Thursday, December 17, 2015

They Would Be Gods - 12 - Other Beings



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

12: Other Beings

Beings more highly evolved than humans may have moved far beyond the limitations in thinking that currently hold humankind in the grip of its warring, self-destructive nature.

Such beings, if they were more evolved than humans, would obviously have been capable of existing as a species for a much longer time than we have, without having destroyed themselves or being destroyed by natural cataclysms during that time. In the process, they would likely have achieved a more harmonious relationship with science and knowledge than we have, and their technology might be far advanced to our own. We would appear to them like children with our primitive knowledge and abilities, while to us, they would appear as gods, and their technology would be equivalent to magic.

These beings, having existed for so long, might have some past experience in developing new civilizations. This would give them knowledge of the stages that civilizations will go through, such as agricultural, industrial, technological, and beyond. They would understand how to bring a civilization through each successive stage in its development while maintaining their control of it along the way. Such may be the case in what has occurred on our planet.

They would remain detached from us socially and would likely only interact with humans in a very limited capacity. To them, we would be somewhat of an experiment, and so they would interfere in our lives as little as possible, being only in contact with one or a few of our kind, and only when necessary.

They might live beneath the surface of our planet, or on the Moon, Mars, or somewhere else within our solar system, but they may have originated from elsewhere in our galaxy or even from another galaxy altogether. There are indications within the ancient texts that the gods of old did indeed originate from another planet in our solar system – one that we have only recently discovered signs of – but they may have also established colonies here on Earth and elsewhere. The evidence of artificial structures that have been photographed on the surface of the moon and Mars give support to this possibility, and the government’s reluctance to investigate these and other related matters in a manner that is open to the public seems very suspicious.

Their technology would obviously be much further advanced than our own: cleaner, simpler, and probably not so over-applied as it has become in our own society. Considering our learned propensity to war and the disregard for the well being of our planet caused by our ignorance and selfishness, they would not be inclined to share their own technology with us at this point and would take every precaution to see that it didn’t fall into our hands. For this reason they would wish to remain well out of sight and keep their exact origins and present location unknown.

We must realize that if this is all true, whether or not the major governments of the world are aware of it, then there would be a need to keep it from greater public awareness.

If we are the genetic creation of more advanced beings, then there must be an intent behind our creation, and this intent might be good for us, or it might be bad. Their control over us seems to be important to their intent, whatever it is, and that there is a form of control taking place suggests that there is certainly an intent to use us for their own purposes.

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