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They Would Be Gods - 0 - Introduction


by Anthony Forwood (2011) 


This book looks at the evidence that in prehistoric times a great civilization of godly beings had much to do with the origins and development of our own. It is also about a secret group – human or otherwise – who are controlling our civilization with the advantage of secret and suppressed knowledge and its applications, and who intend to use this knowledge to achieve their utopian goal of dominating the rest of society totally and absolutely. They plan for this to be achieved in the very near future.

This book covers a wide range of evidence, including the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation and influence, the Great Pyramid and other megalithic structures, mysterious artifacts, ancient legends and histories, mystery schools and modern secret societies, the early events in the Old Testament Bible, Atlantis and Lemuria, the Hollow Earth hypothesis, recurrent planetary cataclysms, Earth energies, secret and suppressed scientific discoveries, human psychic potentials, social conditioning and mind-control technologies. Most important of all, it discusses events that are soon to take place on our planet that will lead most of us to extermination, while the remaining survivors will find themselves in complete enslavement to a totalitarian New World Order ruled by a group of corrupt men and women who see themselves as gods.


In the first part, I discuss the idea that there is an alien presence on our planet, and look into the possibility of who they are, where they are from, and where they might be residing at the present.


In this part, I give an overview of many of the mysterious ancient megalithic structures that exist today that suggest a very different version of the past than the one we are familiar with. I also present a number of anomalous artifacts that do not fit into our current conception of our past.


In the next part, I review a number of ancient legends from different places and times, and show a correlation between the various stories of our origins. I also take an in-depth look at the Old Testament Bible, focusing on what we might learn from it regarding human origins and our true history. I also consider the legend of Atlantis, as well as consider strange anomalous finds that might have been the giants of the Bible.


In this part, I consider what science teaches us about our human evolution, and then look at certain anomalies that refute this scientific view, and show that there has been a purposeful distortion of the facts, and suggest why that might be.


Here, I consider the possibility that our planet has gone through cataclysmic events in the past that have destroyed previous civilizations, and look at various possibilities of there being a race of beings that at some point developed separately from the human race as a consequence of these global cataclysms. I reintroduce the reader to the possibility that such a race existed in the past and still exists today.


Next, I consider the origins of esotericism and the mystery schools that arose in ancient times, and follow their development into the later controlling bodies of religion and science. I attempt to give the reader an understanding of how the secret schools have focused on acquiring power through the control and suppression of knowledge, and how they have continued to exist and extend their power right up to the present.


In this part, I introduce the reader to a few little-known discoveries that have been suppressed by governments, but which have been incorporated into modern secret technologies. I give the reader an idea of how these discoveries are being implemented into mind-control technologies, and enlighten the reader as to the extent that these technologies are being used today.


In the final part, I discuss forecasted events that will occur in the near future, and the plans of a secret and powerful group who have known all along what is going to happen, but are keeping that knowledge from us in order to achieve their agenda. I reveal a startling scenario that will lead to the end of our current civilization and allow this group to fully implement the last stage of their centuries-long agenda, to totally enslave humankind through advanced technology and create a new civilization that puts this small group in absolute control over humankind.

An Important Note to Readers

This book deals with subject matter that may not be well suited for those readers who are easily upset or disturbed, or who do not wish to challenge their current beliefs too strongly. These reactions are perfectly understandable and are to be expected when dealing with the particular subjects that are discussed here, and I respect these people who have a natural desire to maintain whatever might provide them with a sense of understanding that gives them greater peace and security in an otherwise chaotic and dangerous world that is full of dangers and mysteries. If you feel you are one of these people, then you may not yet be prepared for the information that is contained in the following pages, and it is advisable that you do not read what is revealed within these pages at this time. At the very least, you are advised to take it in small doses that will not make you feel too uncomfortable as you read it, particularly the last part.

If you are the type of person who feels uneasy discussing UFOs and the possibility of an alien presence on our planet, but still have a desire to know the truth about them, then it is recommended that you read on with caution.

If you are the type of person who is very patriotic to your government, or you feel that governments only ever act in the best interests of the population that they are meant to serve, and that no parties within that government or outside of it could be working for a much different goal than the greater freedom of the people, then you may have trouble accepting much of what is stated in these pages.

For those people who are skeptical of believing anything that goes beyond common sense and accepted reasoning and which refutes the ‘established’ facts and theories, or who are otherwise not easily convinced of anything that does not have an overpowering amount of supporting evidence to back it up, I have complete respect for the intent behind your desire to rely on only the strongest evidence, and I only hope that you might give your fairest consideration to the information presented here, and to research these matters further on your own.

In the following pages, I have tried to present as much of the physical evidence that I can, but much more has had to remain left out, due to the limited amount of space that can be provided here in covering this subject, and the limited amount of time that may be remaining for us all. Skeptics and doubters will obviously remain unconvinced, and I can only say that it is up to them to look further at the wealth of research that has already been done by others that much of this work is based on.


“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”  – Revelations 1:3

This book is based on the possibility that there is an alien presence on this planet that has been secretly involved with the human race since our earliest times, and that these aliens, whoever they are, do not seem to have our best interests at heart. Tied into this is the very real possibility that we’re on the verge of a dramatic global catastrophe. These aliens are fully aware that such a catastrophe is about to unfold, and are perhaps even coercing it through the use of advanced technologies, and this catastrophe will be taken advantage of in order to initiate an overt global takeover. In fact, a secret, covert takeover seems to have already happened, with elements of this alien presence occupying or controlling key positions within the main organs of business, government, religion, science, education, and even the news and entertainment industries.

It must be made clear that I use the term ‘alien’ in the most general definition, meaning to be separate, unfamiliar, and strange to normal society on our planet, but not necessarily of extraterrestrial origin, although that is very possible and seems to be the likeliest case. By the term ‘aliens’, I am referring to a group – whether human or otherwise – who purposely keep themselves separate from the rest of us, remaining as invisible outsiders and not involving themselves directly in our society, but operating from the shadows to influence situations and events in order to fulfill a long-term agenda that’s based on a specific time-line. Although they might be an earthly human group, the evidence strongly suggests that they’re of extraterrestrial origin, but a subterranean Earth origin is also possible. A relatively small number of humans are undoubtedly consciously involved with this group as well, working as their proxies to interact with the human race on their behalf. We might refer to these human proxies as part of this alien group as well, since they too remain almost as detached from the rest of human society as would any otherworldly or subterranean aliens that might be involved, although these humans must still interact in a certain capacity with at least a certain limited number of other humans, who in turn operate within our society in a greater capacity. In this way, these aliens who exist as the core group, whoever or whatever they are, remain completely hidden and separate from human society. In general, I’ll use the term ‘alien group’ to refer to those parties who are wittingly involved in the shadowy activities that are occurring in our society at present. I will use the term ‘cabal’ when referring to their human proxies.

This alien group has extremely advanced technologies, including what has been seen and experienced in UFO encounters. These include antigravity technologies, cloaking or invisibility technologies, psychotronic technologies that enhance natural psychic abilities, and others. They have also developed technologies that involve mind-control, which they’re using on members of our population to a greater and greater degree as they continue to enhance and increase their web of control. Over our history, they have subtly guided the development of our sciences towards a particular understanding that is intended to mislead us as to our true human origins and our natural capabilities. They have established a strong influence on the conditioning of both public and professional attitudes and outlooks, and this has undoubtedly played a large part in our propensity to ridicule the very possibility that any of what I claim here could be true.

It should be pointed out that it would be impossible for any one book to properly cover this complex subject to the extent required in order to present and properly evaluate all of the relevant facts and evidence with the scope and detail that would be necessary to fully convince even mildly skeptical readers of the precise truth. There is just too much opposition raised by the large consensus of belief in an already well-established scientific framework to expect much of a chance that anything that threatens to knock out its very foundation – especially with certain types of alternative theories and lines of speculation – will ever be easily introduced and accepted by the world at large. Therefore I don’t intend this book to present a completely accurate picture in all respects (no book could), but instead offer a basic outline with a number of pieces of evidence offered for consideration, but with the expectation that some of this evidence may turn out to not be relevant to the bigger picture as proposed. This doesn’t necessarily affect the bigger picture, and I have tried to keep as open a mind as possible by allowing as much potentially significant evidence to the basic outline as possible while still attempting to maintain a certain level of reliability with my sources of information, with more attention given to those that refer to verifiable documentation, or where the information can be easily checked. However, a certain amount of less reliable material has been included, as well as some purely speculative considerations, because I feel they have a certain amount of plausibility in spite of certain possible shortcomings that they might hold. A great deal of information I had come across prior to undertaking the writing of this book and which I would have liked to have included has had to be left out due to my inability to relocate it, and because of the sheer size this book would become if it had been. At some point, I had to stop gathering information and get the book written using what I had.

Those people who are prone to relying strongly on common sense and expert or authoritative opinion when coming to any final judgment on matters regarding this or any other issue will normally just accept the first ‘authoritative’ opinion on it that they hear, and never give the matter any further consideration. This is a natural response to such a complex issue as the one presented here, and in this particular case it seems to have been purposely taken advantage of to bury the truth in false or distorted understandings through a carefully controlled knowledge system that determines what will be accepted for dissemination among members of the scientific community and what will be filtered out of their awareness, and thus out of the awareness of the greater public body. We’ve become so reliant on this system in our hasty desire to acquire more knowledge for the sake of progress, profit, and power, that much of what we come to accept as fact is never given a second thought by the majority of people once it becomes accepted by a small number of authorities who can be carefully selected to promote it while other equally valid possibilities are ignored or discredited.

As a fairly recent historical example of this sort of control of knowledge and burying the truth with distorted facts, when questions were first raised about the given facts surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing, they were quickly explained away with the authority of carefully chosen experts, and no media attention was given to anything thereafter but this ‘official’ version of the facts. It was known by those who planned and orchestrated this terrorist act and the cover-up of the true facts surrounding it that most people would believe whatever any qualified authority or expert might tell them, and much of the truth was able to be covered up by using only those who would say what this alien group wanted them to say. The same has been true regarding the more recent 9/11 disaster, and a number of other highly publicized events that were designed to lead the public one step closer to the fulfillment of this alien group’s secret agenda. The sheer outrageousness of the idea that these events were actually perpetrated on a na├»ve and trusting public by people working within the highest levels of their own government makes this truth extremely hard for many people to accept. Such an idea, if it isn’t automatically rejected, will immediately raise the question as to why certain parties within the American government would orchestrate such horrendous acts. What purpose would it serve to do these things against their own people? Even if a plausible reason is given, the question will be raised as to how such acts could be so boldly orchestrated without the possibility of the real perpetrators being exposed.

In order to find the answers to these questions, events like the OKC bombing and the 9/11 disaster first need to be put into a larger perspective, and a broad range of information needs to be considered, much of which most people aren’t even aware exists or is relevant. It’s only those who dare to continually question common belief and the voice of authority who will go so far as to seek any larger truth that might lie behind these and many other events. For the rest of the public body, however, there’s no perceptible reason to question what already seems to have been explained satisfactorily regarding these events, so for them the matter is mostly forgotten, and understood only within the explanation so often repeated by a controlled media. As long as the ‘expert’ opinions are plausible and there’s no personal loss to the individual believer of such opinions, there’s no reason to question these matters any further. But has there really been no personal loss? The quick decisions that are made by the government in the immediate aftermath, and their ultimate effect, reveal that there is.

Theories about government conspiracies such as those surrounding the OKC bombing or the 9/11 disaster might be believable, but when it comes to an issue such as whether there is or has ever been an extraterrestrial presence among us here on Earth, it seems to be such a ludicrous idea that few will take it at all seriously because of the sheer weight of doubt cast on the whole idea from so many quarters. But we must remember that in times past, just as there will be again in the future, there were those who made similarly outrageous claims that also went totally against common belief and the word of authority, and yet they have since been proved to be entirely correct. In these cases, those in authority denied these outrageous claims without ever looking very closely at the evidence. A certain fear of the consequences of what might actually be revealed if they did, and the disruption it would cause to the established order was at least partly the reason. It was only through the adamant persistence of certain facts and evidence that wouldn’t go away that the truth eventually came to be properly understood and accepted.

In the case I present within these pages, there are certain persistent facts and pieces of evidence that will not go away, and until they’re looked at and properly understood, they’ll continue to raise questions for which the answers will continue to be sought. As long as those questions continue to be pursued, then one way or the other, the truth will be known in the end. At least to those who pursue it. For the rest of the population, however, until they wake up enough to question what they’re led to believe, will continue to be deceived.

Although there has been a lot of books and articles written on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation, many of them make claims relating to the subject that are virtually impossible to substantiate and must be taken with a grain of salt until more evidence surfaces that can better support them. On the other hand, many claims are made that are supported by a wealth of documented evidence, and these need to be given serious attention and considered in more depth in order to understand exactly what they indicate. There is also evidence of a secondary nature, not directly connected to the UFO enigma, but which nevertheless adds certain weight to what I’m suggesting is going on here on our planet. This includes certain revelations from a number of ancient legends from isolated cultures, strange artifacts that defy explanation in terms that our sciences can agree with, government activities that do not fit the perception we’re supposed to hold regarding our public servants, certain technologies that are whispered about and which documentary evidence reveals are very real, but which are so outrageously sinister that few are willing to even consider that they actually exist or what the intentions for them might be.

There’s always a degree of contrast between known facts and speculative reasoning in these sorts of issues that leaves them permanently open to debate, and when this is the case, most people don’t ever give the subject much serious thought. Many of those who begin to inquire into any one of them will eventually throw up their hands in exasperation and give up on considering the issue any further. If the matter comes up again after this point, they will no longer deem it worth looking into, thinking that all of the possible evidence has been weighed and nothing further can be learned. Only if new evidence of a substantial nature comes to their attention will most people ever reconsider the matter with a sense of rekindled interest and open-mindedness.

However, there are a few people who, when they see that the given facts don’t square with common belief or authoritative claims, will hold back on coming to any final conclusions, and will continue to quietly and patiently consider the issue in the hopes that something new might eventually be realized or discovered that will offer some greater enlightenment.

With issues such as the Oklahoma City bombing or the 9/11 disaster, which were events that have since come and gone, the evidence surrounding them is now limited to paper trails and the testimonies of any surviving witnesses. But documentation can be falsified and people can lie or be otherwise mistaken, and there’s little chance of any new physical evidence coming about to provide us with further solid facts, so these events are now rather limited as far as being able to come to any definite physical proof about who actually perpetrated them. They’re left for us to only speculate over and draw out possible theories as to what the truth is behind them.

With an issue such as the UFO enigma and the question of who or what is behind these phenomena and what they are up to, however, it’s an ongoing affair and there’s always the possibility that significant new evidence might yet appear – and it often does. The whole issue is much, much bigger than the Oklahoma City bombing or the 9/11 disaster, because it’s an ongoing issue and a much more complex one that must take into account evidence from a broader range of scientific disciplines, historical records, witness accounts, and physical artifacts.

Because this is an ongoing issue, there is a continually growing body of evidence that supports what I propose within these pages, and it must be considered with careful deliberation before any final conclusion should be drawn. There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that must be considered, and it’s not possible to cover it all here (or elsewhere), so it’s up to the reader to refer to much of that evidence on his or her own for further personal substantiation of what’s discussed here.

All of the evidence that I consider within these pages, when taken as a whole, strongly suggests that a secret alien race, or an otherwise self-alienated group of humans, is active on our planet and is deeply involved in controlling the human race as a society, a civilization, and even as a species. This alien group, whoever or whatever they might be, human or otherwise, seem to have been present here on our planet in one capacity or another since before our earliest recorded history, and have played a large part in controlling and directing humanity since our earliest times. This evidence even suggests that they or their predecessors genetically created the human species for their own purposes, and lay claim to it – to us – as their property, to do with as they will.

The presence of this alien group remains hidden from our awareness through a veil of carefully structured deceptions and the manipulation of our natural human traits – our emotions, beliefs, habits, memories, desires, and even our senses. There is evidence that they have not only played a major part in constructing the very foundations of our civilization and method of social order, but also our understanding of nature through our sciences, and by extension our understanding of ourselves. All of these have been carefully crafted and directed for the purpose of controlling or inhibiting our natural potentials both as individuals and as a society. They have continued to do this in absolute secrecy throughout our recorded history.

Clues that lead to the truth of the existence of this alien group and their methods of control can be found in many places, including within the Bible and other ancient texts and legends, in the archeological record, in the many anomalous discoveries in space that have been made by NASA and others, and elsewhere. These clues, when taken together, establish far beyond a reasonable doubt the existence of technologically advanced beings that have visited this and other planets in our solar system, both in times long past and perhaps in the present as well. A consideration of the overwhelming number of documented UFO sightings throughout history that have been witnessed by large numbers of people or by otherwise highly credible individuals, gives great support to the possibility that an alien group is here with us now, and always has been.

However, it should not be automatically assumed that whoever these beings are who operate this UFO technology are non-human in nature. Nor should it be assumed that they are by definition the alien group that this book warns about – at least, not all of them. Only in understanding the complexity of the current situation can we begin to realize that the level of deception that has been created is meant to purposely obscure the greater truth and influence us to immediately consider other-worldly beings as being a common threat to us all, causing us to misinterpret what is really going on. We must therefore look deeper than outward appearances.

The reaction of the military and intelligence organs to the mere possibility of ‘creatures from outer space’ visiting our planet is itself peculiar enough to arouse reasonable suspicions that there’s something more to all of these UFO sightings than the usual more earthly explanations of them being secret military research projects, electromagnetic anomalies, or even mass hallucinations. On a public level, the US military feigns almost complete disinterest, while on a more surreptitious level (exposed through many documents that have been obtained through the Freedom of Information Act over the years) they show an extreme ongoing interest in these matters, and even possible collusion with one or more alien races that are not human.

The manner in which this alien group plays on our human traits and is able to control us keeps their exposure to an extreme minimum. We shouldn’t expect that there will ever be a public disclosure in the media regarding their existence. Any attempt to raise public awareness about them, by whatever means, is little problem for them to quickly circumvent and turn to their advantage.

Any person who comes to the realization of this alien presence after having made the proper associations between enough pieces of evidence will begin to look at and see society in a much different manner, and events that occur on the world stage – including such events as the OKC bombing and the 9/11 disaster – will be understood much more clearly. With continued investigation and careful consideration of the information that accumulates within a person’s awareness, the rip in the veil of this alien deception will begin to widen further and further. But this will be achieved only when the evidence is placed within the context of a greater understanding than the one we’ve been conditioned to hold. Being just one individual against such an antagonist, however, can make a person feel quite alone and even afraid with this new, expanded understanding of reality, and a person may feel that there’s nowhere to turn and nothing that can be done about it. The inability to find someone to talk to who might listen and understand without thinking the person is deluded keeps most people silent.

This is one of the alien group’s more common methods of social manipulation, by using our fear of ridicule and the possible damage that may result to our character, social status, or career, for suggesting anything that goes against our more commonly accepted beliefs. For this reason alone, those among us who would otherwise be in the best positions of expertise to evaluate the evidence and present their findings are dissuaded from investigating this controversial subject at all. Only those with no professional stake to lose, or who have a very solid reputation that won’t be tarnished by making such unbelievable claims, have the ability to present the evidence to the public in a manner that will be widely accepted as factual. These sorts of people are very rare in general, and for there to be any among them who will take the initiative to involve themselves in this particular subject is even rarer. It is therefore left to people without so much to lose to take the initiative to investigate the evidence, and to present their findings as well as they can. Through multiple efforts made by many such people, the darker reality of our human situation will more quickly begin to be realized, understood, and accepted by the public as a whole. Only then will we be able to take the steps effectively deal with it.

I have elected myself to be such a person. I have no reputation or professional career to lose in doing so. In fact, my past is one that will make my reputation and integrity easy to attack, even though my past bears no real relevance to this subject or my desire to present it. I’m just an ordinary person of no great significance and I have nothing to gain or lose by revealing what I’ve come to understand through my own research and study and the insights that these efforts have so far given me. I don’t profess to have all the answers, or that everything I say is entirely accurate, but I feel that I have something to offer after having spent over fifteen years researching a variety of subjects that all seem to bear on the subject of this alien presence and our future in one way or another, and this book is an attempt to present my findings and the conclusions I have come to for consideration by the wider public.

If we can reach a certain point of public awareness regarding this issue soon enough, our future as a human race may yet be saved. Already the numbers who are realizing the dark truth is large, and will only continue to grow as long as the issue is kept alive and not quashed. But time appears to be very short, as we will see, and so if we’re to untangle ourselves from the grip of this alien group’s ever-increasing control, we must wake up to it before it’s too late, and we can’t easily do this if we’re not even willing to consider it.

I can’t stress enough to the reader that our society is in a position to be hugely taken advantage of at this point in our history. With the social and political climates being as they are, and the popular belief in and expectation of the fulfillment of long-standing prophecies – particularly the biblical End Times – and the anxiety that this has instilled in the subconscious of a greater part of the population, and with the advanced technologies that are secreted away in different places around the globe, just waiting to be brought forth in the final stage of this alien group’s secret agenda, we’re ripe for an ‘intervention’, the staged fulfillment of prophecy. We must be very wary of whatever unfolds in the days and years ahead. If a group who claims to be our creator-gods should ever announce themselves to the world, and claim to be here to save us, and make promises to us if we will only surrender ourselves to them, we must be suspicious, and not immediately assume that they are who they claim to be. Such well-established beliefs and expectations will goad us into believing that with such a display of superior technological achievement as they will present, and with such benevolent promises as they will make, they could only be who we’ve been so heavily conditioned to believe they could be. If there is the possibility of any doubt whatsoever, then we should not accept such a claim. This book provides the possibility of such doubt.

The US and other governments, through their military and intelligence organs, are developing and utilizing certain secret technologies that are ultimately intended for this end. They have developed flying craft that are similar to the UFOs that are seen in our skies more and more often as time goes on. They also have advanced mind-control technologies that they’re already heavily applying on the greater population for both mass control and individual control of people’s thoughts, moods, perceptions, and actions. These mind-control technologies are completely undetectable, and can influence us to a far greater degree than most people would imagine.

The most important thing to understand is why this is taking place now. We’ve been kept in the dark about certain knowledge that has been passed on from ancient times, knowledge that involves astronomical events that the ancients knew about and have left us signs that they will occur again. This knowledge reveals that our planet goes through regular cycles of catastrophe, that the human race has existed for far longer than commonly believed, and that it goes through cycles of development until a major upheaval strikes and the survivors are suddenly thrown back into a primitive state to start all over again. This is why the ancient astronomers were so interested in the stars. Those who possess this ancient knowledge know that a major cataclysm is going to happen in the near future, and are taking advantage of the situation to the fullest, securing their own safety at the expense of the rest of us. They intend to ride out the coming devastation and rebuild civilization in a way that is more favorable to them – again, at the expense of the rest of us.

When you realize that men like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld could so blatantly and cold-heartedly waste the lives of thousands – even millions – of people in the blink of an eye for their own personal gain, using the powers that have been put into their hands by the people they are supposed to serve, it’s not so hard to see that what I propose is going on could be real. These men, and others like them who are just as power-hungry and just as cold-hearted, operate through secret groups, sometimes promoted as elite private clubs or fraternities, which have hidden agendas that tie into a bigger agenda that is being implemented by the alien group.

It needs to be said that the many conspiracy theories that have come out over the years and decades that put our governments, and the US government in particular, in grave suspicion, have been ‘officially’ debunked and the idea of believing such things ridiculed to the point that any conspiracy theory at all has come to be thought by those who still trust our governments to be nothing more than unsubstantiated claims put out by people who have a personal issue with the government. This is a method of conditioning that has been used again and again to control situations and cover up the truth.

What is most unfamiliar is the most unbelievable, and what is most familiar is the most believable. In neither case, however, should the familiar be accepted simply on the merits that it seems familiar, nor should the unfamiliar be rejected simply on the merits that it is unfamiliar.

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