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CHRONOLOGY IV - 1981 to 1999

History of the Psychopathic Elite’s 
Development of Techno-Slavery

1981 (January) - The Law of One books (also known as The Ra Material) begin to be channeled by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty (founders of L/L Research), and will continue until 1984. The entity that is channeled will describe itself as belonging to a Council that consists of nine members, and, when asked, will affirm that this Council is the same group that identified themselves as ‘The Nine Principles and Forces’ that were contacted through Andrija Puharich’s Round Table Foundation many years earlier (see sessions 7.9 and 7.10). The transcripts of these more recent channeling sessions reveal that Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty are in contact with Puharich (see sessions 7.11, 12.1, 12.10, 21.3, 23,11, 39.4, and 84.7).

The Ra Material describes a metaphysical reality that appears to be based on earlier Theosophical teachings, which places humans in a greater cosmic scheme of things that pits positive forces against negative forces within cycles of incarnations and stages of spiritual development in which we humans move towards one extreme or the other through free-will choice, with an eventual ‘harvest’ of souls at the end of these cycles. The material presents the idea that many of us are born into our lives as ‘Wanderers’, using this as a method to entice followers through their own wishful thinking. There is no critical questioning by Rueckert, Elkins, or McCarty about the validity of the material being offered, and they even seem to grasp the rather deep philosophy quite easily, as though they’re already familiar with it. The questions being asked the entities are focused strictly on these philosophies, and completely ignore anything that might be insightful relating to science, history, etc., that would qualify these entities as advanced beings worthy of listening to. There is nothing within the Ra Material that hasn’t already been introduced by one person or another in our past as beliefs or ideas about the human condition and the nature of reality.

1981 (March 30) – The attempted assassination of newly-elected President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley Jr. If Hinckley had been successful, Reagan’s position as President would have been taken over by the Vice President, George Bush Sr. Interestingly, Hinckley’s father, John Hinckley Sr., is a good friend and neighbor of George Bush, and as owner of Vanderbilt Oil, a fellow oil tycoon. He is also president of World Vision, which acts as a front organization for the CIA’s mercenary training camps. Bush’s son Neil even had dinner with Hinckley’s older brother Scott the night after the assassination attempt on Reagan.

Hinckley is obsessed with the actress Jodie Foster, and believes that assassinating Reagan will win her heart. He identifies strongly with the character of Travis Bickle in the movie Taxi Driver, played by Robert DeNiro, and is emulating him – in the movie, Bickle attempts to assassinate a presidential candidate in the belief that it will please the woman he loves. Prior to this event, Hinckley had stalked Jimmy Carter during his 1979 presidential campaign, which resulted in him being arrested for possession of firearms at the Nashville Airport. After this previous incident, Hinckley’s parents sent him to see a psychiatrist named John Hopper. Hopper didn’t think there were any signs of mental illness, and recommended that Hinckley’s parents cut him off financially and evict him from their home. This was just prior to the attempt on Reagan’s life, and seems to have been the catalyst for the act. After the assassination attempt, a copy of J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye will be found in the hotel room where Hinckley has been staying. Interestingly, Hinckley will claim that he met with serial killer David Berkowitz while in Colorado.

Hinckley was able to get very close to Reagan as he was leaving the Washington Hilton, and fired off six shots in three seconds. Although Reagan was hit, there is reason to believe that the bullet didn’t come from Hinckley’s gun. Reagan will only feel pain from the bullet after he has been shoved into the back seat of his limousine by a Secret Service agent, and at first thinks that the pain is caused by the agent’s gun pressing against him as the agent lays over him to shield him from gunfire. Later forensics will show that none of Hinckley’s bullets could have hit Reagan, and it seems that the Secret Service agent was the one who actually shot Reagan. Hinckley was using hollow-point bullets that shatter on impact, causing maximum damage, but Reagan will not show any signs that such a bullet hit him.

Hinckley will be found innocent by reason of insanity, and remain incarcerated at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC. He will have Secret Service agents watching him 24 hours a day, 365 fays a year. Why? What is so important about Hinckley that the President’s special security men must keep such a close eye on him?

1981 (July 27) – The abduction of six-year-old Adam Walsh in Hollywood, Florida will lead to his father John Walsh creating and hosting the FOX TV show, America’s Most Wanted. Adam’s decapitated head will be the only remains ever recovered. Years later, Ottis Toole, a serial killer with ties to a satanic ring called the Hand of Death, will confess to killing Adam. The widespread publicity of this case will result in the implementation of federal DNA, fingerprint, and sexual offender databases. Despite that these technologies will be put into place under the guise of protecting children, there will still be a record number of unsolved disappearances taking place every year, and sexual offenders will continue to prey on victims.

1981 – Lt. Col. Michael Aquino reportedly begins reporting directly to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

1981 ARPANET is expanded when the National Science Foundation develops the Computer Science Network. (CSNET). The number of host sites is 213, and new ones will be added regularly. These are all military sites, universities, or research centers.

1981 The NSA becomes responsible for detailing trusted computing and network platform specifications, meaning that they can easily secure hidden functions in any computer architecture. This gives them the ability to surreptitiously insert spyware or malware in any computer, which would be completely undetectable (even to computer manufacturers and technicians). Computer chips that have other functions, such as for transmitting electronic mind-control signals, could also be designed and surreptitiously inserted as well.

1981 – UFO researcher and hypnotist Budd Hopkins publishes his book, Missing Time, in which he discusses the purported ‘alien abduction’ phenomenon, based on the retrieved memories of hypnotized subjects.

1981 – Five-year-old James Casbolt is entered into a secret government program (Project Mannequin) being run by the NSA at various underground bases in England. The program involves training and using children as psychic ‘super-soldiers’. He will come forward in 2007, detailing his recalled memories of his experiences in an online book titled, Agent Buried Alive.

1981 (December 29-30) – UFO researcher William Moore meets with one Sgt. Richard C. Doty at a restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Doty is stationed at Kirtland AFB at this time. He claims he is a special investigator with the Air Force Office of Scientific Information (AFOSI) and displays three documents – one that will become known as the ‘Aquarius Teletype’. The stage is being set to slowly and systematically provide the UFO community with either the document proof it has been seeking since 1947, or the most elaborate hoax to ever be perpetrated on the subject.

(See online file, William Moore: UFO opportunist or agent of disinformation, by Don Schmitt)

1982 Vern Grimsley, founder of the Family of God Foundation, awakes one morning with a sudden compelling urge to purchase new property for his organization. Around this same time, he claims he is hearing voices that are from the same higher beings who wrote the Urantia Book, and that they warn of an impending world war that will be followed by a nuclear holocaust. A month later, while viewing the vacated St. Anthony's College campus with a realtor, he hears an audible voice from no apparent source telling him, “This is it!” The site is surrounded by a number of different military installations, as well as the Livermore Nuclear Research Laboratory, all of which are within a thirty-mile radius of it.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1982 Richard Hoagland is working at SRI International when he first becomes interested in the Martian enigma (the alleged ‘Face on Mars’). He forms a research group to study them further, which is funded by SRI (i.e. CIA and Pentagon). The co-founder of this group is Dr Lambert Dolphin, who a few years earlier had led SRI teams at Giza in search of a hidden ‘Hall of Records’ under the Sphinx (as predicted by Edgar Cayce). Most of the key members of Hoagland’s research groups will have connections with either intelligence agencies or the Pentagon. Hoagland’s research will attempt to legitimize the New Age belief that humans were created by extraterrestrials who once visited this planet in prehistory and who still guide us from behind the scenes. Through a number of professionally marketed book publications by various authors (i.e. Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval's The Mars Mystery, etc.), many New Agers will be led to believe that these ‘gods’ are about to return.

1982 – Around this time, Operation Clydes Dale is purportedly initiated as a Special Operations Group to identify, track down, and exterminate the pedophiles who are kidnapping children from the streets of New York City and using them to make pedophile porn films. Some of the children are being killed in snuff films, some are sold into white slavery, and others are programmed and used in projects similar to Project Monarch. All the children are being tortured in satanic rituals.

1982 – Michael Harari, a Mossad intelligence agent who had directed death squads against the PLO up until the early 1970s and later transferred to Central and South America, begins supervising what will become known as Harari’s Network, which is set up by the Reagan administration and the Israeli government to run a secret aid program for the Nicaraguan Contras. Operating out of Mexico, Panama, and Florida, the network will integrate his operations with the emerging cocaine trade, particularly those of Colombia’s Medellin and Cali cocaine cartels, shipping guns to the Contras and smuggling cocaine to the US via Panama. The CIA had already set up meetings in which various Colombian drug dealers organized into a drug trafficking Medellin cartel the year before, permitting it to deal with a group rather than many independent drug dealers. Harari will be involved in training and arming the Contras in return for cocaine, which will be sold on American streets to acquire funds for CIA black projects. The proceeds will be laundered through the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

BCCI is also operating a clandestine division called the ‘black network’, which functions as a global intelligence operation and a Mafia-like enforcement squad. The black network uses sophisticated spy equipment and techniques, along with bribery, extortion, kidnapping, prostitution, and by some accounts, assassination.

(See online book, Terrorism and the Illuminati, by David Livingstone)

1982 – According to coded records of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, drug smuggler Barry Seal is put on their payroll this year. This same year, Seal starts running arms to the Contras in South America and bringing back cocaine to be sold on American streets.

(See online book, Fleshing Out Skull and Bones)

1982 (June) – UFO researcher William Moore teams up with television producer Jaime Shandera after moving to Burbank, California. Along with IFO researcher Stanton Friedman, they had already worked together in 1980 on a UFO documentary. Together, they will have clandestine meetings with a growing number of shadowy characters who will become known as the ‘Aviary’. A majority of these contacts will actually be figures within the UFO community. Two others will be Richard Doty and another enlisted man at Kirtland AFB named Robert Collins, who will be dubbed ‘Falcon’ and ‘Condor’. Other alleged Aviary members will be known only as ‘Sparrow’, ‘Blue Jay’, and ‘Hawk’. Throughout the 1980s, more birds will join the fold to make a total of twelve, each one promoting their special insight into UFO intelligence and an alleged attempt at slowly releasing the truth about UFOs to the public.

(See online file, William Moore: UFO opportunist or agent of disinformation, by Don Schmitt)

1982 (September 5) – Twelve-year-old Johnny Gosch is abducted from a shopping mall parking lot in West Des Moines, Iowa, while doing his paper route. He is never seen again. Years later, during an interview with private investigator Ted Gunderson, child abductee and sex slave victim Paul Bonacci will reveal that, as a child, he was directly involved in Gosch’s abduction, having acted as a lure to draw Gosch into the hands of his pedophile abductors. The abduction was reportedly ordered by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. After the abduction, Johnny is taken to a farmhouse where he is held for two weeks until Michael Aquino comes to pick him up and take him to Colorado. Both Gosch and Bonacci are used for the pedophiliac pleasures of high-ranking government officials, which will tie in with the Presidio case in 1986, the Finders case in 1987, and the Franklin case in 1988, as part of a deeper satanic network operated by very rich and powerful people. The police chief in West Des Moines, who fails to do anything in the Gosch case, will also be linked to the Franklin case.

1982 (October 20) Robin Gecht, a 28-year-old carpenter-electrician who had worked for serial killer John Wayne Gace in the past, is arrested for the vicious slashing of an 18-year-old prostitute. This case will open a Pandora’s box of depravity, sadism, Satan worship, and cannibalism that involves nearly a score of Chicago-area women. Within a week of Gecht’s release on bond for the attack on the prostitute, another woman will claim to have been attacked by him, leading to his re-arrest.

1983 – At about this time, crack cocaine begins flooding the streets of Los Angeles and in other US cities soon after, causing an epidemic drug problem unlike any time before in history. Street gangs develop into national networks and are essentially militarized as a result, establishing their territories and enforcing their share of the market. This leads to an influx of guns and the increased crime and violence that come with them. This rapidly growing problem is a direct result of the supposed ‘War on Drugs’, which was an excuse for various US government agencies (including the CIA, FBI, BATF, and DEA) to eliminate the existing South American drug cartels and take over the illicit drug markets themselves, funneling the profits into black projects being conducted by those agencies. This epidemic problem will also give the government an excuse to increase the size of police forces and give them excessive powers of search and seizure, entrapment, and the recruitment and use of informants.

1983 – The US Army begins the JEDI Project, which seeks to increase human potential using teachable models of behavioral/physical excellence by unconventional means. It is essentially a human-performance modeling experiment based on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) skills, whereby advanced influence technologies to model excellence in human performance are used. The program is being run under the auspices of the Army INSCOM and the Organizational Effectiveness School, and is being sponsored by a US government interagency task force. The program will successfully train several hundred people, including members of Congress (such as Al Gore, Jr. and Tom Downey), before being terminated.

1983 (June) – After being arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, Henry Lee Lucas begins confessing to a long string of gruesome murders (over 600 in 26 States) spanning almost a decade. His partner in crime, Ottis Toole, will corroborate his involvement in over 100 murders. Lucas’ willingness to confess to all these murders allows authorities to take advantage of this in order to close the files on many unsolved cases (and probably some that they needed a scapegoat for, which might explain Governor Bush’s decision to stay Lucas’ execution in 1998), and so Lucas probably admitted to many murders that he didn’t actually commit. He will later claim to have been working for a large satanic cult network called the Hand of Death. According to Lucas, this network involved wealthy and powerful people, and Lucas and Toole performed contract hits and child abductions for them. He will state that he delivered the children to ranches in Juarez and Matamoros, Mexico, where they were used in child pornography and ritual sacrifices. Years later, a mass grave will be found exactly where Lucas had said. In 1998, Lucas will become the only inmate on death row to ever have his sentence commuted by then-Governor of Texas George W. Bush. Lucas’ partner Ottis Toole will similarly have his sentence commuted in Florida by then-Governor Jeb Bush. This raises the question about whether Lucas and Toole might have helped to cover up murders that were tied to the Bushes.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1983 (August) – The Manhattan Beach Police Department in California begin an investigation regarding allegations of sexual abuse occurring at the McMartin Preschool. Altogether, approximately 400 children will be evaluated by therapists. All interviews will be videotaped and 350 children will disclose sexual behavior. Almost all the victims will show physical signs of abuse. Seven teachers at the preschool (six women and one male) will be named as having molested them. These individuals will be charged with 209 counts of child molestation.

The child victims will describe sexual abuse, child prostitution, and child pornography occurring on school grounds and at various other locations. There will be descriptions of animal sacrifices as well as being urinated and defecated on. Children will state that the adults sometimes dressed in black robes, formed a circle around them and chanted. They will tell of being forced to witness and participate in the ritual torture, killing and mutilation of animals and, on occasion, of human babies and children as well. They will also describe being forced to drink the blood and eat the flesh of the slaughtered corpses, witnessing the beheading of infants, and being forced to stab infants themselves. Other local preschools will be tied to the case and 60 more victims will give reports of similar activities.

The McMartin victims will also describe a tunnel system that is used to secretly transport them in and out of the school to where they were taken to be tortured. Law enforcement officers and the media will treat the claim of tunnels as a fantasy and only a superficial search will be made, turning up nothing. Parents of the victims will eventually have a second search conducted when the property is sold in April 1990, and the tunnels will be found. In spite of this, charges against five of the seven defendants in the case will inexplicably be dropped. The trial, which will run from 1987 to 1990, will result in no convictions with all charges being dropped. The first parent to have lodged a complaint in the McMartin case will receive threats before turning up dead just before her scheduled testimony. A private investigator hired by the victim’s parents will also turn up dead on the eve of his scheduled testimony. Others will receive death threats as well. Most of the public will end up with the impression that no actual sexual abuse of children actually occurred at all, that all the accusations and long prosecution over several years was just a byproduct of overzealous therapists who implanted false memories in the purported victims, and from the media-initiated hysteria against rumors of satanic ritual abuse of children. Ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson will inject himself into a private investigation started by the victim’s parents and manage it so that it goes nowhere.

1983 (October 10) While traveling in West Germany on “official NATO business”, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino stages a satanic ‘working’ at the Wewelsburg Castle in Bavaria, attempting to invoke Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler. Wewelsburg castle was the headquarters for the Nazi’s Black Order of the SS.

1983 Vern Grimsley has over 100 channellings, some even while he’s sleeping. The communications warn him of a coming nuclear war, and provide survival strategies. He begins preparing his compound and stockpiling arms.

1983 - George Bush Sr. allegedly begins sodomizing and electrocuting Project Monarch slave Cathy O’Brien’s three and a half year old daughter Kelly. Furthermore, constant threats are made by Bush on Kelly's life in order to keep Cathy in line. He also tells her that he is an ET and can activate a holographic image within Cathy's mind that would make him appear to change into a lizard-like alien creature.

(See online book, Trans-Formation of America, by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips)

1983 MILNET, the US military’s computer network, splits off from ARPANET. The first desktop computer workstations become available.

1983 – The closure of the Camp Hero facility at Montauk, Long Island, NY.

1983 – DARPA begins research into ‘brain-computer interfacing’.

1984 (March 17) – An unnamed gunman is arrested near the White House who claims that he has been injected with a ‘crystalline implant’ that was broadcasting messages telling him to kill the president.

(See online file, Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith)

1984 (July) Ritual abuse is uncovered at West Point military base when a three-year-old girl finds herself in the emergency room of the West Point Hospital with a lacerated vagina. She tells the examining physician that a teacher at the daycare center had hurt her. By the end of the year, fifty children will be interviewed by investigators. Children at West Point will tell stories that will become horrifyingly familiar. They will report that they had been ritually abused. They will report having had excrement smeared on their bodies and being forced to eat feces and drink urine. They will say they were taken away from the day care center and photographed. Despite abundant medical and psychological evidence and literally dozens of child witnesses, and despite 950 interviews by 60 FBI agents assigned to the investigation, the investigation, led by former US Attorney (and future mayor of New York) Rudolph Giuliani will produce no federal grand jury indictments.

1984 – A fictionalized account of the Philadelphia Experiment is released in theatres in the USA. The US government immediately forces an injunction, banning it. The injunction will be overturned two years later in 1986, at which time the movie is released on video.

Why would the government ban this movie from public release? This only seems reasonable if there is actually some truth to this strange story. Stopping the release of the movie might have been a purposeful ploy to bring the story to the attention of conspiracy theorists and other fringe groups, in order to popularize the more outrageous aspects of it so that certain important truths buried within them – such as its association with T. Townsend Brown and his work – are discredited. If Brown’s work with the US Navy had been successful in making battleships invisible to radar, it is very likely that this had since become part of the new stealth technology for aircraft, or even antigravity technology, and a disinformation campaign was being conducted to cover this up.

1984 – Scottish inventor Sandy Kidd succeeds in building an antigravity device that uses gyroscopes attached to the ends of a crossarm. When the device is turned on, it levitates three inches off the workbench.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1984 – The USAF seizes 89,000 acres of public land surrounding Groom Lake in Nevada (Area 51).

1984 - Carla Rueckert publishes The Ra Material, a collection of channeled information. This published information will become a bestseller among the New Age movement and take on a cult-like following.

1984 – The cult group, Order of the Solar Temple is founded in France by Jo Di Mambro and Luc Jouret. Di Mambro was inspired by the Ancient and Mystic Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) during his involvement with them from 1956 to 1969. The Order of the Solar Temple is involved in promoting their New Age philosophy and the belief that the universe is nearing a great change. The Order consists of three levels of initiation or ‘clubs’. The Amanta Club is involved with disseminating the group's philosophy and bringing together a spiritual elite in order to achieve a higher state of consciousness. The Archedia Club is involved with providing selected members with more advanced knowledge. The International Knighthood Organization has access to special publications and to initiations exclusive to its members. Di Mambro presents himself to members as a representative of higher beings and the receiver and transmitter of divine messages, which he receives during group ceremonies. These messages will become apocalyptic in nature, with the leaders and members believing that Earth will one day be destroyed and that they will be the sole survivors. They will see themselves as unique beings, set apart from the masses through their discovery of the truth, and they will believe that they have a special mission to accomplish. Gradually, the feeling that they are different will lead them to believe that they have little in common with the rest of the world. The Order believed in the existence of an original source of consciousness to which members of the group would one day return. This latter point is similar to what is stated in The Ra Material put out by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty.

1984 - Paul Bonacci is an eyewitness to the ritual rape and murder of a young boy at the Bohemian Grove while being forced to take part in a homosexual snuff film.

1984 – The Gittinger Assessment Center is established at Hocking College, serving as a site for training, resources, information, data collection, and future development of the PAS.

1984 George W. Bush is implicated in a Brownsville, Texas, mass murder, in which 17 people have been ritualistically murdered and skinned. Bush had disappeared for three days, during which time the murders happened, and he is unable to explain where he had been at the time or what he had been doing. The people murdered were allegedly members of a satanic cult that Bush also belonged to. His father, Vice President George Bush, will stop investigations into the matter. Brownsville is directly across the border from Matamoros, where several mass gravesites connected to satanic cults will be discovered in several years time. Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, whose death sentence Bush will commute in 1998, will provide authorities with information on at least one of these sites. He will also claim to have abducted children for the cult.

1984 – The first computer with a graphical user interface is released.

1984 (December 11) – Fellow UFO researchers William Moore and Jaime Shandera receive the controversial MJ-12 documents, contained on film that is anonymously delivered to Shandera’s mailbox. There is no return address but it is postmarked in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Moore and Shandera will next make a trip to the National Archives in Washington, DC, and on a tip in the form of a postcard, will go to a specifically numbered box of documents and claim to discover a carbon copy of a memo from Robert Cutler (Special Assistant to President Eisenhower) which mentions the existence of MJ-12. Allegedly, they will spend the next two years meeting with other members of the Aviary while doing all they can to substantiate the documents, which will eventually be made public in 1990 without any real proof of their legitimacy ever forthcoming but with continued promises that it soon would be.

(See online file, William Moore: UFO opportunist or agent of disinformation, by Don Schmitt)

1985 – By this year, the number of murdered women in Washington State suspected of being victims of the Green River Killer, going back to 1982, reaches 45. The main suspect, Gary Leon Ridgway, will continue to avoid arrest until 2001. Over the next few years, he will begin visiting the Vancouver area in Canada. There will be eyewitness accounts of him in Vancouver in the close company of future serial killer, Robert Pickton.

1985 - A ranch is uncovered in Kerrville, Texas. The ranch, run by a family of German immigrants, is found to be holding 75 human slaves, many of them acquired when they were young teenagers. The property is patrolled by armed guards who keep the slaves chained together and routinely torture them with electric cattle prods. Whenever one of the slaves was killed, the body was burned to dispose of the evidence. The Texas Rangers eventually raid the property, but only after routinely ignoring steady reports of strange happenings at the ranch. It will take the state of Texas almost two full years to bring the case to trial. When it is all over with, the rancher and one of his sons will receive extraordinarily light sentences for their crimes: 15 years for one, and 14 for the other. Another indicted son will be acquitted and walk away a free man.

1985 – Governor and Presidential contender George W. Bush and his brother, Florida’s Governor Jeb Bush, are allegedly caught on videotape picking up kilos of cocaine at Tamiami Airport in Florida in a DEA sting set up by Barry Seal. Seal had been angry over what he considered George Bush’s shabby treatment of him. In the deal the two had cut, Seal felt, Bush was to take care of Seal’s legal difficulties; in exchange, Seal had gone to work for Bush and Oliver North at Mena, Arkansas, assisting them in their drug smuggling operation. Having felt double-crossed by Bush, Seal had used his DEA cover to set up the sting, then stepped in to ‘take care’ of things, with the intended result that the Bush brothers would be in his debt. The videotape is kept by Seal as insurance. In retaliation, Seal will be assassinated less than a year later. When caught, members of the hit team will all tell their lawyers that once they got to the US their actions had been directed by a military officer who will turn out to be Lt. Col. Oliver North.

(See online book, Fleshing Out Skull and Bones)

1985 – Quantum Computer Services Inc., which later becomes America Online Inc. launches the first online service, Q-Link, on the Commodore 64.

1985 – Allegations of ritual abuse at the Jubilation Day Care Center at Fort Bragg erupt when several children report being sexually abused by a number of people at the day care center and at several locations away from the center, including at least two churches. Lt. Col. Michael Aquino is identified as having been present at one of those churches.

1986 (February 10) Cleve Backster's lab is visited by National Research Council's Committee on Techniques for the Enhancement of Human Performance. The NRC is evaluating enhancement and parapsychological studies conducted for the Army, so it is likely that Backster's research is involved with the government.

1986 – At around this time, Osama bin Laden is brought into the US under the false name of ‘Tim Osman’. He meets with three men in Sherman Oaks, California, one of which is Ted Gunderson. Gunderson had been approached by a high-level official in the Reagan administration to provide assistance to the Afghan Mujajideen. Gunderson then arranges a meeting between himself, Michael Risconosciuto, and Ralph Olberg. Risconosciuto is the creator of the Promis software. Olberg represents the State Department where he serves on its Middle East desk. Gunderson’s role is to put the key players in contact with Sir Dennis Kendall, a former member of the British parliament and double agent during WWII, working for both the Germans and British. This secret project will result in providing the Afghani resistance with 600 stinger missiles.

1986 (March 23) – 11-year-old Ricky Chadek is abducted in Omaha, Nebraska, the same state where Johnny Gosch went missing four years earlier.

(See online file, Child Trafficking and Mind Control in the Heartland - My Cost of Child Advocacy, by David Shurter)

1986 (November) – The first allegations emerge regarding sexual abuse being perpetrated at the US Army’s Presidio Child Development Center in San Francisco. Alarmed by accusations made by her child, a parent seeks medical examination that confirms that the three-year-old boy had in fact been anally raped. The boy identifies his rapist as ‘Mr. Gary,’ a teacher at the center named Gary Hambright. It will take the Army almost a month to notify the parents of other children who have been in Hambright's class that the incident had taken place. Within a year, at least 60 victims will be identified, all between the ages of three and seven, and further allegations will be made by parents that several more children have been molested even after an investigation has begun. Victims will tell of being taken to private homes to be abused, and at least three houses will be positively identified. They will also describe being urinated and defecated upon, and being forced to ingest urine and feces. Irrefutable medical evidence will document the fact that these children were abused, including five who had contracted chlamydia, and many others will show clear signs of anal and genital trauma consistent with violent penetration. Even before the abuse is exposed, the children were exhibiting radical changes in behavior, including temper outbursts, sudden mood shifts, and poor impulse control. Both Lt. Col Michael Aquino and his wife Lilith will be positively identified by victims as two of the perpetrators. At least one victim will be able to positively identify Aquino's home and describe with uncanny accuracy the distinctively satanic interior of the house. Only Hambright will ever be charged for abusing one child, and these charges will be dismissed three months later.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

1986 – A woman named Eulice (Lisa) Washington tells Youth Care Worker Julie Walters, as documented in her Department of Social Services March 25, 1986 report, that Lawrence King ran a massive child sex, homosexual, and pornography industry. She describes how beginning in tenth grade, she had been taken by plane by King, with other youths, to be used as a child prostitute at parties in Washington, Chicago, and New York. Lisa states that at these parties, she sat “looking pretty and innocent” and guests could engage in any sexual activity they wanted except penetration. She names Vice President George Bush as in attendance at these parties at least twice, according to Walters’ report. Lisa states she had first met Mr. Bush at the Dallas 1984 Republican Convention. She also claims to have seen Vice President George Bush Sr. at a party in Chicago in September or October of 1984, accompanied by two large white males. Walters’ report states: “She [Lisa] indicates that she set [sic] on a table at the party while wearing nothing but a negligee. She stated that George Bush saw her on the table. She stated she saw Vice President George Bush pay King money, and that Bush left the party with a nineteen year old black boy named Brent.” According to the Chicago Tribune of October 31, 1984, George Bush Sr. was in Illinois campaigning for congressional candidates at the end of October, 1984. Walters’ report indicates that Lisa said she saw George Bush Sr. again at a party hosted by Lawrence King in Washington, DC, in which there were no women, only men perfectly made-up to look like women, older men and men in their younger twenties. She said she saw sodomy committed at those parties.

(See online book, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin)

1986 ARPANET expands further when the National Science Foundation provides access to supercomputer sites in the US from research and educational institutions.

1987 (February 4) – Two men – Michael Houlihan and Douglas Ammerman – are picked up in Tallahassee, Florida, on multiple counts of child abuse. They are found traveling in a van with six children ranging in age from two to seven years old. The children are dirty, barely clothed, and covered in insect bites, while the two men are well dressed. They claim they are going to Mexico to take part in a special school for “smart kids”. The van is found to belong to an organization in Washington, DC, called ‘The Finders’, led by a man named Marion Pettie. (Pettie’s wife will turn out to have been employed by the CIA, and his son worked for the CIA proprietary firm, Air America.) A search of two of the offices of the Finders results in the discovery that sex orgies and satanic activity had taken place at these locations, including a murder. A large collection of photographs of nudes, believed to be members of the Finders, is also obtained. Documents seized in the investigation reveal detailed instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes. The instructions include the impregnation of female members of the Finders community, purchasing children, trading, and kidnapping. Further evidence suggests that this is part of an international satanic pedophile ring. Numerous files seized relate to activities of the organization in different parts of the world, including London, Germany, the Bahamas, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Africa, Costa Rica, and Europe. Files are also seized that contain intelligence information on private families not related to the Finders. The intelligence gathering process appears to be have been a systematic response to local newspaper advertisements for babysitters, tutors, etc. A member of the Finders would respond to the ad and gather as much information as possible about the habits, identity, occupation, etc., of the family. What this information was used for is still unknown. There was also a large amount of data that had been collected on various childcare organizations. The police report on the case is classified secret. The investigation soon becomes a CIA ‘internal matter’. No further information is made available and no further action is taken.

Marion Pettie, the owner of the Finders, will claim many years later that during World War II he kept open house mainly to intelligence people in Washington. OSS people passing through, things like that.” He will deny that he was an intelligence asset himself, but was instead doing counterintelligence on the CIA, using his wife’s position in the CIA to “find things out”.

1987 (April 30) – At least seven members of a drug trafficking family are killed in a gruesome mass slaughter. The victims' bodies showed clear signs of sadistic torture. Fingers, toes and ears had been removed and genitals had been excised. Two brains were missing and a portion of a spine had been ripped from one of the bodies. The killings are suspected to be the work of a satanic cult led by a man named Adolfo Constanzo, because the victims allegedly had evidence of police complicity in the cult’s drug trafficking operations and had threatened to expose them.

1987 (August 11) Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund, a physicist and expert on oilfield development, is working as a consultant for the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company (ARCO) when he is issued US Patent #4,686,605 for a technology he developed that will quickly be implemented as HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) in Gakona, Alaska. Using Eastlund’s technology, HAARP is capable of irradiating the upper atmosphere with electromagnetic energy for a variety of purposes, including over-the-horizon radar, weather modification, and mass mind-control. Eastlund assigned the patent rights to APTI Inc., a Los Angeles subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield.

1987 (August 14) Lt. Col. Michael Aquino and his wife Lilith are identified by child victims as two of the sexual abusers at daycare programs at the US Army’s Presidio in San Diego, California. A search warrant is served on their residence and numerous videotapes, photographs, photo albums, photographic negatives, cassette tapes, and address books are confiscated. Also observed is what appears to be a soundproof room. Neither Aquino nor his wife are charged with any crimes.

One month later, a fire – which the Army will claim to have been accidental – will destroy the Army Community Services Building adjacent to the Presidio's day care center. The fire will occur on the autumnal equinox, a major event on the satanic calendar. The fire will also destroy some of the center's records. Three weeks after this, fire will strike again, this time at the day care center itself. A building that houses four classrooms, including that of Gary Hambright, is completely destroyed. Investigators from the BATF will determine that both fires, contrary to the Army's finding, had been arson. During this time, Hambright, the Presidio teacher who was charged in the case previously, will again be indicted, this time for molesting ten children. As before, the charges will be dropped. It will later be reported that there is clear evidence of satanic cult activity taking place on the grounds of the Presidio base, including an abundance of satanic graffiti, a satanic altar, and numerous artifacts of satanic rituals.

By November, the Army will receive allegations of child abuse at 15 of its day care centers and several elementary schools. There will also be at least two cases at Air Force day care centers, and another at a center run by the US Navy. In addition, a special team of experts will be sent to Panama to help determine if as many as 10 children at a Department of Defense elementary school were molested and possibly infected with AIDS. Yet another case will emerge in a US-run facility in West Germany. These cases will occur at some of the most esteemed military bases in the country, including Fort Dix, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Jackson, and West Point. In the West Point case alone, by the end of the year, 50 children will be interviewed by investigators. There will be reports of satanic acts, animal sacrifices and cult-like behavior among the abusers. An investigation led by former US Attorney Rudolph Giuliani will produce no federal grand jury indictments. His investigation will conclude that only one or two children were abused, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1987 (September) – Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer picks up 26-year-old Steven Tuomi at a bar, takes him to a motel room to have sex, and then kills him on impulse. Stuffing the body in a suitcase, he takes it back to his grandmother’s home where he is living and cuts it up into pieces, places them in garbage bags, and leaves them out by the curb for the garbage man. He will later say that he had no memory of committing the crime. He will continue to kill sporadically after this, committing two more murders in 1988 and another in early 1989, usually picking up his victims in gay bars and having sex with them before killing and dismembering them. By 1990, he will move into an apartment in Milwaukee, where he will pick up the pace of his murders, killing four more by the end of the year, and another eight in 1991.

Dahmer will finally be caught when a victim escapes his clutches and draws police back to Dahmer’s apartment, where they discover the grisly remnants of his previous murders: vats of acid used to dispose of body parts, human skulls on display, photos of partially dismembered bodies, a human heart in the freezer, and the stench of decomposing bodies.

1988 (January) – Lt. Col. Michael Aquino files suit against the Army to have it cleared from his record that he had been investigated as a suspected pedophile. According to court records, he also has the gall to charge “Captain Adams-Thompson [the father of a victim] with conduct unbecoming an officer because the Captain reported the allegations of child abuse to the San Francisco police.” In denying Aquino's motion, the court will conclude that “there was probable cause to title Aquino with offenses of indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and false swearing,” despite the fact that “the San Francisco police department (SFPD) closed its investigation and filed no charges against the plaintiff or anyone else.”

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1988 (April) – At about this time, a report in the Marin Independent Journal reveals that Michael Aquino owns a building in Marin County – inherited from his mother, Betty Ford-Aquino – that is jointly leased to the Marin County Child Abuse Council and Project Care for Children. The stated purpose of Project Care is, interestingly enough, to assist parents in locating daycare for their children.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1988 – At about this time, the first commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) become available for connecting to the early Internet (ARPANET). Connecting to Europe’s CERN network expands it further. Expansion into Asian countries follows soon after this. The first ISP companies are formed.

1988 – MKULTRA Project Monarch victim Cathy O’Brien is rescued from her mind-control programmers and begins deprogramming by her rescuer, Mark Phillips. One effect of the MPD that trauma-based mind-control causes is a photographic memory in the victim, and this will allow O’Brien to eventually recall details that will lead to a tell-all book, Trans-Formation of America, which reveals how she and her daughter Kelly were prostituted out to pedophiles, politicians, criminals, and practicing Satanists as sex slaves for entertainment, blackmail set-ups, and both child and adult pornographic films. Cathy claims she was specially trained as a ‘Presidential Model’, which is a mind-controlled sex slave used specifically by US presidents for perverted and often very brutal sexual abuse (the first Presidential Model was Marilyn Monroe). She claims to have served Presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., and a number of other high-ranking politicians, including Dick Chaney, Senator Robert C. Byrd (who bought her from her sexually abusive father for a million dollars), and Canadian Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney. Other abusers included country musicians Kris Kristofferson, Boxcar Willie, and Merle Haggard. Other Monarch sex-slaves allegedly included Barbara Mandrell and her sisters, and Loretta Lynn. O’Brien claims that she was also forced to take part in satanic activities involving cannibalism, and used to produce fetuses for satanic rituals. Some of the places used for her programming were MacDill Air Force Base at Tampa, Fort Campbell in Kentucky, Fort McKlellen at Anniston, Alabama, Redstone Arsenal and Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, the NASA Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral in Florida, and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center near Washington D.C.

One of the problems with O’Brien’s story is that there is almost nothing revelatory about it that could be verified to prove that any of what she claims is true, and considering the fact that she claims to have a photographic memory, you would think that she would have included even a few pieces of information that could be checked out.

(See online book, Trans-Formation of America, by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips)

1988 (September 26) – In the midst of his killing spree, Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested for drugging and sexually fondling a 13-year-old boy in Milwaukee. He is sentenced to five years probation and one year in a work release camp. He is also required to register as a sex offender. Dahmer will be paroled from the work release camp two months early, after which he will begin a string of grisly murders that will end with his arrest in 1991.

1988 (October) – The airing of the TV special, UFO Cover Up – Live. This ‘documentary’ has William Moore and Jaime Shandra introducing two anonymous intelligence agents who claim that the US government is secretly collaborating with extraterrestrials. This is part of a disinformation campaign to promote the idea that the government is allowing aliens to abduct humans for experimentation in exchange for alien technology. Behind this hoax is AFOSI agent Richard Doty and fellow collaborator Robert Collins, posing as the shadowy figures of ‘Falcon’ and ‘Condor’ in the documentary.

(See online file, William Moore: UFO opportunist or agent of disinformation, by Don Schmitt)

1988 (November 4) – FBI raid the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, run by a man named Lawrence King. $39 million is missing. During the raid, evidence is uncovered relating to drug running, pedophilia, pornography, and satanic activity involving prominent individuals in the local community. Eighty children will come forward and identify many of those involved, including the Chief of Police Robert Wadman, a local newspaper publisher, a former vice squad officer, a judge, a prosecutor, and others of prominence. The children will describe satanic ceremonies involving human and animal sacrifice. Evidence that will come out will show that children were abducted from shopping mall parking lots and auctioned off in Las Vegas and Toronto. Airplanes owned by the DEA were often used to transport the children. Other children are removed from orphanages and foster homes and taken to Washington, DC to take part in sex orgies with dignitaries, congressmen, and other high-level public officials. A number of the child victims will testify that George Bush Sr. was one of the people often seen at these parties. Photographs were being surreptitiously taken at these orgies by the child traffickers for blackmail purposes.

There will be no follow-up investigation when these findings are made. The US national media will not report on the story. Local media will only focus on discrediting the witnesses. The FBI and other enforcement officers will harass and discredit victims in the aftermath, causing all but two victims – Paul Bonacci and Alisha Owen – to recant their testimonies. The child victims, rather than the perpetrators, will be thrown in prison. One of these, Alisha Owen (who the Omaha police chief Robert Wadman got pregnant), will spend more time in solitary confinement than any other woman in the history of the Nebraska penal system. She will receive a sentence of 9 to 25 years in prison for allegedly committing perjury, which will be ten years longer than the sentence that will be received by Lawrence King for looting his Franklin Credit Union of nearly $40 million. This heavy sentence imposed on Owen will serve as a warning message to all other victims who might think of talking.

The key investigator in the case, Gary Caradori, will be killed when his private plane explodes in mid-air while en route to delivering damaging evidence to Senator Loran Schmit. His briefcase containing the evidence will be missing from the wreckage. This will be the first of many deaths of people attempting to uncover this politically connected satanic cult/sex slave/drug ring. The Discovery Channel will make a documentary about this case, entitled Conspiracy of Silence. At the last moment prior to airing, a group of unnamed US Congressmen will pay them $500,000 to not air it, and all copies will be destroyed.

Republican senator John DeCamp, who is on the investigative committee, will write a book exposing the case, titled, The Franklin Cover-Up. DeCamp previously worked for Director of CIA William Colby in the notorious Phoenix Program. Colby had destroyed most of the CIA’s files detailing MKULTRA activities prior to stepping down as head of the CIA in 1973.

There will be evidence that King’s operation has ties to Craig Spence (who will be found to be running a child-prostitution ring through the Whitehouse), as well as to Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Oliver North, and various other major players in Washington. There is also evidence of ties to mind-control programs being conducted at the highly secure Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, where the head of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) is located. The Anthroposophist Society is also involved in the pedophilia. The suicide of journalist Hunter S. Thompson will also be tied to the exposure of this pedophile ring, since according to the testimony of Paul Bonacci in 1999, Thompson had directed a snuff film at Bohemian Grove, which is an exclusive resort for the elite in the Sacramento, California area. Thompson apparently committed suicide soon after Bonacci’s testimony is made. Thompson had been close to Rusty Nelson, who was King’s ‘official’ photographer for the pedophile/blackmailers. Bonacci will also positively identify Lt. Col. Michael Aquino as an associate of Lawrence King, who is known to the children only as ‘the Colonel’. Rusty Nelson will also identify Aquino as the man that he once saw King give a briefcase full of money to, and who King had told him was involved in the Contra gun and cocaine trafficking operation being run by George Bush and Lt. Col. Oliver North. Minot, North Dakota is an area that has satanic cults operating in it that have been tied to the Son of Sam and Manson murders.

1988 Karla Turner first becomes conscious of the ongoing alien abductions of herself and her family. She and other members of her family had already read and been intrigued by Whitley Strieber’s Communion, and she herself had also just read Budd Hopkins’ book, Missing Time. Both she and her husband had been experiencing stress symptoms, and were unable to explain its cause. For this reason, they are both getting counseling, and in the process, Karla begins keeping a journal of her dreams. In doing so, she starts recalling dreams of strange scenes, some involving UFOs. She also attempts to help her husband with his stress-related symptoms by practicing some hypnosis techniques that her therapist has used on her. When she does, he immediately begins to describe an experience that sounds UFO-related – a blinding light, a curved wall with strange symbols on it, a grey-type alien face, an enormous orange spacecraft. At this moment, her phone rings and she answers it, only to hear a strange unintelligible voice on the other end before it turns to static. Over the days and weeks, Karla continues to explore her new-found skills at using hypnotic regression on her husband, and uncovers further details about his experiences. Their exposure to the information they have been drawing up results in Karla seeking out a professional ufologist to find some answers. She uses a listing she finds in Hopkins’ book, and is put in touch with members of a local MUFON chapter. A meeting with them leads to Karla relating some strange experiences in her own past, and she will ask that they put her in touch with a good hypnotist. On the way home from the meeting, they notice that they are being followed by another vehicle. They are soon put in contact with UFO researcher Barbara Bartholic. They meet with her for an initial interview, after which they again notice that they’re being followed. They are determined to further explore these strange memories that they’ve tapped into, and start regression sessions with Bartholic. Apparently, at no time up to this point has any possible explanation been considered other than the UFO/alien one. In the first regression session, Karla’s husband draws up scenes of being abducted in 1947, as well as the year before in 1987, and of having had something done to him during the last incident. A second session brings up an incident from 1960 where he witnesses a UFO landing as a young teenager, after which he finds himself with an unexplainable sore nose. Several other abduction incidents will also surface. After the second session, the Turners witness lights and what appears to be a saucer-shaped craft in the night sky. They will begin to wake up and find scratches and other unexplainable marks on their bodies, and then notice an increase of helicopter activity in the area. Further regression sessions to explore certain incidents (mostly dreams) that occurred to Karla, her husband, son, and others will result in the further belief that they are related to alien abductions. Of course, they have all been focusing on thoughts of abduction and all the information that they had been absorbing for months, so the fact that they would have strange dreams – especially if the thoughts and information was unsettling them – is not at all unlikely. The regression sessions they undergo will always reflect the information they have been absorbing.

Although Turner states early on in her book Into the Fringe that she was reading both Strieber’s and Hopkins’ books prior to discovering her family’s abduction experiences, she will later claim within the same book (pg. 127) that she “had been entirely uninterested in UFOs before our own experiences forced us into this fringe reality.” It must be asked: Is she being absolutely honest about these experiences? There is also a point in her book where she mentions the information that John Lear presents in a lecture regarding underground bases where he claims military personnel work side-by side with aliens, and she reflects her acceptance of this claim without question. She uses the fact that many people start claiming to have seen this scenario during their remembered abductions, and she concludes that it must be true because these claims started to arise only after Lear’s lecture. She completely overlooks the fact that Lear probably influenced their memories, otherwise these claims would have arisen prior to Lear’s lectures. Is this the sort of shabby professionalism that a self-described researcher should have? In the years ahead, Turner will become a prominent figure in abduction research, working very closely with Bartholic and helping to form the beliefs and opinions of many others who will come to question whether their own experiences are somehow tied to alien abductions. In reality, Turner and Bartholic and many other researchers before them and after have been quite limited or otherwise selective in their scope of inquiry and their logic, always focusing on the alien question and never considering any more down-to-earth explanations.

Karla’s husband had been enlisted into the US Army’s military intelligence branch after finishing school.

(See online book, Into the Fringe, by Karla Turner)

1988 (December 21) Pan Am flight 103 is blown out of the skies over Lockerbie, Scotland by a terrorist's bomb. 259 people plunge to their deaths, and 11 more die on the ground. It will be discovered that the CIA had foreknowledge of this attack and allowed it to occur. The flight is being used for a ‘controlled’ shipment of heroin coming from the Middle East, and one of the bags of heroin had been switched with one carrying the bomb. The purpose of the attack was to eliminate one passenger who was planning to blow the whistle on the US government, while putting the blame on Middle Eastern terrorists. The first responders to arrive on the scene of the crash will be Americans, who will arrive in large numbers almost immediately, appearing to arrive out of nowhere. These first responders will appear to be more interested in finding something (the drugs) among the wreckage, more than anything else. The excuse used by the US for not stopping the bombing will be that they didn’t want to jeopardize their negotiations with Iran to free six hostages they were holding. The US government effectively allowed 270 people to die so that six could regain their freedom.

1989 (January 17) – After the police receive an anonymous death threat directed at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California, Patrick Purdy goes on a shooting rampage at the school. The 25-year-old Purdy, wearing camouflage gear, sets his own car on fire outside the school before entering the grounds and starting his rampage. He randomly murders five children and wounds thirty others. He will end the ordeal by committing suicide. Witnesses will describe him as acting ‘matter-of-factly’ and without emotion. He is being prescribed Amitriptyline, an antidepressant, as well as the anti-psychotic drug Thorazine. Purdy was a drifter with a long criminal history that included prostitution, robbery, and drug trafficking.

Purdy was born in Tacoma, Washington, and had grown up in Stockton, going to the same school that he later targets. At the time of his birth, his father was a staff sergeant stationed at Fort Lewis. Note that Fort Lewis is very close to Madigan Military Hospital, which has been involved in classified military research for a very long time and is rumored to be a major mind-control programming center. His parents had divorced after his father threatened his mother with a weapon. His father spent most of his last year of service in a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, and was then put on temporary medical disability for five more years before being honorably discharged in 1971. Because of a troubled childhood and possible further physical abuse by his mother, Purdy had eventually ended up being adopted by a foster family in West Hollywood. He had been in trouble with the law on numerous occasions, including prostitution. He drifted around and worked sporadically for various companies over the years, most recently including DuPont in Memphis, Tennessee. DuPont is a contractor to the CIA and other government agencies involved in secret programs. Those who had known Purdy will describe him as full of frustration and angry about everything.

The school will open the next day for classes, and students will be greeted by psychologists and nurses trained in treating grief. This incident becomes the catalyst for the original legislative frenzy to ban semiautomatic assault weapons in California and the nation.

1989 – A satanic cult in Brazil becomes involved in murder and attempted murder over the next four years. News articles will later report on five influential members of Brazilian society who go on trial in 2003 for the torture, castration, and murder of five children, aged 8 to 13, whose sexual organs are removed and used in rites of black magic. Amailton Madeira Gomes, son of a businessman, Carlos Alberto Santos, a policeman, and two doctors, Anisio Ferreira de Souza, and Cesio Brandao, aka Cesi Favio aka Sergio Brandao will be charged with the crimes. A fifth defendant, 75 year old Valentina Andrade, a fortune teller and leader of a UFO group called the Superior Universal Alignment, will be tried for these crimes but won’t be convicted. A total of 19 boys, aged 8 to 14, will have been victimized. Five will be mutilated and die, three will escape with horrible injuries, six will escape before they are harmed, and five will never be seen again. Some victims will have their eyes gouged out, wrists slit, and sexual organs cut off. The two doctors will be accused of selling the internal organs of the children and using their genitals in satanic rituals. Two mutilated survivors will escape from Brazil’s Amazon region where they will have been tied to trees after being doped and castrated. They will both identify Carlos Alberto Santos as the man who kidnapped them when they were 9 and 10 years old.

(See online file, Alex Constantine's Anti-Fascist Research Bin: Satanism and Ritual Abuse - Case-by-Case Documentation, by Alex Constantine)

1989 (April) - KLAS TV journalist George Knapp presents a series on UFOs, in which he interviews a man (later to be identified as Robert Lazar) who claims to have worked on alien flying saucers at a super-secret government facility in Nevada known as Area 51.

1989 (April 11) – A search for a missing Texas student, Mark Kilroy, ends with the gruesome discovery on a ranch near Matamoros, Mexico, of the graves of fifteen victims of a satanic cult. One of the mutilated corpses is that of Kilroy. According to the testimony of arrested cult members, the victims had been dissected while still alive and then cannibalized. Brains, hearts, lungs, and other internal organs had been cut or torn from many of the bodies, and some of these are found stewing in cauldrons in a shed at the ranch. There were signs of black magic being practiced at the ranch. Victims include the owner and secretary of a company that served as a front for a cocaine-processing lab, an informant for the Federales and his mistress, two federal narcotics officers, three former police officers, and the American nephew of a US Customs agent. There are also reported to be a number of law enforcement personnel within the cult, including a Mexico City Federal Judicial Police agent who was in charge of narcotics investigations. Juan Benitez, the Commandante of the Federal Judicial Police, will claim that there “were another six agents involved, but we have no proof at this time to bring charges.” The leaders of the cult are Adolfo Constanzo, a Cuban-American, and Sara Aldrete, an honor student at Southmost Texas College in Brownsville.

Constanzo had been steeped in Satanism as a child, both in Florida and Haiti. In mid-1984, he moved to Mexico City, where he served as something of a ‘psychic to the stars’, earning extravagant fees and living quite lavishly. His fastidiously neat and orderly home in a high-dollar suburb of Mexico's capital city was, interestingly enough, located directly across from an elementary school. Described as having a magnetic personality, Constanzo attracted an array of famous and colorful people –including entertainment stars, fashion models, transsexual nightclub performers, politicians, businessmen, crime lords, police officials and civil servants. One of his followers is Irma Serrano-a singer/actress and the high-profile mistress of a former president of Mexico. Another admirer is Florentino Ventura, the head of the Mexican branch of Interpol. Ventura was such a devoted disciple that he considered himself to be Constanzo's ‘godson’.

The cult, which is heavily involved in drug trafficking, is part of a satanic network that spans Central America and the United States. Several members will implicate major Mexican establishment and entertainment celebrities; Florentine Ventura, the head of the Mexican Interpol, will shoot his family and then himself after his name is discovered on a cult membership list. The Mexican courts will withhold the names of those who supplied the sacrificial victims to the cult. Another mass grave site will be discovered near Juarez, Mexico, ten years later. Both sites will be located exactly where serial killer Henry lee Lucas had claimed they would be.

1989 (May) – Lt. Col. Michael Aquino is again questioned in connection with child abuse investigations. This time, at least five children in three cities are making the accusations. The children had seen Aquino in newspaper and television coverage of the Presidio case and immediately recognized him as one of their abusers. The children are from Ukiah, Santa Rosa, and Fort Bragg.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1989 (June 29) – The Washington Times publishes a story about a man named Craig Spence, a behind-the-scenes Republican powerbroker in Washington who has been deeply involved with a callboy ring that supplied young boys to the elite of both political parties, as well as to visiting dignitaries. It is reported that a list of some 200 influential clients included the names of “government officials, locally based US military officers, businessmen, lawyers, bankers, congressional aides, media representatives and other professionals”, only a few of whom are publicly identified. Among the revelations in the case is that Spence had taken some of his callboy escorts on private, late-night tours of the White House. The tours, of which there were at least four, were cleared by a uniformed Secret Service guard who moonlighted as a bodyguard at Spence's parties. Spence will hint that the tours were arranged by the national security adviser to Vice President George H. W. Bush – Donald Gregg – for whom Spence once sponsored a dinner. There will also be indications that Spence is partnered with Lawrence King in running a pedophile ring, and that Spence is working as a CIA asset.

Despite being a largely Republican scandal, it will be completely ignored by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. The story will soon disappear entirely and Washington and the media will proceed to pretend as though nothing had ever happened. The paper trail will be quickly covered up. Some 20,000 documents pertaining to the case will be sealed by court order and the US Attorney's office will issue a gag order on the release of information. By the time Craig Spence turns up dead in a Boston hotel less than five months after the story first breaks, he will have been all but forgotten. Before his death, he will tell a friend: “I may be disappearing soon. It will be sudden. It may appear to be a suicide, but it won't be.” Spence had been subpoenaed by a grand jury but had not yet been called to appear. As it will turn out, very few witnesses will ever appear before that grand jury.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1989 (July 1-2) William Moore confesses before an audience at a Las Vegas MUFON UFO conference that he had been secretly working with intelligence agents throughout the 1980s, and had assisted AFOSI agent Lt. Col. Richard C. Doty in passing disinformation to civilian UFO investigator Paul Bennewitz regarding aliens working in underground bases and experimenting on abducted humans. Moore retires as a UFO researcher after this.

1989 (August) Neil Waldrop is now on the Urantia Foundation Board of Trustees.

1989 – A number of Urantia members and readers of the Urantia Book apparently claim to hear voices in their heads.

1989 Ted Rice, a natural psychic who has for a long time communicated with spirit guides, begins to experience nightly ‘spirit intrusions’ of an unfamiliar nature after moving to Shreveport, Louisiana. These experiences involve little grey aliens and UFOs, and he witnesses many others in his community being abducted along with him. Rice and a number of others form a small UFO group, and soon afterwards, questions of a metaphysical nature that come up during their discussions are answered during Rice’s nightly dreams. He also begins to see orbs of light in his bedroom, which flood his mind with information. What sound like holographic apparitions appear in his room, and walls and ceilings appear to turn invisible. Although Rice is very distraught over these strange experiences, others in his UFO group encourage him that these experiences are nothing but good. After placing an ad in a metaphysical newsletter, Rice is contacted by alien abduction researcher Karla Turner. She, in turn, puts him in touch with Barbara Bartholic, another researcher who also performs hypnotic regression. Both Turner and Bartholic both begin by collecting extensive background information on Rice through many hours of interviews with him. After this, Rice undergoes a series of hypnotic regression sessions with Bartholic, and uncovers memories of being visited by alien-looking beings that engage in raping both him and his grandmother. Through these sessions he is able to realize that the beings are often using disguises, but he and Bartholic both interpret this to mean that these are aliens attempting to look like humans, rather than considering that it might be the other way around. Bartholic even explains to Rice how extremely frightening screen memories are used to cover up real events, using the trauma of these false memories to discourage further exploration. But Bartholic (and Turner) approach their work strictly under the pretense that these experiences are alien abductions, and ignore the possibility that they are covers for extremely covert mind-control programs conducted by humans. They begin to study ufology literature, as well as attend MUFON lectures. Her son suddenly begins to show signs of an alter personality, and starts to have dreams of UFOs and aliens. He soon recognizes a strange sensation and a buzzing sound in his head when he goes to bed. Other events occur to the Turners and certain others around them. In response, they soak up as much information on UFOs and aliens as they can, and begin to see relationships to their own experiences, fitting their own into the scenario that is being widely presented in the media. They begin to accept the idea that the truth about an alien presence is slowly being revealed by the government.

According to Turner in her book, Masquerade of Angels, Rice had a number of mysterious experiences throughout his life, and after learning about his ability to psychically read information about people, in 1970 he was coerced into joining a group of people who said that they had been looking for him. He was convinced by them that he had indeed been specially chosen and his experiences in life were all leading up to this, so at their urging he enrolled with an organization called the National Spiritual Association of Churches and trained for and received a license in mediumship. This allowed him and his group to open up their own spiritualist chapter, where the group continually encouraged Rice and helped to guide his abilities. Soon after, however, he would begin to have nightly experiences where he was visited by an entity that would impart ‘spiritual truths’ to him, although he was never able to remember what had been imparted by the morning. He always felt as though he was in an altered state during these experiences. He will describe the entity as alien-looking, but not fitting the look of a typical grey. He remembers that the entity taught him how to pass through solid objects, although he apparently never even tries to display such a talent afterwards. At one meeting with members of his group, one of them claims that that she can see the entity, and tells him that it’s not of this earth but is trapped here, and that it is highly developed spiritually and that Rice should let it help him. He decides to accept this as true. Soon after, he begins to get visions involving widespread destruction, but when he seeks answers from his spirit guides, there is no perceptible response. He begins to wake up in the middle of the night with a compulsion to write, and what he writes seems so come out of nowhere. It is a child’s story with metaphysical components to it, and when he asks his group about it, they suggest that he is being guided to write such stories for children, to introduce them to the spiritual world. He spontaneously produces another creative piece of writing, which he finds all typed up one morning on waking, but no more after that. His involvement with his group and the strange experiences begins to tax his health, so he checks into a hospital, and after a number of weeks he feels much better and the weird experiences he’s been having have stopped. But within three years, in 1984, he begins to have recurring dreams of an entity he calls Raphael, from whom he receives a message to go to New Mexico, and is provided a date to be there. As circumstances turn out, he finds himself taking the trip on the date specified. Once there, he has another dream of Raphael, and this time he is told to submit a resume to a certain company on a certain date. He does so and is soon contacted for an interview. The interview takes place and Rice is given a job.

(See online book, Masquerade of Angels, by Karla Turner)

1989 Marc Dutroux of Belgium is convicted along with his wife for the rape and violent abuse of five young girls, the youngest of whom was just 11 years old. He will be accused of being a key player in an international child prostitution and pornography ring whose practices include kidnapping, rape, sadistic torture, and murder. He receives 13 years in prison, but will be released in 1992 after serving only 3 years, in spite of a medical report that described him as a perverse psychopath who was a danger to society. Shortly after his release, young girls will begin to disappear again.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1989 Tavistock convenes a seminar at Case Western Reserve University to discuss the means to bring about a ‘stateless’ international fascism – a new global information world order. In 1991, Tavistock will devote its journal, Human Relations, to the publication of the papers from that conference. In several of the papers, the call will go out for the deployment of the mass media on behalf of this project. In addition, since 1981, there had been a new technology at the disposal of the brainwashers – the Internet. According to Harold Perlmutter, one of the participants at the Case Western seminar, the Internet represented a subversive means to penetrate national borders with ‘information’ about this new world order; it also serves as a glue for a network of non-governmental organizations, all circulating propaganda for the new world order. These NGOs were to be the superstructure upon which the new world order is to be built. Perlmutter and other conference participants will argue that their movement cannot be beaten, because it doesn't exist, in a formal sense. It resides in the minds of its conspirators, minds informed by Tavistock's mass-media brainwashing machine. As television was the information drug during the last half of this millennium, so the Internet, with its glut of mostly useless chatter and ‘information’, with its subversive, programmed messages, is to be the new ‘drug’ of the next millennium.

1989 – The number of Internet hosts exceeds 100,000.

1989 – The breakup of the USSR.

1990 – The first commercial provider for Internet dial-up access is established.

1990 – An advertisement by Elizabeth Y. Fitzhugh appears in New Age publications promoting her channeling of an entity named ORION. The ad is signed, “S. G., Boston, VA”. The only telephone listing in this area at the time that matches these initials is that of retired MKULTRA director Sidney Gottlieb. The name ORION is also that of a secret government program that was involved in hypnosis and electronic brain invasion.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1990 – UFO researchers William Moore and Jaime Shandera release a report titled The MJ-12 Documents: An Analytical Report, which analyzes the documents that were allegedly leaked to them in the 1980s. The report reveals how government agents (particularly one Richard Doty of the AFOSI) had created false documents as part of a disinformation campaign to misdirect UFO investigators who were monitoring sensitive military bases.

1990 (May) - British Aerospace (BAe) Defense begins sponsoring tests on Sandy Kidd’s antigravity device. They reportedly show only minor success.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1990 (August 31) Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, founder of the satanic Temple of Set, is processed out of the Army after being investigated for satanic ritual child abuse that took place at the Presidio Army Base. Although never formally charged, according to court documents, Aquino was ‘titled’ in a Report of Investigation by the Army’s Criminal Investigative Division (CID) for “indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and false swearing”. For unknown reasons, the CID chose to release their Report of Investigation three months after the statute of limitations ran out. The child abuse charges remained against Aquino because, according to the CID, the evidence of alibi offered by Aquino “was not persuasive.” Aquino will later deny that he was ever processed out of the Army and will even claim that he was selected as one of their first Space Intelligence Officers during this same year, and was stationed at Cheyenne Mountain for four years of active duty before retiring.

1990 - Richard John Vieira, David Beck, and Gerald Cruz commit a series of murders. They all live in a camp where Gerald Cruz serves as the leader. Cruz instigates the murders of four individuals from a rival group. Vieira’s sister will later testify that she lived with Cruz in 1987-1988, at which time he was leading others in the study of the occult and the performance of occult rituals that included candles, robes and chanting. Court testimony will also evidence that Vieira had been a ‘slave’ to other members of the group. Family members will testify that he often appeared to have been “beat up” with black eyes, fat lips, and slashes on his arm. According to Vieira’s diary, he had been electro-shocked and beat up by members of the group. A cult expert will testify that Cruz directed the cult and Vieira was under mind control at the time of the crime. The expert will explain how cults use isolation, sleep deprivation, punishment, and occult ritual to dominate and control the minds of their members. There will also be reports that the cult was part of a Nazi or White Supremacist organization. The presiding judge in the case (May 26, 2005, The People v. Richard John Vieira, Supreme Court of California) will write:

In this case, the evidence shows that defendant acted under the substantial domination of cult leader Gerald Cruz, who controlled every aspect of defendant’s life and threatened to kill anyone who did not follow his orders. Absent the pernicious influence of a satanic cult leader, it is doubtful that defendant would have committed murder.

(See online file, Alex Constantine's Anti-Fascist Research Bin: Satanism and Ritual Abuse - Case-by-Case Documentation, by Alex Constantine)

1990 – the US military initiates the construction of the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), in Gakona, Alaska – originally a component of President Ronald Reagan’s so-called Strategic Defense Initiative or ‘Star Wars’, and sold to Congress as a tool for military communications. The HAARP antennas are designed to project powerful electromagnetic pulses that literally heat a specific point in the Earth’s ionosphere. This effect on the ionosphere will allow for “steerable,” controllable, electromagnetic frequencies to bounce back to earth at desired locations. HAARP consists of an array of 180 antennas laid out in a grid pattern over a 35 acre area, with a total power output capability 3.6 billion watts. It is capable of heating a 1000 square kilometer area of the ionosphere to over 50,000 degrees. In regard to weather modification, HAARP’s heating effect will be able to literally lift the ionosphere (within a 30 mile diameter area), thereby changing localized pressure systems or even altering the route of jet streams. It is also capable of being used for mass mind-control by transmitting frequencies that affect human brainwave patterns to affect physiology in specific, predictable ways.

1990 – At this point in time, nearly three dozen serial killers are reported each year in the USA.

1991 (May 5) Carl Campbell goes to a bus stop in the parking lot of the Pentagon and fires five shots into the chest and abdomen of Navy Commander Edward J. Higgins, who works as an arms control specialist for the Department of Defense. When Campbell is examined by psychologists, he will report that he was haunted by voices, and believed that he had been injected with a microchip by the CIA. Although Campbell will be charged with first degree murder, he will be ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial.

(See online file, Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith)

1991 (May 27) In the early morning hours, 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone (the younger brother of a boy whom Jeffrey Dahmer had molested in 1988) is discovered wandering naked in the street, under the heavy influence of drugs and bleeding from his rectum. Dahmer chases his victim down and tries to take him back to his apartment, but two women from the neighborhood intervene and call 911. Dahmer tells the arriving police officers that Sinthasomphone is his 19-year-old boyfriend and that they had an argument while drinking. Against the protests of the two women, who recognize the young boy from the neighborhood and insist that he is a child and can’t speak English, the officers turn him back over to Dahmer. The officers, who had entered Dahmer’s apartment during the incident, will later report having smelled a strange odor there, but did not investigate it. The smell is the body of Dahmer's previous victim, who had been decomposing in the bedroom for three days. The officers do not make any attempt to verify Sinthasomphone's age or identity, nor locate someone who could communicate with him, and fail to run a background check that would have revealed that Dahmer was a convicted child molester who was still under probation. Later that night, Dahmer kills and dismembers Sinthasomphone, keeping his skull as a souvenir. He will kill three more people before he is finally caught.

1991 (July 22) – Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer lures a man named Tracy Edwards into his home. Dahmer ends up struggling with him while trying to handcuff him, but ultimately fails to cuff his wrists together. Wielding a large butcher knife, Dahmer forces Edwards into the bedroom, where Edwards sees pictures of mangled bodies on the wall and notices a terrible smell coming from a large blue barrel. The barrel is filled with acid and is being used to dissolve human bodies to sludge before disposing it down the toilet. Edwards fights to get away and runs for the door to escape. Running through the streets with the handcuffs still on one wrist, Edwards waves to a police car for help. Edwards leads the police back to Dahmer's apartment, where Dahmer at first acts friendly to the officers. However, when one of the officers checks the bedroom, he sees the photographs of mangled bodies and calls for his partner to arrest Dahmer. As one officer subdues Dahmer, the other opens the refrigerator and finds a human head. A further search of the apartment reveals three more severed heads and a human heart in the freezer, multiple photographs of murdered victims and human remains, and severed hands and penises preserved in jars filled with formaldehyde. The remains of several corpses will be found in acid-filled vats, and implements for the construction of an altar of candles and human skulls will be found in his closet. A total of seven human skulls will be found in the apartment.

After his trial, Dahmer will say:

“[I]t sure seems like some of the thoughts aren't my own, they just come blasting into my head... These thoughts are very powerful, very destructive, and they do not leave. They're not the kind of thoughts that you can just shake your head and they're gone. They do not leave.”

1991 (November) Ted Gunderson is allegedly contacted by the Nebraska Leadership Conference and asked to become involved in the private investigation of the Franklin child pornography case. During this time, Gunderson begins living in Manhattan Beach, California with much-younger girlfriend Jackie McGauley, who was the first parent to believe that her child had been sexually abused at the McMartin Daycare. McGauley will eventually throw Gunderson out after he allegedly puts her in debt for $30,000. McGauley will later go on record to state that Gunderson was never hired to investigate the McMartin case and had gotten involved in order to control the situation and make sure the investigation never went anywhere.

(See online file, The Gunderson Report, by Ted Gunderson)

(See online book, The Last Circle, by Carol Marshall)

1991 (October 9) Dr. Tom Philpott, a history professor at the University of Texas, is ‘suicided’ after he gives an interview on a show hosted by Frank Morrow, detailing the issues concerning the prostitution of boys in Houston, Texas and the power structure behind it that helps to promote and profit from the business. Investigations into what is happening in Houston come to a halt.

(See online file, A History of Silence: Child Trafficking in the United States, by David Shurter)

1991 – Four-year-old Michael Dunahee is abducted from Blanshard Park in Victoria, BC, while his parents play a game of touch football nearby. He will never be seen again. It will be rumored that he was abducted by local satanists.

1991 – The mysterious death of investigative reporter Danny Casolaro. Casolaro had been investigating the theft of PROMIS software, a computer program capable of tracking down anyone, anywhere in the world. He was also investigating the connection of UFOs to Pine Gap, Area 51, and governmental bioengineering.

1991 – A Urantia Book study group member begins channeling a purported celestial named Ham.

1992 Neil Waldrop resigns from the Board of Trustees at the Urantia Foundation.

1992 – A survey of 800 psychologists in the San Diego area reveals that between them, they have received 5,731 reports of (satanic) ritual abuse from their patients. These reports describe human or animal sacrifices, cannibalism, sexual abuse, satan worship, and other bizarre rites.

(See online file, Diana Napolis vs. Michael Aquino Lawsuit 2008)

1992 Phyllis Schlemmer publishes The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space, a book that promotes the messages she channeled from a group of entities who call themselves ‘The Nine’. She has been channeling these entities ever since she became involved with Andrija Puharich in 1975. The book will continue to be a bestseller in the New Age movement for many years.

(See online file, Behind the Mask: Aliens or Cosmic Jokers?, by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince)

1992 – At about this time, Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John E. Mack begins a decade-plus study of 200 men and women who have reported recurrent alien encounter experiences. His method is to use hypnotic regression to explore their experiences and uncover any blocked memories. His job is to help his clients to accept their experiences as real – including the terroristic violations and indoctrination that these experiences usually involved. Mack will effectively gain a great deal of influence over his ‘abduction’ clients by taking their side against their cynical friends, relatives and employers, many of whom think they are crazy.

1992 – After being accused of molestation as a child by their daughter, Peter and Pamela Freyd establish the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF). The original board members include doctors who have been directly involved in MKULTRA mind-control programs, such as expert hypnotist Martin Orne and Dr. Louis Jolyin West, as well as many people who have been accused of child sexual abuse. Another board member, Richard Ofshe, is an alleged expert on coercive persuasion techniques, and Margaret Singer is a government expert on cults and cult tactics. The mandate of FMSF is to discredit the recovered memories of people who report having been traumatically abused as children by claiming that the child’s therapist has implanted false memories, and to develop legal defenses for protecting pedophiles in court. They will routinely argue in court cases that satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and multiple personality disorder (MPD) don’t exist, and the organization and its members will specifically target therapists who claim that they do. This defense strategy, when successful, will cause victims of trauma-based mind-control to be completely discredited, as well as their therapists, allowing the perpetrators to continue their activities unimpeded. This will allow child abusers to continue their criminal acts with the assurance that the inclusion of obviously satanic themes and activities in these acts will lead the victims to discredit themselves if they ever report their experiences.

 (See online file, Diana Napolis vs. Michael Aquino Lawsuit 2008)

1992 Shortly after Marc Dutroux’s early release from a Belgian prison after serving only three years for sexual abuse of children, young girls begin to disappear in the vicinity of some of his homes. Though technically unemployed and drawing welfare from the state, he nevertheless owns at least six houses and is living quite lavishly. The magistrate who releases him, Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet, is soon after appointed to serve as a judge at the European Court of Justice at the Hague. Dutroux’s rather lucrative income is apparently derived from trading in child sex-slaves, child prostitution, and child pornography. Many of his houses appear to stand vacant, although some of them are being used as torture and imprisonment centers where kidnapped girls are taken and held in underground dungeons. Some of his homes are used in this way for several years, and a growing body of evidence will indicate that fact. One informant will report to police that Dutroux is building secret cellars to hold girls before selling them abroad. The same informant will also tell police in 1995 that Dutroux had offered another man the equivalent of $3,000 to $5,000 to kidnap girls. Authorities will fail to act on any of the information they receive. They will routinely ignore tips that later prove to be accurate (including a report from Dutroux’s own mother that he’s holding young girls against their will). Key facts will be withheld from investigators and lines of communication will be broken, effectively hindering the investigation. On three separate occasions, one of his homes will be searched and voices of children will even be heard, but the police will turn up nothing, He will eventually be caught and arrested in 1996, when a final search will lead to the discovery of two fourteen-year-old girls who are imprisoned in a cellar dungeon, chained and starving. The girls will describe being used as child prostitutes and for the production of child pornography videos. More than 300 such videos will be discovered in the search.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1992 Timothy McVeigh takes a job with Burns International Security Services in Buffalo and assigned to security detail at Calspan, a Pentagon contractor doing classified research into advanced electronic warfare, bioengineering, and artificial intelligence. Three years from now, after McVeigh is arrested for the OKC bombing, a spokesman for Calspan will describe McVeigh as a model employee. Todd Regier, who works with McVeigh, will tell the Boston Globe, “He was real different … Kind of cold. He was almost like a robot." Jeff Camp, who had worked with McVeigh as a guard in upstate New York, will tell a Newsweek reporter that McVeigh was “a very strange person. It was like he had two different personalities.”

1992 (December 16) – A shooting at Simon's Rock College in Great Barrington, Massachusetts leaves two dead, four wounded. The shooter, 18-year-old Wayne Lo, is a gifted violinist from Taiwan, where his father had been a career officer in the Air Force. Lo claims that he had been relatively happy with life, but had suddenly started getting a ‘feeling’ (not visual or auditory) that he believed was God, directing him to buy a gun and kill people. He will later state: "At the time I thought I did the right thing. But as I look back at it over time, more and more it doesn't make sense to me. And more and more I ask myself, why? Why did I do it? I mean, why?" His lawyer will use the insanity plea even though Lo will deny that he is insane.

1992 (December) Julianne McKinney, an ex-NSA employee, member of the Association of National Security Alumni, and director of the Electronic Surveillance Project, publishes a paper titled, Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation, in which she promotes the existence of directed-energy weapons and suggests that they are being used to experiment on US citizens without their consent. She states in her paper that she has received complaints from 25 individuals who claim to be targeted by these electronic weapons, and gives an overview of those complaints. She lists a number of methods used to overtly harass targets, including abuse, noise campaigns, vandalism, break-ins, and harassing telephone calls. Further, the report appears to blame a number of government agencies for the targeting, but almost completely omits the NSA as possibly being complicit as well. Although there are not enough cases at the time to support her, she claims in her report that the targeting is meant to pervert TIs in their loyalties, redirect their frustrations towards selected targets, and coerce them to act violently.

Although the report appears to be sincere and accurate in most areas, her claims within it that she and her group are performing ongoing investigations into the complaints they have received will result in nothing further beyond adding a supplement to the report in 1994 that will state that the number of complaints has more than tripled.

(See online file, Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation, by Julianne McKinney)

1992 John St. Clair Akwei files a lawsuit against the NSA, claiming that this agency is using advanced remote electronic mind-control applications on the public. The lawsuit will be thrown out on the grounds of frivolousness. Nonetheless, it will be referred to in the years ahead by many people as evidence that the technologies he describes are real. These technologies are very similar to what is described in the Robert G. Malech patent application that was filed in 1976. It is very possible that the Akwei case was part of a disinformation program to cover up for technologies that were developed as part of the US government’s remote-viewing program, which ends at about this same time.

1992 The Great Invocation, an occult rite that originates from the writings of Alice Bailey, is read during the opening ceremonies of the UN's Earth Summit in Rio. It has often received the attention of world dignitaries at the UN and read at many official conferences.

(See online file, Alice Bailey & Master DK Djwhal Khul A Satanic Communion, by Terry Melanson)

1992 Members of the European Parliament begin to report being targeted with EMF weapons for having opposed US policies. At the same time, NSA whistleblowers such as Julianne McKinney and John St. Clair Akwei begin to make public claims of satellite-based mind-control technologies.

1992 First commercial access to the Internet through NSFNET.

1992 – The number of Internet hosts exceeds 1,000,000.

1993 (January) – By the beginning of the year and continuing throughout the 1990s, young women in the Juarez area of Mexico will begin disappearing, many being brutally raped, tortured, and murdered. Various people will be convicted for some of the murders (some claiming to have been forced to confess by police), but the killings will still continue despite this. In August 2002, PBS will air a documentary film about the murders titled Senorita Extraviada, which will reveal that some of the victims were missing for long periods before their deaths, and some of the bodies displayed evidence of ritual sacrifice. The bodies are usually mutilated, laid out in cross formation, and branded with signature carvings on various parts of their bodies. Juarez police will refuse to investigate a number of viable leads and will deliberately destroyed evidence.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1993 (February 26) World Trade Center bombing. It will be revealed that the CIA had prior knowledge that this terrorist act was going to take place, and even aided the perpetrators, but did nothing to stop it.

1993 (February 28) – FBI/BATF raid the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, leading to a 51-day standoff.

1993 (April 19) – The siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. David Koresh, leader of this religious cult, has been hearing a voice that he believes is God. On April 19, the compound is stormed and 76 people inside (including Koresh) die when the building is burned to the ground at the hands of the authorities. April 19th is an important day for satanists, on which sacrifices are performed by fire, preferably of women and children. Prior to razing the compound by fire, the BATF contacted the local hospital to inquire about the number of beds available in their burn unit, revealing that this was indeed a premeditated act. Koresh was apparently a CIA asset, and Waco was a center for mind-control experimentation. The remains of the site will be quickly destroyed after the event, thus assuring that no independent investigation will ever be able to determine whether the official version of events was accurate.

1993 UFO researchers discover that Navy physicist and ufologist Dr. Bruce Maccabee has secretly maintained close links with the CIA since 1979.

1993 – A paper written by physicists Douglas Torr and Ning Li of the University of Alabama in Huntsville is received by the Advanced Concepts office of the Marshall Space Flight Center. The paper describes how superconductors have the potential to alter gravity.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1993 – The US government’s secret remote-viewing programs end. Although it will be claimed that they were unsuccessful, evidence will show that the programs were in fact very successful, with many phenomenal results.

1993 The alleged Montauk Project mind control operations start running out of Robins AFB near Atlanta, Georgia. In the years ahead, a spate of seemingly mindless and inhuman violence will be carried out by very young boys in this area. Is this an indication of some results of this project?

1993 – USAF seizes further public land in Nevada, including the last publicly accessible sites from which the Groom Lake military base (Area 51) is visible.

1993 Paideka, a pedophilia magazine published in the Netherlands, quotes FMSF Advisory Board member Ralph Underwager in giving his open support to pedophilia. Underwager and his wife Hollida Wakefield are founding members of the FMSF, and Underwager earns his living testifying for the defense in child sexual and ritual abuse cases.

1993 – A raid on the Children of God compound in Argentina uncovers videos of ritual abuse and child pornography. Some 170 children are taken into protective custody.

1993 – By the early 1990s, some members of the Order of the Solar Temple have started to question leader Jo Di Mambro's authority and alleged mystical powers. Di Mambro's own son, Élie, begins questioning the visions and messages his father is claiming to receive from the Masters. Élie discovers that the spiritual visions, witnessed by several members are staged by his father, and that the divine beings and messages received are actually produced by special effects and holograms. He decides to share his discovery with the other members of the group, causing some of them to leave. Di Mambro has also started to live in increasing opulence compared to the rest of the group, and has become more authoritarian, demanding unconditional obedience. Some members begin to speak out and denounce Di Mambro. One member, Lucien Zecler, sends out a letter raising his concerns about the use of mind control to subjugate members.

Police investigating terrorist threats in Quebec have come to suspect that the Order of the Solar Temple might be involved, leading to government persecution of the group and its members. The group begins talking about ‘transit’, which Di Mambro describes as a passage across a mirror or travel in a spaceship, and of “returning to the Father”. Di Mambro tells members to begin preparing themselves. He has been taking measures over the past year to establish a mythology surrounding this culminating event, sending 300 envelopes containing information on the group to selected locations around the world. One of these goes to the French Minister of the Interior, accusing him of attempting to destroy the group and causing the deaths of a number of members.

1993 (October 18)The High Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) ionospheric Research Facility is established in Gakona, Alaska.

1993 (December 2) - Alan Winterbourne, a computer systems engineer, went on a killing rampage at a Ventura County, California, unemployment office. Winterbourne had been employed in classified scientific work, and had resigned after complaining of harassment by workers and that his phone was tapped. Winterbourne's problems had begun after he had written a letter to his congressman requesting a federal investigation of illegalities that he believed were taking place at Northrop. Before his murderous spree, he had told his sister, “they're working on terrible things at Northrop that would kill millions of innocent people. Things you can't imagine.

(See online file, Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith)

1994 – Using a Ouija board, Laura Jadczyk begins channeling entities that claim to be from the Cassiopaea star system. The entities say they are from the future.

1994 (May 3) – The documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, is scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel. At the very last minute, it is pulled when unknown parties pay $500,000 for the copyrights and destroy all copies. The documentary exposes a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who are regularly flying children to Washington DC for sex orgies.

1994 A farmhand named Pietro Pacciani is convicted of fourteen serial killings committed in Italy's Tuscan woods. In April 2001, police in Florence will reopen the case in the light of new evidence that will suggest that “while Pacciani may indeed have carried out the murders, or some of them, the real masterminds behind the gruesome killings were a group of ‘high society satanists’ who carried out – and perhaps still carry out…”

1994 – A secret government program is established to project large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air for psyop applications. The ‘Holographic Projector’ is described in a classified Air Force document as a system to “project information power from space ... for special operations deception missions”.

(See Washington Post article on PSYOPS, 2/1/1999)

1994 (October 4) – The first in a series of murders, suicides, and arsons occur in Switzerland and Quebec, connected to the cult group, Order of the Solar Temple. A cottage in Quebec is torched, and police discover the charred bodies of five members of the Order inside. On the same day in Switzerland, several other homes are torched and a total of 48 bodies are recovered. Again, all are members of the Order. Many of the 53 bodies show signs of having been murdered prior to the fires. More deaths will surface in the next year.

1994 (December 14) – Just after 9 am on the last day of a class on the history of ancient Greece, in a subterranean room beneath the State University of Albany’s central quadrangle campus, a rifle-wielding student takes the class hostage, eventually shooting one youth in the leg. He is eventually subdued by the students. As police lead 26-year-old psychology student Ralph Tortorici away, he shouts to a crowd of bystanders, “Stop government experimentation!” Tortorici will tell psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence Siegel, who later examines him (after the prosecution spends six months looking for a psychiatric expert who is willing to get involved in the case), that Tortorici has been selected as the Anti-Christ, and that his thoughts and actions are being manipulated through an implant in his head. The psychiatrist will state to the court that Tortorici is not mentally competent to stand trial or assist in his own defense, but the decision will be made by the judge that he is competent to stand trial, and he will be found guilty and sentenced to 20 to 47 years in maximum security prison under 24 hour isolation. Tortorici’s grandmother, when she asks him why he did what he did, will be told that the voices in his head said that the implant would be removed if he went ahead with the shooting.

Ironically, Tortorici’s brother Matthew, who is a corrections officer, will be working where Tortorici is to be held after the shootings. Matthew will state that at about the time that Ralph was 16, he started showing signs of paranoia, thinking that his family was out to get him and that the police were monitoring him. Ralph would claim to see things on TV, hear voices coming from appliances, etc. After undergoing surgery sometime earlier, Tortorici came to believe that he had been implanted with a tracking devise.

Prior to the shooting, Tortorici had been admitted to a mental ward involuntarily and treated with anti-psychotic drugs. He had also been designated as having chronic paranoid schizophrenia. A report will state that he “firmly believes he needed to pursue such a course of action to draw the media and the government into a position where they could first admit they implanted a device into his brain and penis and then to remove it and remove the pain it is causing him...He claims he never meant to hurt anyone, and waited a long time to take drastic action.” Tortorici will also claim, “I did what I had to do, and thought the evidence would come forward and the problem be solved.”  Tortorici had been in the Army National Guard.

In 1999, the University of Albany will be forced to shut down a project run by psychology professor Kathryn Kelley that involves mind-control implants when individuals begin claiming that they have been implanted with communications devices that can read and transmit their thoughts. The research is funded by the NSA and DoD, with an annual budget of $2 billion. The devices will typically be implanted in “uninformed, unconsenting subjects” who were usually “federal prisoners and political dissidents.”

1994 – The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act is enacted, requiring telecommunications providers to design their equipment according to FBI specifications in order to make eavesdropping easier and more convenient.

(See online file, The Surveillance-Industrial Complex, by the ACLU)

1995 (February) – Part of a human skull is found by the roadside near the farm of Robert (Willie) Pickton in Port Coquitlam, BC. The skull has been cut down the middle with a table saw and appears to be relatively fresh. DNA tests will reveal years later that it belongs to one of the many women who have or will be murdered on the Pickton farm.

Dozens of women, most or all of them drug addicts and/or street workers, have been disappearing at an increasing rate from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC. The earliest unsolved incident goes back to 1978. The current year will show a spike, with five reported missing from the area (this doesn’t count the many women found dead or murdered). Police show little concern and are extremely slow to respond to tips and missing person reports. Their attitude is that these women are ‘disposable’.

1995 (April 19) – The bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City occurs, in which 168 people are killed and over 680 injured. The building was apparently chosen because it contained offices for a number of different government agencies, including the BATF, FBI, DEA, Social Security Administration, and recruiting offices for the Army and Marine Corps. Timothy McVeigh, who is picked up within 90 minutes of the bombing after being pulled over for driving without a license plate and arrested for unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon, will be portrayed as the main perpetrator. He will be very cooperative with the arresting officer and will show no signs of having just committed such a massive bombing. Terry Nichols, Michael Fortier, and Lori Fortier will soon after be named as accomplices by authorities. On April 21, Terry Nichols will learn that he is wanted by the authorities in connection with the bombing, and will immediately turn himself in. In neither case will these men act like people who had just engaged in the largest terrorist attack in the history of America.

Many witness reports will state that McVeigh was seen with at least one additional unidentified man (not Nichols or Fortier) around the time of the event (identified in these reports as "John Doe #2"), although authorities will ignore this information and then later deny it. In fact, there will be reports of up to four additional accomplices made by witnesses that will be ignored and eventually forgotten about by the authorities. Witnesses who saw anything that didn’t fit the official version of events will be intimidated into changing their stories, or otherwise ignored.

Before McVeigh is even caught and identified as a suspect, the BATF will already be claiming that this terrorist act was in retaliation to the Waco massacre at the Branch Davidian compound. McVeigh’s anger over that event, which was a reflection of the feelings of many people, was used to prop up the claims that he perpetrated the OKC bombing.

A 7,000 lb. fertilizer (ammonium nitrate) bomb in a Ryder rental truck will be claimed by authorities to have caused the destruction of the Murrah building, as well as damaging or destroying 324 other buildings in a 16-block radius. They will equate the effects of the blast to damage that would be caused by 5.000 lbs. of TNT. The blast of the fertilizer bomb had to have been powerful enough to penetrate deep into the building in order to knock out a number of large supporting pillars. However, a fertilizer bomb by itself – even of this size – could not have done nearly as much damage as what occurs at the blast site. Pillars closer to the truck bomb survived the blast and columns further away went down, suggesting that more than one bomb was responsible for the damage. Two additional unexploded bombs will be found in the building. There will be many reports that there were two bomb blasts, several seconds apart that were heard by witnesses, and both blasts registered on seismograph charts. This will also be denied by authorities, and surveillance tapes from the area that might prove or disprove this claim will be suppressed. All of this suggests that there is far more to the story than what the authorities are revealing. As the official story unfolds in the media, it will change repeatedly and facts that come out early will later be ignored or denied. Added to this is the fact that several people saw what appeared to be workmen handling what appeared to be plastic explosives at one of the underground pillars of the building several days before the bombing. At least one witness will state that the workers seemed out of place and acted very nervous when they saw her watching them, hiding the materials they had when she approached.

One police officer who was one of the first to arrive at the scene, Terrance Yeakey, will state that McVeigh’s truck couldn’t have contained an ammonium nitrate bomb because the air would have been unbreathable for some time after the bombing, which it wasn’t. Yeakey didn’t buy the official story, and was harassed and intimidated by his fellow officers for saying so. He will be found dead a year later under unusual circumstances that would refute the official claim that he committed suicide. Also, an FBI agent named Burmeister will acknowledge during McVeigh’s trial that no PETN or ammonium nitrate was found at the blast scene.

Coincidentally (or not), the FBI had a bomb squad drill the day before, and the Sheriff’s bomb squad was witnessed at the scene just prior to the explosion. They will later deny this, and yet they will arrive at the bomb site only a few minutes after the blast. Witnesses will be intimidated by the FBI into accepting a false version of events. This pattern will occur again and again in future terrorist acts on US soil. While rescue workers are searching for survivors immediately after the blast, they will be stopped while federal officials remove boxes of documents. Up to 50 federal agents will spend much of the night carrying boxes from the floors occupied by the federal DEA and BATF. These may have been documents that the FBI will later admit were withheld from the defense lawyers. The targeted building will be torn down within a month and all evidence on the site will be disposed of, effectively removing any chance of conducting a proper investigation and forcing the official version of events. The same tactic will be used immediately after the 9/11 disaster in 2001. The circumstances surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing strongly suggests deeper complicity by government agencies and a major cover-up. McVeigh will be portrayed as acting through a militia group, but this will never be proven. The purported reason for the bombing is retaliation for the Waco massacre that occurred exactly two years earlier. It should be noted that this date is an important day of human sacrifice for satanists.

McVeigh, Nichols, and Michael Fortier had become friends while in the Army. All three were supporters of the militia movement, opposed gun control, and believed that the government was incredibly corrupt. McVeigh had earlier disclosed to friends that he was upset because he had been implanted with a microchip while in the military during the Gulf War, which suggests that he might have been influenced by mind-control. McVeigh had been a loyal and decorated soldier in the Army, and had performed valiantly on the front lines at the start of the Gulf War. It will be discovered that he had taken a psychological operations training course while stationed at Ft. Riley, and had been attempting to get into the Special Forces, but was apparently never accepted. Although this fact will be used to portray him as a disgruntled soldier whose dreams were dashed, it is very likely that he was secretly enlisted as a covert agent and continued to work for the military, even up to and after the bombing. After his arrest, McVeigh will be visited at least seventeen times by the CIA’s infamous mind-control expert, Dr. Louis Jolyin West. West will also head a psychological trauma team put together by the American Psychological Association to treat survivors and victim’s families.

Interestingly, the Alfred P. Murrah building had been previously targeted numerous times in the past, the last time being in October 1983 by a white supremacist group that called itself ‘The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord’. The founders of this group who participated in this plan were James Ellison and Richard Snell. The group had also plotted to park “a van or trailer in front of the Federal Building and blow it up”, in their case, with rockets detonated by a timer. After Snell's appeal for murdering two people in unrelated cases was denied, he was executed the same day as the OKC bombing. Was he an additional sacrificial lamb? Could he have known something that could expose who was really behind McVeigh’s actions? It turns out that the FBI, ATF, and probably the CIA were all facilitating the plans for this terrorist act, and had been warned by multiple sources about it just days before the event, but chose to ignore those warnings.

McVeigh’s lead lawyer, Stephen Jones, will come to believe that McVeigh was a patsy in a larger conspiracy, but this will be dismissed by Judge Matsch, who will independently rule the evidence concerning such a possibility to be too insubstantial to be admissible. A gag order will be imposed during the trial, prohibiting attorneys on either side from commenting to the press on the evidence, proceedings, or opinions regarding the trial proceedings. While prosecutors will intersperse relatively circumstantial evidence with heart-wrenching and completely irrelevant tales from tearful bombing victims, the defense will not be allowed to present any expert witnesses debunking the government's ‘single bomb’ theory, or any evidence linking other suspects to the crime. A 517-page Justice Department report will be published that criticizes the FBI crime laboratory and David Williams, one of the agency's explosives experts, for reaching unscientific and biased conclusions. The report will claim that Williams had worked backward in the investigation rather than basing his determinations on forensic evidence. This suggests that a predetermined conclusion was sought during the investigation, with no consideration to reaching the truth. As late as May 2001, the FBI will announce that it had withheld over 3,000 documents from McVeigh's defense counsel. McVeigh, who will have already been convicted and sentenced to death by this time, will have his execution postponed for one month so that the defense can review the documents. On June 6, Judge Matsch will rule that the documents would not prove McVeigh innocent and will order the execution to proceed. With President George W. Bush’s approval, McVeigh will be executed by lethal injection five days later. Most people sentenced to death wait years before being executed (McVeigh’s was the first federal execution in 38 years). Nichols will eventually receive 161 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. For testifying against McVeigh and Nichols, Michael Fortier, who the FBI will pressure night and day for months, will cooperate and receive a reduced sentence of twelve years in prison and a $75,000 fine, and his wife will receive complete immunity – provided she performs in the prosecutions favor during the investigation and trial. After doing ten and a half years, Michael Fortier will be released and put into the Witness Protection Program and given a new identity. Nobody else will ever be investigated for the bombing. In spite of the possibility that there was a larger conspiracy at work, McVeigh will release a letter in which he writes, “For those die-hard conspiracy theorists who will refuse to believe this, I turn the tables and say: Show me where I needed anyone else. Financing? Logistics? Specialized tech skills? Brainpower? Strategy? ... Show me where I needed a dark, mysterious ‘Mr. X’!” Was this letter intended to cover up a larger conspiracy, or was it reflecting the truth? Or, just as probable, did McVeigh merely think he was acting of his own accord?

A great deal of evidence will arise that suggests even further that people working within the government were involved in perpetrating this event. For instance, BATF employees who worked in the Murrah Building apparently received messages on their pagers prior to the bombing telling them not to go in to work on this day. It will also be discovered that McVeigh was reportedly trained at the School of the Americas, the CIA's academy for death squads, and he was actually a CIA sharpshooter and assassin who had been involved in covert government drug trafficking operations, and had been decorated several times, even receiving a commendation while he was in prison for the bombing.

According to McVeigh’s sister, McVeigh had been recruited by a special operations Army group, but he had supposedly turned them down. He had apparently told her that this group was involved in criminal activities, including protecting drug shipments, assassinations, and population control.

During his Grand Jury hearing, McVeigh appeared calm and unworried, as though he knew that he would go free. He refused to speak to anyone, protecting whoever it was that had orchestrated the plot to bomb the building. Investigations will reveal that there were strong ties to Middle Eastern terrorist groups who were using American neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups as proxies to engineer the plot.

Various naïve government insiders will report that the bombing was a failed sting operation, and that John Doe #2 was an undercover agent who was supposed to disarm the bomb at the last moment but had failed to do so. These insiders will state that the federal authorities had planted this agent deep within the militia movement, and the agent’s identity was being protected with the belief that he would be seen as a hero within the movement and would then be trusted enough to be let in on their future plans. These insiders will effectively suggest that the protection of this agent’s identity is more important than exposing the bombing as a failed sting operation.

Immediately after the event, public opinion will be mobilized against the apparent threat of the growing militia movement, and the consequences of this will be the public acceptance of President Clinton’s ‘solutions’ of increased FBI powers to infiltrate and attack these militia groups, as well as to allow military enforcement of domestic laws, and a media ban on so-called 'anti-government' extremists such as the People's Militia, who are fully aware of the workings of America's secret government.

(See online book, The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, by David Hoffman)

1995 (April 24) – The ‘Unabomber’, later alleged to be Ted Kaczynski, sends a letter to the New York Times in which he promises "to desist from terrorism" if the Times or the Washington Post publishes his manifesto, titled Industrial Society and Its Future (also called the Unabomber Manifesto), He defends his actions in the letter, arguing that his bombings are extreme but necessary to attract attention to the erosion of human freedom necessitated by modern technologies that require large-scale organization. He warns of the psychological consequences for individual life within our current industrial-technological system, which he states has robbed contemporary humans of their autonomy, diminished their rapport with nature, and forced them “to behave in ways that are increasingly remote from the natural pattern of human behavior.” He also states that rather than recognizing that humans currently live in conditions that make them terribly unhappy, the system develops ways of controlling human responses to the overly stressful environment in which they find themselves. He goes on to identify some of these trends:

“Imagine a society that subjects people to conditions that make them terribly unhappy, then gives them the drugs to take away their unhappiness. Science fiction? It is already happening to some extent in our own society. It is well known that the rate of clinical depression has been greatly increasing in recent decades. We believe that this is due to disruption of the power process... The entertainment industry serves as an important psychological tool of the system, possibly even when it is dishing out large amounts of sex and violence. Entertainment provides modern man with an essential means of escape. While absorbed in television, videos, etc., he can forget stress, anxiety, frustration, dissatisfaction.”

The later sections of the manifesto speculate about the future evolution of this system, arguing that it will inevitably lead to the end of human freedom. Paragraphs 157 and 158 state:

“157 Assuming that industrial society survives, it is likely that technology will eventually acquire something approaching complete control over human behavior. It has been established beyond any rational doubt that human thought and behavior have a largely biological basis. As experimenters have demonstrated, feelings such as hunger, pleasure, anger and fear can be turned on and off by electrical stimulation of appropriate parts of the brain. Memories can be destroyed by damaging parts of the brain or they can be brought to the surface by electrical stimulation. Hallucinations can be induced or moods changed by drugs. There may or may not be an immaterial human soul, but if there is one it clearly is less powerful than the biological mechanisms of human behavior. For if that were not the case then researchers would not be able so easily to manipulate human feelings and behavior with drugs and electrical currents

158. It presumably would be impractical for all people to have electrodes inserted in their heads so that they could be controlled by the authorities. But the fact that human thoughts and feelings are so open to biological intervention shows that the problem of controlling human behavior is mainly a technical problem; a problem of neurons, hormones and complex molecules; the kind of problem that is accessible to scientific attack. Given the outstanding record of our society in solving technical problems, it is overwhelmingly probable that great advances will be made in the control of human behavior.”

The above excerpt of the Unabomber’s manifesto reveals the writer’s acute awareness of mind-control technologies. The manifesto will be published in the Washington Post on September 19. The style and content of the text will be recognized by Kaczynski’s brother David, who had often debated with Ted the subject matter contained within it. His recognition of the text will lead to Kaczynski’s capture in April of 1996.

(See online file Ted Kaczynski, at wikipedia)

1995 (June) – The CIA commissions the American Institute of Research (AIR) to conduct the review of the CIA's Star Gate program, whose mandate was to explore and exploit a parapsychological phenomenon known as 'remote viewing' in support of the US intelligence community. The conclusions of this commission stated in part:

Thus, we conclude that continued use of remote viewing in intelligence gathering is not warranted'. & It should be noted that the AIR did not have access to all sensitive, operational documents, which, I am confidently informed, are numerous. Neither could the time frame within which AIR compiled its report be considered sufficient.

The lack of access to the most revealing operational documents and the short time frame allowed for the review suggests that the commission was designed to come to this negative conclusion. The full significance of the results remained strictly within the possession of the US intelligence community.

1995 (August 19) – The San Francisco Chronicle reports that 48-year-old freeway sniper Christopher Shaw Scalley had told authorities after his arrest that he had been receiving messages via radio waves and electronic appliances, and had heard voices telepathically from passing vehicles.

1995 (August 24) – The release of Windows 95. It will later be discovered to have a secret backdoor built into it for NSA access. Microsoft holds 90% of the market share of computer users, with their Windows operating system running on most home and office computers.

1995 (August 28) Fox TV broadcasts the Alien Autopsy film, produced by British entrepreneur Ray Santilli. Eleven years later in 2006 Santilli will admit that the film was a hoax.

1995 (December 15) – The second in a series of deaths occur that are connected to the cult group, Order of the Solar Temple. 16 cult members (13 adults and 3 children) are immolated in a clearing on a plateau in Vercors, France. They were shot and then their bodies burned. The killers had committed suicide after killing and torching the others.

1995 – While employed as a Court Intervention Social worker at Child Protective Services in San Diego, California, Diana Napolis decides to work undercover on her own time and investigate satanic cults on the internet under the pseudonyms ‘Curio’ and ‘Karen Jones’.

A year earlier, after a cover-up had occurred in San Diego County, she had decided to establish the Ritual Abuse Court Cases Project in an effort to prove that satanic ritual abuse exists. In spite of the cover-up, she had continued to handle ritual abuse cases, and successfully protected children via the system she was employed by, despite the efforts of the Director of CPS to stop all training about this subject.

1995 – The US government declassifies its remote-viewing programs.

1995 The Farsight Institute is founded by Courtney Brown, Ph.D., evolving from a research program he conducted in the early 1990s (described in his book, Cosmic Voyage: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth). Brown's investigations began with his training in a remote viewing technology that had previously been used by the US military during highly classified operations in the 1980s and 1990s, according to his sales literature. “Historically, the principal breakthroughs with this technology were made at Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s and 1980s by the gifted artist and natural psychic, Ingo Swann. The vision of The Farsight Institute is to promote the continued research and development of the most modern and effective forms of this continually evolving technology.” Other remote viewing gurus from the SRI remote-viewing program will spring up like poison mushrooms around the country, ranting obliquely on the paranormal and scapegoating ‘aliens’.

(See online file CIA Mind Control at Stanford Research Institute, by Alex Constantine)

1995 DreamWorks SKG and Microsoft join forces to form DreamWorks Interactive, to produce interactive and multimedia entertainment properties.

1995 – Release of the Alien Autopsy film by British entrepreneur Ray Santilli. Eleven years later in 2006 he will admit that the film was a hoax.

1995 – The Internet is commercialized. More ISPs quickly come into service to meet increasing demand.

1996 (March 13) Thomas Hamilton kills sixteen children and one teacher and wounds ten others at Dunblane Primary School in Scotland. He ends the rampage by killing himself. There is evidence that Hamilton was part of a child pornography ring that included police and politicians, and to silence him, the shooting had been staged to make it appear that he was the shooter. Hamilton will be found to have had links to two senior politicians in Scotland, as well as the head of NATO and Scotland’s Secretary of State. He was also involved in Freemasonry.

1996 (April 29) Martin Bryant calmly walks around a tourist site in Tasmania, methodically shooting 56 people, killing 35 of them. Interestingly, Bryant is in possession of an assault rifle that had been handed in to police in Victoria as part of a gun amnesty program, but mysteriously wound up in Bryant's hands before the massacre.

After his arrest, Bryant said that he had been ‘gotten to’, and had been ‘programmed’. An anti-social loner, Bryant had recently returned from a solitary two-week trip to the U.S., ostensibly to visit Disneyland. Australian Customs agents noticed he carried no luggage and was acting strangely. They took him to the hospital to be examined as a possible drug courier, but found nothing. Had Bryant actually visited Disneyland, or had he visited a different type of playground - one inhabited by the mind-control masters of the CIA?

In the wake of this massacre, Australia underwent wholesale gun confiscation of its citizenry. Not surprisingly, Australia and New Zealand have long served as a playground for the CIA, who reportedly played a major role in the overthrow of Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, directed from the CIA's super-secret Pine Gap facility. It has also been reported that the CIA has been testing subliminal TV transmissions to influence the outcome of elections.

(See online book, The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, by David Hoffman)

1996 (April 3) Ted Kaczynski is arrested as the Unabomber, ending a mail-bombing campaign that has been going on since 1978. There will be many indications that Kaczynski was set up as a patsy. The signs of a cover-up will be similar to those in other high-profile ‘lone nut’ cases. The authorities end all further investigation into the case immediately after Kaczynski is apprehended and present the public with their version of the facts. He will be denied the attorney of his choice, San Francisco radical lawyer Tony Serra, who would probably have mounted an ideological defense that could result in disclosure of federal entrapment or conspiracy. Instead he will be appointed two federally employed California ‘defense’ attorneys, who are convinced of Kaczynski’s guilt and will intend to seek an insanity plea. Kaczynski will balk at these legal maneuvers and, after a request to represent himself is denied, will bargain a guilty plea in return for life imprisonment instead of the death penalty. Many questionable elements of the official story are ignored – including strong evidence that there were other accomplices – and never allowed to be contested. Authorities quickly gather up and cart away every possible piece of physical evidence related to the case, including Kaczynski’s entire cabin and everything in it.

During his sentencing, on May 4, 1998, Kaczynski will make the following brief statement:

“My statement will be very brief. A few days ago the government filed a sentencing memorandum, the purpose of which was clearly political. By discrediting me personally, they hope to discredit the idea expressed by the Unabomber. In reality, the government has discredited itself.

“The sentencing memorandum contains false statements, distorted statements and statements that mislead by omitting important facts. At a later time I expect to respond at length to the sentencing memorandum and also the many other falsehoods that have been propagated about me. Meanwhile, I only ask that people reserve their judgment about me and about the Unabom case until all the facts have been made public.”

(See online file, The Scapegoat: Ted Kaczynski, Ritual Murder and the Invocation of Catastrophe, by Michael A. Hoffman II)

1996 (July) Dr. Ian Wilmut of Roslin Institute in Scotland, succeeds in the first cloning of a mammal – ‘Dolly’ the sheep.

1996 (August 13) Four years after his early release from prison for sexual abuse of children, Belgian authorities arrest Marc Dutroux once again for his involvement in the disappearances of young girls, along with his wife (an elementary school teacher), a lodger, a policeman, and another man named Michel Lelievre. The latter is described as “an associate with political connections”. Two days after the arrest, police search Dutroux's home and find a soundproof dungeon/torture chamber. Several days after this, police will dig up the bodies of two eight-year-old girls at another of Dutroux's homes. They had been kept in one of Dutroux’s dungeons for nine months after their abductions, during which time they were repeatedly tortured and sexually assaulted, which was all captured on videotape. More buried bodies will also be found. At least ten other people will be arrested in connection with these crimes. Evidence of high-level government and police complicity will begin to emerge. An accomplice, businessman Jean-Michel Nihoul, will confess to organizing an orgy at a Belgian chateau that had been attended by government officials, a former European Commissioner, and a number of law enforcement officers. A Belgian senator will note, quite accurately, that such parties are part of a system “which operates to this day and is used to blackmail the highly placed people who take part.Nihoul will claim that he is beyond the reach of the law because he has information that, if made public, “would bring the Government and the entire state down.In September, 23 suspects - at least nine of whom are police officers – will be detained and questioned about their possible complicity in the crimes and/or their negligence in investigating the case. The reports are based on information supplied by a police inspector who had already been charged as an accomplice. This case will have connections to the 1991 assassination of prominent Belgian businessman and politician Andre Cools, who had been planning to make some ‘shocking revelations’ before his death. High-ranking officials will continually interfere with investigations as it becomes known that a pedophile ring exists that involves very wealthy and powerful individuals.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

1996 (September 1) – Britain’s Sunday Telegraph headlines a breakthrough in gravity-shielding research by a Russian scientist named Dr. Evgeny Podkletnov at Tampere University of Technology in Finland. The research had already been heavily scrutinized by a number of independent experts, and a paper was being put forward for publication in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. However, the release of this news causes Podkletnov to be ostracized by the university and the paper is pulled from the journal. Podkletnov goes back to Russia for a year but continues his work, eventually returning to Finland to work at a local company. The reaction he received for the newspaper article may have been intended to cover up the significance of this research. Like the work of Douglas Torr and Ning Li in 1993, Podkletnov’s work involves the use of superconductors to inhibit gravitational force. The development of superconductors at this time is still in relative infancy.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1996 (September 17) – A shooting at Penn State University, State College, PA leaves one dead and one wounded. The shooter, 19-year-old Jillian Robbins, when asked why she did it, will state repeatedly, “I don't know.” Was she under mind-control? Robbins had suffered hallucinations since the tenth grade, including hearing voices. She had enlisted in the US Army Reserve before graduation, where she became a rifle expert. She had been seeing a State College psychologist who was treating her in the months before the shooting, and had told him of urges to ‘commit random acts of violence’ and of owning a Mauser rifle. The psychologist, Wilbur Wadlington, had done nothing about it. She had been discharged from a mental institution only a month before the shootings.

1996 (December 25) – The molestation/murder of six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. By all appearances, the parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, or someone very close to them, are the killers. JonBenet’s body is found in the basement of their Boulder, Colorado home with a rope around her neck, and there are signs of sexual abuse. The body has been dead long enough to give off an odor, meaning that JonBenet had been killed days earlier, but this fact will be completely ignored. An autopsy will reveal that she had been sexually abused many times in the past. It will become strongly suspected that the parents were involved in a satanic pedophile ring and were pimping out their daughter. It is also suspected that JonBenet was killed in a snuff movie. According to the San Jose Mercury News, at least 150 videotapes were seized from the home.

John Ramsey, who is a former Navy officer, runs a Denver company called Access Graphics, which is doing business with a company called the William Morris Agency, which represents up and coming child models and had solicited a contract from the Ramsey's for the 'services' of JonBenet. At the time of JonBenet’s death, this company is under investigation for its involvement in a child pornography ring. The pornography ring is being run by the FBI’s Div. 5 (Special/Black Ops). During the investigation into JonBenet’s murder, John Ramsey’s company computers will be found to contain a large volume of child pornography. Access Graphics, it will turn out, also has service contracts that are directly tied to the Iran Contra affair. Access Graphics’ bank accounts are with Silverado Savings and Loan, the noted Iran Contra money-laundering outfit that is administered by the Director of Silverado, Neil Bush, George W. Bush's brother. John Ramsey is also on a list of witnesses that are never subpoenaed by former Iran Contra Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh.

John Ramsey's daughter Elizabeth (from his first marriage), will later uncover several vivid memories of satanic, ritual sexual abuse after a failed suicide attempt (during the ensuing therapy sessions) in which her father apparently played a major role in the rituals. Within several months of uncovering the memories and going ‘public’ with them (talking to friends and family members) she will be found dead – killed in a freak car accident.

1996 Robert (Willie) Pickton and his brother David sell various parcels of their pig farm property in Port Coquitlam, a small town just outside the city of Vancouver, and acquire over five million dollars in total. David Pickton takes some of the money and opens a party hall down the street from the farm, calling it ‘Piggy’s Palace’. Robert Pickton carries on running the pig farm. Piggy’s Palace will soon become a hangout for local Hell’s Angels members (they have a clubhouse across the road from the farm), as well as politicians, police officers, businessmen, teachers, and sometimes even children. It will also be regularly frequented by many different female street workers, most of them brought there from nearby Vancouver City, who are there to be used for sexual services, and some will never leave.

This same year, Robert Pickton will be charged with attempted murder and unlawful confinement for repeatedly stabbing a street worker who he had been holding against her will at his farm. She is naked and has a pair of handcuffs locked onto one wrist when she flags down a car during her escape. She dies and is revived at the hospital. The charges will be dropped within a year, with the excuse from court prosecutors that they would be unable to get a conviction because the woman was a drug addict and would never be believed in court.

(See online file, Death Farm, by Charles Mudede)

1996 Eric Harris (who will be one of the shooters at Columbine High School) and his family move to Littleton, Colorado from Plattsburgh Air Force Base in New York. Before he leaves, he will confide to a friend that he’ll be glad to get away from the place because of the experiments the military has been conducting on him there. Plattsburgh AFB has an 18-level underground facility where many different types of psyops and mind-control programs are conducted.

1996 Mexican police break up an international child pornography ring based in the resort of Acapulco that reportedly has at least 4,000 clients in the United States. A UN envoy investigating the case states that the child pornography sometimes involved babies of less than one month old. Except for a brief report made by BBC, this case will be almost completely ignored in the press.

(See online file, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1996 – A pedophile ring called the Orchid Club is exposed in San Jose, California. The member’s crimes include recruiting young relatives and friends of their own children to be molested and photographed. The club is also involved in real-time exploitation of children on the internet, where members are able to send in requests and have them acted-out on live feeds. The club also held a pedophile ‘summit,’ at which members could trade stories about pre-teen girls they have molested and photographed in sexually explicit poses. The summit was held on April 20 – the birth date of Adolph Hitler and a major satanic holiday.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

1996 The NSA’s ‘Intelink’ system goes online as part of the ECHELON system, connecting 13 different US intelligence agencies and some allied agencies with the aim of providing instant access to all types of intelligence information. Just like logging onto the Internet, intelligence analysts and military personnel can view an atlas on Intelink's home page, and then click on any country they choose in order to access intelligence reports, video clips, satellite photos, databases and status reports.

(See file, Inside Echelon, by Duncan Campbell)

1996 Michael Aquino ‘retires’ from his satanic church, the Temple of Set.

1996 America Online, the world’s largest Internet service provider, reaches five million members.

1997 – Released documents reveal that the CIA admits having encouraged reports of flying saucers in the 1950s and 1960s in order to obscure test flights of the U-2 and U-12 spy planes.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1997 – Police in France detain more than 250 people and confiscate some 5,000 videotapes in conjunction with an investigation into a massive child pornography ring. Those detained by police are described as “mainly married professionals.” A dozen of them will soon turn up dead, allegedly suicide victims. As the case proceeds in the years ahead, the French courts will be accused of attacking the easy targets – the porn consumers – rather than the producers and distributors. Senior public figures will be among those investigated – but their cases will be dropped before going to court.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1997 (March) – An RCMP report states: “It has been determined that [Robert Pickton’s stabbing victim from 1996] is an East Hastings [Vancouver, BC] area hooker and Pickton is known to frequent that area weekly. […] Given the violence shown by Pickton towards prostitutes and women in general, this information is being forwarded to your attention.” This familiarity of the police with Robert Pickton won’t be uncovered until after his trial, when it’s entered into evidence during a later inquiry.

1997 (March 22) – The third and final in a series of murders, suicides, and arsons occur in connection to the cult group, Order of the Solar Temple, this time in St. Casimir, Quebec. Five people, four cult members and the parent of one of the members have committed suicide. Police discover a letter explaining that they have taken this action to ensure a path to the new world.

1997 (March 26) – Thirty-nine Heaven’s Gate cult members, including the leader, Marshall Applewhite, commit mass suicide. They believed that by doing so they will be transferred to an alien spaceship that is purportedly following the Hale-Bopp comet as it passes near Earth.

Three members of Heaven’s Gate worked for Advanced Development Group (ADG), Inc., a company that developed computer-based instruction for the US Army. ADG later became ManTech Advanced Development Group. These organizations have connections to the First Earth Battalion. The First Earth Battalion was a psyop group that was formed in the US military to allegedly handle military extraterrestrial affairs such as abductions, contact through telepathy, remote viewing, ESP, and possible simulated extraterrestrial ‘drills’ using holographic technology. First Earth Battalion eventually became the Jedi Project. All of these secretive psyop groups are well skilled in spreading disinformation (including about themselves).

1997 (June) – According to the News Telegraph, over 800 French homes are raided and 204 suspects taken into custody in relation to a pedophile ring. Among those detained are “more than 30 teachers... and a number of priests,” as well as the deputy mayor of the town of Saint Mihiel. By the end of the week, four will have committed suicide, including a school headmaster.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1997 Michael Aquino files two lawsuits in San Francisco against Diana Napolis’ internet provider Electriciti in attempts to force them to cancel her account and reveal her identity to him. During this time, Aquino is routinely misrepresenting to newspaper reporters what had occurred on the internet between them in attempts to make himself appear a victim. However, after reviewing Napolis’ public messages, Electriciti refuses to disclose her identity or even investigate who she might be because they believe that Aquino is dangerous and that Napolis needed protection. These lawsuits are dismissed due to the CDA precluding internet companies from liability due to their customer’s messages.

1997 – While preparing for a story about the abduction of Johnny Gosch, Karen Burnes of ABC’s 20/20 uncovers 45 other victims of child sexual abuse, satanic abuse, and kidnapping, several of whom knew Gosch and were with him on many occasions. One of these victims is the son of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, who will claim that his father had castrated him.

1997 (September) – The television show Inside Edition reports that Johnny Gosch is still alive. Gosch is a highly publicized 1982 kidnap victim from West De Moines, Iowa, who has also been named as a victim in the Franklin child abuse case.

(See online file, The Gunderson Report, by Ted Gunderson)

1997 (October 1) – A shooting at Pearl High School in Pearl, Mississippi leaves two dead, seven wounded. The shooters are Luke Woodham, 16, and Grant Boyette, 19. Woodham will later state, “[I] fought with myself because I didn't want to do any of it.” Woodham, who had killed his mother earlier in the day, will later state that he doesn't remember killing her, but will recall hearing Boyette’s voice telling him to kill her. He will also say he was driven by demons. Boyette, an avid church-goer with deeply religious parents, will be found to have directed Woodham’s actions during the killings, and is the leader of a small satanic cult named the ‘Kroth’. This group consists of Boyette, Woodham, and at least five other teenagers, and are known to dabble in black magic. All seven will be charged for the murders. The shooting spree had been planned since the beginning of the year and was intended to target a number of enemies of the group. A notebook belonging to Woodham will be found, in which is written, “I killed because people like me are mistreated every day. […] I did this to show society—'Push us and we will push back.' I suffered all my life. No one ever truly loved me. No one ever truly cared about me.”

1997 (December 1) – A shooting at Heath High School in Paducah, Kentucky leaves three dead and five wounded. The shooter, 14-year-old Michael Carneal, is carrying five guns and 1,000 rounds of ammo. When later asked why he did it, will state he doesn't know. Carneal's homeroom teacher will report that he didn’t seem to recognize what he had done. His sister, Kelly Carneal, who is present at the shooting, will state that her brother’s face looked different and his body posture was different. She will state, “He looked like a completely different person. I would not have recognized him had he not had on the same clothes as he had on that morning. .... He turned his head and he looked at me. And I realized he didn't know who I was. ... I will never forget that stare on Michael's face in a million years...... It was just blank, nothingness. It's like there was nothing in him.” Carneal’s father is a prominent attorney.

Carneal will later describe in an interview how he was being controlled and tormented by a group of entities that called themselves the ‘Danes’. He had told some students that “something big was going to happen” on that Monday.

1997 Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her channeling group, the Cassiopaeans, are joined by her soon-to-be husband, Dr. Arkadiusz (Ark) Jadczyk. Dr. Jadczyk is a theoretical physicist working as a professor at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, teaching mathematical physics. He had met Laura on the Internet and then came to the USA to join her and her group. The group certainly has all the signs of a cult, and Laura is the perfect portrayal of a paranoid and psychopathic cult leader with delusions of persecution and self-importance who demands very tight control over her members and what they believe. She claims to be a ‘Wanderer’, which is a term that comes straight out of the Ra material channeled by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty.

1997 HAARP is activated, although it isn’t slated to go fully on-line until 2002.

1998 (January 27) – Charges that have been laid against Robert Pickton for unlawful confinement and attempted murder are stayed by BC’s Criminal Justice Branch. Stayed charges often indicate that the person who was charged is working with the police in order to have the charges dropped.

1998 (February 11) The Times reports that workmen restoring the residence of Benjamin Franklin in London have dug up the remains of a baby, five children and four adults from under the house. The bones are estimated to be about 200 years old and were buried at the time Franklin was living in the house, which was his home from 1757 to 1762 and from 1764 to 1775. Most of the bones show signs of having been dissected, sawn or cut. One skull has been drilled with several holes. While living in London, Franklin was a member of the Hellfire Club, otherwise known as the Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe. The Hellfire Club was a meeting place where members of high society and ‘people of quality’ could meet and engage in black masses, sexual orgies, and other immoral acts.

1998 (March 24) – School shooting at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Five are killed and ten injured. The camouflage-clad killers are 13-year-old Mitchell Scott Johnson and 12-year-old Andrew Douglas Golden. Johnson’s mother is a prison guard and had married an inmate when Johnson was seven years old. Following the shooting, Johnson's attorney will claim that Johnson had been sexually abused as a child by a family member of the day care where he had been placed. A year before the shootings, he was charged with molesting a 3-year-old child. Both of Golden’s parents are postal workers. Since that day, when the boys have been asked why they did it, they appear not to be able to give an answer. Johnson will state, “I really thought that no one would actually be hurt.”

1998 (April 24) – A shooting at Parker Middle School in Edinborough, PA leaves one dead, three wounded. The shooter, 14-year-old Andrew Wurst, will state that he had no reason to do it.

1998 (May 22) – A shooting at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon leaves one dead, seven wounded. The shooter, Kip Kinkel, also kills his parents. He will repeatedly state in a police interview that he had no choice. Q: “Why did you go to school and start shooting people?” A: “I had to. I had no other choice. I couldn't do anything else.” He had been hearing loud voices in his head that commanded him to kill. When asked where he thinks the voices come from, Kip will reply, "Well, I had some theories. Maybe it was from the devil... the government might have put a chip in my head. Government satellites might have transmitted to the chip.... At first I thought the voices were outside of my head because they were so very loud, like surround sound." Kinkel will also claim that he believes one satellite gives voices to the microchip and another follows his movements.

1998 (June 18) – Just twelve days before his scheduled execution, Texas Governor George Bush stays the execution of convicted serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. He will be the only person on death row in Texas to receive such leniency during Bush’s term as governor. Lucas’ partner in crime, Ottis Toole, will similarly have his sentence commuted in Florida by George’s brother, Governor Jeb Bush.

1998 (July) – At about this tine, Australia's longest serving mayor, 68-year-old Frank Arkell, is bludgeoned to death in his home. He had been facing 29 child sex charges, and was a key witness in a royal commission into police corruption that uncovered a pedophile network. Police suspect his murder is part of a series of gruesome gay hate killings in the Sydney region that are linked to a notorious pedophile ring. In the past few months two other men, one a convicted child sex offender, were attacked in their homes in similar circumstances and also suffered horrific injuries.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1998 (August) – Alleged mind-control victim Andy Pero goes public with his story. His father was a Lieutenant Commander at the Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada at the time of his birth in 1969, and his experiences began about two years later. He has flashback memories of being subjected to shock treatments and various other forms of trauma at that age in order to split his mind and create multiple personalities. He states that he was programmed at such places as the University of Rochester, NY, the Rome National Air Base in Rome, NY, Camp Hero, at Montauk, LI, and also at Dobbins Air Force Base in Atlanta, GA.

By 1974 his family had moved to Munich, Germany. At age 10 his mother enrolled him in a (legitimate, non-MKULTRA) Silva Mind Control course where he learns self-hypnosis techniques.

His government mind-control programming involved training him to endure suffering beyond belief and be able to accomplish superhuman feats of strength and survival. One of the things he claims he was trained to do was to jump from extremely high places – including from airplanes without a parachute – and land without hurting himself. By the time he was 15 years old, he was being used on secret military missions. He also claims to have been used in the ‘Montauk Chair’ to create time portals and three-dimensional materializations, and to have encountered alien creatures during many of his experiences, including greys and reptilians.

1998 (September) – At about this time, police in 22 US states and 13 foreign countries conduct coordinated raids aimed at breaking up an internet child-pornography ring. The pedophile network is called the Wonderland Club, in honor of Lewis Carroll’s children's book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and of Carroll himself, who is known to have had a predilection for underage children, and who has become something of a patron saint of pedophiles. The ring involves as many as 200 people around the world, who were exchanging thousands of sexually explicit images of children as young as 18 months. The ring shares pictures of children being abused – in some cases live via web-cam broadcasts over the internet. Some members are reported to be using their own children in pictures. In other cases, parents are suspected of taking money to let their children be used. Over 1,250 children are said to be featured in the photos and videos, many of whom appear to be suffering appalling injuries and are seen sobbing uncontrollably while being sexually violated. Most of the children are under the age of ten. The combined raids result in the seizure of more than 750,000 computer images of children. The raids include homes in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Sweden, although the ring extends into 47 countries. 107 suspects are eventually arrested. As with earlier raids on pedophile rings in Europe, a rash of ‘suicides’ will soon follow. Four of the 34 American suspects will commit suicide, including a retired Air Force pilot, a microbiologist, and a computer consultant.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

1998 (October) Wade Michael Page (aka Wade Vanbuskirk) receives a less-than-honorable discharge from the Army after serving for almost six years. He was stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas, and Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, where he was trained as a Psychological Operations Specialist. After his discharge, he moves to Littleton, Colorado. According to some sources, he had grown up in Littleton, Colorado and was a student at Littleton High School. Page had become a neo-Nazi while in the military, and is possibly a member of the Trench Coat Mafia, the group that shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold belonged to.

1998 – Vancouver Police have only two officers working in their missing persons unit, while the number of women disappearing from the downtown eastside is growing.

1998 – A large-scale international pedophile ring is discovered operating out of the Netherlands and Berlin, Germany. Images of abuse of babies and infants are being peddled via the Internet and other media. Police discover voluminous records of what appear to be clients and suppliers from countries including Israel, Ukraine, Britain, Russia and the United States. The ring is uncovered when a key member is found dead in Italy, apparently murdered by another member of the ring. His apartment is found to contain thousands of digital images stored on computer disks, as well as hundreds of addresses of suspected suppliers and clients.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

1998 Ted Gunderson marries satanist Rachael LaVey, the ex-wife of Anton LaVey.

1998 Rusty Nelson, who was the blackmail photographer for Lawrence King in the Franklin pedophile ring, is arrested in Oregon, and found in possession of thousands of pornographic photographs.

1998 Diana Napolis publishes the results of her research in an archive titled Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive, which consists of appellate documentation and news articles that provide substantial evidence proving that ritual abuse exists.

1999 (February 5) – In US District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska, an extraordinary hearing occurs in Paul A. Bonacci vs. Lawrence E. King, a civil action in which the plaintiff charges that he had been ritualistically abused by the defendant, as part of a nationwide pedophile ring linked to powerful political figures in Washington and to elements of the US military and intelligence establishment.

During the hearing, Noreen Gosch, whose twelve-year-old son Johnny was abducted in 1982, stuns the court with sworn testimony linking US Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (ret.) to the nationwide pedophile ring:

“Well, then there was a man by the name of Michael Aquino. He was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He's founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use [in] this experimentation on children.

Where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples, so that when they're questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple-personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence.

They used these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of. This sounds so far out and so bizarre I had trouble accepting it in the beginning myself until I was presented with the data. We have the proof. In black and white."

Paul Bonacci, who was simultaneously a victim and a member of this nationwide pedophile crime syndicate, subsequently identifies Aquino as the man who ordered the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch. Bonacci, who had been subjected to Monarch mind-control programming during his involvement, is also able to name Larry King, Alan Baer, Chief Wadman, Harold Andersen, as well as perhaps a hundred other individuals as being involved in Monarch, and is able to provide the names, phone numbers, and other personal data of dozens of military personnel at Offutt AFB and many other military bases around the country, who helped run the Monarch project, including at Ft. Defiance, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Laramie, Ft. Riley, and Ft. Ashland.

Three weeks later, on February 27, Judge Warren K. Urbom will order King, who is currently residing in Federal prison, to pay $1 million in damages to Bonacci.

1999 (April 20) – The Columbine High School massacre takes place. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold enact a planned attack on their high school, killing 13 others and wounding 24 before allegedly turning their guns on themselves. The official report will be that the shooting started at 11:20 am and ended at 12:08 pm, although many witnesses will state that the shootings went on for far longer. This event would be televised live, with trained and fully-geared SWAT teams holding off outside the school for an inexplicable length of time (up to four hours), allowing the shooters to continue their rampage and waiting until long after they finally kill themselves before taking any action at all. The police will later claim that they didn’t go in immediately because they were out-gunned. Because of this, teacher Dave Sanders will bleed to death waiting for help to arrive. Denver physician William Deagle, who attempts to go in to help the injured, is threatened with violence by the police and kept from doing so.

Many eyewitness testimonies will reveal that others are involved in the shootings, some of them identified as Robert Perry, Chris Morris, Brian Sargent, and Joseph Stair. An older, muscular man with an ‘chiseled face’ is also witnessed at the scene carrying a shotgun, and another ‘pudgy’ male is seen with Harris and Klebold just before the shooting starts. Morris will be photographed being arrested by police at the scene. The names of these other shooters will be redacted from the police report later released to the public, serving to cover up their identities. Some or all of these named accomplices are connected to the ‘Trench Coat Mafia’, a neo-Nazi group that Harris and Klebold are associated with.

Early on during the shootings, three youths in combat fatigues – Matthew Christianson, Matt Akard, and Jim Branetti – are apprehended in a field near the school. They claim that they had heard about the shooting on the radio and had come to investigate, and name Harris and Klebold as the shooters. This is before any radio announcements have been made. In spite of the many witness reports of more than two shooters, authorities will not investigate the matter and conclude that there were only two shooters. At the same time, they will use the excuse that there might be other accomplices in order to withhold releasing an official report on the incident.

Some witnesses inside the school will claim to have heard shots hours after both Harris and Klebold are supposed to have killed themselves at 12:08 pm. Police will report that just before 1:00 pm, they were exchanging gunfire with the shooters. A student inside the school will call into a local new station at 1:09 and report that he just heard gunfire. He will call back again soon after and report that he just saw shooters wearing black trench coats and masks. At about 3:45 pm, a reporter will state that he just heard more gunfire inside the school.

From 60 to 90 bombs will later be found placed in various locations within the school. Several witnesses will report that they saw BATF officers shooting students inside the school.

An incredible number of different federal and state agencies (one report claims 26), including NATO officers and a four-star general, will be witnessed at the scene soon after the shooting starts. A large, blue truck with NATO clearly printed on it is witnessed by numerous people on the school grounds at about 11:30 am. It is captured on camera from a helicopter. When the cameraman zooms in on it, the video feed is suddenly cut. An army of psychiatric ‘grief councilors’ are also immediately on location to handle the surviving students, possibly to help deal with those students who witnessed what they shouldn’t have, pumping them with pharmaceuticals so that they will forget many of the details of what they witnessed.

Many students who are interviewed will describe the school atmosphere as one with a lot of bullying and rivalry. Some students will state that the staff were known to turn their backs and do nothing to stop it. The educational system in the Denver area is focused heavily on ‘mental health’-related classes for students, and at Columbine there was a ‘death education’ class, which led several students to suicide. One student will describe class field trips to cemeteries, mortuaries, crematoriums and being assigned to write their own obituaries and eulogies, design their own headstones, etc., as well as classroom activities focusing on “how you would 'do it' if you killed yourself.” Many students besides Harris and Klebold had been harboring the idea of blowing up the school. It is possible that this was being influenced through mind-control in some way. The greater Denver area is a center for many secret government projects, and over 10,000 residents in the Littleton area work for companies that ran these programs.

Like in a number of other suspect cases that appear to involve government complicity, certain facts that surface early on in the case will suddenly be forgotten, ignored, or covered up by the authorities. Nonetheless, there will be evidence that many students at Columbine knew about Harris and Klebold’s plans up to two years prior to the event, and know who some of the other accomplices are and who remain free. There will be threats made against witnesses, victims, and victim’s families by unknown parties in the days and weeks ahead, silencing many of them. When the school reopens for the new school year on August 16, a number of swastikas will be found drawn or etched both inside and outside the building.

There will be rumors of Satanism and deeper connections of the Trench Coat Mafia to government agents. One member of the Trench Coat Mafia who told the police that satanic worship was practiced within this group is Eric Ault. The police will also question another unnamed person who is carrying sexually explicit photographs of a homosexual nature. This person will state that he had been to the house of an individual known to some in the TCM group as ‘Pedophile Bill’, a sadistic homosexual who had given him the pictures and had shown him photo albums which made him sick to his stomach. He will state that the albums contained sexually explicit photographs of small children up to the age of fourteen. Displays of homosexuality among the TCM group had been witnessed by Columbine students on a number of occasions.

Journal notes and online entries will reveal that the killers had spent over a year planning this event, and had built over 100 homemade bombs that they were able to somehow plant throughout the school prior to the shooting event. Notes in Harris’ journal will also mention a plan to fly a plane into a tall building to cause maximum damage (predating 9/11). A school video made by Harris, Klebold, and Scott Fuselier (the son of Dwayne Fuselier, lead FBI investigator in the case and a government psychologist) two years earlier eerily depicts an enactment very similar to the events of this day, as does an essay that Harris turns in to his teacher only weeks prior to the event. Scott Fuselier is a member of the Trench Coat Mafia as well. The fact that both Harris and Klebold appeared otherwise normal right up to morning classes just prior to the shootings, and that they were even making plans for their futures after graduating, makes it more plausible that they were triggered (through mind-control) to act as they did.

Further evidence will reveal that Harris, if not Klebold, had been involved in a mind-control program earlier on, when his family lived at the Plattsburgh AFB in New York (his father Wayne gas an extensive military background as a retired Air Force officer with intelligence ties). Harris was known to be full of hate and have violent tendencies, while Klebold did not. This is reflected in their journals. A student who had known Harris will describe Harris telling him about a recurring dream where he is walking through the school shooting at people, with the school blowing up at the end. He also describes having other very vivid dreams that are like virtual reality games.

Wellington Webb, the mayor of Denver, is said to have connections to the British Royal Family, who own a large amount of land in the area through various front companies. The new Denver International Airport, with its Masonic themes, Apocalyptic artwork, and rumored secret underground components, is being constructed in this area.

On the same day of the shooting, a gas line leak is reported at the home of Eric Harris. When the Littleton Fire Department arrives they find live bombs with live triggers and lots of gas spilled in the garage.

Because Chris Morris will help police to set up a man named Mark Manes for helped to buy guns for Harris and Klebold, he will be cleared of all charges. Manes, on the other hand, will receive a six-year prison sentence. Joseph Stair, who allegedly founded the TCM in Littleton, will commit suicide in 2007.

The day after the shooting, David G. Penland, a certified private investigator who handles security for local neighborhoods and homeowner associations, will receive a call about a loud party taking place in the nearby town of Aurora (the location of a future mass shooting), and the participants were celebrating both Hitler's birthday and the victory of Harris and Klebold. Penland will state, “We know as a security firm that we have past reports on this youth being involved in Neo-Nazi activities. This he does not deny and he is proud of being part of this large group. He also has been arrested for other disturbances, and for selling and using drugs often.” He also stated that the resident of the home has been arrested on drug charges in the past.

Wade Michael Page, who will be directly involved in a mass shooting at a Sikh Temple years later (2012) in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, is living in Littleton, CO. during this time. He may have been one of the other shooters at Columbine. Page was a psyops specialist in the military prior to the Columbine shooting,

(See online file, The REAL Columbine, by the CRTF Webmaster)

1999 (April 23) Five juveniles are arrested on charges of planning an attack on Danforth Junior High School in Wimberley, Colorado. The five unnamed 14-year-old boys had had been planning the attack since the beginning of the year and intended to kill fellow students and teachers. A search of the suspect’s homes turn up crude explosive devices and gunpowder, as well as computer disks and internet documents about bomb-making.

1999 (April 24) – At a memorial for the victims of the Columbine shooting, Vice President Al Gore and numerous other government officials attend, all wearing the symbolic black trench coats that Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, and their gang, the ‘Trench Coat Mafia’, were known to wear. There will also be an armed military presence, including a fly-over by Air Force jets. This seems to be a message to surviving witnesses and anyone else who has knowledge of the deeper aspects of this case, to intimidate them into keeping silent about what they know.

1999 (April 27) – A shooting at W.R. Myers High School in Taber, Alberta leaves one dead and one wounded. In a signed police statement, the shooter, Todd Cameron Smith, will state, “I have no particular reason for shooting the boys that I did. I don't know who any of them were.” Was he under mind-control?

1999 (April 29) An unnamed 13-year-old boy with a loaded handgun and a hit list of 30 names is arrested at Sierra Middle School in Bakersfield after classmates report they see a gun under his shirt and see him loading it outside. A .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun and 13 rounds of ammunition are found on the boy. In the boy's backpack are 30 pieces of paper, each one with the name of a classmate or teacher, a drawing and the words “'because they deserved to die'” scrawled at the bottom.

1999 (May 20) – A shooting at Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia leaves six wounded. The shooter, 15-year-old T.J. Solomon, upon handing the gun over (a teacher convinces T.J. not to kill himself when he puts the barrel in his mouth) starts crying hysterically and saying repeatedly “I don't know why I did this.” Witnesses will describe the shooter as initially ‘calm, sedate, vacant, and robotic’. A note by the assailant is found in his room that says, “I did this because, well, I'm not sure..... Ever since the shooting at Columbine in Colorado all I've been able to think about is doing this.” It continues, “One big question I leave behind for you to find is why. But for the sake of my brothers and sisters related to the Trench Coat Mafia, those answers will have to remain out of the public eye.” Dr. Eddy Regnier, who teaches psychiatry at Harvard University and who will be hired by defense attorneys to examine Solomon, will state, “He heard voices telling him to do strange things, but they were robotic voices, not human voices.”

1999 (June) – At about this time, two unnamed German men go on trial, accused of running a child pornography ring in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The pair, along with at least eleven known but unindicted accomplices, are reported to have made video recordings of the gang sexually abusing children between the ages of three and 14 since 1993. A large but unspecified quantity of videos, photography, magazines and CD-ROMs containing child pornography were confiscated. There is a possible connection to the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium: It is reported that There have been cases of Slovak children being taken to Vienna to make pornographic films. The Belgian paedophile Marc Dutroux had been a regular visitor to one Slovak town.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1999 (July 13) Rafael Resendez-Ramirez reportedly walks across a bridge from Juarez, Mexico into El Paso, Texas and turns himself in. He is wanted for a string of alleged serial killings attributed to the ‘Railroad Killer’. Ramirez had been taken into custody several weeks earlier by the US Border Patrol, only to be promptly released despite his presence on FBI most-wanted lists and the issuing of alerts to the immigration service, and with a nationwide manhunt under way. He killed four more people after being let go. He chose to surrender in Texas, where there is a death penalty, rather than in Mexico, where there is none.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1999 (August) – Police in Latvia uncover a massive child prostitution/child pornography operation involving as many as 2,000 severely abused children. A special parliamentary commission is formed to investigate. The scandal will reach to the very top of the nation’s political power structure. In February 2000, the chairman of the commission will deliver a report to Parliament implicating the country's Prime Minister, Justice Minister, director of the State Revenue Service, and a number of army and law enforcement officers in the case. Efforts will immediately be taken to discredit the commission chairman, including making allegations that he is tied to the former KGB, enabling the allegations to be dismissed as ‘Communist’ propaganda.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

1999 (August 27) – Only months after the Columbine massacre, four other high schools in Jefferson County, Colorado – Dakota Ridge, Standley Lake, Pomona, and Bear Creek – receive anonymous letters that suggest further threats of violence. They contain no specific threats of action, but make general statements that the Columbine High massacre was the start of more school violence. A second set of threats will be mailed to local south Denver schools a week later.

(See online file, The REAL Columbine, by the C.R.T.F. Webmaster)

1999 (September) – A raid is made on the home of Thomas and Janice Reedy in Ft. Worth, Texas, who are operating a business called Landslide Productions, which sells child pornography over the internet. The raid yields a database containing the names and addresses of 75,000 subscribers around the world. Although almost half of those subscribers were in the USA, only 100 arrests will be made in the months after the initial arrests. By early 2003, the story will have dropped out of sight with little indication that there would ever be any further arrests, despite the insistence from authorities early on that the initial arrests were just “the tip of the iceberg.” The names, addresses, and credit card information of more than 7,000 British subscribers will be provided by the FBI to British authorities (as late as July, 2002), who will launch their own investigation. As in the USA, only a few of the known offenders will be arrested. Included among these suspects are hundreds of child welfare professionals, including police officers, care workers and teachers, all of whom are identified as ‘extremely high-risk pedophiles’. Particularly well represented on the list are law enforcement personnel. Many of the other suspects work in other sensitive professions, often linked to the criminal justice system. According to the Register and the Sunday Times (which will reportedly obtain, but not publish, all 7,272 names), the list of suspects includes “at least 20 senior executives... services personnel from at least five military bases, GPs, university academics and civil servants.” Included among those questioned by police will be television personality Matthew Kelly and legendary guitarist Pete Townsend. The list of British suspects also includes at least 20 senior executives, services personnel from at least five military bases, GPs, university academics, civil servants, and an official with the Church of England. British police will drag their feet in investigating this case.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

1999 (September 15) Larry Gene Ashbrook opens fire on a Christian rock concert and teen prayer rally at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. He kills 7 people and wounds 7 others, almost all of them teenagers. Ashbrook commits suicide in the end. Ashbrook had previously served in the Navy.

1999 – Military Psyops Specialist Wade Michael Page receives a traffic ticket for driving without a valid license in Littleton, Colorado. This places him in the area during the time of the Columbine shootings.

1999 – Ex-Monarch sex slave Brice Taylor publishes her book, Thanks for the Memories, in which she discloses her experiences as a mind-controlled slave of the Illuminati. She describes how sexual blackmail is used to control high-ranking politicians and explains the true moral depravity that those in power have sunk to.

1999 – Ben Johnston, an employee at DynCorp who is working in Bosnia, discovers that fellow employees and supervisors are involved in purchasing illegal weapons, women, forged passports and are participating in other criminal acts including pedophilia. Johnston witnesses coworkers and supervisors literally buying and selling women and children for their own personal enjoyment, and overheard employees bragging about the various ages and talents of the individual slaves they had purchased. When Johnston reports the activity, he is fired “for bringing discredit to the company” and forced into temporary protective custody. A videotape of Johnston’s supervisor raping a 14-year-old girl will be retained as evidence. DynCorp is a long-time contractor to the US military, maintaining its aircraft. Halliburton, another government contractor, will also be involved in these criminal activities. No charges will be laid and both companies will continue to do business with the US government. DynCorp will later acquire a Pentagon contract to administer smallpox and anthrax vaccines.

1999 (December 1) – The Los Angeles Times reports the discovery of a mass grave in Juarez, Mexico, just across the US border. Early reports state that from 100 to 300 bodies are expected to be exhumed, including 22 missing US citizens and a number of former FBI and DEA informants. The investigation quickly expands to include at least three more possible burial grounds in the area. When US authorities take over the investigation, the body count suddenly drops to 9 and coverage of the story promptly seizes, indicating a coverup. Up to 500 young women have been brutally raped, tortured and murdered in the Juarez area since 1993, with hundreds more reportedly missing and presumably dead. The location is exactly where serial killer Henry Lee Lucas claimed that the Hand of Death cult maintained a ranch, years earlier.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

1999 (December 6) – A shooting in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma leaves four wounded. According to a witness, the shooter, 13-year-old Seth Trickey, starts yelling, “I'm crazy, I'm crazy,” during the shooting. He drops the emptied 9 mm semiautomatic handgun when he is approached by a teacher. When later asked why he did it, Trickey will say “I don't know”. Trickey will be described as a smart and popular student.

1999 (December 16) Patrick J. Naughton, an executive of Walt Disney Co. who runs one of the company's child-friendly web sites, is convicted on child pornography charges. The very next day, the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will issue a ruling on pornography laws that will stipulate that the government cannot prohibit computer-generated sexual images that only appear to be pictures of children, since the graphics technology that is now available to the general public is so sophisticated that it is virtually impossible in many cases to prove that a pornographic image is of a real child. This ruling will effectively make digital still images of child pornography completely legal. Within hours of the appeals court ruling, Naughton is released by federal prosecutors on $100,000 bail.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

1999 – It’s discovered that Microsoft has provided the NSA with a key to allow them backdoor entrance into every copy of Windows 95osr2, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows NT 4, and the soon to be released Windows 2000.

1999 – First wireless networking.

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