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They Would Be Gods - 51 - The Roman Catholic Church and Beyond



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

51: The Roman Catholic Church and Beyond

Probably the largest and most powerful descendent of all time of the original mystery schools was the Roman Catholic Church. During the Middle Ages, the Church was at its greatest height of power, being beyond the dictates of any king or queen, owning vast resources in land, gold, and slaves (known as serfs). It was an incredibly wicked and dominating power at that time, and turned human torture into a sadistic form of art, inflicting it fiercely on anyone who dared to disbelieve its tenets or deny it as the divine authority over all creation. Many ingeniously cruel methods and inventions were employed for torturing heretics. Evil abounded within the Church.

Because of this, the general public was strongly discouraged from learning about occult knowledge. In the earliest days such knowledge, like everything else, was regarded as a divine right belonging to those who claimed to be descended from the gods, and was denied to the common person. This, of course, was not true. The real truth was that the power of occult knowledge could be used by anyone, and any person could have access to it because it’s a natural power within every individual. This has been one of the biggest secrets of all that the secret schools have kept hidden. For it to be widely known within the population would have been an end to the domination and control that the secret schools had held over the masses for so long. In order to keep this secret of secrets safe, a false understanding had been erected to both complicate and distort the truth.

Fear is a powerful controller, and it has continually been used since the earliest of times to discourage the ignorant and uninitiated from investigating the occult sciences. Since the high-priests of the secret schools had the advantage over the masses from the beginning as the divinely chosen ruling class, they were able to control what was known and believed through their sheer authority, which nobody was in any position to challenge. In knowing this (another one of the secrets that they held), they were able to give a distorted understanding of reality that would always lead the curious down false paths. The belief structure they created for the masses was one that put the ruling elite in charge while removing responsibility for their actions by placing it in the hands of a greater power than themselves as the divine ordinance of the gods. This was the beginning of organized religion with all of its trappings and limitations for the common believer. The Roman Catholic Church took this to the limit with all of its symbology and allegory and myths, burying seekers of truth in confusion and meaningless detail in order to divert them from ever attaining true higher knowledge. The underlying motivator in the belief system of the Church was fear and intimidation, and these were driven into the masses continually in order to have the greatest effect.

In the early days when the ancient schools were few and the knowledge they held was well within a controllable group that was small in number, keeping the knowledge secret was not very difficult. But as time went on and members of these schools left to venture out into the world and seek out their own destinies, they took the secrets they had learned with them, and the strict control that the schools had once had over much of the knowledge that they previously held was weakened. The secrets that were taken were put to use in various ways, and the traditions of exploration into the mysteries was continued as new schools – offshoots of the originals – were set up far and wide. These offshoots were not strictly separate schools from the originals, and there was definitely an ongoing relationship between them through which they could still communicate and work together, but this relationship was limited due to the vast distances between the schools. Because of this loose relationship, those who governed their own offshoot schools in lands far from the original schools had more freedom to seek their own power and dominance in the regions they inhabited. For the most part, they continued their affiliations as organs of the original schools, but the taste of unrestrained power over the masses using the secrets they had been imparted with undoubtedly led to many of them splintering away further from the original schools and establishing isolated groups that took on their own force, even while remaining tied in many ways to the original schools. Each of these splinter groups used the basic principles and traditions of the original schools to control and dominate – fear, subservience, secrecy, ceremonial rituals, and false beliefs designed to disguise greater truths.

Moving forward through time, these offshoots often lost any semblance of the traditional schools, at least in outward appearances. But the basic methods of domination and control persisted, and were improved upon to match the changes of civilization and society as needed. The Roman Catholic Church became a major dominant offshoot of the original mystery schools, and remained very closely tied to the original traditions. They created, or rather redesigned, the original mythologies that were the backbone of the original belief system, but otherwise continued to use fear and their position of absolute authority as the main mechanism of control. This fear was instilled by the belief structure that was set up, centered around the idea that man was the creation of an omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient god who demanded absolute subservience in return for the promise of a life after death, with the failure of compliance being that one would spend an eternity in a hell that was promised to be worse than any torture that the Church might subject them to during life. The imagery of hell was always a very descriptive one filled with the worst horrors imaginable, so as to make it very clear in the minds of the masses what could be expected should one fail in their loyalty. What person who believed this would not give him or herself completely to the domination of such a god, or at least to those who claimed to represent such a god? Not able to know what really lay beyond the point of death, and being given this explanation by those who purported to know all things, and who claimed to be in direct communication with this god, it was better to give subservience than to chance the consequences, which were repetitively and consistently drilled deep into their minds. It is a commonly known fact that when something has been habituated in the mind through its consistent repetition, we begin to react subconsciously through the brain’s auto-response mechanisms rather than with any conscious and reasoned thought, depending on our primal instincts for survival. In the case here, the auto-response mechanism was conditioned to give in, to feel weak and helpless against such an overbearing master.

As all of this transpired over the centuries and millennia, the deepest secrets of our true human potential became deeply buried under half-truths and outright fantasies and myths that were expected to be taken as absolute truths. People were discouraged in the ability to think for themselves, and instead became complacent in having a higher authority who would dictate to them both what was real and what was right. Such an attitude had grown into the depths of the public’s consciousness to only think in terms of the concept of reality that had already been erected and to reject other possibilities because they didn’t fit into this only possible one. Divine law authorized those in power to act as they wished while the common person was expected to live within the carefully defined rules of such law.

Of course, there had to be some sort of worthwhile benefit (or at least the promise of one), built into the beliefs that could be used to control the people, or they would have been seen as not worth adhering to, and the lies would have more likely been quickly perceived and challenged by the wiser and more outspoken within the general population, and this would have caused the remaining population to begin to awaken from their subconscious acceptance and to reconsider the perception of reality that they were expected to believe.

However, a certain benefit was always set within the framework of that belief system, so that the benefit always seemed to reflect the validity of that belief system. In this way, one was to credit good fortune to whatever force – good or evil –  was appropriate, rather than one’s own intelligence and abilities, and one was to expect the reward of everlasting life for faith and devotion and sacrifices given in advance. Good and moral values were woven throughout the tenets in such a way that although it was wrong to murder a man in one instance, such as for a personal slight, it was perfectly justified in the instance that it would uphold or benefit the power of authority that existed. For this reason, it was deemed acceptable for wars to be fought and entire populations to be wiped out in the most wicked and brutal of ways, all in the name of that belief system. This still goes on today in the name of ‘democracy’, which has become just another false ideology used to control and dominate the masses.

Those who were slaughtered in this way were always those who threatened the current belief system, and thus threatened the dominating position of those who ruled over the people. This was the case with regard to the Jews in biblical times as their god led them throughout the land for years on end, directing them to exterminate those people who held beliefs other than their own. It was also the case during the Christian Crusades, and it continues to be the case today when the US military and their allies go into another country on the pretext of defending against some perceived threat to their own beliefs and ideologies.

Throughout history, there have been those who have learned about that innate power within themselves that the ruling elite didn’t want them to know about or begin to develop. These people have continuously been the most heavily persecuted and regarded as evil, always being depicted as whatever threat was purposely built into the belief system of the time for the very purpose of denying these people the ability to use or promote this knowledge, for fear that it would become more widely known about and used, leading to their own power being diminished.

The Salem witch-hunts are a good case in point. Our current mindset has been encouraged to ridicule the belief in psychic abilities, and this is just a tempered down form of the type of persecution that those who practiced witchcraft in earlier times endured. The current scientific community has been forced to be quite irrational about the subject of psychism in spite of their otherwise fair and logical perspectives in other matters. They are forced to take on such an irrational mindset by an establishment that’s controlled by those in power who are in a position to make or break their careers. Any professional scientist who goes against the wishes of this establishment will find him or herself to be cut off from the funding that’s required to continue their scientific endeavors. Those who established science as a force of knowledge often had to fight hard against the previous belief system that the Church used for control purposes, and only through slow and careful control of what science revealed was the latter allowed to take hold as the new paradigm of popular belief that supplanted the older one, which was showing its weaknesses as the questions innocently asked of it and which it could not answer were becoming more and more of a problem.

One particular aspect of reality that has been forced to remain in ignorance by science is that of consciousness – the true foundation of our very reality, and this is because consciousness itself is the doorway to reaching the truth behind the falsehoods that have been erected and promoted as reality by those who continue to control us. Consciousness is the foundation of those innate powers that we’ve been kept ignorant of, and so for the authority of science to deny its existence has only served the goals of those who wish to continue to control us. For the same reason, the exploration of consciousness has been regarded as dangerous for those individuals who might seek out its mysteries. The use of mind-expanding drugs, for instance, has only ever been acceptable under the careful control of those who are in turn controlled, and the act of experimenting with them in any less controlled manner has been deemed an illegal act, with false beliefs about their purported dangers being promulgated to the point that most people have a very distorted view of these drugs and can’t accept the fact that they can have beneficial purposes attached to them when used outside of a carefully regulated system of control. The lies regarding drug use have created a belief that drugs cause people to do irrational things, when in reality, people will do irrational things for any number of reasons, regardless. The actions of those who try to stop drug use by others are far more irrational and harmful than such drug use could ever be in itself, and the numbers of lives that have been destroyed by these actions of authority are far greater than any destruction that these drugs have ever done on their own.

I mention drug use not because I don’t believe drugs are dangerous – all things are dangerous if not properly understood and adequate precautions taken. But mind-expanding drugs have been treated in the same way that psychism has, only their greater prevalence in modern society has generated more attention directed to them than the less commonly prevalent psychic abilities. But there is a correlation between those who use drugs and those who dabble in psychism, which leads to our discussion of drug use. Naturally occurring drugs have been used to facilitate the powers of the mind since earliest times, and they were a major tool of the ancient schools, as well as among the people of smaller isolated shamanistic cultures that have existed throughout history. Today, our beliefs about drugs are more concerned with unnatural substances that were originally made for use in treating medical ailments and designed for specific purposes, and because of their unnaturalness, are likelier to cause other problems in the human physiological system than natural substances are.

Something more can be said regarding illicit drugs that reveals direct evidence of their purpose in the machinations of the power elite to control and dominate. Up until the mid-twentieth century, illicit drug use was not nearly as common in society as it is today. Those who used these substances had already begun to see through the lies of the establishment and thus felt compelled to explore other ways of thinking outside of that established order. They were predominantly people who were already rejected by the current establishment – the Negroid, Asian, and Hispanic cultures of the US, for instance – and who were thus easy targets for portraying as a threat to the security of others. That they used drugs at all was taken to exaggeration and all manner of evils were attached to these people with the suggestion that the drugs were the root of this evil. Harry Anslinger, as an agent of the American government, helped to create this myth through ‘informational’ propaganda films such as Reefer Madness, which depicted people smoking marijuana and immediately turning into monsters in a Jekyll and Hyde sort of transformation. The public, faithfully believing in the absolute authority of their government, bought up such propaganda as fact, and the negative view of illicit drugs was born. The idea that all such drugs were highly addictive and would cause permanent damage (both of which are only true for a person if they believe them to be, but which otherwise have no real basis in fact) was injected into the propaganda as the reason for their disapproval, and it’s unfortunate that such distortions have allowed those foolish enough to believe them to fall into the trappings of such a belief system and in the process make these distortions seem to be more real than they actually would be otherwise.

When those in control saw that illicit drug use was becoming more popular among the free-thinking and liberal public – who were seen as a real danger to their established system of control – they decided to take advantage of the situation in another way that would not only be profitable but would increase the fears of those who were most subservient to them, thus drawing these people closer into their web of influence and turning them against those who were awakening to the falsehoods that were being sold as truth. They would apply the methodology of the Freemasons and create order out of chaos. They would create a chaotic situation, and then bring about a sense of order from that situation – an order that was more fitting to their purposes than the previous order had been. The controlling parties therefore began to inundate society with illicit drugs, at first through intermediaries, and eventually by their own shadowy hand.

For instance, the British East India Company took advantage of the Chinese by addicting them to opium, and then forcing them to sell their tea at reduced prices in return for a constant supply of opium brought from India. In more modern times, the CIA orchestrated Project Phoenix during the Vietnam War, in which the bodies of dead American soldiers were stuffed with bags of heroin before being shipped back to US soil, where the heroin was to be sold on the street. Some years later, at the very height of the deceptive ‘war on drugs’ initiated by President Ronald Reagan (who was undoubtedly coerced by his Vice-President, George Bush Sr.), the Iran-Contra scandal made headlines when it was discovered that the US military was trading arms to South American rebel forces in exchange for cocaine, which was then sold on American streets. This caused a huge increase in the drug problem, and it was from this influx of cocaine flooding the market that led to the popularity of crack cocaine. Crack is a much more powerful form of cocaine and induces a temporary psychosis in the user. It is also much more habit forming than powdered cocaine and much cheaper to buy. While Reagan was declaring his war on drugs, the people under his direction in the government were bombarding the American population with more drugs than had ever been available before. Significant to all of this was the fact that in spite of the supposed war on drugs, drug use quickly became an epidemic problem and prisons were being filled faster than they could be constructed. Before the war on drugs, the media had regularly reported significant drug seizures made by US Customs agents, the Coast Guard, and the newly created Drug Enforcement Agency. After the war on drugs began, these reports of large seizures virtually stopped, and yet even to this day the streets are flooded with imported drugs more than ever before while the authorities claim to be winning their war. One can only wonder how the drugs are still getting into the country so easily with the government supposedly having broken up the major cartels and stepped up their counter-measures to stop importation and trafficking.

It’s obvious that the war on drugs was an attack on those deemed as ‘undesirables’ in society, just as the Christian Crusades were, and the war on drugs has been an excuse to create a higher level of fear among those who blindly believe in their leaders and other supposed ‘authorities’ who are in their control. The people who were purposely targeted in the war on drugs were mostly the poorer classes, who would naturally need to resort to crime to support their new-found drug habits, and these crimes would be perpetrated against the non-poor classes, who would then demand more policing and tougher laws, playing right into the hands of the controlling powers.

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