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They Would Be Gods - 58 - Ancient Technologies



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

58: Ancient Technologies

The scientific establishment claims that there could not have been an advanced technological civilization on this planet prior to 5,000 BC because there would surely be remnants of it arising in the archeological record. Aside from all of the evidence that we’ve already considered here to prove that many such remnants do exist, it must be realized that a large portion of our planet’s surface has never been explored at all, including much of the former USSR, Africa, Australia, vast areas of North and South America, China, and the entire Antarctic continent. And then there are the vast ocean beds, which cover two thirds of the Earth’s surface. Who knows what secrets might yet be discovered in these unexplored places, buried under layers of sediment or embedded in rock., washed by wind and water, and eroded by time.

We might not even be able to recognize the technology of a past civilization if we were to come across whatever might remain of it. We base our expectations on our own science and technologies, and ignore the possibility that other methods of harnessing power and controlling nature may not have any resemblance to our own, and may be so unfamiliar to our understandings as to not be recognized as technology at all.

We’ve already seen that there are a number of anomalous finds that suggest a past technological knowledge that was comparable to our own today in many ways, although far less proliferated. A review of the first parts of this book will remind the reader of the various recognizable artifacts that have been found that can’t be easily explained by conventional science. We have also seen that many of the megalithic structures around the world have very strange characteristics that suggest some sort of technological purpose. Even the quality of workmanship of these structures and the means of their construction demand a certain technological know-how that compares to the best of what we can achieve today. Legends and myths from isolated cultures around the world also repeat the same story of past wonders and forgotten peoples that came before us. All of these things that have been discussed here are just some of the innumerable clues that show that what we commonly believe is our true human history is largely inaccurate, and there is far more to the story of the human race than what we commonly believe – we did not evolve only relatively recently from hunter-gatherer status to the intelligent beings that developed the first highly organized centers of civilization in ancient Mesopotamia. Nor are we the first to have reached an advanced level of technological development. Others have been here before us.

The mysteries of the ancient past whisper of incredible things that our scientists can’t fathom the truth of, simply because they have become too proud and certain of themselves, and think that the scientific framework that they use to understand the world is more or less accurate and complete and properly reflects all of the fundamental aspects of the physical universe. The distant past has left hints of a technological knowledge that has since been lost or forgotten or hidden away, and hints of this lie in the artificial formations of stones and the special properties of their different types. There are also suggestions in certain myths and legends of an energetic force that could be directed by the mind to affect both physical objects and other minds. This energy could also be stored in an object, so that whoever came into contact with it would feel the effects of the energy that was put into it. As fantastic as these things may sound, Is there any evidence that such energies exist?

As we’ll see, there have been certain suppressed or forgotten discoveries and inventions within the last few hundred years that were ignored because they did not fit into the prevailing scientific framework, and threatened to reveal certain aspects of reality that scientific minds of the time either failed to recognize or simply refused to accept. The works of Baron von Reichenbach, Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla, Henry Moray, Nathan Stubblefield, and many others have revealed certain aspects of physical reality that might help to explain many of the mysteries of the ancients and the remnant traces of their technologies that they have left for us to marvel at and wonder over. Unfortunately, those who have controlled the scientific establishment have continually chosen to ignore the work of such men, and to censor and suppress it and keep it buried in secrecy, so that it the power that it offered was available only to themselves.

Ancient texts and oral legends also describe the ancient gods in terms of their flying craft, as we can see this throughout the Old Testament wherever it describes human encounters with the god Yahweh. These encounters have continued throughout the centuries, except that reports of telepathic or electronic communication with extraterrestrials have replaced the visions and prophetic dreams of earlier times. But the bright lights in the sky, the unearthly creatures that are associated with them, and their obvious technological superiority contain a unifying thread that ties them together.

Is there any evidence that certain discoveries have been suppressed to keep secret certain technological knowledge, and has this knowledge since been secretly developed into useful applications for the sole benefit of its possessors? Are the strange phenomena that people report as UFOs in any way related to such knowledge? Regarding these matters, it isn’t possible draw any firm conclusions, but a consideration of some of this suppressed and forgotten knowledge might provide some insight into what they are capable of and what might have become of them.

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