Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Renee Pittman Mitchell and Todd Giffen Exposed!!!

I would like to show by simple comparative analysis that the alleged suicide letters that were published separately by both Todd Giffen and Renee Pittman Mitchell are both fraudulent.

First, here are the original photographs of the letter published by Todd Giffen, which I’ve already revealed in a previous blog post that it was sent from Giffen’s own hometown in Springfield, Oregon, and not from Tallahassee, Florida, where May allegedly sent the packages from. I will show this again here.

These are the photos of Todd’s letter:

Here is the proof that Todd’s package was sent from his own hometown. This is an enlargement of the top right corner of the photo of page 1 that he published online. It speaks for itself:

Now here are the photos that Renee Pittman Mitchell published of the letter she allegedly received from May:

First of all, note that the two letters are not exactly the same. For instance, on Giffen’s letter, there are three recipient names listed on page 2, with Mitchell’s coming first. On Mitchell’s letter, there are five recipients listed on page 2, with Derrick Robinson’s name coming first. This establishes that these were not photocopied or computer-generated duplicates of the same letter, but were instead typed out separately or otherwise changed before being printed.

Next, look at the signatures. Here are close-ups to make it easier to see. Giffen’s is on the left and Mitchell’s is on the right:

It’s immediately apparent that the signatures are identical (there is slight vertical stretching on Giffen’s due to me enlarging them separately). Even where the ‘y’ in May’s first name overlaps the typed text is exactly the same, although part of the typed ‘M’ is missing inside the loop, which might suggest that Giffen copied the signature from Mitchell’s letter and put it on his own, or it’s simply due to the poorer quality of the image.
Note that the signatures are on page 2, which I’ve already shown have differences in the text.
If May had typed out separate letters for each recipient, the signatures would have some noticeable differences. They do not. If May had printed or photocopied one already signed original, the text of the letters would be identical. They are not.
I decided to look more closely at the text itself as well, since it can be seen in the close-ups above that there is a slight difference between the coloring of the blank areas of the pages and the areas surrounding the text. At first I thought this was caused when the letters were converted to digital images, in which case the difference would only be found immediately around the text and there would be no uniformly straight edges (as in a cut and paste job). Here is an enlargement of a part of page 2 of Renee’s letter:

Notice the straight edges between the variations in the color of the paper around the text. This was a cut-and-paste job. The coloring around the text appears to have been touched up to not be noticed at normal image sizes, but these telltale signs show up when an image is enlarged enough to see the individual pixel colors.
Here is a close-up of page 2 of Giffen’s letter, where a similar straight edge exists between the coloring surrounding the text and the rest of the page:

These are just one example from each letter, and this inconsistency can be found throughout both letters, showing that the text (and signatures) were cut and pasted, then touched up to disguise this fact.
There is no other logical explanation for any of this other than that both letters are fraudulent and Giffen and Mitchell (or someone working with them) concocted them. The only other question that remains to be answered is why Giffen and Mitchell are now acting like they’re against each other. The answer to this is that it’s a standard psyop ploy that’s used to throw people off. Take away the pretentious animosity they have for each other and they have no excuse to claim that they aren’t working together to pull one over on TIs.


  1. good work, anthony - i imagine a lot of 'gut feelings' will be confirmed by these facts

    1. Thank you Theobold and Mycho. These people are the real perpetrators in the TI community. I'll be publishing more on them in the future. As it is, they take advantage of the gullibility of others to promote themselves as being somehow helpful to TIs. Read what they post online and you'll see how crazy they really are.

  2. Here's a link to some more about Renee, not worth posting here.

  3. I want to know how Renee Pittman Mitchell, who clearly seemed to bail on Myron May, came out with a book so quickly & got it published. Money Laundering via books is another SOP. Good work, Deborah

  4. Also, Myron May was going up against the Pedophile Lobby AKA Father's Rights Group who are fundamentally behind all this crime, corruption, torture & war-mongering. That info was edited out of one of the earlier releases of his video.

  5. Some helpful advice to those who are targeted, move to a different state, you'll have a couple months where they leave you alone for the most part (a couple will follow immediately) but not enough to make you paranoid, you'll be able to get relief from it for long enough to get your senses about you. If need be I suggest moving one more time after about 6 months.

  6. I saw somewhere that Todd Giffen is working for the Oregon State Attorney's Office, so he's probably a paid informant.