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CHRONOLOGY V - 2000 to 2013

History of the Psychopathic Elite’s 
Development of Techno-Slavery

2000 Computers and cell phones are becoming heavily proliferated in the Western world, offering the potential means to act as a carrier for transmitting and receiving brainwave signals for mind-control purposes.

2000 – RCMP consider getting a warrant to search Robert Pickton’s property after reports that he is involved in the disappearance of missing women from Vancouver BC’s lower east side, but fail to do so.

2000 (May) The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, amid pressure over the long delay in publishing their investigation’s findings into the Columbine massacre, releases a report that includes an overwhelming 11,000 pages of material, making it a slow process for the public to sort through.

2000 (September) – At about this time, eight people are arrested in Italy and three in Russia, and police say that another 1,700 people are being investigated in Italy, as yet another pedophile network surfaces. The images traded by this ring included ones in which children are raped and tortured to death. By November, close to 1,500 people will be charged in the case. There are clear indications of high-level complicity and a strong belief among the Italian people that the facts of the case are being covered up. The magistrate heading up the inquiry denounces a ‘paedophile lobby’ supported by high-level politicians who openly obstruct investigators.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

2000 (September) – According to Diana Napolis (or someone posing as her), she has an ‘alien abduction’ experience. She kinesthetically feels an object come over her that she believes is extracting her astral body, after which she is taken aboard a craft. She is shown a pictograph of two diminutive ‘aliens’ struggling over a weapon, as well as physics equations on a chalk aboard. She tells them she is not proficient in physics but if she can assist them with something she will consider it. She then returns to her body.

2000 Ted Gunderson is caught stealing $150,000 from The Nevada Mary Schibe Trust and cuts a deal with the attorneys of the Trust to keep from being prosecuted by allowing the Trust to automatically deduct $1,500 per month from Gunderson bank account until the money is paid back.

2000 Michael Aquino and others continue their efforts to discover the identity of Diana Napolis, who is attempting to expose their pedophile activities. A satanic cult ‘retractor’ and alleged MPD/DID sufferer, Michelle Devereaux, eventually approaches Napolis and claims that ‘dangerous’ individuals are seeking her identity and Devereaux is concerned about her safety. A ‘sting’ is then orchestrated by satanist Devereaux and unknown others, at which time Devereaux files a false police report at the San Francisco Police Department so that San Diego State University (SDSU) would identify Napolis. For unknown reasons, SDSU then releases Napolis’ name to San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Mark Sauer even though Napolis has told them that dangerous people are seeking her identity. Mark Sauer proceeds to write an invasive and defamatory news article in the San Diego Union-Tribune titled, The Web of Intrigue, The Search for Curio Leads Cybersleuths Down a Twisted Path, which consists of false allegations made by Carol Hopkins, Elizabeth Loftus, Michelle Devereaux, and Michael Aquino. There are numerous efforts made in this article to make it appear that Napolis is writing ‘libelous’ online posts when in fact these people are making libelous allegations about her in efforts to ruin her reputation, in retaliation, due to her investigation that had exposed them. Although Devereaux's actions against Napolis were described by Mark Sauer as ‘cyber-sleuthing’, her overall behavior actually meets the criteria for a criminal stalking complaint.

2000 Noreen Gosch publishes her book, Why Johnny Can’t Come Home, detailing her private investigation into the abduction and sex-slavery of her son Johnny in 1982, which was perpetrated by satanist and pedophile Michael Aquino.

2000 (December 26) – Edgewater Technology employee Michael ‘Mucko’ McDermott shoots and kills seven of his coworkers at the office in Wakefield, MA. McDermott claims he had “traveled back in time and killed Hitler and the last six Nazis.” He will be sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences. McDermott had previously served in the Navy aboard a nuclear submarine.

2001 (January) Interpol agrees to set up an electronic library of child sex victims at its headquarters in Lyon, France. The first images to be processed into that database are 750,000 photos seized by British authorities in the Wonderland raids. The database has the potential to be used as a recruitment list to identify those persons who have been ‘preconditioned’ for future mind-control operations.

(See online file, The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan)

2001 (March) – Yet another interlinked, global pedophile network called Blue Orchid is exposed, and four Americans are arrested for their involvement.

2001 (March 5) – A shooting at Santana High School in San Diego, California, leaves two dead and thirteen wounded. The killer is Charles ‘Andy’ Williams, whose mother is in the military and father is in intelligence. After Williams moved with his family to San Diego from Fort Dettrick (a base deeply connected to psychological operations), his father began working at a Naval Medical Center that was involved with neurosurgery.

2001 (April) – Police in Florence, Italy reopen the case of convicted serial killer Pietro Pacciani in the light of new evidence that will suggest that “while Pacciani may indeed have carried out the murders, or some of them, the real masterminds behind the gruesome killings were a group of ‘high society satanists’ who carried out – and perhaps still carry out – ‘weird rituals that beggar belief’ behind the respectable facades of their Tuscan villas, led by a ‘distinguished doctor’ with a ‘sick and twisted mind.’”

By August, the Guardian will add: “Police now believe that a group of between 10 and 12 wealthy, sophisticated Italians orchestrated ritualised murders over the course of three decades and got away with it, allowing their careers and reputations to blossom to this day.” These unidentified suspects are described as an “occult group which directed the...murders.”

The Times article notes that Pacciani's “conviction was overturned on appeal, but he was about to be retried – which is possible under Italian law – when he died, supposedly of a heart attack.” According to the investigating magistrate on the case, Pacciani's death was definitely not due to natural causes: “Someone was prescribing medicine that killed rather than cured Pacciani.”  Pacciani's defense attorney, Carmelo Lavorino, noted that, at the time of his death, Pacciani wasn't in any known danger. He also said that evidence at the scene suggested that Pacciani had been dragged by his feet after his death. The most likely explanation is obviously that Pacciani was eliminated, as the Guardian put it, “lest he reveal the real monster, or monsters.” According to the Times, a number of other suspicious deaths have surrounded the case: “Renato Malatesta, Pacciani's close friend, was found hanging in a stable with his feet still resting firmly on the ground... Malatesta's daughter Milva was found dead with her three-year-old son in a burnt-out Fiat Panda... another burnt-out car was found containing the body of Milva Malatesta's lover, Francesco Vinci, another Pacciani acquaintance... A year later came the murder of Anna Milva Mettei, a local prostitute who had had an affair with Vinci's son, whose body was also burnt.” Investigators have now come to the belated realization that a large network of people were involved in the killings, some studying the most likely spots in which to strike, while others served as lookouts. “They all took orders from one person who... then took part himself in the actual killings and mutilations.”  

By September, yet more of the cover-up will unravel when the Observer drops a bombshell: “The Monster of Florence may have been a Satanic sect bankrolled by the secret service.” Suspects by then will include “a doctor, ambassador and an artist.” Pacciani's death will be treated as a murder, with questions being  raised about his unexplained wealth – which includes two houses and more than $75,000 in cash. Michele Giuttari, the investigating magistrate on the case, who has received death threats, will state that the Monster of Florence was not Pacciani, but a “cultured man of great professional success, esteemed and powerful, but with psychopathic hidden impulses.”

2001 (September 11) – The attack on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. At least 2,744 lives are lost in New York this day. The Bush Administration will immediately point the finger at Osama bin Laden. An incredible amount of evidence reveals that this was an inside job, perpetrated on the American people by its own government. It will lead to increased domestic surveillance and sweeping anti-terrorist laws. The New World Order will suddenly begin to loom much closer.

One telltale sign that this is a false flag operation that is evident in other ‘terrorist’ events in the US is that there is a military exercise drill going on at the exact same time, using the same type of scenario as the actual event – in this case, that a plane is going to fly into a building in New York City. This exercise caused NORAD to stand down at that time, thus allowing the hijacked planes to fly into the towers and the Pentagon.

2001 – Reports indicate that there are over 100,000 child pornography sites on the internet.

2002 (January) John Poindexter, working through Syntek Technologies, is appointed to develop sophisticated data-mining software for DARPA’s Total Information Awareness program. The system will utilize sophisticated computer algorithms to find relevant information – links between people, organizations, places, and things – from the masses of available data, looking for connecting information patterns that can be evaluated and analyzed, and learning what patterns discriminate between legitimate and suspicious behavior.

During the Reagan administration, Poindexter was the highest-ranking official to be found guilty during the Iran-Contra affair. He had been convicted of five felony counts of lying to Congress, destroying official documents, and obstructing congressional investigations, and was sentenced to prison by a federal judge who called him “the decision-making head” of a plot to deceive Congress. Later, an appeals court overturned the conviction on a technicality, holding that the testimony Poindexter gave to Congress about Iran-Contra was immunized, and therefore couldn't be used against him at his trial. Now he was in charge of designing the software system that would be the eyes and ears of Big Brother, siphoning all digital communications for possible ‘terrorists’.

2002 (February 5) – A number of Hell’s Angels members in the Vancouver area (Canada) have recently been busted for drugs and guns. Soon after, the charges are mysteriously dropped. Soon after that, the ongoing investigation into missing women in Vancouver leads police to a pig farm in the outlying town of Port Coquitlam. A warrant is served on its owner, Robert Pickton, and a search of the site uncovers a gruesome scene – human body parts, including heads, hands, and feet, stored in a meat freezer in one of the sheds. They belong to two of the missing women. Other evidence found on the site includes clothing and ID cards belonging to many of the missing women. A wood chipper is found at the site, and is believed to have been used to dispose of other body parts. Pickton is charged with fifteen counts of first degree murder. As the investigation continues and details begin to come out, an information ban is ordered by the courts, keeping many of the details of the investigation from public awareness. Every inch of Pickton’s property will be carefully scoured for DNA traces of other missing person’s, and much will be found. The circumstances leading to his arrest, coming immediately after the stay of charges on Hell’s Angels members, suggest that Pickton has been made into a ‘fall guy’. As the investigation and court trial proceeds, many important police documents will somehow be ‘lost’. The murder count will reach 49.

(See online file, Death Farm, by Charles Mudede)

2002 (March) Knight Ridder carries a report that states: “Postal inspectors, the FBI and Canadian authorities have broken up an underground network of adults who traded pornographic videos of children – sometimes their own – being brutally beaten.” Ten arrested have already been made at the time of the report, and more are expected. The brutally sadistic beatings involved whips, hairbrushes, canes, and wooden paddles. Among those convicted are a middle school teacher, a nurse, a former Boy Scout leader, and a former Sunday school teacher.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

2002 – Despite the fact that she has previously been a high-functioning social worker in her local community with no criminal record, Diana Napolis begins suffering from attacks from ‘nonlethal’ electronic weapons, as well as hearing unexplained ‘voices’ in her head. Several of these voices appear to be that of filmmaker Steven Spielberg and actress Jennifer Love-Hewitt. She attempts to confront these two celebrities and ends up being charged with a criminal offense that leads to a year of jail time, months in a mental hospital, and the end of her career. She is also given a court order to refrain from using the internet, which makes it impossible for her to defend herself against further claims against her. She only later realizes that her perpetrators (Michael Aquino and others) coerced her to confront these celebrities and act as she did.

2002 (August) – The Independent reports that US authorities have uncovered a child pornography ring stretching to Britain and continental Europe, in which parents sexually abused their children and distributed photographs of them over the internet.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

2002 – A woman files rape charges against George Bush, and is found dead from a gun-shot wound 9 months later. There is a near-total blackout in the media on the subject.

2003 (January)A Sunday Herald article reveals that British police investigators had discovered “that images of Fred West abusing one of his children are among child pornography available for downloading from the Internet. It is unclear whether the child was West's murdered daughter Heather.” Fred West was one of the UK's most notorious, and most prolific, serial killers. Shortly after being charged with twelve counts of murder, he died while in police custody, allegedly by his own hand. West had constructed a torture chamber in his cellar where his victims were filmed being raped, tortured, murdered and mutilated. The remains of nine of his victims, minus some missing parts, were discovered buried under his house and in his yard.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

2003 (January 31) – A News report on this date (Father Pleads No Contest to Abusing Infant, The Roanoke Times) states that thirty-year-old Terry Dale Duncan, a self-styled Satanic high priest from Roanoke, Virginia, pleads no contest in an attempt to murder his one month old son. His child would have died if not for the intervention of a nurse and social worker after the child missed a doctor’s appointment. Duncan’s child had suffered fractures to a leg, a shinbone, both collarbones, and bruises covered his nose, forehead and eyes. The authorities also discovered a wound that appeared to be a cigarette burn at the back of his throat. The father said he decided to ‘sacrifice’ the child because he believed he was not the child’s father, so he tried to ‘disassemble’ him. The father claimed he used to injure victims in this manner when he was affiliated with an Oklahoma based satanic cult. He told police that, “The majority of those States that we done the sacrifices, some of them were immediate sacrifices to where the heart was busted or the throat was enclosed to cause breathing to stop immediately and cause instant death, and then we disassembled the bodies.” He confessed to many satanic murders but the police state that law enforcement in other communities did not respond to their request for information about any unsolved homicides.

(See online file, Alex Constantine's Anti-Fascist Research Bin: Satanism and Ritual Abuse - Case-by-Case Documentation, by Alex Constantine)

2003 – Author and Illuminati exposer Fritz Springmeier is allegedly framed for a bank robbery and sentenced to nine years in prison.

2003 (July 8) Doug Williams, a Lockheed Martin employee, shoots up his plant in Meridian, MS in a racially-motivated rampage. He shoots 14 people, most of them African American, and kills 7 before killing himself.

2003 (September) The International Herald Tribune carries a report from Berlin concerning “an international police investigation [that] had uncovered an immense child pornography ring involving 26,500 suspects who swapped illegal images on the Internet in 166 countries.” More than 500 homes in Germany have been searched and hundreds of computers seized, along with tens of thousands of CD-ROMs, diskettes, and videotapes. One seized image shows a baby of four months being abused. The German Interior and Justice Ministries issues a warning that many of the suspects, a number of whom are reportedly teachers and police officials, “are extremely dangerous pedophiles and are from all walks of life.” About 800 suspects reside in the United States.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

2004 (February)Mexican federal police arrest two drug cartel members who they say might have been involved in the mass murder of twelve people in a home in Juarez. Also detained are thirteen state police officers suspected of complicity.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

2004 (February 28)A report from Denver's Rocky Mountain News (Lou Kilzer, Friends Find Their Calling, February 28, 2004) reveals that the Process Church is still alive and well after a series of name changes. The group first became The Foundation – Church of the Millennium, then The Foundation Faith of God, then the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and finally the Best Friends Animal Society, which has its headquarters on a compound in the Utah desert. The group, which still includes many original members, is now known to rub shoulders with various Hollywood celebrities.

(See online book, Programmed to Kill, by David McGowan)

2005 – The NSA implements information technology called ‘Turbulence’, an extension of their ECHELON system that includes offensive cyber-warfare capabilities, such as injecting malware into remote computers.

(See online file, National Security Agency, at wikipedia)

2005 (March 12) – A Living Church of God meeting is gunned down by 44-year-old church member Terry Michael Ratzmann at a Sheraton hotel in Brookfield, WI. Ratzmann kills himself after executing the pastor, the pastor’s 16-year-old son, and seven others. Four people are wounded.

2005 (March 21) – A massacre at Red Lake High School in at the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota leaves ten people dead. The shooter, 27-year-old Jeff Weise, ends the ordeal by shooting himself in the head. He is wearing a black trench coat. Prior to arriving at the school on his rampage, Weise had shot and killed his grandparents.

A second shooter is detained but later completely disappears from all reports, the FBI report and all the video surveillance evidence will be kept secret, five fulltime FBI agents will be permanently located in Red Lake, and according to Weise’s internet posts, unmarked vans full of FBI agents began showing up at Red Lake the year before, and he said he had been named as a possible shooter back then.

Weise was having strange dream experiences, similar to virtual reality scenarios. The following is one of his internet posts:

"Lately I've been having some really strange dreams, they seem very realistic and filled with colour and sounds, ....a few night's ago I had this dream where I saw this very evil, very creepy canine's face coming toward's me, and I heard someone say "shoot!," either way everything went black and I could feel my whole body jerking and shaking, and while this was happening I could hear very loud and very distinct gunshot's, mostly machine gun fire... I found it very weird and woke up immediately after feeling a little disoriented... ."

2005 (July 7) – The terrorist bombing attack in London. Scotland Yard is performing a ‘crisis exercise’ on the same day, in which the scenarios exactly parallel the attack, with bombs exploding exactly at the railway stations where the “terrorist” bombing occurred.

2005 (November) The CIA is active in operating recruitment programs based out of Virginia Tech at this time, and will continue to be as of the 2007 shootings at that campus by killer Seung-Hui Cho. A coalition of concerned graduate students and campus organizations at Virginia Tech stage a ‘teach in’ to protest CIA recruitment on campus. Planned events also include the protest of a ‘career information’ session to be held by the CIA. Several professors from Virginia Tech are involved in government programs linked with NASA and other agencies.

(See online file, Seung-Hui Cho Was a Mind-Controlled Assassin, by Paul Joseph Watson)

2005 – The online organization Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) is established by ex-NSA employee Derrick Robinson. FFCHS will position itself as a support group for people who believe that they are being targeted by government COINTELPRO tactics, electronic harassment, or mind-control. Through their activities and promoted material, FFCHS will encourage anybody, whether real targets or imagined, sane or delusional, to claim that they are victims of government harassment. FFCHS will promote the most unrealistic claims about the purported technologies used in this targeting, misleading many people about their capabilities while ignoring more plausible targeting methods. FFCHS will come to reflect many characteristics of a cult, drawing in the most gullible people who tend to fall for traditional cult-oriented mind-control tactics. Through its heavy promotion over the years among a growing online community of purported government targets, FFCHS will be in an ideal position to identify, monitor, recruit, contain, and control anyone who already is or might make a good candidate for mind-control. Much of their efforts will serve to destroy the credibility of those people who are actually being targeted by encouraging obviously false or delusional claims to be made as well.

2006 (March 25) – Seven die and two are injured by 28-year-old Kyle Aaron Huff in a shooting spree through Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington.

2006 (May) – Mark Kline, a former AT&T employee, alleges in court that this company was cooperating with the NSA in installing hardware to spy on both domestic and foreign network communications.

(See online file, National Security Agency, at wikipedia)

2006 (October 2) – An Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster, PA is gunned down by 32-year-old Charles Carl Roberts. Roberts separates the boys from the girls, binding and shooting the girls. 5 young girls die and 6 are injured. Roberts commits suicide afterwards.

2007 (February 12) – The Trolley Square massacre in Salt Lake City, Utah. The shooter, 18-year-old Suleiman Talovic, leaves five dead and four wounded. He is wearing a dark trench coat during the attack. He will be described as being totally calm and silent throughout the rampage.

2007 (April 16) Virginia Tech shootings. The shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, kills 32 people and wounds 17 others in two separate attacks, approximately two hours apart, before taking his own life. Out of 174 rounds fired, he will make 135-odd hits, which is an astoundingly high percentage, suggesting he had extensive weapons training.

The incident starts in the early morning when Cho shoots and kills two victims. He then goes to his dorm room on campus, changes his clothes, deletes his email, and removes the hard-drive from his computer. About two hours later, he appears at a nearby post office and mails a package of writings and video recordings to NBC News. This package will be found to contain an 1800 word manifesto, photographs, and a number of digitized videos in which Cho compares himself to Jesus Christ and expresses his hatred of the wealthy. After mailing the package, he then returns to campus and enters Norris Hall, chaining the three main entrances so no one can get in or out. He places a note on at least one of the doors, warning that a bomb will explode if entry is attempted. A faculty member will find the note and report it, but no action will be taken. Cho begins to shoot and kill those he encounters in the building. After killing 30 and wounding 17 within a 10 – 12 minute period, Cho shoots himself in the head.

For some reason, the FBI, BATF, DEA, and the Secret Service arrive as first responders or investigators, rather than local police. BATF will tell FOX News that their response was “immediate”. In the ensuing investigation, police will find a suicide note in Cho's dorm room that includes comments about “rich kids”, “debauchery”, and “deceitful charlatans”. The result of this shooting incident will be the institution of tougher gun laws.

Cho had a lifetime of anxiety disorders, and in 2005, after being accused of stalking two women, he was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment. Several former professors of Cho’s will report that his writing as well as his classroom behavior had been disturbing, and he had been encouraged to seek counseling.

Between the time Cho is identified by name and the time his mailed package is received, there will be reports on the news that he was an ex-Marine. After this, this will never be mentioned again.

2007 – Serial murderer Robert Pickton is convicted for six counts of second-degree murder. Pickton’s actual murder count is said to have been 49, the same number as Gary Leon Ridgway, who Pickton was seen with at least once during the time that they were both active. Pickton is rumored to have bragged after being caught that he was attempting to make his count an even 50, perhaps in competition with Ridgway.

2009 (January 24) – 24-year-old Richard Ayala fires into a crowd at a nightclub in Portland, Oregon, killing three people and wounding six before taking his own life. A note found at his home will insinuate he was planning on committing suicide.

2009 (March 11) – 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer, wearing black combat gear, goes on a rampage in Albertville-Realschule, Germany, killing a total of 16 people (including himself) and wounding 7. He first descends on his former school, killing nine students and three teachers and wounding seven before leaving and going to a mental health clinic in nearby Winnenden where he used to receive treatment, killing another person. He leaves the clinic and then comes back and kills two more. After this, he hijacks a car and goes to a car dealership in the nearby town of Wendlingen where he kills two others before taking his own life. Almost all of his victims are women. At one point there are between 700 and 1,000 police officers chasing him. Witnesses will describe him as being in a trance during the school shooting. One former classmate will state that Kretschmer used to spend all day in front of the computer. He reportedly had a problem fitting in.

Kretschmer’s father is a wealthy businessman and avid gun enthusiast, and was Kreschmer himself had won a number of shooting competitions in the past.

From April to September of 2008 Kreschmer had been under psychiatric treatment, and attended a psychiatric clinic in Weissenhoff five times between April and September before his care was transferred to the centre in Winnenden and he broke off treatment.

2009 (April 3) Jiverly Wong, 41, opens fire at an immigration center in Binghamton, New York before committing suicide. He kills 13 people and wounds 4. Police will state that he was wearing body armor. Wong’s family came to the US from Vietnam in 1990. Wong’s father had been a captain in the South Vietnamese Army. Wong would have had to do compulsory service in the Vietnamese Army from 1986 to 1989.

Wong’s parents will describe their son as having shown signs of mental illness 19 years earlier when he claimed that someone was trying to kill him. He moved to California soon after that, and they didn’t see him for 15 years. When he moved back, his father says that he had changed. He had worked for a sushi restaurant for seven years until he suddenly stopped showing up in 2007. Two weeks before the shooting, Wong stopped eating and watching TV, and spent most of his time alone in his room. A letter written by Wong will arrive at News 10 Now in Syracuse three days after the shooting. In it, Wong writes that undercover police officers were taunting him, torturing him, and spreading rumors about him wherever he went. Pictures will be included of him holding guns.

2009 (November 5) – 43 people are shot by Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas. Hasan reportedly yells “Allahu Akbar!” before opening fire, killing 13 and wounding 29 others. He will be described as appearing vacant, neither happy nor angry, during the shootings.

2011 (January 8) – Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) is shot in the head when 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner opens fire on an event Giffords is holding at a Safeway market in Tucson, Arizona. Six people die, including Arizona District Court Chief Judge John Roll, one of Giffords’ staffers, and a 9-year-old girl. 13 people are wounded. Witnesses will report that Loughner appeared emotionless during the incident. He will be sentenced to seven life terms plus 140 years, without parole.

Prior to the shooting, Loughner had started writing in notebooks using a code. He was labeled as schizophrenic, and had fears that the college police were out to get him. He had attempted to enlist in the Army at some point in the past, but was rejected. A skull shrine will be discovered in Loughner’s backyard.

2011 (September 6) – 32-year-old Eduardo Sencion enters an IHOP restaurant in Carson City, Nevada and shoots 12 people. Five die, including three National Guard members. In the end, he turns the gun on himself. Both the FBI and BATF will become involved in the investigation for some reason. The shooting occurs at a location that is surrounded by military installations and recruitment centers.

2011 (December 8) – Virginia Tech shooting. 22-year-old Ross Truett  randomly kills a police officer who is sitting in his cruiser. Within a half hour, Ashley will be found dead, apparently from suicide. The FBI, BATF, Secret Service, and DEA arrive as first responders/investigators. Ashley had gone to the shooting range with a friend at least three times prior to the shooting. He will be described as normal. He has no online footprint and no criminal history. There will be no known motive.

2011 Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearing in Victoria, BC, is supposed to be a healing event for victims of sexual abuse and torture, but the presence of many of their abusers – high-ranking clergy members – sitting front-row before the stage while the victims tell their stories, is purposefully intimidating. When one of the victims makes accusations of one of those in attendance, the TRC Commissioner angrily tells her to “show some respect”. The command effectively re-traumatizes the victims and stops them from speaking openly.

2012 (January 27) – A shooting at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio by T. J. Lane. Three are killed and three are wounded. When asked why he did it, Lane will state, “I don't know.” At another point he will state, “I don't really understand myself.” For some reason, the FBI, BATF, and DEA will all take part in the investigation. Psychiatric testimony given during his preliminary hearing will state that Lane suffers from auditory hallucinations and involuntary fantasies. Lane will be described as a good and intelligent person who has never been in trouble before.

2012 (May 26) – A shooting in Hyvinkää, Finland, leaves two dead and seven wounded. The shooter, 18-year-old Eero Samuli Hiltunen, will express remorse for his actions under questioning, and will indicate that he understands the consequences of his actions, but will be unable to give a reason for his opening fire on a group of people. Hiltunen had enlisted in the army at the beginning of the year but left before completing his stint.

2012 (May 29) Ian Stawicki opens fire in the Cafe Racer Espresso in Seattle, Washington, killing 5 people and then commits suicide after a citywide manhunt. Stawicki, whose brother later described him as mentally ill and full of anger, had frequented the café regularly. According to his brother, Stawicki had spent time in the military and this is where his mental illness surfaced, although there is no record of him having served active duty.

2012 (July 20) – A mass shooting takes place in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, leaving 12 dead and 58 injured. The alleged shooter is a man named James Holmes, who is arrested without incident behind the theatre, where he is found sitting in his car. There is a loaded 40 mm Glock on the seat beside him but he appears ‘meek’ and non-threatening. His hair is died orange and he introduces himself as ‘The Joker’. He is reportedly wearing a black trench coat. After his arrest, Holmes repeatedly asks his prison guards “Why am I here?”, claiming to have no recollection of the killings.

At least one witness to this shooting describes a suspicious man with a goatee in the theatre just prior to the shooting who looked very similar to Wayne Michael Page – the man who will later be involved in a mass shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, only months later. This suspected accomplice is seen receiving a cell call while sitting in the front row of the theatre, after which he gets up and props open a fire exit door. Moments later, someone dressed in full SWAT gear and gas mask enters through the same door and starts shooting at the theatre audience. There are no witnesses who actually see Holmes in the theatre, but several report multiple shooters. A second gas mask is found at the scene, indicating a second accomplice. All of this will be disregarded by the police and Holmes will be portrayed as a lone killer. During his arrest, Holmes informs the police that his apartment has been booby-trapped with explosives. When they investigate it, they find that it has been rigged up in a very sophisticated manner, taking them several days to disarm. Holmes reportedly had acquired a large variety of explosives and over 6,000 rounds of ammunition. How he had acquired the weapons, riot gear, and explosives cannot be accounted for. He was living off a $26,000 a year student grant that would barely cover tuition fees, textbooks, food, and rent.

Holmes is said to be a highly intelligent 24-year-old neuroscience student who had already earned a BS degree in 2010. He was scheduled to present a paper on micro-RNA biomarkers for a class on psychiatric and neurological disorders. Holmes’ mother is a psychiatric nurse, and his father is a senior lead scientist at the San Diego office of Minneapolis-based FICO. Holmes had been seeing a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Lynne Fenton, who is a former Air Force psychiatrist. He had tried to call Fenton only minutes before the shooting, and had sent her a package sometime earlier, which authorities will refuse to reveal the contents of. Also, there will be reports that Holmes mailed a notebook filled with gruesome sketches and details of his plans for the attack to a professor at the University of Colorado where Holmes had recently dropped out.

He will appear to be under heavy sedation during his first court appearance, indicating that he is purposely being kept under heavy control. For some reason, over 100 FBI agents, as well as members of the BATF and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), will take part in the investigation.

Ominously, the words ‘Aurora’ and ‘Sandy Hook’ (the site of another future shooting) are depicted in the Batman movie and movie trailers that are playing at the theatre that night. Also, the period from July 20 to July 27 is known to satanists as the Grand Climax. July 27 will be the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games in London.

2012 (August 5) – A mass shooting that leaves seven dead and an undisclosed number wounded takes place at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Although Wade Michael Page will be depicted as the lone shooter, witnesses will report seeing other accomplices. However, the mention of other shooters being involved will be quickly suppressed, and the investigation will be closed with determining a motive. Page either commits suicide or is killed by the police. In June, Page moved out on his girlfriend and stopped showing up for work, disappearing from sight. This had been only a few days before a previous massacre at a theatre in Aurora, Colorado involving James Holmes. Someone who looked like Page was seen acting suspiciously in the theatre just prior to that event. There is also a good possibility that Page was involved in the Columbine shootings in Littleton, Colorado. He was living in Littleton at this time, evidenced by a traffic ticket served to him in 1999 by local law enforcement. There is also a possibility that he was a member of the Trench Coat Mafia that Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold belonged to. A photo of him held by the Littleton authorities from this time period is being suppressed, at the request of Wisconsin authorities. Why?

Page was a neo-Nazi with ties to the military as part of a psyops unit. From 1992 to 1998, he was a US Army ‘psychological operations specialist’ with US military secret clearances out of Fort Bliss, Texas (Fort Bragg is a known outlet for white supremacists). Part of his duties as a psyops specialist was to ‘manage perceptions’. This includes “actions to convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to … audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning … ultimately resulting in … behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator’s objectives.

2012 (September 27) – Five people are shot to death by 36-year-old Andrew Engeldinger at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Three people are wounded. Engeldinger goes on his rampage after losing his job for being continually late, ending it by killing himself. Engeldinger is described by his parents as highly intelligent but having a history of mental illness.

2012 (December 11) - 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts, wearing a white hockey mask, bullet-proof vest, and dressed in camouflage, wounds one person and kills two others before turning a stolen rifle on himself in the Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon. His motive is unknown. An estimated 100 law enforcement personnel quickly descend on the mall, including local police, state troopers, and four tactical weapons teams, supported by members of the FBI and BATF.

Roberts will be described by friends as a relaxed, friendly, and outgoing man who had been looking forward to moving to Hawaii before missing his flight just prior to the shooting. He had dreamed of becoming a Marine before an injured foot stopped him from enlisting. Just prior to the shooting, Roberts had stopped off at his best friend’s house and told him “that he had to go and that he didn’t want to.” He also gave him a bracelet that he always wore, and hugged him.

2012 (December 14) – A (possibly government-hoaxed) school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, allegedly leaves 26 dead – 20 of them first-grade children. The alleged killer, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, ends the rampage by shooting himself in the head. Earlier that morning, Lanza had reportedly shot his mother in the head four times, killing her while she lay sleeping in bed. His computer hard-drive had been removed and destroyed prior to the shooting. A teacher’s car in the school parking lot had been riddled with bullets.

Lanza is described by a number of people who knew him as being highly intelligent but deeply disturbed, subject to outbursts, and “immune to physical pain”. He is also reported to have suffered from autism and/or Asperger’s syndrome. Interestingly, he had studied J. D. Sallinger’s The Catcher in the Rye in high school when he was 16 years old. He is described by those who knew him as a loner with no friends and into Goth music. Lanza’s mother was reportedly a gun collector and often took Adam and his brother Ryan out target shooting. Reports of the shooting describe Lanza as being a very accurate shot. There will be a strange lack of injured survivors, credible witnesses, or anyone at the school who even knew Adam Lanza, leaving no known motive for the murders.

As police arrive at the school, they see a maroon-colored van leaving the scene. Two other unidentified people are picked up in the woods near the school soon after the shooting. One of them is seen carrying a gun and being chased by the police. He will later be identified as an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another Connecticut district. At least one of these suspects will be wearing camouflage gear. A possible third suspect is apprehended at the front of the school. Early police reports will claim that there are up to seven suspects. No explanation will be given as to why these suspects were in the area, what they were doing, or what happened to them. Later reports will unexplainably claim that there Adam Lanza was the only suspect.

Early reports state that a Bushmaster .223 semi-automatic rifle was found in Lanza’s car, but later reports state that this is the weapon that was used in the shootings. The question arises as to how this rifle ended up back in the car after the massacre/suicide, since Lanza’s body was found in the school. Little to no evidence that this crime took place will be forthcoming, particularly the victim’s bodies. There was a question as to whether any children had actually been killed. Parents of the victims are only allowed to identify their children through photographs, rather than identifying their bodies. Some of the victim’s parents will be seen on video footage laughing and joking moments before getting into character and then going on camera to grieve to the viewing public over his loss. Children shown in photographs being evacuated from the school do not look upset, and some are even smiling. Very little information will come out beyond the first reports, while all news reports will focus on the grieving friends and family, and gun control laws. Medical responders are denied entry to the school. Officers will be assigned to each of the 26 families of the victims, which will severely restrict the families from being able to speak to the media or anyone else about what they might know.

The killer’s father, Peter Lanza, is vice-president of GE Energy Financial Services, a subsidiary of General Electric. General Electric is also a major contractor for the US military/intelligence organs, often involved in developing covert mind-control technologies. There is a possibility that Lanza’s mother was a CIA P2 analyst working for the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and also for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The FBI, BATF, DEA, US Attorney's Office, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Marshals Service, and Postal Inspectors will all be involved in the investigation. On this same day, the DHS and FEMA are running a joint training exercise for emergency teams (FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters) at the nearby Carmel Elementary School.

Interestingly, the US government’s Social Security Death Index will list Adam Lanza’s death as occurring the day before the shooting.

Helicopter footage taken about an hour after the shooting will show further evidence that this event was staged. There are only three children visible at any time, although hundreds have supposedly been evacuated from the school and taken to the fire station next door to wait for their parents to pick them up. The footage also shows that the only road leading to the school is blocked by numerous police cars and SUVs, which would mean that no ambulances or other rescue vehicles could get in or out. The many people seen in the footage are at the fire station and are just milling around and chatting leisurely, showing no sense of urgency. There is very little activity at the school itself, nor ambulances that would be expected to be there to deal with any wounded. Eight ambulances are parked at the fire station and appear to be completely unattended, while several other ambulances can be seen slowly driving by on the main road. At least 20 emergency medical teams can be seen just standing around doing nothing. State police can also be seen putting on combat gear, even though there is no reason to other than perhaps for a photo op.

2013 (January 22) – Shooting at Texas College campus.

2013 (April 15) – The Boston Marathon bombings. Photographic evidence of the incident will reveal that the bombings were faked and the many alleged victims who will claim to have lost limbs from the blasts – particularly the central figure, Jeff Bauman – are hired ‘crisis actors’ and ‘role players’. This event is a staged psychological operation that involves many people who had to have been fully aware of the public deception, including emergency medical teams, police, FBI, the media, event organizers, etc. The reported 300+ injured victims of the ‘bombings’ will never be properly accounted for. A small core of role-playing amputee ‘victims’ will immediately set up charities to collect donations from the public, some of these charities appearing within hours after the incident (revealing their foreknowledge). The search for the alleged bombers will result in Martial Law being declared in the city of Boston as police engage in unnecessary and illegal door-to-door searches, forcing people out of their homes at gun-point.


  1. anthony, when will we be seeing more on your investigation into the spencer barasch mission billions connection to the myron may false flag psyop you so brilliantly exposed in previous articles? signed, eagerly awaiting!

    1. Matt Barasch has gone underground, apparently. I didn't hope to expose much more than I did, and my only expectation was to put suspicion on the people and groups involved. If any of them are involved in anything so deep, it would only be expected that they would disappear after I published my research.