Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Digging Deeper Into the Myron May Incident – More Timeline, Notes, and Unanswered Questions

by Anthony Forwood

The following is a chronological timeline of events leading up to and following the Florida State University shooting that took place in the early hours of November 20, 2014. This timeline focuses mainly on Myron May’s alleged connections to the TI community, and more specifically, those within the TI community who are claiming to have been in contact with May before the shooting. I have relied almost exclusively on first-hand documented sources that I’ve referenced for easy verification, with only a few facebook posts and pages being included that might not be accessible or which could be deleted at any time by those who don’t want them to be seen. In attempting to get information directly from any of the people in the TI community who are allegedly involved, I have encountered nothing but antagonistic responses, which has only raised my suspicions further. If they were innocent of anything and actually wanted the full truth about targeting to be known, they would be more willing to provide information that would exonerate them in this case, but they choose not to. I can only question why.

This article is an updated version of its first posting. As new information has been collected and added to the chronology, a clearer picture has emerged and a few of my earlier questions have been answered, but as will happen, many new ones have arisen as well. At the same time, some of my thoughts have changed about certain things as I’ve studied the various pieces of information as they’ve slowly come together.

What hasn’t changed since the previous publication is that while gathering and reviewing the information below, I’ve noticed that there is a difference between what the original reports by the MSM news outlets were stating, and what was later being added to the story by certain parties within the TI community who have been claiming that they were in contact with Myron May prior to the shooting and/or were intended recipients of the packages May sent out. The only exception to this that I’ve seen is with NBC News, which I’ve since found out had reported Renee Pittman Mitchell’s part of the story first. She had apparently contacted them and offered her story and they just reported what she said without investigating further or verifying it with the authorities. It was then picked up online alternative ‘news’ outlets and spread from there.

This shooting caught my attention because it was very similar to what occurred with the Washington Navy Yard shooting incident a year ago, where Derrick Robinson of FFCHS was claiming – through certain alternative ‘news’ outlets – that Aaron Alexis had been in contact with his organization just prior to that shooting incident. I had come to the realization in researching that case that the claims coming from FFCHS were entirely false and were promoted by certain online ‘news’ outlets that cater specifically to the TI community in order to garner some recognition for FFCHS within the TI community while creating bad publicity for the TI community in the eyes of mainstream society. Because of what I found out in that case, I have every reason to suspect that their involvement in this situation was either another lie, or they were involved far more deeply than most people realize, and I believe that FFCHS and its closest affiliates, including Robert Duncan, Rosanne Marie (Schneider), and Renee Pittman Mitchell were following a basic plan that they’ve devised to con TIs whenever these shooting events occur. Worse, they may have coerced May to act as he did. They are certainly being uncooperative in getting to the bottom of all this, and I have therefore been forced to treat them as ‘hostile witnesses’.

Here are the reported events surrounding Myron May and the FSU shooting, as best as I’ve been able to gather them and put them in the order that they occurred. Events are listed in the order that they happened, as best as I can determine. If you see anything that is wrong, and can lead me to direct sources for more accurate information, please leave a comment.


2005 – Myron May graduates from Florida State University with a degree in economics. [2][4]

Nov. 2006 – According to his facebook page, May moves to Lubbock, Texas. [14]

2009 – May graduates from Texas Tech University's law school. [2] After graduating, he moves to New Mexico to work as a public defender in Las Cruces before becoming a prosecutor in the Dona Ana County District Attorney's Office. [4]

Feb. 2013 – The website for the Pittman Funeral Services (Christian Memorial Chapel) in Graceville, Florida, goes online. Its mailing address is listed as a post office box. [10] This website is where (one of) May’s obituary will be posted after his death. [11] The funeral service and chapel are owned by the Pittman family, and have been in business for 52 years. [12] An online records search for this business only comes up with a record for Pittman Funeral Homes Inc. in Naples, Florida, which dissolved in 1988. [13] In an online post, Renee Pittman Mitchell will later claim that the Pittman family who owns the funeral service is not related to her. [27] Why does this company not come up as a registered business if it’s still in operation? Why is its mailing address listed as a post office box? Funeral companies usually require a physical location to store and prepare the body before the funeral, and/or to incinerate it.

Sept. 7, 2014 –May contacts police in Las Cruces, New Mexico, convinced that someone had placed cameras in his apartment and complaining that he was hearing voices through the walls,” according to the police report. [1][3]

Oct. 6, 2014 – May suddenly resigns from his job as a felony prosecutor in Dona Ana, New Mexico, leaving no indication that anything is wrong. He did his job with distinction and honor,” according to his employer. [23]

Oct. 7, 2014 – May’s alleged ex-girlfriend contacts police saying that May believed “the police are after him and are bugging his phone and car”. [1] According to her, May was showing symptoms of a “severe mental disorder” that he had been hospitalized for weeks earlier at Mesilla Valley Hospital. [8] She also said that he had difficulty sleeping, sometimes for four or five nights in a row, and had recently made a one-day trip to Colorado for unexplained reasons. [3] Also according to her, May had handed her a piece of a car and told her it was a camera that police had put in his car, and that she needed to hold on to it. May’s friend in Florida, David Taunton, will later report that around this time May told him that someone was after him with a gun. Taunton will also state that there was no indication that May was mentally ill. [8] Was May being coerced into a paranoid state? Who was the ex-girlfriend? Could her report to the police have been part of a set-up?

Oct. 20, 2014 – An unverified news report states:
In New Mexico, May apparently also suspected neighbors were watching him at his Las Cruces apartment. A woman who shared a wall with him had a football-sized landscaping rock thrown at her window at 2 a.m. Oct. 20. Responding officers talked to a maintenance man, who told them May complained to property managers that neighbors were laughing at him as he watched pornography.

The officers then matched the rock to a gap in landscaping rocks in front of May's apartment. The maintenance man told them he took care of May's dog several times during his stays at a mental hospital, according to the report.

That incident happened less than three weeks before May returned to Wewahitchka, Florida, where he stayed at a guest cottage owned by friends.” [5] Note that there was no real proof that May had anything to do with the rock throwing. Could it have been part of a set-up? Who was this unnamed maintenance man?

Late Oct./Early Nov. 2014 - Three weeks prior to the shooting, May moves back to his hometown of Wewahitchka, Florida, and begins living in a cottage behind a his friend David Taunton’s home. [2][8] According to family members, he is staying there because he’s having financial problems, and had moved back home to open up his own law practice and put some ‘troubles’ behind him. He was scheduled to take the Florida Bar exam in February. [4]

Late Oct./Early Nov. 2014 – According to the group’s membership list, Myron May joins the Targeted Individuals International facebook group at around this time. [15]

Nov. 2014 - During the first week of November, May joins the Tauntons on a camping trip, where he spends time studying for the Florida Bar exam. [8]

Nov. 12, 2014, 4:17 am (PST) – May posts a link to a music video in the Targeted Individuals International facebook group, titled 'Donnie McClurkin Stand'. [38]

Nov. 13, 2014, 5:01 am (PST) – May posts a message in the Targeted Individuals International facebook group, asking: “Has anyone (or anyone you know) ever retaliated against a perp physically? If so, ambiguous details please.” [38] This post will never be mentioned in any news reports or anywhere else.

Nov. 13, 2014 – An unannounced active shooter drill takes place at Jewett Middle Academy in Winter Haven, Florida. Middle school students will later report that they were terrified for their lives and thought they were going to die when police burst into their classroom with weapons drawn. Parents are furious for not being notified that a drill was going to take place. The police chief will later state: It's very important that, when you do your drill, you do it without everyone knowing that it's a drill.” He assures parents that future drills will be without weapons. [6] This indicates that active-shooter drills are routine practice in the State of Florida. This may or may not have any implications on the FSU shooting.

Nov. 13, 2014, 4:35 pm (PST) – May posts a message in the Targeted Individuals International facebook group, asking: “Is any target here in any branch of the U.S. military? If so, which one?” [38] This post will never be mentioned in any news reports or anywhere else.

Nov. 13, 2014, 5:44 pm (PST) – May posts a link to a page in the Targeted Individuals International facebook group. The page contains information about gang-stalking. [38][53]

Nov. 14, 2014, 4:51 am (PST) – May posts a message in the Targeted Individuals International facebook group, stating: Has anyone ever been encouraged by your handler to kill with a promise of freedom?” [16][38] This and previous posts suggest that someone had been getting to May and putting ideas into his head that killing would end his problems. Whoever it was, May apparently thought of them as his handler.

Nov. 14, 2014, 10:23 am (PST) – May posts a message in the Targeted Individuals International facebook group in which he states: “I am a lawyer. Are there any other lawyers on here? Perhaps we can put together a legal team to get something going. If you're out there, respond. There is strength in numbers.” [4][38] Derrick Robinson, Renee Pittman Mitchell, and Rosanne Marie will all later state that they were in contact with May regarding his legal plans at about this time. [19][27][38]

Nov. 14, 2014 – At about this time, Renee Pittman Mitchell allegedly speaks to May about why he thinks he’s being attacked. She will later report to Reuters that he appeared to be “calm, cool and collected”. She will also state that she invited him to come and stay with her in California because she hoped he could use his legal training to expose what she and others claim is happening to them. Soon after this, she becomes wary of May when he tells her that he had mailed her a package. She will state: “I just didn't know what was going on and why he was focusing on me.” [26] Why would she invite a complete stranger to come and stay with her? Why would she state in the next instance that she couldn’t figure out why he was focusing on her?

Nov. 15, 2014 10:17 am (PST) – May posts a message in the Targeted Individuals International facebook group, announcing that he had formed a group “for every TI who wants to pursue a class action lawsuit”. This is also the last day that his family and friends will see him alive. [4] Rosanne Marie is named in the post as the contact person. [38] This indicates that Rosanne Marie had already been in contact with May for some time before this. How long?

Nov. 15, 2014, 11:29 am (PST) – May posts a link on his facebook page to a video of Jesse Ventura’s interview with Robert Duncan. [14] This indicates that May was already familiar with Robert Duncan’s material and may have been in contact with him.

Nov. 15, 2014 – May spends the afternoon watching the Ohio State–Minnesota football game. [30]

Nov. 15, 2014 – May’s friend and landlord, David Taunton, sends him an email to check on him, and will later state that May responded to apologize and said he was all right. According to Taunton, May confided something to him that worried Taunton, but he wouldn’t go into details. [7] What did May confide?

Nov. 15, 2014, 7:56 pm (PST) – Rosanne Marie posts a message on her facebook page. She will not post again until Nov. 22 At 4:14 am (PST), when she publishes the photograph of the package she allegedly received from May. [51]

Nov. 15, 2014 – May spends the night at the home of his uncle, Wallace Freeman. “I talked to him and asked him about his business and stuff like that, and he never would tell me his business so I never did want to pry,” Freeman later told reporters. He described May as happy and fine. They planned to get together for Thanksgiving dinner. [8]

Nov. 15, 2014 – According to a man named Joe Paul, who allegedly knew May from his university days at FSU and who had been keeping in touch with him on facebook, May contacts him and asks him and several others for their street addresses. [1] At about this same time, May allegedly contacts Renee Pittman Mitchell, complaining about being targeted and telling her he didn’t want to go on living like he was. [3][25][26]

Nov. 16, 2014, 1:16 pm (PST) – May leaves a public post on the Targeted Individuals International facebook group that says: “Dear Renee Pittman Mitchell: I just saw your message. Please add me back. I literally just saw your message. I REALLY NEED you!!!” [38]

Nov. 16, 2014 – May returns to his cottage after spending the night at his uncle’s home. He later leaves again to visit friends at FSU. David Taunton, who lives on the same property, will not see or hear from him again. [8] Who were the people that May went to stay with? Why haven’t they spoken up or been interviewed since the shooting?

Nov. 19, 2014, 3:16 pm (EST?) – According to USPS tracking information, a package allegedly sent by May that will later be shown in a photograph posted online by Rosanne Marie is picked up for delivery in Tallahassee, Florida. Its destination is Sebastopol, California. [24] The photograph will show that the return address on the package is a post office box in Wewahitchka, Florida. [19] The only other photograph of a package besides this one that will become available will be the one that was sent to Joe Paul, which will have the tracking information blurred out. The handwriting will appear to be about the same as on Rosanne Marie’s.

Nov. 19, 2014, 9:19 pm (EST?) – May allegedly tries to contact Renee Pittman Mitchell by phone, leaving three voicemail messages between 9:19 pm and 9:42 pm. In one message he states: “I am currently being cooked in my chair. I devised a scheme where I was going to expose this once and for all and I really need you.” An unnamed relative will allegedly confirm later that the voice is May’s. [3] Who contacted May’s family to confirm that the voice was May’s? Who was the family member who confirmed it? Where was May at the time of the calls? Who was he with? Were the time of these calls in PST (Mitchell’s time zone) or EST (May’s time zone)? Why would the times be given in EST, if in fact they were? If they were given in PST, then they would have had to be sent AFTER the shooting, since there’s a three-hour difference. Where are the records for these calls?

Nov. 19, 2014, 9:53 pm (EST) – According to Joe Paul, May sends a message to him telling him that he should expect a package on Friday. [1][36] He also sends him a picture of the package. [33][35]

Nov. 19, 2014, 11:19 pm (EST?) – In an email he allegedly sends to Renee Pittman Mitchell, May writes: “I’ve been getting hit with the direct energy weapon in my chest all evening. It hurts really bad right now.” [3] Mitchell will tell Reuters that she didn’t get the messages until it was too late. [26] In an alleged text message May sends her, he says he’s sending return receipts for the packages to her “because I anticipate that I'll be gone at that point.” [23] When did he first tell her about the packages? What good are return receipts? Where are they? Why will the alleged suicide letter describe “financial, emotional, and psychological pain” but not physical pain, like what he allegedly describes to Mitchell? Why is May putting so much importance on leaving proof that packages were sent out? Why did he bother to send photographs of the packages? Was the time of the email in PST or EST? Where is the evidence to show one way or the other?

Nov. 20, 2014, 12:25 am (EST) – Myron May goes on a shooting spree at Florida State University’s Strozier Library, wounding three people before being shot and killed by police. There are reported to have been 300 – 400 students in the library at that late hour. [1] According to police, the first 911 call to come in was made by one of the victims. Several more calls followed. [5] Police responded minutes later and shot May dead when he turned his gun on them. [1] Note that in spite of the library allegedly being filled with three to four hundred students, there didn’t appear to have been more than a few 911 calls.

Nov. 20, 2014, 2:47 am (EST) – One of the earliest news reports on the FSU shooting states that “authorities had found journals and videos produced by May in which he expressed fears that government agencies were targeting him”. The authorities go on to state that May claimed to have been hearing voices and thought he was being watched, and describe the events that occurred in New Mexico weeks earlier. “Atlanta's WSB-TV said eight of May's friends were expecting packages to arrive from him on Friday. They have been told to call police when the parcels arrive, the ABC affiliate reported.” [29] Note that this early report only mentions eight packages, rather than ten. It also gives the first report that May believed he was being targeted. How did Atlanta WSB-TV learn about the packages? Did someone contact them and tell them this? When?

Nov. 20, 2014, 9:33 am (PST) – Joe Paul posts a message on his facebook page after learning that May was involved in the FSU shooting. He states: “I'm in complete shock right now.” [28]

Nov. 20, 2014 – Paul told First Coast News he called the Tallahassee police to let them know about May's message from his home in Washington D.C.. He says police instructed him to call local police there in D.C. when the package arrives, which he plans to do.” [35] This appears to be how the authorities first learned about the packages. Paul’s claim that the police told him to contact them when the package arrived will conflict with other reports that indicate the packages were all intercepted. Is Joe Paul a real recipient?

Nov. 20, 2014 – According to one news report published sometime in the early afternoon, A former roommate and friend said that she was sent a cryptic message from May that he had sent her a package shortly before the rampage. She has no idea what the package contains.” [31] Who was this person?

According to another news report published later the same day:

Each of the eight Myron May packages will allegedly arrive tomorrow Friday November 21, 2014, police are telling news. Meantime, also tonight, police now reveal that Myron May associated himself with a group called Targeted Individuals International and claimed that he was a “TI Individual”.

Myron May (photos below) through his Facebook account contacted one friend regarding a package. Channel 2 News reports that May purportedly told Joe Paul, via Facebook, that he wanted to sent Paul a package, needed his address, and that the package would arrive by Friday. Police tell news that they have digital evidence, in the form of a journal and multiple videos by May, that suggest that May feared the U.S Government was after him.

Police now believe that eight friends of May will receive a package tomorrow. Channel 2 delivered a chilling image of one package sent to Joe Paul. It was sent through US mail, Priority mail with return receipt attached outside the package. Police assert to news that May’s intended recipients may not know each other and may also not know that a package is on the way.

[...] Police indicate to Channel 2 that they have contacted each of the additional seven recipients, and told them to telephone them if the package is received Friday. “It clicked. I said, ‘Wait a minute, he sent a message to us all about a letter he was going to be sending us, or a package, to all of us to arrive Friday’. This is all connected,” Paul told the station.

May meantime on November 16 posted to Facebook a message about “targeted individuals”. He believed that he was the victim of a mind control, and was “in a state of crisis”. He also wrote on November 14 “Has anyone here ever been encouraged by your handler to kill with a promise of freedom?” May also visited the Targeted Individuals International Facebook page. He wrote that he had established a group “for every TI who wants to pursue a class action lawsuit.”” [32] This reveals that only eight packages were known about by the authorities, and that (according to Joe Paul) the police didn’t appear too concerned about intercepting them. This conflicts with later reports that say the packages were all intercepted. Joe Paul’s quoted remark reveals that he knew at least some of the other recipients.

Nov. 20, 2014 – Another news report will state: Multiple Facebook friends of Myron May have now come forward and alerted police about a recent interaction over social media. The friends say May asked for their mailing addresses and told them to expect a package from him on Friday.” [41] This indicates that the police or news outlets were contacted, rather than the other way around. Who contacted them? Were any of these people from the TI community?

Nov. 20, 2014, 10:18 pm (PST) – According to several comments left in the Targeted Individuals International facebook group, May’s facebook page was no longer accessible. [38] Why is it accessible now? Is the current page the real one?

Nov. 20, 2014, 10:39 pm (EST?) – One news outlet that was able to interview Joe Paul reports on his story. Paul informs them that he received a photograph of the package from May at about the same time that he told Paul he was sending it. The report will state that eight packages were sent out. “A lot of us have pretty vast networks, so maybe that’s why he chose us,” Paul states. “The eight acquaintances of May have been advised to call local police upon receipt of their package, Channel 2 reported.” It is also reported that none of the recipients knew each other. [33]

Nov. 20, 2014, 11:04 pm (EST?) – One of May’s packages is reported to have been intercepted in Orlando, Florida. The recipients are not aware of the package contents – they’ve been told to call police as soon as it arrives. It is reported again that none of the recipients knew each other. [34] Who was the recipient? Was it Juan P. Chrisholm, who was one of the people listed on the alleged suicide letter that was later shown in photographs that Todd Giffen published? If none of the recipients knew each other, why did Joe Paul talk as though they did? If the package was intercepted, why would the police ask to be notified when it arrived? Who gave the news outlet this information?

Nov. 21, 2014, 6:46 am (PST) – According to Joe Paul's facebook page, news reporters start leaving him posts asking him to contact them at this time. This includes the Orlando Sentinel, FOX 35 Orlando, News 13 in Orlando, The Washington Post, and Reuters. [28] This indicates that these news outlets had learned that Joe Paul was an intended recipient just previous to this time. Did they contact any of the other recipients? Apart from Joe Paul who contacted the police, and Renee Pittman Mitchell who will apparently contact various news outlets of her own volition at about this time, why will none of the other intended recipients ever be mentioned in any news reports?

Nov. 21, 2014, 7:38 am (EST?) – NBC News reports on the voicemails and facebook messages that Renee Pittman Mitchell had allegedly received from May prior to the shooting. They also report that he sent out ten packages to various people that would expose what he thought was happening to him. Mitchell will tell them that she had not received her package at this time. The article quotes her as saying that after her initial conversations with May, she became wary of him, concerned that he might be an impostor. [23] It appears from this news report, which is the earliest one I can find that mentions any part of Mitchell’s story or about May’s direct involvement in the TI community, NBC News learned about all of this from Mitchell, and not from the authorities, who will not mention it at all. This is also the first news report I can find stating that there were ten packages, rather than eight. Did Mitchell add two more to the count?

According to what Renee Pittman Mitchell will tell Reuters, authorities retrieved one of the packages from her porch. She will tell Reuters that May had told her that she could expect eight more packages. She also states that she turned the letter over to the authorities before reading all of it. She claims that another unnamed recipient had forwarded her a typed letter that was addressed to her and several others, allegedly signed by May, which she sent images of to Reuters by email. [25] She also states that the authorities opened the package in front of her. [26] Renee Pittman Mitchell apparently contacted Reuters and volunteered her information to them, and it was reported in the mainstream news early on without being verified first. This gave her story the appearance of credibility. It appears to have then been repeated by various online alternative ‘news’ sources with more information and ‘evidence’ added on, again without being verified. Also, it should be noted that the authorities had approximately 20 hours from the time of the shooting to learn about, trace, and intercept all of the packages, which would have given them enough time to have intercepted those packages that were in transit the longest. According to the posted ‘evidence’, this would be Renee Pittman Mitchell’s, Derrick Robinson’s, and Rosanne Marie’s, all residing in California. Did one of the packages really make it all the way to Mitchell’s porch before it was intercepted? Did another package really make it all the way to Rosanne Marie in Sebastopol, California before it was intercepted? When did May tell Mitchell about eight more packages, and why did he tell her this if she wasn’t going to be the recipient of more than one? Did she know the others and was supposed to pass this information on to them? Why the discrepancy in the number of packages? Who is the unnamed person who sent her the typed letter? Was it Todd Giffen? Who were the other recipients of this letter? When was it sent? Where did it come from? How was it delivered to her? Has the letter been compared to the contents of the packages by the authorities? Do they even know about it? Would they care, if the investigation into the shooting was already closed?

Nov. 21, 2014, 5:24 am (PST?) – According to USPS tracking information, the package that Rosanne Marie will post a photograph of arrives at the post office in Sebastopol, California at this time. [24]

Nov. 21, 2014, 8:43 am (PST?) – According to USPS tracking information, the package that Rosanne Marie will later post a photograph of leaves the Sebasopol post office for delivery to her home. Delivery status is not updated beyond this point. [24] This indicates that the authorities intercepted the package, but not until it had already left the Sebastopol post office for delivery to Rosanne Marie’s home. It’s already 32 hours after the shooting by this time. Why did it take so long for the authorities to get to this package? Were they acting on the information that was provided by Renee Pittman Mitchell to the news outlets? Why wouldn’t they have known who May had sent packages to when they looked at his online communications? Why the continual discrepancies in the number of packages?

Nov. 21, 2014, 11:18 am (EST?) – CNN reports that May sent nine packages to various recipients just before going on his shooting spree at Florida State University. [9] Is this change in the number of packages due to someone else suddenly claiming to have received one of them? Was this person Renee Pittman Mitchell or Rosanne Marie?

Nov 21, 2014 – One package was sent to Houston and was secured by federal investigators Friday morning.” Joe Paul is reported as stating that May had asked him and eight others for their mailing addresses in a Nov. 15 Facebook message. [36] Again, the number of packages has apparently changed to nine. Why did Joe Paul not mention that there were nine package recipients earlier? How did he know, exactly? Did he change the count to reflect what Mitchell claimed? Where is the facebook message he received from May? What exactly did the messages say? Was the Houston package sent to Marc Bozeman, one of the people named in the alleged suicide letter that was later shown in photographs that Todd Giffen published?

Nov. 21, 2014, 5:56 pm (EST?) – Another news report at this time states that Joe Paul said, postal inspectors intercepted a package May sent to him. The postal inspectors told him that the package contained nothing dangerous, and promised they would eventually release it to him.” The report also states: “Paul said May mailed similar packages to about nine people.” [5] This information conflicts with earlier reports based on interviews with Joe Paul. The number of packages appears to have now increased to ten, according to Joe Paul. Why? Is he legitimate?

Nov. 21, 2014, 9:23 pm (EST?) – CNN reports that the number of packages is ten, but don’t explain the discrepancy with their earlier report. They also state that investigators had intercepted all of the packages from the Postal Service and transferred them to the FBI. May’s friend Joe Paul is the only one named in the news report as an intended recipient, and quotes him as saying that May had taken a photo of the package before sending it to him, and that he had sent the photo to Paul “as confirmation of its mailing”. Paul also claimed that the Postal Service had called him to let him know that he had received the package and informed him that it contained a long letter and a jump drive. Paul also stated that the package was scheduled to arrive on Nov. 21. He indicated that he had been unaware of May’s troubles up to that time. Tallahassee police refused to disclose the contents of the packages. [1] If all the packages were intercepted, how did someone get a copy of the alleged suicide letter that will be published online? Note that Joe Paul is the main source for the number of packages, and he keeps changing it as time goes on. Was he, along with the others, involved in a setup or scam?

Investigators also reported to CNN that May kept a journal and had made various videos, and after a preliminary review of them, they had determined that he had been “in a state of crisis”. [2] This statement that May was in a state of crisis will later be falsely interpreted by many online ‘news’ sources as suggesting that May was being targeted or was mentally ill. However, the statement by the authorities appears to be referring only to the fact that May was obviously having some problems in his life, based on what friends and family had reported, and on the recent incidents in New Mexico. That May had allegedly recently been in a mental hospital or on medication for ADHD has not been verified and can only be considered as hearsay at this point, since this information came from an unnamed person (his alleged ex-girlfriend) who may or may not have been who she said she was and therefore may not have been telling the truth. If May was set up, then the planning and preparation would likely have included creating a recent history of erratic activity on his part. Unlike the reports from NBC, none of these reports from CNN mention Renee Pittman Mitchell, the voicemails, or any other package recipients besides Joe Paul, May’s longtime friend.

Nov. 21, 2014, 3:50 pm (PST) – In a post he makes on his facebook page, Derrick Robinson announces that he was one of the ten recipients of the packages sent out by May. He also states: I had been in contact with Myron. He was an attorney and interested in helping with the Legal Committee, which I was hoping he'd do. I had no idea he felt completely without hope. I haven't heard from the FBI yet.” Rosanne Marie responds and claims that she is another recipient. She also posts a link to a photograph of her alleged package on her website. [19] How did Derrick Robinson find out that he was an intended recipient if he hadn’t heard from the authorities at this point? Where is the photo May sent him showing his package? Why did Rosanne Marie wait until now to mention the photograph? How long had Derrick Robinson been in contact with May? What sort of dealings has he had with May, exactly? What about Rosanne Marie? Why didn’t May contact him or his organization if he was so desperate for help in the days leading up to the shooting? Was Derrick Robinson ever contacted by the FBI? Whatever happened about the Aaron Alexis connection to FFCHS? Did the FBI ever contact Derrick Robinson again about that incident, as he claimed they said they would? Why has he not spoken more on that matter? Why is his alleged involvement in the Myron May incident so similar to his alleged involvement in the Aaron Alexis incident, but with added ‘physical evidence’ coming out afterwards?

Nov. 21, 2014 – According to an online alternative ‘news’ source: The woman who received the voice-mail from May, Renee Pittman, says she never actually met May in person. She adds authorities came to her house to open the package May sent her as well.” [21] How is this possible that she received her package in the mail if they were all intercepted in transit, according to the authorities? What is the tracking number on her package? Where is her photograph of the package? Where are the photographs of all the other packages? What are their tracking numbers?

Nov. 22, 2014 – Robert Duncan posts a message on his facebook page saying that he wishes he could have had an intervention with May. He doesn’t claim that he was an intended recipient of May’s packages, but states that he will honor him and publish the letter. [17] What exactly does Robert Duncan do in an ‘intervention’? Does it involve hypnosis or behavior modification techniques? Why wasn’t Robert Duncan also a recipient if May had named him in the alleged suicide letter and given his work credit? Was it in order that he would be kept a safe distance from any repercussions that might result from a setup or scam that backfired? How involved was May with Robert Duncan before the shooting?

Nov. 22, 2014 – Derrick Robinson of FFCHS releases a video on YouTube in which he reads out May’s alleged suicide letter. It begins: Greetings everyone. We’re Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. Tonight, we’ll be sharing and discussing the Myron May suicide letter, one of ten sent to myself and some others from Myron May earlier this week. [52] Where did Robinson get the letter? Where is the original?

Nov. 22, 2014 – According to May’s facebook page, on this date Todd Giffen begins posting a number of messages on it that he allegedly received from Renee Pittman Mitchell after asking her about the May suicide letter, with the obvious intent of making her look bad. He fails to provide the original message he had sent to her that elicited the responses. Over the next two days, he begins flooding May’s page with lengthy posts about electronic weapons technology, most of it heavily reflecting the false claims that Robert Duncan promotes as fact through his books. Soon after, someone changes the page so that no more posts can be made there. [14] How did May’s page become active again? Who accessed May’s page to change the settings? Why is May’s facebook page still up, when all other shooters in the past have had them pulled immediately after the incident? Was it Todd Giffen? Why is he attempting to trash Mitchell? Is it subterfuge?

Nov. 23, 2014 – At about this time, Rosanne Marie puts up a fundraising page to collect donations for herself, claiming that the FSU shooting had thrust me into the national spotlight.” She also states: “I was one of eight to receive this package.” [37] Rosanne Marie has not been mentioned at all in the mainstream media, and only a few online news outlets have mentioned her either. There is no evidence on her facebook page that she is being given any attention about this incident either. According to what I can find, she’s the only person who is promoting her part in this story. Is she attempting to make excuses to avoid answering questions about her involvement? Does she know more than she’s willing to admit? Was she involved in setting May up or creating a hoax?

Nov. 23, 2014 – A person named Daniel Morgan posts the following message on the peacepink website (spelling errors included): “Im just sending your some interesting points on the last few days that might be good for your show. Our group FFCHS just received one of the seven packages sent out by Myron May the FSU Shooter. we copied the letter before the content of the package was taken by investigators, Myron was a former Prosecutor and attorney involved with Targeted individual international one of the grroups Im involved with trying to get a class action law suit going....... This also happened with Aaron Alexis the Navy yard shooter contacted our group 1-2 weeks before his rampage....” [20] A preliminary search of that name reveals that a Daniel Morgan has been involved in the TI community since at least 2007, when he was involved with FFCHS and/or their affiliates in a petition campaign. [22] If this person is connected to FFCHS and that organization received one of the packages, then why didn’t he know that there were ten of them, or even eight, rather than seven as he claims? How did FFCHS get a copy of the letter if all the packages were intercepted in transit, as reported by the authorities? Which authorities did they allegedly hand the package over to after they received it, if they did? Why did it take two days before anyone announced that they had a copy of the letter? Were these the copies that were later published online as photo images? If so, how did they get May’s signature on them? If not, then where did the photo images come from?

Nov. 23, 2014 – According to a number of facebook users, the Targeted Individuals International facebook group that May had been posting in was no longer coming up in a google search, and some news outlets had also redirected links that used to point to it. As of November 30, it was still not coming up in google. [18]

Nov. 24, 2014 – May’s alleged suicide letter is published on James F. Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog. The letter is dated November 17th. It reveals that May had been suffering from financial, emotional, and psychological pain since he discovered that he was a targeted individual. In spite of what he allegedly stated to Renee Pittman Mitchell in voicemails about being zapped in the chest, he mentions nothing about suffering any physical pain. He also states that his suffering started only after learning about targeting. He mentions FFCHS and Robert Duncan as sources of information about targeting. He refers to only eight recipients, rather than ten, as later reported by news outlets. The basic message of the letter is a call to bring greater awareness of targeting by petitioning Congress, and to distribute his story to media outlets and make sure it stays online. He states that the people he sent the packages to are people he “knows and trusts”. Only ‘Ms. Mitchell’ is directly named in the letter as a recipient (three times). The published letter appears to have had the names of all the other intended recipients removed. [7] Who sent the letter to Memory Hole? Why are all the names of the intended recipients except Renee Pittman Mitchell’s removed? Who removed them and why? Why does the letter only refer to eight recipients, rather than ten? Why did May’s targeting start only after learning about the subject? Was he led to believe he was targeted? Was Robert Duncan ‘eduacating’ him about it? What involvement did May have with FFCHS? Why did his letter give FFCHS and Robert Duncan special publicity?

May was obviously being influenced in his beliefs by the distorted material that Robert Duncan promotes in his books and interviews. By Derrick Robinson’s own admission, May was also getting involved with his group. Was May also in direct contact with Robert Duncan? Is this why he posted a video of an interview with Robert Duncan on his facebook page? Did Robert Duncan ‘intervene’ in May’s targeting before the shooting? If May said that he sent the letters to people he knows and trusts, then those who received it must have been close enough to May to provide further insight into this case, and getting to the point of trust would have taken more than just a few days of online communication. Why are all those who claim to be package recipients being so unwilling to get to the truth of their part in this? The reference to FFCHS and Robert Duncan in the alleged suicide letter strongly indicates where May got his ideas about being targeted. What other influences did these people have on him?

* * *

Apart from the events described in the timeline above, I can really only speculate at this point on what (and who) led Myron May to do what he did. However, there are certain things that are important to note from the above:

- It appears that May’s friend Joe Paul was the first to call police and inform them about the packages, within hours of the shooting.

- The early reports about packages stated that there were only eight.

- According to Joe Paul, the police weren’t concerned about intercepting the packages.

- The number of packages increased to ten in news reports only after Renee Pittman Mitchell contacted them.

- On same the day that the packages were to reach their destinations, Mitchell claimed that she saw the letter in her own package before it was confiscated, and she also claimed that an unnamed person sent her a copy of it, meaning that we’re supposed to conclude from her claim that she verified that they were the same letter.

- Mitchell’s claim about receiving a typed copy of the letter doesn’t make any sense, since she reported this on the same day that the packages allegedly arrived at their destinations. How could anyone have had time to get their package, make typed copies of the letter, and deliver a physical copy to Mitchell in time for her to report it to the news outlets? How did whoever copied the letter manage to get May’s signature on it?

- CNN reported that all of the packages were intercepted by the Postal Service and transferred to the FBI. This conflicts with Joe Paul’s claims that the authorities asked to be contacted when they arrived.

- Someone named Daniel Morgan from FFCHS claimed on Nov. 23 that someone at FFCHS had copied the letter before it was confiscated by the authorities. This doesn’t explain how the photographed copies got May’s signature on them.

- No one has explained where the published copy of the alleged suicide letter came from.

There are definitely more questions that aren’t being answered that people within the TI community who are involved in this could answer if they chose to, but for whatever reason, they’re purposely keeping it secret. In my opinion, they are complicit in the murder/suicide of Myron May. They or other members of their group may have been involved in similar incidents in the past, including the deaths of Aaron Alexis, Susan Watkins, Pam Anderson, and John Turner. If they aren’t made to account for themselves in the Myron May controversy, there will be more deaths like Myron’s in the future. Robert Duncan and Derrick Robinson always seem to be on the periphery of these deaths. I believe that they are directing these people, even using mind-control on them to coerce them to act out in violence.

There is far more to this story and what really led Myron May to do what he did, and the above merely sets the outline for further investigation into this. Information continues to come to my attention that reveals a much deeper plot against the TI community by those who have been named here, as well as certain others who are working in coordination with them. Some of the information I have is extremely sensitive, so little more can be said at this time, but I feel I must give my readers some idea of what is going on, while letting those who are involved and think they are safe from exposure of their criminal complicity know that their secret isn’t so secret…

Just consider this… There are certain people operating within the TI community who are only interested in keeping the efforts of TIs to expose their targeting contained and controlled. These people are connected directly to the government agencies that run the black project programs. Many are skilled in psyop tactics. The lower levels of this group are the ones you will most likely encounter in the online TI community, while their directing body of handlers at the next level (i.e. Derrick Robinson and Robert Duncan) are usually less accessible and rely on the lower level to promote them. The lower level works hard for their masters in the hopes of advancing in the ranks. They portray themselves as TIs, are very active in the online TI community, and appear to have no other life than the one they have online. They band together in the online TI community as a rather large but close-knit group that preys on new-comers, befriending them early on and attempting to get close to them and feel them out to find their weak spots, then use that to try to lead them further into their trap. They will exclude anyone who begins to disagree with anything they say or who does not begin to speak and act acceptably crazy. If you try to point out their strange activities, they turn on you viciously like hungry animals on raw meat. They claim to be TIs but they will attack other TIs gang-style at the slightest whim and isolate them out of all the groups they control.

I will tell here that I know that at the core of this large group, its members are involved in satanic practices, they dabble in mind-control techniques, and they hold rather extremist ideologies that they aren’t ashamed to voice when they think it’s safe to do so. But they aren’t always careful and they often make mistakes that reveal their true character.

Some of the people at the core of this group are known to travel around the country meeting other TIs for whatever reason. At the time leading up to the FSU shooting, a small group of these people were traveling to each State where May’s packages were later sent (California, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina). One of them was actually identified by a TI in Talahassee on or just before the day of the shooting. Physical evidence to prove this is in my possession at this time.

This investigation continues. There are still more leads for me to follow up on, including a direct tie between a certain person who is very active in the TI community who is directly tied to Myron May’s past and who might have reason to want to eliminate him.

* * *


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