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They Would Be Gods - 33 - Alien Abductions and Genetics



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

33: Alien Abductions and Genetics

In recent times, there have been a number of people who have claimed in all sincerity to have interacted with what they believe to be extraterrestrial beings from another world. These incidents that they experience are most often in the nature of abductions, where they are taken against their will and transported to what they believe to be a spacecraft, where they are subjected to a variety of medical procedures, and are sometimes made to have sexual intercourse with an alien being, before being returned. More often than not, their memories of the event are blocked, and sometimes cover memories are implanted, probably through the use of hypnosis and advanced technologies. It’s often only because of the fact that they notice there is missing time that they come to realize that something unusual has taken place, and usually only by going through hypnotic regression are they able to piece together what happened to them in those missing moments.

There is some evidence that these abductions, although otherwise real, were not actually conducted by extraterrestrials – at least not in every reported case. Instead, these recovered memories may be another layer of cover for what really took place. In some cases, the abductee recalls a human presence during the abductions, most often reported as military personnel being present at certain points during the abduction scenario. This fact should not be ignored, because it indicates that these abductions are not strictly extraterrestrial in nature, if at all, and at the very least involve certain factions of our own military organs. As we’ll see in the latter parts of this book, the entire ‘alien abduction’ scenario may be a ruse to cover more earthly activities being conducted by a secret group of humans, using advanced technological means that take advantage of certain aspects of human consciousness in order to create such an illusion to hide their identity and confuse the issue of what is really going on.

Whatever the case, in spite of these abduction reports, which seem to reflect an extraterrestrial interest in certain of our genetics, one thing that’s missing from all of the available literature on extraterrestrials and UFOs is the relationship of all this to the evolution of the human species. At the most, we only ever hear suggestions from the abductees that these ‘extraterrestrials’ seem to be attempting to fix their own genetics, or to fix ours in order to help us to evolve to a higher state of being, but this may all be subterfuge to lead us away from the deeper reality of what they’re up to. And this may very well be because the natural continuation of our natural human evolution is not in the plans of whoever or whatever is at the heart of the modern alien/UFO mystery. They may have other plans for our evolution.

We must remember at this point that there is a secret cabal involved in all of this, primarily within the military and intelligence organs of the US government, that uses various means of deception to create confusion of the facts, and who are able to operate through various others within society to achieve their ends. This cabal may be directing these abductions in some sort of black project, and such things as hypnotic suggestion, holographic displays, and mind-control technologies that disrupt sensory input are being used to create the illusion that these people are being abducted by extraterrestrials. It should be noted that the very first abductees, Betty and Barney Hill, remembered seeing humans in military uniforms working with extraterrestrials during their abductions. We must also remember that this cabal is made up of very high-ranking officials who come from a number of government agencies that had hard-core Nazi fascists injected into their ranks at the end of World War II. Certain very influential parties in the United States both inside and outside the government have taken a personal interest in eugenics, and are also Nazi sympathizers, having secretly funded Hitler during the war. The Rockefeller family, through the Rockefeller Foundation, is a case in point.

It is important to put this all into perspective and consider the bigger picture.

The US government, or certain parties operating from within it, may be taking advantage of the true UFO situation and attempting to create false beliefs about an alien presence for their own purposes, using it as a scapegoat for their own activities, whatever those might be. Or, they may be working with the aliens, having allied themselves together for a common goal that seems to have something to do with human genetics.

Whether we’re dealing with extraterrestrials, subterranean creatures, a secret government or military group, or some other nefarious group of humans, there seems to be a plot afoot for absolute domination and control of the human species, and curtailing or otherwise altering our natural evolutionary progress could very well be an important aspect of it all. If a long-term plot for absolute control of the human species is going on, as is becoming more evident, then our natural evolutionary processes might eventually need to be monitored and controlled over time in order for such a plan to succeed. This would be done through surreptitious manipulations of our DNA from time to time in order to regulate certain traits. Most of the documented accounts of alien abductions seem to revolve around an interest in human genetics and procreation, and we shouldn’t leave these accounts out of consideration simply because they sound so outrageous. We’ve become purposely conditioned to such a response, after all, and this conditioning may have been entirely of this alien group’s doing.

If humans were in fact the creation of alien beings that we once knew and revered as gods in ancient times, then there is some reason to take modern alien abduction accounts more seriously. Although we can’t be absolutely certain that these aliens are interested in human procreation and genetics, the apparent fact that they are might be relevant to the legends of old that tell of our creation by the gods. If these ancient gods or their forebears are the same beings that are conducting these modern-day abductions, then descriptions of modern-day UFOs begin to correlate with certain descriptions in the Bible, and they match very precisely the descriptions of flying craft in various ancient texts. This becomes more plausible the more we consider the issue.

Of course, this might be entirely wrong, and what these people are experiencing might be entirely earthly and human in nature. The extent that a government or military group might conceivably go to confuse the issue and further disguise their activities might very well entail mock scenarios that only add to the disinformation surrounding the truth of what is really going on. Such a group might use advanced hypnotic techniques and other means to create in the minds of these abductees false perceptions regarding their experiences, and even the medical procedures that they’re put through may be imaginary, or of an absolutely different nature than what they appear.

But let’s consider these reported abduction experiences in light of what we’re told in the ancient legends. These legends claim almost universally that humans are the creation of the gods. Taken in the light of our modern-day understanding, these gods were capable of genetic manipulation, just as we find ourselves beginning to do today, using our advanced sciences. To support this similarity, there is a glyph from ancient Sumer that shows what closely resembles a modern-day scientific laboratory, showing test tube-like vessels in racks and a flaming cauldron. Being what it appears, we are very possibly an unnatural life form, and as such, we might have certain imperfections. We certainly seem to possess certain distinct quirks and shortcomings that would suggest we do. According to the ancient legends, we were created in the image of these gods, and certainly seem to have been given some of their genetics. We have already discussed to some extent the reasons for the biblical Flood event, and we’ve seen that this could have been an attempt by the gods to correct what they had wrought, and Noah was saved only because of his pure Adamic heritage. However, not being the almighty beings that we once revered them as, these gods were unsuccessful in destroying the less genetically pure crossbreeds between humans and these god-like beings. The problem of this mixed genetics continued after the Flood, and may have remained with us up until the present time.

So, what we might be seeing in these abduction accounts is an effort to correct or otherwise monitor certain genetics in the human species. We see in the biblical texts that the gods wished to destroy humans because they had become evil and corrupt, and we see this same problem becoming so prevalent today. But we should not conclude too quickly that this is what is going on. Further evidence is required, and until it arises, we can only speculate.

We must also take into consideration two other aspects of the UFO enigma that might have some bearing on this entire issue. First, there are the reports of cattle mutilations, where it appears the UFO operators are interested in taking certain body parts of cattle, acting with apparent randomness both in location of targets and with the specific parts taken. The purpose of this activity is unknown. Second, there are the very commonly reported ‘gray’ aliens, that, according to witness reports, seem to be some sort of artificial life form, or an otherwise physically degenerated life form. How these two aspects of the UFO enigma fit into the bigger picture is uncertain, but they reflect a certain biological nature to this enigma, and should not be ignored since they may provide some very important clues. Of course, as I’ve said, they may also be purposeful throw-offs, meant to further confuse or disguise the truth. Nonetheless, in the case of cattle mutilations, these activities have been going on for decades and nobody has ever been able to catch the perpetrators in the act or learn anything substantial. That these mutilations might be part of secret government experiments is possible, but this would mean that they were interested in these cattle because they’re tracking something in the cattle’s biology, otherwise they might just as well be raising their own cattle for these experiments. What they might be tracking isn’t certain, but it would be associated in some way with the body parts being taken. These mutilations are randomly occurring in both time and place, and might take place anywhere in North America (or elsewhere) at any particular time, although certain regions seem to have a higher rate of occurrences due to the larger number of cattle in those areas. Although unmarked black military helicopters have often been seen in close proximity to the location of these events just prior to, during, or immediately after their occurrence, whether or not they’re directly involved is hard to say. Their presence is very often when UFOs are also present, and this may indicate that the military are either solely responsible for these mutilation events or are otherwise working in collaboration with the UFO operators, or it may indicate that they’re simply monitoring the situation but are otherwise unable or unwilling to intervene.

Relatively recent history reveals that certain powerful parties have sought to promote the concept of a superior human race, and established eugenics programs early in the twentieth century in the hopes of determining that such a race might be conceivable, whether already existing, or capable of being developed. We know of some of the genetic experiments that took place in the Nazi concentration camps during World War II, but few people know or are willing to believe that certain parties who pretended to be on the American side of the war against Hitler were actually very interested in these Nazi programs, and even secretly provided financing to the Nazis during the war. These parties included certain members of the Rockefeller family, as well as Prescott Bush, the father of George Bush Sr. When the war ended, eugenics programs were set up in the United States by such organizations as the Rockefeller Foundation, and were often promoted in the guise of humanitarian programs that only sought to improve the health of the American people. These sorts of programs were probably also set up by the CIA, which had integrated many of the former Nazi scientists into their organization after the war through Operation Paperclip. There are certainly ties between both the Rockefeller and Bush family empires and the US intelligence agencies that go back to this time, and the Rockefeller and Bush families have been shown by other authors (David Icke, Fritz Springmeier) to be descended from the royal bloodlines, as are the families of many other prominent figures in business and politics, including virtually every US president since George Washington. There are also definite ties between the US military and intelligence organs and the UFO enigma, and so we must consider all these facts together in attempting to understand the reality of the situation we are discussing.

Of course, it may be that the modern-day UFO enigma is partly or completely human in nature. It’s quite possible that the stories from past centuries of similar sightings and experiences have been taken and expanded on in order to make them appear more substantial, for instance by simulating these original accounts and using them to create a belief system among the population that has culminated in today’s outlook on UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation. The UFOs of today may be nothing more than stage props for creating a false scenario that is being used to disguise the real activities that certain parties are involved in.

The Human Genome Project, established for the purpose of unraveling the structure of human DNA, was completed in the year 2000, and this should have resulted in some enlightening new insights regarding the human species, but we hear of almost nothing substantial. The results of such a project should be able to clarify why there are apparently distinct races, such as Asian, Caucasian, Negroid, etc., and why there are certain differences in blood types among us. More specifically, the results should lead to an understanding of how certain differences came about. If we’re to believe in the Darwinian theory of evolution, such diversity in racial lines or blood types should have causes that resulted in these diversities somehow benefiting the species in its evolution.

More specifically, unraveling the human genome should bear some light on our true origins, and this may have been at least part of the reason for such an undertaking, although never stated, nor the conclusions revealed. The Human Genome Project stems directly from the earlier eugenics programs established by the Rockefeller Foundation, which had greatly influenced the Nazi ideology of establishing a superior human race. Although it’s a noble cause at face value, the fascist ideals of these same people make it quite unsavory.

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