Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DERRICK ROBINSON - Suicide Cult Leader Strikes Again!

Last year Derrick Robinson made the excuse that he didn't remember receiving the emails sent to him by Aaron Alexis just prior to Alexis going on his shooting spree at the Washington Navy Yard. He could have stopped that shooting and Alexis could be alive today if Derrick Robinson was legitimately concerned about TIs. Instead, Derrick Robinson allowed Alexis to find his own solution to his problem and attempted to gain publicity from it.

This year, when Derrick Robinson allegedly received a photo of a mysterious package that Myron May was sending him as an ominous hint of what he was about to do, Derrick Robinson once again sat on his dirty black ass and did NOTHING. The photos wre sent out five days before the tragedy. Derrick Robinson did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Even after the event, he made little of it unlike every TI death in the past that he's used to promote himself and his cult group. Perhaps that was because he knew I would be saying something. But nonetheless...

Let me remind you about Susan Watkins, who was apparently working for FFCHS and then 'mysteriously' committed suicide on March 31, 2014. Derrick, with a minimal amount of evidence (all of it coming from himself), claimed to all his followers that it was a murder perpetrated by her perps. Perhaps she was driven to suicide from inside his organization.

And before that there was Pam Anderson, who on Sept. 8, 2011, also allegedly committed suicide only a few months after getting involved with FFCHS.
And before that, it was John Turner, who had reported that covert attacks on him became more severe after talking to FFCHS board member Timothy White. Soon after, he bought a gun and killed his girlfriend and a neighbor before killing himself. He had allegedly (according to FFCHS) been involved with that organization for about a year.

If Derrick Robinson and his cult organization are a government-directed 'containment and control' group (as I'm certain they are), then all of this makes complete sense. If they aren't, then Derrick Robinson needs to answer to some serious questions about all of this. More than that, he and his organization needs to be taken out of commission so that none of these tragedies that stem directly from his cult group will so easily happen again.

But if they are a government front group, then this time Derrick Robinson has been more careful and has kept a safe distance from this latest tragedy, only publicly involving himself enough to advertise his organization in the alleged suicide letter that nobody can explain where they got it. But I know he was involved in the planning and preparation of parts of it, along with certain others operating in the TI community who I have yet to mention. But I will soon enough...

P.S. I know now who the person was from FFCHS who met Aaron Alexis three years earlier in New York... Lynn Weed. More on this later...


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