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They Would Be Gods - 78 - More Mind Control Technology



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

78: More Mind Control Technology

There are yet other, more state-of-the-art mind-control technologies than these. They include certain technologies that government and scientific documentation establish as actually existing, and which reveal the extent of the research into mind-control technology and its real-world applications. This technology has been developed by the military and intelligence organs in almost absolute secrecy and for extremely questionable purposes. The documentary evidence reveals that they have tested and experimented with these technologies using unwitting citizens of their own country.

Often these victims have been from the lower socio-economic sectors, indicating the underlying attitude of the perpetrators, and of those who direct them, toward the less privileged. However, this technology is by no means being limited in its application to just the lower end of the social ladder.

Many victims of this mind-control technology have no idea what has been or continues to be done to them. They are often misdiagnosed by doctors as schizophrenic or psychotic, and often end up being prescribed heavy medications, which are usually just as debilitating as the mind-control itself.

These technologies have become so advanced that victims can no longer distinguish between their own thoughts and those that are implanted from outside their own heads. Nor can they easily distinguish their real senses from artificially generated visual and auditory hallucinations. They live with a mind that is no longer their own, and many of them don’t even realize they are being directly affected.

Since these technologies have become virtually undetectable, none of us can ever be sure that we aren’t being influenced by them in some way.

What are we able to do about this problem? How do we fight it? How do we know any more whether our thoughts and actions are our own, or those of some clandestine group of mind-control aficionados with less than noble interests at heart? How can we be certain that we’re even responsible for our actions when this technology is obviously being used on the population to a much greater extent than the available documents would ever reveal? How can we ever trust those who we know or suspect are experimenting with these technologies?

Many otherwise intelligent people hear about mind-control and its technologies and quickly brush the matter off with little serious thought as to the reality of the situation and its implications. They may hold a patriotic trust in their government, believing that if this technology exists then it’s required in the name of national security and the preservation of our peace and freedoms, and they may think that although a ‘small number’ of citizens were/are unwittingly used as guinea pigs for experimental testing, this is a small price to pay. Perhaps so, but mind-control technology, especially in the hands of military/intelligence organs, is for anything but our peace and freedom. And however small a price we might pay for this technology, whether it’s the life of one person or an entire population, it must be asked: What could we as a society possibly be getting out of this technology that makes it at all worthwhile?
The following are just some of things that can be accomplished with current mind-control technology:

  • Implant subliminal suggestions into a person’s thoughts
  • Cause memory erasure
  • Create cover memory overlays
  • Create sensory hallucinations
  • Cause pleasure/pain stimulation
  • Physical control of a person’s motor activity
  • Cause emotional stimulation
  • Cause physiological distress

Although early electronic mind-control technologies required the necessity of physically implanting devices in the victim, the state of the art has reached the point where these implants are no longer necessary, and all aspects of control can be remotely attained without any direct contact with the victim at any time. This is possible by using beamed electromagnetic energy of particular frequencies and modulation patterns that simulate natural brainwave patterns. Although certain higher-level brain activity might be specific to each individual, general lower-level activity, such as emotions and most other involuntary physiological responses, are more or less the same for everyone, so that controlling these lower-level brain functions in any individual is easily attainable. It only requires knowing what frequencies and modulations will elicit the desired effect. More specific control of higher-level brain functions only requires recording an individual’s particular brain activity during a particular experience or mental event and then beaming that pattern back at the individual whenever that brain activity is desired. Through refinement of the particular pattern over time, specific aspects of it can be enhanced or eliminated for better effect.

Mind-control technology, for all it might be worth, has never been developed for any purpose other than to control and dominate others. Virtually none of the research and development that has gone into it has been towards protecting against such control, which would be the only reasonable and humane purpose behind such research on the grounds of national security.

Development of this technology has been secretly pursued with the rabid obsession of power-hungry groups and individuals who seek to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of their desired goal. They disregard the moral and ethical questions this issue raises, which is most apparent by the fact that they attempt to keep this technology buried in absolute secrecy and attempt to deny its very existence. The secrecy isn’t for anyone’s benefit but their own, of course, since common knowledge of this technology would remove the freedom from responsibility that is so essential to the continuation of the nefarious activities we are discussing. As it stands, those who control this technology can interfere in a person’s life at the most personal level imaginable and without that person ever knowing what’s really going on. The implications of this are extremely sinister, and can only lead to one possible eventuality if it continues to be used: the complete and total domination of an entire society by those few who possess this technology.

When our very thoughts and actions have been utterly usurped, we are no longer anything more than flesh-and-blood puppets – biological robots who can only experience the effects of such control without any further ability to choose or control our experiences on our own. Those who are controlling us are so completely detached from the pain and emotions we might be forced to go through that these factors have become inconsequential to them. As long as we have the thoughts and perform the actions that they want us to, nothing else matters. The extent of this horror can hardly be imagined.

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