Wednesday, December 3, 2014

An Examination of Todd Giffen's Photos of Myron May's Alleged Suicide Letter

The letter in the photos that Todd Giffen posted online is addressed to him, and it lists ten other recipients, so now there are eleven.
The letter has printed across the top: "VIA CERTFIED MAIL, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED". Why would May have requested a return receipt if he knew he was going to be dead by the time the letter arrived? And why is it even printed on the letter? But that's the least of it...
If you look closely at the top left of the first page of the letter in Todd's photos, where his street address is covered over, you can see the first two letters of what would be his home city: "Sp".
Now, if you look closely at the top right corner of the same photo, you can see part of the envelope under the letter, and on it you can see that it says: "U.S. POSTAGE PAID, SPRINGFIELD, OR". That definitely means that the postage was prepaid in Springfield, Oregon.
So Todd is apparently attempting to inject himself into this story as well, and in his hurry to do so, he's made some errors that have given him away.

Here's a link to the original photos he uploaded onto his own site:

And here's the photos themselves, in case Todd removes them from his site...

Here's a comparison of the signatures on the letter that Todd Giffen produced and the one on the letter that Renee Pittman Mitchell produced. You will see that they are identical, except Todd's is blurry:

(Todd's letter)

(Renee's letter)

Here's a police mugshot I found of Todd Giffen at

Here are a few screenshots that someone captured reflecting that Todd condones killing innocent people to bring awareness to targeting:


  1. Todd Giffen actually did put his name to this letter. How sick is that? Prior to this he called me desperate for May's info saying that his web page typically gets 200 hits and now 700 and he would give me $20 for it. Can't believe he would do such a thing. Outrageous. He and Forwood deserve each other and are likely on the same team!

    1. Please contact me through email at

      I'd like to discuss this further in confidence.

    2. Calling me names when I'm trying to unravel the deceit that certain people like Todd Giffen play on the TI community is just childish. Grow up and realize that I don't go around promoting myself like these others. I simply do mty own investigations and post them online for anyone who is interested will be able to find it. Comments like yours are undeserved and have no basis in fact, If they did, you might want to point out what it is I'm doing wrong.

    3. Obstruction of justice & hindering an investigation come to mind.