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They Would Be Gods - 75 - The Nazis



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

75: The Nazis

“We were helped by people from other worlds.” – Herman Oberth

During World War II the Nazis were rabidly searching for ways to dominate and control people, both individually and as a group, and went to every conceivable length, stopping at nothing if it might hold some promise to achieving this end. Hitler and his top men were occultists, and borrowed all of their methodologies from other occult groups. Hitler would investigate every avenue of research that might bring him more power, taking a particular interest in the esoteric sciences. He sent investigative expeditions to Tibet in an attempt to learn what occult knowledge the Tibetan monks might have. He sent other parties to Egypt to seek out whatever occult knowledge their ancient culture might hold. He set up laboratories to perform experiments in mind-control, using everything from hypnosis, to drugs, to torture, to surgical alterations on humans. He created within the Nazi Party a special group known as the SS, which was in essence a secret society, with its innermost circle comprised of his most loyal and dedicated followers who were put in charge of his main organs of influence and power. This inner circle of devotees were all true occultists, involved in performing ancient rites and incantations, sacrificing humans to appease certain spirits, and laying complex plans that reached far into the future. He created an entire mythology for the German people to believe in that made them out to be the descendants of a superior Aryan race who deserved to rule the world as they believed they had in the past. This same mentality is very reminiscent of the Israelites of the Old Testament, who saw themselves in much the same way. This was a very ancient formula, variations of which had worked many times throughout history for excusing the worst of atrocities in the name of a supposedly justified cause. This formula is used very effectively even today.

The Jews were persecuted by Hitler for the very reason that they were seen as a form of secret society and had been able to achieve huge control on the world, mainly through control of the economic system. They were considered a threat to Hitler’s plans, and so eliminating them was of utmost importance. Hitler sought to break up all secret societies that were operating in Germany while he was in power, including the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, and the Theosophical Society – organizations which were obviously a threat to his plans because of the knowledge and power they held. These three particular organizations are all believed to have held esoteric knowledge that would have been of great interest to the Nazis, and this undoubtedly had a lot to do with their persecution.

The extermination camps were used to supply the Nazis with a source of cheap labor in carrying out Hitler’s plans. With that labor force, the Nazis built numerous strongholds in isolated areas throughout Germany, many of them deep underground. Hitler used these fortified strongholds and his slave laborers to research and develop technologies for use in his plans. He experimented on many of these unfortunate people in trying to create the ultimate mind-controlled soldier. He made great progress in advancing his plan – perhaps more than we commonly realize.

Apart from mind-control research and experimentation, the Nazis were also heavily involved in UFO research and development, and it’s believed by many that Hitler succeeded in developing a number of UFO designs. There is a tie between Hitler’s search for esoteric knowledge and his development of UFOs, which is that he was apparently in contact with, or at least in communication with, aliens from another world.

While the war was still going on, Hitler apparently began to establish a secret outpost in Antarctica, using South America as a stopover point. He acquired many devoted followers in South America, and established a large German population there, both of which still exist today. When the war came to its end, he is commonly believed to have committed suicide, but his body has ever been found, and it is believed by many that he escaped with a number of his closest party members and fled to his Antarctic outpost in a small fleet of U-boats. At the same time, while the Americans, British, and Russians were going through Germany and acquiring the spoils of war, they captured many of the remaining Nazi scientists, doctors, and engineers, and siphoned them into their own countries to work for them. One of these Nazis, a Major in Hitler’s SS, was Werner von Braun, who had been personally responsible for the deaths of many POWs being used as slave labor under his direction. He and many other hardened Nazis were brought to the US in 1945 through Operation Paperclip. Von Braun was treated quite well financially by the government while he worked on developing rocketry for the US military’s missile program, and later became director of the newly formed NASA. Many other Nazi war criminals were brought into the US as well, being given complete immunity from the atrocities they had committed, and new identities to hide their incriminating pasts. If the American public had been made aware of any of this at the time, they would have been absolutely outraged. All of these Nazi immigrants were integrated into the US government or into corporations that worked at the behest of the US government. A great many of them became members of the newly formed CIA, which was created soon after the war and which has since become a secret society unto itself, and is largely influenced in its structure and methodology by the Nazi ideology.

Von Braun, as well as certain other German scientists and engineers brought to the USA through Operation Paperclip, would have been aware of the German UFO research and development, and would have passed on to the Americans whatever knowledge they had. The same would have been the case with those who were involved in other research endeavors for the Nazi cause, including mind-control and genetics.

It is believed by many that Hitler had been able to develop advanced secret technologies, including flying craft that performed much like the UFOs that have been regularly seen in our skies since 1947, and that he and/or his top men made their escape to Antarctica at the war’s end, taking with them all evidence of these technologies and the means to manufacture them. We know that there were ties between the Nazis and certain powerful parties within the USA, evidenced by both the funding provided to Hitler during the war by Americans such as the Rockefeller and Bush families, and by the events surrounding Operation Paperclip. We can discern from this that there was some sort of collaboration both during and after the war between the Nazis and a secret cabal within the American government. This obviously suggests connections between the Nazi’s quest for esoteric knowledge, their secret technologies, and the growing fascist mindset within the US government.

As is becoming easier to see each day, an extremely fascist mentality underlies the secret activities of the US military and intelligence organs, the evidence of which strongly indicates a bad end for society at large. We are living in the opening scenes of the last act of a worldwide play for global domination.

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