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They Would Be Gods - 48 - The Secret Knowledge



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

48: The Secret Knowledge

“It would be a bad thing for mankind if our secrets were made known to all, for then evil men could use them to injure others for their own ends, whilst we ourselves would lose the position of power we have always enjoyed.”  - from A Search in Secret Egypt, by Paul Brunton 

What was this secret knowledge of the ancient schools? Where did it come from? How was it acquired? The answers to these questions will probably never be completely known. Such is the purpose and effect of secrecy. Although much of what was taught in the early mystery schools pertained to subjects we are now commonly familiar with, such as mathematics and astronomy, there was also certain knowledge of other things that was always kept hidden or has since been lost altogether. This was undoubtedly the most valuable information of all – the secrets of secrets. If we knew what this knowledge was, it would probably be able to explain the true origin, purpose, and method of construction of the pyramids at Giza, which happens to be the general location of one of the oldest known secret schools, and which has always had a strong association with psychic phenomena and paranormal events, and is considered to be situated on a major energy spot where a number of ley lines converge. This secret knowledge might also explain how the Piri Reis map was made, how Anna Mitchell-Hedges’ crystal skull was formed, and many other things. The secret wisdom of the ancients might have some bearing on these mysteries from the past, and many, many others as well. There was definitely some very secret and very powerful knowledge that was always carefully guarded by those who held it. For this reason, the art of writing was probably first developed, in order to be able to record the secret knowledge that was rapidly accumulating while keeping it out of the hands of the uninitiated.

The most guarded truth, however, seems to have surrounded the matter of the human spirit, which is the most powerful aspect of a human being, and needed to be tempered and controlled if the ruling elite and their high-priests were to continue to dominate the masses.

Psychic abilities were once very common and were quite developed in many humans, just as any other specialized talent or skill might be. The high-priests of the ancient temples in Egypt were masters of the esoteric sciences, and knew very well how to use the natural powers of the mind. What they knew regarding these powers was a jealously guarded secret, and great lengths were taken to safeguard such knowledge. The understanding of psychic power was centered around the gods of old, from whom the priests may have believed it came. Perhaps it did, or perhaps it was a naturally inherent ability in humans, but had become monopolized by the ruling elite. Because every human has the potential to develop the natural psychic and spiritual aspects of themselves once they become aware of them, it was necessary for those in control to block all chances of this happening, and so false understandings were promoted to the masses, and entry into the mystery schools was very limited to only the most promising candidates, who were required to take solemn oaths and initiations on penalty of death, and sworn never to reveal the secrets that would be imparted to them.

The ancient secret schools of the Egyptians, of the Indian Brahmins, of the Jewish Kabbalists, of the Tibetan lamas, of the students of the later mystery schools in Greece, and many others, have each known about aspects of reality that the common person was not aware of, and such knowledge was considered to be more valuable than a person’s life. To be initiated into any of these schools and to attain the higher degrees as an adept required life-long subservience and dedication, and only those initiates who showed the proper aptitudes were taken through ever more esoteric teachings that involved the deeper secrets. Most or all of these secrets were never written down, but were only ever passed on from teacher to student by word of mouth or through symbolic or allegorical representation only, and in this way kept safe from the hands of the uninitiated. The most powerful of these secrets were only ever divulged to those few high adepts who were able to master all of the lesser secrets, and these rare individuals were more often than not the great figures we read about in our history books today, or who in earlier times were the heroes of ancient myths.

The early possessors of this secret knowledge – the high-priests of the secret schools – put themselves into a position of the highest loftiness by associating themselves with the very gods that were believed to work through them. They claimed to have the wisdom that only gods could possess, and because of this, they demanded to be revered almost as much as the gods themselves. In order to maintain this illusion of god-hood, the priests needed to keep the masses of common people in ignorance about the actual source of their magic and power.

Many of the functions of certain ancient rites still mystify us today, and the ancient Egyptian mummification rites of the pharaohs is one that has been the subject of speculation for centuries. This rite was followed with the belief that the deceased pharaoh would be resurrected into his physical body after death, to live amongst the gods, or to be recast in the same body to live and rule over humans once more. In The Gods of Eden, author William Bramley suggests that such beliefs surrounding mummification were due to the gods intentions to tie the human spirit to the physical plane, and to instill a materialistic understanding about our world, where all humans are trapped, and only the divinely chosen ruling elite might achieve immortality. This means that even those who stood closest to the secrets – or to the gods themselves – may have been deceived as much as they had deceived the masses.

During the earliest part of our recorded history, the alien group was not nearly as powerful or as invisible as they have since become, but they were still powerful enough to control the masses in the manner required for their purposes, such as through these ceremonies. At first, they purposely made their presence visible and sometimes performed great feats or ‘miracles’ in order to awe the human masses and instill fear and obedience. Examples of such events are encountered again and again throughout the Old Testament Bible, wherever it describes the interactions of the Israelites with their god. A thorough study of the Old Testament will reveal a great deal when considered in light of what is discussed within these pages.

The religious centers of ancient times were the actual dwelling places of the gods, great temples erected for their comfort and from where they could direct their human subjects in tasks that they deemed necessary or of benefit to their growing empire. Human civilization grew around these centers, and they became major points of trade and education. Devotion to these living gods was not just encouraged but expected, and humans were given the knowledge necessary to develop as a civilization in return for their devotion.

That humans began to live in large cities early on was to the advantage of these gods, allowing them to better control and direct the masses for their needs. They taught humans to farm and to mine, establishing the work force that would provide the food and materials that the gods required. As humans advanced, new skills and knowledge were introduced, building a social system that the people became more and more dependant on in their daily living. Many great projects were undertaken to keep the masses occupied, and these more often than not centered around the building of great monuments and structures.

As the human race expanded, they became too numerous to live together in these cities, and slowly spread out further and further over the land. This caused their dissociation with the gods, and as time went on these humans who were no longer under their dominance were able to develop naturally, some of them slowly learning of their inherent psychic abilities that had lain dormant and unused for so long. These natural abilities helped them in predicting where to find food and how to overcome the obstacles that arose as they fended for themselves on the land. They became independent and learned to live in harmony with nature.

After a time, the gods saw that these distant peoples were becoming too capable on their own, and that they were learning about their natural psychic potentials, which was seen as a threat to the plans that the gods had for humans: to hold absolute control over their genetic creation. So the gods amassed their human subjects into armies, and led them to war against the distant peoples in order to demand their continued subservience or to exterminate them if they refused. Many of these wars are depicted in the books of the Old Testament, in which it is told how the Israelites were sent by their god to slaughter nation after nation as they roamed about the land. The purpose of these wars were not just to eliminate the belief in other gods, but more importantly, to eliminate those humans who were becoming aware of their natural psychic abilities, since these abilities were liable to awaken them from the ignorance that the gods had purposely instilled in them in order that they might be completely controlled and dominated. Those humans that they went to war against were the followers of the remnant giants, such as Og the king of Bashan, who were masters of the occult.

The gods taught their human followers to believe that dabbling in esoteric magic was dangerous, and the practice of divination and the performing of miracles were only acceptable when it was from their own hand or from the hand of certain chosen humans who were their proxies and who held the role as leaders of the people. Any other supernatural acts were deemed to be evil and were to be suppressed.

This belief in the dangers of esoteric magic and our natural psychic senses was upheld through the ages as humans continued to follow the dictates of the gods, even long after the gods had retreated into the shadows and had been relegated to mythological stature in the minds of humans. The practice of divination and prophecy by ordinary humans became outlawed, and the belief that such practices were evil took firm root in society. In this way, this belief kept humans from learning of their true natural potential. It has remained that way to this day.

Once the gods had established a civilization for humans according to their own needs, they were then able to separate themselves from direct rule over them, and eventually disappeared altogether from sight. They were still essentially present, however, working through their human proxies while watching and pulling the strings to keep humans under their control and furthering their own secret agenda. Whether they retreated to another location in our solar system or perhaps even beyond, or have retreated underground beneath our Earth’s surface, or somewhere else. is uncertain. Anything might be possible. It may be that they have extraterrestrial bases on other planets and/or our moon, perhaps hidden under the surface. The means of communication with their proxies from such a distance is even suggested in the Bible, where it describes the use of the Ark of the Covenant by the Israelites to communicate with their god. Researchers are said to have actually built an Ark following the instructions for its construction that are laid out in the Bible, and have shown that the Ark’s design is equivalent to that of a basic radio transmitter/receiver. It is therefore quite likely that the alien group have been remotely monitoring humans with their technology ever since the time of Moses.

Certain humans have always been given special positions of power over the rest of the masses, as great leaders who would govern us and great thinkers who would mold our beliefs about matters as they came to our awareness. In this way, the gods of ancient times have always had the ability to maintain control over us with minimal contact, remaining hidden from all but a select few so as to keep the rest of us ignorant of the greater truths that we would certainly seek for ourselves if we knew of their existence. One of the greatest of these secret truths, the knowledge of our natural psychic senses, has been suppressed so that we will never come to realize what is taking place before it’s too late, which would allow us to begin to unwind ourselves from the growing domination of our tyrannical slave-masters.

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