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They Would Be Gods - 74 - The UFO Enigma and Government Deception



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

74: The UFO Enigma and Government Deception

Ever since the Roswell incident in 1947, the attitude and actions of the American government has been very suspicious in regards to the entire UFO enigma. The research into the truth behind the Roswell incident by a small army of individuals over the years and decades has shown conclusively, through both government documentation and witness interviews, that whatever it was that crashed in the New Mexico desert in July of that year, was of such significance that a government cover-up was immediately begun and has continued to be played on the public through a series of lies and a veil of extreme secrecy and deception that still goes on today.

There is far too much to the Roswell story to go into in any detail here, but it should be pointed out that this event marks a definite turning point in the scheme of things on our planet. Only a few months after this incident, the CIA was quickly formed, and ever since its inception, this organization has played a central role behind the scenes in the modern-day UFO mystery – much of it centered around creating ridicule or otherwise diverting serious enquiries into the matter through disinformation campaigns, as well as intimidating witnesses to keep them silent. Five months after the Roswell incident, the US Air Force, previously a division of the US Army, came into its own as a separate organ of the government. The NSA, an even more secretive intelligence agency than even the CIA, was quietly formed five years later in the summer of 1952, only a few months after the White House was buzzed by UFOs two weeks in a row. The NSA was created by Executive Order and without any charter, answerable only to the President himself with no government oversight to check on its activities, and exempt from all laws that do not specifically name this agency within their wording.

It is reported that along with these new organs of governmental power was also formed a special group of government insiders, known as MJ-12. Although absolute proof that MJ-12 exists is short, and questions still remain as to the validity of the evidence that does exist, the amount of effort and inside knowledge that would be needed to create that evidence is beyond the level of an ordinary hoax, and would have to have been orchestrated from inside the government. The obvious question is, why would they go to the trouble? If nothing else, what has been discovered regarding the existence of MJ-12 is at the very least a disinformation campaign to divert attention away from a real group formed for a very similar reason as MJ-12. Such a group would undoubtedly be part of the same cabal that was discussed earlier, or a group that was operating directly under their command.

Given the obvious intent of the US government to shroud the Roswell incident in more mystery than would have been necessary if any one of their various and often changing claims regarding it were not so persistently and vociferously questioned over the years and decades, and in recognizing the almost immediate creation of the CIA, US Air Force, and NSA, it becomes obvious that something extremely important was suddenly recognized by that government at that time, and that it was so important that it was necessary to severely limit and isolate all awareness of this knowledge by compartmentalizing it immediately. MJ-12, or a group very similar to it, was initially formed in order to manage this knowledge and everything to do with the crash, directly overseeing any further activities surrounding the matter.

Over the next few decades, the UFO enigma continued, and the US government, through the Air Force, began several public investigations (Project SAUCER, Project SIGN, Project GRUDGE, Project Blue Book) into the UFO witness reports that were beginning to come in, more for the purpose of monitoring public awareness and to suppress the true facts of the situation, and very often using ridicule and intimidation to silence witnesses of UFO-related incidents. The later government investigations, such as Project BLUE BOOK, were intended to achieve little more than satisfying the public that all the witness reports being made were nothing more than misidentifications of more reasonably acceptable phenomena. Every effort was made to have the public believe that UFOs were not real, and so the thought of extraterrestrial aliens visiting our planet was to be considered a ridiculous proposition.

There were actually two levels of investigation going on into the UFO mystery, and while those of a more public nature were primarily aimed at debunking witness reports and any suggestion of an alien presence, investigations of a much more secretive nature were aimed at following up on the more significant witness reports, and sequestering any and all physical evidence that might exist, removing it from public awareness. The newly formed US Air Force took care of the debunking aspect of these investigations, while it is obvious that it was the CIA and NSA that were involved with the deeper investigative aspects, focusing on the most significant cases that were of interest to them, silencing witnesses and attempting to learn more about the situation. These were invariably the cases that are least heard about, and which usually involved the mysterious Men in Black, alien abductions, and physical contact with alien beings.

One of the more significant UFO incidents took place at 11:40 pm on July 19th, 1952, when the White House in Washington was buzzed by no less than seven UFOs. Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, head of Project Blue Book, was apparently unaware at that time that the government was conducting a second level of investigation into UFO reports. In attempting to respond to the initial reports of this incident, he was utterly stonewalled and even threatened when he reached Washington and was given no opportunity to conduct his investigation. Andrew’s AFB failed to deploy interceptors for six hours (they would repeat this same lack of response again on the fateful morning of September 11th, 2001). A week later, at 9:30 pm on July 26th, another White House flyover occurred. Ruppelt was only made aware of it because of a phone call from the press, rather than from his superiors, and used the airport radar screens rather than the military’s to witness the event. He observed that it took the Air Force almost two hours to deploy interceptors on this second occasion. One of the jets deployed was reportedly rushed by the UFOs, which encircled it. When the pilot, Lieutenant William Patterson, radioed to base asking whether or not he should fire on them, he got nothing but silence for a response. The UFOs retreated minutes later, leaving him unharmed. But the message was clear. These UFOs were far superior in capability to our strongest military forces and were not intimidated by them.

Only a few months after this incident, the NSA was secretly created. Since then, UFOs have continued to be reported flying around in our skies, very often near military installations, and a large number of these are being reported by military personnel on duty at these installations. This reveals that these are not their own military craft, but that whoever or whatever is controlling the UFOs is nonetheless interested in these installations for some reason. UFOs have sometimes been associated with sudden missile failures. They have also shown an interest in our nuclear technology, and have been witnessed hovering around nuclear reactors as well as at nuclear test sites and weapons arsenals. And since the inception of the American space program, UFOs have always been ominously present, observing, and sometimes interfering with, the many space projects that have been undertaken over the years.

A question comes to mind at this point. Could it be that these aliens were, at least initially, only interested in getting back their technology from the Roswell crash, which we are obviously not ready to have possession of? Has the US government been resistant to comply with them?

A strange aspect of the UFO enigma are the elusive Men in Black. As we saw in the second chapter, attempts were being made early on to disrupt and mislead UFO researchers, and disinformation campaigns were set up through agent provocateurs to infiltrate the UFO groups that were developing and to create false leads and keep tabs on what they knew and what the various researchers were doing. The Men in Black began showing up after a sighting had been made, and they were intent on silencing the witnesses and retrieving any physical evidence that had been acquired. They seem to have used props and disguises to mask their identity and increase their mystery, and acted in unusual ways that only added to the feeling that they were totally alien to our world. This may have all been purposeful. They fit in with the wildest claims that have circulated among the UFO community, which are the likeliest to be disinformation. However, when accurate information is already out, the tactics used will be to promote this information but include into the picture enough elements to create doubt and ridicule. The Men in Black have done just that. They were undoubtedly serving the shadowy powers that know the greater truth of these things, and they were definitely on a ‘clean-up’ mission, but it’s unclear whether they were working for the government or whether they were alien beings posing as government agents. There is a strong possibility that they were mind-controlled humanoid robots. Whatever the case, they represent a sinister group with a great deal of power that has been embroiled deeply in these matters.

It is interesting to note that the Roswell incident was only five years prior to the White House flyovers, and America’s decision to send a manned space flight to the moon was made public less than a decade after the event. The rather pointless task of putting a man on the moon for no better reason than to beat the Russians to it was the publicly promoted excuse for initiating this program. The whole thing was promoted to the public with a great deal of media stimulated fanfare that was necessary to build public support and justify the expense, which was going to come from the taxpaying public. As long as the public body was all for such a massive and expensive undertaking, they wouldn’t be able to complain very loudly when it failed to produce little in the way of any noticeable benefits. But if there was another reason for the rush to get to the moon, then what might it have been? Were they secretly looking for something?

Once the moon had been conquered and several televised landings had taken place, the US space program all but died. NASA remained in place, and continued to perform minor missions and projects, mostly launching commercial and military satellites, but never again anything as large-scale as the moon missions had been. It seems that the American government had really gone to the moon for some other reason than just to be the first to get there, or even to collect a few rocks, and something unexpected may have severely dampened these ambitions.
Whatever the case might be, a cover-up by NASA and the American government seems to have taken place regarding the Apollo moon missions, and this offers support for the bigger picture that is being presented here in this text. It has been revealed by private investigative teams that what the public was exposed to during the televised Apollo landings were staged events, and did not actually take place as they were presented. I will not go into too many of the details, since they are covered extensively elsewhere, but I will point out a few pieces of evidence that the reader should immediately recognize as suspicious about the televised landing missions.

1)     The light from the sun did not always extend to the moon’s horizon as it naturally should have, but faded quickly to blackness in the near distance not far beyond the area where the landing module and astronauts were being filmed. This appears suspiciously like the effect of a spotlight in a studio setting, rather than anything that could have been natural.
2)     In the final shot of the landing module as it lifted off the moon, the camera panned up to follow it as it rose, and yet there was no means for it to do this on its own unless someone had remained behind to operate it.
3)     As the landing module lifted off from the lunar surface, its jets should have raised a plume of dust and shaken the camera from the propulsive force, but this did not occur, as the final moon shot reveals. We know that a fine dust was covering the ground where the module landed, because we saw the many deep footprints that the astronauts made in it as they walked around directly outside the module. They could also be seen kicking up the dust as they hopped about the lunar landscape.

There are many more indications that the televised versions of the moon landings were faked, which other investigators have pointed out, but these three stand out as the most obvious and compelling evidence of all.

NASA representatives at first attempted to account for many of the inconsistencies that have been pointed out that put the entire Apollo mission into question, but soon found themselves unable to do so, at which point they simply refused to discuss the matter any further, and stopped responding to enquiries about them.

Many pieces of evidence have been compiled that refute the reality of this moon mission (as it was presented to the public), and anyone who considers them all will be left with serious doubts that this event actually took place as it was depicted on national public television.

That these events were staged puts NASA – and by extension the entire American government – under extreme suspicion. There is a possibility that they were staged just to keep face and not let the Russians win the space race, but such an excuse is really quite ridiculous. Whether the Americans won the space race or not would have made little real difference to the world at large, just as the fact that Russia beat the Americans in putting the first man into orbit made little difference. There was a deeper reason for going to the moon, and for faking the televised moon landings.

It may very well be that the American government is acting in the better interests of the public body, and it would certainly make sense to keep knowledge of an alien presence out of the public’s awareness, at least until the situation can be properly evaluated and a threat assessment done. This may be why we’re being kept in the dark, but the fact that no real threat seems eminent after all this time, even when the UFOs are aggressively provoked (as they have been a number of times), makes it unreasonable to continue to pretend that they don’t even exist. It has been over sixty years since the Roswell incident, and we have yet to be invaded by little green men brandishing laser guns. So why do the authorities continue to pretend that UFOs are not real?

We know that the military considers these strange objects to be real, because there is a wealth of documented reports and witness statements that have been made by military personnel, and in some cases they have even lost aircraft and crew members while pursuing UFOs. In fact, the most compelling UFO reports that exist come from the military, who are in the best position to know what these UFOs are, who the operators are, whether they are friend or foe, and where they might originate from.

There are reports that the US government was in direct, face-to-face contact with alien beings several times in the years prior to the moon missions, which may give further indication as to why the public presentation of these missions were staged. If they were already aware that there was an alien presence on the moon, then in order not to inadvertently expose this dark secret to the public while they investigated it, they paralleled the real moon landings with staged counterparts. The true purpose of these missions may have actually been part of the more secret investigations into the UFO enigma that we are still experiencing.

In considering that a crashed alien craft and its occupants were retrieved near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, verifying beyond all doubt that there is an alien presence on this planet, we are left to wonder what those who would be in the know would have done in response. Obviously, the military would be interested for security reasons, and would want to take defensive measures, but other parties, such as the intelligence organs, would be interested in deeper issues, which would require establishing a degree of non-aggressive interaction with these aliens in order to attempt some form of communications with them. This would take some time, and would have to be conducted in absolute secrecy. Therefore, whether or not such communication has yet been able to take place, the isolation of the lunar surface might have made a perfect location for initiating secret long-term contact.

Remembering that the ancient mystery schools held certain knowledge that has always been tightly guarded, and that these schools have continued to exist in one form or another throughout the millennia right up until the present, and that this knowledge is in some way connected to the oldest recorded mysteries that have been reflected in ancient legends and myths, it is not hard to conclude that the UFOs and whoever or whatever is behind them might be the same as those entities depicted as gods in times of old. Whatever the knowledge the mystery schools have held, surely it is connected to what the UFO enigma suggests. The modern-day equivalents of these older schools, such as the Freemason’s Society and other equally secretive groups, undoubtedly hold certain knowledge that has been passed on from the older schools, and this knowledge will be within the sole possession of those few who sit at the very highest levels of these modern-day groups. High-ranking Freemasons are found throughout the top levels of all American government institutions, including the military and intelligence organs, and these people are very often also members of other secret groups as well, any of which might hold certain knowledge that is being kept from the public and which might very well be related to both the modern UFO enigma and to our true human history and origins. Having such high-ranking members of these groups in these positions of governmental power allows them to be in a position to act in the interests of whatever secret group they are loyal to, should something arise that was of significance to that group’s purpose or agenda. If any one of these groups has taken seriously the ancient legends of god-like beings with advanced technologies (which some of them apparently do), and if they had enough of their ranks in key positions of influence (which they all apparently do), they would be in a position to pursue their secret agendas under the guise of seemingly unrelated pursuits and through seemingly unexpected events.

We see this going on more and more over the years, not just from within the US government, but also from within the governments of other countries. The concept of a single world government has been introduced more and more into the minds of the masses in recent years, which just happens to be one of the major ideologies of Freemasonry, and it’s obvious that a plan is already well afoot to lead us to this eventuality, and without being given any choice in the matter at all. This can only have negative consequences, given the mindset of those in power. They have made themselves untouchable, and have proven this fact again and again, most notably with the 9/11 disaster. As long as they don’t admit to their acts, they are not culpable. They have the power to force any other excuse for their acts upon a public who has little choice but to accept it.

Considering this, and many other factors that may play on the current situation of our global society, it’s conceivable that the public is so out of touch with the truth that they would be unlikely to accept it as real if suddenly faced with it. And it may be that even these secret groups do not know the full truth, although some of them are obviously much closer to it than others among them. Certainly those within the US government who have possession of the Roswell artifacts are holding some important clues which would help to explain the UFO enigma and perhaps so much more. Unfortunately, they aren’t willing to share what they have, or even divulge that they have anything, and instead act in secrecy towards an agenda that isn’t necessarily in the interests of the public body.

It may very well be, and probably is, that not all UFOs are of an altogether alien origin, but are in some cases the secret technologies of the US government or some other powerful group within our society. Given the fact that a craft was retrieved in 1947, and probably others before and since, it isn’t too hard to conceive of this alien technology having been at least partially back-engineered and incorporated into terrestrial technologies within the sixty-plus years that they’ve had it. The high cabal that controls this captured technology is able to keep it secret through the compartmentalization of knowledge, which is a well-established method of keeping secrets that has proven to be highly successful in so many other situations. It’s obvious that they wouldn’t just sit back and do nothing with whatever they have and whatever they know. So, what are they doing with it? What could their plans be?

Although these UFOs may be extraterrestrial in nature, it is also possible, as I’ve said before, that they might also originate from here on Earth. If the Roswell crash was not of extraterrestrial origin, then where could it have originated from? Is there any evidence of any other possible answers? A look back on recent history might provide an alternative answer.

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