a funny smile.

Bennewitz, who owns an electronics research laboratory, attempts to detect the electromagnetic signals that he believes the aliens are using to control the woman, in order to find out a way to shield against them. In late 1979, he had told members of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) that he was detecting these low frequency signals, and that he had begun to make calculations about electronic and propulsive techniques employed by the aliens. At the same time, from his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he had been photographing unidentified lights in the area of the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility east of Kirtland Air Force Base. He believed that he had “established constant direct communication with the Alien using a computer and a form of Hex Decimal Code with Graphics and print-out.” The communication method also involved asking the aliens questions telepathically when a UFO was in sight.

Bennewitz comes to believe that he has located two underground alien bases in the New Mexico desert, and begins collecting evidence, even hiring a helicopter to take photographs of the sites. He claims to have captured images of saucer craft, beam weapons, and aliens on the ground. However, when the film is developed, these images are inexplicably missing. Bennewitz goes on to produce a written report on his research titled Project Beta, which includes a study of alien psychology, as well as proposed means by which the military might destroy the alien bases – using his own company, Thunder Electronics, as a sub-contractor for his own beam weapon inventions.

Throughout all this, Bennewitz has been in close touch with a military officer named Major Edwards at the Manzano facility, and through him, was able to give several presentations to ‘high-level’ Air Force personnel at the base. UFO writer/researcher William Moore will later explain that “[Bennewitz] had innocently stumbled on a signal used in a secret Air Force experiment that was totally unrelated to UFOs. He was approached by security officers who tried to get him to disconnect his equipment and to stop monitoring their electromagnetic tests. The more they did this, of course, the more Bennewitz was convinced they had something to hide (which was true) and that it had to do with UFOs (which was false). And he refused to comply.

The hoax is stepped up in an attempt to lead Bennewitz into discrediting himself. People with apparent implant scars begin to come to him more frequently with their abduction stories, and Bennewitz begins to have a number of his own abduction experiences. By early September 1981, William Moore will be contacted by a “well-placed individual within the intelligence community who claimed to be directly connected to a high-level project dealing with UFOs.” This man, who will only be known only as ‘Falcon’, will claim that he is part of a group that wants to expose the continuing government cover-up of UFOs. Moore will go along with the man’s story in the hopes of gaining access to government UFO information. Acting as liaison between Moore and this secret group will be a man named Sgt. Richard Doty, who will later be found to have been working for AFOSI and trained in disinformation and psychological operations. Moore will soon learn that his own role is to provide Doty with information on Bennewitz in exchange for ‘sensitive’ information on UFOs. He will also learn that several government agencies are collaborating together to discredit Bennewitz by passing him disinformation.

By 1982, the ‘alien invasion’ scenario that Bennewitz is being fed will begin to be adopted into the beliefs of a large number of people within the UFO community that the information has been disseminated to, in which malevolent reptilian aliens and their ‘grey’ alien assistants are abducting humans, mutilating cattle, farming hybrids, and implanting humans with control devices. These aliens, as the story goes, had made a secret treaty with the US government, in which they would be allowed to operate an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico and abduct a certain number of humans for experimentation, in exchange for alien technology. To add a further twist to the plot, there is also a benevolent group of aliens intent on stopping the destructive greys from ravaging the planet.

Eventually, Bennewitz will have a nervous breakdown due to the stress induced by the situation, and will be hospitalized and placed under psychiatric care. When Moore realizes that he had been used by Doty and had helped to lead Bennewitz to this state, he will publicly confess to his part in the hoax. Nonetheless, many other up-and-coming UFO researchers/investigators will be unwittingly manipulated in a similar fashion in the years ahead, being provided with false documents and other carefully crafted pieces of disinformation that will continue to support people’s belief in aliens and UFOs and create enough intrigue and sensationalism to capture and hold the attention of many millions of willing believers.

As late as February 27, 2005, long after the false information he provided has been fully adopted into the modern-day UFO mythos, Richard Doty will explain on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio show that the disinformation campaign against Bennewitz was done to protect base secrets, and that it was an easier way to handle Bennewitz’s monitoring of sensitive Air Force activities than making him stop. He will state, “It was easier for us to have done it that way than to get a warrant, a search warrant and a seizure warrant and seize all of his property and seize his equipment. What would that do? That would cause a lot of publicity, and the wrong type of publicity the base wanted.”

(See online file, Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith)

(See online file, Open letter to the U.S. Air Force regarding allegations of UFO disinformation, by Alejandro Rojas)

1980 (December 8) Mark David Chapman murders John Lennon outside Lennon’s residence at the Dakota Hotel in New York City. When Chapman sees Lennon, he hears a voice in his head saying, “Do it! Do it! Do it!” After the shooting, Chapman sits down on the curb and begins reading a copy of the book, The Catcher in the Rye, by J. D. Salinger, and waits for the police to arrive. Inside the book, he had written, “This is my statement.” The book is known to be prescribed to mind-control victims by their programmers. A few months after the shooting, Chapman will send a handwritten statement to The New York Times, urging everyone to read The Catcher in the Rye, calling it an “extraordinary book that holds many answers.” Even though his lawyers believe they can get him off with an insanity plea, Chapman will decide to plead guilty after a voice in his head that he attributes to God commands him to do so.

Chapman’s father was a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, which ties him to the military as a possible target for mind-control programs. Chapman will state that as a boy, he lived in fear of his father, who was physically abusive towards his mother and unloving towards him. Such fear and abuse within the family are further signs of a possible mind-control situation. He also had suicidal tendencies, and had tried to kill himself by carbon monoxide asphyxiation in 1977, which led to him spending time at Castle Memorial Hospital for depression. He was later hired to work at the hospital.

Chapman had also been an employee of World Vision in 1975, and had worked at a refugee camp in Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas, as well as several other refugee camps in various foreign countries. Chapman would accompany his World Vision employer to meetings with government officials, and even had a chance to shake hands with Gerald Ford at one of these meetings. World Vision works with refugees worldwide, and is a CIA front company involved in recruiting mercenaries in foreign countries. It has links to Rev. Jim Jones and his Jonestown community in Guyana. John Hinckley Sr., the father of the man who attempted to assassinate President Reagan, is a high-ranking official at World Vision. He is also a close friend of George Bush Sr. and the owner of Vanderbilt Oil. After leaving World Vision, Chapman became a security guard for a while, and took a week-long course that qualified him to carry a firearm.

Chapman began planning the assassination three months before the incident, and had confided to his wife about his obsession to kill Lennon, even showing her his gun and ammunition. She failed to report it. He made an appointment to see a clinical psychologist, but never showed up.

The doorman at Lennon’s residence, Jose Perdomo, who was present at the shooting, was an anti-Castro exile from Cuba. It has been alleged that he had worked for the CIA as far back as 1961, and had participated in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Lennon had long known that he was being monitored by the FBI and his phones were tapped, and he even stated that if something should ever happen to him, it would be no accident.

1980 (December) – According to his later court testimony, a young Paul Bonacci becomes a child victim of Lawrence King’s pedophile ring for the next eight years.

1980 – At this point in time, nearly twenty serial killers are reported each year in the USA.

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