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They Would Be Gods - 68 - People Who Hear Voices



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

68: People Who Hear Voices

Both within the UFO community and elsewhere, there are those people who claim to be in communication with what they often describe as ‘higher intelligences’, and who receive these communications either through channeling or automatic writing, but also at times through what seems to be direct telepathic means. Very often, these people become the central figures in a certain kind of ‘contact’ group that borders on cultism. Examples of such figures in the past are Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormon Church), Edgar Cayce, and Uri Geller, all of who were seen as mediums through which such a ‘higher intelligence’ communicated, and they gained a certain following of people who believed that this higher intelligence was exactly what it purported to be: an incarnate being (or council of beings) that was working through these chosen mediums or telepathic receivers to deliver important information to the human race.

These contact groups, consisting of people from virtually all sectors of society (often including supposedly highly intelligent people in prominent positions), are so fascinated by the fact that their medium seems to be communicating with a disembodied intelligence and receiving information that they could not possibly know but some of which seems to be later verified, that these followers buy into these communications wholeheartedly, and feel compelled to believe whatever else they might be told by this source.

In certain cases, such as with Uri Geller, psychic phenomena are often associated with the contact they have with these ‘higher intelligences’. However these phenomena might be caused, whether they are real or fraudulent, they seem to be used to influence those receiving the communications into believing in the ‘higher intelligence’ through a show of the latter’s superior knowledge and abilities. Uri Geller himself claims that he acquired his amazing psychic abilities after he had a UFO experience when he was a very small child, crediting the UFO operators as the source of his special gift.

These groups that claim to be in communication with these ‘higher intelligences’ often come to think of themselves as a special group, and are often told as much by these entities, which only encourages these people to believe that such entities are real and what they communicate is truthful and to be taken seriously. These ‘higher intelligences’ always speak as though they only want the best for the human species, but they almost always demand blind trust in what they say.

These contact groups, and the medium who is central to them, very often attract people in very influential positions within our society, including very high-ranking politicians, corporate leaders, religious leaders, and members of the scientific establishment. This is a major concern, when you consider the sort of philosophies that are espoused within these communications. They speak of such things as ending war and cleaning up our environment, which are obviously good, but they also speak of a single world government and the human race’s place beneath these ‘superior’ beings. This is obviously not good. In general, these communications consistently warn of impending doom for the human race if we don’t take their direction and accept their leadership. Of course, they always express themselves in the most benevolent sounding tones, and so these followers believe that the communications must be sincere.

The problem with these sorts of contact groups is that whoever or whatever these ‘higher intelligences’ are, they can acquire a significant amount of power through those who believe in them, and begin to commandeer those people’s motivations and actions in the process. This can have an eventual negative effect on society as a whole, once these people begin to act in response to these communications.

Heaven’s Gate is an example of one such group, and although the intentions of its followers were quite sincere in their beliefs, they were led by their leader, Marshall Applewhite, into killing themselves in a mass suicide, based on the belief that they were going to be resurrected into a higher plane of existence by a ‘higher intelligence’ that was traveling to Earth on a spacecraft that was following behind the Hale-Bopp comet. This group exemplifies the amount of power that these communications can have over those who believe they are who they say they are.

The ‘higher intelligences’ that communicate to these contact groups always promise to transform those who will follow them, but this transformation only ever equates to a change in their beliefs, and through the hope of a promised change in humanity, these people tend to change their attitudes, at least for a while, until they eventually become disenchanted and lose their faith in the communications. Many followers, however, will never admit to a loss of faith, and will continue to seek such ‘higher intelligences’ that might provide the sort of pseudo-spiritual guidance that the former ‘higher intelligence’ did before.

There are many others besides the mediums of such groups who also believe that they are in communication with such entities, but do not acquire a following, usually because they consider their relationship with these entities to be a personal one. Often, these people initially experience what they describe as a UFO-related abduction, and thereafter they continually receive what they believe to be telepathic communications from their ‘abductors’. Often, the people who receive such communications undergo major changes in their perspective of themselves and their world. In many ways this is good, because they begin to care more for things, and they feel that they are special and therefore appreciated, even if it’s only by these entities. On the other hand, they might also come to feel somewhat self-important, thinking that they’re superior to others because they’ve been chosen for these communications. Often, they come to believe that they’re genetically related to these entities (very often being told so), and are therefore superior to other humans.

There is a great danger in all of this. Nobody can be certain that these entities are who and what they claim to be, or where they reside, or if their communications are at all valid beyond what’s obviously true and already known. The entities speak as though they are very wise and extremely intelligent, but this may just be an act. Nothing that they have ever been reported to impart has ever shown them to be any more intelligent than the average member of the human species, although they might seem impressive with their often confusing mystical or technical ramblings.

The followers of these ‘higher intelligences’ tend to believe that the entities are able to cause major events to happen, and are accredited with causing certain particular people to achieve certain goals that fulfill some agenda. This gives these entities the semblance of a certain godliness, and this is dangerous for those who believe in them, and by extension, for the rest of us. However they might do these things, we must realize that only because our science does not seem to have a way to explain them, this doesn’t mean that they can’t somehow be done, either through sheer trickery, or perhaps through some technological means that most of us don’t yet know about. Of course, it’s not at all inconceivable that they’re able to use actual psychic means to facilitate these actions and events.

The philosophies that are communicated need to be given consideration for what they might reveal about these entities. Although they are somewhat different from group to group, there is an underlying similarity between them all that can be easily discerned. We must realize here that these entities may be very earthly and human in nature, and as such, they carry no greater power or intelligence than those who believe in and accept them as some form of superior being. Those who have posed as gods in times past have always had to use mystique and guile to provoke their followers to believe in them and act in accordance with their wishes, and these ‘gods’ have always had to remain hidden from view, working solely through the efforts of their most loyal followers to achieve their purported goals. These ‘gods’ have also delivered the same general message as well, expressing the need for the human species to accept their guidance and allow their supposedly higher wisdom to replace our self-determination in our evolution and development as a species. These entities speak with a great deal of confusing terms and what sounds like scientific and religious superiority, but turns out to be only meaningless rhetoric when examined more closely. What these entities want boils down to what Jacque Vallee describes in Messengers of Deception as “an unquestioned faith in external intervention that will bring simple answers to mankind”.

The message is the same as what those who dream of power would have us believe, if they can. It’s the same message as we find in those religious institutions that strive to dictate what the masses should believe and how they should think, and presented in the same fashion by using the fear of an opposing force that wishes only to enslave us, just as we see in the personification of good and evil in the figures of a messiah and of a devil, a Christ and an Anti-Christ, angels and demons, good sprits and bad spirits, etc. The language used may be different, but the underlying concepts are always the same. We’re expected to believe that we’re going to be saved by these hidden entities, but we must first blindly show our faith and trust in them.

The entities behind these communications rely on the fact that many people have become dissatisfied with our current world and our leaders, and the fact that our science has failed to provide us with any sense of purpose and is only leading us into ever-greater dangers for ourselves and for the rest of the planet. This is a theme that constantly runs through the minds of many people at this point in our history, when it already seems that the biblical Apocalypse is just about upon us, and using the conditioned fears and beliefs surrounding this long-established prophecy of our ‘End Times’ to encourage followers to believe that these entities are here to initiate its fulfillment. This plays on people’s minds at a very deep level, and there is a growing desire in many people to not have to take responsibility for their predicament, that our failure as a society has resulted in the need for such intervention, and that it’s the only solution.

There’s really nothing new or original about what these communications impart. Other than the confusing and often uninterpretable statements these entities often make, the message is otherwise the same as any religion has used to subjugate the masses and goad them into submission through fear and empty promises. The only real difference with these more modern forms of ‘spiritual’ communications is that they seem to be designed to put the listener into a semi-hypnotic state by using confusing verbiage, at which point a more specific message is conveyed that can have subliminal effects on their thoughts and beliefs.

In Jacque Vallee’s book, Messengers of Deception, he puts forward the idea that these entities do not come from outer space, nor from another plane of existence, as they often claim, but are in fact human like the rest of us, and might be using psychotronic technologies to create the illusion of UFO encounters and contact with superior beings. These technologies are directly associated with secret government  projects in mind-control techniques, which in itself reveals the sort of mindset we’re dealing with in the military/intelligence organs. If we consider this mindset further, we can see that they take their authoritarian roles and superior privileges too far in most activities that they are involved in, and they have become a force unto themselves, operating outside of and beyond the role that they were initially designated to fill, and using their extreme power and secret technologies for their own ends. This marks them as a possible source for these communications.

When incredible technologies exist that are not known about, people scoff at the suggestion that they are real because they don’t believe that anyone could possibly keep such a secret for very long before the existence of these technologies was revealed. These people will say the same thing about government secrets of any type, and this excuse has been used again and again to reject every legitimate allegation of the existence of secret technologies that has ever been made against the government over the years, the most famous of these being the JFK assassination. This only makes sense if you ignore the many government secrets that do get out. When we hear somebody scoff at the suggestion that certain technologies couldn’t possibly exist in such secrecy for very long, we can only agree, and point to the evidence that exposes them as being real and not so secret. Such doubters are only doubters because they don’t look at the evidence, and instead find ways to discredit its existence because it doesn’t suit their beliefs to accept it. But mind-control technologies are very real, and there is a wealth of documented evidence to attest to this fact. The actual magnitude of what these technologies are capable of is uncertain, but what is known is that they can cause the sorts of experiences that people seem to have in relation to both the UFO enigma and paranormal activity. Telepathic communications with what appear to be disembodied entities can certainly be artificially induced.

Are all these people receiving these communications from the same single source? This question can’t be answered with complete certainty, but there are many similarities in the message contents that suggest that they are. So, what is the intended goal? It seems that these communications are part of a bigger agenda, an experiment in social manipulation that relates to altering our beliefs about who we are as humans and what our destiny is. This manipulation, if that’s what it is, exploits the mystery of the UFO enigma as a means to convince people that these ‘higher intelligences’ are who and what they claim to be. However, whether the UFOs are actually associated with these entities is another matter altogether.

Jacque Vallee offers two possible explanations for the UFO enigma that reveals its relationship to these groups who believe they’re communicating with higher intelligences. The first is that this is all a ploy being orchestrated by an unknown group or groups for the purpose of political exploitation, influencing these groups of followers and the public as a whole for their own ends. This explanation rests on the possibility that these UFOs are not from somewhere else, but are physical manifestations that are created by humans. The second possibility is that an unknown group or groups are exploiting an otherwise real UFO phenomenon by fabricating many of the UFO reports and creating an entire mythology surrounding them for their own ends. Vallee states that it’s not necessarily the UFO phenomenon itself, but the beliefs surrounding it that are being manipulated by human parties who have their own objectives. He also states that whoever these people might be that are orchestrating this, they probably have a good understanding of what the real UFO enigma is all about, and therefore know how to exploit it without revealing their deception. Whether or not those behind the telepathic communications have actually made contact with the real UFO operators – and are possibly in collusion with them – is another matter.

Vallee lists six possible effects on our society that the UFO enigma could cause, whether or not these objects are real:

1)     A widening gap between the scientific community and the public, due to the skepticism regarding this issue that’s being promoted by the former;
2)     Humans will tend to not see themselves as masters of their own destinies, and will instead give credit to what are perceived as superior beings;
3)     The enigma promotes the idea that we need political unification, and draws our attention away from our planet and the need to care for it better;
4)     The contact groups that we’ve discussed here may become the basis for a new form of religion based on the ideologies that are communicated by these entities;
5)     The irrational faith put into the belief in extraterrestrial intervention may end our support for scientific rationality as more and more people come to believe that this enigma is beyond the capability of science to explain;
6)     The ideologies expressed in communications with these ‘higher intelligences’ will promote race superiority and totalitarian systems that will eliminate democracy.

Whatever is going on in the shadows at the human level surrounding the UFO enigma, it’s making the issue much more complex and difficult to reach the truth, and this can only be purposeful. Two factors that have become related to this issue and which only confuse it further are the incidents of crop circles and cattle mutilations.

Crop circles seem to suggest an attempt at communication by the UFO operators through some sort of mathematical symbology, and this has left many UFO investigators wasting valuable time attempting to understand these glyphs and their possible meaning. At best, they’re an attempt to make us think that the UFO operators are highly intelligent and are trying to tell us something. If there really is a connection between crop circles and a ‘higher intelligence’, one would think that this would have been communicated more easily through the mediums of the  contact groups we’ve just discussed, or that the purpose of these glyphs would have been clarified through such communications. No such explanation seems to have ever been received.

Cattle mutilations seem to suggest that whoever is responsible for the UFOs is attempting to instill fear of the UFO operators in the public’s mind, while at the same time wasting the time and efforts of UFO investigators by diverting their attention and adding confusion to the entire enigma. For all we know, these mutilations have nothing at all to do with the real situation, and are merely subterfuge created by one or more human groups who are exploiting the UFO enigma for their own ends. On the other hand, the rumors of alien underground bases where horrible genetic experiments are performed may be more real than any of us want to believe.

Out of all of the mysterious aspects surrounding the UFO enigma, it is perhaps those people who hear these voices in their heads that can be most easily accounted for. These voices are not schizophrenic delusions, and they are not just created from these people’s imaginations. There seems to be far too many similarities between the individual cases to allow for such a coincidence. They can best be explained as the effects of certain psychotronic mind-control technologies that have been in development for some years, and the voices are being projected into these people’s heads for the very reasons that Vallee suggests: to manipulate people’s beliefs and create an expectation or even a longing for an intervention by what we would consider superior entities who will save us from our own failures as an inferior human race and take the role of our masters.

We must not forget that at least some of the UFO accounts are indeed real and not human in origin. This is supported by the fact that sightings, and even contacts with strange beings, have been occurring throughout our history.

The rise in the popularity of UFOs began in the mid-twentieth century, soon after World War II. Western society was in the process of change, propelled by the advances made in science during the war effort that were offering new and previously unimagined products and technologies. This opened up not just new markets and opportunities for industry, but also new ideas and the possibility of pursuing them. This was largely reflected in the burgeoning field of science fiction at that time, which was the catalyst for introducing many of these new ideas to the public at large. At the same time, television was taking over from radio as the medium for news and entertainment, and this offered a greater opportunity for those in power to experiment in manipulating the perceptions of the public not only through sound but also through images and visual effects.

The idea of conquering space also began to bloom at this time, first as fictional entertainment, then as a real possibility. The ideas that had been promulgated in science fiction were capturing the hearts and minds of the younger generations, and it was an opportunity for those in power to exploit. Religious traditions were dying fast in the modernized world, and people were open to new ideas that placed them in the position of masters of their own destinies, and for some, masters of the destinies of others. God was dead, and the new hopes and promises of science seemed to be an adequate replacement that would sooth our fears and uncertainties about the mysteries of this great universe. Nothing seemed impossible anymore.

Those in power saw the opportunities for increasing their own advantages by directing and manipulating the affairs of ordinary people in certain ways. They began to take advantage of the ability to distort perceptions through the new media of television, merging imagination with reality. In the process, they realized that people were often unable to distinguish between the two unless they were told which was which, and this led those in power to consider how they might take advantage of this for their own ends. They saw that these distortions in sensory perceptions also led to distortions in people’s beliefs, and this led them to developing ways that they could use this to benefit themselves. This could be done through psychology as well as technology.

The war had helped tremendously to advance technologies based on electromagnetic phenomena, and much of this was in the hands of the military organs of the major governments, still out of public awareness due to the secretive nature that had been fostered by the war mentality. As long as the full extent of these technologies remained out of public awareness, they could be used to manipulate public perceptions without concern for the public realizing what might be going on.

Are psychotronic or mind-control technologies the means by which these communications from ‘higher intelligences’ have been received by individuals, either as unconscious mediums or consciously through apparent telepathic transmissions? To doubt that this is possible only opens us up to being exploited more easily. To educate ourselves about what is possible and has already been achieved in this area of science will only help to secure us against such exploitation.

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