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They Would Be Gods - 66 - Psychotronic Mind Control Technologies



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

66: Psychotronic Mind Control Technologies

Some mind-control technologies incorporate psychotronics, and in certain cases can be thought of as a subset of psychotronic technology. Psychotronics were first developed in Russia during the Cold War and were later picked up by the US when they learned of Russia’s development of this science and feared being at a disadvantage to them if they didn’t have it themselves. Although psychotronics have been incorporated into mind-control techniques, they are not strictly for that purpose, and can also offer positive enhancements for many of our mental capabilities, such as remote viewing.

Psychotronic research was originally based on the findings of Wilhelm Reich, who discovered an energy that can be generated mentally and which he termed orgone energy. Reich’s research involved using some basic objects and materials that facilitated the use of this energy, and this has since evolved into a number of different devices, each having their specific applications.

As we saw in an earlier chapter, Wilhelm Reich was just one of a number of scientists who have made profound discoveries and who were ignored, silenced, or condemned by more powerful parties. Many of the discoveries of these scientists involved energies that were not otherwise recognized. Each of these discoveries has been hidden from public awareness and the discoverer forced into silence, or their work has otherwise been kept from becoming common knowledge. This is usually done by using the patent system to screen for such discoveries. When such a discovery crops up that has been implemented into a new invention, it and all proprietary information is either bought outright from the discoverer and non-disclosure agreements are used to assure the silence of the discoverer, or, if this is refused, the discoverer finds him or herself unable to develop or promote it.

In Reich’s case, he was at first castigated by many of his professional peers for his more outrageous ideas because they didn’t fit into conventional scientific understanding. It’s probably true that many of his ideas and theories were incorrect to some degree, but this is normal for anyone who is exploring totally new areas of research that haven’t been explored before. Reich, however, did have a strong enough following that the Reich Foundation was set up in his name, attesting to the merits of his work. When Reich finally started to have some success in his research and other medical professionals began to listen to him and use the orgone accumulators that he invented, he was dealt a harsh blow by the US courts through an action brought against him by the FDA, and forced to not only withdraw all of his orgone accumulators from the market and destroy them, but to burn all of his texts, articles, and reviews concerning this invention, as well as to withdraw all of his books from the market, even those that had nothing to do with this controversial invention. When he refused, a second trial had him sentenced to two years in prison (where he died), the Reich Foundation was fined $10,000, all his books were removed from circulation, and his orgone accumulators were all destroyed. Thus, Reich and his ideas and inventions fell into obscurity and the world has remained almost completely ignorant of them.

Many other lives and careers have been similarly ruined for refusing to give up the rights to or pursuit of a discovery, such as happened to Nikola Tesla, who gave us AC power and so much more, yet died in poverty and became virtually forgotten by history as punishment for his determination to pursue areas of science that were considered taboo. After Tesla’s death, boxes of his notes and a number of his inventions were immediately confiscated by the US government, marked as classified information, and placed under lock and key. What was in those notes will probably never be publicly known, but what we can learn about Tesla from the little documentation available on him is that he achieved scientific wonders that went far beyond our current level of scientific understanding and used forces of nature that we do not yet recognize.

A patent for a weather-control system issued to Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund, a physicist working for Atlantic Richfield Oil Company, was incorporated into a US government project known as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This system works by beaming electromagnetic radiation at the ionosphere to manipulate charged particles that become trapped there, heating them up in order to create a plasmic field of electrons that can be used for over-the-horizon radar detection, or pushing them upward and outward to cause changes in weather patterns. HAARP technology can also create earthquakes by focusing energy on geological fault lines.

This system sounds fairly tame, but it also has the potential to be used for more nefarious purposes – namely, to physiologically affect large populations on a mass scale by bombarding them with certain electromagnetic frequencies known to cause specific mental or physical effects depending on the frequency and modulation applied. Such effects range from mild agitation, to mood changes, to extreme mental breakdown, to physical sickness and even death. There is really no limit to what effect such electromagnetic radiation might be designed to have on a person’s physiological state, and with a system such as HAARP, it’s possible to manipulate the population of an entire continent in any of a variety of ways that one might choose. For instance, it would be entirely possible to make an entire nation submissive to an otherwise undesirable political decision. That HAARP has been used for this or similar purposes is not provable, but considering the mindset of those who have possession of this technology, it’s almost guaranteed that it has been used in this manner at one time or another, at least in an experimental capacity. It should be noted also that since HAARP went on-line in the 1980s, global weather patterns have become more and more erratic, the suddenness of which cannot be solely due to global warming.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Andrija Puharich, a pioneer in psychic research, discovered that the human brain was most open to psychic information when it resonated at 8 Hz. This is also the frequency that the Earth naturally resonates at. The human brain is highly susceptible to changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and will fall into the same resonance that the planet resonates at. Puharich found that 7.83 Hz produced elative effects in humans, while 10.8 Hz caused riotous effects, and 6.6 Hz caused depression. Puharich was also able to change RNA and DNA using ELF (extremely low frequency) waves. HAARP introduces a means to apply such effects on entire populations, simply by beaming the appropriate frequency into the ionosphere so that it reflects off of it and down onto the region of the planet to be targeted.

The HAARP facilities in Gakona, Alaska are not the only ones in existence. There are similar facilities in Puerto Rico, South Africa, and the former Soviet Union. The simplest thing that could be done with such facilities would be to bombard a population with electromagnetic energy at a frequency between 7 – 12 Hz. This would cause anyone within this field to slip into an alpha brainwave state, which is the ideal state for making a person vulnerable to hypnotic suggestions. Because of the natural biological tendency of the human brain to resonate with the same frequency as its environment, such a bombardment would be virtually inescapable. The effects would be hardly even noted, just as a person doesn’t notice when they are trailing off to sleep. Logical functioning is inhibited and anything that might be presented to the person as real will be more easily accepted as such without question.

Many psychotronic technologies used for mind-control purposes involve the use of beamed electromagnetic radiation at frequencies matching those of brainwaves, and although electronic implants were used in the early days of this technology to act as receiver/transmitters for monitoring and controlling a person’s thoughts and behavior, they are no longer needed due to the advances that have been made in this field over the years. An individual person within a population can now be monitored and controlled without affecting the rest of the population using beamed electromagnetic signals that are tailored to that particular person’s unique ‘signature’ brainwave patterns. Nor do the perpetrators ever need to come into direct contact with the targeted person at any time, as was once necessary.

Coupled with computer automation and artificial intelligence, mind-control technologies can be operated hands-free and unattended, meaning that there is no need to have an agent or team of agents continually monitoring and controlling the thoughts and actions of targeted individuals. With such automation, this means that the number of people who can be individually controlled with their own personalized programming is virtually unlimited.

Computer automated mental programming might begin by recording a person’s personal signature pattern, which would then allow the computer running the software for controlling that person to track them through GPS while electromagnetic signals encrypted with their personal signature were directed at them and recording their brainwave activity over a period of time so that it can continue to learn what patterns correspond to their spoken thoughts by reading the brainwave activity that takes place just prior to their spoken words. This would provide a template pattern for each word, phrase, or idea the person might express, which is entered into a database on that person. When the database has reached a certain level of vocabulary it would be possible to select or build thoughts and emotions that influenced the person’s conscious thoughts and actions. Beaming these at the person from satellite or microwave towers, modulated with their unique signature pattern, would have a direct effect on their brain functions, and a strong enough amplitude would override their normal thoughts and actions.

If you don’t think that a person’s brainwaves could be picked up from a distance, due to their weak signal strength, think again. It’s only a matter of having equipment sensitive enough to detect these weak signals, and then using the basic principles used in radar to bounce a signal off the person’s head and using wave conjugation to eliminate all but the brainwave signal from the returning radar signal. Wave conjugation is a very simple procedure that cancels out an electromagnetic wave by applying another wave that is identical to the original but 180 degrees out of phase.

In the joining of technology and mind, psychotronics has come into existence as a science of mental control. Although it has many positive applications, it also has many negative ones as well. To the alien group and their loyal minions, we humans are to be transformed into totally controllable robots living solely to provide their needs and pleasures, and pschotronic and mind-control technologies play a large part in achieving this goal.

Psychotronics originated in Russia during the Cold War as a cross between psychic abilities and machine technology. It has since grown into a field of science used by both military and non-military groups for innumerable purposes, from personal enhancement of health and mental functioning, to spying, to remotely induced sickness and death. Any application that might be conceived is possible.

Both the Russian and US military have applied it in many ways, the most notable being for remote viewing, a scientifically based procedure for the psychic sensing of objects and events at a distant location – better known as clairvoyance.

Psychotronics is a futuristic method for spying that most people do not realize is in existence, or even possible. Worse than that, they do not know that it can be used as a weapon. Psychotronics sounds too much like science-fiction for most people to take seriously, and this helps in keeping the public from becoming more aware of it. However, anyone who researches the subject will find enough verification of its reality to convince them otherwise.

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