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They Would Be Gods - 63 - Crystals, Megaliths, and Earth Energies



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

63: Crystals, Megaliths, and Earth Energies

Crystals are significant to understanding certain mysteries about the distant past, prior to our earliest known civilizations. It’s fairly well known that natural crystals such as quartz will give off an electrical charge when put under pressure. It has been further reported by author and investigator David Hatcher Childress that quartz crystals will also lose weight as pressure is applied, to the point that they will become completely weightless. If this is true, then we have a possible explanation for how such massive stones could have been safely transported long distances and placed with such precision within the largest and oldest megalithic structures that still stand today.

Quartz crystals are also known to concentrate and amplify energies, and this provides a possible explanation for why the ancients seemed so obsessed with tracing ley lines: apart from leading to the points where these lines cross and the energies are strongest, these lines were the paths taken when transporting these heavy objects, incorporating Earth’s energies and the natural properties of crystals into an antigravity technology. This Neolithic technology may have stemmed from memories of a much older and more advanced technology, such as was used in the flying craft described in virtually all of our oldest ancient legends.

There are a number of reports that certain crystal objects, such as the crystal skull discussed in an earlier chapter, enhance psychic abilities. They can be ‘charged’ in a variety of ways, such as with a certain emotion or an intent, or with revivifying energies, or even information. Many of these mysterious crystals are also said to reflect visions and images.

A structure built on a power spot marks the location of a source of energy where ley lines come together. The crystal technology of the ancients allowed them to tap this energy, and these megalithic structures appear to have employed it in certain ways that are still not clearly understood. The design and location of these structures offers us the only clues to unraveling their full purpose, since no written records seem to have been left regarding these matters.

The Great Pyramid is a colossal structure with many unexplainable features that have been incorporated into its design. Many theories about this structure and its strange features have attempted to be explained away in one manner or another as questions about them arise, or they are simply ignored, but when we bring these strange features all together and look at what we have for explaining them, we can see that these explanations don’t fit the complex design that reflects the level of knowledge and intelligence of the people who built this structure, which could only have been attained over a great deal of time. Instead, what we see is a highly complex technological device comparable to our modern-day power plants or refineries. Without knowing the full extent of the ancient sciences and what they were able to achieve, we cannot properly determine what the full purpose of the Great Pyramid was. That crystal technology was involved is very likely, and so this matter should be considered further.

Another possible significance of these Earth energies is to be considered regarding Machu Picchu, which sits at the apex of a mountain that consists primarily of natural crystalline rock that is being squeezed between two tectonic plates, which causes a discharge of piezoelectric energy that is often seen as a blue corona.

A third point of significance that needs to be considered is in regards to the stone circles predominantly found throughout the European continent (but also elsewhere), the most prominent of these being Stonehenge. These stone structures show evidence of having been used as technological devices of some sort, concentrating and using the same natural properties of crystalline rock and the strong Earth energies found at their locations. The apparent dates of their construction are also significant, which range in the late ice age to early post-ice age period, as is their primitiveness when compared to other, apparently much older, megaliths.

What are referred to as burial mounds are also significant to these technologies. These mounds, like the one found at Newgrange, Ireland, have internal corridors and chambers that align to certain significant celestial dates and times. That these were built as burial mounds is not consistent with the evidence, which seems to reflect something else entirely. They are related to the same or similar energies, and were probably used for healing and spiritual purposes.

It should be noted that, apart from those of cultures that took possession of these sites later on, they are devoid of any signs that they were centers of habitation at any earlier periods other then a few primitive tools that are thought to have been used by the builders, and this suggests that these were not the usual type of structures that we might expect from a culture that was only supposed to be at a semi-agricultural stage of civilization that was moving towards centralization with the creation of our first known city-nations. Instead, they appear to be structures with deeper purposes than we’re able to recognize due to our distorted understandings of both our past and the nature of reality. These megaliths are located where they are because that’s where they would function best, rather than where they would be most convenient for the people who constructed them, and for this reason it does not seem that they were places of worship or burial tombs as is commonly believed. Instead, we see parallels to the way we build our hydro dams and metal refineries in the out-of-the-way places we do.

We see a possible connection between these structures and their locations, the chaotic environmental situation surrounding the survivors of a global cataclysm, and Wilhelm Reich’s development of weather-modification devices that can manipulate these Earth energies. Could these ancient structures have somehow been used to help stabilize the planet or its environment after it had been disrupted by an asteroid strike or near-passing celestial object, based on the same principles of nature that Reich discovered and used in designing his inventions? The mounds reflect the design of Reich’s orgone accumulators, which were constructed of layers of organic and inorganic materials to capture these energies within a central healing chamber. We see a further feature of the mounds that is duplicated to one extent or another at virtually every megalithic site that can be shown to date to prehistoric times, but which has been given little consideration. This common feature is that these structures are all aligned to certain stars, often in a manner in which a certain star will shine its light on a specific spot at a specific time. In the case of the Great Pyramid, we have a number of shafts that that were directed towards certain stars during a certain point in the precession of the equinox, and we see the same thing in the way that the ancient mounds are constructed to capture the light of certain stars. This reflects the principles behind Reich’s inventions, and can be seen in his use of cylindrical pipes to draw negative orgone energy out of the skies with his weather-modification devices. In the case of these ancient structures, they may have used the same principles to either draw or project certain energies while blocking out others.

Lone standing stones, known as ‘menhirs’, reflect the principles behind Reich’s technologies as well, in that they act as release valves or amplifiers for Earth energies. They are the most common but least significant of the ancient stone structures, mostly scattered throughout Europe, but also found in other isolated areas around the world. These menhirs are often marked with spirals, concentric circles, and other strange symbols that undoubtedly have some sort of meaningful significance. Some researchers suggest that they are representations of the energy frequencies that emanate at those points they mark, while others point out that they progress in their design to the stone circle structures that look very similar to the layout of Stonehenge, with its concentric rings and semicircles of stone. There seems to be a progressive development here that relates to a certain technological understanding, and we might learn something by considering how a more advanced structure like Stonehenge might relate to the principles that Reich and von Reichenbach before him were able to discover regarding certain subtle energies.

The ancients knew that the flow of these Earth energies had periods of greater strength and weakness, based on certain celestial cycles and stellar alignments, and this knowledge is represented within the art of astrology, which is today only a crude remnant of a more highly developed science. These sites were used at specific times for specific purposes related to spirituality and healing. There have been a large number of reports of paranormal activity at many of these sites as well, so their use for more occult practices is very likely.

That crystals may have been employed in some manner at these sites is also quite likely, although few (that we know of) have ever been found at any of them, but the types of stones that have been used in the construction of these megaliths all have a crystalline compositions, and this offers a good alternative to pure crystals. When we consider that the builders of some of these structures were still recovering from a major upheaval that had destroyed their once-great civilization, it can be understood that crystals would have become very rare and carefully guarded, and would likely have only been of the smaller varieties, while earlier technologies of this lost civilization probably used much larger ones that are much harder to find. Crystals, no matter the size, would have helped to filter and amplify the energies involved in the technological aspects of these structures, directing them in a manner that could be used for practical applications.

The design of Stonehenge is interesting in its layout of equally spaced standing stones forming several concentric rings and a central horseshoe-shaped semicircle. The larger sarsen stones that form the outer ring were originally topped with heavy lentils that precisely joined end to end and held secure with metal brackets to form what was essentially a donut-shaped crystal. Due to the weight of these lentils and the fact that they were suspended with only their ends resting on the supporting stones, they were being placed under a certain degree of pressure that could have been enough to create a piezoelectric charge, which would have been transferred through the ring and combined with the energies produced by the other stones. The supporting sarsen stones may have conducted further energy from the ground, so that greater and greater amounts of useable energy built up as it spun around the ring. Of course, how this would have been applied is not certain.

The Great Pyramid offers this similar feature in its design, most easily noticed in the manner that heavy granite stones are suspended in layers above the King’s Chamber. It may be that the overall design of this structure uses the weight of its stones to bear down on certain other stones, such as those above the King’s Chamber, so that the piezoelectric energy is able to be used in part of its functioning.

These sites developed from the simpler standing stones and stone circles to the larger and more complex structures that were used as observatories, which reflects the progressive development (or re-development) of this ancient science. First the major energy spots were located using dowsing rods or pendulums, and marked with a standing stone of crystalline composition. Next, these energy spots would have been marked out with stone circles that in later stages also served to better contain and amplify the energies.

Seen in respect to survivors of a lost civilization, we see that there is a certain distinction between the larger and more complex structure of the Great Pyramid, which was built prior to the end of the last ice age, and the lesser structures of standing stones, stone circles, and mounds that date to the end of the last ice age. The larger structures were older, more advanced developments of a technology that we can see reflected in the marked sophistication of design and workmanship. The lesser structures came later, after the destruction of the civilization that had originally developed the sciences that were incorporated into these structures. The standing stones and stone circles were primitive applications of a much broader science that had been carried over from prehistoric times. We see a similar attempt to resurrect this lost science in the later pyramid structures of the post-deluvian Egyptians. However, unlike the stone circles that predominated on the European continent, these pyramid structures become progressively less advanced to the original Great Pyramid, rather than more, and all of this taken together reflects two different surviving groups stemming from the same prehistoric civilization and using the same or similar sciences that they still retained from the past. In the case of the pyramid builders in ancient Egypt, we see an attempt to duplicate the technologies that were represented in the Great Pyramid, which was a structure that they perhaps recognized from the legends of their past, but didn’t fully understand the science or purpose of. In the case of the circle builders, on the other hand, we see an already established understanding of Earth energies and a progressive refinement of the application of that basic knowledge through further developmental features added to the simpler early structures. Could it be that the standing stones, stone circles, and mounds reflect the application of a remnant body of knowledge that had been part of an earlier science from an advanced prehistoric civilization? Could the description of Atlantis given by Plato, being constructed as a series of concentric circles around a central temple city, have been a design that was based on this same science? These similarities are significant and need to be taken note of.

Of all the ancient megalithic structures on our planet, the Great Pyramid is undoubtedly the most complex in its purpose and design. Many of the other larger structures found around the world show an equally advanced sophistication in construction methods, but none are as mysterious as the Great Pyramid is in respect to certain features that were obviously important elements of its design. These elements show that the science that went into the development of the Great Pyramid, whatever their ultimate purpose might have been, was highly advanced, and this can only have been the result of a long period of scientific development, rather than the relatively short time that mainstream scientists require it to have taken the Egyptians to develop and then so conveniently forget, in spite of them being recognized as ardent record keepers who valued knowledge.

Because crystals are normally only found deep within the Earth where the right conditions for their development exist, they were not likely to have been incorporated into the design of the post ice age structures, and instead the more easily available crystalline stones were used. However, with a more sophisticated structure like the Great Pyramid, it’s very possible that crystals and other natural substances that were known to have special properties were somehow employed in its functionality, perhaps by being placed within either the King’s or Queen’s Chamber to catch and amplify the energies emanating from the Earth and certain stars, or perhaps by being placed at the very apex of the structure, where energy emanates.

Ancient myths that stem from a prehistoric era sometimes describe crystals with magical properties, and Sumerian legends mention a ‘Tablet of Destinies’, which were used to control certain powers or energies that were technology-based, and may have had something to do with certain special crystals. The tales of a mysterious Golden Age in a now-forgotten time seem to shine with the brilliance of such magical objects, when valiant men and wise sages lived on Earth and peace and harmony reigned, and wars were almost completely unheard of. These ancient legends have become mixed with later Druidic overtones as the natural progression of a true history, where the more ancient people from this Golden Age were scattered or disappeared when that age ended suddenly and a dark period in the history of man began. The Druids were a mysterious people whose origins are unknown, but who may have held a remnant of that earlier age within their memories, and were perhaps a group that stemmed from the earlier sages. They are said to have visited, but did not build, the monument at Stonehenge, and this may have been due to memories of that place, and a desire to re-establish a connection to their past. Even before the Druids, the myths surrounding King Arthur and his quest for the Holy Grail were perhaps lived out by the ancestors of these mysterious people, and they may have been direct descendents of Merlin, who was steeped in the knowledge of this earlier age. On these matters we can only speculate, but we shouldn’t ignore them simply because they are too unbelievable to easily fit them into our current conceptions of the past.

We must not forget that these are the myths of a land from which later arose the dynasties of kings and queens, who themselves glorified over precious stones and claimed their divine right through ancient records that connect their descent to god-like beings and which parallel these myths in many ways.

These dynastic rulers have always remained close to the roots of a more ancient science through their association with mystics and seers, who they are known to still continue to consult frequently today regarding matters of importance to them. This has been carried on from the traditions of the older age, and it can only be reasoned that perhaps there was greater truth to the ‘magic’ that permeates these mythical tales of a previous age than we realize today. Perhaps that magic was contained in the accoutrements of the ancient nobility, including the rare and mysterious artifacts and precious stones that had come into the possession of these kings, in their ancient temples and monuments, and in the occult knowledge preserved by the ancient sages, in particular the knowledge of Earth energies and the effects of certain forms and substances on these energies. These bloodline dynasties, which still exist today, appear to stem from the Neolithic circle builders of the European continent, rather than the pyramid builders of Egypt, and this suggests that the circle builders may have preserved the ancient scientific knowledge and continued to develop and use certain technologies that were based on what today we might call psychic forces, and which could be classified as psychotronics. These technologies may have helped to increase the wealth and power of these dynasties, and as they became more reclusive from the rest of the masses, so did the knowledge of these things remain unknown to the rest of us, save for in myths and fairy tales.

Could this ancient knowledge have survived into the present, secreted away by certain parties and used with such deceptive invisibility that most of us would be prone to reflexively ridicule the merest suggestion of such a possibility?

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