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They Would Be Gods - 72 - Cataclysmic Aftermath



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

72: Cataclysmic Aftermath

“And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night.”  – Exodus 13:21

“And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.”  - Isaiah 2:19

In a worst case scenario, Earth’s environment will be totally alien and extremely harsh in the aftermath of a global cataclysm, and these conditions might prevail for months, years, decades, or even centuries. The air and sky will be thick with smoke and clouds of volcanic ash, blocking the sun out completely. Survivors will be forced to live like savages, put in an extremely desperate situation that they will have never imagined could happen. The world will be cast into utter darkness, and even after several generations the sun may still not be seen by anyone, and might eventually become a legend of hope, perhaps represented as a god who is promised to one day return again to bring ‘enlightenment’ to mankind.

Long after the violent earthquakes have ended, and the Earth has stopped spewing its rivers of molten rock, and the torrential winds and rains have ceased, and the dark clouds of volcanic ash that permeate the air have blown away, and the flooding waters have receded and washed away the thick mud, and the dust has finally settled, the Earth will slowly begin to awaken with life once again. The landscape will be mostly inhospitable, and those humans who have survived will struggle hard to continue. Being the last generation of a destroyed civilization, it will be up to these few who remain to provide the next generation with the knowledge they will need in attempting to regain even a small portion of what will have been lost. A great deal of the knowledge that our civilization has gained will be forever lost and forgotten, however, and within the span of only a single lifetime. Only that knowledge which is necessary or useful for survival will be preserved and passed on, while knowledge that can’t be used will quickly be forgotten. The greater part of the human race will become hunter-gatherers once again, with little education, living in caves and other primitive structures, depending on the immediate environment around them for all the materials that they might use for their existence. Among these survivors might be a few men with superior knowledge and skills, who will become the leaders of newly forming tribes and communities, but even these men will not be able to raise the people back to any high state of civilization. After these leaders die off, taking their greater knowledge and wisdom with them, the next generations of the human race will degenerate to a level of primitiveness and ignorance that might parallel that of Cro-Magnon man 30,000 years ago. After only several generations of survivors, whose knowledge and understanding will have degenerated considerably from what we possess today, the memories of our current achievements – electrical and nuclear energy, radio and television, automobiles and airplanes, space travel, etc. – will be no more than legends and stories, perhaps too fantastic for later generations to accept as fact.

But what if certain parties today were preparing themselves for such a cataclysm, and had secretly constructed safe havens for themselves, and developed secret technologies that would facilitate them in the ensuing upheavals and their aftermath? What might those later generations who were struggling to survive in the harsh environment think if they happened to witness these miraculous technologies, such as flying craft that the power elite might use to traverse the ravaged landscape? What might they think if this power elite came into contact with them, and bestowed them with certain knowledge to help them in their struggle? Wouldn’t such a group with such advanced technologies appear as gods to these new generations? Although they might appear to be human in form and speech, their technological sophistication and the difference in their manner, knowledge, and abilities would mark them as such. This power elite might even promote themselves as gods to these degenerated survivors, and thereby manipulate them into serving them through intimidation and false promises. Does this sound familiar? Is this perhaps what has occurred before in our distant past, and became recorded as interactions with superior beings within the histories of the survivors of a similar past cataclysm? Could the gods of old have been survivors who were able to preserve some of the technologies of a once-great civilization that existed on Earth long ago?

After all, history does tend to repeat itself.

Could our current power elite be keeping certain technologies related to UFOs a secret, bringing them out only under the cover of darkness so that they won’t be recognized or remembered when they present themselves to the survivors of the coming cataclysm?

With Planet X or some other celestial body about to cause untold damage to Earth and end civilization as we know it, the powers that be – the alien group – are indeed preparing to save themselves, and have already laid plans for how they will implement the next civilization and continue their control into the next great cycle.

This scenario is a lesson of the past. The very same situation may have occurred at least once before, if not many times, and the peoples of those past times may have had certain forewarnings just as our own authorities may have received it, and they may have taken the precautions of preserving as much of their accumulated knowledge as possible, in the hopes of rebuilding their civilization should it be destroyed. Part of this preserved knowledge would undoubtedly include information about the cause of that civilization’s destruction, as a warning to surviving generations so that they might prepare in the same manner, and preserve the human race and the knowledge it has gained over millennia of time. Because of this, we should consider how our authorities might be reacting to the threat of Planet X, or some other coming cataclysm, in order that we might better understand how and why knowledge from a prehistoric civilization that had been preserved and then later rediscovered has been kept secret and used in an attempt to take complete control of the planet and the human species.

Civilizations may rise and fall on this and other planets in cyclic patterns, each new civilization hopefully able to gain something from the previous one and develop itself more quickly and beyond the level of its predecessors. It may very well be that a previous civilization to our own had preserved all of the knowledge necessary to rebuild their civilization in a manner that would retain the power for the few who controlled its key aspects. This knowledge, having since been secretly discovered or passed on to certain members of our own race, has been used over the past centuries in developing our current civilization to the point we find ourselves at today.

A great deal of this preserved knowledge would not have made much sense early on, and only pieces of it would become understood for what it meant as the appropriate time and circumstances arrived. For instance, a description of electrical energy and its use in building even the simplest electrical device would not be understood until electricity had been rediscovered in our own time, but once it was, this older knowledge would suddenly become very clear as to what it was describing. Only then could it be applied, and only then could further occult knowledge, preserved from a past civilization, be unraveled and its meaning clarified. Slowly, a large base of knowledge that had been preserved from an advanced prehistoric civilization may have been slowly decoded and used as a blueprint for establishing a new civilization that was secretly controlled by a few. This base of knowledge would not have just fallen into the hands of some lucky individual or group by coincidence, but would have been carefully secured away, and clues to its whereabouts only ever disclosed to those who have been carefully chosen to receive it. This is how the first secret schools were founded, and their places of origin might tell us something about where this knowledge from the past was kept. These schools may have come into possession of this knowledge long ago, it being the basis of their continued power and greatness.

Of course, none of this is meant to say that every single advance we’ve made in our current civilization is due to this preserved knowledge. It seems more likely that a great deal of this knowledge may have consisted of certain guidelines without any specific detail, such as to state certain methods of doing things that will result in certain outcomes, but how those methods might be applied was not specified in detail. For instance, this knowledge may have told of how a natural force could be generated through certain procedures that would bring inanimate objects alive, and which could be used to make luminous light and even to send messages to distant locations instantaneously. To our early ancestors, this would sound like some sort of magic and might even have been doubted, until the discovery of electricity, which would have suddenly clarified what was meant in the ancient writings. Benjamin Franklin (another Freemason) still deserves to be credited with discovering electricity, even though he may have been tipped off as to where to look by studying such ancient writings. These ancient writings wouldn’t necessarily have described all the technology that was required to rebuild a similar civilization, but the basic steps to be taken would have been outlined. For instance, this ancient knowledge may have stated the usefulness of automation, and the power of natural forces, and how they can be applied to make travel over long distances easy and fast, or how laborious work could be done quickly and effortlessly, but they wouldn’t have to specify how to build a car or a computer. On the other hand, this ancient knowledge may have actually detailed things that were the equivalent of our cars and computers, and told how they had been used for specific ends in establishing and maintaining their own civilization. Only those who are in possession of this knowledge today might know the extent of its detail.

If such a base of knowledge was preserved over the millennia and has since fallen into the hands of certain parties who are using it for their own self-serving ends, then it would be safe to assume, by all appearances, that it came into the possession of those who founded the first secret schools, and has been passed on to other secretive groups, such as the Freemasons and Rosicrucians.

In studying the methods of those who operated through these early centers of power, we can discern the patterns that have been used again and again throughout history to influence and affect the thoughts and actions of the masses. Among these, we can see that fear of the unknown has been used continually and relentlessly to coerce whole populations of people to believe certain things without them ever investigating any further for themselves. To instill fear in something that’s new to the awareness of a group of people assures that they will avoid that thing, allowing those who have instilled that fear to then explain that thing in any manner that they might choose, without concern that the truthfulness or falsehood of whatever they say will ever be discovered.

One modern example of this (and there are too many to list) is the events of September 11th, 2001. A buildup of fear of terrorism was first instilled in the masses over a long period of increasingly violent acts that were meticulously planned and carefully orchestrated, using ‘patsies’ like Lee Harvey Oswald, ‘lone nuts’ like Timothy McVeigh, or rogue groups like Osama bin Laden’s supposed group of hijackers. When terrorism was fully accepted as a reality by the public, it was then played on them in an extreme and outrageously violent manner on that day, cementing the false beliefs that certain politicians and other collaborating authorities had fed to the public in order to coerce them to accept their previously planned response without most people ever questioning what they had been told or what was really going on. As long as an authoritative explanation is given, it’s accepted outright and on the faith of a falsely established trust.

Another factor in the method of operation used to influence and affect an entire population is through the use of secrecy. By withholding knowledge, those who possess it are at an advantage to those who don’t possess it but who might otherwise benefit from it if they did. Thus, the true history and origins of the human race may have always been known about by a few but withheld from the masses in order to take advantage of the latter by offering them a distorted understanding of their origins.
A further factor in the method of operation was to create in the masses a dependency on those who held the power, whether it be the power of knowledge or the power of rulership or any other type of power. Thus, we see that our own society has moved ever closer to a complete dependency on those institutions that have been erected as the centers of power, and which hold authority over those who depend on these institutions to live and survive. In this manner, a person who has received certain educational training through such an institution is still dependent on the institution for their right to authority or expertise. This means that a physicist or a doctor or any other occupational ‘expert’ is dependent on the established beliefs that have already been formulated and which are the only acceptable guidelines through which they can work. In a similar way, we have all become dependent on various institutions, such as for their products and services, which we can no longer easily do without.

Fear, secrecy, and dependency. These are three key factors that have been used to ensnare the masses into greater and greater degrees of voluntary slavery.

We have developed into a society that relies completely on modern technology and modern scientific beliefs. More than anything else, electrical energy has become the predominant necessity for the continuation of our civilization. We depend on it, and by extension those who control it, for virtually every aspect of our daily lives. We expect electricity to always be available, just as is air and water. Should we ever lose the ability to run our myriad of modern appliances, we would be completely incapacitated.

The alien group knows this, and have made certain that we would come to depend on electrical energy as we have. Petroleum and nuclear power are highly depended on as well, but it is electrical power that runs our TVs, computers, air conditioners, phone lines, street lights, stop lights, alarm systems, etc. If, for whatever reason, we should lose all electrical power over a wide region for an extended length of time – days, weeks, months, or perhaps even years – the people living without it would be totally incapacitated. In the event that we suffer a planetary cataclysm and the major electrical power grids are knocked out worldwide, we would be at the mercy of whoever else might survive that have the technological advantage.

The alien group is well prepared for such a catastrophe to happen, and to even influence its occurrence if necessary. With its prophesied time expected by many to be very near, they have already made preparations for themselves in the safety of their underground and off-planet bases, which they will retreat to just prior to the initial onslaught. They have withheld from the public certain technologies, alternative energy sources and advanced applications such as were considered in the previous part of this book. These have been secretly developed in government black projects, using private corporations (JPL, RAND, SRI, Ames Research Labs, EG & G, Halliburton, Raytheon, etc.) as front companies to hide their activities, and pumping in funding that has been raised partly from the proceeds of the secretly controlled illicit drug trade. They have stockpiled these technologies in their hidden bases, having created for themselves a survival-ready environment for the continuation of their power and control. They and a number of other selected individuals will be transported to these bases at a certain given signal immediately preceding the chaotic events to follow.

Whether or not non-human beings will be involved in these events is uncertain, and whether they might be benevolent or malevolent in any such involvement is equally uncertain. It appears from the actions that the operators of UFOs have taken towards our military forces that they are concerned with our military activities, and have been keeping these activities under close observation since at least the time we first achieved the ability to destroy things using nuclear energy. But in spite of any non-human’s possible benevolent concern, the alien group may have a certain deception in mind to portray any such non-human UFO operators as malevolent, by staging an otherworldly attack on the inhabitants of our planet. They have the secret technologies necessary to realistically stage such an attack, from man-made UFOs to holographic projections to weather modification systems to manipulation through mind-control to who knows what else, and they have a fully prepared plan for implementing these technologies in such an attack.
When you’re fighting to survive in a decimated environment that’s been turned upside down through intensive earthquakes, flooding, volcanic activity, toxic smoke and gas, raging fires, extreme weather conditions, the barbarism of very desperate people, and whatever else might be the case, the appearance of a technologically advanced group who drops out of the skies in their flying craft and offers to rescue you, no matter who they are, will not likely be turned aside. The only other option in such a situation would seem to be your slow but eventual death.

Once you have submitted to being rescued, you will essentially become the property of the alien group. There will be no constitutional rights to protect you from their abuses. Whatever form of government and rule of law that once existed will no longer be there to serve or protect you. You will have absolutely no means to resist against whatever your rescuers might choose to do with you at any time.

In securing your continued cooperation in whatever form of government that these rescuers have in mind to implement, a form of individual monitoring and policing will be immediately established with each individual they bring into their secure environments. This will probably involve electronic implants that are connected to a computer system, and these implants will be able to track not only your location and activities from moment to moment, but also your thoughts and feelings. These implants will probably be introduced under false pretenses, without you knowing what the real intentions are, and perhaps without you ever knowing that you received one.

The alien group will have secured a military force that is already in position at various locations around the world, but predominantly in the United States. Certain encounters that people have had with UFOs have actually been test flights or missions conducted by this secret force. The alien group has huge fleets of these flying objects (many of them unmanned and computer automated), which they will launch into the skies after the coming upheavals have settled, and will make their presence known in areas where there are likely to be survivors. Their first priority will be to assess the number of survivors before taking any further action. Once this is accomplished, people will then be rounded up and transported to internment camps that will have been set up. Something that will be peculiar about these camps is that people will be forced to stay within the compound, and they will be fenced in with razor wire. This will be explained to them as being necessary for their protection, should anyone question the security measures. Anyone who asks to leave will be denied due to the threat of rogue gangs in the area who will rob, rape, or murder whoever they happen to come across. Families and friends will be split up, so that there is no chance of collaborating together to gain any sort of advantage against their new oppressors. Each person will be put through a medical examination, which will include a complete DNA analysis, and depending on the person’s health and abilities, will be assigned to housing and work placement. Those people who are designated as inferior, whether for health reasons or genetic ‘deficiencies’, will be exterminated.

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