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They Would Be Gods - 73 - The High Cabal



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

73: The High Cabal

At this point, we must ask ourselves how a very small group, whether human or otherwise, would be able to control everyone else on this planet. That is the main theme of this part of this book

There appears to be a certain group that includes a number of high-ranking US government officials – a high cabal – who are entirely aware of the truth behind the UFO enigma, and who are directly involved in maintaining the secrecy surrounding it. The response of the US government to this enigma and their denial of certain involvement that has since been revealed through both government documentation and innumerable credible witness testimonies leads to the conclusion that a major cover-up of some sort is definitely in effect. Exactly what is being covered up is uncertain. However, the apparent disinformation campaign that has been set up may be using an extraterrestrial presence as a cover for purely terrestrial activities, or using a real extraterrestrial presence as subterfuge for their own secret activities, or they may actually be fighting covertly against a real alien invasion. It’s impossible to be sure, but the fact remains that whatever is going on is very sinister, and is being largely controlled by this high cabal.

This high cabal is not the alien group that I speak of, since this particular cabal is made up of active members of society and as such do not keep themselves completely separate from the human race. Nor is this cabal the only cabal working for the alien group. This government cabal has a very close relationship with the alien group, however, which operates to some extent through this cabal, using them as their proxies. This high cabal is merely an organ of the alien group, being largely responsible for subterfuge and containment of certain truths that certain evidence tends to reveal as it comes to light. The members do not necessarily know the full extent of the secret agenda that the alien group follow, and probably think they are acting on definite knowledge when they are not. Given that history has shown us time and again how this alien group operates, then it is not inappropriate to assume that this cabal, and all other groups secretly working in the interests of the alien group, are being deceived and made to feel that they are going to share in the spoils of what they are working towards – this agenda that they are helping to bring to fulfillment.

What is the ultimate agenda of this high cabal that operates in the shadows of government, and how does this UFO situation fit into their activities?

Simply put, this high cabal is interested in attaining absolute control over human society. They envision a time when a human being will only live for the purpose of benefiting the system, where that system is under the ultimate control of this high cabal and the alien group that directs them. The desired goal is no less than to ensnare the masses in a state of complete and utter subservience, where the only purpose and goal in life for the rest of us will be to serve them in whatever capacity they demand.

How might the alien group be planning to implement their agenda? Their first line of defense being secrecy, they remain deep in the shadows, carefully keeping their identities and their exact plans unknown from all but a very small inner group directly beneath them. Their second line of defense is deceit, and so they deflect discovery of themselves by using ‘blind’ proxies to represent their interests at the various levels of their power structure. They hide their true intentions by disguising them as the opposite of what they really are, secretly controlling events so that the intended outcome appears to be beyond anyone’s control or expectations while really having been carefully orchestrated to fall within their plans. They create events to bring about changes that always lead them closer to their intended goal. They control the major organs of our modern society, which includes economics and trade, science and education, communications and media, transportation, energy sources, etc. The entire infrastructure of our global society has been carefully crafted to keep the masses dependent on them, and in this way keep whole populations in check. Science and education have been purposely misdirected to provide a distorted understanding of ourselves and our world. Such a distorted understanding is meant to limit us in our perceived capabilities and keep us ignorant of our true human potential, through which we might otherwise liberate ourselves from their grasp.

Since they are so few in number, they must create the illusion that they are many. To do this, they manipulate predominant groups, from governments and political groups, to national populations, to multinational corporations, to major religious organizations, and beyond. They use various tactics and techniques to coerce these groups into supporting their interests. In this way, they have been able to rally a nation to go to war for a false cause, or manipulate an entire population into relying on technologies that are ever more intrusive into our lives and depersonalizing in their effects.

They overload us with distractions to keep us from considering any particular issue too deeply, and have devised many ways to keep the attention of the masses on insignificant preoccupations rather than to have us pursuing anything that might upset their agenda.

Their control is hierarchical, and at the top sit those who hold the deepest secrets that have been retained and tightly guarded from time immemorial. What these secrets are, we have only been able to guess at. Their control structure assures that no party within their hierarchy is ever able to know enough to discern the bigger picture of what is really going on. They achieve this through the systematic compartmentalization of knowledge. Through their intelligence organs, they keep tabs on every significant factor of society that may have an effect on their intended goals. This is a global operation, with intelligence agents stationed in every country in the world, monitoring, and often influencing, social and political events in their region.

As we’ve seen in earlier parts of this book, there is some evidence to suggest that humans are an unnatural hybrid cross between an earthly species and another more advanced species. Whether or not this more advanced species was actually of extraterrestrial origin is another matter, but we’ve seen that the evidence suggests that they were, and ruled over us for a time, but seem to have long since departed the scene.

Or so it seems.

There have been a vast number of documented sightings of UFOs and related phenomena – including interactions with alien beings – throughout all of human history. In biblical times these beings were often seen as angels, while today we often hear reports of the commonly described gray alien. These are obviously two different species, but this should be expected, considering both the fact that the universe is bound to be full of all sorts of creatures dissimilar to humans, as well as the evidence we have that the gods of old were involved with genetic experimentation, as our scientists are only now just beginning to delve into. The alien beings that we hear reports of obviously derive from a technologically advanced civilization, one that will probably already be ahead of us in genetic science. That these aliens may have been created through genetic manipulation is not out of the question. But some of them may be our own creations.

Today, with the means of mass communication, we’re bound to be more aware of the occurrences of these UFO related events during our time than the world has ever been before in history. This would suggest that there were many more sightings, and perhaps just as much alien activity, taking place on Earth throughout recorded history than we know about. Of course, there is also evidence that at least some of these UFOs belong to our own governments, but this would only account for sightings that have been made in the last hundred years or less. And this doesn’t easily account for the reports of contact with other beings.

So, an alien species seems to have always been present on or near Earth to one degree or another, but has remained mostly hidden for whatever reason, and only occasionally make a public appearance in our skies, whether or not intentionally. We seem to have always been under close observation by these beings. When humans came into the nuclear age with such obviously destructive intents in mind, UFO activity began to increase significantly, particularly around military installations housing nuclear weapons. They have also regularly appeared at nuclear test sites during or immediately after tests. And from the moment we first began to venture out into space, we’ve been under their close observation as well. At about the same time that this heightened level of alien observation began, the US government, and many other governments thereafter, began to hide their knowledge of this alien presence from the public, and did everything possible to dissuade the public from knowing about them or believing that they were real. This seems like a logical move to make, since no threat was posed, very little was known about them, and there appeared to be little that could be done about them anyway. Disclosing their presence to the public would only cause unnecessary panic.

In the meantime, certain alien technology has reportedly come into the possession of the US military, which includes not just the Roswell craft, but also a number of other craft that have been acquired over the years. Robert Lazar, who I discussed early in these pages, reported seeing nine different craft at Area 51, but these may not be all that they possess, and there may be other parties who have come into possession of alien technology as well.

Those who are in the know about any of the US military’s secret possessions are few in number, and those who have access to this technology are even fewer. Most of those people within the military/intelligence organs who are working with this technology don’t know what they’re actually dealing with, and are only told what they need to know in order to do their jobs. The high cabal, who hold positions in the highest ranks of military and government are in control of any number of black projects at any given time, through which they have the ability to undertake whatever sorts of activities they desire in total secrecy and without any form of government oversight whatsoever. This cabal follows a hidden agenda, and they have access to certain secret knowledge through the various secret schools, of which all of them are also among these school’s highest-ranking members. This secret knowledge, by all appearances, includes information about these alien ‘visitors’, and this cabal has reportedly been conducting secret projects revolving around exploration of both the moon and Mars. The publicly promoted space program has always been a mere cover for the real mission surrounding these endeavors.

There is evidence to suggest that our moon is inhabited, and that at least one alien base exists there, on its far side. There is also evidence to suggest that Mars and at least one of its moons are inhabited as well. Given the evidence that a technologically advanced species has existed alongside us all this time, it’s reasonable to conclude that they have established themselves at these locations, and perhaps at isolated locations on our planet as well.

This high cabal within the US government is obviously very aware of this alien presence, and part of their agenda is apparently related to this in some way. It doesn’t seem, however, that they are on friendly or trusting terms with these beings, and this is worrying, because the members of this cabal stand as our representatives to these aliens whether we like it or not, and we don’t know what sort of situation they might be leading all of us into.

That our level of advancement has reached a critical point in our evolution is obvious. Any intelligent species that is sufficiently advanced to us will see the threat that our governments pose with their primitive and aggressive attitudes. That this attitude might stem from our genetic mix, and is even suggested as such in the Old Testament and elsewhere, leads to the possibility that this flaw may have been the essential cause of isolation between humans and these alien beings, and their continued observation of us, for fear of what had been created in the human species. On the other hand, it may be that we have been purposely tainted with this aggressive attitude by our own human leaders throughout our history, who are the ones who actually condition us to have such aggression in order to serve their own purposes.

At any rate, this cabal seems to want to ensure that there is little chance that ordinary people do not become too aware of these aliens, except perhaps in the most negative or irrational way. Besides secrecy and deceit, this cabal uses fear, intimidation, and ridicule as a defense in maintaining their control. Since fear is such a strong motivator, and we tend to fear what we don’t know, this cabal is in a position to control us by keeping us in the dark about why this alien presence is here, and promoting only negative perceptions about them, but strictly through the entertainment industry. Serious consideration of what we might be up against, should we ever make contact with otherworldly beings, has never been openly presented to the public as an issue, and this may be because the issue is being purposely avoided to distract the public from the situation we are in.

In light of this, we must be careful not to trust what we’re being led to think in regards to the signs of this alien presence. We do not know where the real threat lies. It may be that our leaders and other authorities, operating through this cabal, have our best interests at heart. However, it seems more probable, given the manner in which we’ve been lied to and deceived about so many other issues by these same people or those who came before them – the most notably recent issue being the 9/11 disaster – that our best interests as a society and a species are being subverted so that another agenda can be fulfilled. It may be that this alien presence may be in our best interests, and this cabal may be the greater threat. But in spite of this, this cabal may very well be planning to present themselves as these alien beings, in an attempt to create a state of confusion and fear regarding the real aliens, should the latter decide to openly present themselves and intercede in our human affairs.

But we shouldn’t be too accepting of these aliens interceding in our affairs either, if they attempt to for whatever reason. We’ve been conditioned from birth to believe that we’re going to be ‘saved’ by a superior power, and this might be used by the aliens to ensnare us as much as it might be by a secret cabal.

Whether these alien beings that are watching us are acting out of a sense of responsibility for the threat we might pose is uncertain, but it is very possible. At face value, the human race certainly seems to be aggressive by nature, but when we look at ourselves more closely, we see that those in control have always done everything in their power to coerce us to create this perception among ourselves.

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  1. I believe we are more powerful beings than they are and they are afraid of us being superior beings to them. They use our creative power by deception and lies getting us to believe what the future will be we create it for them. I Believe we are coming to the truth and will take back our power and create a heaven to earth. So we all need to awake from our stupor to create peace on earth