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They Would Be Gods - 77 - Control Through Technology



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

77: Control Through Technology

In order to monitor and control us, this alien group who secretly operate from the shadows of our society rely on our use of the technology that they have encouraged to proliferate amongst us. They have introduced a succession of products for the masses, with a hidden purpose in mind. Some products are simply diversions to occupy our minds, while others are designed to further their control of us. These two aspects are purposely tied together in these products, however, so that if we are to accept one, we must accept both. Of course, most people aren’t even aware of the second aspect, or the degree that it can be applied.

Almost all of our greatest modern technologies originate from secret military research and development projects. They’re only brought into the open and made available to the public if and when their release serves the purpose of further controlling the public in some way. There are also advanced technologies that exist but remain hidden from the general masses. These hidden technologies are in the hands of the select few who work in close relationship with the alien group, and the technologies are used only under the direction of the latter group.

The military, to keep itself on top of technological progress, keeps very close ties to a number of corporations and other private institutions that are heavily involved with cutting-edge science and technology, and uses them as front organizations to pursue new research and development projects in secrecy. The contracts provide the corporation or institution with much of the necessary funding and allows them to retain patent ownership of any developments coming out of the projects. By keeping these projects in the private sector, there is no accountability to the public. Requests made under the Freedom of Information Act cannot be used to acquire information from the private sector, and this enables them to hide everything that they’re doing.

The possibility that a party outside of government control might develop some new technology that the alien group does not want them to develop is undermined to a great degree by the patent process, which is used to screen for just such developments. Certain patents for new technologies have been bought up by the government and then suppressed because the invention or discovery could disrupt the control that this alien group has over us, or would otherwise threaten to expose them and their lies. For instance, zero-point energy generators and antigravity technologies have been designed and built a number of times over the last century, but rarely ever seem to reach the attention of the greater public before they’re suppressed.

The alien group, whoever they might be, is allowing their most loyal minions to use technology, both those that have been proliferated among the public as well as those that have been kept completely unknown to the public, to closely monitor anyone they might choose. They have the means to listen to and watch us through our cell phones and computers, which they can tap into and operate without detection, through a computerized global surveillance system called ECHELON.

All cell phones and many other such devices are now equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System) device, making the tracking of an individual with a cell phone automatic and extremely accurate. If a targeted individual doesn’t carry a cell phone, it’s still quite possible to track the person using the cell phones of the people around them.

There are also all the cameras discreetly popping up everywhere, from stores and banks to city parks and other public places. If these were all wired up to a central system that allowed for remote operation of the cameras, it would be quite possible to automate tracking and visual surveillance of an individual in most urban areas.

The US government is already doing this under the banner of the ‘War on Terrorism’, although they don’t often discuss the extent of the more invasive aspects of their automated surveillance techniques, which remains classified information to ensure public ignorance. Voice recognition software makes it possible to quickly identify a voice in a monitored phone call, and facial recognition software with advanced image enhancement capabilities make positive identification quick and automatic when searching for a particular target among a crowd of people. It’s quite conceivable that technology exists, or might soon exist, that would allow a person to sweep a large crowd with a camera and instantly receive a computer printout listing the personal information on every person in that crowd.

They also have other surveillance systems besides technological ones. They established a very good system of surveillance long before electronic technology came of age. During Stalinist Russia, the KGB used a system of domestic surveillance in which people willingly spied on each other – even on their own family members, reporting each other’s activities to the KGB. The KGB kept tabs on everybody in the population in this manner, and nobody could be sure who might be watching them, or what might be reported about them. Therefore, they had to be very careful of what they said and did. Every little bit of information could be reported, even suspicious but otherwise innocent activity. Spies didn’t have to be sought out, either. Living conditions were kept severe enough that people were always desperate for even the simplest things in life, and a small reward for information about some minor crime someone committed was always an incentive for a person to inform on whoever they could. For larger tidbits of information that might result in promotions for the KGB officers that a person reported to came bigger rewards for the informant. People who spoke out against the government or expressed undesirable beliefs were censored by being rounded up and sent to the Gulag prisons where they would often languish for years before finally going before a judge and being formally tried and convicted for their alleged crime, which usually resulted in spending more years of harsh existence in prison before they ever regained their freedom, if they even survived.

Although not nearly as harsh, an otherwise similar sort of domestic monitoring and control to that used by the KGB has been implemented in our modern western society, and is being continually improved and refined. Although we aren’t so blatantly coerced into snitching on a friend or family member out of sheer desperation, as they were in Russia during earlier times, we’re nevertheless being coerced to turn on each other in other ways, sometimes by more subtle means and sometimes not.

A continual sense of encroaching problems and dangers in society spewing out at us on the evening news night after night builds up until the ignorant believer is swayed into taking on the attitude that’s implicitly suggested to him or her again and again by carefully chosen experts or authorities. A person is led in this way to lose trust in the general public, and begins to divide people into stereotyped groups of good and bad. They learn from the expressed attitudes of authority figures to fear and suspect their fellow man to the point of paranoia. Once this sets in, a person is on their way to total submission.

We as a society have been enticed by the trinkets of technology, whose true purpose is not recognized by most people. The little cell phone you carry with you wherever you go (perhaps even to the toilet or shower) is a direct pinpoint on your location. The camera on that phone can be activated remotely to transmit pictures or live video even while the phone is shut off, and perhaps even with the battery removed. The same goes for your computer. The machine doesn’t have to be turned on and these intruders don’t have to log in. There are secret ‘backdoors’ built into computer architecture that very few even know about.

All of the technological devices that we have come to greatly depend on in our modernized daily lives – automobiles, electricity, phones, television, computers, etc. – have been implanted into our society in moderated steps, building our dependency on these technologies further and further until we are almost all now caught within their clutches, unable to even fathom how we might ever exist without them. And this is the underlying intent. Technology has crept into every corner of our lives so that through it we have become captivated, and in being captivated, we have become trapped in the web of control that it holds on us. Take away our sources of electricity – the lifeblood of these technologies – and we are completely incapacitated. Whole industries would shut down, communications would cease, movement would slow to a crawl. The majority of the population, living in large towns and cities, would suffer pandemonium relatively quickly.

This weakness is disregarded as technology progresses further, and the possibility that we might suddenly be thrown back into the stone age becomes more and more a real possibility when we realize that the US government has their no-longer-so-secret HAARP installation in Alaska that’s capable of creating an electromagnetic pulse that could traverse the entire globe in seconds, and in the process burning out every nation’s electric power grids and every unprotected electrical component that exists. This technology might be used in this way as part of a global takeover, using an ‘end of the world’ scenario in which civilization will be thrown into sudden chaos, putting it at the mercy of a new ruling power that will appear to offer the only hope for survival. This new ruling power may be human in nature, or maybe not. It’s possible that either an alien invasion or intervention might be staged as part of this scenario, however, it’s just as possible that such an eventuality might actually be real.

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