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They Would Be Gods - 7 - Where Do They Reside?



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

7: Where Do They Reside?

If an alien presence is amongst us, then where might this alien group reside? There are three general possibilities, any one or all of which are equally plausible, irrespective of whether these aliens are human or otherwise. The first possibility is that they live somewhere here on our planet, either underground or else somewhere above-ground that is very remote or well hidden. The second possibility is that they live in near-Earth space, aboard their spacecraft. The third possibility is that they live on another nearby celestial body, such as our moon or Mars.

There is evidence to support all three of these possibilities, some of which we’ll consider in the pages ahead. The latter two off-planet possibilities are actually supported by the predominance of the evidence, but in spite of this, it’s reasonable to believe that they’re also currently stationed here on our planet as well, and have established hidden bases here at some point in the past, and continue to use them. It may be, on the other hand, that the original alien group no longer inhabit any of these places, and have since disappeared to other places, leaving proxies in their stead to oversee their affairs on our planet. Whether they have been on or in close proximity to this planet on a permanent basis since before our own time is also uncertain, and it may be that they have only returned here relatively recently after a long respite, for whatever reason. However, since reports of what appear to be non-human beings continue to be tied to the modern-day UFO enigma, it seems reasonable to assume that they’re here with us now, and that they are indeed not human. But then again, this may be a deception of a purely human design, and we must all be very careful in our judgments in this regard, and be aware of what they might be capable of technologically. We’ll discuss this very important issue in the last part of this book.

The possibility that they’re inhabiting our moon and/or Mars is supported by a large number of recorded anomalies that will be considered further on. The proposition that they inhabit our Earth as a subterranean civilization is supported by a number of ancient legends that go back to very early times, including those written about in the Indian Vedas, in which it tells of a race of subterranean creatures referred to as the Nagas. Similar legends of subterranean civilizations are to be found in many other cultures around the world. There are also a number of modern-day accounts of miners and cave explorers (spelunkers) coming across evidence of mysterious underground civilizations, and the descriptions of their finds often include strange and unfamiliar technologies, as well as huge caches of gold and gems, and even the mysterious creatures who occupy these places. However, given the fact that the aliens have been involved in genetic manipulation for a very long time, as we’ll see, it may be that these subterranean civilizations, if they exist, are not occupied by these same aliens, but rather by another race of beings who perhaps have been created by the original aliens in the same way that they’ve created the human species. We shouldn’t assume that just because subterranean creatures, if they exist, are not human (and perhaps they are), that they must be the original aliens. It’s very important to keep an open mind to all possibilities when considering all of this, since the possibilities become rather complex when the issue of genetic manipulation and the creation of new species is brought into the picture, which the evidence demands that it must.

It should be noted that the locations of many of these reported subterranean cavern-cities are often areas that have a lot of UFO activity, and this offers further support to the possibility that these aliens operate from underground bases here on Earth. The fact that there is less substantial evidence of any earthly locations for these aliens than there is of near-Earth locations may make some sense, in that any earthly locations would be in greater jeopardy of being discovered, and so it would necessarily be more important to assure that these locations were not stumbled upon, and if they were, that they weren’t rediscovered again. Those few who have ever reported finding evidence of subterranean civilizations have for one reason or another always kept the locations of their discoveries very secret or have been unable to relocate them later on. Perhaps their reports are pure fiction, but we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions too quickly.
The least likely location for an alien group, of course, would be on the surface of our planet. Although not absolutely out of the question, it’s an unlikely proposition, given our ability to use satellite technology to monitor and explore virtually every part of the Earth’s surface with relative ease. About the safest and most isolated location on Earth for an alien group to reside would be in Antarctica, and it may not be all that unlikely that there is in fact something there to be found, perhaps above-ground but hidden beneath the snow and ice, or perhaps underground in the warmer regions beneath Earth’s surface. More will be said about this in the pages ahead.

It might even be that they’re living amongst us, undetectable to the rest of us by all outer appearances. They may look and dress like us, but in every other manner they may be completely different.

Wherever this alien group might be residing is of little real consequence at this time, however, and is less important than the fact that they’re here, and through our growing awareness of them, we’re forced to consider our human situation in a bigger context. In doing so, we should reconsider certain other mysteries that have perplexed scientists for so long, since they might offer some insight into what is going on. All of this may lead us to a fuller understanding of ourselves and our past. But as we shall see in the later parts of this book, we may also learn that we’re being prepared for the final dramatic event that will lead us to either face our own extinction, or give in to a group who has the most sinister of intensions.

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