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CHRONOLOGY II - 1941 to 1960

History of the Psychopathic Elite’s 
Development of Techno-Slavery

1941 - Lookout Mountain Laboratory is built in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon. This is a secret military installation that will serve as a secret air defense facility for the US Army until 1947, when it will be converted into a self-contained movie studio for use in atomic weapons research and other undisclosed projects. It will have its own sound stages, screening rooms, film processing labs, editing rooms, film vaults, etc.

1941 (March) – The German Gestapo becomes interested in the work of Viktor Schauberger. By May, he will be ordered by them to keep his work secret.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1941 (July) L. Ron Hubbard enters the US Naval Reserve as a Lieutenant, using various letters of recommendation in which he has fabricated an apparently bogus past. In the Naval Reserve he first writes public relations articles, and then enrolls in Intelligence Officer training in New York, but is kicked out after his first assignment because he is considered unreliable. He is always trying to draw attention to himself and impress others with his importance, and turns in reports which read like, and may have actually been, pulp fiction. He is reported to have taken positions of authority without obtaining official sanction and attempted to perform duties that he had no qualifications for. Eventually he goes to anti-submarine warfare school in Miami, and gets appointed Commanding Officer of a submarine tracker, the USS PC-815. Within five hours of setting sail out of Portland, Oregon, he is claiming to have detected enemy subs, and exhausts his entire supply of depth charges trying to knock them out. A second incident where he and his crew fire weapons in Mexican waters leads to him being transferred to other duties where he can be supervised. He will end his military service at the end of World War II in the hospital for ‘epigastric distress’ and a long list of other minor aches and pains.

(See online book, Jack Parsons & the Curious Origins of the American Space Program, by The Magician)

1941 (July) – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows television stations to broadcast advertisements, but requires public service programming commitments as a requirement for a station to have a license. They set up the first licensing standards for television broadcasting. The first licenses are granted to NBC and CBS in New York.

1941 (August 14) – Future rock icon David Crosby is born. He is the son of US Air Force Major Floyd Delafield Crosby, a WWII military intelligence officer who specialized in photography and filmmaking. He is also recognized by major Hollywood studios, working on a large number of movies both before and after the war. The Crosby family tree includes many US senators and congressmen, state senators and assemblymen, governors, mayors, judges, Supreme Court justices, Revolutionary and Civil War generals, signers of the Declaration of Independence, and members of the Continental Congress. The Crosby family also includes more than a few high-ranking Masons, including Stephen Van Rensselaer III, who reportedly served as Grand Master of Masons for New York. According to the New England Genealogical Society, David Van Cortlandt Crosby is also a direct descendant of ‘Founding Fathers’ and Federalist Papers authors Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. David will play a significant role in the CIA/Tavistock-orchestrated counterculture movement in the 1960s.

1942 – There are about 5,000 television sets in operation in the USA at this time, but the production of new TVs, radios, and other broadcasting equipment for civilian purposes will be suspended from April 1942 to August 1945, during the war years.

1942 T. Townsend Brown is made head of the Atlantic Fleet Radar Materiel School and Gyrocompass School in Norfolk, Virginia.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1942 – With the help of British Intelligence, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) is created by the US government, headed by William ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan. It includes a psychological warfare division that will be involved with propaganda and disinformation operations that target both foreign and domestic populations.

(See book, Worldview Warfare and The Science of Coercion, by Christopher Simpson)

1942 (June 29) – The first claim of extermination of Jews by the Nazis is made by the London branch of the World Jewish Congress, a Zionist organization headed by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise. They claim that one million Jews have already been killed in some undesignated “vast slaughterhouse for Jews” which had been established in Eastern Europe. The only attempt to provide evidence for this claim is a remark that the Polish government in exile in London had received confirming information. The New York Times will carry the story. Representatives for the World Jewish Congress will further claim that an anonymous German industrialist had informed them that he had learned of a decision to kill all non-Soviet Jews under German control, and that discussions were being held at the Fuhrer’s Headquarters regarding the methods to be employed. By September, two more anonymous sources will claim to have escaped from German-controlled areas, where they say Polish Jews are being exterminated and their corpses used to make fertilizer. At about this same time, a representative for the World Jewish Congress will report that Jewish corpses are being used to manufacture soap and fertilizer. Further anonymous reports will be made claiming similar atrocities, building up the belief that a mass extermination program is being implemented by the Germans to eliminate Jews from German-occupied territories. Most of these reports will come through the World Jewish Congress. Requests sent to the Vatican regarding confirmation of these allegations will go unanswered for many months, with an eventual response that the Vatican was unable to confirm the claims. No documentation will ever surface that would indicate that any such manufacturing plants ever existed, or that any extermination programs existed. In spite of this, continued pressure on Washington by the World Jewish Congress will lead to a public statement by the US government on December 17th condemning the exterminations. Incoming information from anonymous sources will continue to add to the myth without much challenge, in spite of any real evidence to support them.

A report issued by the US government’s War Refugee Board in November 1944, entitled German Extermination Camps: Auschwitz and Birkenau, will become the ‘official’ thesis of exterminations via gas chambers at Auschwitz. In it, all of the essentials and many of the details of the later Auschwitz hoax will be found. This report will be used at the Nuremburg trials to convict many Nazis of war crimes.

The mass graves and unhealthy conditions that will be promoted as evidence of these exterminations are mostly due to mass outbreaks of typhus, for which the chemical Zyklon B is used in an attempt to disinfect (Zyklon B is an insecticide). The gas chambers and crematoriums that are purportedly used to conduct these mass exterminations will never materialize.

The fear raised by these claims will lead to a mass resettlement program that will eventually lead to the establishment of Israel as the official homeland of the Jewish people, displacing the current Palestinian residents who have lived there for thousands of years. The establishment of Israel as the Jewish homeland will prove to have been one of the main reasons for orchestrating World War II, with the World Jewish Congress acting as the primary source for holocaust propaganda.

(See online book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, by Arthur R. Butz)

1942 – After serving four years in prison, a judge gives Vito Paulekas the opportunity to join the US Merchant Marines in lieu of finishing his 25 sentence for armed robbery. He enlists.

1942 Jack Parsons leaves CalTech and starts a company called Aerojet, continuing his Army-sponsored (classified) research into solid rocket fuels. He is also spending time building up the membership of the Agape Lodge of the OTO in Los Angeles and experimenting with drugs.

(See online book, Jack Parsons & the Curious Origins of the American Space Program, by The Magician)

1942 – Seven-year-old John Phillips begins attending Linton Hall Military School in Bristow, Virginia, where he will remain until 1946.

1942 (December 17) – The United Nations publishes a declaration on the rights of man, in which it denounces, in strong but general terms, the treatment inflicted on the Jews by the Nazis.

(See online book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, by Arthur R. Butz)

1943 – Future novelist J. D. Salinger becomes a Counter Intelligence Corps officer in the US Army. He will be involved in the D-Day invasion, his duties involving rounding up Nazis and conducting interrogations. He will assist in bringing Nazis into the USA after the war through Project Paperclip. He will suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his experiences during the war and spend some time in a hospital. Throughout his life he will have relationships with a number of different women of barely legal age. His future bestselling novel, The Catcher in the Rye, will be found in the possession of a number of ‘lone-nut’ killers (e.g. Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley Jr., Sirhan Sirhan, and possibly Adam Lanza) at the time that they commit their crimes.

(See online file, Escaping The Catcher in the Rye-Decrypting J.D. Salinger)

1943 – The Rockefellers help finance the Allen Memorial Institute at McGill University in Canada, where the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron will perform his macabre mind-control experiments on human victims. These experiments will be conducted under the auspices of the Canadian military, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the CIA. Cameron’s work will be based on the idea that behavior patterns in adults can be erased by a physiologic process (electroshock, drugs, sleep deprivation, psychic driving, etc.) that attacks neural patterns. He is interested in whether adults can be made patternless and returned to a state of neurological and psychological infancy for a short period before new patterns of behavior are introduced.

1943 – The hallucinogen LSD is developed by Albert Hoffman, a chemist at Sandoz A. B., a Swiss pharmaceutical company owned by S. G. Warburg of the Warburg family, who also operates I. G. Farben in Germany. Allen Dulles is the OSS station chief in Berne, Switzerland, throughout the early research. One of his assistants will be James Warburg, who will later work with Aldous Huxley.

(See online book, Terrorism and the Illuminati, by David Livingstone)

1943 Josef Mengele is made medical commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp.

1943 – The World Jewish Congress, which is already claiming that 2 million Jews have been exterminated by the Nazis and another 4 – 5 million more were due to meet the same end in short time, begins demanding that Palestine be opened up to them for resettlement.

(See online book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, by Arthur R. Butz)

1943 – Prominent psychologist/hypnotist George Estabrooks publishes his book, Hypnotism, in which he outlines the utility of hypnotism for mind-control purposes. Estabrooks will become deeply involved in the CIA’s MKULTRA program in the years ahead. In his book, he claims that once a person's core personality has been split, it is then possible to control one or more of the alter personalities, without the conscious awareness of the primary personality. This process, according to Estabrooks, would allow the intelligence community to create ‘super spies’ – unwitting 'agents' who are willing to follow any orders unquestioningly. These agents could also make ideal couriers, since they could be fed sensitive information while in a hypnotic state and thereafter have no conscious awareness that they were transporting important information. He only vaguely alludes to the necessity of extreme trauma to create MPD in a person. He states that young children make the best subjects. He also suggests looking for good hypnotic subjects among the criminal class, who can be isolated and then trained.

1943 – Development of the ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator) computer is started by the US Army, and will be completed in 1945. This is the first general purpose (programmable) electronic computer in existence. It uses over 18,000 vacuum tubes and takes up 1800 square feet of floor space. Data must be entered on punch cards and its hardware components must be reconfigured for it to perform different tasks.

1943 – The rumored Philadelphia Experiment (Project Rainbow) takes place at the Philadelphia Naval shipyard (July and October). The original intent of this experiment is to make a battleship invisible to radar, with the possibility of making it optically invisible as well.

According to William Moore and Charles Berlitz, who will present this story to the public in book form in 1979 (The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility), the experiment not only succeeds in causing the battleship USS Eldridge to become completely invisible, but teleports it to its sister berth in Norfolk, Virginia. Strange things allegedly occur to the crew on board the ship during the experiment as well, causing some of the men to end up embedded in the metal of the ship, while others fade in and out of sight or disappear completely, and still others who appear to be on fire. Many of the survivors go completely insane from the experience.

The story will be written about first by such people as Dr. Reilly H. Crabb, Vincent Gaddis, Brad Steiger, and Gray Barker, and will later come to the attention of Berlitz while he is investigating the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. Moore will have already been investigating the Philadelphia Experiment in the 1970s when he and Berlitz meet and begin collaborating on their book. It should be noted that Moore will publicly confess years later to having been wittingly used by Air Force Intelligence to disseminate government disinformation related to UFOs (he will coauthor the first published book on the Roswell crash with Berlitz, thus introducing that story to the public). Also, according to an article that will appear years later in the Seattle Times/Post Intelligencer, at the beginning of World War II, Charles Berlitz had been taken out of the Air Force to work in counter-intelligence. The article will indicate that Berlitz' connections with intelligence agencies didn’t end with World War II, but that “He resumed his intelligence work, though not overseas, during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Two people will play important parts in the initial unfolding of this incredible story. The first of these is an astrophysicist and private researcher named Morris K. Jessup, and the second is a rather mysterious man named Carlos Miguel Allende, who will claim to have been a first-hand witness to the experiment. Jessup will publish a book in 1955 called The Case for the UFOs, in which he offers his opinions about UFOs and their source of motive power. He will go on to give lectures and make appeals to the public for the government to begin research in this area, and this will get the attention of Allende, who will write him a number of letters in which he will warn against this idea. Allende will cryptically mention a certain Naval experiment that he had witnessed, in which a ship had been turned invisible and teleported to another location before returning to its berth minutes later. Allende will claim in his letters to Jessup that Einstein had actually completed his Unified Field Theory between 1925 and 1927, but had withdrawn it again out of fear of what might be done with it. Allende will go on to say that at the time, any possible uses of this theory that could be immediately applied were considered by the military, and one result of this was that they were able to make an entire ship and its crew turn invisible.

According to Gerry Vassilatos in his book, Lost Science, just prior to the time that the Philadelphia Experiment was initiated, Naval researchers had been experiencing strange phenomena that were somehow related to the extremely high amperage discharges from the special arc welders being used to build ships with armor plated hulls. A special process had been designed that allowed them to weld the extremely thick plating, and the intense electrical discharges of the welder was causing a strange ‘optical blackout’ effect. Some of the workers were also experiencing what appeared to be neurological effects, including hallucinations and even madness. Military officials saw this strange effect as a potential weapon.

Other strange phenomena were occurring as well. After powering up the special capacitor that was used in the arc welding machinery, the intense discharge would routinely rock the entire site. When workers commenced their duties (having previously cleared out of the area prior to the power up), they would discover that the tools they had left lying there had disappeared. This was investigated further, and high-speed cameras were set up to film the effect. At first, they had thought they were being disintegrated by the intense blast of the discharge, but the cameras revealed that this was not the case at all. The objects simply vanished without any trace.

T. Townsend Brown, who was already stationed at the Norfolk Navy Yard, was one of the scientists brought in to investigate this phenomenon, which was similar to the electrogravitic effects he had been studying. The military started a classified research program to look into these effects (Project Rainbow), which led up to the events of the alleged Philadelphia Experiment.

The names of T. Townsend Brown, Albert Einstein, John von Neumann, and Nikola Tesla have been attached to these experiments. This might very possibly have been true in the case of Brown, and some of the story’s more outrageous aspects (i.e. those coming from Carlos Allende) may have been added in order to discredit Brown and his antigravity work in order to throw off investigations into these matters. Brown never refused the truth of these experiments. He remained almost completely silent on the story, but is said to have confided to his friend Josh Reynolds sometime before his death in 1985 that the story was “greatly inflated”.

The more extraordinary elements of this story will be used to support later claims (mostly made by UFO enthusiasts) regarding an interdimensional and/or time-travel aspect to UFO phenomena. The purported symptoms suffered by the crew that was on board the USS Eldridge during the experiment suggest partial truth, in that some of their symptoms match the known effects of electromagnetic fields on the human brain.

Irrespective of the more extraordinary claims regarding these experiments, the use of electromagnetic fields to generate radar invisibility is a technique used by the military today. It is also possible that Brown’s research into electro-gravity had reached a major breakthrough, and the story was created in order to cover it up and deflect investigators or espionage agents.

1943 (December 8)Jim Morrison is born in Melbourne, Florida, to future Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison.

1943 (December) T. Townsend Brown suffers a nervous breakdown and is discharged from the Navy. Could this have been due to exposure to intense electromagnetic fields, such as those used during the alleged Philadelphia Experiment?

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1944 – The Germans develop an electrical apparatus that produces an intense electromagnetic field that will interfere with the operation of an engine from a distance. They also develop a method of radar invisibility by producing an oscillating current that corresponds to the radar frequency to effectively cancel it out. These effects will be seen to occur quite regularly in many UFO sightings in the years ahead.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1944 – Glowing orbs, later named ‘foo-fighters’, are first sighted by bomber pilots while flying over Germany. These are small, apparently remote-controlled objects that show the same general maneuverability as will be witnessed in UFO sightings in later years. Undetectable by radar, they are able to get within a few hundred feet of fighter jets and lock onto them for a few minutes. Sightings of these foo-fighters in German skies will continue sporadically throughout the war, suggesting that they are some sort of German experimental craft in early operational development.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1944 T. Townsend Brown begins working as a radar consultant at Lockheed’s Vega division in Burbank, California.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1944 (April) – At 59 years of age, Viktor Schauberger is called up for active duty in the German Army and ordered to handpick a team to work with him in developing his invention – an unusual energy device that he had been working on before the war. He apparently achieves success with it just before the German’s surrender. One report from a team member will state that on the first attempt to run the saucer-like power plant, it rose to the ceiling trailing a blue-green and then silver glow. Only a few days after this test, an American group will show up and seize everything, putting Schauberger under protective custody.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1944 (November) – Long before the end of World War II, a Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee is set up by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff to begin identifying and locating any German developments that could serve to improve the postwar American economy. This committee is interested in military, industrial, electronic, and medical advancements. A subcommittee comprising 380 specially trained people represents 17 US companies. Because of this early preparation, the Americans will acquire the greater portion of the spoils of war.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1944 Betty Andreasson’s first purported alien abduction at age seven (recalled years later). This is the earliest known abduction case on record. Her future husband Bob Luca apparently has a separate encounter this year as well, at the age of five. Both cases are recalled through hypnotic regression many years later. As such, they may have been hypnotically planted cover memories to hide other more earthly events involving mind-control experiments.

In the case of Betty, she will remember years later through hypnotic regression that she is alone in her playhouse when a small luminous ball flies in and buzzes around her head. In the next moment she falls backwards and is feeling sleepy, and she feels something in her head and then hears a number of voices all talking together. They say she is “coming along fine” and would be ready in about five years. The beings tell her that they also visit many other people, and that what they are doing is for the good of mankind. She will have another (hypnotically recalled) abduction incident in five years.

In the case of Bob, he is at the edge of a wooded area when he is approached by a disc-shaped object with a transparent dome on top. Two grey-skinned beings with large heads communicate to him via telepathy from inside the object while he sits paralyzed, saying that they are preparing him and others for something that will be good for mankind in the future. Bob is programmed by these beings to forget whatever else occurs during this incident. He will have another encounter in 1967 (again, separate from Betty’s 1967 encounter).

(See book, The Watchers, by Raymond E. Fowler)

1944 William Thetford graduates from DePauw University. He takes a job as an administrator for the Manhattan Project, supervising certain buildings and performing radiation decontamination. After the bombs are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he quits and enrolls in a course being given by Dr. Carl Rogers on ‘Client-Centered Psychotherapy’. He soon becomes Rogers’ teaching assistant, and then his research assistant.

1944 Aleister Crowley appoints Jack Parsons as head of the Agape Lodge of the OTO in California, replacing Wilfred T. Smith, who Crowley expels for turning the Lodge into a ‘love cult’. Smith leaves with Parsons’ wife Helen.

This same year, Parsons founds the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, which by the next year will have launched America's first successful high-altitude rocket into space. One of Parsons’ current business partners who helped him get started at CalTech is a man named Theodore von Karman, a Hungarian Jew who is a descendant of a mathematician at the Imperial Court of Prague and who was credited with creating the world's first mechanical robot, known as the Golem.

(See online book, Jack Parsons & the Curious Origins of the American Space Program, by The Magician)

1945 (January 3)Steven Stills is born in Dallas, Texas, to a military family. He will move around a lot during his childhood, spending time in both the United 

States and Central America, and eventually attending Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida, and then Saint Leo College Preparatory School in Saint Leo, Florida. He will eventually drop out of the University of Florida to pursue a music career in the early 1960s. He will play in several bands in New York’s Greenwich Village for a while before heading to California.
1945 – As the Allies are plundering Germany at the end of the war, they discover that the Nazis had constructed a large number of underground facilities where most of their advanced technologies were being developed. These facilities are each from five to twenty-six kilometers in length. These German underground facilities are also located in Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. Approximately 143 of them had been put into production just months before the war’s end, and another 107 were in planning or preparation.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1945 T. Townsend Brown moves to Hawaii after the war and continues his work on antigravity research and is a consultant at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard. He demonstrates his gravitators and tethered flying discs to Adm. Arthur W. Radford, Commander in Chief of the US Pacific Fleet. After the demonstration and an apparently disinterested response by the Navy, he goes home to find that his room has been broken into and his notebooks are missing. The Navy returns them to him several days later. It is at this point that the US military seems to have stolen Brown’s research work and started secretly developing it, if they hadn’t already been prior to this.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1945 (March) – Raymond Palmer, editor of Amazing Stories magazine, publishes a story, claimed to be true by its author (Richard Shaver), titled I Remember Lemuria (better known as The Shaver Mystery), about an evil subterranean race that was controlling life on the surface of the earth through the use of ‘fiendish rays’, one of which could put thoughts and voices in the surface human’s heads. The story is a hit, with thousands of letters pouring in from readers. Palmer soon realizes he is tapping into a previously unrecognized audience comprised of people who are quick to believe such stories – many of them obviously paranoid-schizophrenic. The sales of Amazing Stories, which were previously quite poor, quickly multiplied, reaching 250,000 a month in the first year. Many of the readers who would write back offering supporting ‘evidence’ for the Shaver stories, described strange objects they had seen in the sky and strange encounters they had had with alien beings. It will seem that many thousands of people are aware of the existence of some distinctly non-terrestrial group in our midst. Paranoid fantasies were mixed with tales that had the uncomfortable ring of truth. The ‘Letters-to-the-Editor’ section of the magazine will become the most interesting part of the publication.

One such letter writer and possible magazine story contributor who will claim that the Shaver story is true will be a man named Fred Lee Crisman, who will be directly involved in a UFO incident that will allegedly take place at Maury Island, Washington, in 1947, and then the JFK assassination in 1963. Crisman will later be revealed through his CIA file to have been an intelligence agent in the OSS during World War II.

(See book, The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers, by John A. Keel)

1945 (April) – At about this time, Jack Parsons, now Lodge Master of the Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis, meets L. Ron Hubbard at a meeting of the Los Angeles Fantasy and Science Fiction Society, which Parsons attends regularly. Parsons is impressed by Hubbard and writes Crowley to tell him about the man and his desire to establish a ‘New Aeon’. This is something that Parsons and Crowley are apparently interested in as well. Parsons will let Hubbard live with him for the next few years.

(See online book, Jack Parsons & the Curious Origins of the American Space Program, by The Magician)

1945 – At the end of World War II, General Reinhard Gehlen, the head of the Nazi SS and Hitler’s Chief of Intelligence against Russia, arrives in Washington DC to meet extensively with President Truman, General William ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan, Director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and Allen Dulles, who will later become the head of the CIA. The objective of their brain-storming sessions is to reorganize the American intelligence arm, transforming it into a highly-efficient covert organization. The culmination of their efforts will produce the Central Intelligence Group in 1946, which will be renamed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1947.

1945 (September 24) – A directive written by a senior USAAF field officer to General McDonald, Air Force intelligence chief at Wright Field in Ohio, states that:

1. It is considered that the following have been thoroughly investigated and have proven to have no basis of fact.
    a. Remote Interference with Aircraft
    Investigations have been completed on this subject and it is considered that there is no means presently known which was in development or use by the German Air Force which could interfere with the engines of aircraft in flight. All information available through interrogations, equipment and documents has been thoroughly investigated and this subject may be closed with negative result.
    b. Balls of Fire
    As far as can be determined from extensive interrogations, investigation of documents, and field trips, there is no basis of fact in the reports made by aircrews concerning balls of fire other than that phenomena similar to balls of fire may have been produced by jet aircraft or missiles. This subject may be considered closed with negative results.

A. R. Sullivan, Jr.,
Lt. Colonel, Sig. C.

A document in the Air Force archives shows that the Americans actually did find evidence that the Germans were developing both of these types of technologies. The results of any investigations into these technologies were therefore likely to have been quite positive, and this directive was a piece of disinformation meant to put a lid on the matter and deter further investigation.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1945 (October) – With the end of World War II, the OSS is dismantled.

1945 – With the end of World War II, the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency is established and given direct responsibility for Operation Paperclip. Project Paperclip is involved in bringing thousands of Nazi scientists and engineers into the US, continuing until as late as 1990. This will include rocket scientists Werner Von Braun and Arthur Rudolph, flying saucer designer Richard Miethe, physician Hubertus Strughold, physicist Werner Heisenberg, mind-control expert Joseph Mengele, and head of Germen intelligence, Reinhard Gehlen, among others. A large number of them will be psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians. These scientists and doctors will be put to work for US military and intelligence agencies, usually within major front companies. Although US President Harry Truman expressly excluded anyone found “to have been a member of the Nazi Party, and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of Nazi militarism,” this exclusion would have rendered ineligible most of the leading scientists that had been identified for recruitment, and so it was ignored, and false employment and political biographies were created for them while their Nazi Party memberships and régime affiliations were expunged from the public record. Within a two year period, an estimated 1,800 technicians and scientists, along with 3,700 family-members will be brought into the USA. Scientists are assigned to such places as Fort Strong, Massachusetts; Fort Bliss, Texas; White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico; Wright Field; Lockheed; Martin Marietta; North American Aviation; and other aviation companies. Reinhard Gehlen is able to bring many of his SS over and implant them into the ranks of the CIA. He also brings with him a massive amount of intelligence information that he had microfilmed just before his surrender.

Apart from Project Paperclip, the CIA arrange for a private intelligence facility in West Germany to be established, and name it the Gehlen Organization. This is used by Gehlen to establish ‘rat lines’ to get Nazi war criminals out of Europe to avoid prosecution. Gehlen is able to help more than 5,000 Nazis escape Germany and relocate around the world, particularly in South and Central America. Mass murderers like Klaus Barbie will help governments set up death squads in Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, and elsewhere.

A large number of the Project Paperclip Nazis are hard-core Satanists and will continue their practices unabated on American soil, helping to spread satanic ideologies and practices until they become deeply rooted within the military, intelligence agencies such as the NSA and CIA, NASA, law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and BATF, local and state police forces, the court system, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street, the education system, hospitals and mental institutions, the AHA, APA, AMA, and ADA, the FDA, science and research foundations, postal services, the communications industry, transportation such as airlines, trains, road/highway services, religion, the entertainment industry, including movie production, TV, music industry and casinos, mainstream media, major corporations, utilities such as gas, electric, and oil, etc. These Paperclip Nazis aren’t the source of Satanism in America, however. They are brought into the US by the same Satanists who had helped Hitler rise to power and funded him in the war effort. Allen Dulles, cousin to John D. Rockefeller, was instrumental in this.

1945 – The Rockefellers influence the establishment of the United Nations. One of its first actions will be to create the nation of Israel.

1945 (December 5) L. Ron Hubbard is officially discharged from the Navy. He immediately applies for a pension, claiming various disabilities, and heads for Pasadena, where he moves in with Jack Parsons.

(See online book, Jack Parsons & the Curious Origins of the American Space Program, by The Magician)

1946 (January) Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard perform a series of Enochian sex magick rituals in an attempt to conceive a ‘moon child’ – a supernatural offspring with messianic potential. These rituals will become known as the ‘Babalon Working’, and will draw largely from the writings of occultist Aleister Crowley. During the rituals, Hubbard reportedly channels an entity that is mentioned in Crowley’s The Book of the Law. Parsons writes to Crowley to inform him of this. Crowley isn’t pleased, and sometime later in the year he will suspend Parsons as head of Agape Lodge. Crowley will write: “I have no further interest in Jack and his adventures; he is just a weak-minded fool, and must go to the devil in his own way.” Parsons will nonetheless continue his occult explorations, writing several manifestos.

The Babalon Working will later be claimed by certain parties to have created an interdimensional doorway in our spacetime matrix, allowing non-earthly beings to enter our part of the universe. This claim will be used by some to explain the many strange UFO-related activities that will begin soon after Parsons’ and Hubbard’s experiment (others will blame the UFO phenomenon on atomic tests).

(See online book, Jack Parsons & the Curious Origins of the American Space Program, by The Magician)

1946 – The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is formed.

1946 After being discharged from the Merchant Marines, Vito Paulekas heads for Los Angeles, California. He begins attending classes to continue developing both his dancing and artistic skills, primarily in clay sculpture.

1946 – The RAND Corporation is established by the US Army Air Force as Project RAND. It is a government think-tank involved in developing technologies for the military. Over the years, it will be funded through government contracts, university collaborators, and ‘private donors’. RAND's primary agency clients will include the CIA and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). RAND was conceived by Donald Douglas, CEO of Douglas Aircraft, along with two military officer luminaries. These officers carry with them significant ‘UFO histories’. These officers are Major General Curtis LeMay (the US Air Force's Chief of Development) and General Hap Arnold (considered the ‘father’ of the modern US Air Force). This organization will be secretly involved in studying (and monitoring) the UFO phenomenon.

(See online article, Deep Secrets of a UFO Think Tank Exposed!, by Anthony Bragalia)

1946 John Phillips begins attending George Washington High School in Alexandria, Virginia, where he will graduate in 1953, gaining an appointment to the Naval Academy. .

1946 (September) Amazing Stories publishes a short article by W.C. Hefferlin, Circle-Winged Plane, describing experiments with a circular craft in 1927 in San Francisco. Another contribution to this issue is a 30,000 word novelette, Earth Slaves to Space, dealing with spaceships that regularly visit the Earth to kidnap humans and haul them away to some other planet. Other stories describe amnesia, an important element in the UFO reports that still lay far in the future, and mysterious men who supposedly served as agents for a non-human race.

Raymond Palmer, the magazine’s editor, begins assigning artists to make sketches of objects described by readers and disc-shaped flying machines begin appearing on the covers of his magazine – long before June 1947, when Kevin Arnold’s report of seeing flying saucers over Mt. Rainier will be published in newspapers, thus introducing the alleged UFO phenomenon to mainstream society. But before that, a considerable number of people – millions – will be exposed to the flying saucer concept before the national news media is even aware of it. Anyone who glances at the magazines on a newsstand and catches a glimpse of the saucers-adorned Amazing Stories cover will already have the image (and the idea) implanted in his or her subconscious. In the course of the two years between March 1945 and June 1947, millions of Americans will have seen at least one issue of Amazing Stories magazine.

Although Amazing Stories will soon drop the subject of flying saucers, by 1948 Palmer will start his own pulp publication – Fate magazine – and continue putting out UFO stories.

(See book, The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers, by John A. Keel)

1946 – The first x-ray evidence of electronic implants in humans is made at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

1946 – 0.5% of homes in the USA have television sets.

1947 Andrija Puharich graduates from medical school at Northwestern University. During his years there, he has developed what he calls the Theory of Nerve Conduction, in which he proposed that the neurons radiate and receive waves of energy (which he calculated to be in the ultra-shortwave bands below infrared and above the radar spectrum), and therefore act as a certain type of radio receiver-transmitter for the transference of thoughts from one person to another. His theory is well received by leading scientists, including Jose Delgado, who will become notoriously famous as an MKULTRA scientist for conducting experiments in electronic stimulation of the brain using implants.

1947 – The nation of Israel is created as a homeland for the Jewish people.

1947 Jack Parsons becomes involved in acquiring arms for Israel, according to his business partner, Theodore von Karman. This same year, the US government will revoke his security clearance.

(See online book, Jack Parsons & the Curious Origins of the American Space Program, by The Magician)

1947 – Seven-year-old Frank Zappa moves to Lancaster, California, near Edwards Air Force Base where his father will continue doing classified work for the military.

1947 - Lookout Mountain Laboratory in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon is converted into a self-contained movie studio for use in atomic weapons research and other undisclosed projects. It has its own sound stages, screening rooms, film processing labs, editing rooms, film vaults, etc. This secret government facility will continue to operate until at least 1969. Local residents will not be aware of its existence until 1991.

1947 (June 21) – The first major civilian UFO sighting takes place at Maury Island in Washington State. This case starts with the claim of a sighting of six UFOs by a man named Harold A. Dahl, his son Charles, and two other crewmen on board a boat in Puget Sound. According to Dahl’s story, metal debris had fallen off one of the UFOs, killing his dog and burning the arm of his son. Some of the debris was retrieved and Dahl claimed to have taken photographs of the UFOs. Dahl reported the sighting to his employer, Fred Lee Crisman, who is supposedly the harbor patrolman at Tacoma, Washington.

The next day, on June 22nd, Dahl is visited by a mysterious ‘man in a dark suit’ driving a new black Buick (the first MIB incident on record), who warns Dahl that if he loves his family he shouldn’t talk about what he had seen. The man seems to already know all about the events of the previous day.

Crisman investigates Dahl’s claims for himself on that second day, and finds a great deal more of the debris where Dahl said the sighting had occurred. Crisman also claims to have seen another UFO at that time.

Soon after this, in July, Crisman writes a letter to Raymond Palmer, editor of Amazing Stories magazine, about the incident. In turn, Palmer writes to Kenneth Arnold, who had his own UFO sighting three days after the Maury Island incident, and asks Arnold to investigate the incident for him, paying him $200 for his troubles. Arnold is assisted in the investigation by a friend, United Airlines Captain E. J. Smith.

On July 29th, Arnold arrives in Tacoma to interview Dahl. Upon arriving, he seeks out a hotel to stay at, and finds that an unknown person had already booked a room for him at the Winthrop Hotel. When he contacts Dahl that day, the latter is reluctant to talk to him, saying that he had been having a run of bad luck – he nearly lost both his job and his son, and his wife had suddenly become sick. He attributed these problems to the threat by the mysterious MIB. However, when Arnold tells him who he is (his own UFO sighting in the same general area had been reported in the newspapers), Dahl relents and agrees to talk to him.

On July 30th, Dahl is interviewed by Arnold. He claims that the photos he took had strange spots on them, but the photos are never produced as evidence. Dahl had apparently sent some of the debris to Palmer, and Palmer claims that it was stolen out of his office, but not before he had some of it analyzed. Palmer claims that the results of the analysis show that it is neither slag nor natural rock. Dahl had described an extremely light, white foil-like metal (similar to what was found at the Roswell crash several weeks later), but nothing like what he described is to be found among any of the debris that had been retrieved. The investigation will eventually reveal that Dahl and Crisman weren’t actually harbor patrolmen, but just salvagers.

During Arnold’s investigation, a reporter from United Press receives calls from an unknown person who informs him of everything that is discussed between Arnold, Smith, Dahl, and Crisman in Arnold’s hotel room, which the reporter repeats back to Arnold. Arnold concludes that the room has been bugged, but a search of the room turns up nothing.

On July 31st, two Army Air Corps Officers, First Lieutenant Frank M. Brown from Hamilton AFB, California, and Captain William L. Davidson, are sent at Arnold’s request to investigate the UFO report. Again, the United Press are already aware of the officer’s involvement, and call Arnold to ask him why they are meeting with him. The only people Arnold has told about them are Smith, Dahl, and Crisman. The two officers meet with Arnold and Crisman (Dahl doesn’t show up), and retrieve a box of the debris from Crisman before heading to Hamilton AFB from McChord AFB on a B-25. Apparently, Brown, Davidson, and Arnold all feel at this point that this incident is a hoax, and Brown and Davidson inform a Major George Sanders at McChord AFB of this opinion before leaving with the debris in their plane on August 1st. Sanders also states that he thinks it’s a hoax, but for some reason is nevertheless determined that all pieces of the debris in their possession are gathered up. The officer’s plane subsequently crashes, killing both men, while three others on the plane are able to bail out safely. The mystery caller to United Press also knows the names of these two officers in spite of the fact that their names were never released, and the caller even claims that the plane had been shot down. The crash makes local and national news, in which it is mentioned that the plane was carrying ‘saucer parts’. It is later concluded that the caller who reported it was none other than Crisman.

At some point (according to author Kevin Randle), Dahl and Crisman both apparently admit that the debris had been nothing more than slag from a local smelter, and that the whole story was made up. However, much later in the January 1950 issue of Fate magazine (another magazine edited by Raymond Palmer), Crisman will claim in a letter to the editor that the Maury Island incident was not a hoax.

By August 2nd, Dahl and Crisman have both disappeared and are nowhere to be found.

On his way home after the investigation, on August 3rd, Arnold crashes his plane due to a faulty fuel valve, but is unhurt. Whether the plane was tampered with or not is unknown.

It is later discovered that Crisman had written to Amazing Stories magazine a year earlier (June 1946), warning about publishing other stories that Palmer had been featuring in his magazine about underworld creatures (known as the ‘Shaver Mystery’), claiming that it was all true. He tells Palmer that he had come across these creatures and a futuristic laser weapon in Asia while serving in an aviation unit called the Second Air Commando. Crisman’s knowledge of this military unit revealed that he probably had ties to the military, whether or not he was actually in that unit. He also claimed to have served in the OSS (the precursor to the CIA). Years later, CIA documents will reveal that he had indeed served in the OSS as a liaison officer to the British Royal Air Force during WWII, and was later transferred to the (yet to be formed) CIA, where he acted as an ‘extended agent’, specializing in ‘disruption activities’.

On August 18th, 1947, a recommendation issued by Lt. Colonel Donald Springer, the Army Air Corps intelligence officer at Hamilton AFB, states that “in view of the reported statements made by Mr. Crisman that consideration be given to revoke his Air Reserve commission and flying status as an undesirable and unreliable officer”.

Crisman will eventually turn up again in the 1960s during New Orleans’ district attorney Jim Garrison’s investigation of Clay Shaw in relation to the Kennedy assassination, and will be identified as one of the three hobos who were picked up in the railroad yard soon after the shooting. Crisman and Shaw apparently know each other well, since he is the first person Shaw will call when he is arrested. He is also well known to Michael Riconosciuto, a witness who will testify before the House Judiciary Committee investigating the Inslaw Affair years later. In Crisman’s obituary after his death on December 10th, 1975, it will be stated that he had received the Distinguished Service Cross, although no proof of this will be found. Why he would have received it can only be guessed at.

The details that have emerged regarding this incident show that Fred Crisman was the central figure in a purposeful UFO hoax, and was most likely attempting to create the appearance that the matter was highly sensitive and even dangerous. He seems to have been working in the background during the investigation to give the incident wide publicity and create an air of mystery by anonymously tipping off the United Press reporters (and sending an agent to threaten Dahl into silence), as well as by causing the plane crashes in order to dispose of the false evidence and the doubtful investigators, even going so far as to cause their deaths. The result seems to have been to get the story out to the public (via United Press) while eliminating all possibility of proving it was a hoax. Dahl may have been caught up as a witting accomplice in the hoax at Crisman’s urging until he was threatened by the mysterious MIB, at which point he did his best to extricate himself from the matter, given the circumstances of his initial involvement as the main witness. The request by Raymond Palmer (a person of dubious character with probable ties to intelligence agencies) for Arnold to investigate the incident soon after Arnold’s own UFO sighting may have been designed to give the story even greater publicity, since Arnold was already in the public spotlight at the time because of his own sighting, and was considered a trusted individual.

(See A Different Perspective: The Maury Island UFO Crash, by Kevin Randle; Maury Island Incident, at wikipedia; Fred Crisman, at wikipedia)

1947 (June 24) Kenneth Arnold makes the first public report of a UFO sighting. Just three days after the Maury Island incident occurs but before it has been reported to anyone, Kenneth Arnold makes headline news when he reports spotting nine UFOs over Mt. Rainier in Washington State while he’s helping to search for a crashed airplane in the area. In his description to reporters, he is the first to use the term ‘flying saucer’.

1947 (July 4) – Less than two weeks after the very first reported ‘flying saucer’ sighting by Kenneth Arnold, a UFO crash occurs in Roswell, New Mexico.

1947 (July 8-9) – Newspaper reports are made of the Roswell crash and a subsequent cover-up begins.

1947 (September) – The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is formed. It takes up where the OSS had left off in 1945. Rear Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter is appointed as the first Director. Many Project Paperclip Nazis who worked for Reinhard Gehlen’s Germen intelligence services are given positions in this new agency.

1947 (September) – The purported secret group known as MJ-12 is created. Its purpose is to investigate UFOs.

1947 (September 23) – A memo written by Lieutenant General Nathan Twining, head of US Army Air Force’s Air Materiel Command, to Brigadier George Schulgen, a senior USAAF staff officer in Washington, with the subject heading “AMC Opinion Concerning ‘Flying Discs’”, states in part:

“There are objects probably approximating the shape of a disc, of such appreciable size as to appear to be as large as man-made aircraft… The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and action which must be considered evasive when sighted. […] It is possible, within the present U.S. knowledge – provided extensive detailed development is undertaken – to construct a piloted aircraft which has the general description of the object above which would be capable of an approximate range of 7,000 miles at subsonic speeds.”

It is entirely possible that these objects are experimental craft that originate from a military branch other than the Army, and that Twining is not aware of the fact.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1947 – President Harry S. Truman passes National Security Council directive NSC 10/2, which will allow the CIA to conduct ‘covert’ rather than merely ‘psychological’ operations, defining them as all activities “which are conducted or sponsored by this Government against hostile foreign states or groups or in support of friendly foreign states or groups but which are so planned and executed that any US Government responsibility for them is not evident to unauthorized persons and that if uncovered the US Government can plausibly disclaim any responsibility for them.”

1947 (December 1) – The day of Aleister Crowley’s death. He is succeeded by Karl Germer as the head of the OTO. When L. Ron Hubbard hears of the death, he decides to adopt Crowley’s self-appointed title of ‘the Great Beast 666’. Hubbard begins making plans at about this time to establish his extremely cultish Church of Scientology, basing it on a philosophy and mental-health (mind-control) system he has been working on that he calls ‘Dianetics’. Although he will claim that this work originates entirely from himself, it will largely reflect the earlier work of Alfred Korzybski, published as far back as 1935.

(See online file, Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide)

1947 – What will become one of the most successful Tavistock offshoot organizations, the National Training Laboratories (NTL), is founded (later renamed the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences). Located in Bethel, Maine, the mission of the NTL is to give ‘group dynamics’ sessions to American leaders. During group sessions, dissonance or stress is introduced to destroy the individual's previous beliefs, and then a new, group-oriented personality is coaxed forth. This will become the primary technical method used by a myriad of Tavistock-influenced ‘sensitivity’ groups like Alanon and Esalen. In the years to come, the majority of America's corporate leaders will be processed through NTL’s programs, as will be members of various segments of the government, including the Navy, the Department of Education, and the State Department.

(See online file, Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith)

\1947 – The secret UKUSA Agreement is signed between the US and Britain, and soon after adding Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, creating a worldwide listening network for electronic communications. Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Turkey will eventually join as third-party participants. Each of the five main countries involved are responsible for overseeing surveillance of different parts of the globe. The agreement requires that before anyone is admitted to knowledge of the network operations, they must first undertake a lifelong commitment to secrecy. Every individual working for this network must be ‘indoctrinated’ and, often ‘re-indoctrinated’ each time they are admitted to knowledge of a specific project. They are privy to information on a strictly need-to-know basis, and the need for total secrecy about their work is constant. All information passing through this network is compartmentalized and relies on specially assigned code words for access. This secret network is the root of the later ECHELON global surveillance system. It is the first global Wide Area Network (WAN), connecting signals intelligence (SIGINT) and processing stations. It won’t be until the mid-1990s that the Internet will become larger than this secret network. It will incorporate the NSA’s internal email system, which will remain completely separate from regular Internet email systems, providing complete security of communications within this highly secretive organization.

(See online file, Inside Echelon, by Duncan Campbell)

1947 – The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) starts Project CHATTER, which delves into the Nazi secret mind control experiments. The project is involved in extracting information from subjects against their will without inflicting harm or pain.

1947 – The Air Force’s Project SIGN is initiated, with the stated purpose of studying UFOs in relation to their performance and purpose. It is more likely that it is interested in monitoring public sightings of secret military technologies that are in development, in order to suppress possible exposure of these developments.

1947 British scientist Dennis Gabor develops the theory of holography while working to improve the resolution of an electron microscope.

1947 – The invention of the transistor by William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain of Bell Labs. This invention will revolutionize the electronics industry, replacing vacuum tubes and allowing for the development of integrated circuitry.

1948 L. Ron Hubbard is invited to attend a meeting of the Los Angeles Fantasy and Science Fiction Society. He agrees to go, and attends several of their meetings, using them as an opportunity to further boast about his exaggerated achievements and abilities. One characteristic that he does actually possess is the ability to hypnotize people, and he gives a demonstration, causing one person to think he was holding a pair of miniature kangaroos in his hand, another thinking the floor was getting hotter and hotter, another who would immediately fall asleep whenever Hubbard scratched his nose, etc. Others who witness his hypnotic abilities will state that he could put some people into a hypnotic trance in seconds.

This period will also mark a change in Hubbard’s interests from science-fiction to philosophy, as he begins to introduce his ideas about mental health, which he will call ‘Dianetics’. In the next year, Hubbard will convince John W. Campbell, the editor of Astounding Science Fiction magazine, of the merits of his technique in using hypnosis to cure mental aberrations and psychosomatic illnesses. Campbell will become the first committed disciple of Dianetics. Through Campbell, Hubbard is also able to convince a medical doctor by the name of Dr. Joseph Winter of the merits of his techniques, and the three men will continue to develop and refine them further, bringing in several other interested parties over time. They will be known during this time as the ‘Bay Head Circle’.

(See book, Bare-Faced Messiah, by Russell Miller)

1948 Louis Jolyin West graduates from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. He is already enlisted in the US Army, stationed in their Specialized Training Program. He will be in charge of many of the US government’s secret mind-control research programs (MKULTRA) in the years ahead.

1948 Operation Mockingbird is established as part of the Office of Policy Coordination by its director, Frank Wisner, as an effort to recruit American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. Wisner is told by the CIA to create an organization that would concentrate on:

Propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures, subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.

At the behest of Allen Dulles, William Paley (founder and chief executive officer of CBS, a career intelligence officer, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations) hires CIA agents to work undercover at CBS as part of Operation Mockingbird.

(See online book, Terrorism and the Illuminati, by David Livingstone)

1948 – The US Navy allegedly begins Project Penguin, headed by a man named Rexford Daniels, who previously studied the effects of electromagnetic waves on human beings. The purpose of this alleged project is to test individuals who have psychic abilities. Andrija Puharich will later claim to have been involved in this project. The US Navy will later deny its existence.

(See online file, Ratting Out Puharich, by Terry L. Milner)

1948 Project SIGN is renamed Project GRUDGE.

1948 – According to James Casbolt, Project ANVIL is started in Britain. This is said to be a genetic bloodline study to locate gifted children for use in espionage operations. In the 1950s the name will be changed to Project Oaktree.

1948 – Behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner writes Walden Two, a novel about life in a utopian community created on his principles of social engineering, in which 1,000 individuals are allowed to live the most meaningful and fulfilling life possible. In this utopian community there is no democracy and everything is run by behavioral engineers.

1948 – According to federal files, the CIA’s Operation Octopus is in full swing at this time. This is a surveillance program that can turn any television set with tubes into a broadcast transmitter. Agents of Octopus can pick up audio and visual images with the equipment as far as 25 miles away.

1948 - The Swedish children’s hospital, Sachsska Barnsjukhuset, starts an experimental project that involves implanting electrodes in the brains of newborn babies. The same type of projects are going on in other countries, including the US, Britain, and New Zealand. These are the first known implant programs.

1948 (December 20) Andrija Puharich receives a medical discharge from the US Army. He decides to visit his father and stepmother in Chicago before going to New York and Boston to meet other scientists to discuss his theories on nerve conduction. While stopping in Camden, Maine, to visit a friend named Zlatko Balokovic and his wife Joyce, he is introduced to the idea that there are beings with superhuman abilities who can live outside of space and time as we know it, and can enter our physical world whenever they choose to, appearing as living people. It is suggested to him that Jesus Christ was one of these beings. This idea leads Puharich to begin taking a serious interest in psychic phenomena. The Balokovics, who are quite wealthy, offer him a place to live at their guesthouse, where he is able to begin his research into nerve-conduction. He will be given the use of a neighbor’s barn for his laboratory. The Balokovic’s will begin to stir up interest in Puharich among their rich and influential friends, leading to the creation of a small fund for his research. He will use these funds to build his own electronic equipment as well as a Faraday cage to house it all.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1949 – Three year old Uri Geller is allegedly visited by a UFO, after which (four years later) he begins to develop strong psychic abilities. He will not see another UFO until he meets Andrija Puharich in 1971, when he will begin to see them repeatedly throughout their association.

(See book, Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, by Andrija Puharich)

1949 Andrija Puharich founds the Round Table Foundation of Electrobiology, which, although it is originally interested in researching neurophysiology, will soon become involved in exploring psychic phenomena, particularly channeling. His most prominent psychic mediums during this period will be Eileen Garrett and Peter Hurkos. Two other psychics that Puharich will use in his research are Bobby Horne (who will almost be led to suicide by the experience), and Phyllis Schlemmer (who will continue to channel ‘entities’ for the next twenty years and gain wide recognition). Puharich’s group will include many important and influential people, including former US vice-president Henry A. Wallace (a Theosophist and 33rd degree Mason, and the person responsible for the Illuminati symbolism on the US one dollar bill), Ruth Forbes Young (of the Forbes dynasty) and her husband, Arthur M. Young (inventor of the Bell helicopter), Sir John Whitmore (multimillionaire and former race car driver), Alice Bouverie (heiress to the formidable Astor dynasty), and Aldous Huxley (a British intelligence agent). Eileen Garrett also introduces Puharich to the great electronics inventor, John Hayes Hammond, Jr., who thereafter becomes his close friend and mentor. Puharich will also have many connections to other wealthy and influential people during his psychic research years.

During this same period, Puharich is also developing electronic hearing-aid devices for the deaf. These devices (one of them involving an electronic tooth implant) will allow a person to hear a radio-transmitted audio signal intercranially. These devices could conceivably be used to transmit voices directly into the head of a medium, making them think they were hearing spirits, or otherwise directing them with hypnotic suggestions.

The Round Table Foundation is secretly receiving funds from the Pentagon. It will only come to light many decades later that Puharich is in the employ of the CIA during this time and is working directly under Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who will soon be heading the secret government mind-control programs when MKULTRA is officially established in 1953.

1949 Raymond Palmer, editor of Amazing Stories, leaves Ziff-Davis to start Fate magazine, which will offer articles on a variety of New Age subjects including divination methods, Fortean events, belief in the survival of personality after death, predictive dreams, accounts of ghosts, mental telepathy, archaeology, flying saucer sightings, cryptozoology, alternative medicine, warnings of death, and other paranormal topics, many contributed by readers. In the first issue, Palmer publishes Kenneth Arnold's report of ‘flying discs’, which will quickly propel the fledgling magazine to national recognition. Through Fate, Palmer will be instrumental in popularizing the belief in flying saucers, and this interest will lead him to establish the magazine Flying Saucers.

1949 - Mrs. Janine Jones of New Zealand is electronically implanted immediately after her birth at LoverHutt Hospital. The psychosurgery is performed via stereotaxic methods by drilling into her skull. She is adopted into another family. Both her natural and adopted parents have military backgrounds. Her birth father is (at this time) a prominent politician and Chief Justice of Western Samoa. X-rays will later reveal that she has implants in the cavities near the cochlea’s of both ears and one in the frontal lobe directly adjacent to the nasal passages.

1949 Betty Andreasson has her second alien abduction experience (hypnotically recalled years later). She remembers being out in the woods when she is confronted by a small being. Scared, she starts throwing stones at it, but they appear to stop in mid-air and drop harmlessly to the ground. A small marble-sized object emerges from the being’s suit and flies over to attach itself to her forehead. She immediately feels sleepy and falls backwards. Like the first encounter five years earlier, she hears voices in her head that are discussing her. They state that she will be ready in another year, and that they are preparing things for her.

(See book, The Watchers, by Raymond E. Fowler)

1949 Gerald Gardner, a British aristocrat and disciple of Aleister Crowley in the OTO, begins publishing a series of books that will become the groundwork for what will become known asWicca’, or modern-day witchcraft. These will include High Magic's Aid (1949), Witchcraft Today (1954), and The Meaning of Witchcraft (1959).

1949 George Orwell, a political futurologist, publishes his futuristic novel, 1984, which depicts life in a futuristic totalitarian society. The parallels to how we are living today as we enter the twenty-first century is more than just remarkable – the book is like a forecast of what is to come. In this novel, the citizenry is constantly watched by the government through technology; knowledge is slowly reduced through the elimination of ideas and replaced with propagandist slogans and news bites; the government is untouchable and always right; mediocrity in life is expected and encouraged; every word and action is a measure of a person’s conformity; invisible (and sometimes nonexistent) enemies are constantly posing threats to the state; etc. The ideology of the government in this book is best expressed by the slogan: WAR IS PEACE - FREEDOM IS SLAVERY - IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”.

1949 (November) Eustace Mullins, a researcher in Washington DC, is invited to meet the famous American poet Ezra Pound who is confined at St. Elizabeth’s Mental Hospital as a ‘political prisoner’, having been charged with treason for Radio Rome broadcasts that questioned America's war motives. Pound commissions Mullins to examine the power of the U.S. banking establishment. Mullins spends every morning for the next two years in the Library of Congress and meets with Pound every afternoon. The resulting manuscript, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, will prove to be too hot for any American publisher to handle. Nineteen publishers will reject it. When it finally appears in Germany in 1955, the US military will confiscate all 10,000 copies and burn them.

(See online book, Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked the World, by Henry Makow, PhD)

1949 (December) Donald Keyhoe publishes an article titled Flying Saucers Are Real in True magazine. The article will cause a sensation, and Keyhoe will become an instant UFO authority.

1950 – Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo, a former industry minister in Mussolini’s cabinet, claims to have worked on disc-shaped ‘flying bombs’ that were passed on to the Germans and developed further. He states that they are being developed by the Russians.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1950 Rudolf Schriever, a German scientist, tells the West German media about a flying machine he was working on for the Nazis during World War II that would have changed the war’s outcome had it been fully developed. This had stemmed from Schriever’s work at the Heinkel Aircraft Company in 1940. The craft, classed as the V3 and nicknamed the ‘Flying Top’, was able to take off and land vertically. By 1942 a prototype had been test-flown and received top secret funding from the German’s State Air Ministry.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1950 (March) – Senator Joseph McCarthy initiates a series of investigations into potential communist subversion of the CIA. Allen Dulles will request that President Eisenhower step in and demand that he discontinue issuing subpoenas against the Agency. Under Dulles' orders, the CIA will break into McCarthy's Senate office as well as intentionally feed him disinformation to discredit him, in order to stop his investigation of communist infiltrators in the CIA. Many of these infiltrators are Nazis that have been brought over from Germany under Project Paperclip and given positions in the CIA with Dulles’ full knowledge and assistance.

1950 (April 14) – A research paper by RAND entitled The Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare is published for the US Air Force. Although the paper doesn’t explicitly mention UFOs, it is obvious that at the time of publication, the UFO phenomenon was already being used in psychological operations, capitalizing on modern-day superstitions. The paper notes that during times of great uncertainty, such as in wartime, superstitious activities increase substantially. It points out that although the less educated members of a population are more likely to be superstitious, the more intelligent members (including military and government officials) often engage in superstitious beliefs as well. More significantly, it suggests that superstitions can be exploited with fairly simple props and illusionary effects. The author states:

“It seems likely that superstitions flourish in an atmosphere of tension and insecurity and that when daily experiences fail to provide reassurance and freedom from anxiety, when in fact factors making for anxiety and insecurity are multiplied as they are in time of war, an atmosphere exists which is conducive to the acceptance of superstitions.”

Such an atmosphere is already being created around the UFO phenomena at this point in time, with the responses of official government investigators only adding to the public’s anxiety by discrediting honest witness accounts and promoting them as ludicrous stories of alien visitation.

1950 (April 20) – The CIA initiates Project BLUEBIRD, which is assigned the function of discovering means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means. It is further assigned to investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques, memory enhancement, and establishing defensive means for preventing interrogation of agency personnel. There will be an emphasis on using drugs to achieve these ends. The goals consist of “controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation.In coordination with the Veteran's Administration, US military veterans will be used as unwitting subjects for many of the experiments.

1950 Betty Andreasson’s only consciously recalled memory of an alien abduction occurs in this year, when she is thirteen years old. She remembers seeing what looks like the moon coming closer and closer to her. She tries to run away, but is unable to move. Her next memory is of being in a room in a tranquilized state. Further investigation of the incident years later will reveal that she was taken aboard a craft and taken to another location, where she “entered the world of Light to see the One”. She apparently interprets this as God (she becomes a devout Christian at sixteen years old). She sees two of herself at this point, as though having an out-of-body experience (OBE). Her other ‘self’ appears stiff and unmoving. Whatever takes place during her visit with ‘the One’, she will be incapable of giving any details to investigators later on, but it overwhelms her with love and joy. Before being returned to where she was picked up, small beings with large heads and dark eyes implant something in her head. According to a later retrieved memory, this object will be retrieved by these beings in 1967, extracting it from her nose.

1950 – Behavioral psychologist John Gittinger joins the CIA under the cover of the Human Ecology Fund. Gittinger will develop his Personality Assessment System (PAS), which he had already been working on for several years, basing it on scores from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS). With his PAS, both personality traits and predictable behaviors under specific given situations can be accurately determined. The PAS will come to be used extensively both for identifying individuals who are the best subjects for the various mind-control programs in MKULTRA, as well as for selecting and handling CIA operatives and agents, and of course, for determining how to compromise a person and take advantage of them. Gittinger will go on to develop an extensive database that will allow all phases of human behavior to be charted and individuals categorized, based on the comparison of accumulated test scores. Such categories are able to be determined for those who are good role-players, who are easy to hypnotize and who aren’t, who will be most loyal and who might become traitors, who have sexual deviancies, what a person’s greatest fears are, their greatest strengths, what motivates them, how they can best be influenced to act a certain way, etc. Almost anything is able to be determined about an individual’s personality with this system. Top CIA officials are so impressed with this system that they begin to use it in most agent-connected activities. The prime objectives for using this system are control, exploitation, or neutralization. Eventually, Gittinger’s database of test scores will become large enough that individuals who haven’t even taken the Wechsler tests can still be accurately assessed by studying their behavior in various circumstances and looking for specific patterns that correspond to the PAS.

(See online book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, by John Marks)

1950 – For the next two years, John Foster Dulles, current chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation and brother of future CIA director Allen Dulles, leads John D. Rockefeller III on a series of world tours, focusing on the need to stop the expansion of the non-white populations.

(See online book, Fleshing Out Skull and Bones)

1950 (April) – The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation is established in Elizabeth, New Jersey. A month later, L. Ron Hubbard publishes Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, first introduced in Astounding Science Fiction magazine this same year, and immediately after published in book form by Hermitage House. It becomes an instant hit, staying at the top of the Los Angeles Times bestseller list for several months. After only two months of the book’s publication, there are already five hundred Dianetics groups in operation across the USA.

Soon after the book’s publication, the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington, DC sends an officer to put L. Ron Hubbard into civilian service in the government to continue his researches on the mind. Hubbard declines. The officer says that if he refuses, Hubbard will be ordered back to active duty, since his Naval commission has not been terminated. Hubbard quickly takes advantage of a letter of permission he has from the Secretary of the Navy to resign his commission, thereby putting Dianetics and Scientology out of the reach and control of the US government.

With his new-found publishing success, Hubbard relies on his charm and the false image he has been creating for himself as an exceptionally gifted individual with expertise in various fields of knowledge, using these to legitimize himself and endear his followers. Dianetics will quickly evolve into Scientology, with the hidden intent of enslaving followers through mind-control techniques while at least pretending to turn them into super-humans through a series of ‘auditing’ sessions. Scientology will eventually grow into a $300 million a year corporation with branches throughout the world.

Like any typical cult or secret society, Scientology is composed of a series of levels that are reached through initiatory processing, after which they are given access to a new layer of ‘secret knowledge’ and the purported benefits that go with it. Also like with many cults and secret societies, Hubbard will base this secret knowledge on an invented cosmological history that spans aeons of time and involves reincarnation and past-life histories. He teaches that ‘hypnotically implanted goals’ have been deliberately and maliciously installed into a person's subconscious mind throughout their many incarnations. (This concept of ‘implants’ reflects the influence of Crowley’s ideas on Hubbard). Dianetics and Scientology are promoted as a method of uncovering and eliminating these aberrations through its system of ‘auditing’. The techniques used, although generally based on legitimate science, are applied in a manner that effectively replaces a person’s previous perception of themselves and their reality with one that better suits Hubbard’s intentions, and they will often lead to psychosis or worse.

In the years ahead, it will be revealed through a secret internal document (referred to as OT VIII: The Confidential Student Briefing Document) that, in Hubbard’s own words, Scientology is nothing less than Satanism, and that L. Ron Hubbard considers himself to be the Antichrist.

(See online book, L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?, by Corydon Bent)

1950 The Urantia Foundation is established in Chicago, and consists of high-ranking members of the Seventh Day Adventist sect. The foundation is centered around the channeled texts known as the Urantia Papers. Its board of directors take a pledge of secrecy not to reveal the human author of these texts or their means of transmission. Dr. William S. Sadler, a Seventh Day Adventist minister, will ultimately be responsible for publishing these texts. They will be published as The Urantia Book in 1955.

1950 – At the end of this year, Andrija Puharich moves to a 65-acre estate at Warrenton in Glen Cove, Maine, which has been purchased for his use with $35,000 provided by a Walter Cabot Paine of Boston. The house has 45 rooms and about a dozen bathrooms. Twelve co-workers move into the house with Puharich and his family, where they will live in a commune-type setting.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1951 (January 5) Wilhelm Reich conducts his Oranur Experiment and discovers a new type of energy that he calls ‘deadly orgone’ (DOR), which is caused by the effect of nuclear radiation on orgone energy. DOR is black, lusterless, toxic, carries a high charge, and is oxygen and water-hungry.

1951 (March 27) Andrija Puharich meets with Eileen Garrett and John Hammond Jr. in Gloucester to conduct experiments to find out whether or not telepathy exists. These experiments will continue for three months, and will incorporate a Faraday cage built by Hammond. The experiments are designed to test the hypothesis that telepathy is based on the transmission of electromagnetic waves between humans. Puharich believes that he should be able to block telepathy with appropriate shielding. Instead, he will find that placing a person in the cage will increase their psychic ability significantly. He theorizes that psychic information is communicated via the brain’s natural ELF waves, which aren’t blocked by a Faraday cage, while higher frequency electromagnetic waves are. By reducing the higher frequencies, the brain has a better chance of picking up the weaker signals.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1951 William Thetford begins working as part of Project BLUEBIRD, continuing until 1953. Up to this time, Project BLUEBIRD has been involved in counter-interrogation techniques, memory enhancement, etc.

1951 (July 16) J. D. Salinger publishes The Catcher in the Rye, a tale that captures the essence of teenage angst and projects the idea that life is meaningless. In spite of its lack of impressiveness as a literary work, it will become an instant bestseller and absorbed into the academic literature curriculum. Soon after its success, Salinger will become a recluse and have a number of relationships with women who are barely legal.

1951 (August) Project BLUEBIRD is renamed Project ARTICHOKE, and begins ARTICHOKE is interested in the use of ‘electro-psycho-therapeutic’ techniques, as well as the creation of amnesia, hypnotic couriers, and ‘Manchurian Candidates’. It is also involved in searching for a ‘truth drug’ and studying interrogation techniques.  The subjects used in this project will also function as hypnotically controlled cameras, where they can enter a room or building, memorize materials quickly, leave the building, and be amnesic for the entire episode. The memorized material can then be retrieved by a handler using a previously implanted code or signal, without the amnesia being disturbed.

1951 (September 4) The first national live television broadcast in the U.S. takes place, when President Harry Truman's speech at the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference in San Francisco, California is transmitted over AT&T's transcontinental cable and microwave radio relay system to broadcast stations in local markets.

1951 - The Psychological Strategy Board is signed into existence by Harry Truman. It is tasked with coordinating psychological operations at home and abroad.

1951 - Captain Alfred M. Hubbard, a high-ranking officer in the OSS during World War II, takes his first LSD trip, and immediately becomes a proponent of its transcendental effects. Through his extensive connections in business and government and at his personal expense, Hubbard is able to acquire 6,000 bottles of the compound, which he will begin to dispense freely to any friends and researchers who want it. Since the CIA has been tightly controlling the supply lines for the drug, they obviously know that Hubbard has this large supply and may have even provided it to him.

1951 Project GRUDGE is renamed Project BLUEBOOK. Its mandate is to record and debunk UFO sightings.

1951 Project CHATTER is initiated by the US Navy, with the goal of seeking a fast-acting ‘truth drug’. This project will be abandoned by the next year.

1951 Andrija Puharich receives a grant for almost $100,000 – either from an undisclosed wealthy friend or from the US military – to build a solid sheet metal Faraday cage for use in psychic experiments. He will use the cage to continue testing the telepathic abilities of Eileen Garrett. The experiments will be so successful that they will attract the interest of the US Department of the Army. An American, Colonel Jack Stanley, and a French General, J.C. Sauzey will visit Puharich’s Round Table group to express the interest of their respective governments. As a result of this visit, Andrija will be invited to present his new data on telepathy at a meeting sponsored by the office of the Chief, Psychological Warfare, US Army at the Pentagon, Washington DC, on November 24, 1952.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1952 (January 7) – A CIA memorandum written on this date states:

If, as now appears to us as established beyond question, there is in some persons a certain amount of capacity for extrasensory perception (ESP), this fact, and consequent developments leading from it, should have significance for professional intelligence service … It now appears that we are ready to consider practical application as a research problem in itself […] The two special projects of investigation that ought to be pushed in the interest of the project under discussion are, first, the search for and development of exceptionally gifted individuals who can approximate perfect success in ESP test performances, and, second, in the statistical concentration of scattered ESP performance, so as to enable an ultimately perfect reliability and application.”

It states further:

“We have recently learned of two persons definitely reported to be able to keep up their rate of almost unbroken success over much longer stretches of time. These investigations have been going on in scientific laboratories, and from reports in our hands we have no reason to question their reliability. We have not been able to bring the subjects here or extend our investigation to the laboratories concerned. It looks, however, as if in these two cases the problem of getting and maintaining control over the ESP function has been solved. If it has, the rest of the way to practical application seems to us a matter of engineering with no insuperable difficulties. Even if there is anything wrong with one or both of these cases, this more extended control must come eventually, we think, and we have had in mind many lines of research, designed to try to bring it [about].”

The memorandum's author lists the steps that would have to be taken to set up appropriate experiments, stating:

“If we were to undertake to push this research as far and as fast as we can reasonably well do in the direction of practical application to the problems of intelligence, it would be necessary to be exceedingly careful about thorough cloaking of the undertaking.”

This last comment implies that something like an ‘alien abduction’ might be used as a cover scenario for such experiments.

The memorandum also refers to a recently established Rockefeller-financed project of finding the personality correlates of ESP”.

(See online file, The Stargate Conundrum)

1952 Aldous Huxley returns to the USA, accompanied by Dr. Humphrey Osmond. Huxley will expand his LSD-mescaline project in California by recruiting several individuals who had been initially drawn into the cult circles he helped establish during his earlier stay. The two most prominent individuals will be Alan Watts and Dr. Gregory Bateson (the former husband of Margaret Mead). Watts will become a self-styled ‘guru’ of a nationwide Zen Buddhist cult built around his well-publicized books. Bateson, an anthropologist with the OSS, will become the director of a hallucinogenic drug experimental clinic at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital. Under Bateson's auspices, the initiating ‘cadre’ of the LSD cult – the hippies – will be programmed.

1952 Wilhelm Reich develops a ‘cloud-buster’ device, consisting principally of hollow pipes grounded in water, which draw negative orgone out of the atmosphere. This will lead to further weather-modification research, including experiments into the production and prevention of rain.

1952 – CIA Director Walter B. Smith writes to Raymond Allen, director of the Psychological Strategy Board:

"I am today transmitting to the National Security Council a proposal in which it is concluded that the problems associated with unidentified flying objects appear to have implications for psychological warfare as well as for intelligence and operations. I suggest that we discuss at an early board meeting the possible offensive and defensive utilization of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes."

1952 Project CASTIGATE is initiated by the CIA and the US Navy, working together to test a ‘secret potion’. This project is conducted in Germany.

1952 Project MKNAOMI is started, with the intent to develop biological weapons.

1952 – By this year, T. Townsend Brown is living back in California, and has set up the Townsend Brown Foundation in Los Angeles. He receives an unannounced visit by Major General Victor E. Bertrandias of the USAF, accompanied by a man named Lehr. Bertrandias is amazed when he witnesses a demonstration of two model flying discs. What he witnesses are the successful results of Brown’s Project Winterhaven, which is working towards drawing up blueprints for a manned electrogravitic craft capable of Mach 3 or better.

In a report printed in Electrogravitics Systems, found years later in the technical library at Wright-Patterson AFB, Project Winterhaven is referred to extensively. Brown states in the report that there is a good possibility that the speed of his disc craft could eventually approach that of light, and that the motor would produce no heat, sound, or vibration.

Soon after Bertrandias’ visit, after reviewing a report on Brown’s work put together by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) titled An Investigation Relative to the Townsend Brown Foundation, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) decides Brown’s work would be a waste of time, effort, and money to pursue. They downgrade it from ‘confidential’ to ‘unclassified’.

This report is very possibly a disinformation ploy by the ONR to dissuade the Air Force and others from looking into Brown’s work while it is secretly taken up by the ONR. It is also possible that Brown’s work was rejected because the military already knew the principles behind it and were actively developing technologies based on them.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1952 L. Ron Hubbard introduces the E-meter as part of Scientology. It is a simple galvanometer, which acts like a lie detector by measuring skin conductivity. Hubbard will incorporate the E-meter very effectively into his Scientology program to psychoanalyze members and find their weak spots in order to break them down and control them. By asking a person questions while they hold two metal rods attached to the E-meter, the measured increase in skin conductivity while being asked questions indicates areas where there is excitement or emotional stress.

From his early experiments with the E-meter, Hubbard develops his concept of ‘implants’, which he defines as “a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being with artificial purposes or false concepts in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him.” He describes various types of these implants, including ones that attach themselves to a person between their incarnations on the physical plane.

(See book, Bare-Faced Messiah, by Russell Miller)

1952 –The ‘Special Projects Group’ at Avro Canada, headed by a man named John Frost, begins work on a number of highly classified projects involved in developing experimental ‘flying saucer’ technologies.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1952 – UFO writer Albert K. Bender, head of the International Flying Saucer Bureau in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is visited by ‘Men in Black’, who warn him to remain silent about his knowledge of UFOs. Soon after, he becomes physically ill. He complies with the warning and closes down his organization, and remains silent until 1963, when he publishes his story as Flying Saucers and the Three Men. Whether true or not, this story will help to add mystery to the UFO phenomenon.

1952 Eileen Caddy is introduced to her future husband Peter Caddy and his current wife Sheena Govan. Peter Caddy is an RAF officer with ties to British Intelligence. Through their shared interest in the occult and spirituality, they begin meeting as a small group to explore them.

1952 (June) – Authorization to create the National Security Agency (NSA) is given in a letter written by President Harry S. Truman.

1952 (June 17) – Rocket scientist Jack Parsons is killed in a suspicious chemical explosion at his home laboratory n Pasadena, California. Upon hearing about his death, Parsons’ mother commits suicide. At the time, Parsons had been involved in some sort of Naval Ordinance Department research project, and was about to depart on a business trip to Mexico to build a munitions factory. Two years after his death, his name will be excised from CalTech’s history. Anton LaVey is allegedly involved with the OTO at about this time.

Parsons had inherited the property from his father and subdivided the mansion into apartments, keeping the two largest rooms for himself, as well as the garage that served as his lab. His rooms had also served as the Agape Lodge for OTO meetings. He had rented out the other apartments, specifically to people who followed a bohemian lifestyle.

(See online book, Jack Parsons & the Curious Origins of the American Space Program, by The Magician)

1952 (July 19) – The White House in Washington DC is buzzed by seven UFOs.

1952 (July 26) – The White House in Washington DC is buzzed by UFOs a second time.

1952 (October 24) – The National Security Agency (NSA) is established by Executive Order and without any charter. It is answerable only to the President, has no government oversight to check on its activities, and is exempt from all laws that do not specifically name this agency within their wording.

Much of the work of the NSA is to monitor global communications and perform cryptanalysis, as well as to secure sensitive government computer systems. It is also involved in the design of specialized communications hardware and software, and the production of dedicated semiconductors, with a chip fabrication plant eventually being built at Ft. Meade. This will give the NSA the ability to develop computer chips that can look and act identical to ordinary computer chips, but which will have hidden functions built in.

1952 (November) John Foster Dulles and John D. Rockefeller III set up the Population Council, with tens of millions of dollars in funding coming from the Rockefeller family.

(See online book, Fleshing Out Skull and Bones)

1952 (November 24) Andrija Puharich presents a paper to a secret Pentagon gathering, titled, An Evaluation of the Possible Uses of ESP in Psychological Warfare. He is reportedly redrafted into the military the very next day, but continues with his civilian work.

1952 (December) George Hunter White, on loan from the Federal Narcotics Bureau, begins administering LSD to unwitting US citizens at a CIA safehouse in Greenwich Village, New York.

1952 (December 31) – Dr. D. G. Vinod, a psychic medium who Andrija Puharich is working with, begins receiving channeled communications from entities who introduce themselves as ‘The Nine Principles and Forces’. When Vinod wakes from his trance after about ninety minutes of channeling, he will have no recollection or knowledge of what had been said. As Puharich works with Vinod over the next month, he will come to believe that he is dealing with extraterrestrial intelligences from the future. The communications will be terminated at the end of January 1953, when Puharich’s group splits up and Vinod returns to his home in India. It will be twenty-two years before the communications with ‘The Nine’ are resumed.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1952 – By the end of this year, the USAF has 1,500 UFO reports on file.

1953 (January) – The Robertson Panel, headed by Dr. Howard Percy Robertson, director of the Pentagon's Weapons Systems Evaluations Group, is set up by the US government with the stated purpose of investigating the growing UFO phenomenon. The real purpose, however, will be to debunk UFO reports. This panel will state:

The debunking aim would result in reduction of public interest in flying saucers, which today evokes a strong psychological reaction. This education could be accomplished by mass media such as television, motion pictures, and popular articles...Such a program should tend to reduce the current gullibility of the public and consequently their susceptibility to clever hostile propaganda.”

This secret panel consists of nuclear physicists, radar and rocketry experts, Air Force personnel, and an astronomer. Although, in the decades ahead, this report will be used to support the idea that the government is covering up alien visitation, it will originally be nothing more than a whitewash to recommend that the two main UFO groups in the US at the time, the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and Civilian Saucer Intelligence (CSI), should be monitored because of the influence they could have on public perceptions. The panel makes the recommendation that UFO reports should be actively discouraged through a covert mass-media debunking effort. The conclusions and recommendations of this panel, known as the Robertson Report, will not be fully released to the public until 1966.

1953 (January 7) A declassified CIA document from this date describes the creation of multiple personality in 19-year old girls. It states:

“These subjects have clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep H [hypnotic] controlled state … by telephone, by receiving written matter, or by the use of code, signal, or words and that control of those hypnotized can be passed from one individual to another without great difficulty. It has also been shown by experimentation with these girls that they can act as unwilling couriers for information purposes.”

1953 (January 26) John Foster Dulles is appointed US Secretary of State under Eisenhower. On this same day, his brother Allen Dulles is appointed to the position of Director of the CIA. The Dulles brothers are cousins of John D. Rockefeller. As lawyers, they had both acted in the interests of the Rockefellers prior to and during World War II when the Rockefellers were trading with the enemy, supplying funding to the Nazis. Allen Dulles had been the Swiss Director of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the war.

1953 (February 26) Andrija Puharich is recalled into military service, being sworn in as a captain in the Medical Corps at the Army Chemical Center, Edgewood, Maryland. This is the headquarters for research into chemical, radiological and bacteriological warfare. He will serve there until April 1955, living with his family at the army base. He is reportedly working directly under MKULTRA’s Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. He will later claim that he was never involved in anything relating to his psychic research during his service, and will state that he suspected that the government was only interested in interfering with his research in order to slow him down. He will instead be involved in doing hearing research with a dentist named Joseph Lawrence.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1953 (April 13) – The official start of MKULTRA mind-control programs, as ordered by CIA Director Richard Helms. This is an umbrella project consisting of 149 sub-projects that will involve over 80 universities, research foundations, and similar institutions, and 185 private researchers. They are tasked with developing diversified methods of mind-control. These methods involve drugs, chemicals, radiation (electromagnetic and nuclear), electroshock, electronic devices, hypnosis, psychology, sociology, psychiatry, etc. Experimental subjects include military personnel, volunteer students, hospital patients, and prison inmates, but soon expand to include anyone at all that the CIA can get their hands on (involuntary subjects), including children. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb is the director. This program starts just prior to the first reported ‘alien’ abductions.

One of the main goals of these projects is to create mind-controlled espionage agents (both male and female, children and adults) who are trained how to sexually please men and how to coerce them to talk about themselves, with the ultimate purpose of using these agents and their skills to elicit information from high government and agency officials and heads of academic institutions and foundations, and to covertly film them in compromising sexual acts for blackmail purposes. It is very probable that this blackmail is used to recruit them into the services of the CIA, and perhaps even using mind-control techniques on the blackmailed parties to keep them loyal and more controllable.

In an interview by Jon Rappaport, he explains that young children are preferred in mind-control experiments because their minds are less developed and are easier for creating a ‘blank slate’ before programming them to be however the controllers might want. Children are brought into the USA from Mexico and South America, and these particular children are considered expendable, and the more brute-force methods are used on them. What works is refined, and the next batch of children undergo the refined techniques. The best and brightest minds are sought out for these experiments, and they program these kids so that they will later emerge in prominent positions in society, and the mind-controllers will then have long term control of society by controlling these people in power positions.

(See online file, The CIA and Mind-Control For Kids, by Kris Millegan)

1953 – The American Medical Association lifts its ban on using hypnotism for the treatment of patients.

1953 Margaret Singer begins working as a psychologist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, DC, where she specializes in studying brainwashing techniques that were used on the returned prisoners from the Korean War. She will be deeply involved in MKULTRA programs, and this will result in her becoming a leading authority on cults in the years ahead. By the 1960s, she will be called on repeatedly to handle high-profile cases that involve cults and the deprogramming of their members, including Patty Hearst, Charles Manson and his followers, and early members of Heaven’s Gate.

1953 George Adamski, supposed UFO contactee of ‘benevolent space brothers’, publishes his bestselling book (with co-author Desmond Leslie), Flying Saucers Have Landed, in which he describes his supposed adventures with space beings in the Mojave desert of California. Adamski goes on to give lectures around the world about the subject of UFOs and aliens. Years later it will be discovered that Adamski was acting for the CIA as part of an intelligence operation, and had been traveling on a CIA-furnished passport.

(See file, The Pied Pipers of the CIA, by Philip Coppens)

1953 – John Frost, who heads the ‘Special Projects Group’ at Avro Canada, goes to West Germany, and, accompanied by British and Canadian intelligence officials, meets with a German aviation engineer who claims to have worked on disc-shaped craft during the war.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1953 - The US government signs the Nuremberg Code and pledges with the international community of nations to respect basic human rights and to prohibit experimentation on captive populations without full and free consent.

1953 – At thirteen years old, Jack Sarfatti receives a series of mysterious phone calls from a metallic voice that claims to be a computer on a UFO. These calls, which continue for several weeks, leave him in a semi-hypnotic state and he has very little memory of what they were about. What he does remember is that the voice tells him that he and a number of others have been selected to be involved in important work, and that they will all meet in twenty years time. At about this same time, he is enrolled in a secret government program for gifted children, but in later years will be unable to recall much about it. He will however remember that they were tested for psychic abilities and were encouraged to take an interest in such things as UFOs and time travel. Sarfatti will later recollect spending afternoons with his grandfather and his many military officer friends, one of which is Philip J. Corso, an ex-OSS intelligence agent who will publish The Day After Roswell years later, in which he alleges that the US government had come into possession of extraterrestrial technology.

(See online book, Destiny Matrix, by Jack Sarfatti)

1953 – John C. Lilly reports that Dr. Antoine Ramond of Paris is able to insert electronic implants into a person without the need for surgery.

1953 – With a personal supply given to him by Humphrey Osmond, Aldous Huxley tries mescaline for the first time, and goes on to write The Doors of Perception, in which he describes his experience in minute detail. The book promotes the consciousness-expanding qualities of hallucinogenic drugs. He will try LSD for the first time in 1955.

1953 – A leak through the Toronto Star reveals that Avro Canada is developing a disc-shaped aircraft that can take off and land vertically and reaches speeds of 1,500 mph.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1953 – After having transferred to the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps, Louis Jolyin West is appointed Chief of Psychiatry Service at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. In this position he studies US pilots and veterans after they have experienced torture and brainwashing.

1953 – While at a private sanctuary in Glastonbury with Peter Caddy, Eileen Caddy begins to hear a voice that claims to be God. She will describe the voice as being just at the audible/sub-audible threshold. It instructs her to take on Sheena Govan as her spiritual teacher. Sheena soon moves away to the Isle of Mull in Scotland after divorcing Peter Caddy.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1953 John Phillips gains an appointment at the Naval Academy, but will resign during the first year and enroll in Hampden-Sydney College instead. He will drop out of college in 1959 and head to New York soon after in pursuit of a music career.

1953 – Discovery of the DNA double helix structure.

1953 – Development of the first transistorized computer is completed at the University of Manchester, England.

1953 – The Soviets begin experimenting on the biological effects of microwaves.

1953 (December 18) L. Ron Hubbard incorporates the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles.

1954 Los Angeles psychiatrist Dr. Oscar Janiger begins experimenting with LSD. Over an eight-year period he will give it to more than 950 men and women, ranging in age from 18 to 81 and coming from all walks of life. He is interested in the drug’s potential for enhancing intellect and creativity, particularly among artists.

1954 Dr. Timothy Leary becomes the director of clinical psychology at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Oakland, California, where he will work until 1959. While here, he will create a personality test that will later be used for profiling prison inmates and prospective CIA employees. Eight government grants will be paid to Leary between 1953 and 1958, most of them paid through the National Institute of Mental Health, later known to have ‘fronted’ for the CIA in the MKULTRA programs.

1954 (March 19) – An injunction is issued against Wilhelm Reich when the Food and Drug Administration succeeds in having the federal court brand his orgone accumulator a fraud, and all literature that mentions orgone energy is ordered to be burned.

1954 Aldous Huxley writes The Doors of Perception, in which he describes his experience with mescaline in minute detail and praises its mind-expanding properties.

1954 In the summer of this year, Andrija Puharich receives a transcript from a close friend of some channeled utterances that the psychic Harry Stone had made while in a trance state. Some of it is in English and some in Egyptian. He had spoken as though he was a ‘personality’ who had lived some 5000 years ago. What fascinates Andrija is the trance description Stone had given of a plant that could separate the consciousness from the physical body, and that such a separated consciousness could operate independently of the limitations of the body. Drawings of the plant made by Stone while in trance look like mushrooms, and the description he has given is that of the toxic fly agaric, or amanita muscaria. This will lead Puharich to begin a search for amanita muscaria.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1955 (April) Andrija Puharich ends his service at the Army Chemical Center in Edgewood, Maryland, and returns to Glen Cove, Maine. His Round Table Foundation, which had ceased operating during his absence, is slowly brought back to life with financial backing from an unnamed friend.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1955 (August) – Having gathered a large supply of amanita muscaria, Andrija Puharich begins testing its psychic effects on humans. He uses the psychic Harry Stone as his main test subject. He will later use the psychic Peter Hurkos as a test subject.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1955 (October 12) – The Urantia Book is published. The channeller of this material and the means of transmission are held under an oath of secrecy. It will eventually be revealed as late as 1991 that the channeller was Wilfred Custer Kellogg, who is a member of the Kellogg dynasty and also happens to be Dr. William Sadler's brother-in-law. Sadler had been personally involved in overseeing the channellings.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1955 Aldous Huxley acquires some LSD from Al Hubbard and takes it for the first time.

1955 – The aviation trade publication Interavia reports that T. Townsend Brown has made substantial progress in antigravity or electrogravitic propulsion research. Trials are described that involve three-foot discs under a charge of 150 kV reaching speeds of several hundred mph. They are impressive enough to be highly classified.

In the same year, George S. Trimble, a leading aerospace engineer working at the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company begins heading the Advanced Programs department and is Vice President of its ‘G-Project’, a small group involved in antigravity research based on Brown’s work. This research effort also includes several other aircraft manufacturers, including Bell Aircraft, Lear, General Electric, and Sperry-Rand. Trimble indicates in a statement during this time that a breakthrough in antigravity could be reached in about five years.

Trimble is also part of a Martin Company spin-off called the Research Institute for Advanced Studies (RIAS), which includes “world-class contributors to mathematics, physics, biology and materials science.” The focus of RIAS is on NASA’s goal of putting a man on the moon. Within two years, all talk in the aerospace industry regarding antigravity research will suddenly become nonexistent.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1955 William Thetford starts working at the CIA-funded Society for the Study of Human Ecology at Cornell University Medical College. He had previously been involved in Project BLUEBIRD.

1955 Morris K. Jessup publishes The Case for the UFOs, in which he offers his opinions about UFOs and their source of motive power. He goes on to give lectures in which he makes appeals to the public to pressure the government to begin research in this area. His book will play a key role in breaking the story of the alleged Philadelphia Experiment. This starts soon after the book’s publication when Jessup receives a number of letters from a man named Carlos Allende, who claims to have been a first-hand witness to the experiment in 1943. Allende implores Jessup not to make appeals for government research into UFOs, and describes the bizarre results of the 1943 experiment.

As early as July or August of 1955, several months before Jessup receives the first of these letters from Allende, a copy of his book is received in the mail by an officer of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Washington. Its pages are filled with cryptic notes that refer to UFOs and their propulsion systems as they relate to the discussion within Jessup’s book about various strange phenomena. The ONR contacts Jessup and shows him the annotations, asking if he knows who wrote them. Jessup recognizes them as Allende’s. The annotations are apparently of such interest to them that the ONR acquires Allende’s letters from Jessup and makes a limited mimeographed edition of the annotated book with copies of the letters included. They claim that they are only interested because they are considering any information at all that might help them to understand the nature of gravity. However, it is far more likely that they are concerned about security leaks and don’t want to draw attention to the fact, or that Allende is acting on their behalf to set Jessup up in order to give this story some seeming validity as part of a long-range disinformation campaign to cover up the true facts surrounding Project Rainbow.

Jessup receives a copy of the annotated version of his book from the ONR, and spends some time going over it and adding his own further annotations.

At around this same time, Allende also contacts the Arial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO) and talks to someone there about the Philadelphia Experiment. They take a photograph of him during the interview, which they will send to William Moore during his investigation of the Philadelphia Experiment in later years. APRO will eventually receive a letter from Allende, and this will lead to Moore tracking him down during his investigation of the story.

1955 – At about this time, L. Ron Hubbard writes ‘The Brainwashing Manual’. According to the manual's foreword, the text consists of a transcribed lecture that was given to students of psycho-politics at Leningrad University around 1950 by the dreaded Beria, head of Stalin's Secret Police. Thereafter it had supposedly been used as a textbook on how to wage psychological warfare on Western democracies. This psychological assault was to be followed by an eventual takeover of the West, which would be achieved by first taking over the psychiatric and mental health organizations. The manual reflects the mind-control techniques used within the Church of Scientology and Hubbard’s ultimate goal of world domination.

(See file, Coercive Persuasion and Scientology, by Lawrence Wollersheim).

1955 – A new drug-testing program is begun at the Edgewood Army Chemical Center. Volunteer soldiers are recruited but are not told what drugs they will be given, nor that men had died as a result of similar experiments. They are told they would suffer only temporary discomfort. 7,000 soldiers will undergo the Edgewood Arsenal's tests. 585 men will be given LSD; the rest will be administered other unspecified drugs.

(See online book, Operation Mind Control, by Walter Bowart)

1956 – Elated by his success in developing and testing prototypes of his electrogravitic flying discs, T. Townsend Brown approaches Pentagon officials, but they don’t show any interest. It’s probable that they had already duplicated his research.

1956 (February) – A report is drafted, titled Electrogravitics Systems – An Examination of Electrostatic Motion, Dynamic Counterbary and Barycentric Control, containing details of an apparent Mach 3 antigravity vehicle belonging to the US Air Force. The report is prepared by a British group called the ‘Gravity Research Group, Special Weapons Study Unit’, a subdivision of Aviation Study Unit (International) Limited. This report will be discovered in the technical library at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1985. The report names T. Townsend Brown and his Winterhaven Project.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1956 (April 7) – First alleged alien encounter by contactee Elizabeth Klarer in South Africa. She claimed to have traveled to the alien’s home planet and had sexual intercourse with one, producing a baby that she left behind on their planet.

1956 T. Townsend Brown helps to found the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) a UFO study group consisting of professional scientists, military men, engineers and civilians. Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, a former Director of the CIA, will also join its board of directors. There will be at least three intelligence operatives among its leaders: Bernard Corvalho, Nicholas de Rochefort, and Colonel Joseph Ryan. These men are all trained practitioners of the modern techniques of psychological warfare. NICAP will be instrumental in both monitoring and manipulating the beliefs of the public regarding the UFO phenomenon.

1956 – While looking for mushrooms in Mexico, Andrija Puharich and Arthur Young encounter a couple named Charles and Lillian Laughead, who claim to be working with a young man who is in psychic contact with aliens. The Laugheads will send Puharich messages from these entities that contain cross-references to the earlier channeled communications Puharich had received, apparently revealing that the same cosmic intelligences were contacting different people.

1956 Eileen Caddy, now married to Peter Caddy, moves to the Scottish Island of Mull, where she undergoes classical brainwashing techniques. Although she hadn’t previously accepted that the voice she is hearing is actually God as it claims, she now begins to believe that it is. She is encouraged to do so by Peter Caddy. Eileen Caddy will become the primary channeler at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland in the years ahead, and the voice will dictate 30,000 pages of material to her, becoming the basis for the foundation.

(See file, A Urantia, 9/11Truth.org & CIA Mind Control Technology, by Alex Constantine)

1956 The FBI initiates their COINTELPRO program. Its purpose, as described by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, is “to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize activities” of those individuals and organizations whose ideas or goals he opposed. Tactics include: falsely labeling individuals as informants; infiltrating groups with persons instructed to disrupt the group; sending anonymous or forged letters designed to promote strife between groups; initiating politically motivated IRS investigations; carrying out burglaries of offices and unlawful wiretaps; and disseminating to other government agencies and to the media unlawfully obtained derogatory information on individuals and groups.

1957 Antigravity research becomes a classified subject, indicating that significant developments have been made.

1957 – Alleged alien contact by Cynthia Appleton in Great Britain. She claims to have had intercourse with an alien and had its baby.

1957 – The Antonio Villas-Boas alien abduction in South America. He claims to have had intercourse with a female alien.

(See file, Doctoring Villas Boas and Aliens on Ice, by Philip Coppens)

1957 (May) Life magazine publishes an article (Seeking the Magic Mushroom) that describes the fantastic visions and experiences of a man named Gordon Wasson while under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms. Wasson’s claims are the first description of the effects of psilocybin mushrooms presented to the general public. It will turn out in later years that his trip to Mexico to find the mushrooms had been financed by the CIA as part of MKULTRA (subproject 58). Wasson will eventually become chairman for the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as Vice President of Public Relations at J.P. Morgan Bank.

(See online file, Manufacturing the Deadhead, by Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin)

1957 (August) – During the months that he is working with Andrija Puharich in psychic experiments using amanita muscaria, Peter Hurkos begins having UFO experiences.

(See online book, Memories of a Maverick, by H.G.M. Hermans)

1957 Claudia Mullen becomes a victim of MKULTRA, where she is turned into a mind-controlled espionage agent and used for blackmailing high government officials and heads of academic institutions and foundations. She will name John Gittinger, Sydney Gottlieb, Ewen Cameron, and Robert Heath as four of the doctors who worked on her.

1957 – The first publicized test of subliminal messages inserted into a visual presentation. James Vicary, a market researcher, inserts the words "Eat Popcorn" and "Drink Coca-Cola" into a movie shown at a theatre in order to study the phenomena.

1957 Wilhelm Reich dies while being held at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary for a technical violation of an injunction that was initiated by the Pure Food and Drug Administration regarding his inventions.

1957 Victor Schauberger, 72 years old and getting on in health, is contacted by two unnamed aircraft companies and made offers for the rights to his propulsion technology. One of the companies – probably Avro Canada – offers him $3.5 million. Schauberger turns them both down. At about this same time, he is visited at his home in Austria by a man named Karl Gerchsheimer, who is acting as an intermediary for a wealthy US financier named Robert Donner. Schauberger is offered a chance to develop and implement his technology, and is persuaded to go to the USA and start working on the project. He agrees, and in the process of drawing up the initial paperwork, he makes the error of signing away the rights to all of his work. He returns to Austria and dies a few days later.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1957 (October) – The Russians launch Sputnik I, the first satellite in space.

1958 – The USAF commissions a special classified study group to appraise a recently published book, titled German Secret Weapons of World War II, written by a Major Rudolf Lusar, the commanding officer of a German Army technical unit. The book, which details names, dates, and places, reveals that the Germans had been far ahead of the British and Americans in jet and rocket engines, infrared and thermal imaging, missile guidance systems, and proximity fuses. The Germans also had certain ‘wonder weapons’ that involved such things as sound waves, air vortices, compressed air jets, and intensely focused light beams. But the most interesting part of the book is a section on flying discs, where Lusar clearly states that they are of German origin, and had been under development since 1941. The scientists involved in their development were three Germans named Rudolf Schriever, Klaus Habermohl, and Richard Miethe, and an Italian named Giuseppe Belluzzo. Lusar states that at the end of the war, many of the scientists working on a disc-shaped craft designed by Miethe were captured by the Russians and sent to Siberia where their work was successfully continued. Lusar also describes another successfully operational craft design that achieved 12,400 meters in three minutes and reached a speed of 2,000 km/h.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1958 Project ORION is started by either the USAF or CIA. This project is involved in studying the use of drugs, hypnosis, electronic brain invasion with radar, microwaves, and extremely low frequencies of sound for mind-control applications.

1958 – The ‘neurophone’ is developed by 14-year-old Patrick Flanagan. This devise converts sound into electrical signals that can then be heard inside a person’s head when electrodes conducting the signals are placed against their skin. (US patents #3,393,279 and #3,647,970)

1958 Helen Schucman, who in the years ahead will begin hearing a voice in her head that claims to be Jesus, goes to work for Dr. William Thetford in the Psychology Department at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons as a clinical and research psychologist. In 1921, at the age of 12, she had had a spiritual experience while visiting Lourdes, France. Her mother had dabbled in Theosophy and Christian Science. Thetford’s parents were also involved with Christian Science while he was growing up.

1958 – Dr. Louis Gottschalk, a CIA ‘independent contractor’, prepares a think tank report in which he suggests that the intelligence agencies might control people through addiction. The report states:

The addiction of a source to a drug which the interrogator could supply, obviously would foster the dependence of the source on the interrogator. Where the source was addicted previous to the situation, the interrogator might find already established a pattern of evasion of laws and responsibilities which the addict had developed to meet his need for the drug in a society which proscribes its use.

The report went so far as to recommend that wounded GIs who had become addicts to pain-killing drugs be recruited from hospitals. It went on to state:

Where the source had become addicted in the setting as a sequel to the treatment of injuries, the ability of the interrogator to give or withhold the drug would give him a powerful weapon against the source...

(See online book, Operation Mind Control, by Walter Bowart)

1958 After a two-year stint in the US Air Force, Augustus Owsley Stanley III moves to Los Angeles, where he works at Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, founded by occultist Jack Parsons. Within the next decade he will become one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of LSD to American youth while working as a sound engineer for the rock group the Grateful Dead. Stanley’s father was a naval commander and his grandfather was a governor of Kentucky.

1958 – The young mathematics prodigy Ted Kaczynski enrolls at Harvard University at age 16. During his time there (he will graduate in 1962), he volunteers to be one of twenty-two subjects in a psychological experiment being conducted by Dr. Henry A. Murray, who heads the Harvard Psychological Clinic. Murray had worked for the OSS as their chief psychologist during World War II, at which time he was developing methods of interrogation. Murray also founded the Boston Psychoanalytic Society. Like John Gittinger, his work on personality psychology will advance much of the encoding language that the CIA uses in psychological assessments. The Harvard study that Kaczynski becomes involved in is called ‘Multiform Assessments of Personality Development Among Gifted College Men’, and is being funded by the Pentagon, the CIA, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Kaczynski is a participant in the experiment from 1959 to 1962. The basic premise of the research is to study how bright college students will react to aggressive and highly stressful attacks on their beliefs and values, but this is not told to the volunteers prior to taking part. Each prospective volunteer is simply asked whether they would be willing to contribute to the solution of certain psychological problems as part of an on-going program of research in the development of personality, by serving as a subject in a series of experiments or taking a number of tests through the academic year. As a test subject, young Kaczynski soon finds himself being put through an intentionally brutalizing psychological experiment, involving extremely stressful, personal, and prolonged psychological attacks. During the experiment, subjects are connected to electrodes that monitor their physiological reactions while facing bright lights and a two-way mirror in an interrogation-like setting. Each subject is asked to write an essay detailing their personal beliefs and aspirations, as well as take a battery of psychological tests that allow the researchers to develop a psychological portrait of their personality in all its dimensions. After this, they are individually belittled, based in part on the disclosures they had made. This is filmed, and the subject’s expressions of rage are played back to them several times during the study. Kaczynski's records from this period suggest that he was emotionally stable when the study begins. Years later, after he is arrested for the Unabomber mail-bombing campaign, Kaczynski's court-appointed lawyers will want to seek an insanity plea, attributing some of his apparent emotional instability and dislike of mind control to his participation in this study. Kaczynski will adamantly protest such a plea. In spite of this, some of the Unabomber’s targets will be behavioral psychologists.

(See online file, Ted Kaczynski and CIA Mind Control Experiments, by David Kaczynski)

1958 Ken Kesey enrolls in a creative-writing program at Stanford University. He stays on campus in a bohemian enclave named Perry Lane. While here, he will volunteer to take part in a CIA-financed drug study at the Menlo Park Veterans Hospital where he works as a night aide. His experiences will inspire him to write the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

1958 (October) Not long after meeting with officers of the ONR, at the end of October, Morris K. Jessup visits his friend, Ivan T. Sanderson and takes him into his confidence, handing him his re-annotated copy of his book, The Case for the UFOs, and asks that he read it and then put it somewhere for safekeeping in case anything should happen to Jessup. He tells Sanderson that he has been experiencing a series of strange ‘coincidences’ that he doesn’t want to discuss, since anyone would think he was crazy for claiming what was happening to him. After this meeting, Jessup will suffer a serious car accident followed by a number of rejections from his publishers, sending him on a downhill course that will end in his tragic death in 1959. His death will be officially declared a suicide, but there will be evidence suggesting murder.

Just before his ‘suicide’, Jessup also contacts his close friend Dr. J. Manson Valentine and tells him that he has prepared a rough draft paper on the Philadelphia Experiment and wants to discuss it with him. They make arrangements to meet at Valentine’s home, but Jessup never arrives. He is found dead in his car soon after, but none of his papers are found with him.

1959 – Playing different frequencies in each ear to cause binaural beats as a brainwave entrainment technique (first discovered by H. W. Dove in 1839) gains both scientific validation and widespread recognition.

1959 MKULTRA subproject 94, which is running at this time, is involved with electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB) using implants.

1959 – At around this time, Carl Franzoni leaves Cincinnati, Ohio, drawn by the allure of Hollywood, California, where he becomes a street hustler.

1959 – 46-year-old Vito Paulekas meets his future wife Szou (real name Sueanne C. Shaffer), a 16-year-old high-school cheerleader who is mesmerized by the much older eccentric with his shocking philosophical ideas. Soon after they meet, Vito opens an art studio just below the mouth of Laurel Canyon at 303 Laurel Avenue. Upstairs is their living quarters, while Szou’s clothing boutique is on the ground floor, where she sells her unique clothing designs. Downstairs is the ‘Vito Clay’ studio, where Vito “made a living of sorts by giving clay modeling lessons to Beverly Hills matrons who found the atmosphere in his studio exciting.” Nude models are a common sight at the studio. Vito will also start giving dance lessons at the studio and will put together a freeform dance troupe (known as ‘Vito and the Freaks’) consisting mostly of promiscuous young girls. The studio will also serve as a temporary crash pad for anyone who needed a place to stay, including many of these young girls. Vito’s students will include curious Beverly Hills matrons as well as Hollywood stars like Jonathon Winters, Steve Allen, and Mickey Rooney.

1959 Ken Kesey takes his first hit of LSD, provided by Gregory Bateson. Bateson is doing LSD experimentation at the Palo Alto VA hospital using patients who are already hospitalized for psychological problems. Through this, Bateson will establish a core of ‘initiates’ into his psychedelic Isis Cult. Ken Kesey, one of his foremost recruits, had been an MKULTRA test subject at Stanford University, along with beat poet Allen Ginsberg and Grateful Dead musician Bob Hunter. By 1962, he will complete his novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which popularizes the notion that society is a prison and the only truly ‘free’ people are the insane. By 1964, Kesey will organize a circle of LSD initiates called ‘The Merry Pranksters’ and they will begin touring the country disseminating free LSD to the younger generations.

(See online file, Acid Daze – The Brotherhood of Eternal Love)

1959 – Around this time, Dr. Timothy Leary becomes a lecturer at Harvard University, where he will establish a research project to study psilocybin, approved by Dr. Henry A. Murray, chairman of the Department of Social Relations at Harvard. Murray had been the chief psychologist within the OSS during World War II, and is now conducting some rather extreme psychological experiments under the auspices of MKULTRA, with a teenage Ted Kaczynski as one of his experimental subjects.

1959 Andrija Puharich publishes The Sacred Mushroom, relating his experiences in searching for hallucinogenic mushrooms in Central America.

1959 John Phillips drops out of college. This same year he marries a woman named Susan Adams, who comes from a wealthy Virginia family, and whose father had been involved in covert intelligence operations while in the Air Force. The marriage will eventually be dissolved when John is found to be having an affair with an underage girl. Years later, he will be accused by his daughter Mackenzie of having had an incestuous relationship with her (starting in 1979), getting her addicted to heroin and cocaine, and eventually impregnating her.

(See file, John Phillips (musician), at wikipedia)

1959 (March 24)At the Institute of Radio Engineers' annual trade show in the New York Coliseum, Texas Instruments, one of the nation's leading electronics firms, introduces a new device that will change the world as profoundly as any invention of the 20th century – the solid integrated circuit, or, as it will come to be called, the microchip.

1959 (April) – The US Department of Defense reveals during hearings before Congress that it is working with Avro Canada to develop a disc-shaped aircraft, later to be known as the ‘Avrocar’.

(See book, The Hunt for Zero Point, by Nick Cook)

1959 (December) – The first untethered test flight of the ‘Avrocar’, a jet-powered, disc-shaped aircraft being developed by Avro Canada. The test is barely successful. The project will continue for two more years before being abandoned.

1960 (January?) – Early in the year, John Phillips heads to New York to pursue a career in music. His first band, a folk trio called The Journeymen, will be fairly successful, putting out three albums and several TV appearances. He will be part of the folk music revival taking place in Greenwich Village, where he will meet Denny Doherty and Cass Elliot, who will eventually join him to form The Mamas & the Papas.

1960 – Retired pinup model Candy Jones (real name Jessica Arline Wilcox) is recruited by the CIA as an espionage agent and turned into a hypnotized ‘Manchurian Candidate’. Her recruitment takes place in Oakland, California. One of the methods used for triggering Candy’s ‘alter’ personality is activated through a series of electronic sounds played over the telephone. It will be revealed by investigators after the publication of her story in later years that MKULTRA expert hypnotist Dr. William Jennings Bryan and Dr. William S. Kroger had been involved with her recruitment, but her main hypnotist/programmer is a man named Gilbert Jensen. Soon after this revelation is made in 1977, Bryan will turn up dead in a Las Vegas hotel room.

1960 Elmer Valentine, a young Chicago vice cop, moves from Chicago to Los Angeles. One “very close friend” of Valentine's in his Chicago days was Felix Alderisio, also known as Milwaukee Phil, who was arguably the most feared hit man in the country in the 1950s and 60s, carrying out murders for Sam Giancana and other Chicago bosses. In the grand tradition of Chicago law enforcement, Valentine had been on the take from the Mob, but the authorities eventually caught up with him and he was indicted for extortion. Interestingly, he was never convicted. He just  left town and headed to Hollywood. Fortunately, he had picked up a second vocational skill while on the Chicago force, running nightclubs for the Mob. He decides to try his hand at full-time nightclub management, overseeing operations at P.J.'s, which he now co-owns with some fellow ex-Chicagoans. The club will do well, and Valentine will take instantly to his new line of work, eventually opening other nightclubs as well.

1960 – During the fall of this year, Aldous Huxley is appointed visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. At this time, he organizes a group at Harvard to parallel his LSD research team in California. The Harvard group includes Huxley, Humphrey Osmund, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, and Richard Alpert. This core group will become the highly publicized promoters of the early LSD counterculture. He also establishes contact during this period with the president of Sandoz, which at the time is working on a CIA contract to produce large quantities of LSD and psilocybin for the CIA's official chemical warfare experiment (MKULTRA). Leary will put together a book called The Psychedelic Experience, based on the ancient Tibetan Book of the Dead. At the same time, Watts will found the Pacifica Foundation, which will sponsor radio stations WKBW in San Francisco and WBM-FM in New York City, which will be among the first to push the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and the Animals (the ‘British Invasion’), and will later pioneer ‘acid rock’ and eventually ‘punk rock’.

(See online book, Terrorism and the Illuminati, by David Livingstone)

1960 – With a $300,000 investment from three unnamed New York businessmen, Andrija Puharich starts a company called the Intelectron Corporation, which is involved in developing electronic devices to stimulate hearing in the deaf. He is given research contracts by various arms of the US government, including the CIA, FBI, Air Force, and NASA. The Air Force is interested in the electrical stimulation of hearing (ESH), while NASA is more interested in the psychic research he had previously conducted using a Faraday cage and what is called ‘bio-information-transfer’. Due to Congressional pressure over the issue of dabbling in the paranormal, however, NASA will be forced to cancel its contracts. Soon after this, Puharich will be approached by people from Bell Labs. Bell is a heavy contractor for secret government projects. Supposedly, nothing will come of this and the contract will be cancelled.

1960 – The invention of the laser.

1960 – At this point in time, fewer than two serial killers are reported each year in the USA.

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