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They Would Be Gods - 54 - More About the Secret Schools



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

54: More About the Secret Schools

Secret schools, mystery schools, schools of esoteric knowledge, or what are now more commonly known as secret societies, have existed since the beginning of our earliest civilizations. They arose early on in Sumer, Egypt, India, Asia, and Greece, with an advanced body of knowledge already in place. Where this knowledge came from is still uncertain, but there is a great deal of evidence (much of which I’ve already presented) that strongly suggests that it was passed on by an earlier civilization of advanced people who once lived on our planet in prehistoric times, and perhaps still do today.

The knowledge held by these secret schools has always been jealously guarded and only divulged to those chosen few who exhibited the utmost appreciation for it and understood the value of keeping it secret. This knowledge was revealed to the initiates of these schools a little at a time and only as much as was needed to be known to reach a certain level of understanding. The secret knowledge was locked up in parables and symbolism, and a student of these schools was given the key to unlocking the meaning of these only as they applied to the level of understanding that the student was being introduced to. In this way, the recorded secrets remained safe from those who were not meant to know, and only with the proper key could the deeper mysteries be revealed. Through the same parables and symbols, different levels of knowledge and understanding would be uncovered, depending on the level of initiation and the corresponding key. To the masses, such parables and symbols were understood only at their face value, and although the deeper interpretations were hidden, they still held some useful meaning and value to the uninitiated. This helped to preserve the greater body of knowledge while keeping it secret: the parables and symbols could be proliferated widely among the multitudes, thus assuring that they wouldn’t be easily forgotten, while the keys that were required for unlocking their deeper meaning were all that needed to be safeguarded by the high-priests of these schools, locked away in their memories and passed on from one generation to the next over millennia of time.

These secret schools were the founders of the major religions of the world, and through them, this disguised knowledge was placed into the minds of the masses, making the parables and symbols a familiar part of their daily living. These religions were also used as conduits for the secret activities of the high adepts, who worked from behind the scenes so as not to expose themselves or their deeper intentions. Those who were chosen to lead these religions were themselves high-ranking adepts of these secret schools, and always took their directions from their secret masters that led the school, rather than from the divine orders of an Almighty God.

From studying our ancient records, it can be seen that the leaders of the earliest secret schools were in contact with a greater power, beings who we might consider as human, or perhaps as something else, but whatever the case, they were portrayed as gods. They came from elsewhere and brought civilization to the primitive peoples of the Earth, bestowing them with advancements that seemed charitable enough, organizing them into a social system that offered the promise of an easier and more productive lifestyle than they had previously known. These ‘gods’, through their proxies – the leaders of the secret schools – set the masses to learn new skills and to undertake great works. Some of these great works we still see today in the form of ancient stone structures that once served as temples, monuments, and observatories, and perhaps even included those more colossal structures that we no longer understand the purpose of, although these latter suggest the work of super-humans or super-technologies. The knowledge of what many of these structures were intended for remains solely with the secret schools that still exist today.

The secret schools of ancient times have sponsored such men as Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, and Christopher Columbus, who were all high adepts of these schools. The purpose of the travels of these men was to explore and conquer foreign lands in order to extend the power and dominion of those they represented. In the process of doing this, they were directed to seek out and acquire whatever esoteric knowledge they could, and then destroy all other records of that knowledge. In this manner, the Israelites destroyed the religious and occult artifacts of the heathens throughout the lands that they journeyed through, the Catholic Church burned witches at the stake and attempted to wipe out all signs of hereticism and occult practices throughout the Dark Ages, the Spanish Conquistadors destroyed almost all of the written records of the South American peoples when they conquered that land 500 years ago, and the Jesuits destroyed all books dealing with occult wisdom, such as the practice of feng shui, when they arrived in China 300 years ago. Before they destroyed any knowledge, however, they very often made written copies of as much of it as they could for their own libraries back home. This practice of stealing esoteric knowledge and destroying the libraries of other nations has been a common tactic throughout our history, and still goes on today, as we see in the destruction going on in Iraq, where many treasures from our ancient past still exist, and which promise to hold secrets that certain parties do not wish to be revealed. In many cases, when a culture or civilization is conquered, the history of it and of its people are also lost, and this leaves later generations of these people unable to ever really know their true origins. On a larger scale, it has been done in order to leave all of us uncertain of our true origins as a species, since it gives the secret schools sole possession of certain truths.

In the case of the Americas, it appears that there may have been a very purposeful reason for the conquering Spaniards destroying as much of the cultures and historical memories of the peoples of these lands that goes even deeper than what has just been said. Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe, the ancient people of Mesoamerica had a written language, and had a great deal of their history and knowledge written down in books, but these records were quickly and utterly destroyed and all evidence of such a written language has been carefully kept out of public awareness for all these centuries. The Spanish Conquistadors were intent on securing any knowledge that these people might have held regarding even earlier civilizations, and this suggests that perhaps certain powerful parties had learned about these lands and were intent on being the first to secure them so that any truth about our true human history would be kept secret, essentially securing the power that these parties held over the masses through the Church.

Consider the fact that until after Columbus had discovered the Americas, it was commonly believed that the Earth was flat, and the authorities of the time were continually threatening that anyone who ventured too far out to sea would fall off the edge of the Earth. This kept mariners fearful of traveling too far out on the open seas beyond the sight of land, and this secured the distant Americas and its mysteries from being accidentally stumbled upon. When the Spanish finally arrived in South America and came across the natives and their megalithic pyramidal cities, they may have realized that certain secret knowledge they already had in their possession was more accurate than they could have imagined. Whatever the case, they immediately set out to destroy the native cultures of these new lands wherever they went, including all records of their past. The only thing that the Spaniards couldn’t easily obliterate as testimony to a once-great civilization was the extensive stonework that has been accredited to these native peoples, on which can still be found hieroglyphic carvings that that reveal the remnants of this written language. It seems in hindsight that the authorities of earlier times may have been purposely trying to keep the discovery of the Americas from occurring, at least until such time as those in power had the means to properly investigate. At the very least, we must ask ourselves why the Spanish priests bothered to make copies of many of the native records before destroying them. What interest did they have in what they referred to as superstitious beliefs? We see the same destructive acts take place with every culture that the conquering Spaniards and the later missionaries came across as they swept north through Central America and up into North America, forcing conversion of the people to Christianity and destroying all memory of their original culture, knowledge, and beliefs by attempting to eliminate all written and oral records of their histories, massacring many of them and displacing the rest to reservations, and poisoning their spirits with the white man’s ‘fire water’.

The relentless pursuit of occult knowledge by the secret schools, and the extreme lengths they have taken to guard this knowledge from the uninitiated, reveals the extreme importance this knowledge is to their ability to maintain power. With this knowledge secreted away, the very few who possess it have power over those who don’t, and can use it to control and dominate them. If this knowledge were more honorably applied, great things might be achieved that would benefit all of us, rather than a very few.

We know today that much of the secret knowledge of ancient times dealt with such things as astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, medicine, metallurgy, etc., and is no longer secret, but there are still other, deeper secrets, many of which have never been revealed outside of certain circles, or are only ever partially revealed. These deeper secrets have been masked over by false understandings that have given us a distorted perception of physical reality and our place in it as human inhabitants of this planet. There are things known by a few that the rest of us have no idea of whatsoever, and things that some of us have some idea of but can’t be certain of or easily verify.

The knowledge that the secret schools have held on to over the ages can explain such things as:

·         the true origins of the human species 
·         the truth about extraterrestrial visitations 
·         the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria (or Mu)
·         the true purpose of the Great Pyramid and other megaliths
·         the past and present activities taking place on the moon and Mars 
·         the underground civilizations that exist on our planet
·         the stagnation of our inherent evolutionary direction for the purpose of controlling us
·         the nature of Earth energies
·         the science of our unlimited psychic functioning

The secrets of the ages, the great truths that have been kept hidden, are covered over by false beliefs that have been erected in their place. It will require a truly courageous mind to have the willingness to believe what these secrets reveal, because one is faced with the seeming absurdity of them when they are compared to what we call ‘common knowledge’ or what is given as ‘scientific fact’. This is intentional, and it’s meant to keep the uninitiated masses from discovering what is true and what is false. The truths have been supplanted by reasonable but otherwise inaccurate belief systems that are designed to limit our understanding and thus our abilities. This was once done through religion, but is now primarily the domain of science.

Other major organs of power that have been created in our social systems over the years and centuries – government systems, educational systems, systems of commerce, manufacturing systems, etc. – have virtually all been created by or through the influence of the high adepts of these schools. Throughout all of these organs there exists an underlying and imperceptibly operating brotherhood. These people are the ones who make the decisions that affect the lives of the greater population and the course of our affairs. These people can be identified if it can be found that they are members of one or more fraternal organizations, the most common and longest existing among these being the Freemason’s Society, but not limited to it. Although the members of these organizations that exist within the community might facilitate the agendas of a secret group, they may not be witting conspirators in these acts, and might have been led to believe that what they are doing will serve a good cause.

The system that the secret schools use to maintain control is that of an hierarchy. Through an hierarchical system, a very small group at the top is able to control and direct all those beneath them, delegating orders and directing events to suit their needs. An hierarchical system allows knowledge to be highly compartmentalized and strictly controlled, making it easier to retain secrecy.

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