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They Would Be Gods - 8 - Are They a Subterranean Race?



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

8: Are They A Subterranean Race?

There is no reason to doubt the suggestion that we’ve been visited by beings from other planets, but any other possibility that might be suggested should also be considered. There is at least one other possibility that, although not nearly as popular as the extraterrestrial hypothesis, is in some ways more plausible. This other possibility is that another race of intelligent beings came from the inner depths of our own planet. Such an idea isn’t really so far-fetched, and it should certainly be more palatable to some people than believing that a race of beings traveled here from a distant star system light-years away from us, which is almost inconceivable by our current understanding of physics and the apparent limitations posed on interstellar space travel.

Perhaps, some time ago during the evolution of life on this planet, another intelligent species has existed that evolved in parallel with or even in advance of the human species, and who, at some point in the past and for whatever reason, was compelled to live underground either by force or by choice. It may be that such a species retreated underground during certain harsher periods on Earth’s surface, such as during an ice age or in the aftermath of a major global cataclysm. It may even be that a segment of the human species decided at some point to live underground, and from that point began to develop in a direction other than that of their surface relatives. Such a separate civilization could conceivably exist for thousands of years completely undetected by surface humans, and could have developed their own unique sciences and technologies as well. There is nothing at all to show that this could not have been the case.

Only in the last hundred years or so have we begun to explore our planet to the extent that might provide any sort of evidence of a subterranean civilization. Our deepest underground mines, reaching no more than a few miles deep, barely even penetrate into the thickness of Earth’s outer crust. They are mere pin pricks in size in relation to the remaining areas of Earth’s surface that have never been penetrated at all. Our planet’s continental plates are fifteen to twenty-five miles thick, and the oceanic plates are about five miles thick. There’s so much potential area underground for such a civilization to reside, and discovering it would be very unlikely if it were located a mile or two beneath the surface in some out of the way region of the planet. The Earth’s crust is pocketed by innumerable caverns, and some of them are of absolutely immense proportions, spanning many square miles of area. There’s plenty of room for many large cities that could be populated by millions of inhabitants in the hidden caverns beneath the surface of our planet.

Although the temperature rises as you go deeper into the Earth’s interior, at two miles underground the temperature gets to about 125o Fahrenheit, which is about the limit that we might expect any living creature to find at all comfortable. However, with technological capability, they might easily make such depths more comfortable for habitation.

Although rarely heard about, there have actually been a number of reported cases of people who have stumbled upon mysterious subterranean tunnel systems and cavern-cities that were very ancient and built by unknown hands. There have also been reports of finding strange and incredible technologies that belong to the inhabitants of this secret underworld, and even of meeting the inhabitants themselves. Most of us have heard of the fabled cities of Shangri La in the Himalayas, and of Argharta or Agharti in the same area, and the legend of El Dorado, the lost city of gold in the jungles of South America. There’s also the sunken lands of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the mythical Ultima Thule and Hyperborea in the northern climes, as well as ancient Patala, the realm of the semi-divine Nagas of Indian legend.

Perhaps these reported discoveries of cavern cities and their inhabitants are evidence that these legendary places might actually be based on reality, and still exist.

The ancient Incas of Peru knew of an underground labyrinth of tunnels and caverns that exist beneath the city of Cuzco and throughout the Andes mountain area, rumored to contain huge caches of gold and precious stones. When Pizarro went to South America and began to slaughter the Incas and take all their gold, it’s said that what he got (estimated at about five billion dollars by today’s standards) was only a tiny portion of the entire wealth that the Incas possessed. The remainder was said to be hidden in these underground caverns and has never seen the light of day since the Spanish Conquest. It’s said that when the Incas learned what was afoot with the Spaniards they hid the rest of the gold in the tunnels and then closed off the entrances.

Many of the ancient Incan temples throughout the area are believed to have secret tunnels that lead into this underground labyrinth, which connects them all together. There are many stories of people finding entrances into these tunnels and becoming lost for days or weeks, or never returning at all. The Peruvian government conducted an expedition into these tunnels in 1923, and explorers spent almost two weeks underground before one lone explorer finally returned, telling an incredible story of the obstacles that had been encountered that were purposely designed to deter trespassers. What fate befell the others in the expedition, and where the tunnels eventually led, was never reported. The entrance that these explorers had used was dynamited shut. More tunnels were discovered under the city of Lima after an earthquake struck in 1972. These tunnels all led into the mountains, but were blocked by collapses, so where they led is unknown.

Ancient underground tunnels and cavernous cities have been discovered throughout the world, but most of them have barely been investigated at all. Usually, the location of the entrances can’t be found again, or those who know where they are remain very secretive about the exact location, so they have never been able to be investigated further. These reported discoveries and the stories surrounding them, particularly those of explorers who claim to have stumbled upon the inhabitants of a subterranean civilization and its strange technologies, have become regarded by most as unfounded rumors and myths with no basis in reality. It may just be, however, that there is a great deal of truth to these stories – even those stories about explorers coming across the strange inhabitants of this subterranean world. If these lost tunnel systems and underworld cities are ever to be rediscovered and investigated properly, they might reveal something substantial about their inhabitants, and maybe even about the true history of life on this planet. Until that time, however, we can only speculate and wonder, and keep an open mind.

There are ancient legends of a subterranean race among the native cultures of the American Southwest, including the Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, and Zuni tribes. In these legends, humans first evolved underground, and only later emerged on the surface of the planet in human form. When they first came to the surface, they are said to have had dark and scaly skin, long ears, and webbed feet. The light of the stars in the night sky was so bright to them that it hurt their eyes when they first reached the surface.

The Jicarilla Apache legends add that in the future, when the surface of our planet becomes too populated, the people will ascend to another land in the heavens. Their legends state that the Earth will be destroyed twice, and that this has already happened once by water, but another destruction will occur by fire. Before this happens, however, a certain god-hero or savior that they call ‘Killer of Enemies’ will return to take the native peoples to a land in the heavens.

Some of these Native American legends say that those who left the womb of the Earth too early angered the Earth Mother, who responded with earthquakes that ripped open the ground, releasing a horde of monsters that would set after them. In other legends, those who didn’t leave the subterranean world when they were supposed to would revert to animal form, or be transformed into monsters.

Monsters, particularly serpents, have been closely associated with the underworld since earliest times, although nowadays we mostly associate them with children’s tales or creations of the entertainment industry. However, since ancient times, certain monsters have been written about as though they were real, flesh and blood creatures, and often with as much intelligence and abilities as any human, if not more. Historically, these monsters have most often been related to subterranean regions, dark worlds that were completely isolated from the surface world. The concept of a fiery and molten Hell in the bowels of the Earth and filled with wretched creatures has developed from the ancient legends of these underground regions, and although we take such legends lightly today, they perhaps stem from experiences with real creatures and a real subterranean world.

Mt. Shasta in California is believed by many to hold a subterranean city. It has long been a sacred site to the Shastika, Modoc, and Wintun tribes, who believe it to be the home of the gods. These native American peoples also say that there are other beings who live under the mountain, including a race of giants. The Rosicrucians believe that Mt. Shasta is a sacred site as well, and their founder, H. Spencer Lewis, wrote that survivors of the legendary Lemuria took up residence under the mountain after their continent sank in the Pacific Ocean many millennia ago. The Rosicrucians have reportedly sent expeditions to the area, seeking an entrance to this underworld. Lewis also claimed that mysterious lights have been seen on the mountain, as well as strange beings performing rituals while chanting and playing music. Anyone who has tried to approach these lights or the mysterious beings are held at bay by a strange vibrational force. Such a technology, called LRAD (Long Range Acoustical Device), actually exists, and uses certain audio frequencies to similarly affect anyone it’s directed at, so it’s not impossible that these reports might be true. The Rosicrucians, and others as well, also claim to have witnessed flying craft enter and leave the mountain.

There are reports of investigations of underground cavern systems in many places throughout the US that include encounters with both humanoid and serpentine creatures, strange electromagnetic phenomena, and mysterious disappearances.

One rather interesting story of an underground civilization and the incredible technologies found there stems from a man named William C. Hefferlin, who claimed to be in contact with the inhabitants of this subterranean world via telepathy. His story came to the public’s attention in 1946 in Amazing Stories magazine, and although much of what he claims might be of a questionable nature, an overview of his story and others that followed it should be mentioned, because they relate to other information I provide throughout this book, and they may actually have some truth to them.

Hefferlin’s story began in 1927, when he and his wife met a man who went by the name of Emery. Together they supposedly built a machine that allowed them to communicate telepathically (a psychotronic machine). After this, Emery would disappear on mysterious trips, staying in touch with the Hefferlins through the telepathy machine. Eventually Emery told them that he was working for a group of ‘Masters’ who lived in an underground city in Tibet. He claimed that there was another city under the ice at the South Pole called Rainbow City, laying deserted, where all sorts of technology had been preserved for thousands of years. The Masters wanted to find this city – their ancient home – and repossess it in order to fulfill some cosmic plan. Emery was set to the task of finding it, flying in a circle-winged craft (flying disc) that had been designed by Hefferlin. By 1942, Rainbow City was located.

Through telepathic communication, Emery related to the Hefferlins what he had learned from the Masters. He said that in ancient times the Masters had come to our solar system and had lived on Mars for thousands of years before that planet finally died two and a half million years ago, at which point they came to Earth and built seven cities on the then sub-tropical Antarctic continent. A catastrophe occurred a million years ago that tipped the Earth on its axis, leaving Antarctica in its current south polar location. The sudden icy climate forced this race of Masters to abandon their cities and move north. Over thousands of years of hardships they lost their technological knowledge. The Antarctic cities had been deserted for a million years, but because Rainbow City was located in an area where there were hot springs, it remained ice free, encircled by miles-high glacial walls that has hidden it from modern-day explorers. The city extended underground for five levels, and everything was made out of plastic. Much of the flora and fauna were described as incredibly large, and the Masters themselves were estimated to be eight feet tall. All of their technology was found intact and still operable. Some sort of vibrational effect was used to keep the city constantly clean. Another form of vibration created the light for the underground levels. Their libraries contained audio books that would play at the push of a button. They had machines that allowed them to travel anywhere in the world by warping space, and they would merely have to concentrate on where they wanted to go and it would put them there. There was also an extensive tunnel system that ran under all the continents and oceans, and enormous trains one hundred feet in diameter ran through these tunnels at thousands of miles an hour using a vibrational power. One of the entrances to these tunnel systems was said to be west of Sheridan, Wyoming, two hundred feet up the side of a mountain. The Masters also had ‘thought machines’ that operated on vibrating jewels, which they said they had used to broadcast their wishes into the minds of the people of the non-Western world. The Masters intended for the entire world to eventually merge under one government that would emulate that of the US government. Once Rainbow City had been reoccupied, the Masters set out in flying machines to re-establish the remainder of their once-great technological civilization.

The story that Hefferlin relates ends here, but other stories of a similar nature have been told, a number of which had also reached the public’s attention through Amazing Stories magazine. One that was very similar in its descriptions of this lower world comes from a man named Richard S. Shaver, who related his story in a series of articles spanning 1945 – 1950. Shaver told of two separate races, one benevolent and the other malevolent, who also had amazing technologies – including a similar thought machine – with which they waged war against each other. Shaver claimed that the entrance to this subterranean world was in the Washington, DC area, and there are reports that these tunnels, which are known to exist in this area, lead deep into the Earth through glazed tunnels of vitrified rock to where there is supposedly a great underground city called Nod. Shaver claims that although he visited this underground city only once, much of what he learned about it and its inhabitants was later projected to him via their thought machines. The relevance of these sort of ‘telepathic’ transmissions will be considered in various chapters later on, but it should be noted that they and their operators, whoever they might be, may be more real than we might otherwise think, although their intentions may not be at all honorable. They may have been attempting a disinformation campaign after Shaver began publishing his story, fearing that he would expose the reality of this subterranean civilization, since Shaver’s story spurred a number of reports from others who also claimed to have stumbled upon strange signs of this subterranean world.

Another revelation of a subterranean world comes the Polish scientist Ferdynand Ossendowski, and is related in his book, Beasts, Men and Gods. Ossendowski tells of the land of Agharti, a subterranean paradise where there were technologies similar to those described by Hefferlin, and inhabited by Tibetan lamas. Agharti was ruled over by the ‘King of the World’, a messianic entity who knew all the mysteries of nature and could prophecy the future. In 1890, the King of the World prophesied that after half a century of battles in the East (in 1940), three great kingdoms would coexist for seventy-one years (until 2011), when they would then fight each other for eighteen years (until 2029), at which point the people of Agharti would rise up from their subterranean world to establish a paradise on Earth. If this prophecy is accurate, then the three great kingdoms must be America, Great Britain, and Russia, and they should begin to war against each other in 2011.

The Tibetan Buddhist Kalacakra texts tell of a hidden land called Shambhala, a paradise world with its own form of technologies. For instance, the king of Shambhala has a mirror that allows him to monitor events in distant places, and skylights in his palace that allow him to view people on other planets. There is also mention of ‘stone horses with the power of wind’, which might be a form of aircraft. It’s prophesied in the Kalacakra that Shambhala will be ruled by thirty-two kings who will each reign for one hundred years, the first having ruled in the sixth century BC. Before the last king arrives, there will be increasing brutality on Earth, with people becoming ever more power-hungry and materialistic. An evil ruler will arise on Earth that will lead a barbaric race in conquering the entire world. When this takes place, the last king of Shambhala – Rudra Cakrin – will rise up and destroy the barbarians, bringing peace to Earth for a thousand years.

There is also the subterranean race of beings whom the Nazis had sought out, hoping to learn the power of the secret ‘vril’ energy that these beings were masters of. Rumors are that Hitler actually made contact with such beings in Tibet, and a small party of them were in Germany, working with the Nazis during the war, and were known simply as the ‘green men’.

Many Eastern legends speak of such Masters and of their mystical powers. They are said to be non-human, but can take on human form if they wish to, and on occasion will do so in order to walk among the people on the surface of Earth undetected. They are also able to become invisible, to walk through solid objects, to levitate or fly, to communicate telepathically, and to see into the future. They do not suffer illness or disease, and in their natural form (not possessing a human body) they are immortal. They are able to control all the forces of nature. At times they will appear on Earth in one guise or another in order to step in at the right place at the right time to affect the outcome of events, and a number of mysterious personages throughout history, such as St. Germain, are said to have been these Masters in disguise. Certain occult groups, such as the Theosophists, have at times made telepathic communication with what they believed were such Masters, and have received information from them that they believed described our true past and included prophetic messages regarding our future. However, although such telepathic communications are apparently real, it seems that not all of them are really from such Masters, but may instead be from another source that has had the intention of manipulating these occult groups for other reasons. I will discuss this subject further in a later part of this book.

As far back as the twelfth century, stories of encounters with strange beings were reported by a monastic chronicler named Gervase of Tilbury, and repeated by other chroniclers such as William of Newbury, Abbot Ralph of Coggeshall, Giraldus Cambrensis, and a man named Walsingham, who all told an account of two otherwise completely human-looking children with olive-green skin who appeared near the town of Wolfpittes, in England, wandering among some ancient excavations. The children, a boy and a girl, spoke a strange language, and were apparently unfamiliar with the food that was subsequently offered to them. It is said that they remained with the people of the town, and although the boy eventually weakened and died after a number of years, the girl, who eventually lost her greenish tint,  grew up and married a man in the nearby town of Kings Lynn. This girl was eventually able to communicate her story, and claimed to have come from a immense subterranean region which she called ‘St. Martin’s Land’, stating that she and her brother had arrived on the surface after coming across a tunnel that led up to the surface from their subterranean world.

Other ancient legends come from around the world that tell of communities of people who long ago in the past retreated underground to avoid certain troubles on the surface. For instance, the Chud, a people who once lived in central Asia, retreated into the Earth to escape the persecution of a ‘White Tsar’. These people were seeking to reach an underground realm that was believed to already exist. In central Asia, like in many other places around the world, rumors still circulate today regarding extensive labyrinths of tunnels and caverns that reach far and wide. There are also many modern-day stories in all these different places of people who have come across the entrances to these tunnel systems and have set out to explore them, and have mysteriously disappeared for long periods, eventually to return with descriptions of magnificent subterranean lands and people with great riches and mysterious technologies, and flora and fauna that thrived under mysterious luminescences. Many of these stories describe the subterranean inhabitants as being seven to eight feet tall, and some also describe other creatures, including serpents and insects, that are equally gigantic. The significance of their size will become more obvious in later parts of this book, but it seems to suggest that perhaps there is something about the deep subterranean environments they live in that causes this greater size.

Those people who are said to have retreated underground, no matter what part of the world their stories come from, were all destined for a lost city that was already ancient in their time. This not only shows that the original builders and inhabitants of these mysterious subterranean cities were/are very, very ancient people, but also that there have been a number of migrations underground in past ages.

Although these stories relating to the discovery of subterranean cities and their inhabitants might be exaggerated or completely false, there is still the fact that there are subterranean cities that have been built throughout the world by our governments with the excuse that they are meant to be safe havens for our leaders so as to maintain the continuation of government in the case that a nuclear war or other major disaster occurs. Evidently, these underground complexes are also being used for other purposes as well, and certain secret technologies are apparently being developed and housed at these sites. A number of claims have been made over the years – some of them by reliable sources – that our governments are collaborating with extraterrestrial (or perhaps subterranean) beings, working together within these underground complexes on activities that may or may not be in the best interests of the human population. Many US military bases have extensive secret underground facilities beneath them, and many of these are said to be interconnected by underground shuttle systems. These shuttle systems run through tunnels that were bored out by nuclear powered machines that melt the rock as they bore through the ground, leaving behind a circular tunnel with a smooth, glass-like surface. One such nuclear tunnel-boring machine was designed and built at Los Alamos National Labs, and was featured in the September 1983 edition of OMNI magazine as the ‘Subterrene’. Even before that, in 1972, the Atomic Energy Commission filed the first patent for one of these machines.

Whether or not there are ancient tunnels and subterranean cities as have been reported to exist in South America and elsewhere, there certainly seems to be more recently built tunnel systems and underground city complexes that are being built and used by certain governments of this world, in particular the United States, and what they are intended for is left to speculation. However, taking the bigger picture into consideration, as we’ll do throughout these pages, we might be able to gain some insight as to what these intentions inevitably are. But first, we should consider an even more extreme possibility for the location of this alien group. This last possibility is one that has gotten very little serious consideration, and it may just be that this is because it’s the one that the alien group least wishes for us to consider.

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