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They Would Be Gods - 79 - Control and Monitoring of Humans



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

79: Control and Monitoring of Humans

We are currently being kept in check through control of our beliefs and the direction of our thinking, mainly through the media and educational systems. As long as our thoughts and beliefs are controlled, nothing more really needs to be done. A system of organization has been set up that divides knowledge into isolated fields of study that effectively compartmentalizes them so that each field often relies blindly on the accuracy of the knowledge of other fields. There is no way to be sure how accurate any of them can be in their claims, and much of our knowledge is based on theories that are obviously inaccurate, even if they’re still able to describe and predict many things about reality quite well. Compartmentalization allows control to be maintained by dividing knowledge between certain parties and making them have to work hard to attain it, thus ensuring that they’ll value what they learn enough to not divulge the deeper secrets of their trade.

Our advanced technologies have developed quite suddenly over just the last few hundred years (since after the formation of the Royal Society of London), and have lately become necessary to the way we live and work in our society. Did the alien group largely help to influence the development of these technologies and their proliferation in our society, or did they perhaps arise along a natural evolutionary time-line that all civilizations will eventually take if they can last long enough? We can’t answer this question, but certain facts about our technological advancement should be considered carefully:

1) Our technologies arose and proliferated very quickly;

2) The direction our technological advancement has taken has made us more and more dependent on it;

3) Technology has crept into the most personal areas of our lives, namely into our homes and work environments, and is required for much of our communications with each other;

4) Most technological devices are virtual ‘black boxes’ to most people, meaning that we don’t need to know exactly how they or their components operate in order to use them, but at the same time we don’t know what hidden capabilities might be incorporated into them, either;

5) The ancient gods are described in the oldest legends as having been technologically advanced, and may have planted a seed in our minds to develop in the direction that we have.

The way our society developed certainly had some bearing on the eventual need for our current technologies, which have made industry and commerce more efficient and have in many ways allowed us to get more work done in less time. But what was the original need to increase or speed up our productivity? We were sold on technology with the idea that it would make our lives easier, but beyond a certain point it hasn’t really done anything more than to change the way that we do things and kept more and more of us busy, and in the process has brought with it a whole new set of problems that tend to slow us down almost as much as before, and which creates new problems and dangers that previously didn’t have a possibility of existing. The fact is that technology was developed and promoted in order that we move into higher productivity and become more closely knit and interdependent – a civilization that is organized and run like a machine.

It may be that certain knowledge about electricity, genetics, and many other things that have come into our possession through our sciences have been inspired and influenced at least a little by occult secrets that have survived from very ancient times. Or an alien group may in some manner have influenced certain discoverers and inventors who have been pivotal in the direction our technologies have developed. Many of these inventors and discoverers have been high-ranking members of secret societies, and are therefore loyal to their fraternity, and easily influenced by it. Others, such as Nikola Tesla, who did not seem to have the character of someone who would be affiliated with such secret organizations, but who claimed to have been in communication with unknown entities for a time, may have been influenced by them in his knowledge and the direction of his efforts.

Our technologies have been a major stepping-stone in advancing the alien group’s ability to control and monitor the human species. This is why we have lately been so inundated with it in our modern society. We’ve reached a point where we’ve come to depend on these technologies in much the same way that we had once been dependent on the wisdom and knowledge held by the gods at the dawn of our earliest civilizations, and the high-priests after them. Our technologies automate or speed up the tasks we must perform to keep the wheels of our civilization spinning, and without them, most of us living today would be unable to meet our basic survival needs because we do not know how. We’ve become ensnared in a system of control in which we’re but cogs in its wheels. We have mostly forgotten how to live in harmony with nature and to put our faith in it. Instead, we put our faith in the unnatural and often little understood mechanisms that have been devised to replace natural systems. The recklessness of our industry has further detached us from our natural world and made us even more dependant on technology. We rape our land and pollute our waters and must eventually devise ways to correct these problems through further technologies, and this reckless destruction is assumed to have been checked until we find that these technological remedies are creating further problems, and the chain of destruction and technological remedies leads us further and further away from any independence from this way of living. In this manner, we have become slaves to our technologies, too afraid to dismantle them and return to a more natural existence.

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