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They Would Be Gods - 3 - The Origin of UFOs



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

3: The Origin of UFOs

The subject of UFOs and their occupants has developed over the twentieth century and there are now a number of belief systems surrounding this matter that each offers a possible answer to the question of their origin and purpose. These belief systems take the following range of possibilities:

1)     They are hallucinations or misinterpretations of otherwise normal objects or events.
2)     They are top-secret military projects.
3)     They are terrestrial craft developed by an unidentified group of powerful people for unknown reasons.
4)     They are the technology of a hidden terrestrial race that has been here for as long as we have.
5)     They are extraterrestrial craft and beings from another planet.
6)     They are craft and beings from another dimension.

The first possibility is a rather simplistic solution that’s usually used to deny that UFOs exist at all, and is the one most often offered by government authorities or their appointed experts, most notably coming from within the military and intelligence organs, but also from the scientific establishment. However, more and more people have come to realize that the overwhelming number of testimonies over the years, many of them made by highly reputable people, cannot all be accounted for with this explanation. We must ask why these experts and authorities would ever knowingly make such false claims, as the evidence shows they have. It has only raised suspicion over the long term, and this has naturally led to a consideration of the second and even the third possibilities in our list.

An intelligent person who has not researched the subject of UFOs very extensively and who relies on common sense alone will usually gravitate to the second possibility regarding their origin as the most reasonable answer. That state-of-the-art secret military technology can account for most or all UFO sightings may sound reasonable enough to the average person who has little interest in the subject, but for those who have done their research on this subject, the possibility that UFOs and the events surrounding them are just secret military projects raises a number of problems that cannot be easily accounted for.

First, there is the fact that UFOs have been reported by military personnel to have seriously affected the defense network of the US military by deactivating their nuclear missiles. UFOs have also been fired on by the US military, and jet fighters and their crew have been lost or destroyed while pursuing them. The only seemingly plausible answer for these particular events, if these UFOs were their own secret military craft, would be that the UFOs were being tested against their own defenses in order to gauge their capabilities against those defenses. However, this does not seem to be how the American government would normally conduct military tests of its top-secret projects. It’s just too risky in so many ways.

That these are foreign military technologies is just as unlikely. Apart from the fact that another nation would be taking the extreme risk of provoking a war by invading US military air space and tampering with their defenses, it’s unlikely that any other government in the world could have developed or acquired such technology without the US knowing about it and getting in on the action. That other countries are also having their share of UFO events suggests that we’re dealing with an unidentifiable group.

Adding to the problem of these being military technologies is the fact that UFO sightings have been recorded throughout history by reputable witnesses, with too many similarities to modern-day sightings to disqualify them as anything different than what are being seen in our skies today. If UFOs have been witnessed flying in our skies long before the military or anyone else could have developed the technology, then they obviously do not originate with the military or anyone else. However, this doesn’t mean to say that the military doesn’t have this technology today (which they apparently do), but only that they aren’t the only ones to have it, and that it’s been around since long before they could have ever acquired it.

Those who take the time to research the subject of UFOs fairly extensively will become aware of these and other problems regarding the second possibility in our list, and will be forced to choose among the remaining four.

That UFOs could be an advanced terrestrial technology originating from an unknown group of people is quite reasonable, except for the fact that UFOs have been witnessed in our skies for centuries, as I already pointed out. But this does not exclude the possibility that a secret group of humans might have acquired the technology, just as any number of governments might have. Such a secret group might be a corporate entity, or some other private group. They might be a group such as the Illuminati, but they could just as well be any shadowy group of powerful people. Many people are too uncomfortable with the idea that a sinister secret group could or would develop such technologies, or they think it’s ridiculous and don’t want to accept it. Instead, they’ll avoid considering anything to do with the subject we’re discussing altogether, because otherwise they’ll be left to choose one of the remaining possibilities, which are even more unsettling.

However, many people aren’t so easily scared off by the more terrifying implications of what’s going on, and will understand the very real possibility that such a secret group of very powerful people who possess such advanced technology might actually exist and be operating surreptitiously among us in fulfilling some secret agenda. The more intelligent and reasonable-minded person won’t immediately rule out this choice, being aware of the extreme wealth, resources, and influence that are available to a number of very powerful parties in our society and the potential capabilities that this gives them. Those people who believe the third possibility on our list will often tend to avoid anything more speculative than this, but may remain open-minded enough about the matter to still give the remaining options careful consideration. It must be kept in mind, however, that although the technology behind the UFOs didn’t necessarily originate with any humans, a government or private group may have come into possession of it, so that now there is more than one group responsible for the events surrounding the modern-day UFO phenomena.

For those people who are open-minded and willing to speculate even a little further will give serious consideration to the harder to accept possibilities in our list. Any one of the latter three possibilities might appeal to a person depending on a number of factors. A person’s open-mindedness and level of knowledge regarding the relevant aspects of each possibility will have a determining effect on their choice. For instance, a person who is aware of certain evidence that suggests advanced civilizations have existed on Earth prior to the rise of our own, or that there is evidence of intelligent life having existed elsewhere in our solar system, might accept either one of the forth or fifth possibilities on our list. Equally, a person who is aware that our current scientific framework is based more on theories and hypotheses than solid facts, and that these theories and hypotheses are often shortsighted and never absolute, will be more open to any of the latter choices on our list.

At this point in determining the origin of these UFOs from among our list of choices, a person must rely on their personal understanding of science and what they believe is physically possible. If they can accept that a race of beings could have existed anywhere in our solar system long before our own human civilization sprouted up at about 5000 BC, then either the forth or fifth possibility are equally plausible. Depending on their level of open-mindedness, they might not be too accepting of the limitations posed by our current scientific framework, and might be willing to accept that interstellar space travel is possible, in which case these UFOs could possibly come from outside of our solar system. If their open-mindedness is even greater, they might even accept that these UFOs originate from another dimension altogether. As we move towards considering these latter possibilities, however, we’re forced to speculate to greater and greater degrees, having less and less factual evidence to go on.

Although our current understanding of science dictates that interstellar space travel is virtually impossible due to the distances involved and the supposed limitations in speed that could conceivably be attained, the possibility that these UFOs originate from outside our solar system should not be quickly ruled out. It’s very possible that a race of beings from another star system might have long ago colonized space, and have made their way to our part of the galaxy over many thousands or even millions of years. As we’ll see in a later chapter, this isn’t all that unreasonable, and would only require that they had first developed the ability to fully and indefinitely sustain themselves in a space environment, and have the foresight and ability to handle any problem or threat to their survival that might arise.

The last possibility on our list is the most speculative, and is beyond the scope of our discussion. There is very little reliable evidence to support it, other than it ties in with a few theories that have been put out by prominent scientists in recent years in regards to quantum physics. At this point in time, it makes for interesting material to speculate on, but that’s all.

The ability to be sure where these UFOs and their operators originate from is virtually impossible to determine with any certainty, but we can at least reduce our choices to the most reasonable possibilities. The first two in our list have been eliminated, as well as the last, leaving us with the third, forth, and fifth possibilities. Any one of these three possibilities may be the originating source of UFO technology, but whatever the case, it seems to have also come into the hands of the US military, so we’re most likely dealing with a more complex situation than just a single group having possession of this technology. The UFOs that are witnessed in our skies, and even the encounters that people have with their occupants, should not all be associated with the alien group, since it’s very likely that there are a number of different non-human races from other worlds visiting Earth who are also sometimes witnessed in our skies and interacted with, and not all of them are necessarily malevolent.

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